Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 14, 1960 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 14, 1960
Page 4
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ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH TUESDAY, JUNE 14, 1960 Editorial Ami Aim of Work Program fMft leffetottan inking to promote UK If fmMk aid btmfteiftrie* on municipal works ffeftctt lw» found to stir up t flurry of discus- Councilman Clyde Wiseman stated his 0aia against the proposal to invoke this new •tatute. Me indicated in * letter to Township Stephen B. Kennedy a doubt that the on the type *nd amount of employment the city might hive available. One might hark back, in relation to this program, to the time when city jail prisoners worked out their time on the «reet<. lt'« doubtful much work got accomplished. But it did make a jail sentence less acceptable. David Lawrence Rockefeller Impressive In Interview Side Glances •§ WASHINGTON — Affer listening and watching for two hours, This, no doubt, was the underlying philoso- Jon Sunday night a television pro- program Would Work, in the first place, in view j phy of the state legislature when it passed the «rf the personnel available; and an opposition, in j legislation at its recent special session principle, to forcing them to work, in the second place. i It was serving a way to raise further money for a special relief appropriation. But, faced gram In which Oov. Nelson Rockpfeller of New York answered all kinds of provocative questions, this v/riter is convinc- Perhaps the question could be better solved j with the picture of rising public assistance rollvled of the sincerity, earnestness) allowing Supervisor Kennedy a chance to j it also was seeking ways of discouraging peoplej Hm j high purpose of mfc rrnnj in their quest for such assistance. | wno startled the country last; It's doubtful the legislature had in mind any' W(1(S |, ov his challenge to Vice; very constructive aims other than reducing ip res j nen t Nixon. ! 1 Granted that it's "too late", 'for the Republicans to nominate I •anybody but thr vice president —' Ilntfp SlIffWflflf^fB iindl lnfif>ed - 1 u(1 K pfl h V political 1 B v: » ••*-'*-''-' CT -' standards, Nixon is the man they, tractod a total of 8,000 into Public School Stad-'a" 1 *ity bound to choose - the ium on two nights. Doubtless the logic of giving out-of-town folks .1 chance to attend both events on onej rnooS j nR party nominees and trip worked out, though the going got a bit]making party policy than the tiresome for local folks who went to see the two|one in vogue, performances. j In fact, Rockefeller was ad- The procedure proved that the community-vancing a theory can do things up in a big way when it sets sights and goes to work. Both sponsoring organizations are to complimented on their accomplishments. nuke a thorough check of his rolls, to determine jlttt what kind of talent he may have lying idle there at public expense. Another thorough checkup should be made I assistance rolls. Two Huge One might have thought they'd clash with each other. But two colossal-scale entertainment events Over the weekend here both were carried off with commendable success. An estimated 6,000 spectators lined the river bank to witness our All-America City boat regatta on Alton Lake Sunday afternoon. Meanwhile the Alton Police Department's hone show, with Clint Walker and a chance to help youngsters as the chief drawing cards, at- ,fact remains that Rockefeller! iunwtttingly made a good argu-, for some other system of which consti-! 25 and 50 Years Ago June 14,1935 Removal of material for fill from an ll-«ere Island in the Mlwisslppl River recalled that the ground had had a varied and historical career. The greatest claim to fame for the island was as the site of the famous Lincoln-Shields "duel." Four hones that clogfed the pipeline of a dredgeboat recalled also memories of Civil War days, when the island became known as small- June 14,1910 MIsft Martlne C. firlekwn of Terrt Haute, Ind., was introduced as the new principal of Monticello Seminary at the school's T2fMl annual commencement exercises at which a claw of 14 was graduated. She waa presented by Dr. W A. Colledge of Chicago, president of the board of trustees, jusf before me close of the program In Reid Memorial chapel. In brief addresses, pox island. Victim* of smallpox