Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 14, 1960 · Page 10
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 10

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 14, 1960
Page 10
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t warden it Milton 8flQ fttttlOt StftMt ALTON £VBNINO TBLEGRAPH TUESDAY, JUNE 14,1900 Alton News Events «nrm«i V0Mi 28, IMS Pleas- Bit *., fidgar Price, 97, 2811 •jifcfpl Av«., and Merele En* Iff* Lute*, 38, Edwardiville, *»£* the drivers of the can in- vowttflh the mishap. .jApewtftag to police, the col- Inrafl Occurred when one of the automobiles skidded on the pmvemem while applying and struck the rear of car, pushing it into of the third vehicle. one was injured in the BUREAU • MDUCTLNG Allon Unit of Home Bureau met Monday at Rock Spring Park for a lesson in Outdoor cookery. There were 14 members and four visitors in attendance. The group prepared a noon meal. The. minor lesson "What Is i Good Cookbook" was given by Ml* Ruth 'Stickler. A discussion on old and new cookbooks and methods of cooking was* held. Squirrel That BU Boy To Undergo Rabies Tests Retail Sales In Alton Show Hike Retail sales W Alton show an apparent Increase for the ftral gqulrfel Is suffering from ra-j She called her husband from!three months of the present Because a 13-year-old Telegraph carrier ivho loves animals was bitten by a squirrel he rescued from a dog Monday morn- Ing:, the Illinois* State Laboratory at East St. Louis will make a test to determine whether the the hla resident who had treated wound and ww told the squirrel was dead. She went with Kenneth to get the carcass, and It was then Mund that the animal still was Alive. bies. work so the squirrel could be year, according to sales tax re* turns under the municipal half- school students. Estimated enwUmWt tor 1960-61 i« 4,127, compared with ,2.i>7t) In 195041. Edwardsville Is rated i'2th in Madteon county „, to tax rate and assessed valuation is $60.395,576. EDWAftDSVtLLE—A budgetjln 16 buildings. Into six boiM- In other action, the board »i>- $l,975£OOBiidgetOK'd By Edwardsville Unit Kenneth Hellrung. son of Mr. j taken by them to East St. Louis, and Mrs. Leroy Hellrung of. Kenneth was a member of the 2144 Wyckoff St was bitten on Jline graduating class at St. I amount of the upturn cannot Mary's 4 paroch!al school, and isjbe computed because no con> for 196041 school year, total. Ing 11,975,841, was approved at a lengthy meeting ot community Unit'School District No. 7 'Monday irtghf. The comprehensive report, prepared by Superintendent A. ings; and take early steps to Droved participation in the Improve and expand facilities!school psychologist program of In the senior high school. Sometlhe county at a cost of $1,200 of these recomendations wero fot thr> year. his right thumb after running to aid the squirrel while he was collecting on his paper route near llth and Easton streets about 11:30 a..m. j The squirrel had been pursued j and possibly injured by a dog, and Kenneth was bitten, his mother said, when he reached out to touch the squirrel which had lain down on a lawn, apparently disabled. Later, Mrs. Hellrung reported the incident to the police and on the advice received, she and her husband took the squirrel, still alive at the time, to the East St. Lotils laboratory. to enter Marquette High School i parable figure for the first quar- cent sales tax. But the exact]Gordon Dodds and Business Manager Herbert O. Brock- meler pbiftfefl up several areas that neeK in a Washington Unlvers- Winston Broun, the fh-sl It.y School Building survey, as | Negro twher to be hired since yet ntirpleased to th*> ptibllr. 'iho school system was Integrat- A breakdown of the three led in mr»0. was hired to teach major funds in the budget isiphyiral education and coach as follows: educational, $1,471,.'eighth grade track and be as- In the fall. -,„,.» 