Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California on March 5, 1948 · Page 3
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Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California · Page 3

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 5, 1948
Page 3
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FRIDAY, MARCtt 5, 1948 DISPATCH DEMOCRAT, UKIAH, CALIFORNIA PAGE THRiJE 1^^ if. m are** 10, 2p. 30, 40, 60 YBAES AGO TEH YEARS AGO Maich n, 1938 ""^Members of the board of supervisors and scores of friends of John M, Bupe, supervisor from the '.Third! district,v attended funeral seirvices held for him at •Willlts today. ' The body-of Joseph Corey, well- known rancher of the Hopland and Ellc gejtiqns, yhq had been missing'' fon.'se^ertl *days, -was found the first of the weeli in the ct'eeli about a quarter of a milefr.on? his home back oi! Duncan. Springs. It js believed, that h,e fell into the swollen waters ^^Ui, rounding up stock, and di-pwiied. Tlje National Labor Relations B.qard: will hold h«irings at Fort Bragg on March 21, to arbitrate differences': between the Union Liunber Cpmpany and the union •virj^ich wa'j* dr.ganized there re- ceriUy. . Mr. and Mrs. O. • H. Waymire have sold their ranch ont the north highway to Ralph Ald^ich of >--^^C^ Wtiah. • ...tFred Bonhifield of tJkiah was aiAorig studentS^ of the College of tiie'Paciiic who turned out for Alonzo Stagg's football squad.. Andersbn valley- Avas in the midst of* the fifth week of. stormy weather since Groundhog day. William H. Snell, the first White cWld born-^in TJkiah, came back hqmie- this week, 50 years to the day that he was initiated into the Ukiah lodge of Odd Fellows,, and was honored nt the regular meeting of the lodge. Snell lives at, Mill VaUey, He was born in 1860^ at the corner of Main and Perkins streets, and id Still in. good, health. - N.W.P. officials announced the Wfithdrawal of their petition before- the state railway commission tor discontinuing daylighli passenger train service north of Willits to Eureka. .: Wesley Van'Horn., veteran guard pf the Ukiah high school basketball squad, was voted the most valuable player award by the Varsity and Class B squads at an election held Monday. ! Annual salary increases of 'S23,- 460 for Mendocino State Hospital employees were foreseen from the new wage scale now pending be^ 1 ^ for the state personnel board. TWENTY YEARS AGO March 10, 1928 The N.W.P. company and the Univei'sity of California have arranged to brin.'? the agricultural special train to Ukiah on the afternoon of April 6. , Preliminaries looking to the construction of a highway along the Mendocino-Humboldt coast were set in motion Thursday at San Francisco when, a committee including Supervisor N. P. Howe passed a resolution, endorsing a joint highway district of San Francisco, Marin, 5pnoma, Mendocino and Humboldt counties. F. E. Grifjde of Talmage tiirijed his over, at -Willits Sunday night and he-and his guests, Mr. and Mrs. Gardy Gibson, escaped serious injury. . i , Ed Dillingbam of Navarro .Ridge has purchased the Standard Stock Farm in Coyote valley and will take possession in. the near future. • J. M. Ginochio of Anderson valley broke several, ribs when.he fell from a pruning ladder. Claude Simons of Gravelly valley recently killed a panther th.=it Himself, measured nine feet from the lip' ~ of its nose to the tip of its tail; the largest, cat ever heard of in that^ectioh. The old Lynch home, one of. Ukiah's earjy-day landmarlts, was sold last week by Roy' Lynch to A. Horsley o^ Areata, a newcomer fo Ukiah. Kenneth binder, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Linder, former residents of Ulciah, has won honors for his art class at Berkeley with his design for the official invitation to the dinner ^for the com. munity chest workers. The first'number of the Upper Lake News was issued Friday by Frank Thompson. A number of Uldah valley Italians have instituted a new lodge, Stella d'ltaiia <Star of Italy). L. Sargentini is president.