died at such a | welcome of the new principal to Monticello was rapid rate In 1864 at the federal prison that bur- voiced by Miss Catherine Burrowes, acting prln- lal became a problem, since interment could j C | pa l since the death of Miss Harriet Newell not be close to Alton because of citizens' oh- ~ Jertlons. Deaths occurred at the rate of eight • lew*MX. HM. . . "Sure, I'll kick in $20 on the class reunion, Joey— the 20 I loaned you till Tuesday when we were sophomores!" I to 10 dally, and as the number of Inmates were depleted, mass trench burial was begun. At the height of the scourge burial services became i Impossible, as did even rude markings of the i graves. The dredge was headed straight Into the island at a point 1,500 feet above the railroad bridge, and 700 feet above where the dam jwas to be. Cutting a width'of 200 feet, the dredge had been reaching down 15 feet into the mud. The dirt would be used as a fill for whflt would be the base of operations of the Engineer Construction Corp., building dam No. 26 here. A stqdy of the effects of river currents on cofferdams which were to be constructed in Alton harbor in course of building of the darn and the remaining lock was to be made at once i in the University of Iowa laboratories. A miniature river with the same characteristics as the Compromise Won hi B*» Error Vice President NtotOn is making a mistake to ; (with the other guy's dollar) forces enough to attempt a compromise on the school room build- | p u || t h c m away from the Democrats. tag aid issue if he expects to eliminate fall campaign issue. The compromise may well make it more of an issue. For Mr. Nixon is bound, through the compromise Washington Correspondent Jack Bell says he seeks, to lose supporters from among !t * s a j Once he deserts the principle of keeping the federal government's fingers out of the public schools, the barrier will be broken. And once a federal program is adopted—no matter how harmless it may appear at first— jof his television talk. For, when jail pretense and hypocrisy are (thrust aside, it must be conceded that the present system of j forming party policy or selecting the best candidate needs revision. Indeed, the whole structure of government has grown so large that in many of the answers that Rockefeller made he reflected to some extent the impatience of the public with po- relate days to of conservative forces of the Republican party and such a program is bound to expand, as nearly all certainly among the Democrats. Meanwhile, he programs assisting, but interfering with, will never succeed in pleasing the more liberal local governments do. Refer Tokyo incident to While the United Nations is waiting for Russia to protest further the incident of the U2 —perhaps take it up before the general assem- ,,,,,., c •!. ) 1 . , ' ' ' ' vifw.>, uui mm, uni:e a canai- bly—the United States miglu comidt ' r _J™^° [ en to influence world affairs is far more under-i date is chosen, the party mem- " ' " cover and reprehensible and aggressive than our i D( ' r « nillst ' -al| y ^hind him. Judged abstractly, Rockefeller lilical habits as they government in these crisis. What Rockefeller was trying to say, in effect, was that he favors support not for who is right but for what is right. But it is political heresy today to say that anything the opposite party stands for is right, jusl as it is j unorthodox to say that one's iwvn candidate may tic wrong on The tradition! i particular issues. dence to present to the UN regarding Russia's !j. s i na ( before a vention there can be Vival can- Recicfer'g Forum More Display of Flag Of many citizens I asked the| question: "Why is our U. S. flag not displayed on many homes and business houses on Memorial and other national holidays?" Many answered: "We are getting away from former ways ol life." Could that be the cause partly of the cold war? The Upper Alton Memorial Day parade was a grand march Forum Writes, Note Writers namm must be published with letter* (o the Readers Forum, letter* should be concise ami legible. All are subject to condensation. •' Mississippi was set up in the hydraulic laboratory at Ames. R. A. Scheer, with 14 years experience as school principal, was named principal of the East Alton-Wood River Community High School. He came from Sullivan Township High School, where he had served for seven