The Sioux County Capital from Orange City, Iowa on December 9, 1971 · Page 6
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The Sioux County Capital from Orange City, Iowa · Page 6

Orange City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 9, 1971
Page 6
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LEGAL NOTICES Deliquent real estate tax list for tdx sale State of Iowa, Sioux county ss: Treasurer's office, Orange City, Iowa To whom-It may concern: ... „.. Notice Is hereby given that 1 will, on Monday, the 6th day of Sember, 1971 P at the office of the county treasurer in Orange City, the county seat of said county, between the hours of ten (10) o'clock a.m. and four (4) o'clock p.m. of said day and the next succeeding days thereafter sell at public auction as much of each of the described tracts of land and town lots situated In Sioux County, as may be necessary for the payment of taxes, penalties and costs thereon for the• V 6 " '!"" and former years which remain due and unpaid on he 1st day of December, 1971, in accordance with the revenue laws of the state of Iowa section 440.17 of the 1954 code. Further notice is hereby given that I will at the above s^le sell to the highest bidder as required by section 440.17 oi the 1954 code of Iowa all tracts of land or town lots which had been previously advertised and offered for two years or more and remain unsold for want of bidders. Stanley L. De Haan Treasurer Sioux County, Iowa REAL ESTATE TAX LIST FOR TAX SALE DELINQUENT Dec. 6, 1971 OWNER HULL "Sidney Jongma '•Roy Jager ROCK VALLEY **Gten«on K»yper **Glenson Kuypcr SIOUX CFNTEH **Gorrlt Jan Klein PART OF SECTION OR TOWN, ADDITION OR SUBDIVISION SCAVANGER SALE Davidsons Add Davidsons Add-E142' Kate Ad* Kats Add W 5' of S 15' of 4 Sec. or Lot 9 5 13 Twp. or Blk. Rng. 1 3 13 TOTAL 263,49 410.80 6.57 301.43 BUNCOMBE A. Klstle Alan Overtaugh CAP EL Arthur Dlekvers GARFIELD Wllmer Dragstra Wllmer Draestra Sam Dorhout Sam Dorhout Richard Schoellerman Roland Dorhout Sam Dorhout Clarence Brannon Sam Dorhout GRANT R, H. Glessner HOLLAND Eugene Haarsma Fsrl Bonnema Henry Wtelenta Albert Hansen LINCOLN Ert~y. Grltters NW S326 1 of E 200' of SE SW Bigs on SE SE NNW WNE4 SNW NW SE SE NE W 6 A of NENE NW NW ENW & SWNW SE of SENW E 120A of SE Exc N 50A NWNW Exc 1 A W 462' of Ni of NSW S4 of SWSW Si W^ of SESW SWSW S 34A of SESE 19x40 Rds of SWSW W360' of E 590' of SESE NSE i SESE Bigs on NENE E 3/4 of SSE 500' x 570' In NW NE Pt NE SE E of Road WNW A W 39A of ENW SW NE NW it SNW & E 12. 3A of SENW 23 95 48 686.58 36 95 48 10 35 35 35 35 35 36 36 18 28 96 44 96 96 96 96 96 96 96 96 47 47 47 47 47 47 47 47 96 47 334.91 66.42 616.58 882.14 110.34 198.05 68.66 138.59 336.14 23.47 116.12 24 97 43 597.61 16 95 44 16 27 34 14 95 95 95 44 44 44 97 45 30 97 45 SHERIDAN Ervii! Brpuer Kmtl Fir~u»r J. J. Postma "V-ni. F. Klaassen Henrietta Van Surksum SHERMAN SIOUX Henry F Br>"r WELCOMF Wayne Hv.'nes Kenneth Hulsteln WEST BRANCH Arthur Franken ALTON Homponents Inr Slagle Lumber Co. Bert Stelllngv.i'rf Henry C, Brown Frl Hulsman Homeponc-nts Inc. Walter Smli Win Brazle Fdvnrd Hulsman F. M. Single 4 Cn. Wm G. Snviler