Biddeford-Saco Journal from Biddeford, Maine on October 23, 1961 · Page 2
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Biddeford-Saco Journal from Biddeford, Maine · Page 2

Biddeford, Maine
Issue Date:
Monday, October 23, 1961
Page 2
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S Bi<M«f©r<J-5aco Journal, Monday, Oct. 23, 1961 ^ THE WEATHER ’ nation ’ s v / eat H ■ £ Personals Deaths Joseph Schenck, Film Czar, Is CENE RALLY FAIR Mrs. Ethel Buck, Green street. Saco, who has been a surgical patient for the past week at Saco Osteopathic hospital, is , _ reported a. improving. tUlU LZai\ IS PORTLAND - This afternoon, Mrs. Ralph Simard of the Vogue; 7 0 (small craft warnings are dis- Beauty shop. Old Orchard road. I|aa J Al A ryp V/ 'payed along the coast. Variable1; Saco, attended the 14th annual 1/CCtU **5 vAa (cloudinfess but mostly sunny,* «f "t hi”\fTin^"state*fosme t*o 1 og isC HOLLYWOOD (AP) - Joseph|windy and cool. Northeast winds the weekend al tile Kastland M. Schenck, who made *4.50 a W to 20 mph with higher gusts. I 'week as an immigrant boy in Antiparty Group By Communistic Vilified'Pastil»e Seniors Rusk Backs Pentagon On Lose Five But Stnkjng power Qf hotel. Portland. Sodality Whist Party Attracts Big Attendance Tides Will run 1 to 3 feet above _ dujxt j v, , r , 11 normal. Tonight, clear and cool .1 a large crowd filled Mi. Mary group led by ex-Premier Georgi Mrs. Eva Bouchard Mr and New York and a fortune as lord North ,0 northeast winds gradu. .. , evening lor Malenkov aH ex-Foreign Minister Mrs. A. J. Fiorio and Miss Maria'of a celluloid empire in Holly- allv diminishing to 10 to 15 mph. ,P.® V, . , , y ., , thp.v- M* Mo!otov. Khrushchev re„----------„ .......................... Tuesday, fair and slightly warm- the hrst bridge-whist party o the v,ved the subject Tuesday, and not be allowed to rise again. Premier Khrushchev’s econom-jol>l a powerful 416 total for his ic expert, Alexei Kosygin, took up three strings which had a lot to the condemnation Saturday of the Angela Fiorio all of Providence. R. I. visited over the weekend wood, is dead at Hit. . , , Schenck helped develop sueh(Cr with Mr. and Mrs. F rank Lan- diverse talents as Fatty Arbuckle tagne. Mrs. Elizabeth Barrett and and Marilvn Monroe and had Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Lebel, all of iuin(i jn founding four maior e Biddeford. since have : season, sponsored by the Chil- (speakers each day dren of Mary sodality. been echoing him. a| Any weather is Seal Rock Bev-I Decorations in the fall motit While extolling Khrushchev for hand in founding four major en-,oragc weather The perfect com-lw*re arranged by a fPecial com' his peaceful coexistence policy, tertainment enterprises during’panj0n for anv activity 17 flavors. |mUtep aad a hospital committee Kosygin emphasized the ways Attending the funeral services his iong career. \jadc with Certified Pure Spring I s?rvet* ,be buflet lunch at the so- 0f the “personality cult”—as ex­ in Sanford this morning for Ar*i He was generally an off-stage Water —Adv . * |cial hour abpr* emplified by the adulation of Stal thur Paquin were Mr. and Mrs. figure, but scandal once brought Master of ceremonies was in—were over. Armand Renv and daughter, him prominence—and a brief pris- Temperatures- Zone 1 SO to 55 V^ailes Gallagher, who awarded Kosygin, a member of the rul- Kathy, Paquin avenue; Jean on term. _28 to 34 . ’ prizes to Mrs. Alfred Benoit, ing party Presidium, told the del Paul Paquin, Mason street, and n@ died in his sloop Sunday at Lowest overnight temperatures; 1 Caribou 24. Eastport 35. Green- had he OCTOBER TIDES HIGH LOW A. M. P. M. A. M. P. M. 23 11.05 11.55 4.43 3.19 24 11.53 12.23 3.39 25 12.40 6.25 Mrs. diaries Paquin, South his Beverly Hills home. He f-lreet, all Biddeford residents, been in tailing health since ««|vjHe 24 Old Town 29 Rumford Mrs. Priscilla Ladd, Miss Adel- suffered a broken hip more than,2- M(; Wash 1R Portland 34 . pha McKeen. Miss Herberta Har-jtwo years