years. Miss Ann Corbitt, member of the Shurtleff College faculty, and her sister, Miss Jane Cor- | bitt of Morton High School faculty, went to Ur- | banu for University of Illinois summer school. trict Jack Hayes was, elected permanent secretary of the Civil Service Commission. Haskell. and Mrs. Hadley of Edwardiville, alumnae representative. Miss Katherine Pearson, great granddaughter of Benjamin Godfrey, founder of the girl's school, read the class poem by Miss Emily G. Alden, retired member of the faculty. Lightning struck thrice during a violent late afternoon electrical storm. A section was knocked from the cornice of Ellhu L'Eplaten- ier's warehouse, and Mrs. C. Borckman In her home nearby incurred a mild shock. Slight damage was done to the Kinney boarding hotel at Second and Monument avenue, and to the Joseph Snyder home at 726 Central Ave. St. Mary's parochial school closed for the summer vacation and diplomas were to be awarded at evening exercises in the school haJl. The program was of particular interest because it would provide a farewell to the Rev. Father Joseph Meckel, parish pastor, on the eve of his departure for a European tour which was to include a visit to Oberammergau for the Passion Play. The school board at Wood River had put in a bid for the services of J. C. Campbell of Upper Alton as school superintendent. Campbell i had been asked to give up the principalship of the new Granite City school, just offered him. and take charge of the growing Wood River dis- The Danforth street paving project, which had been shelved for a year by agreement of many years ago as I stood onj H. O. Gwillim was selected as assistant sup- the south side of Broadway as a GAR Memorial Day parade was with several large U. S. flags a tjP? ssin K- A well-known GAR sol- Idler, Mr. Oulson, stepped out of rank and, pointing directly at me. said, "Young fellow, take the heads of divisions. I believe, too, flags displayed on some residences would help to inspire the paraders. Also small flags in! off tnat nat! the hanrls of men rifling in autos' when our rolors *° bv - I do in the parade would be gratify-! remember that warning. Now I erintenrlent of Jersey Township High School. Kept away by illness, former Mayor Thomas the city and property owners May 3, 1909, had been revived through a property owners committee which waited on County Judge J. E. Butler was installed in absentia as grand ruler of Elks Lodge No. 746. exalted Hillskotter. The court set a date ing June 22. for a new hear national con-iing to many on-lookers. i wonder how many will respect; interference in Nippon's internal affairs. ~, f i L. i r> • i i didates expressing The type of approach which Russia has tak- ; v|ews bu , ^ once fl different do about what is a highly obvious communist move in Japan. Doubtless, when the Tokyo incident has had a chance to run its course—after President Eisenhower has visited the Japanese capital—both L'2 flights over Russia. And the world procedure should be laid bare before the world in a manner that all can under- this country and Japan will have a mass of evi- i stand. Commeneoment Hysteria is fighting in a good cause — for a different way of party policy and choosing candidates. But, as has often been said, "It's In covering part of Alton in t the dignity of our U. S. flag by j the afternoon the number of!displaying it on the coming, 1 ;VASHINGTON _ \vest flags on homes could be counted i Fourth of July?, on the fingers of one hand. i The Allen-Scott Report Germans Seek Nuclear Arms 1 was given my medicine j WM. II. GISSAL. 2612 Judson. Static Hospital Insurance 'many is again asking the United Slates fpr tactical nuclear weap- jons. j Defense Minister Franz set Strauss is making this Ger- arms for West Germany to be-Bought to miestion Secretary in the election i Herter during the Foreign Re- ilations Committee hearings on the U2 spy-plane incident. The come an issue campaign." | a condition- and not a theory" J A> C rivello on the article he I certainly agree with William A new depth of dramatic silliness was reached by Mineola, N. Y. dads of high school graduates. It's been getting out of the realm of reason for some time—even in our own area. i that confronts the Republican I Party today. One factor is the .'manner in which the opposition party naturally takes advantage Of any dissension. Perhaps the real trouble is But the Mineola incident provides a roughj that tne va s l majority of the Thev Put up $4,000 to buy out a horn..