Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California on February 27, 1948 · Page 3
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Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California · Page 3

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 27, 1948
Page 3
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11 FR3DAY, FEBRUARY 27, 1948 tolSPATCH DEMOCRAT. UKIAH. CALIFORNIA PAGE THREE. ^^^h&Ht (Ml 10. 20, 30, 40, 50 YEARS AGO " Filing Income Tax, Returns, In 9 Parts TfeN YEARS AGO March 4, 1938 L. Cambot, pioneer merchant of Ukiah, died February 28 in the French Hospital, San Francisco, his 'death resulting from injuries received in an automobile accident north of the Forlcs on February 17. B. A. Pelkey of Oakland has 'taken a lease on the Camp Glenwood property, three miles north of Cummings, with option to buy. The property was formerly operated by O. L. Bunyard. Morris Gunsky, a former ijkiah boy, who '.vent to the top 10 years ago by virtue of a brilliant tenor voice, is maldng a comeback by way of the radio. Sheriff E. L. Williams and Deputy Wayne Crawford went to Covelo yesterday to further investigate the disappearance of a 14- year-old Teddy Thompson, who 'dropped from sight on January 29. Search for the child has been practicaly abandoned by posses ^ that have gone out from Covelo "and the surrounding territory. The N.W.P. has filed a formal application with the state railroad commission for authority to discontiijue its daylight- train between Willits and Eureka. C. B. Mallory, sealer of weights and measures, has sold his property in downtown Fort Bragg apd purchased two homes on south State street in Ukiah from Tibb Fisk. ' Ukiah's trap team defeated the .Hopland gunners 235-208, Sunday afternoon at the Ukiah traps north of town. IJkiah got another soaking Tuesday evening and by 11 o'clock Wednesday morning .58 inches had fallen, raising the season's total to 43.39. Hell Gate dam, the property of the Uhion Lumber Company on Big river, may have a flsh ladder. John Spencer, chief engineer of the ilsh and game commission, was in Ukiah this week and discussed the matter with representatives of the Mendocino Sportsman's Council. . . Miss Ada Banker, wellknown teacher in the Ukiah" grammar school, Underwent an emergency appendectomy with Dr. S. L. Rea performing the surgery. By JAMES C. SMITH Colleclor of Intarnal Royenue< Firsl California District Instruments Recorded Sheriff Byrnes is responsible for from Ukiah'-weye Abe Marks, E. the arrest at Washington, D:C., of . L. Smith, U'Cf/ McCloud,'Walter MjUard Means wanted in ,this. Brov/n, Dr. G. W. Stout, E. E. county for forgery and fictitious Olbrook and Archie Liaytpn, checks. The sheriff left Sunday j wUlits holds the medal for the for Sacramento to get extradition j^^gggj case that ever occupied the papers and then went east'. lattsntion of the justice" court, the Mrs. Qrin. Gilmore ; of Eoint .matter of George Standley against I [Editor's Note: This iS ;^he'sixth of a ssWes of articles explaining how to £11 out your Fcdeti^l In come Tax return.] ' lA taxpayer may claim as a dependent any closely relatedperson, for whom he furnished the m&iotr ity. support durihg the year. No one, regardless of age, may be Arena presented hsr husband,With Mum Reid lor an amount of $300. i claimed as a dependent if they an 11-pound daughter last Mon- The court expenses will exceed'earn $500 or -nore of taxable m- day. that amount. come during the year. The internal revenue defines closely related" as your children. Judge Kii(dren of Point Arena ] One of the greatest feats of en- made a clever decision the other gineering ever attempted in ,this j . . , day when some stolen chickens section is the buildihg of an aerial grandchildren, parents, grandpar- were brought to hiiYi that were, tramway, four and one-half miles ' ents, sister?, brothers (including claimed by people'living