- Ukiah is re6eiving much favorable publici;ty through the medium of the new stationery of the Ukiah Eodeo Association — letterheads and envelopes — in very attractive designs, printed for Dr. E. G. -Bennett, Head of the board of directors. missmg for over a week. The general belief is that he started to walk lo Fort Bragg and fell from the bridge. There were' no marks of violence. Hopland men have bought a service flag 8x12 feet which bears 18 stars, representmg young men of that Vicinity who are with the armed services. The flag will be dedicated March 11. ' A very succinct message from Ed Eversole was received by his relatives this week. It said he was well and liappy. '• Abraham "Jack" Coakley, owner of the Ukiah Inn at Willits, died in St. Francis Hospital, San Francisco. A .troop of Boy Scouts sponsored by {he Baptist church was organized at Willits \vith A- A. Miller as leader. ' Chris Ammer of Ukiah was indicted by a federal grand jury at. Sacrajnento for making a false report and statements, decrying American forces, excoriating President Wilsoni and threat.ening war workers. . Tlie Nobel Electric Company has some 50 cords of 4-foot wood cut on the J. M. Woole,y ranch in Red- wodd valley,: • . Roy Good, principal of the Willits school, has announced his Candidacy for the office of county superintendent of schoolii.'' Horace Millikeri, well known Fort Bragg capitalist, was in Ukiah, enroute to Stockton. Blanche Stevens of Boonville Was given a farewell party by a host of friends Friday night, before she left for Spy Rock to "wield the birch" during the school year. Doc Boyd and Irene Cromwell, former Calpella young folks, were married at Westport, the home of the bride's parents, John Jaaskela, Henry Backman and Andrew LInnala, J. M. Stone came down from Willits-Saturday and tells us that the proposition, of a flour mill at Potter Valley has- been ^'received very favorably and. that the will willbc built at once. . Mrs. Pool of Sherwood is having quite an experience. Some time ago she, had a set of teeth made, but finds now that she has no use for them, as she is 'now cutting her third set of teeth. There was weejaing and wailing, among the humble little 'burg o£ Boonville last week and after mak< ing diligent inquiry your correspondent finds the cause to be that E.. M. Rector had departed for the cost section for an Indefinite length pf time. ,-• . 'v Arahur Huntley of-Manchester fractured his leg below the kneO when one of the dogs slipped off the stump which he was pulling. The stentorian voice of Tennessee Bill was heard in Ukiah laistj week. It was reported last fall that Bill was: dead, so he came back to show Ukiah that he is a very lively corpse. He has the distinctivn of having, been locked up in every jail in the state and after getting full Sunday night'landed in the city jail. , , ., FEBRUARY 24 ' The; people vs. Jack Hamilton. Defendant declared sane and matter referNd^ito '-'lMPObation officer^ for report March 5, j . FEBBUABY 25 ... Arnold Ormsby, etux vs. Susaji. G. Cleland. Demurrer to third; ammended eortipJaint overruled; 10: days to answer. .<• ; Margaret E. PluokRtt vs. Vincenti Lott), et al. Trial date of March S,; vacated. FEBHUAHY 26 The people vs. Claude L. Hubbard.' Case argued. Jury instructed.. Jury unable to agree and excused.; Contlmie to March 5, to be reset for trial. FOHTY YEARS AGO MarichlS, 1908 * The superior court was busy this week with the Gillim case from Fort Bragg and it seemed like half the coast population had been called as witnesses. Gillim, who sold stock in the Avalon Laundry, is accused of making statements that were not truei A number of people took stoci and paid for it, ^the laundry was never stated, as the president skipped with" the dough. The Fort.Braggers who lost money had him arrested. The case is now being tried before a jury. 