Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 14, 1960 · Page 11
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 11

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 14, 1960
Page 11
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Section 2 Pages 11-18 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Established January 15, 1858 ALTON, ILL,, TUESDAY, JUNE 14, 1980. Sc Per Copy Jerseyville Rotarians Told About Conditions in Chile JERSEYVILLE - Local Rotar!- ans were told of conditions in Chile Monday noon by Wayne Miller, former resident of Calhaun County, who has been employed with the Geodetic Survey of the U.S. Government mapping pro- grum Jn that country in recent years. The mapping of Chile has been going on with the cooperation of the Chilean government, Miller explained, and much work has been done. The present earthquake series In the country may, however, cause a lot of the mapping work to be redone. Miller explained that a series of quakes such as have been suffered in Chile may change the course of rivers and the forms and level of lakes. He said he had already been advised that some areas of the country have been lowered as much as 100 feet as a result of me earthquakes. Millfi- described the- Chilean people a* a cosmopolitan group and untsally with. They people to work maMi dollars for dolliirs when it comes to receive- imj American assistance for project!!, Hr staled the country was interested in obtaining investment capital via Industry rather than gifts. The northern areas of Chile urc described by Miller as arid. In the central part of the country, the) business of agriculture flourishes) with land of about the same quality [ as that to be found in this section | of Illinois. Irrigation, however, must be (pllowed in this part of the country. In the southern part of the country one runs into summer rains and tin 1 snows of winter for moisture. I Miller will return to Chile about | June 28. He has been in the States '' since April. The program chairman for Moil- SEMI-ANNUAL CLEARANCE RHYTHM STEP Voluesto$Q80 $1180 16.95 51 to I I $1180 Sift 80 FAMOUS MAKES Delmcmettt-RhyHim Step Values to 19.95 CASUALS Values to 12.95 $080 8 FLATS Town and Country $ *7 80 ValHts to 9.95 I All this season's newest styles and colors—No odds and ends. 1 Third and State Sts. News of Area Men and Women in Armed Forces eratlon, malntainance and repair of electronic aids to navigation. Patton entered the Army in 1996. He Is a 1953 graduate of 'Edwardsvllle High School and GOING THAT-A-WAY! .Miss Do mm Joan Sar^inson, Illinois' 1960 County Fair Queen, takes (line from her busy schedule of visiting county fairs throughout the state to remind citizenry and tourist alike of the great Illinois State Fair. Donna Jean, 18, from Medora, will adorn ceremonies at the Illinois State Fair Aug. 12. WILLIAM F. CMAMPLIN, son of Mrs. Grace M. Champlin, 3306 Edsall st., recently was promoted ito specialist four at Fort Hood. 'Tex., where he Is a member of the 2d Armored Division, , Specialist Champlin is assigned ' to Service Battery of the division's Artillery. He entered tire Army in July 1958 and completed basic combat training at Fort Rllcy. Kan. The 24-year-old soldier is a 1953 graduate of Alton High School. AIRMAN FIRST CLASS B1LLIE G. DARE, Rt. 2, Godfrey, has been assigned to the 1502d Flightlinc Maintenance Squadron, Hlckam Air Force Base, Hawaii. The 23- year-old airman is an aircraft mechanic. Airman Dare is a 1953 | graduate of'Alton* High School. He is also a graduate of the Air Force aircraft maintenance school, Witchita Fall. Tex. The son of Mr. and Mrs. 'I'. E. Dhre. Twin Bridges. Mo., Airman Dare has been in the Air Force four years. Hickam AFB is his first overseas assignment. He is married to the former Mary D. Sanchex of San Francisco, Calif. They have a 1(i-monlh-old daughter, Valerie. Before entering the servu-e. Airman Dare was employed by Steel Co.. Alton. day's meeting was LcRoy Beatty.| Dental Drill May Find Twenty-eight nu'inbers of the club p| ace -j, the Studio. wvn- present fur the dinner and A Bejfast gculptor has /ound then- were lour visitors. _ | a new _ and p a j nless _ use {or , REVIVALS ARE A BOON ~ !a dentist's drill. 