BOYDEN Ivan Doorenbos Margaret Moret •Henry Broesder •Don Van Ommeren •Rohert L. Green Daniel Van Dyk Milton Heyl •Robert L. Green Leo Starkenhurg CHATSWORTH •Jay C. B<>ck •P,>ter Weyer R»pp A Muth Elevator GRANV1I.LE Homi-pononts Inc. HAWARDFN •N^llln Wilson \\ in Taus?. B.irton Tone Al;tn Ovcrriaiiirh f. 11. Thompson, Trustee Kalherlne Dowdy rr.incis Fisher William shpplierrt M.iud Skogman Mvrtle Smith Roger Ittylpsnn W J\V ESW i W SE ESE L3 in And Plat NESW W 49.25A of SW Lying S of Rv : sw F.SE It E NE \\.St. i SK SE ENW i NE N! NE NE 16 34 12 6 6 7 26 29 96 96 94 97 97 97 97 43 43 127.19 336.09 163.90 317.89 196.13 94.43 1036.99 63.89 46 232.98 46 46 48 48 97 48 97 97 97 97 44 44 44 44 97 44 94 45 97 47 119.39 12.46 285.08 564.26 112.93 371.09 1050.98 544.61 86.93 333.29 710.00 698.46 S200' of N130' of S J , E 1 , NE' 31 10 19 30 94 47 613.36 96 90 45 45 S 98' All Block 1 ots 047 N 84' of 1 i- 2 W 30' 0( Lot 12 1st Add No. Alton •;u!' Lot 10 In Suh NWNF 4 NESW 11-9-1-44 I. 1 1 nts 2 A 3 Bigs I.nase 67004 1 ot 1 N C,00' of 4 4 N 300' of 3 Fxr Trs, Lot 4 F.xr W 25' Lots C A 7 Mr Crums Add L 2-5 i 1C A- 17 W 85'of 114 12 4 W 85' of N 33' of 10 L 7 It 8 It E 30' ot 9 L 14 - 16 1,5 4 S 150' of E 32' of S 300' of L 2 L 7 Bosnians 2d Add Pt Blk 1 Bosnians 3d Add Pt Blk 3 Wards 2d Add Nl of W 150'of 3 Aud Plat Pt of SF 33-94-48 Lot G 4 S 292' of I. 5 Bldgs-I.pase 4 59893 L 8-13 Exc F 20' of 8 4 Exr E 20'of S 5 1 of 9 I. 2 Fxc N 10' of W 45' W 50' of 1 4 2 4 N 25' of W r,0' of 3 Lot C Fxr N IS' 4 N 7'. of 7 F'52 1 , 1 of 18-19-20 S 13 3/4' of C 4 N 311 of 7 N 70' of 4 4 N 70' of W} of f, 4 w! of si of Var Aly Van Ormans Add L 5 Exo S 10' 1. 4 4 r, Txr N7S' 4 Fxr F •K> of S 8r,' of N1TO 1 of 36 Fxr N 75' 95 45 3 4 6 7 10 16 loctl A/m t)r, and Mrs, Lars 'Granberg will hold their annual open house for Northwestern faculty and staff on staurday, Dec, 11 from 2 until 5 p.m. Mr, and Mrs, Dick Van Get-der entertained all of their children at a BsOO dinner on Thanksgiving Day at the Dutch Mill Inn, those present were Mr, and Mrs. Reynold Van Gelder and Murk from Alton, Mr. and Mrs. Dave Van Gel- def ftnd Todd from Watertown, South Dakota, Mr. and Mrs, Phil Van Gelder from Rapid City, South Dakota, Mr. and Mrs. Wally Zwagerman, Jeff and Joan and Janice Luchtenburg from Hospers, Mr. and Mrs, John Swets, Mary Jane and Barb and Glen Bouma, Mr. and Mrs. Evan Vermeer from sioux Center, Mr. and Mrs. Gene Brown, Ricky and Gretchen from Albert City, Mr. and Mrs, Bob Vander Weerd, Sam and Tom from Rock Valley, Mr. and Mrs. Gerben Van Gelder, Andrea and Maria from Cedar Rapids, Mr. and Mrs. Gary Kanls, Sharon and Mark from Jenlson, Mrs. " Ryan end iniesi«" and MM Edna •y%i Danvlli, their daughter from Fort Dodge. Raak presents left to right, Cornelius a check to Dover Avenue Alliance Church secretary Pals, chairman of the deacons, Peter•Van Van Kekerlx look on. The contribution from Raak's husband, Gerrit J. Raak. It is Mrs. Katie Arthur Vogel as, .