'The stage barns at Sherwood, belonging to the Overland Stage Company, were burned on March 10 with 14 stages, harness, 50 tons of hay, some grain and one horse. The loss is estimated at $13,000. The building was owned by the Northwestern Redwood Company and was valued at $1000. .Word has been received in Ukiah that J, T. Woodward, a forrnerreal estate dealer, of this city, met with a serious accident. a,t Oceanside, when his shot gun was accidently discharged. Amputation of his left hand was necessary. Since the bottom dropped out of the hop market our farmers are talking of going into the 'oean business and erecting a cannery in Ukiah. C. F. Rednall, who formerly owned a harness business in Ukiah, committed suicide in San Francisco last Saturday. Rednall and his wife were both In poor health and ftlrs. Rednall died from shock when she heard that her husband had shot Instruments Recorded FEBRUARY 18, 1948 DEEDS HUda Sipila to Frederick Sipila, land in T18N R17W. • Wm Bauer to Mae Graves, land in T18N R17W. Eugene Hale to John Mangan et ux, land in T24N R17W. Standard Oil CO of Calif to Signal Oil Co, land in Mendo Co, O O Barker et ux to Allan Gbs- sett, laridin T24N R19W. Jack Carroll et ux to Joseph Mattias, land in Fort Bragg. J C Thompson to Susie Thompson, land in Ukiah. Margaret Simonson et al to Gordon Wagenet et ux, land in T18N R14W. Robert Corbett et. ux to John Barnes et al, land in Willits. Willits Union Sch Dist to Veva Pearson, land in T18N R13W. Jimmie Vasso et ux to Robert Corbett et <ux, land in Willits. DEED OP- TRUST John Barnes, et al to, Mendo Co Titla Co, Uustee and Bfc Willits, land in Willitfi. ASSGINMENT DEED OF TRUST LeRoy Bishop et ux to W F Whitney, deed of trust. RF Tuttle to C T Berkley et al, deed of trust. MORTGAGS John Adams et al to William Kaden et al, property kno-vvn as | _ Fort Bragg Plumbing & Elec Shop, Will admitted to probate. William FEBRUARY 27 Probate Estate Frederick Muidock M[Cr^ Kenzie, deceased; V/illiam S. Van; Dyke appointed sole appraiser; Estate Ella May Silcox, deceasedw G. M. Mannon.Appointed sole i apf! praisep. : • J Estate Herbert B^ I.,arson, deceased. Decree' of no inheritance tax due. Estate Robert C. Pompella, deceased. Same order. Estate Nettie Alice Filben, der ceased. Decree of due noticp to creditors. Estate Albert Murray; Twelfth annual account continued to March 'ir. Guardianship Thomas Milton Lane, et al, minors. Accounting continued to March 19. •Estate Phoebe M. Stewart, deceased. Accounting continued to March 26. Estate Albert Jeans, deceased. Citation, ordered issued requiring administratrix to appear and show cause why she should not file an account. . . Estate Elias K. Hong, deceased. Continued to March 12, for further proceedings. Estate Lucinda Laura Gregory, deceased. Accounting continued to March 26i Estate Anna D. Flowers, deceased. Same order. Estate A. L. Reynolds, deceased. Accounting continued to July 30. Estate Hans G. C. Christiansen, deceased. Accounting continued to March. 12. Estate Helen Lang, deceased. Same order. Estate Charles Herbert Whittaker, deceased. Final account approved, distribution ordered. Estate George H. Ells, deceased. Same order. . Estate ipeter Iimocenti, deceased. Same order. Estate Charles Erik Fredricksoii. Petition for letters of administration with wiU annexed continued to March 26. . Estate Fred Stevens, deceased. Sale of one-half interest in car confirmed. Estate Arthur Cole, deceased. Fort Bragg, all topis, equipment, etc. Joseph Mattias etjiux to Frant Garcia et iix, land in Fort Bragg. R F Tuttle et ux to E P Sailor Bromley appointed executor without bond, W. S. Van Dyke appointed sole appraisiT. Petition of Hazel S. Smith to de- et ux, ;quWent:n;achiner? and't-™^^^ transfer, con- THIRTY YEARS AGO March 8, 1918 Thomas Lee