- i illustration of what the next step may be in! vot(ers1do not analyze the issues i iH.y pui up ' , i • i i L i ; critically, anyway, and that gen- town night club for the evening, hired two j other place*, too iCraMties do tafluence e|ections _ dance bands and entertainers, and sponsored .1 i Parents would do well to begin banding to-, ilSi for j ns(ar , C e, economic con- prom— a ll to keep their sons from wheeling into ; get her .1 year ahead of graduation activities; itentment or discontent, as well New York City and celebrating at the night i call in ilieir graduates-to-be youngsters, and be-'as the possible impact of war or clubs there. • X'» injecting a little reason into what is fast ] international policies designed to It's difficult to tell where this business of ; becoming a nationwide hysteria among bothj^ er the enemv from altack bribing young people to keep them out of trouble will end. adults ,inj students by consulting with young folks on their real desires. the ing. Rockefeller's forth rightness, earnestness, his modesty. his his Drew Pearson's Merry -Go-Round Ike's Duty in Philippines WASHINGTON — There's un-lniocrai-y: where they don't have remembered drama behind the i to urge people to vote, they fight arrival of Dwight D. Eisenhow- \ i or the right to vote er to Manila. He's returning toj In President Carlos . _ t .. , utt way show. But there s still re- i simple honesty are all refresh' ing characteristics, but some- Jiow one gets the impression 'that, due to misguided advisers, he is moving in unfamiliar waters — among the shoals of practical politics. On specific issues, it was wrote about "Mom and Pop" after they reach a certain age. I also think that after "Pop" has worked most all of his life in a factory, and has paid his hospital insurance on him and "Mom," ever since they first envelopes, he definitely should the old people. For instance, the last time the hospital insurance was due, they had raised it $10 and that 10 means a lot to "Mom and Pop," who are trying hard to get by on their little retirement plan without help. They aren't asking for any- started taking it out of the pay thing, only to be allowed to keep their insurance at the be able to continue on with his j same premium they paid while insurance after retiring at the I "Pop" was still working. same premium he paid working. while! I • also think the same privil- 1 eges should be allowed a widow After he retires, that is, when I if her husband has paid hospi- "Mom and Pop" really needital insurance for her all of his hospital insurance. t.he insur-j working years. She should be ance companies know it. Yotj allowed to keep it up. also. they really take advantage of| EMILY WOOFF. j Main arguments being advanc- Jo-|ed by Strauss in his new request for tactical nuclear weapons re- are: quest in talks svith Defense Secretary Thomas Gates and other) Britain and France are ready Administration leaders. Strauss It 0 approve that if the United is in the U.S. at Gates' invita- t i o n, to visit military instal- States agrees to it. According to Strauss. Chancellor Adenauer lations, among them' bases for;( las been given such assurances missiles armed with nuclear war-| heads. President de Gaulle and ! Prime Minister Macmillan. There is no indication Strauss | j n ( ne event of a Russian at- will be any more successful than | tack, West Germany's new and when West Germany first sought j relatively small army "could not nuclear weapons from the Unit- ;sl | rv ive without nuclear weap- ed States in 1958. ;ons." Strauss makes much of the That proposal was rejected on .fact that satellite East Ger- inmny's military forces are far two grounds: The Atomic Energy Act speci-i su pprior in /ically prohibits giving such i power, arms to foreign countries: and at! ^ e a j so that time there was no likelihood C onimunders strength and fire asserts that NATO fav- "unanimously Congress would change this law. 0) . makini; nuc ,, ear weapons Secretary Gates has no alter- . available to V Vest Germany. State Department, chief displayed unmistakable reluctance to talk about this touchy matter. Red Sparks Russia is building the world's largest radio telescope. According to published figures, it will be 