-.. -- _ . . _ Vugt, chairman of the elders, and Rev. the Raak family was made In memory of Mrs. .... to cover the wst of paving the church's parking area with concrete Pioneer Home news Mr. Frank De Jong callers were Mr. and Mrs. J. Oldenkamp, Mr. and Mrs. Franklin De Jong from Hospers, Mr. Hubert De Jong from Sioux Center, Mr. and Mrs. Andy Zylstra and four children from Sheldon and Rev. Mr. Klepplnger. Miss Anna Haupbergs' neices and nephews, Mrs. Milton Carlson from Sioux City, Mrs. Margaret Nlcols from Kansas City, Mo., Mr. Alvin Olstad from San Diego, Calif., and Mr. Oscar Olstad from Downey, Calif, called on her Monday. They came to Sioux City for the funeral of their mother, Miss Haupberg's sister. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Mouw and Mr. and Mrs. Bob Van Meeteren and child from Sheldon visited Mr.' Otto Mouw Sunday. Tuesday Mr. Mouw and Mrs. John Lubbers attended the birthday party for Mrs. (Rev.) Fred Lubbers in Sioux Center, who is 97 years old. Mr. Herman Vander Maten visited in the home of the John Kosters in Sioux Center Sunday. Legals (Continued from page 8) City Council referring to and defining said proposed improvement, are hereby made a part of this notice, and the proposed contract by reference, and the proposed contract shall be executed in compliance therewith. Copies of said plans and specifications are now on file with the City Clerk at his office, Orange City, Iowa, and may be there examined by bidders and other interested parties. Copies of said plans and specifications may be ' obtained from the Architects without deposit. The City reserves the right to reject any or all proposals. Published upon the order of the City Council of the City of Orange City, Iowa. CITY OF ORANGE CITY, IOWA By Robert M. Dunlop, Mayor ATTEST: Don E. Schreur, City Clerk Published Dec. 9 & 16,1971 In The Sioux County Capital. Mrs. Duane Peuse from Holstein called on her grandfather Mr. Abe Van Peursem on Thursday. Mr. John Hoffs from- Hull called on Mr. Gerrit DeVries on Friday. Sunday he was a dinner guest of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred De Vries at Maurice. Monday he visited Rev. and Mrs. Den Herder at Laverne, Minn. Mr. Rudy Van Pelt called on Mrs. Blanche Bouwmeester Thursday. Visitors of Miss Martha Meyers were Mr. and Mrs. Art Steuvens from George and Arlene Boone from Primghar, Thursday, Mrs. Minnie Stu- vens from Matlock also visited her, Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Van Zee from Hospers visited Mrs. Sarah Van Zee Saturday night. Tuesday Mrs. Van Zee accompanied Mr. and Mrs. John Hoekstra from Boyden to Mar-' shal, Minn, to visit in the Carl Behrens home for a few days. While there they drove to Glenwood, Minn, to visit in the Ed Van Zee home. Recent visitors of Mr. W. Moir were Mr. and Mrs. Merwin Moir and Mrs. Mary Miller and children from Boudler, Colo.; Mrs. Carl Moir and Ronald, and Lanny Dimmick from Akron, la. Lou Halbersma of Edgerton was at the John Kots home Thursday. Mrs. Arie Drost was hospitalized overnight after a fall on the ice where she dislocated her shoulder. Mr. and Mrs. R. Schat, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Jager and Mrs. Nell Keucker served lunch at the Veteran's meeting In Orange afternoon. City Monday Mrs. Wilma Rulsch entertained the following ladies