Woolwine; who is out for the Democratic nomination lor governor at t^e primaries, contesting with Frank ' Henry, arrived Saturday in Ukiah with Dan McFarland and Dan Green of Los Angeles. That night on the court house plaza he addressed a.good- size crowd through a megaphone for half an hour and his talk was well received. The body of Ed Gamberg of Fort Bragg was found floating m Pudding creek after he had been Says our Willits correspondent, The revival meting is the most important local news. The e-ifangel- ist spent all of last week warming up the church members, and this week will begin on the sinners. The hall is packed every night and the interest growing all the time. The evangelists are splendid men and free of all sensational methods." The federal, government has sent its check to Dave Gordon of Pine Grove for $3190 for the 31 acres of land purchased for a lighthouse sight on Point CabriUo. J. B. .Simpson of Iverson lost his home by, fire Monday. personal property located at State Garage, Ukiah. RELEASE OF MORTGAGE Bk Willits to Clifford Snider et al. RECONVEYANCE Corp Am to D E Babcock et ux, deed of trust. PARTIAL RECONVEYANCE Mendo Co Title Co to Robert Corbett et ux, deed of trust, land iri Willits. MEGHANiCS LIEN Edgar Nash et al to Henry Nash et al, wor-k of improvement of imbr mill site in T15N R15W. RESOLUTION ' Bd Supervisors of Mendo Co,. portions of county roads known as Dora St, Helen Ave, Wabash 'Ave and Washington Ave, in Mendo Co, to be vacated, discontinued, abandoned and abolished, located near Ultiah. LEASE FIFTY YEARS AGO March II, 1898 Tony McPeak, Dave McKinley and Jim George, the three Ukiah men who left for Alaska last January, have returned home. Dr. K. M. Lundburg, once an employee of the Palace hotel, is now a guest. During his spare time years ago when not occupied In looking after other people's belongings he studied dentistry. One day he went up for examination, was brilliantly successful and sought a place in which to start his new profession. H. Rabin a Fresno capitalist purchased the Hagan Hotel properly this week. He intends to remove tlie building and erect a large 2- story structure, the ground floor of which will be fitted for a store; the second story will be occupied by offices. The following prominent citizens of Fort Bragg left for Alaska: Matt Ericson, Andrew Johnson, Victor Lepista, Abraham Abramson, Matt Ruth, J. F. Lytincn, Henry Ehrola, E P Sailor et ux to R F Tuttle, land in Ukiah. SUBSTITUTE TRUSTEE R F Tuttle to Mendo Co Title Co, in place of R N Burgess et al, deed of trust. NOTARY'S BOND St Calif to Leo Cook, notary public for Mendo Co. St Calif to Benjamin Clink, notary public for Mendo Co. BILL OF SALE William Kaden et al to John Adams et al, property known as Fort Bragg Plumbing & Electric Shop, Fort Bragg, all tools, equipment, merchandise and miscellaneous items. FEBRUARY 19, 1948* DEEDS Nora Gustafson to George Smith, land in WiUits. . Nora Gustafson to Robert Smalley, MD, land in Willits. OF Elphick et ux to Catherine Robertson, land in McCowan Sub Add to Ukiah. O O Barker et ux to Thomas Benoit, land in T5S R2E. E W Cunningham et ux to Mae Graves, land in Willits. John Cyphers et ux to Lola Smith, land in Ukiah. Doris Schultz to Virgil Green et ux, land in Ukaih. George McMurphy et ux to Doris Schultz, land in Ukiah. Jennie Gordon to Roy Arnett et ux, land in T24N R17W. Ernest McKee et ux to Roy Arnett, land in T24N R17W. tinued to March 12. Estate Ada M. Thompson, deceased. D, C, Smith appointed administrator . without additional bond. Estate Herbert B. Larson, deceased. Petition for letters of administration continued to Maroh 5. Civil Edythe M. Sadler vs. Leonard Sadler. Plaintiff granted final decree of divorce. Clarence Lockiiart vs. Marie I,ockhart, Same order, Elsie I, Fairwell, et al vs. Forrest Joseph Jordan, Judgment for defendant. • Victor Guehennic, et al vs. Fred