9 085. building. S4.1S.056: and *Ktnni ninth grade coach. Al- eatly «ttennon: i,,. flnspo ,. tatlon ,,09700 r .argest so employed \vcre: Margaret to Officers Charles B. Walters, saving offl. cer of Germania Savings and Loan, will be Installed as president of the Alton Junior Chamber of Commerce Wednesday evening at a banquet in the Sky Room of Hotel Stratford. State Rep... Paul Simon CHILD BURNED IN KITCH15N MISHAP Jonathan Dale Ulery, nine months old, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ulery, 504 Conduit, was given emergency treatment last night at St. Joseph's Hospital for burns. Jonathan was trying to walk in the kitchen of his house when he stumbled and grabbed the cord of an electric frypan containing a roast. He fell and dragged the pan down upon him, burning his head, arms and legs. ATTENDS SCHOOL LUNCHEON WORKSHOP Mrs. Matthew Gormley, manager of the Alton High caf- attendlng a School Workshop at the eteria, is Luncheon University of Illinois this week. The workshop Is being conducted by the university's department of home economics. Mrs. Gormley was accompanied to the workshop by cafeteria workers from and Edwardsville. THE SEMMAIRES The Seminafres front Baptist Bible Seminary, Johnson City, N.Y., will present an evening of sacred music for the public Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. at the Brown Street Traptist Church. Mrs. Hellrung said today that)of Troy will be the featured speak- she was reassured by those In charge of the laboratory that er. were involved in a collision in the 1500 block of Washington avenue Monday. According to police, the accident occurred when Harris attempted to apply his brakes and his foot slipped from the brake j pedal to the gas pedal, causing the car to surge forward and strike the Tillis vehicle. PRAYER MEETING SLATED WEDNESDAY On Wednesday evening at 7 p.m. the Main Street Methodist Church will hold a prayer meet- River Road Called a Necessity "Not a pleasure road, but an absolute necessity." That's the basis upon which Everett Smith of Grafton will undertake to get hurried up Other Jaycee officers to be in- there°~was little" likelihood the I "tailed are: Robert Miller, intern- squirrel was rabid but that it la' vice president; Harold (Bud) Miller, external vice president; John Merry, treasurer; Pete Fuchs, secretary. Retiring presi- would be held under observation and tests made if It died or showed signs of illness from rabies. Undeterminable immediately, she said, was whether the squirrel was sick or whether it was suffering from some injury that prevented it leaving the scene where it was captured after the biting incident. Mrs. Hellrung said that a resi- Ing. The Rev. John Henderson actjon Qn completlon of the Me- ., will have as his topic, "Exhor-j Adams Highw av between Alton _j tation to Enjoy this Freedom, and Ws riversi( j e dty- and Fellowship.'; , ' ho announce(i he On Thursday evening at 7 P ; j lanned to engage the attention m. the vacat.on Bible school ^ candidates for governor program will be presented. Refreshments will be served in the neth ran to aid the squirrel had taken him into her home and given first aid after she learned he had been bitten. Kenneth did not go home immediately, and it was after noon before Mrs. Hellrung learned from him what had occurred. Then she received a call from dent Alvin Wiseman will serve as state director. The new board ol directors is composed of Stanley Hall, David Arst, Eugene Crum, K. Z. Bowden, Richard Martin, Joe .Rain, and Donald Koppenhaver. Key Man awards will be presented to two members who have given outstanding service to the to the community. , This * on retailing activities from Jan-|tenllon iu , . . _, , .. . .. g 8 ? 8tfUct . l f al ••'"•"llfom in' the educational fund hj Bronnan. Terry Durham, La- because the 1960 sales more in .(toe, wltti. eottpetlngj thc appropr jatlor, for instruc-jvonne Kretty, Robert C. Good- city, based schools; gMrtg of Immediate at.