Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California on February 27, 1948 · Page 5
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Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California · Page 5

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 27, 1948
Page 5
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FEBRUARY 27, IMS DISr/VTCK DEMOCRAT. UKIAH. CALIFORNIA FilUts News Notes Sl.^Most of us InLIin ^r Feb.^§,e hear* o(f pfeSple bedtlng their ds against a stone •v^all, but old siiying was ;given a new st 'When; Darold Ramsay of ^mi/m, Dave Wagner, Bon- iBeltz and Marry Pinkerton of 'Hits decided to beat out the wall AI Read 's cafe by any and all sans available. This was on jufsday, and to-date they can ie no logical reason whatever r their action other than palici- s J destruction, fostered by a ree drop." The first two pled ilty and were gi^^n six months obation, while the quartet chip- d in to pay the damages. Last week MeSdames Pearl an and Gertrude Zanella went Alameda,, stopping enroute at atluma to transact business and ;[c up Mrs. Frieda Pedrotti, then ritinued on their way. It was a lick trip, but a pleasant one, fth the bay area weather aliiiost iiice as in Willits.ri uld you. hear an attractive 'de in Willits murmuring odd she isn't calling you les. She is Emma Lou'Alcott, can't seetn to forget Fido, , Brownie, -Spot and the 800 names she has written iog'<}icenses. Whatever you do, )n't whistle at lier, you dog. t The old flu bug has really been ting chunks out of people lately, rs. Veda Collier is just starting lier \way to recovery | Jim kicry is still ill and so is Rev. aggerty: ^ , •\yilliam Genpbles isn't feeling ly too well,: but hia is more or iss a longehated hangover, as the , /illits police picked him up on le 19th for' ever-imbibing. Oh, ,\ ly aching head! Attention, all feUows who are iterested in playing hookey! Ray- lo'nd Raldjvin bass* foujid a way -the hard way. He doesn't, have ) attend school, but at latest re, orts is still in the Howard Memorial Hospital with rheumatic !ver. Corifidentially, Raymond, , raiiidn't St; Vincent's be better? Jood luck, any way. ' Willits todge. No. 365, F.&A.M., /as busy last Wednesday evening /ith more degree work. After , mieh they partook of snails and offee for refreshment. The Business and Professional ?omens Club of Willits have gone ito cahoots with the 20-30 Cliib . : f .Ukiah in their campaign for I 'j. aising money for iheir hospitali- IL. illtei fund. Any money the B.P.W. aUe from their participation in jie ticlcet selling will help defray le expenses of th^ir delegate, to , % ig B.P.W. • convention at Fort ii '..Hlrth, Texas; • If ^jlKNmeeting of men interested in t 'utirig was held on the 17th at ndy's. Besides the general d's- jssion which the 13 men present )qk part in, they watched an ih- irmative scout-trainirig film. Missing from Wiliits soon will e the erect, dark-clad figure, v/ith le almost silver goatee, for Father lonatus Aherh* has been trans- jrred from St. Anthony's in Wilts to a parish in Wilmington, )elaware. Taking his place will ie 'atiier Lawrence Kennedy from IcKenzie Bridge, Ore'gon, who, as ou might have noticed from his ame, could be Irish.' From his rouge he cguldn't be anything luf-- • • •: At long, long last, Margaret Junderson of the P.p. has gotten o use some of her long accumu- ated leave. Her good-natured grin las been missing from the window ince February 6 and will not re- urri for several more days. Un- ortunately, though, Margaret is lot enjoying herself, as the leave vas necessitated by illness. District Deputy President Vada Collier was warmly received on ler official visit to the Lagunita lebekah Lodge on wjijich occasion ihe was presented ^ with a gold ay pin from lodge members in (frep^ation^ of' her support and iStruction. As a card of thanks, rs.'ColUer. retaliated with an nitial pin to each member of her scort team and a hankie to her t d officers, ictor Raymond Babcock has taken a 2-day breather. We don't know where he is, but can safely say it is one of his too-inffegiient rests. What makes that man run? Vitamin A, g, D or what? Leaving' Willits to make their homes in otljer places are Mr. arid Mrs. Rene Belio, who plan to reside in Lo? Angeles, and Mrs. George Balli^ and son, who will soon be "lostv in the fog of San Franci.