Ilson, et ux. Judgment for plaintiff quieting title, subject to right of defendants to use said road again, subject to'right of pla'intifl to keep gate across road as aforesaid. Emile Ramoni vs. H. ,R. Kister. Demurrer sustained; 10 days after notice to amend. Edith Ryan vs. Carl C. Huffman, et ux. Judgment for defendants; plaintiffs take nothing. William D. Hohn vs. Mary Maxine Hohn. Plaintiff granted final decree of divorce. Luella Mae Wright vs. Joseph Wright. Set for trial March 5. Lillian J. Mpntgomery vs. William C. Montgomery. Motion for custody continued to March 5. Ruth Mary McCoy vs. James Marion McCoy. Motion to modify interlocutory decree of divorce and permission. to resume name prior to marriage. Property settlement apOrovedi-- - Roy Harman, et ux vs. Predia Dobner. Plalntlfff granted Judgment for $1840, plus costs. Hattie Fait vs. George A. Fait Demurrer and 'motion to •transfer, place of trlail continued to March 5. E. O. Lynch, et ux vs. Charles Rover. Further proceedings on order to show coose and temporary restraining order; further testimony taken. Continued to March 5, for further proceedings. : Edith R. Kronk vs- Felix C. McCloskey. Motion for . change of place of trial.continued to March 5. Robert'M. Parker, et vix vs. D. C. Smith, as administrator. Plaintiff 'granted decree quieting title, Lillian J. Montgomery vs. William C, Mongometyj Set for trial March 12. •-" ; ' Merrill Williams vs. Alice Mane Williams. Demurier and motion for support,' costs and counsel fees, pendente lite continued to March 5. Frema Wright vs. Herbert John Wright. Plaintiff granted interlocutory decree of divorce and the OMS- tody. of minor child, Defendii.jt ordered to continue payments as appears in the order of February ,7, 1948, ; Anthony B. Twardowski vs. Zenith Twardowski. Order to show caused dropped by stipulation. Velma M. Ruddick vs. Robert L. Ruddick. Motion continued to March 5. . • Kelly Cox vs. Harry Ralph. Demurrer continued to March 5. Ernest R. Elliott, et al vs. D. C. SmithI etc. Plaintiffs granted decree quieting title. Lorraine Pope, etc. vs. Jack Pope. Testimony taken and continued to March 5, for further proceedings. Edgar D. Nash, et als vs. Henry Nash, et als. Demurrer continued to March 12. Orene F. Hoffman vs: John H. Hoffman. Plaintiff granted interlocutory decree of divorce on ground of desertion. Minor child awarded to defendant with right to plaintiff to visit child at reasonable times. Criminal Application of Sam Vukovich for writ of habeas corpus. Continued to March 5. People vs. James A. Pollard. Venire of 40 drawn returnable March 10, • -'People vs. Herbert Lawrence Pimley. Continued to March 1, for arraignment. People vs. Davis Hearn. Defendant granted probation. Junior Citixens Approve Prive»-in ,. pictured above treating their tongues to a "sleigh ride" at Bob -Giannoni's new Flavoiland are (left to right) Jackie and Peggy iftagle apd Handy Falk. Obviously, the youngsters approve of IheJr seleciions from the menu—incidentally, IHb flavors are strawberry, "v'niUa" and "chawklit." Jer et al, land in T16N R12W. DEEDS OF TRUST George Smith to Mendo Co Title Co, trustee and Cora Gilpin, land in Willits. Robert Smalley, MD to Mendo Co Title Co, trustee and Miiinie Casady; land in Willits. R Cecil Hunt et ux to Belclier Abstract & TiUe Co, trustee and First Nat Bk of Scotia, land in T23N R17W, and land in Humboldt county. Arthur Harwood et ux to Mendo Co Title Co, trustee and Bk Wilite, land in T21N R16W. Virgil Green et ux to Mendo Co I Title Co, trustee and George McMurphy et ux, land in Ukiah. NOTICE OF LIS PENDENS Ralph Stokes vs Arthur Dobie et al, land in T12N RllW. AB,STRACT OF UDGMENT Ask Preliminary Writ ' Against State Theatre Notice of motion for preliminary injunction was placed on file last •week in the condemnation suit of the Starte against Trinity Theatres, incorporated, an p.