The Sioux County Capital from Orange City, Iowa on December 2, 1971 · Page 6
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The Sioux County Capital from Orange City, Iowa · Page 6

Orange City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 2, 1971
Page 6
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The Orange Peelings STAFF Editor-Laurlta Top Assistant Edilor-Ella Vander Grlend Photographers-Mark and Terry Gosllnga ' Staff-Barb Janssen, I.inda : '"" "««"»«* aurice-eminge City Community School Qrang^City.Jowa Honor Roll EDITORIAL: Style Show: A lot of Work It's not an easy task : (M'omonirs students and tc r has been as both homo Miss Van Amberg, can when should be no dill'erenl. Dutchman Dateline Q . r , g Vo || ey balI A girl's volleyball team has been organized this year. The team will play different towns in meets and playdays. Their first play day will be at West- mar on December 4. The team-' includes: Mary Ellen Emmick, Jane Lancaster, Dontse Van Peursem, Judy Lenderink, Sue Larson, Carla Smit, Janet and Laurie Jasper. The team is coached by Mrs. Dunlop. December 4-Floyd V.illev at Sioux Center G-Floyd Valley Freshmen here-l ; 30 7-STYI.K SHOW 7:30 10-I.eMars Gehlen there 11-P.iulllna-here 13-Conferenc-e Tournament 14-Conference Tournament Sheldon Freshmen here Ifi-Y -Teen's Jr. High hero Pemsen Union 17-18-Conferenro Tournament 20-Conrert, Vot-al and band 21-Hull Western here 22-Jr. High here Remsen St. M.irv's The first annual Senior Art Stio'.v in competition was held :it Northv.-estern College ilurinff November. Mr. Har- <linp' hid entered 7 seniors am) nf these 3 were awarded ribbons. Debbie Strand re- rpi\e r l a blu°, entering a ce- ramir pot: Lynd.i Tratebas entor^d a <",->ramic vase and received a red ribbon; and Jolyn Van Rekerix a red for a fiencil drawing. Tiie art Club is raising mn-iev for a field trip, where th^\ will tour the Art Gallery in S'ioux City. The moneyboing raiser) for the project has ronv from the stretched bottles from the kiln. These bottles ruiv b''- purchased as Ohris f nns gifts. Poster Contest The fourth grade of Maurice entered the Chtldrens Poster Contest by submitting eleven anti-pollution posters. We also collected labels for the U.N.I.C.E.F. Treat of Life thus enabling one hundred forty-four children to receive vaccines for small-pox, diphtheria, whooping cough, and tetanus. Through our efforts eight children will be saved from blindness, one child will receive twenty-five glasses of milk, and four children will receive a year's school cup- plies. Our current project Involves collecting labels in order to have trees planted In the Children's National Forest, one of the three burned out National Forest Areas. Our names will be recorded in a time capsule and on a marker in that forest. Sandra Van Ommeren Fourth Grade of Maurice Only 15 school days until Christmas The Maurice-Orange City Community High School honor roll for the first nine weeks has been released by Principal Bob Wlnegar. The honor roll had a total of 108 out of 311 high school students enrolled. Three seniors, three juniors, three sophomores, and three freshmen made the 4.0 honor roll. To get a 4.0 average one must have an "A" In the four or five subjects carried. Those earning 4.0 Include the folowlng: Stan Toenjes*, Jolene Vander Brake and Twila Vander Mnide, seniors; Cam Korver, Carol Vande Brake, and Dawn Wishers, juniors; Rhonda Vanden Berge*, Cathy Weiss* and Beth Paekel, sophomores; and Janna Mouw, Sue Van Aartsen, and Julie Van Kekerix, freshmen. An * Indicates five subjects. There