1.3 miles long and 130 feet high, and will be used to "look through the clouds that permanently envelop Venus and other planets. Eighty cities in Red China are now linked by airlines — a 300 per cent increase since 1952. The Chinese Communists use Soviet planes, but claim they are developing a twin - engine piston transport of their own. It is to be known as Peking I, and be comparable to the DC-3 that first made its appearance more than 25 years ago. • ?;/ I960. The Hall Syndicate. Inc.) sentment. And when Premierheresting to see how skillfully JKishi asked Mayor Lacson i Rockefeller presented hs views. Garcia, whether he learned any Japa-| Ho clidn ' t let llis interrogator, a country which probably marked a bigger turning point in his life than any event since he persuaded Sen. Joseph Btistow, Kansas Republican, to appoint Ike will find ;i kindly friend whoinese during the wartime occupa- knows the United Slates wcll.ltion of the Philippines, Lacson|jr still the David Susskind, who conducts the program known as "Open ," to catch him up in any remembers an occasion in i replied: "I was too busy shoot- j way. Again and again, Rocke- National Press Club in (ing Japs to learn the Ian-1 feller restated a question so as Washington when Harry Truman, I guage." 'to eliminate phrases. His any misleading mastery- of that kind of thing was outstanding. him to West Point, even thoughlthen vice president, played the Teeming, topsy-turvy Philip- young Eisenhower was then a; piano with Lauren Bacall sitting,! pines — In Manila Ike will find I'" j'," st " em ' s "too ' D j^ thut"Roc'ke- the only housing development in,feller hus not had as yel the the most. !nc world f°>' newspapermen. It i political experience necessary to Megs crossed, on top. story) Ike will also meet Democrat. The little-remembered is that Lt. Col. Eisenhower went i dynamic mayor to the Philippines as a niem-i_^,. SPn j 0 j.j Lacson, sometimes her of General MacArthur's staff | t . a||pd , ho u ( ; u .,,. dw „,- , ht , in the late ISBO's to help set up| Orji . nt _ bfi( . ause „, hls a defense program for the is-t a „ lands. He differed with Mac- 1 Arthur over these defenses, and told Filipinos frankly that theyi wouldn't work. Mat-Arthur got sore, sent Eis-j enhower back to the states This was about two >ears before native but to inform the West (J|U| sh> . [German Defense Minister that Prcsident Eisenhower's deter-j AltonFvpnin°TplpoTanh Ithese two key barriers still pre-. mination no1 to let mis tnorny Altoni J veilin o ieie e rapB I vail. The Act has not been re- : question become an election is- j vised in any way, and there is ; sue is causing nis lieutenants to According to Dr, Edward R. I meet young and old alike on an n° chance in this presidential hp w of discussing it with po- -—"- year that Congress i tentia , critics ; Elders Should 'Live It Up 9 Pinckney. M.D., old people should not "take it easy." He says the latest medical advice is to "Live it up," mod- equal footing." Evidently a lot of people have taken the advice of Dr. Pinckney. People recently have been erately, of course, and take j borrowing much more heavily your aging process as it comes, i against the e.ash values in their Do not hasten it along by tak-ilife insurance policies than a ing it easy. year ago. Prepare to become old, not: New policy loans made by the to be old. | country's life insurance com- Dr. Pinckney added: "Try the|panies in this year's first quar- boy-meets-girl formula so suc-|ter showed a 42 per cent jump eessful when you were a few j from the first three months of years younger. Go to dance j 1959—to $3HO million from $253 clubs, hobby centers, and even I million. election would consider modifying the weapons ban. This explosive political factor is particularly being stressed by: Gates. In a discussion with congres-j sional leaders, he said, "The President emphatically does not Sen. Minn. > Hubert Humphrey (D., discovered that when he Today's Prayer Published Daily by Alton Telegraph Printing Company P. B. COUSLEY, Publisher and Editor Subscription Price 30 cents weekly by carrier; by mail $10 a year within 100 miles. $14 beyond 100 miles Mail .subscriptions not accepted in towns where carrier delivery Is available want the question of nuclear docl of our lathers, enable us to j Entered as second class matter at , , . , . . , the post office