ago. Concord 36, Halifax 40, Montreal riman and Mrs. Linnette Martin. Buster Keaton, John Barrymore 32 all of Saco Rebekah lodge, have and Constance Talmadge were, ________________ returned after attending the Re- among those who achieved star- bekah Assembly session at Bang- dom under Schenck s guidance, or. Mrs. Ladd, junior past noble Ue oversav direction of films grand of the lodge, took her as-jstarring _ D e u g I a s Fairbanks, semhlv degree along with 74 other Mary Pickford, C harlie (. haplm women from throughout the state. and Rudolph Valentino. Bart Roberts, airman appren- He was one of the organizers Wee. USN, son of Mr. and Mrs ° Twentieth Century- 1 'ox Him Arthur L. Roberts. 515 Main |orP*.and .l n.,tpd Artists Ihca- street, Saco, recently participated te,sA Inc* 1p on™.d in operation Sea Shell off the west Corp w. h the late Mike Todd coast of the United States and Vn Canada He is servine as a crew head of JospPh Schenck En- member of the anti-submarine Eali’rm m°,10n P'CtUre ^ Schinck married .ctres, Nor- - n- 1 1 f , «. , tSS Brnnmslftn. operating mil °f ma Talmad((e Jisler of Margo Letnirc Saturday afternoon C,^l San Diego, ( al if. stance, in 1916. She divorced him al tbp Emond Funeral home. The iJlllilClUl U VJill (bearer was Nicholas Nicoletos, Leaders n r, , r , MOSCOW (AP) _ The so . Fony Club Lops --------------------------------------------------------- CommunLt party’s 22 nd congress| The Pastime team in the York- 117 went into its sixth session today (Cumberland league in the ‘A nAOrn VflfPt* of)m, division lost all five points to the UVCILII T Ulvl delegates weie assuied that congress Square Comets of Port- n • • the so-calle antiparty group willijand by a margin of 96 pins on Ic pnricf f inn the total. Herb McBride belted tlvgloll dLIUll do in the winning. Paul Binctte To Be Extended with 357 took top honors for the Registration for voters in Old locals. Orchard Beach will be extended The Pastime pony team kept through this week during regu- going strong taking all five points |ar office hours from 9 a. m. to from the Holy Name quintet from noon and i to 5 p. m. Mrs. E:s- Portland hitting a total ot 1,611 ther Crowley, Old Orchard Beach with Harold Dee being tops for town clerk, announced today. ...... the Pastime with a total ol 363. Through Sunday 1.827 voters -United States "has a nuclear re- Al Delucca, Jr., with 337 was registered at the Beach under jtaliatory force of such lethal povv- liigh for the visitors. the nCw town charter vvhidi re- er that an enemy move which Pastime "A" - 1.638 ( 0 i_ quires every voter in the town'brought it into play would be an P. Binettc 357, H. Plessis 315, R re-register before they arelact of Perry 307, T. Kosky 315, A. Huot eijgjbie to vote again. Pa1'1-” . . T44- The voter enrollment by Coun- Mrs. Bernard Dunton, Mrs. Al-egates that the Molotov-Malenkov (ongres* ( omets - 1,734 (s> ciHor Districct includes to date; cide Deschambeault, Miss Ann faction exposed in 1957 is not be-jl • VVescott 318, E. Cousins 333, nistrict One. Ocean Park, 96; Brown, Mrs. Susan Cadorerte, ing given another raking over out ^- Williams 361, J. Piacentini 306. p)jstrict Two, Halfway. 315; Dis- Mrs. Elmer Meserve, William of fear. JH. McBride 416. H. Def'm Bisalnottc 510. Dislric‘ Camp WASHINGTON (AD - Socie- tary of State Dean Rusk, backing a Pentagon officii l’s declaration that the United States has the retaliatory power to crush any aggressor, s ys any U.S. approach to negotiation with the Soviet Union would be from a position of strength. cask emphatically identified himself Sunday with the assessment of U.S. military power by Roswell L. Gilpatric, deputy secretary of defense. In a speech Saturday night, Gilpatric said tha self-destruction on his Bernard Kosygin said. “Our party is; District Ground, Five, dovvn- Doran, Jack Miniutti, Dunton. Joseph Kerry. William strong and united as never before.In- uee *)no V1- DI“U"“IU «!'