on bppo- long, from the Independent Lum-' children, uncles, aunts, nieces, site sides of Main-Street in that ber Company mills on tlie Gualala j "step," "half") or legally adopted village. The judge kept the chick- river to Fort Ross to haul lumber: nephews (if related to/you/ "by ens and early the next' morning, from the mills to tide water. Thie ! blood, but not if only by marriage) accompanied by the constable",.re- tramway will ci-oss Gualala river leased them in the middle of the and several deep capyons street above the homds' of the'' people, who claimed them. The chickens promptly hurried the left side of the street,-so the, right side lost. FIFTY YEARS AGO March 4, 1898 V Will Felton, Will and Luther Baechtel of Willits left Monday ped there from the San Jdaquin valley. F. W. Howland of Redwood Valley shipped two cars of wool the first of the week from the ranches of Fred Goudge and August Drehm. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sandelin were hosts to nearly a score of guests Saturday evening at a dinner party, to comnnemorate .their 14th year of residence in Ukiah. A^olphus Boyd, and Irene Cromwell of Westport were issued a maiTiage Jicense in''Ukiah this week. ' , ^ ' TWENTY YEARS AGO March 3, 1928 Mary Campbell, pUpil of the Ukiah grammar school eighth grade, won the story contest offered by the peiineator, open to all young people up to 3.7 years. Mary's story is purely imaginative and deals with fairies and elves and the flying It is' full of action and beauty and is original in thought and construction. Ronald Fulkerson and' Harold GUes, seniors in the Ukiah high, school, took the Stanford intelligence test Friday morning at the grammar school. Mrs. Evelyn Jean Davis, wanted in this county on fOfgery and fraud charges, was arrested Monday in Los Angeles. She came here last year and bought a car from Monty Banker for which she issued a fictitious check, drove the'machine to Oregon and disappeared. She was later arrested and brought here, escaped fj-om the custody Ed Zimmerman and again disappeared. , J. O. McSpadden, a member of the pioneer family of Boonville, died in Ukiah Thursday. J. Isnard, a recent' arrival in Ukiah, has purchased the Master Electric Laundry and took possession the first of the week. C. M. Fulkerson, principal of Ukiah high school, was notified by the recorder's office at U.C. that three freshmen from Ukiah were in the upper two-thirds of the Freshman class. They are Martha Mannon, Ted DeMotte, Mario PereUi-Minetti. These were honor students at the high school. A. . F. Duplisea has been engaged as manager of the Cox- Thurston Hardware Company. Three new babies arrived at the General hospital this week. A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. William Mack on February 29. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Zimmerman welcomed their, second son, born March 1, and Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Brown of Redwood 'Valley became the parents of a boy on February 26. Clyde Hopper and Melva Grace Walker of Fort Bragg have filed their application for a marriage license. Ordway brotners expect to pas- ,ior San Franciscb to purchase sup- fure 700 head-of Cattle on their , plies for their trip to Alaska. Th6y ranches along the Npyo' and Elk will sail from San Frajiiisco on rivers. The stock are to be ship- j IVTarch' 5, expecting to return in the hot distant future, loaded with nuggets and gold dust. E. T, Hutsell, says pur Boonville correspondent, paid a visit to the county seat last week. On his way over he bought a pair of gold- rimmed eye glasses from a traveling confidence man and says that the slick salesman could have sold him a gold brick. . School began at Laytonville Monday with Miss Amy Hargrave as teacher. , • George A. Clark of Stanford University delivered an interesting lecture at the Ukiah Christian church Friday evening on the Seals of-Pribilos Island, Mr. Clark is a secretary for the commission in charge of fur seal investigatioii! The electric plant, powerhouse and other buildings of the Moulton Hill Company near Cloyerdale was destroyed by Tuesday night, and Cloverdale is now left in darkness. The plant was valued at $7000. , J. F. Barbee, principal of the Fort Bragg school, has been granted a grammar grade life diploma by the state board of education. V The S.F.