were 28 seniors and 26 juniors also making honor roll, along with 17 sophomores and 23 freshmen. Those taking five classes are; Mike Bierma, JeffDeHaan.DanDeKoter T.lnda Hamtnerstrom. John Hubers, Donn Mulder, Rick Pals, Kelly Riggan, Jan Toenjes, Mark Vander Brake, and Dave Vlleger, Kathy Vlelger, \\ Neva Wlelenga, Jim Bonnecroy, Robert Do Haan, Brad Do Jong, Kathy Hubers, Laura Kiel, Dorenda Kleinhessellnk, Judy Lenderink, Lynne Lenderink, Faye Mullenburg, Steve Woodard, Cannle Bastemeyer, Sara Douglas, Ron Kiel, John Klinghagen, Linda Leslie, Cathy Mick, Jerry Mn- ilenburg, Tim Mullenburg, Randy Rttsema, Cindy Rulsch, Patty Schoep, Kirk Schott, Daryl Ter Horst, Lynda Tratebas, Brenda Vande Grlend, Tim Velllnga and DebVernon. Milton Ackerman, LeeAnn De Haan, Marlys De Jong, Shlela De Jong, Wayne De Jong, Pat- tl Kover, Ron Leusink, Randy Lubbers, Leroy Maasen, Jerlene Mars, Deb Rosenboom, Charlotte Slebersma, JlmSle- bersma, Lowell Van Gorp, Alice Vander Waerdt, Mark Vellnga, Debbie Van Zanten. All these students round out the principals list this first nine weeks. Four subject peop le are as follows: Shawn Dulstemars, Barb Janssen, Kevin Kroeze, Norma Olson, Evan Peuse, Roma Rowenhorst, Denlse Schiebout, Jim Smlts, Jane Te Grotenhuls, Cathie Vander Maaten, Rachel Vander Stoep, Bev Vander Weide, Ballr Vogel, Linda Berry, Cindy De Jong, Scott Dunlop, La Vonne Kosters, Marilyn Mullenburg, •Debbie Muyskens, Peggy Pals, Ruth Plendl, Sandra Raak.Ma- chele Rlecke, Denlse Van Peursem, Janice Van Roekol, Brenda Vander Weerd, Brenda Ekdom, Minerva Hlbma, Crystal Kleppinger, HarlanOol- man, Dorene Steglnk, Lorene Steglnk, Doug Van Klompen- burg, Rachel Vander Broek, Dave Woodard, Debbie Dunlop, Terry Goslinga, and Lou Ann Hawkins. Brad Van Rooyen Is on the honor roll with three classes. Sounds of Christmas The M-OC Vocal Department Is going to be video taped at KTIV-TV Station, Channel 4 on Wednesday, December 8. Presentations by the 90 member Mixed Chorus will Include a variety of traditional Christmas arrangements from the MESSIAH and from AMAHL AND THE NIGHT VISITORS. The Boys' and Girls' Choruses, will perform also. The tape will be shown on December 23 at 4:30 on Channel 4, on the program "Sounds of Christmas." It Is a representation of the joint concert that will be held on December 20th by the -M-OC High and Junior High- Schools' Music Departments. ~—• ___^ Vol. 20. No. 6. December"?] Style Show December 7 I fedW r.-'; -i •:\ Sara Douglas, a freshman Home EC student, puts the finishing touches on her p as (he December 7 nears. Style Show Y-Teen Potiuck Remembe 'Pride andPrejudice" Charles Blngley (Greg Vermeer) accompanied by Ms Mend Darcy (Kevin Kroeze) returns to Hertfordshire to see Jane Bennett, only to encounter her sister Elizabeth (LeAnn De Haan). " The Maurice-Orange City High School Home Economics Department Is having a Style Show. "Color Your World With Fashion" Is the theme which will be presented on Dec. 7, at 7:30 p.m., in the high school, auditorium. The girls will be modeling a variety of garments, consisting of simple dresses to tailored coats. The maxi, mldi, and mix! styles will also be included. The Home EC I classes will have many interesting Christmas decorations on display with Miss Carolyn Van Amberg, teacher of Home EC classes, in charge of the show. The decoration for the Style Show will include psychedelic lights glowing through silver hanging stars. These attractions will be supplied by Home EC m classes. The advertising for the show is in the Orange City store windows now, announcing that