<ico. ; Those that left temporarily but are glad to return are Tony Mur- rido, who last Thursday went to Boonville; Mr. and Mrs. Ward Yoimg, who were in San Francisco, as were the Logan Ankers. The John Yeagers are back from southern California and Mexico, while Roberta Poncia is back from Santa Rosa where she \yas caring for her sister, who has been ill. Too, Mrs. Mamie Knight is due baeic in Willits, where she will } make her permanent home on ; North street. She, if you will re- I caU, originally owned Knight's Furniture, and since selling put has been traveling all over tlie \ continent visiting friends and rela- • Jjkes. TGeorge Newhall, Vern lies, Louis Zanella and two of Newhall's ranch hands, plus some hounds. took to the wilds and returned with four, coons Ipsf week. Good hunting, fell'ows^r is it the dogs that deserve thp credit? A jury of eight men, W. D. Ford, Ray Johnson, Dick Baechtel, Russell Jones, Fred Bobbitt, Floyd Criger, T. H, Dill ancl Charles Gilbert; and four women, Mrs. Esther Elliott, Jennie Haselswerdt, Gladys Eberhardt and Mrs. F.'M. Amsworth, found Howard Overy of Willits guilty of drunk driving. Although it took a good five hours to present the testimony, the verdict was returned in 40 minutes. However, as the case now stands, Overy is out on $350' bail. His attorneys, A. G. Lyons and Paul Porterfield, intend to appeal from the verdict of the jury. The shindig scheduled for; Thursday night for the Boy Scouts was held as planned, even though the troop is sponsored by the Lifans' Club. The highlight of the eve-; ning, to some, was the "auction-^ ing" of the quilt, made entirely; of Lions Club members' ties. It: was won by, of all people, Wil-; ham Riley, Lions CIUID president.^ "Bill" immediately returned the: quilt 'M vhu Lions Club, to be resold at another time. To .some of the 80 people present, the speeches by Patrolman Fred Hamilton,^ senior patrOl leader; Gene Groin,, Mr. Malsbury and Dick Goldsbury were the main features. To still others the presentation of the troop charter to-William Riley by Ken Hlckenbottom, field executive,*-! could have taken the spotlight. But to five*" new rriembers, ' who were taken into the troop, receipt of the tenderfoot badges were if. All this, and a delicious potluck dinner, too. Notice to the dancing pubUc of 'Willits and vicinity, also, the civicminded: The Willits Fire Department is sponsoring a dance on' March 27 at the Willits"'Park Pavilion. Pacini and his Riffs will furnish the music, and' the mphey made ori the affair will help fur^ nish the city park \yith a sprinkler system and whatever (and if there is any it depends on each' of! us) is left oyer will go toward installing outdoor iequipment; siyipgs, slides, etc., for the city's small fry. Let's dance! Rita Moore, Chief of Police Larry'Mooi'e's wife, has purchaseji thfe photographic 'equipment of the Happy Pho^o Shop and annpuiices she y/ill be.opeh for business soprt. More details at a latejr date. Jobs Daughters held a "Fathers' Day" last Thursday to which fathers and Masons were inyited. The members" Of Jobs Baughters divided intp two. teams, one with Jea'nnie' Donaldson 'as leader, and the other under Evelyn Hecken- ddrf. 'Then they began inviting in earnest, as the team with the most guests present did not have to do dishes. Here's hoping the girls on Miss Heckendprf's team had plenty of haiid lo.tiqn handy. Homemade cake aiid Coffee as v/ell as. entertainment, were seryed by tlie lassies. Too, some oJE the guests helped to entertain. As each one entered they were given a number and later, at *a drSiwing, the numbers . belonging to Sidney Black and Bill Ford of WiUits lodge and Austin Gray of Covelo lodge were drawn. They were then lined against one wall while across the room lay three mysterious packages, very well wrapped. The object was to .see which of the trip could cross tbe roOm, opeii the package, don what was therein and return to their original station. Ford won, but it would take more than a few articles of feminine clothing tp pass him off as a lady. Biit then, with the new look, it is really quite difficult to tell, anyway. Besides the girls and their guest, the guardians, Mrs. Ellen Black and Bob Camp, were present as were the counselors, Mrs. George Daskam, Mrs. Jayne Harrah, Mrs. Evelyn Ruediger and Mrs. Dora Donaldson. The Willits political kettle was kept simmering, and at one time last Wednesday, at the second Citizens Committee meeting, it carne to a slow boil. We are still waiting for the people who have been criticizing the city council to bring it to a fast boil, and '4 all the woudl-be candidates, who h^ve taken out nomination papers, bring them back, the sizzling of the pot will be heard as far as Ukiah and points south. With a dozen papers but that would mean three men for each post, or strong coiripeti- tion for the first time in a long time. Someone suggested ' that a woman be run for the council. If she did, she might surprise the eyebrow lifters, not only by running and winning; but by her fair- mindedness. As it is, we sit impatiently back and ;«ait for the deadline to see whose hp.ts will be in the ring with the one belonging to William J. Malsbury. Let's go! Wiliits has made enough uncomplimentary news. Lets' give them something good to say. WILLITS, Feb. 25.