-jtion filed some weeks ago by the City of Ukiah the State Theatre. The notice is that the state will move for a preliminary injunction restraining the company from using as a theatre the building on North State street, on the ground that the building is dangerous, unsafe .. . and likely to collapse and "cause great-and irreparable injuries to the'iaublic." PEKHSYLVANIANS HERE Miss -Louise Oakley is expected to arrive from Pennsylvania Monday, She will be a guest at the home of her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Courtney Snyder. Miss Oakley's parents, the Elwood Oakleys and her brother, Evan, have been with Mr. and Mrs. Snyder since last fall. The Snyders have been trying to get the Oak­ leys to stay in California, but Pennsylvania calls them home because of a son in business there and one in Germany, so they are returning home in April. Interesting Meeting Of Ulciah Grange Friday There was much interesting business conducted at the meeting of Ukiah' Grange in Grange hall Friday night, February 27, presided over by Erwin Koch, master. Ten dollars was voted to the American Red Cross. A vote was taken to bestow four degrees of the order on Elise McFarland, A. H. Clay and Fred M. Gamer, the initiation dates were left for a later decision. Third and fourth degrees were given to Mrs. Ruby Cunningham, Mr. and Mrs. Glen Hayden, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Vinson, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Scott, Mr. and Mrs. William Grant, Mr. and Mrs. Jess Walton, Mr. and Mrs. Franz Holm, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Phillips and Sam Borks, all for Ukiah Grange, with Mrs. Leila Williams, Miss Gloria Pacini and Mr. and Mrs. W. Crofort, of iledwood Valley Grange also receiving third and fourth degrees. Among the visitors was George C. iKJumann of Windsor, general deputy of state Grange, who spoke briefly on the activities of the Grange and its advantages. John Oaks, master of Redwood Vnlley Grange, was a visitor. A nice feature of the evening was when Mrs. Florence Holmes, junior past master, was escorted to the front and presented with her past master's pin by Erwin Koch, current master of the Grange. Following the lodge business a movie. This Is My Railroad, was presented by representatives of the Southern Pacific Railroad. The committee responsible for this fine entertainment and the refreshments that were served included Mr. and Mrs. George Butler, Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Swim, Mr, and Mrs. P. A. Salisbury, Mrs. lone Kneeland and D. F. Salisberry. Luverne Kistler to Luverne Kist-' Hammond Lmbr Co vs oe Kurd. Fort Bragg Cars In Headon Crash Ira G. Wills of Little valley was marked by Patrolman Molseed of Fort Bragg for a citation for drunk driving with bodilyinjury because of his headon collision with the car driven by Nello Orsi near Fort Bragg Thursday night of last week. Both cars were demolished and Wills and Orsi and Orsi's passengers, August Pardini and John Berg, were taken to the Redwood Coast Hospital for treatment. Berg was still in the hospital nt the weekend with the extent of his injuries not determined, while suffering from a back injury. Others were treated for cuts and bruises and discharged. Officer Molsepd reports that Wills was alone in hjs pickufJ and going north, that he swerved over the center into the left lane just in time to crash headon into Orsi's car. RAINFALL AT GAHBERVILLE The record at the Garberville highway yards shows 27.25 inches of rainfall for the present season, with 23.66 as of the same date in 1947. • Mrs. Bowen Attends College Dinner Sunday Mrs. Ross H. Bowen of 65G S. Stale street, Ukiah, was the guest of her daughter, Mary Lou Bowen, at Pacific Union College's biennial Mother-Daughter Dinner Sunday evening, February 29. Every two years, girls of this Napa Valley college honor their mothers with a special