at Alton. Ill Act grasp the high entrustmnnt of our O f Congress. March 3 1879 i lathers who wove the fabric of year, the year-to-year increase i (llpil ' liv<a - s into our nation's charai 1 was just under 27 per cent with j t«>' and who attacked the evils that new loans rising to $319 million | disgrace our country. Raise up from a corresponding figure of I among us men and women who i$252 million. ; know what our nation ought to do r in the Far Kast ! has 78 ° unils ancl its h«rd-to-get achieve the worthy objectives 'space is allocated by the Press'which he is trying to express ( -' ub - today. But he is learning fast. Most efficient transportation'He is endowed with the common in Manila is by means of war-'sense and integrity of an Kisen. lime jeeps, rebuilt into buses, hower. If Ihe New York govern- the t'i-jT| u ,y-| V a pi-oducl ol American or is willing to give the lime surplus, Filipino ingenuity and • and energy to remake his own American gasoline. party in the image of prudent ilencia, ihe unpredictable colum-i American gasoline service sta-.progressivisrn that he has in nist who lampoons the politic!- It ions dot the highways around i mind, he can perform in the next senior citizens' groups, andi In the final quarter of last I o)der people need money to! and who have the courage to corn- Pott Answer to Previous Punle [seek amusement. They know mil themselves to this task; i they can't have any fun after] through Jesus Christ, our Lord. j they are dead, and they know I they "can't take it with them." ,„ mm , v ,. buj , d st ., U)olSi alul bl ,, (lH . ... of Manj , a ACBOM 1 Noted poet, Elizabeth Barrett—— • Sht wrote aa epic on IS Ancient city ot Syria W Meant DOWN 1 Brought up I Network H IzJCIH j In other words, "enjoy yourself. It's later than you think." WILLIAM A. CRIVELLO. IMMU13QJ WWW Amen. Dudley Strain, Lubbock. Texas,! minister. First Christian Church. j (r: I960 bv the Division of Christian Education. National Council of the 1 Churches of Christ In the U. S. A.) MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The Associated Press Is exclusively entitled to the use for publication of all news dispatches credited in this paper and to the local news published herein. MEMBER. THE AUDJT BUREAU OF CIRCULATION Local Advertising Rates and Contract information on application at Advertlsintf John Budd Representatives: the Company, New York, Chicago. Detroit, Atlanta, Dallas. New Orleans, San FranoUco. Los Angeles and Seattle ans. pries into government, and! Manila every lew blocks. Then 'decade a useful service. Like i™ rf h nm hPPn' casually d '' 0ps in °" Fresidenl i!»'t> curb-service restaurants and'nwiiy "liberals," he reaches oul Pear) Harbor ma ne no* oeei,<;; amil afu ,,. , aking tne hidt , off (suburban branch stores, exact- for -,,als designed to improve sent back probably he wouldI no ,„,„ rt r nona ,| y as if no .h,ng had;i y rhe same way department the welfare of the American have come to the attention of hapj)l , llt , d . Valeiu . ui jn llstl , it es; slol ,, s h;m , inieralwl to , hP s « people. But Scled hlnTto "and t ife" ^'""^ '"« Mm " **'*»*» " big American cities. >'e, thai expedition greatest military expedition in history. NOTE — MacArthur's plan for defending t h e Philippines, which Ike op posed, was, 1. To keep the Japanese from landing with (fee new Philippine army; f. fail back it necessary on ' Bataan and Corregidot ike ! was right; it didn't work Ike's old stamping grounds— 1 are some of the things the President will note on this, his he hasn't learned in government, as in press -]•(„, Philippines are the third |H»lnics. the art of adjustment Then there is Vice President largest Knglish-speaking country is paramount and thai what is Uiosdodo Macapgal. who be- in Ihe world, ranking next alter "possible" to do in legislation long:- iu Hi.