|,, oti sa|flr , e9 a , 897g770 Costsja , Toan Grlnteri . Tuae H elle, to tne transportation^,. supplles also showed a Hse.JMary Jean Kelleher, Sara Jane uary through March, include for the first ttrrte the municipal impost on business places in the Milton area, annexed to the city last Dec. IS. system; work toward consoll- dating elementary -schools, now inanities of the arta received Operation of the district plantJKemahan and Ruth Sussen- was estimated at $127,470. (bach. New equipment in the senior] Resignations accepted were a total of $58,742 for March this n 'g h sch ool and new junior Computed from the sales tax'year. as compared wftn $57,118i hl S". including four new buses reports made to the city, the last year in Mitt*. The payments to the Individual municipalities in the Alton area for March ate: Alton, $23,424; Bethalto, $712; Brighton, {totaled $99,983. In the building fund, maintenance is estimated att $47,780. The amount of $144,409 allowed in the budget tori new construction is for com- those of Sue Dunlap, Claudette Beamer, Lonnie Jo LonghQfer, Elmina Reynolds and Stella Berry. Be sure your child's took is always large enough for comfort nd fo °* To insure this, are one-half inch volume of taxable Alton retail sales for the quarter ending last March 31 was $13,870,980. The figure as computed for tbe first quarter last year, prior to the Milton annexation, was $13,102,944 or $768,036 less than the total reflected by the sales impost this year. Carbon. S88; Grafton, $209;| V ided in the district for more 'leal-let si resembles poison ivy Tax Upturn In March | Greenfield. S728: Hardin, $882:1 than 3.000 public and parochial I f\vith Ihror leaflets'). An upturn in the municipal!- Hartford, S634: Jerseyville, $4,-: 442: Kampsville, 81.31; Kane.j 466; Bunker Hill, $759; Carlin- pletlon of the new junior high.j ville. .$3.390; Carrollton, $1,923; I Largest item in the transport- j 3U - V SO( * S . Kast Alton, $4,848; Ed\vards.,atloii fund is for salaries: ^jlongor lhan_thc largest_toe.___ ....... viJle, S6.728; Fleldon, $56; GlenioOO. Free transportation is pro- A Virginia creeper (with five ties' share of the March sales tax is shown by a comparison with that month last year. The March revenue, collected in April, denotes that 24 com- S165: Medora. S194; Rockbridge.' $34: Roxana. S1.063; Shipman.: S189: White Hall, 51,348: Wood; River. S6.067: Worden. Special recognition will be given to organizations and outside individuals who have given help to the Jaycees and the community. Boyd LaMarsh and his band will play for a dance to follow the installation and speech. Read Telegraph Want Ads Daily and those for the state legis- Roxana i SERVICE SOCIETY TO MEET THURSDAY The Women's Society Christian Service of the Main Street Methodist Church will freshments will be served in the lature Jn {he areas from Grafton church social room following I |Q EaRl gt LOU|B %vith p]enty of the program. i evidence that the road should be j TRIPS OVER HEDGE, finished within a year. SPRAINS ANKLE "This," he said, "will not) ' David T. Parrish. 13. of 3621 ;be * pleasure road, as many {Aberdeen, was given emergency I have been led to believe, but hold an executive board meet- Ing at 11:45 a.m. Thursday at the church. There will be no covered dish luncheon because of the vacation Bible school. The regular monthly meeting will be held in the church sanctuary at 1:15 p.m. BOYS USE GOLF COURSE ILLEGALLY Police Monday apprehended two boys at Rock Spring golf course who were using the course illegally. According to police, Harold Bean, director of the course, reported that two boys had falsely signed the names of two persons holding season passes in nueiueeu, \vaa given cinui^cii^.v t .. , ., of treatment Monday at Alton Me- an absolute necessity for those living in Grafton and further north. There is no doubt that at morial Hospital for a sprained |' ankle. David was stepping across a small hedge near when he caught his right foot and fell forward onto his left ankle, twisting it An X-ray of the ankle showed that there were no broken bones, but it is quite swollen, and Dav- his home tea- 1 ._ .0 ^per id is unable to great difficulty. walk without Adams Highway traffic will bej business and 30 per cent pleasure." He compared it with traffic on the roads leading to "Florida and California, Coney Island, Atlantic City, and north of Chicago." Smith has received a letter | I STRUCK IN FACE BY from R R Bartelsmeyer, chie) j JCAR TRANSMISSION i highway engineer for the state, i Curtis Trim. 26, of 2801 Fern-!outlining the division of mile- j wood, was treated Monday at|age on the highway which; Alton Memorial Hospital for a|should lie under contract this; lacerated nose incurred while he i year, was working on an automobile transmission. Trim was underneath the c-anonior Strutton's letter lone