series of weekend events climaxed by the dinner Sunday evening. This year's banquet drew visitors from as far away as the east coast of the United States and brought some 250 guests to the hilltop college. Men of the campus assisted at the dinner as waiters and in providing the entertainment of the evening. On alternate years, they sponsor a Father-Son dinner which pays a similar tribute to their dads. OKIAH DEFENDANT N 125,000 S M:rs., Wilhelmina Buchholz has filed suit against the City of Ukiah and F. E. Walker, superintendent of streets, to recover general damages and for hospital and physician's services, and costs of suit, a total of $25,720.25. The complaint was .filed on March 1 through the law firm of Geary & Tauzer of Santa Rosa. Mrs. Buchholz complains that because of the condition of the sidewalk on North State street, approximately opposite the W. B. Hagans home, she fell and fractured her right kneecap on July 3, 1947, and as a result was confine 's for 24 days in a hospital at a cost of $571.95, paid her doctor $125, and other expenses. She is told that her injury is of a permanent nature and asks for $25,000 as general damages. Ths cement walk, which is clcimed as the cause of the accident, is described as in a "dangerous and defective condition," with portions of it, "elevated above the reiriaining surface with an abrupt drop." Methodist Church Has Active Week Planned New members were welcomed into the Methodist churCh Sunday. They were Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. McCabe, 1204 W. Clay street, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Guliickson, corner Luce and Helen strecLs and Mr. and Mrs. Dpnald K. Musser of 582 N. Slate street. Infants baptized in the church Sunday were James Gordon Musser, son of Mr. and Mrs. Donald K. Musser and Emma Jean Murphy, daughter of Mr. -and Mrs. Wilberl O. Murphy. Other news in the Methodist church Ic-lls or the W.S.C.S. having u food sule at the J. C. Penney store, Saturday, March 0, which is to be in charge o( the A and B circles oi women. Another program Methodist member.s are asked to keep open dates for is March 18, when there is to be a big party in honor ol the members who have belonged 50 years and more in the Methodist church. This will be arranged by W.S.C.S. Canip Fire guardians from .W)J-' lits. Fort Bragg and Ukiah met in Willits Monday night, Februai-y 23, to discuss the promotion of Camp Fire activities in Mendocino county. Leading the discussion was Miss Mary Fiedler, who is regional {field advisor for Camp Fire. Miss Fiedler is an experienced and'en-" thusiastic worker in Camp Fire and gave an interesting and in- 'structive talk on the reasons for , extending the program among the ' girls and on the benefits we may hope to have by enlarging the program throughout our county. On TLiesday, February 24, "six guardians from Fort Bragg, three from Ukiah and nine from Willits' met at Leak's hall in Willits for •an all-day training course conducted by Miss Fiedler. The,fun and facts of Camp Fire work were combined in her very well-bal-' anced schedule for the day and the Iciders who participated felt richly rewarded for the time spent., At noon all members of the training course had liinch together. Each visitor had brought her own lunch which was supplemented by coffee service with Willits leaders as hostesses, and surprise additions of delicious stuffed eggs, salads, relishes and coke broughiV by the Willil and Fort Bragg leaders. All animated round-table discussion was carried on all through lunch and Miss Fiedler was kept busy answering all the questions asked of her. The sfternoon sossion ended with a short cerepionial composed and conducted by Miss Fiedler. With her help and the assistance of more adults whom we need to . "Come and Join the Fun in Camp Fire," we can build up an increasingly better program for the Camp Fire girls in Mendocino