the public is invited. Refreshments Include bars, coffee, and cookies, which will be served that evening also. V Orange Seeds Girls! Get your money turned in on your numeral for your Pep CJub sweater! Remember Deceitful Yea, the time The Y-Teen World Fellowship Mother and daughter potluck was held on November 17. The members were Instructed to bring a hot or cold dish. The Juniors had devotions. After the girls were finished eating Parnin Bonnema Introduced Mr. Bastemeyer, the guest speaker. He showed slides on his trip to Russia, Letter Club Officers elected at the Let- terclub meeting November 12, were: President — John Hubers, Vice President—Evan Peuse, Secretary-Treasurer- Jim Smits. Prospective outings 'were discussed for the annual letterclub trip but nothing was decided upon. Camera Club This year the Camera Club has decided to become an informal club. Each person may come when they like and no dues have been set. The Camera Club would like to Invite anyone who has an interest in photography. your pockets seem «&„. you still have to buy] boyfriend a present, oil have dinner prepared toil husband's relation and4 been bragging how M cook and you burn tt>| key, or maybe you're is; mechanic and it's 251 zero and someone oik] asks you if you coiillo out and fix his car, orji going up a hill andlii| in front of you gets sta you should'nt go art with out stopping even| is your mother-in-law, I Or mayber Decembers you is ... presents,,,™ mas tree ... little klisl program in the enroll they forget ail their, IM smile at someone yoii.l all your life ... slng'cJ mas carols ... give moril usual and take what is jid Jesus was born .., SM| champagne ,„ decotaltl house ... Christmas tel ski ... zero degree rain snowman ... skating on!o| shopping ... making«' sleigh riding .„ parHH| wet clothes ,,, Chris 1 lights ... vacation ,,,t relatives ... . , Christmas ... and Deai^ St. Nick. Friday evening guests at the Bernard Mouw homo to help Mrs. Robert Mouw celebrate her birthday were Mr. and Mrs. Miko Vrieze and Dawn of Sioux City, Mr. and Mrs. Harvpy Vandr-r Pol, Rhonda and Cara, Mr. and Mrs, Harvey D. V.mdpr Pol, Todd and Heathfi and Mr. Conley Van Hfuvplcn. Bryon Huisman celebrated his 10th birthday Monday with Paul Te Brink, Doug Van't Hof and Mark Van Heukelom as his guests. His mother took the boys and his brother Bradley bowling and for supper. Thanksgiving dinner guests at the Joo Tensen home were Mr. and Mrs. John Van Es and family and Mr, and Mrs. Mario Vanden Hull and family. Thanksgiving day guests at the Don Adkins home were Mrs. W.H. Adkins of Sheldon, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Vander Maten and Michael of Kanawha and Mr. and Mrs, Ellis De Bruin of Hospers. Mr. and Mrs. Daryl Vaas and Heather of Greeley, Colorado arrived at the John C. Blom home Thursday morning remaining here until Saturday evening. building in Sheldon Thursday evening were Mr. and Mrs. John C. Blom, JohnandCralg, Miss Debbie Harmellnk, Mr. and Mrs. Daryl VaasandHea- ther, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Vander Zwaag and family, Mrs. Arie Van Zandbergen, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Van Zandbergen and family, Mr. and Mrs. Marlon Van Zandbergen and family and Mrs. John H.A. Hoffs. Thursday supper guests at the Harvey Vander Pol home were Mr. and Mrs. Harry Vander Pol, Mrs. Frank De Graaf and Franklin, Miss Brenda Rensink, Mr. Scott Lammers, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Vander Pol, Harold, Jewelann and Roberta, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Vrieze and Dawn and Mr. and Mrs. Harvey D. Vander Pol, Todd and Heather, Mrs. Sip Slpma of Orange City. Sunday afternoon guests at the Peter W. Hofmeyer home to celebrate the birthdays of Mr. Hofmeyer, Ila, Rita and Billy were Mrs. Will Hofmeyer, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Van Kley and Peter Lee, Mr. and Mrs. Gerrlt Schneider, John and Barbara, Mr. and Mrs. Joe C. Kleinheesellnk and Cahrles and Mr. Lowell Van Zyl. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Van Es, Jeff and Jacelyn, Mrs. Arthur De Graaf of Orange City and Mr. and Mrs. Herman Langstraat were Sunday evening after church guests at the Clifford Top home. Mr. and Mrs. James Cleveringa and family were Thursday dinner guests at the Henry De Boer home at Brookings, South Dakota where they also celebrated the De Boer's 25th wedding anniversary. The Top family enjoyed dinner together at the Scout House on Thanksgiving day. Attending from here were Mr. and Mrs. Herman Langstraat.Mr. and Mrs. Earl Vaas, and Mr. and Mrs. Dwane Gutcher. Tuesday supper guests at the Don Adkins home were Paul Adkins of Sioux City, Al Haas of George, Brian Lamp of Holstein, Joe Hoy and Don Geisinger of Storm Lake. Mr. and Mrs. John Van Es and family spent Thursday evening at the parental Gerrlt j. Van Es home in Orange City. 5' • vii! Thauksglving supper together with the Zordmger relatives at the Community CAPITAL, Mr. and Mrs. James Cle- verlnga and family and Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Top and family were Thursday supper guests at the home of their mother, Mrs. Frank Bomgaars in Orange City. .SSsSsjw^Stj?*^*^*****^^ The Sioux County Concert Series Presents Robert Nagel Trumpet Soloist Wed., Nov. 8 at 8:00 p. m. in the DORDT AUDITORIUM Tickets may be purchased at the door Admission: $2,00, $2.50 or $3.00 Thursday dinner guests at the Rod Langstraat home were Mr. and Mrs. Edward De Boer and Vera of Orange City and Mrs. Robert De Young of Royal. \T=x Thursday dinner guests at the William A. Verdoornhome were Mrs. John Addink, Mrs. John De Groot of Sioux Center, Mr.' and Mrs. Pete De Groot and family of Maurice, Mr. and Mrs. John De Groot and family of Maurice, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Verdoorn, Mr. Bob Verdoorn and Miss Sally Meyer of Des Molnes. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Van Zandbergen and family, Albert Van Roekel and family, Mrs. Henry Vande Berg and Ardtth were dinner guests Thursday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Van Roekel. Mrs. Arthur Mouw, Ray and Ardis were Thursday dinner guests at the Herman Kruger home at Lake Park. Thursday dinner guests at the Peter W. Hofmeyer home were Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Van Zee, Mr. and Mrs. Harley Grotenhuls and Darla of Hospers and Miss Ila Hofmeyer of Saint Ansgar. Mr. and Mrs. Marion Menning and Marilyn attended the 25th wedding anniversary Friday evening of Mr. and Mrs. Evert Reuvers at the First Reformed Church at Primghar. Mr. andMrs.Clarenetij gens and family, Mrs,' Huygens and Mr, "' Fred Boer and fa . Thursday dinner guesls«| Herman "Van \Vervcnb~ Sheldon. \A suggestion for &W BIRK\ Compare our LOW Prices before you buy Gvms Open play -4 >> See our W-I-D-E Selection of GIFTSOU Kreykes £=H Can't think of a gift? Give a Kreykes Gift Certificate Hdwe. Phone 73 7-8Z39 Orange City •• for supervised starting Sat, Dec. 4—1 for boys or girls of School District "Elementary Gym v* School Gym ^ 4thrui ' *M<turice Gym T^ ' • 2, 1971 I

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