&N.T. Railroad will run an excursion to San Franciscff Saturday for the benefit of those who want to visit the mechanics fair. Rev, Father Gay B. Gleason, who has been located in Sacramento for tlio past six months, will take charge of the Catholic church in Ukiah, succeeding the late Rev, Father O'Connor, F, C, Handy, Dr, G. W. Stout, Maurice Kirscb, H, D. Smith, W. R. Elliot, T. L. Crane, J. B. Ben-^ ton, William Held, E. J. Donohoe and Neil Anker of Abell Lodge F.&A.M., went to Cloverdale Saturday night to confer the Third FORTY YEARS AGO Feb. 28, 19(j8 ' The Superior court has been occupied this week witlj the Lamb- Slingerland estate case. Mrs. Annie Slingerland once made' a will dividing her property, among her relatives. She afterward deeded 23 acres of land to her brother, R. W. Lamb, and a short time'thereafter deeded the entire property to her brother. Other relatives are now trying to have the deeds set aside, in order that the will pay dispose of the property. They claim that undue influence was used and that the signatures to the deeds aro'j forgeries. Dr. Hopkins made out the deeds and claims that they were properly signed by Mrs. Slingerland just before her death. Here is where tlie expert test'- mony was used, and Theodore Kytka, famous handwriting expert, was called and testified that the handwriting v/as tlitit of Mrs. Slingerland. J. C. Ruddock and others testified that the signatures were not genuine. It is a difficult case and Judge White is giving both sides the widest of latitudes. Mannon & Mannon represent R. W. Lamb; Thomas, Pemberton & Thomas and Robert Duncan are representing the heirs of the estate. Robert McKinley has diecided to begin building on his lot on State and Cliurch streets. Frank La Porte, the architect, has completed tlie plans and work will begin soon. * A number of the uniform rank of the Knights of Pythias visited the Willits lodge Wednesday and installed officers. Those who went, and "in-laws." Minor children who earn less than $500 -in one year may still be claimed as "dependents providing the parent furnish more thah one-half the support. If the child worked for salary s.ubject to withholding tax, arid earned less than $600, a return should be filed, and a refund for all tax paid will, be mailed from the collector's office. Claim for dependency may not be pro-rated. The.criterion is majority support. The full exemption may be taken by the person Wlio supported the dependent for' any portion of the year, in which he lived, for example, if a child was^ born in December, 1947, you are entitled to take full credit for a c'ependent. If an aged parent, w.hom you had been supporting, died at any time during the year, you ivould be entitled "to, clalrn full dependency.- If a parent supports.his :daughter while her husband service overseas - he is -tijititled Jo claim her as a dependent, even thougli she puts her v^&vernmerit allotments in the bapk. ; Parents whoso sons are attend- jng college under the G.I. Bill may claim them . as dependents, provioi.ed they contributed more to their support than was paid by the government, plus any earnings under $500 made in vacation-,periods. Expenses incurred against income may be divided into two classes:-first, reimbursed expenses and travel expenses may be deducted in Item 2, Page 1, of Form 1040; second, include, all other pt^i dinary andt Reces ^a 'ry.