county. Camp Fire girls can include all interested girls from the Blue Birds through the Horizon Clubs for the high school girls. Those attending from Ukian were Mrs. Paul Sikora, Mrs. Frank Carpenter and Mrs. Florence Holmes. Odako gi-oup of Campfire girls made up ceremonials for their Wednesday afternoon meeting in their clubhouse. The meeting was in honor of Nancy Brown and Angle Riva who have Just reached the trail seekers rank. Because it was a patriotic theme, red, white and blue candles were lighted for each point of the law. Awards of national service honors, earned by doing voluntary extra service for Campfire or community, were won by- Betty George, Janet Waugh, Marilyn Fearricn, Eloise Spurr, Nancy Brown, Claudia Imwalle, Shirley Richwino, Phyllis Williams, Angle Riva, Marlis De Wall, Shirley Ginochio. The ceremony ended with the extinguishing of the candles, reading their laws and singing the song composed bj the girls to the tune o£ Long, Long Trail. Celebrates Birthday First Time In 4 Years It had beqn four long years since Mrs. Charles Wood had an opportunity to celebrate her birthday. That was why her parent,";, Mr. and Mrs. A. O. Boyd of Redwood valley waited to celebrate their wedding anniversary with her on Sunday. They had been married thirty years on February 25th. But they invited the family to assemble on Sunday, February 29 to celebrate Mrs. Wood's birthday with their wedding' anniversary. Among those to enjoy the dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Boyd and Mrs. Wood were Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Murcheschi, John Sperlich, Penny Wood and Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Lane, v.'ho dropped in for the buffet supper later in the evening. HAD WONDERFUL TIME Mrs. John Beckert has returned from a week's visit at her old home in Williams, Arizona. She reports having had a wonderful time and more fun in the snow. Williams, located 56 miles from Grand Canyon, is 7000 feet high and the winters are cold. Air Parcel Post To Foreign Lands Today the postoffice department announced the inauguration of an air parcel post service between the United States and 21 foreign countries, including Au.stria, Belgian Congo, Bermuda, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Egypt, Eire, Finland, Gold Coast Colony, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Netherlands, Newfoundland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey and Union of South Africa, Air parcel post is accepted at any postoffice in the U.S., but does not apply to our own territories and possessions. All parcels may be registered and insured to those countries where the service is now in operation. KARL STITCHER GOES SOUTH Karl Stitcher was called to Los Angeles by the death of his father, Crfarles Stitcher, on Wednesday. "The elder Stitcher had been ill for a long time. Being in his late 70's the news was not unexpected, Karl flew down to L. A. on Thursday, expecting to be home by Sunday. William Maddux of Boonville encountered a Friday evening snowstorm at the peak where his car skidded and turned toward home. He made it to Ukiah and returned by way of the Mountain House road. Corns or Warts Removed from Feef or Hands No Relief — No Charge (NO DRUGS OR MEDICINB; U«D) B. ARTHUR GIBSON 120 South 2nd Street San JoBi California RETURN OREGON CAR THIEf Sheriff Broaddus sent Deputy Ward Ries of Fort Bragg to P.ock- port Monday to arrest George Adams, who was wanted at Med- .samo day Deputies Bill White and ford, Oregon, for car thtft. The E. R. Witter arrested Don Mulligan in Ukiah for a San Francisco car theft. LANKERSfl(M 55 tlftll^t. (Near I^Biketl San Francisco, Calif. ABSOLVTEL,Y FWEPROOF. 3S0 ROOMn OF COMFORT m THE HEART «?F S. SHOPPINO AND THEATER DISTRICT. Modern Rates SINGLE ... from $1.75 op DOUBLE... from $2.20 up

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