- opposition, yel sits the United States and Ihe United "' public policy often has to be in tne presidents national coun--Kingdom. accepted by those in public of- cil even while opposing him. Manila's police chief is effici- fice. whereas only those on the In most other Oriental countries ent Tulesforo Tenorio, who work-i°ut s idt> can continue to argue' he would be locked up ed his way up from patrolman, ,'for something better Scars of war — Eisenhower'graduated from the FBI police 1 Several things are clear. Rock- will also see the remivmts of school, and whose shy. quiel eleller is not a radical but, at war, remnants of deep bitter- mainii-r belies his tough courage, heart, a conservative. He is not ness. Still unreconstructt-d is Once a Manila policeman ran fooled by communist intrigue part of downtown Manila, which "mirk with a revolver in his a "d is alert to the communist suffered punishment only com-• haiul. ihieau-ning to shoot up menace inside and outside parable to Berlin — punishment H' 1 poliee force. No one dared America. He is for a balanced, by Mac <"sanu him Bui Tenorio went up'federal budget, but he has the to him. held out his hand. The temerity to ask that the money' • •op >aid. "here it is, chief," ))e *P enl for things essential to iiiici Minendeivd the revolver. ' out ' defense. Unhappily, such an Filipino.* supply (he orchestras 'deal has to run up again*! tin loi all Southeast Asia, ranging.practical — the votes in Con fiom Singapore to Tokyo They-Si'tss for measures on the do- uppl.v the best cooks mestic side. The pressures upon Uhfu Picsicient Garcia was ill government become the pies- la>i winti-i, Vice President Mac-:sures OB party. Thi» may be an apaai used to call up newsman'unsatisfactory system, but its V-ilcncia and ask him how sjck't^e way that big government. Gaicia was. "Not yet, not yet,"Drying to handle the afiairs ol reph.-.i Valnu-id "Vou won't be nearly 180.000.uOO people, does white a «UM 11 M«nd<* 14 Get up ISJapane** outcast! 4 Bxiited o symbol for MIRROR OF YOUR MIND • Angry T Bird'* home I PondMM (Ir.) 16 King of Judah • Appropriate S4Knoekt 18 Too » Biblical murderer (Bib.) 17 UritMa mountain II State (•».) II Pewter coin of Thailand 10 Decorticate 21 Hasten 22 Pa* try >4Sp«d 87 Petty priMW 91 Wtaged SI Sacred buO IT Htaltb II Thing! 10 Indigent SO fillip 13 Aleut Idand » Body of watw 41 Beginning 42 Spar 41 Sole 44Ait«riik, 45 Wolfhound 41 Her huteaoaX Robert, alw wa*a 10 French river 11 EMM till bting IS Repast 18 Help It Oriental coin 47 Nautical tana 11 fathtr M boreoM 4>Orov* was a wealthy son M Kimono Wwt Indian MShtwua ft Tool of bar landnoUiar of work JIAche Durham, M Symbol fit 83 Pronoun Bngland tellurium By JOSEPH WHITNEY desirable characteristic is acquired, rooted in a developing sensitivity of childhood to the rights and feelings of other human beings. Youngsters who develop a natural amiability toward others will tend show good-will and good manners, whether or not they have been coached in the mechanical techniques of courtesy. 3«Grwk tetfct IS Masculbw nickname II Greek portlao Arthur's own troops when ihe> n- took the cit>. There are also landmarks nt tbv population it had when he waa them; English-language newspapers, more schools and universities than any place in 8'eat suffering, one dungeon tne Orient - night schools and '* te P in < ne wal1 of tne old s l jitl1 technical schools sprouting up ish fortress, where 800 Filipinos everywhere alongside Spanish i weiv Jam-packed so close togeth universitiw founded shortly after er they could hardly lie down Columbus discovered America.: where many died of suffocation He will firm the friendliest The anti- Japanese bitterness pro-American nftK" in the Farihu^ eased somewhat now. and Cast, a nation which was taught! many Filipinos fly to luksu in democracy by Americana and j the same way Texans fl> to from the FPrtufuMB^ art Mt*am«| great pride in thai de-lNew York to take in a Broad- presideni jet work It Angular •0 Partner of Bel and ii 41 Observe 42 Greats* 46 Indonesia* 4f Mindanao «J Acclamation of dUtfutt 49A«aiatt MPaiuleaf II Wan bc:i :>;. naitdie Ini. ) i manage to operate these days 1 1!, 1%0 N V Herald Tribune, lac > « Trader 8houU young couple* save for a rainy day? i. bu, a vmptm i U»l can be corrected only by lifting the level of integri«> i home and sfhool. He believes- thai examina- lions that call for memorized answers rather than creati\e thinking or synthesi *r* — « !-«*•• g«* u»e«um ? Ol)1> becomes birth of the first child last becomes then does money Aimer: uond ma.uuTs are the late ,„ the average famiiy bank «.-visible evidence of goodwill to- coum and tor manv iLT^ ^L ot facts, tend to ward others. Some people seem in- best time io iji- hert-iitly well-mannered, but this work Ku>« Feature* Synd . iac.i put excess moue> lo

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