-^^'ens^ allowed by law, such as union dues, tools and safe^ etiuipment, expenses incurred by the operation of an automobile in business, arici not reimbursed by the employer, can be deducted only at; miscellaneous deductions! Page 3, Form 1040, only when u^ed as a "long form" rej;urn. ., The various types of income must be listed in the following spaces: v.'agcs/in Item'2, Page 1; dividends in Item 3, Page 1; interest in Item 4, Page 1. All other types of income must be explained degree for Curtis Lodge of that 1 in schedules on Page 2, and their place. ' total shown in Item 5, Page 1. • Tom Longmore, foreman of the Schedules on Page 2 are listed Foster ranch at Hopland, visited as follows: Schedule 3 lor annui- Ukiah on business this week. Curtis & Buck have revived the ties; Schedule B for rents and royalties; Schedule C for business Willits News and the paper will [ or professional income; Schedule be issued again this week. Fanny |D for capital'gains; and Schedule Owsley and Sadie English leftJE for income from partnerships, Ukiah this week for Vallejo, where they will engage in dressmaking,' THIRTY YEARS AGO March 1. IS08 Thomas L, Woolwine, district attorney of Los Angeles, and candidate for governor on the Democratic ticket, will speak in Ukiah March 2. Ed' Gamberg, a Fort Bragg woodsman, has been missing since Sunday evening, when he left friends at the county road bridge at Ten-Mile intending to walk up the railroad to the logging camp. It is feared he fell into the river and drowned. A -ucky hunch on the pari of Wildcats Win See-Saw Game Cagers Upse'h Willl'f's Hoops+ers Friday Nite Winning by the narrowest of 2-point margins, the Ukiah Wildcats succeeded in defeating a highly resiliant Willits cage quintet on the Willits home court Friday night. The margin of difference between the squads was also two points at the half-time recess, but it was the local five that lagged behind at that point. Finishing the first quarter, the teams had counted a mere .five points for Ukiah and six for their hosts. The Cats potted a ffew more for a total of six markers in the hectic third ^ame to lead 15 to 14, adding five more to make it 20 to 18 as the timer • signaled quits. Moving up to the 50% bracket in their free-throw average, the Ukiah first stringy snapped the twine four times in eight opportunities. Puget led the Ca 'tJ scorers with eight counters, followed by Shelton of Willits, who nailed seven as runher-up. The first string win came as the result of extra needling from Coach Bill Murphy, who was perhaps a- little chagi-ined at the 41 to 32 defeat handed his "B" teanf charges by the Willits seconds. Murphy was saddled with a twin coaching assignment again for the evening on account of the continued illness of Coach Piedmont. Leading virtually all of the route, the Willits babes controlled the scoring. The count stood at 11 to 7 after the first quarter ended, moving up to 20 to 11 at the half, showed 28 to 17 at the end of the third period and mounted to 41 to 32 as the final buzzer sounded. Stefani preserved a large measure of satisfaction for the Ukiah supporters, however, by walking av.'ay with the individual scoring honors in a 13-point total. Loser, forward on the Willits quintet, came in second with 10, Following is the first string suriimary: Ukiah—20 18—Willits Piffero (5) F. ...<7) Shelton Lolonis (2) F (4) Brown Radcliffe .'..C-..iParacini Goudge (3) -G (1) Graham Puget (8) .\G (6)Secrist Langlois • Hinton Wright(3) -* Whited Rupe Cleveland Thornton ._ _. MitcheU _ _ "B"'team gome: ' "~lfkiah—3"2~ 41—WUlits ~ Stefani (13) F Petty L, White (2) F (4) Jordan B,Hefte(8) C_.... (4) Pederson B. Neese ._ _...G (2) Linstead Martinelli (4) ....G.... (5) Hammond Tihgley _ (2) Crowley N, Wright (2) (10) Loser Hamilton .