~The American Legion Auxiliary combined business with pleasure last 'Friday night at Mrs. Alicia Cureton's house. The members took advantage of their social meeting to start their sewing quota. The sewing is part of their rehabilitation program with the garments and articles made being sent to veterans' hospitals requiring them. No business was conducted other than to ascertain that the dance latply sponsorpd by the pir- ganization wos a success and plaiis wer laid whereby msmpp^ wji<) ai^e notpaid Up'C^jpuld be'^iveri il^n opjDortuiiity to do'sb.'^ '''* Friday ij.ight also fpui}d otiiej- lai^fps ;^ctiy^,,,:jfi,(i ,|heVhp^ Qharlotte Jiuljcher ^,jBMrpi:>e bap slipwer wag .giyen in honor of Mr,:^. Dbris Elliott. 'I'hpfood was triiljr ladies fare-i-delic'atfe but delicibtis.i It consisted of" a &ainty salSd 'aiidj ditto 'sKridWichey,*fbllb'*ed.'by; cp^^^ feu aAd'ic'e box iooTciibs. For pEwi t^i-t^inmeiit tri&e pilisSeht' 'blayed- Duteh WhistHvitlj M^sdames Pe^-By Crocker, Doris Elliott; Eveljrji; C6llier,-aha ' Helen Grey taking, high. While. Mrs. Gertrude ZineUai and Mr.?. Marie Van Cleeinput yipd. for low. Through the magnanimity; of the hostessed, Mrs. Charlotte Butcher and Jayne Harrah, the' guests were able to express a afec-, ret'^desire, inasmuch as they werfe. asked to list'the nahie th'ey thought- mamm^ and pappa should haXrp; tatrke'd.- onto them. The complete: list, with the excepfibn of Mes- d^es Laura Recagno,''Elizabpth; Rrch, Aijnabell Joj^olin and MiU- dred Hill," who sent gifts but co'ul'd not altend,-read as follows: Mai*-; garet ''Peggy'' Gunderson, Marie •"'Billie" Hall, Emhia Lou "Jezebell" Alcoti; Ellen i:<>lita Conchita" Black, Sarah "Nina" Dryden, Erma "Abagail"Hinton, Evelyn "Su-' sie" Collier, Carol "Toodles"! Harms, Gertrude "Moit" Zanella, Gay "Amber" Cameron, Heleii 'Hesabelle" Gray, France? "Fannie"' PuUen, Eleanor "Maggie'' Freeman, Connie "Violet" Petersen, Ann "Sandra" Wonacott, Peggy "Penelope" Crocker, Dora "Glendbfa";' 'bpnaldsw,'' M a r i 'e "Winniviere" Vjati Cieemput, Tljel- ma "Daisy Jjiije" Haun, Jpyjie 'Hariet" Harralfi, Ch^rlotfe "Pamela" Butcher, 'Doris •'Glarabelle" Eliott; and Ella "Lpllaiii" Cayan- augh.'Wbo would have tboiigbt it? Needless to sky Doris received many fitting gifts arid good wish'es for little Ellio^t-tp-bp. • Mr. Smith, manager Of the Noyo Theatre, cooperated \yith the PTA last Saturday and secured the film from the Children's Film Library to be showii at tbe PTA sponsorecj matinee. However, the rnatinee was called off as the furnace refused, to cooperate, and even though spring is just around the corner, it \yould have beeii inpbsSible to see the'riniovie-in comfort without the benefit of the furnace heat. Lpaying sunny 'Willits for the siinny south, Pplms Springs or thereaboiits, are,Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Lyons. The trip is to furnish Mr; Lyons with,a opportunity to irecu- perate after his recent illness,, sbniething W'mts couldn't do, as. there Is' seldomly a quiet nidmerit in our little town. To bear that statement out: Mrs. Viola Watson was arrested the past week for being drunk, and paid a $2!5 fine. She is the same Viola Watson who recently was taken into custody for shashing her husband, ' but as charges' werp not pressed the case was dropped. Too, George O. Evans was picked up JEor being drunk, while Herbert R. Gamble of Willits'^nd Paul E. Eaton of Laytonyilie each paid,a $200 fine for drunk driving. Won't some people ever learn that gasoline and liquor will never mix? Over the long weekend, Walter She'eler, who is attending Santa 'Rosa Junior College, visited 'With ^eliool^iate Kenneth Ford. Another visitor ja Willits was Floyd R. Allen. He, however, was nobody's guest and his visit was made'known'only when he was picked up for vagrancy. , Members of the chamber of cprn- metce, city councilmen and other civic minded citizens of W'H'ts, Port Bragg and TJkiah, as well as the supervisors of Districts 1, 2, 3 and 4,. met on February 21. TJie purpose of the mpeting, oyer which Bill Whitney presided, wasto'ppn- deir a solution to the WilUts-Fort Bragg rbad, which has been receiving more than its share of notoriety lately. Anicmgst the 45 attending were the four supervisors previously mentioned, R'ussel Cummings, county suveyor; Walter Saridelin, highway cpmmissioner, and Walter Severance, road cornmissioner of Mendocino county. Not too many decisions were reached, but is was coiiuiuded that of the $158,000 al- loted