Smith j when the transmission fell out re-reived earlier* as beini? tn-i We are pleased to announce the opening of an office to better serve the Alton area. EDWARD D. JONES & CO. Members, New York Stock Exchange Metropolitan Building 307 Henry St. Alton, 111. Telephone HOward 5-4015 JOHN J. MALONEY Registered Representative Calling All Children TO COME s E E H E A R REV. FRANK WELLINGTON "Musical Storyman" and his famous TALKING DUMMIES THIS WEEK ""Mr.,™" BROWN STREET BAPTIST CHURCH 3125 Brown St. Alton FREE FOR EVERYONE For Transportation Call HO 5-8588 THE ORIGINAL BOX STORAGE PLAN IN THIS AREA! Why Clutter Closets With Out-of-Season Garments Just pock them in o box, which wt tarnish, for storage in our Cold Moth Free Vaults. Put any garment you wish (except fur pieces) in the box, for a flat storage charge of $3.95 with a maximum valuation of $300.00. All garments must be cleaned at our regular cleaning charges. Garments are pressed before delivery. "Dry Cleaning That Satisfies" Milton Cleaners 1120 Milton Rood Phone HO 2-9231 order to get on the course. "The 6.2 miles ol roadway ronstruetion mentioned in Gov- ' on him, striking him in the I'ai-ivoluded in the program of pn- ****•» *»•* O^- v V^»I 1111^ V*VJU* O'Ct ' t • I • When questioned bv DOlice ; and causing the la.-erution to mm-y highway improvements the boys admitted signing the' 1 Ms nose. ''»' th(:> nAw year consist* names so that they wouldn't saifl Bartels ' have to pay to play. Police said that an agreement i ol h\o sei iiioyor. "One section, having a length: ... ol l.-l miles, extends from the; Visiting Relatives intersection of Front and Piasaj ~ , », •, t. <•' i .streets in Alton westerly to the C- W.0.ajid Mrs. John Coch- • ran and children, Billy, Joannjj. , and Tommy, are visiting with! •,. Thi ,^ TWO CAB CRASH j Dr ' and ^ E ' J ; 'of Harris lane, toster ON WASHINGTON AVE. | tnls week> Automobiles driven by Fred! Cochran is formerly ol Rox 60. of 2515 Moore SU hT ?tatlon°at Ft. McPhoi-»on ; i program extends f ,, om Elsah to Route Illinois purchased season tickets to the course and were told that Bean would get In touch with their fathers and explain the Incident. The other section, 4.8 miles I Jin length, extends from the west-i jerly end of the existing f Elsah. You will eventually buy a HOOVER Why Not Now? Ivy from o dealer wiHi 17 yews experience, the only mfJeni complete service shop in this area. Hoovor Convertible Hoover Constellation You* Best Cleaner* iiOafton and represents the dis- i tance remaining to he pro- ;jgrammed for construction to •|'rompJele the t cntire route between Alton and Grafton." M It weep* •• it • M«> more «ue- ttea with attaehjaeato • Hoally I oteaim* to II Ce/J tor Wow Price* on The only cleaner that float* uo air, with ittretchable bo»e and a full 1 horsepower motor. SEE US TODAYS SWEEPER STORE 4-3W8* SELLERS 4U Wt«tj tfctr A*, Wood ftivtr, IK. OfM MM*y ffcw tomrtty I Ml. Nt Vejfctaf PrtMMI 14 NtHTf fffVfet '""""* * ofj 109 in: Ga. Mrs. Vonnahmen is his sister. The Corhrans plan to also visit Ills father. George S. Cochran, i in \Vilburton, Okla., and his sis- 'ter, Mrs. Troy Henley, and I brother. William Coohran, both formerly of the Roxana-Hartfoid area and now of Tulsa, Okla. A Welsh proverb has this >-nu- tious advice: Praise the wise man behind his back, bui a woman to her face. A thin coating ol paraffin ua\ on garden gloves makes them 'soil and water resistant and 'prolongs their lite. of room for those BOXSTORAGE FORW "" S new frozen foods in today's Di.iHoi.M77 electric refrigerator-freezers! NOTHING TO PAY TILL FALL Every da; new frozen food* appear on the market... luscioiu pastries, delicioqi meats and fiah, freshly packed vegetables. Things that tempt the family's appetite— and please the pocketbook! But they all require froze* storage space. Lots of it. And that's what the new refrigerator-freezer* have. Space, for all those countless new frozen foods, with room left over to store on-aale specials thai you buy today, use later. What's more, they're handsomely styled, quiet-running, and so economical. See the new electric refrigerator-freezers today—they're the modern way to save! UNION BLBCTRIC

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