<5) Hawks Gibbs (1) _ : (6) Brown J, Garner (2) » Duncan _ , (4) Kirch — —.Snider Mr, and Mrs. A, L, Harris motored to Oroville Sunday and were guests at Earl Doves' ranch near there. Monday the Doves and Har- risses went inlc Oro,vil!e to celebrate the birthdays of Mrs, Hawis and Tom Dove, father of Earl I >OVC. estates and trust, Th^se schedules have been arranged to provide a convenient mfethod of comparing gross receipts with deductible costs ^ to determine, taxable/'adjusted gross income." Depreciation is a deduction allowed by law against certain types of income-producing property so that the owner can recover tax- free over a period of years, equal to the normal' life of the property, the cost of the property. Capital gains or losses are the profits or losses from the sale or exchange of investment property, such as real estate, stocks, bonds, FEBRUARY 13, 1948 DEEDS • Chester Woodruff to John' Gus- taf.son, land in Ocean 'View Cemetery. • Ralph Moore to Louise Moore, laqd in Co of Mendo. Harley Hayes ,et al to Perry Keeley et ux, land in Cochrane subdn. , D C Smith, admin estate" of Nicholas Pedrana, deed, to Esthi>r Archer, land in Ukiah North Add, Charles Stuart et ux to C A Chandler et ux, land in T15N R14W, - S'OTTING ASIDE ESTATE Est of Josephine Remstedt, deed, distributes io Amos Remstedt land in Hopliind, DECREE OF DISTRIBUTION Est of Richard Kuhn, deed, distributes to Meta Kuhn personal property and land in TUN R15W and land in LaSsen county, ORDER CONFIRMING SALE . Est of Nicholas Pedrana, deed, D C Smith, admin of said estate, to Esther Archer, land in block U of Ukiah North Add. J^OTICES OF ATTACHM,'ENT Robert JoWan vs Robert Camp, land in lot 5 of Orchard Add, WUlits, demand $602.16. Indust Assets Corp vs Sequoia Mill & Lmbr Co et al, land in Daugherty's Add, Willits. MORTGAGES William Rochester et al to Exchange Bk, farm machinery and equipment on the Rochester ranch, Rdwd Val. Irvin Kremer et al to Edward Gregg et al, ali general appliances, etc. of Gregg Oil Burner Co. RELEASE OF MORTGAGE Bk Am to Ferguson Gardner. RECONVEYANCES Mendo Co Title Co to Stephen Ellis et ux, deed of trust . Corp Am to Clyde Hopper et ux, deed of trust. Mendo Co Title Co to Edmond Ryan et ux, deed of trust. Corp Am to Herald McNeill et ux, deed of trust. Corp Am to Walter Gschwend, deed of trust. Mendo Co Title Co to S W Watson et ux, deed of trust. . Napa Co Title Co to Keith Eversole et ux, deed of trust, land in Ukiah. Title Ins & Guar Co to T A Webb, deed of trust, land in T15N R14W. AGREEMENTS •Thelma Mazzanti to Tell Hite et ux, land in Ukiah. ' H V Wall to Don Mulligan et al, contract for falling timber. R F Bridges et al to Don Mulligan et al, rigiit of way and roads on land in T19N R15W. H V Wall to Don Mulligan, agreement for sale of timber located on land in T19N R15W. LEASE AGREEMENT Florian Dauenhauer to W E Barber et al, premises located near Hopland, construction of hop picking .machine. ABSTRACT OF JUDGMENT C F Pearson vs Jesse Shryock et al, amount $900. SUBORDINATION AGRMNT Bk Am to Nicholas Mortensen et als, hop picking machine, deed of trust. BILL OF SALE Edward Gregg et ux to Irvin Kremer et ux, all general appliances and equipment, etc, of Gregg •Oii Burner Co, Fort Bragg. NOTICE OF COMPLETION , Sjoberg & Gucker, completion- of a residence and garage on property located in Mill Terrace subdn, Ukiah; owner, William Gucker. NOTICE OF TAX LIEN USA vs Charles Stickney, income, $1376.06. Indian Council Press Settlement of Claims A meeting of the council of California Indians, Inc., was held at the Mark Hopkins Hotel, San Francisco, Februarj' 8. This organization represents Californian Indians in their pending proceedings to recover the sums claimed by them from the United States government. It was decided to vigorously press to an early conclusion of the claims of California Indians that they may speedily secure the settlement, which they feel is long overdue. special court in Washington, D.C., known as the Indian Claims Commission, to hear and .finally determine and adjudicate-all Indian claims. It is the opinion of the attorneys for the Council