toward improving the rbad, approximately $151,000 would bp needed to build a concrete bridge over James creek and to fix l.p miles of road at the Fort Hragg end. However, citizens, dontdis- pair, as it wps brought out that there is the possibility that the complete toad would be worked over within three years. And those who have drivpn the road will be pleased' to learij that any^jnoney left jbr raised in the near futtife will be used to improve the portion known as 7-inile-hill. One of the newest businessmen in toVvn is William W. Denton; who has leased Nbrthern 'Wood Pro-: ducts for six rhorith's, with optjon to' buy. Welcome, Mr. Denton aiid keep the lumber coming, for judging from the tents and shacks still mushrooming throughout the vicinity of Willits, lumber is sorely needed. This year is Leap 'Year by the calendar and the skating public of willits piah to take full advantage of' it. Consequently, February 28 has been chosen as the d ^te for a Leap Year party. In addition to the door prize, a skating case, with cash inclosed, there will be a prize ^ Potter Valley News POTTPR VALLEY F..eb. 25.-:;-^ Mss. Ira,; Ifprve*' received wc^ri, f^ Mrs. Mat-Jofy AWerSontha. Bert :^rock, a former employee of. the: P.G.&'E. at the pdwer house, d^edi, sud(ien}y of a heai't attack at hishome'in iSutfer City on Febru-: sry 1,. H(? has many; friends here who -vyjU }je sorry to hedr of his p^'ssing. 'Mrs. Anderson, who also' ifjlvedlrl .Potter, Is now living in: Truckee. Her brotherl Caring IWe- Gee, lives here. George and Ralph Meyer spent: the week end in Ukiah with their- uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs, Arthur Hunter. Master Sargeant and Mrs. Guy H. J«nes and their daughter Carol; spent Sunday and Monday with' Mr. and Mrs. Ray Stainbrook. Mrs. Harry Hopper, Mrs. Otto Hughes and Mrs. Roy Chase drove oyer to Lake county Monday whete they visited with friends. Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Norman, Miss Ruth Poland, Joan Norman- a'nd Carol Coker attended the Cit-: rus fair at Cloverdale Monday. 'Monday was cleanup day in the' back yard of the church and all the trash that had accumulated was raked up and burned apd the garage, which was useless, "was torn! down. The men who worked were served a dinner at noon by a group of women, who also gave their time to the cleanup. Those helping were Messers. and Mesdames James and John Bufford, Herbert Pickle, Don and Arthur Hulbert, Walter Royer, Howard Brooks, Gene Shelton, James Nichols. Messers. Lawrence Buf- fprd,'JacK Newm^ Mbyd Meyer,; jliilp Cain, IJori fcorbertrMesd E. H-. Spotswood, James Shelton, C. i^. C^rijef, Geneva'Christpffer- son and Rev. Margarite Cole. Mr. apd Tii^s. Harold Mai'shall f nd Keliny cfjmg hqmp from Ri?:^ ibiiid'Sunday'''where they were called last Wedrjiesday by the death of Mrs. Marshall's iriothei', Mrs. Samiiel Bagley. Mr. Bagley cam? up'Monday to visit at thp Marshall ' home for. a few days. "Tlie sjTTipathy of the community is extended to the bereaved husband arid daughter. The February pot luck dinnpr was held in the church pariors Friday evening. Folipwing the sajpr per the Rev.'Cecil Wilk'hs pf Santa Rosa gave fpUr vocal npinbers fblt lowed by a talk -pp Lincpiri. IVfrs. La^y^ence Clark', accompanied Mr. Wilkins on the piano. On the hostess cbrhmlttee for the. eyeniiig Were Mesdames ' Lloyd " Hughes', John Buffprd, 'Vane Thoirntotj; arid Frank Gibson. Sunday' the lay chairman, Lawrence Bufford, had charge • pi the morning service. He and Mr. Wallace' gave interesting and instructing talks and Mrs. Lawrahce Clark sang, "Just for Today." Mr. and Mrs. Flpyd Meyers have purchased a lot from William Meyers and will build a house.' Friday evening Mrs. Floyd Meyer ' was hostess at ' a stork shower for Mrs. Arthur Huritei? of Ukiah. The giiest ef honoi- received many useful and' lovely glfis. aijd ,,the gxiests ehjoj-ed the %Veniri^ very lijuch. : Mr. and Mrs. A. iBrimmer o;' Snn Francisco were weekend guests of Mrs. iB. A. Spotswood. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Maunder apd daughter of Oakland visited at the Ed^yln Dieke home over the week end. Saturday night Mr. and Mrs. Volmer Peterson and family were also dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Dieke. The three families have beep friends for many years. Mr.,and Mrs. Virgil Norman and Mr. ai)d Mrs. Erwin Wipf entertained the det Your Husband Out Club ''at their home Saturday evening. Cards were played and refreshments served, at the conclusion of the game_. Besides the host and hostess, members attending were Messers. and Mesdames Howard Dashiell, Wilburn Brown, James Shelton, Marvin Holman, Ernest Moody and Thomas Fox. Jerome Madden of Placerville was a guest Sunday at the Otto Hughes home. Other guests were Mrs. Mary Rupe and son Francis of Ukiah. . Mr. and Mrs. Verdes Upton and children spent the holiday week and Mr. and Mrs. H. Mohr, all of Montei'ey. Mrs. Fannie Sloper and her brother, Frank Frasier Of Petaluma, are visiting friends at Santa Cruz and Hollister. Wfr? and Mrs. Downs and family are rndving this Vi ^eek info the Gavin hbuse, which Was recently purchased by Mrs. Slbper. 