for Mrs. Johanna Ruisch of Sioux Center, Mrs. Dick De Jong, Mrs. Ted Smits, Mrs. Anna Muilenburg, Mrs. NellKeuck- er, Mrs. Frank Kulken, and Mrs. Anna De Jager of Thurs. afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. ReynaldSchat spent the week-end atCanova, • S.D. with relatives. Mrs. Lloyd Mueller had a birthday Sunday and the family, Mrs. R. H. Eilts of LeMars, Mr. and Mrs. Allan Mueller and the Eldon Mueller family of Klngsley joined them for dinner at the Holland House In Sioux Center. Mrs. Martha John and Mrs. Lloyd Mueller were at a card party at the home of Mrs. R.H. Eilts in Le Mars Friday. Mrs. Jerry Van Horssen accompanied relatives to Phoenix for the funeral of an uncle. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Baker and Mr. and Mrs. Tom Smits went to Michigan to attend the wedding of a niece. John Dykstra plans to go to California to spend the winter with his children there. Sandy Vlieger was home from Oelwein and Rodney from the University of Illinois for the Thanksgiving week-end. 1 11 7 19 21 23 25 850.97 120.97 64.47 43.10 715.5C 1234.43 176.05 74,30 203.49 6.34 32.16 12.97 134.56 87.53 103.72 145.85 138.37 146.10 381.20 115,23 91.57 39.52 85.99 15.11 93.86 96,28 226.33 377.91 171,45 568.48 C2.22 226.26 9.73 353.03 75.08 07.17 91.58 117.71 261.18 Roger Hodgson •Leonard Barr Ethel Dlttmor Lee Anderson Rodney Barnum A. B. Swanson Frank Kelhower Kenneth Glffln Dennis Gage Hazel Newman, CALLIOPE Ellz. Rockwell Anfln Knutson Karen Peck G. H, Berreth Ida Muth Mattte Baugus Henry Hegeman Haw. Cement Blk 4 Tile Newman Cattle Co. Harley Whlttlngion Healds Add N pt of L 1 Healds 2rt Add L 24 4 25 Hobsons L 14-15-16 Cutlers Arid South Add 12 9 13 II 1-6 4 11 2 3 1 1 2 3 3 4 286.08 320.75 115.55 26.21 61.50 12.73 74.28 147.30 142.93 101.75 4,5 1-5 HOSPERS Lawrence Stofferan L 13-14-15 Lot 6 4 S-J of 5 Lots 1, 2 E 80' of 5, 6 Bldg on Lease 7007 Bldg on Leased Land Lots In Johnsons Add SESW & NWSW 4 NESW 75' Strip of O/L 1 Highland Add 7 10 22 47 51 54 54 26 95 48 'Wlibert Oldenkamp V 4 W Industries HULL J. M. Pitlo *Jacob Plaster Johfnna Koolker Richard Anker Johanna Vander Linden Ernest Schueti Otto Goer Inge r SW Cor L 7 Tr In Aud Plat Com At Machinery E 69' of 1, 2 Is of S 41' of 3 N 90' of 7, 8 Relsmas Subd W Pt L 1 East Add Davidsons Add Highland Add S 150' of L 7 4 S 150' of W 88' of L8 9 5 21 10 7.16 5.56 52.64 16.65 97.88 77.31 56.62 19.24 5.02 432.69 202.89 268.00 89.13 48,95 Mrs. Lou De Haan left last week Saturday; for Des Molnes with Mr. and Mrs. Gerrit Schneider. She was met there by her son, John, with whom she returned home to Clinton and will spend a couple of weeks there visiting with them. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Dykstra and Shelley of Maurice were Sunday afternoon callers at the Ring Klelnhes- selink home. Sunday dinner guests at the Harold Van Zandbergen home were Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Van Zandbergen, Mrs. Arie Van Zandbergen, Mrs. John H. A. Hoffs and Mr. and Mrs. Marion Van Zandbergen and family. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Vaas, Mr. and Mrs. Austin Roetman and Mrs. Dwane Gutcher attended the funeral services for Mr. Adrian Vander Wilt Thursday afternoon at the First Reformed Church In Orange City. Sunday evening after church guests at the Earl Vaas home were Mr. and Mrs. Reynold Van Gelder of Alton, Mr. Marion Andringa and Mrs. Ivan Visser of Orange City. Mr. and Mrs. Leon Koster of Sioux City are the parents of their first child, Steven Eric, born Saturday, Dec. 4 at J7-.00 A.M. at the St. Lukes hospital. He weighed 7 Ibs. 13 oz. The mother Is the former Ruth Den Herder. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs, Henry Den Herder of Sioux Center and Mr. and Mrs. John Rosier of rural Hospers. Mr, and Mrs.Ger- rlt Renslnk of Alton are the great grandparents, 9 11 28 IRETON Daryl Llston Peter Santema C Christina Velllnga Wm. R, De Vrles MATLOCK James Meenderlng MAURICE James Vlieger James Vlieger ORANGE CITY • Earl Bonne ma »Earl Bonnema Earl Bonnema Albert Hancock Fred Dykhulzen Robert M, De Jong 9 Exc S 2' Knowltons Add 7,8 6 4 W J2 of 5 Owens Subd O/L 6 8 Williams Add 5, 6 Exc N 45^ 1-2-3-4 6,7 E 24' ot E 60' of S 70' o(3 E27' of L 6 W 33' of 7 Exc S 65' of W 33' of 7 S 90' of 9 4 S 90' of W 9' of 10 S 100' of Wj of 2 South Add 13 S 108' of 11, 12 . 6 14 16 16 13 16 17 38 218.17 103.22 190.10 106.59 63.81 101.87 88.37 150.05 162,33 48.26 235.01 79.66 90.35 130.91 1616.82 190.39 519.64 55.95 283.40 Thursday afternoon guests at the Rodney Langstraat home to welcome their new neighbor, Mrs, Tom Johnston, were Mrs. Harry Vander Pol, Mrs, Arthur Mouw, Mrs. Lloyd . Grotenhuis, Kim and Jimmy, Mrs. Harold Van Zandbergen, Mrs. Ring Klelnhesselink and Mrs. Arthur Vander Pol, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Grotenhuis and family were Sunday evening after church guests at the Arthur J, Franken home near Sioux Center, Mr. and Mrs, Gerald Hulsman and family spent Sunday at the home of their mother, Mrs. Herman Hulsman atRock Valley, Miss Sheila Schuller of Holland, Michlngan spent last weekend at the Stanley De Haan home. ANNOUNCEMENT Bob and Keith De Haan announce they have returned to operating the appliance store in Orange City they had operated until mid-19?o as De Haan Electric. It has, until recently, been Orange City Appliance. SPECIAL All Christmas tree lights in stock — 1/2 price. DE HAAN ELECTRIC Phone 737-4891 .ORANGE CITY WOOD M2L E Kitchen in a variety of styles available at KALSBEEK's 1 05 3rd St. NE Orange City l&uild for opportunity that won't melt Young futures are secure, with the solid foundation of a auU. Account. . . growing through steady saving, plus interest, compou regularly. Build opportunity for your children . . . save now. Register for prizes Two special gifts will be drawn for each Monday until Christmas, Register each week. Call on us whenever we can be of service in any of these ways Savings Accounts — Home Improvement Loans ~ Travel Checks Checking Accounts — Personal Loans — Safe Deposit Business Loans — Farm Loans — Auto Loans Northwestern State Bank A FULL SERVICE BANK' Office at Maurice ORANGE CITY Member F.DJ.C. 6—THE SIOUX COUNTY CAPITAL, Thursday, December 9, 1971

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