of California Indians, Inc., that the early prosecution of the claims of its members will result in substantial monetary awards running into millions of dollars. The great interior valleys of California are larger than England in afea. Snowfall averages' between 30(1 and 400 inches a year in portions of the Sierra, FEBRUARY 14, 1948 DEEDS Leon McPherson et ux to Max Flohr et ux,'land in TUN R16W. Alina Nurmi to James Spencer et.ux, land in T18N R17W. James Spencer et ux to F W Sandelin, Jr, land in TIBN R17W. Archie Thorne et ux to Lavinia Evjen, land in T16N R17W. IDENTITY OF GRANTOR Identity of T S Nurim and T S Nurmi, names of the same person conceins land in T18N R17W. DEEDS OF TRUST F W Sandelin, Jr to Mendo Co Title Co, trustee for Svgs Bk of Mendo Co, land in T18N R17W. William "Vlach et ux to Mendo Co Title Co, trustee for Pac Serv Emp Cr Union, land in Willits. Joseph Keaster. et ux to Corp Am trustee for Bk Am, land in TaOlSr R14W.^ 55 Fifth St. ' (Near Market) San'Francisco, Calif. ABSOLUTELY FIREPROOF. 350 ROOMS OF COMFORT IN THE HEART OF S. F. SHOPPING AND THEATER DISTRICT. • Modern Rates SINGLE ... from .$1.75 up DOUBLE . .. from $2.20 up FEBRUARY 16, 1948 Civil ; C, M. Richardson vs, B, E, Johnson, Trial date vacated and, matter dropped from calendar. Estate Fred Frazior Stevens, deceased. Decree of due notice to creditors. H. L. Fischer vs. Ruth L. Anderson et al. C.ross-complainants granted judgment to reform contracts ani^ cross-complainants adjudged to "be ov/ners of the land and tfmber thereon. FEBRUARY 17, 1948 Civil Robert 'Volaris et al vs. M. Hazel Shafsky. Testimony taken, exhibits offered and received and ordered submitted on authorities. On calendar for submission April 2. FEBllUARY 18, 1948 Criminal, People vs. Bruno Bottani. Jury trial. Jury selected and sworn. Testimony taken. Ruby P. Redemeyer vs. Whitney H. Redemeyer, Transferred to Alameda county by stipulation, Fc'6plR vs,.Bruno Bottani, 'Verdict of "guilty of burglary in the second degree. FEBRUARY 20, 1948 Probate Estate S, P. 'Garaventa, deceased. W, S. 'Van Dyke appointed sole appraiser. Estate Herbert L, Larson, deceased, C. M, Mannon appointed solo appraiser. Estate John K, Johnson, deceased, Doci'ee.of no inheritance tax due. Terminate joint tenancy Hanna Mareella Smith, deceased. Same order. Estate James T. Johnson, deceased. Executor discharged. Estate Harry Daniels, deceased. Decree of no inheritance tax due. Estate Minnie Stoddard Lilley, deceased. Petition to confirm sale denied. Estate John R. Walker, deceased. Accounting continued to March 12. Guardianship Thomas Milton Lane et al, minors. Accounting con- tmued to February 27. Estate Inez Leek Phelps, deceased. Accounting dropped. Estate Ernest Koivisto, deceased. Continued to March 5 for further proceedings. Estate J. A. Redemeyer, deceased. Accounting continued to March ^Estate George Thomas Riggs, deceased. Atcounling droppud from calendar. Estate Anna Belle Johnson, deceased. Fmal account, report and petition lor distribution continued to May 28. Estate Florence May Hunter, do ceased. Final account, rcp(""L and petition lor distribution continued to March t>. Estate Henry W. Longslafl, deceased. Finnl account approved and distribution ordered as prayed for. Termination joint tenancy Ilan- na Marcell .Smith, docea.sed. De- crted that Hanna Mareella Smith died August 3, 1947. Petition to establish fact of death of Lucy A. Ciirlson. Petition contnued to March- 5. Petition to establish fact of death of John K. Johnson. Decreed that John K. Johnson died January 22, 1948. Estate "Frederick Murdock Mc- Kcnzie, deceased. John V. McKenzie appointed administrator. Bond $0000. Guardianship J. O. Stornet'ta, incompetent. Petition for appointment of guardian dropped. E.state William B. Hagans, de- cca.w.d. Ada I. Hagans appointed administratrix. Bond $7500. Petition to establish fact of birth of Nona May