'Mr. ,and IVIrs. Lionel .Murphy, MK'arid Mrs. Gregory Harrison arid l^r. and Mrs. H. Mohr, all of San Francisco, spent the week end I at their Potter Valley ranches. Mrsl' P.; B. Westerman was a week-end guest Of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer AlbeVtsoh in Ukiah. Joe Wi'spn made a business trip to Lake cbiihty Mbnday. Mr., and'J/lr§. L. G. Lazar and son and daughter of Fresno- were guest's at the iGrp'yef Hupter ranch Irpih Friday to Monday. StprJ^ Shower Fpr Mrs. Russ«ll Murray IVfr?. Harold ChpRman apd Mrs. Hehiyi*'4gone were hostesses at a Stork shower fpr JVIrs. Russell Mur. ray at- the home of Mr?. .H.arpld Chapman, Talmage, last Friday. The,gifts for the expectant mother^ \yere presented in a baby SsuggylTiloted by 'a stork, rwhic 'h caused), a number of appreciatiyp "aUs'lMs it' entered the ropiii.' Bin^ was the mode of enter- tainpiefit for the rest of the evening. RjelEreshments were served. Guests .%hp enjoyed the eyening with Mrs. Chapman and MrSi Figone were the guest of honor,, Mrs. Russell Murray, Mrs. Hannah Damgaard, Mrs. Julig Damgaard, Mrs. Margaret Ceccareill, Mrs. Figpne, Mrs. Ina Bplle Hayden, J|{;s, Etta Figpne, Mrs. Jllorence Hayden and Mrs. Lucy Shupe. for the best waltzing girl as well as one for the waltzingest boy. Too, they will feature a grpiip elimination contest, a' Leap "Vear tag! The principles of the game being that the girls will be ^iven an equal amount of csridy kisses which they will endeavor tp give to the gentlemen present. After time is called the girl who has the least kisses left will receive a prize, while the boy having been "kissed" the most will walk away with tlie award. Conie arid get theiri, gals. Oh, yes, if you are interested in this modern version of' Sadie Hawkins Day, come on over to the Park Pavilibn on February 28. Thtre is no admission for spectators. The Arnerican' Legion evidently had a gpod time Tuesday night. However, as it was strictly stag your correspondent did; not attend. According to Mr. Lloyd Elliott, chairman of certificates for the Willits Frontier Days and Centenr nial Celebration, 45 certifisates have been sold to date and the 'Willits Volunteer,Fire Department has received 100 per cent cooperation from all approached, except one single, solitary individual, 'who evidently can't understand that what the make on their annual celebration is used to purchase new and replace used equipment which they wpuld use if pnd when his place caught fire. Perhaps Leap Year has nothing to do with It, but Mr.' and Mrs. Edmund F. Steinhieyer have announced that their daughter Elea­ nor'Jane vifill exchange marriage vows with Clifton E. Snider ^n March 14 at 1 p. m. The wedding is,' scheduled for the Methodist church while the reception reservations aje at Brooktraiis Guest Ranch. An executive meetirig of the Co- opprStive Nursej-y School was held on February 24 when the members outlined their program of action fo^ the next two months. A regular bi-mpnthly game was held Tuesday -at the home of Mrs. Nan Ford. While Mrs. Ella Bondeson took first prize and Mrs. "Bobbie" Specht received consolation prize. Mesdames Ethel Ruelle, Leona Brown, Dorothy Archer, Violet Wise, Dorothy Whittakpr and the aforementioned Ella Bcndeson and "Bpbbie" Specht all partook of delectable refreshments that were served by their hostess. Friday evening found Mr. and Mrs. Philip Hershey of Piedmont, Mr. and Mrs. Al Stringer, Mr. apd Mrs. John Kiraly and Mr. and Mrs. William Stringer at Brppktrails Guest Ranch celebrating the Bill Stringers' Ipth wedding anniversary. It's heartening to know that spine people talte their marriage vows spripufly. AlthQilgh it was a business meeting, the members of the B. P. W. Werp ipfprmatiyely entertained with a talis given by Frank Harader, executive secretary of the Mendocino County T. B. Association. "This QccUred on Tuesday and to date the ladies are undecided as to whether Mr. Harader's talk on health, or the movie he showed, was the riiost interesting. Obviously, both must have been good. The Kpn Roby fpmily paid a quick visit to Mrs. Roby's folks iri Garberville last week. Naturally, Kenny and June were welcome, but it was son Bruce who stole the spotlight. Another candidate for city council has made