'Hie artist.! NEW YORK (A'i — With the:Charles Sherlock, had been hav- sucresses of the recent revivals; ing trouble make an intricutei of "Finian's Rainbow" and "The | cut on a statue he was reno-i J King and I." Broadway managers j vating. The usual chisels weren't; j are digKinsj among song and dance. I precise enough. Having a tooth' I hits of the past 10 years on'fHled, he mentioned is problem! !Broadway to uncover other box!to his dentist who suggested; I office iiui-got s which faded too! that Sherlock try his drill. The quickly ; tests proved successful, andj ' Amo'ii'; the recent hit musicals '< Sherlock lias forecast an artistic; | which are being polished up to be| f "tm-e for dentists drills. ^ i presented again soon are "Girli " " ~~ ARMY PVT. JOHN W. SNIDER, son of Mi 1 , and Mrs. John Snider, Rt. 2, Hardin. recently completed a two-week tour of border patrol duty wfth the 14th Armored Cal- attended Southern Illinois Uni- valry'Regiment in Euldh, Ger-jverslty. Bell Plan* New }. Number many. i The primary mission" of the regiment is the constant surveillance of NATtfs Pulda Gap, a 100 • mile segment of the Iron Curtain, which For the Future With an eye to the year JlttJO ROBERT VV. HOFF, son of! and beyond, Illinois Bell an nounced today it is going to un< Mr. and Mrs. Earl Hoff, Rt. 1, Kane, recently was promoted to specialist 4 In Germany where he is a member of the M6th En- serves aa the gateway to Berlin. g, ne£ , r co mpan y. A driver In Troop E of the regi ' ment's 2d Squadron in Bad Kissinger. Snider entered the Army in September 1959, completed basic training at Fort Riley. Kan., and arrived overseas last February. ARMY PVT. MARQUIS C. VICTOR, 22, son of Mrs. Margaret Thomas, 2710 Viewland ave., is scheduled to compete the final phase of six months active military training Sept. 5 under the Reserve Forces Act program at Fort Eustis, Va. Victor is receiving transportation specialist training. Victor received basic combat training at Fort Leonard Wood. Mo. A 195G graduate of Alton High School, Victor attended Southern Illinois University. He was employed by Olln Mathison Chemical Corp., East Alton, before going on acllvr duty. dertake a gradual change to a new telephone numbering system. The new telephone numbers A bridge specialist in the com- will have seven figures, without pany in Hanau, Hoff entered the Army in February 1959, completed basip training at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo., and arrived overseas last October. The 23-year-otd soldier is a 1954 graduate of Carrollton Com- munlty Unit High School. His wife, Beverly I* with him in tierniany. ARMY PVT. JAMES E. GORIN, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Gorln, Rt. 1, Brighton, Is scheduled to complete the final phase of six months active military training Sept. 5 under the Reserve Forces Act program a^ Fort Eustis, Va. He is receiving transportation specialist training. Gorin received basic combat training at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo. The 21-year-old soldier is a 1958 letters. The system is known as All-Number Calling. The first Illinois community to have the new numbering system will be Decatur. Seven-figure numbers will be Introduced there on July 10. A handful of new numbers will go into service in Chicago June 13, coincident with the delivery of the new Chicago alphabetical telephone directory. Twenty-one other Illinois Bell towns will be using the new system later this year. They are: Crystal Lake and Union in August; Peoria, Cantrall, Athens. Buffalo. Oakford, Petersburg, Riverton, Rochester, Tallula in September; Canton, Lewistown, Ipava in October: Rock Island, Moline, East Moline, Coal Val ley. Milan, West Chicago in No- Rebel ^^ cd to It pwKWilf pwrji Thursday, Jtflw 19, at Betsey Artn Orwmds, to r sored by thf Pdftt fttft* dub of the I&ige. tn case of rain, ti» evwrt wfll be held «tJpOf H*tt. SflMMt Dmy BRIGHTON - Those participated In the Sunday tmftf ing service of St. Paul Me Church, which observed st day, were: Carol Mae 'WHI, Richard Well, Mrs. Thoftlui Graham, Rebecca Swan, Sylvia Collins, William Cornell, Student* absent were Richard Bfrfhs, Donald Well and Nancy SWm, all of whom are away at school. Gifts were presented those who graduated from either high school or college this June. Bible School is in session at the church and sessions will continue daily, starting at 9 a.m. The school will close June 24, and Sunday. June 26, there Will be a program at 7:30 p.m. at the church. "Many won't even start the process for a year of two. Public graduate of Southwestern High j V p m |,<> r ; Whiting (Ind.l PAT. i-School, Plusa. j comber. Edwardsvllo s for March. 