Howell Humphrey. Decreed that Nona May Howe? Humphrey was born May 14, 1902. Civil Rose Miller vs. Nelson Mille>'. Plaintiff granted final decree of divorce. Harrison B. Shellnut vs. Doris M. Shellnut. Same order. Vivian D. Sands vs. Edward Sands. Same order. Bessie Smith vs. Audrey Leonard Smith. Same order. H. D. Brown vs. Moore and Roberts. Trial date of March 29 vacated. Reset for trial April 28 Notice waived. Maryella Mathews vs. Clarence Mathews. Paljntiff granted interlocutory decree of divorce. Birdie J. Simmerly vs. GccrKf Anderson. Palintiff granted decree quieting title. C. E. Hopper et al vs, William Lambert et al. Demurrer dropped. Grace Reed McCord vs. .All Persons Unknown. Plaintiff gi anted decree quiet,.ig title. Dorothy Chase, etc. vs. Floyd Wright Demurrers continued to March 5, 1948. Georgia Clow vs. William Francis Clow. By stipulation defendant Sings at Fort Bragg John H. Patrick, basso, late of the Chicago Opera Company, will appear in the Cotton auditorium at I'ort Bragg Saturday evening, . March 6, under the auspices of the Ukoht Shrine Oub. Possessor of a brilliant voice, Mr. Patrick,is recognized by In-^^ ternationol critics as the most promising of the new singers of' the past decade. His Fort Bragij concert will consist of three operatic arias in English and two groups of varied songs. • The route traversed by U.S.' Highway 80 was called by the Spanish, The Journey of Death. ordered to pay plaintff $75 per ' month for support until further order of court and $50 on account of attorney fees. ' ... Louis H. Loosely vs. Hazel Velma Loosley. By stipulation demur-, er continued to March 5. Merrill Williams vs. Alice Marje, , Williams. Demurrer and motion for support, costs and counssl fees pendente lite continued to Febru- ar/ 27. • Emile Ramoni et al vs. Hi R.' Kister. Demurrer argued and sub-; mitted. Ann Ulvila vs. Arvo Ulvila, Plaintiff granted interlocutory, deT,\ cree of divorce and custody of minor child. Defendant ordered to pay $50 per month for support of •-. plaintiff and $35 per month , for \; support of child. Frcma Wright vs. Herbert John ^ Wright, Set for trial February"27.'',, Kelly Cox vs, Harry RaljJh, De- • murrer continued to February 27.•» Criminal "•- Peopl(» vs. George Q. Baker. Jury drawn returnable March 3. ; People vs. Jim Adrian HMks.i'.' Defendant arraigned on charge of' felony. Leo B. Cook appointed tO: represent defendant. Plea of not guilty entered. Set for trial March' 29. Jury to be drawn March 19., Here's one place where COMFORT SETS 1. This gadget was the Isitcsc thing in headsets when grandmother was a girl. Matter of fact, it was the first headset in general use back in 1880. It weighed more than six pounds. It's a museum piece now, of course. H^jadset styles changed. They grew lighter, more comfortable, more efficient. 2. This chest-stylo modts) came along after many modifications of the old timer. Telephone engineers liked its voice "pick-up." Operators liked its lightness and the freedom of movement it gave. As transmitters became better, central offices became quieter and more pleasant places. 4. Here's why telephone jobs are good fobs: Pay is good — employees paid while training r Regular raises, overtime and premium pay * Steady work — telephone people can plan iihcad • Benefit plan paid for entirely by company — covers sickness, death benefits and pensions • Advancement within company ' Paid vacations and holidays. 3. Today's newest streamlined set is tops for comfort, say operators who've used it It weighs under six ounces. It's an example of how we're making equipment more comfortable ... to make the company the sort of place that attracts the kind of people who make good service possible. The Pacific Telephone (®) and Telegraph Company More than 70,000 people working together to furnish ever-better telephone service to the West

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