public his intentions. The gentlemari is Charlie Ford, and his hat now lies in the Willits political ring with that of Wilham J. Malsbury. Although the old saying of "two's company" may be true in some instances, here all one notices is the vast emptiness that surrounds the two lonesome pieces of head gear. Of cp'urse, deadline for nomination papers is still a week off, but nevertheless, the sooner they are in, fellows, the longer tjie period pf time the citizens hpve to realize all reasons why YOU should be councilman. Don't forget the Red Cross drive is starting Monday. The ladies will undoubtedly reach every house, either pn that ^ay pr shortly afterwards as they are vpry" well organized. Sp wheii yop plpn your budget remember "It's Red Cross time, sp give! Amateur sleuths will polish.their equipment and \yrack their brains pn April 9 when the curtain will go up on the Junior class play, "Murdpr J^ansion." W**®'*'^'" ^9" enjoy figuring out who dood it, or Jf you just like gpod entertainment, be sure to see the play. With Jeanne Donaldson, ^velyn Heckendorf, Patricia Edwards, Lenore Keiser, Pat .Durnford, Frank Crowlpir, Alan Brown, Bob Tanpm and pill Brown in t »ie cast, it's bound to be COVELO NEWS COVEliO, Kebf 24 .4-S .Bin' Franklin, of E!ureka spent the weekend with His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Franklin of Covelo. Mr. and Mrs. Merrill Reed transacted business in Covelo this week. Delbert Osoome of San Anselmo visited over last weekend With friends in Covelo. Mr. and Mrs. Larson and son made a trip to San Francisco last week. The Mutual Aid Society of the Federated church is planning a Mothers' Day program. Mrs. Anna Frances Pina, wife of Felix C. Pma, died m Colusj last week and was laid to rest in the Nomalackie Cemetery in Round valley February 16. She was born, June 20, 1885, and came to Round viflley with her parents when a little girl. She attended the Reservation school, Mrs. Fannie English being one of her teachers. She was the mother of nine children, five of whom are, living. With these children, she leaves her husband, her mother, four sisters, three brothers, 14' grandchildren, a number of nieces and nepheWs, and many friends. Services were held by Rev. Ernest De Ford arid Rev. Mildred Charles at the Methodist mission. Singing was by Mrs. Beatrice Lovell, Mrs. Zelma Carex, Mrs. Eunice Jamison, Mrs. Irma De Ford, Sam Gray and Carl Delgado, vyith Mrs, Fannie Ehglish at the piano. Mr. Delgado also sang. The Lord Is My Shepherd. Mrs. English accompanied. Charles Lovell conducted the funeral. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Riffe of Burlingame spent the last weekend in Covelo witb friends. The Federated Women's Club convention will be held in Covelo pn April 3. The Mutual Aid will give the dinner for that occasion. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Short and little son drove into Covelo last Sunday from Willits to meet Russell's mother, Mrs. George Shnrt, who accompanied them to Willits fpr a visit of several days. February 14 the Covelo Athletic Club defeated the Castro Native Sons of San Francisco 66 to 44 in one of the highest scoring basketball games ever seen on the local court. Jack Sloan and John Crone tied for high point honors witli 17 apiece. This was the local team's seventh win aguinst one defeat. Floyd McEwen of Lake mountain was a business visitor in Covelo this week. Farm Center Meeting February 3, there Vf&s a meeting of the 4-H Club at the high school at 8 p.m. Local leader, Mrs. Hattie Clarke, was unable to be present. Members present were Ira Baip-pss, Shirlye Bauer, Craig Hurt, FiBys De Fprd, Roger Gates, Gary Niesen, Frances Bauer, Yvonne Walter, Mary Jo Fulwider and Peggy Lelifeldt, and two visitors, Jim Walter and Gavin Hurt. Mr. Taylor, assistant farm advisor, was temporary chairman and the following officers were elected: President, Ira Barrass; vice president, Roger Cates; secretary-treasurer, Yvonne Walter; reporter, Frances Bauer; sergeant- at-arms, Gary Niesen; song leader, Mary Jo FulWider. Mr. Taylor then tui^ned thp chair to the newly elected president and the secretary took her chair. Two movies after the meeting were sho\yn by Mr. Bird of the high school. Mr?. Lorraine Major, wife of Melvin Major, passed away at Santa Rosa last week and was laid to rest iri Round valley Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Haydon took their little daughter "Terry Lee to Ukiah for medcal attention this week. She was suffei-ing from an attack of influenza and swollen glands in her neck. She is recovering very nicely. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Gerrans enjoyed a visit over the weekend frorii their sons Elwin and Halley, who returned to college Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Sitterley of Covelo lefj: Saturday morning for "Davis to Visit their dau'ghter and husband over the weekend. They returned Monday evening. Potter P.-T.A. Hears About 4-H Projects Members of the Potter Valley 4-H Club gave'an illustrative talk on their 4-H Club projects before the Potter VaJiey P.-T.A. at their recent meeting. Thjse taking part were Lynn Wilson, who gave a talk on swine, explaining how the pigs were ear- ••narked and why. Mar.sha Tomlin, who gave n talk on handling and care of her beef calf project. Claire Farnsworth discussed her dairy calf project and told how it was fed and managed. Phyllis GUlogly described her chiilten project and explained the feeding and care. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Weselsky have about recovered from the flu Which had kept them both confined to their homes for a week. Fourth Street Clinic B. D. Brainerd, D.O, Telephone 379 RECTAL DISORDBRS RUPTURE EXTERNAL CANCER 864 Fourih S'treat Santa Rosa Anderson Valley News PHILO, Feb. 24. Hahjs'ahd light showers this week continued tt). improve thp feed situation; and the deplorable water supply" iri Anderson valley. The last two 'months the dry weather has diminished the grass on the ranges so the prospect of rain wos wel- cojpiie to all ranchers. .The Philo Ladies' Aid met Thursday at the home of Mrs. George Glow. Members of the cast for the play to be given in March rehearsed their parts and sewing occupied the rest of the afternoon. Those who attended were Grace Blattrier, Aldah Hotell, /Leona Nunn, Josie Gowan, Alice Gowan, Ann Gowan, Augusta Ruddock, Kay Clow, Mildred Peterson, Ruby Hollofield, Bbrtha Boyd, Mrs. Ferrer, Millie Brown, and the hostess, Mrs. Eliza Clow. During the afternoon a ijeddlar selling oranges stopped, and said his sale topped ali records there, as all the members availed themselves of the bargain in oranges by the crate. Mrs. Frank Ward and Miss Charmian Ward returned Sunday from a 3-day trip to San Francisco, where Miss Ward continued her spring buying for the Style Shop. Preparations have already begun for the spring style show, sponsored by the Style Shop, which will be presented March 13 at 2 p.m. at the high school auditorium. Mrs. Virginia Gilliland was in charge of the Style Shop during Miss Ward's absence. Bea'trice Pine of 'Vallejo was a valley visitor Wednesday in the interest of a beauty shop she intends to open in Boonville. She pUns to come from Vallejo two days a week to assiat a steadily employed beauty operator hero. Miss Pine owns a .large beauty salon in Vallejo and has had much experience in beauty work. Mrs. Geprge Burns was a Mendocino visitor Wednesday. Work is progressing steadily on the LaVerne Presley hbme, which is being constructed back of the Hi-Way Variety Store. Another home in construction in Boonville is the Da\yspn Graham residence, which is being built back of the B.&M. Restaurant. A card party benefit for Claude Presley is being planned for February 28 at the high school. This will be sponsored by the Rebekah Lodge and interesting prizes are being planned. The P.-T.A. had planned a dapce for that night, but postponed it. Mrs. Maurice Parrish of Philo was a Santa Rosa visiter last week. Plans for the 1948 county fair were discussed at the regular meeting of the Farm Center, Feti- ruary 18. Rankin Rickard, Clarence Hulbert and Cecil Gowan were appointed on the fair committee to assist with the premium coupons, prizes, etc. Mrs. Cecil Gowan was named lady representative. Another meeting will be held at the farm advisor's office in' Ukiah. Following the meeting cake and coffee were seryed. Judge June, manager of the Mendocino County Fair and Apple Show, attended the Western Fairs Association held in Sacramento, February 10 to 14. Over 150 representatives of fair associations all over California, Oregon and Washington were present to hear Governor Earl 'Warren speak apd award the various fair premium books. Out of the 77 premium bbpks entered only 17 received awards and Mendocino county rated fifth. Other points of interest were the floor show and banquet at the Hotel Senator, which was attended by approximately 700. Judge June returned with Mr. and Mrs. Peters and Mr. Pierce Stipp of UTtiah. Mri=, Arnold Brown of Philo left this week for San Francisco to have dental work done. While in the ';ity she is with her daughter anj. family, Mr. and Mrs, George Sarieve. Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Hess of Union, Oregon, celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary Tuesday, February 17, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Veryl Baxter of Boonville. Open house was held for friends and relatives, who attended to express felicitations and enjoy the 2-tier, diamond-shaped wedding cake, decorated by the VaUey Bakery. Diamond earrings were presented to Mrs. Hess by her family. Mr. and Mrs. Elwin Maxey and son and daughter, Jimmy and Nancy, ^pent Friday and Saturday with Mrs. Maxey's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Gowan of Philo. They left Saturday for Lake county, where they will visit Mr. Maxey's relatives. Other guests at the Cecil Gowan home last weekend were Mrs. Frost and grand.son, Dean Studc- baker of Oakland. While here they enjoyed ftshlhgand"visi{lng*lf!ends ... and relatives. Mr. and Mro. B.-F. Bauglin of : Philo liave as their weekend guest ."yn'^ Mrs,, Baughn's sister, Miss Myrtle ~ Green of'Uiciah. ' ' ' ' ,.,,.^,,1 Mr. and Mrs. George G())van and son cibrge spent ^ ^uitday ..,;..„. with Mrs. Gpwan's parents, IVfir. •'«"" ' aiid Mrs. Frank Albrecht of Fort . ; Bragg. ' i •trxuu The P.-TA, ifoqd .S.alp ' whicl^ " ^^^z took place Saturday' yiraS' tji-p-... nouiiced' a huge. ;siiccess.;; More ' food tiian befoi-e vyas donatpd and ;.,: .. wasvqui.ckly sold. As these s^lefi vinv are so popular, the P.-T.A. plpp — another riext month. , .". Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hess and -••"^ family attended the Citrus Fair 'at ;. .. ;. Cloverdale last weekend. •• Jewel Gowan and Mrs. Jean Ham and son Johnnie were valley i,,-..! visitors Mondpy, enroutei tp Mendocino where both tea^h school. ,,,,,,,, They had visited their parents, ."'j Mr. and Mrs. Ju'd Gowan pf Pptter Valley, over the holidays. ...n Mrs. Grace Blattrter of Pjiilo had as her guests last wpekerid her daughter and son-jn-law. Mi', and Mrs. James Keenen of Fortuna. .Mr. and Mrs. Guthrey of Ukiab i^,., will occupy Mr. and Mrs.',„ .„v,, former home at the mill, Mr. Guthrey is employed at Mac's' \ Service Station at Boonville. Di-. Edwards, \vhp has been ill',,,;"'^''^*' for some time, is now recovering „'. and has resumed practice at his office at Philo. ' ,",'n' Mr, and Mrs. Martin Salmi of Richmond'were valley visitors 61 ' '^'^ the weekend. They spent Saturday ^'^ ' and .Sunday at their summer cot- ; '' tage pri the Brown ranch, visiting with Mrs. Salmi's cousin. Miss Blanche Brov/n, and aunt, Mrs. ' Millie Brown. Donald Browh of Sebastopol, a brotiier of Blanche "' Brown, and his two .sons, Were ' also guests at the Brown home,' "'' Veryl Baster and daughters Lynne and Cheryl have been mak."" - ing frequent trips to Cloverdale'"'"" ' to visit the dentist, • —' A bit of excitement was created - • ' in Boonville Sunday when'smoke ,, was discovered pouring from the -^f roof of the fair : building. Resi- . dents and bystanders hurried-to,; i,,,, the scene with fire extinguishers - and put I"', viie blaze. The Urea,,,, « was JDclievcd to have started from '- ' the oil heater, which is connected^ .r.a« near the mezzanine of the main-r.-.- Building. No serious damiige was done, although the roof above the,. . front wing was blackened to sortie *' -"^ extent. ' The Anderson Valley Farm Center will hold the next meetlng'On. , February 18, at the Anderson Val- • " ' ley high school. The fariri advisor . will be present to discuss localu .'•.I'ji problems. The rrieeting Will be" ' followed by,refreshhierits. Church Reserve Corps o,! Meet In Legipn Hall . ______ -ui-.-vOi The next meeting of the Organ-'""" " ized Reserve Corps of officers're- ' •siding in Mendocino ,and , Lake" ' " 'i* counties will be held in the Legion" hall Monday, March 1, at 8 o'clock. '' "^"^ Operations Crossroads, a color film of the atom bomb test at^ , , Bekini, will be one of the spepiai ^.'1, features of the meeting. . ; Also on the program will be 9 - i picture of the Canadian operation, "White Safari." This picture was,,.,,,, j made of the joint action of the •••<< ' United States and Canada on what was known as Operation Muskpx. . .. , Enlisted reserves of the first three grades who are interested 'i "'.i « in holding commissions in the officers' reserves are invited to attend the meeting. Corns or Warts Kemoved frcm Feet or Hands No TtelM — No Charge (NO DRUGS OR MEDICINE USED) B. ARTHUR GIBSON 120 South 2nd Street San Jose California Convenient OVERNIGHf PULLMAN to Eureka Our overnight train carries a .standard Pullman o ^r with lower and upper bertfis, two compartments and a drawing room. Comfortable recliiiiug chair car, too. This convenient, time saving service is avajlablp every night between San Bafael' and Eureka. Please make Pullman reeet- vations in advance. The friendly Northwestiern Pacific H. P. Dohring' :: ^hone 38 Nvt'P7-60 X

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