1!)6I. ARMY Sa RONALD I TON, son of Mr. and Mrs. David L. Patton, 1414 Grand Ave., !i:d- Mi'Nefi\ VVWstlf-r -his "Mother" wardsville. has completed the !nnd .. Noctlirne h , B lack and Gold" 23-week electronic navigation . m , hvo Q{ hjs notab]c p uim j ngs _ equipment repair course at The Southeastern Signal School, Fort Gordon, Ga., June 3. Specialist Patton received began his career as an engraver of maps in the Geodetic Office. United States ... convenience will govern our in DP-I pace. After all, the telephone sclied-! company and the user both have | an equal and personal Interest When Alton numbers will bciin phone numbers." changed is still undetermined. ' The company said users need "It will lake a good many j not be concerned about a change would give advance All-Number Calling pleted in the 4UU comnnmitcs we | progress: so that telephone us- serve," R. P. Reuss. vice presi-lers c"an advise friends or clients years for the slow evolution to ' because it All-Number Calling to be com-lnolice on training-in the installation, op-1 Telegraph Want Ads "CLICK"'dent and general manager plan for necessary printing. THE CAR THAT SPARKED THE BIG AUTOMOTIVE REVOLUTION! Onlv Rambler offers you all 3 -. ~**> */ again Craxy." "Knights of Song. "The Red Mill." COME IN FOR FREE COMPARISON Hardware Mutuals Expand Sales Force in Alton Area JAY CLARK 864 ACTON-WOOD RIVER Clinton 40233 True, most fiuurance policies look alike ... but remember, when you buy insurance protection, it's the •ervioe yon get with the policy that determine* the best dollar investment. lay will work with Howard Dew, in the Alton area. •lu.v C'lark ha* been trained in all the latest developments in both personal and business insurance. He'll be glad to give you sincere, friendly help on your insurance needs. No obligation. Call Jay C'lark today. INSURANCE FOR YOUR AUTO ... HOME .., BUSINESS Hardware Mutuals. DEMONSTRATION! different sizes of compact cars SELECT THE RAMBLER THAT FITS YOUR NEEDS-CHOOSE FROM 33 MODELS INCLUDING 17 STATION WAGONS SIZE NO. 1 THE ECONOMY COM PACT-RAMBLER AMERICAN The Rambler American tops all the new U.S.-built compacts in the advantages car buyers want. With all its basic excellence, it costs at least SI 17* less. (A Rambler American Custom won the Compact Car Class in the I960 Mobilgas Econoiny Run.) Yet, the Rambler American—owner- proved by billions of miles—rides an average family of six in real comfort. FACTSt Whcelbose, 100". Overall length, 178.3". Engines, Deluxe and Supersedes—90 Horsepower, Custom series—125 Horsepower. Models, 2-Door Sedans, 4-Door Sedans, 2-Door Station Wagons. '1795 For Rambler American 2-Door Deluxe Sedan shown at left above). Prices start at SIZE NO. a THE ALL-PURPOSE COMPACT- RAMBLER 6 and V-8 (eumiq P8M IMPERIAL PROJECTOR The all-purpose Rambler is unique. No other car can match it. Rambler otters the room and comfort of the old "Low- Price Field" ... but comparable models cost as much as $240* less. Yet, Rambler has the economy and handling ease of the smaller cars. You have a choice of power—the Rambler 6 or the smooth performing Rambler Rebel V-8. PACTS* Whtelbate, 108". Overall length, 189.S*. Hers*, power, Rambler 6, 127 or 138 ... Rebel V-8, 200 or 215. Model*, 9 in the Rambler 6, including 5 station wagons... 7 in the Rebel V-8, including 4 wagons. Prices start at *2O98 For Rambler 6 4-Door Deluxe Sedan (Not Shown) NOW ... brilliant, wide- screen movies with the super-sharp Eumig fl.4 lens, PLUS lip-synchronized sound for your home movies, with any tape recorder. Accepts 400-ft. "• rewind; and [SIM NO. a | THE COMPACT LUXURY CAR-AMBASSADOR V-8 The Ambassador is the onl\ car lor all who demand superlative performance and exquisite luxury, plus the convenience of compact car garaging, parking and handling ease. It U the world's only compact luxury car. What's more, the Ambassador s high power-to-weight ratio assures outstanding V-8 economy. PACTSi Wheelboie, 117'. Overall length, 198.5 . Hvnepower, 250 or 270. Model*, 8, including 5 station wagons, 2-seat or 3-seat. Prices Start at by RAMBLBR '** '2587 RAMBLER-THE NEW STANDARD OP BASIC EXCELLENCE For AmbiMrtor Swper 4-Poor »hown tt right *tov«. lerau Cuu Be Arranged. All Rambler models have Single-Unit t construction und Deep-Dipt rustprooting. Roof-Top Travel Ruck on inosi staton wagon models at no exira COM. Airliner Reclining Seats., Adjustable Headrests, TV,in Travel Beds and Individually Adjustable front Seal* available. All these Rambler features are designed to give you more unable space, more travel pleasure. tfw , WM „ Am ,,,. M g8lo ,, '*" ""'" «"o »mi>«iui>i '"•• """• " «»»• «»a «W»MI MUW- "" ••••• TROTTER MOTOR CO. 41 Cdwtrdivilli Rd., Wood Rlvor llpcji !• MTV \igljl 'lil

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