!'920, and Murphy, Reuben Robichaud. ‘ But we are doing this so as to;^- Menard 319, O. Letellier -96. |ou’.n 3 ^ Mrs. Albert Beaudoin. Mrs. show again to the party and peo- U. Lamontagne 323. Under the new charter each Gladys Chase, Mrs. Claire Pois-pie where the personality cultj^ „ c>. district is entitled to at least town meeting members. Holy Name - 1.526 (0) sant.’ Mrs. Evleyn Lunder. Mrs. leads, what irrevocable damage P- ran,®n„ 289 ’tnA-. 1 ,D«u.< 1 Ta' five Elizabeth Delaware. Mrs. L. the antiparty group could have in- ^()0- *• Duffy 313, \\. Cribby 28/, Appearing on a television interview program — ABC — "Issues and Ansv r- ’ Rusk was asked what made it possible now lor the administration "to speak out so confidently and positively” on U.S. military power. I ”1 think this is a point about which there ought to be mor* general public understanding, be- 6.10 6.57 Funerals MARGO LEM IRE Rev. Bernard Nicknair officiated at the Office of the Angels for the funeral service of eight month old I Gagnon, Mrs. William Doran,,dieted to the party and govern- Mrs. Charles Cartier, Conrad No- mcnt. We want the lessons of his- jlette and Erin Murphy, whist tory never to be forgotten." winners: Mrs. Wal/er Stebbins, -Molotov and Malenkov have Mrs. William Acton. Mrs. Wilfred managed to keep on the govern- Grenier and Miss Agnes Dona- menl payroll in second-rate jobs hue. bridge winners. but thp barrage against them is Special awards went to Mrs. rpKarde.. by many as an indica- John Matley and Miss Margaret bon they may be in for further Renouf. trouble. ______________ First Deputy Premier Anastas Mikoyan, one of the old Stalin A. Delucca, Jr. 337. Each district will have a meeting town Don Saucier First In Line For Pin Title cause when you are in problems of negotiation, the question inev- member (or e«h °°™s up ,1'Dm j „ v,,.t in nn rakP l,mc whether you arc negotiating («m » position of strength or ol less than five mem e . > * weakness or whether you havs district. Biddeford Woman’s Husband In Training or cause to be nervous or confident," Rusk replied. "The point is that the United States and its allies are strong, Mr. Khrushchev must know that we are strong, and he does know c cm Leon J. Lizotte, whose'that we are strong." The Twin City challengers tour- Mary lives at 24 Hooper At the same time. Rusk dis* 111 1934 and he never remarried. dnascr, *!, im, , .... I mfR&mfm I .... a ,.u .,-,1 SjS|Weds Springvale Man In Rectory nek made a star of Fatty I ePh cemetery with graveside pray Arbuckle and had a backlog of crs rei'ited by Rev. Nicknair. Among those attending from out- of-town were Miss Irene Lemire.l St. , Arbuckle films read, for release The raver Fellowship gr0UP when Arbuckle was accused of JP« In iU ™ J causing the death of a girl dancer n et Tuesday at ..30 a. m., at:a[ a W)|(j parly. He was never tne parsonage. !convicted but his films were prac- Prayer meeting will take place|S1oyn,w0'tWC“ an<‘ SChCnCk l0S' 7P^f 5 ;j‘L 7 u30RP„„,T »* He was convicted in 1941 of two ii» w»n« counts of income tax evasion and It ute too. Wells. sentenced lo a three-year prison,., „ . ........ .... .................. ________, a nrovnr RiKin lcrm. The sentence was suspend- staples, a resident of the Old;officiating was Msgr. Elie Hevey. Kr. ‘ TnocHav at 'in n pd 1{,4:i af{pr be served four' rc !■ road’ baco, from Shum-i Given in marriage by her cou- * P- ™ months and five days at the »d- u’ay , Funeral home, 35 Spring sin, F’ugene J. Gaudette. Cum- manded all members of the antiparty group who tried to overthrow Khrushchev in 1957 be kicked out of the party. Molotov and Malenkov have been singled out as the ringlead- ... ... p. „ , -| w.. Joseph rectory was the P1S of t’ 2 attempted coup. Others wasnmgton, D. C.: Mr. and Mrs. scene of a wedding Saturdav after- u’ho have come under attack are Robert Roy and Family, Norwood, 1 noon when Miss Lorraine Y former Premier Nikolai Bulganin, Mass., Mr. and Mrs. (iprard La Moreau, daughter of the late Mr. former First Deputy Premier La- Santo, Dover, N. H. jan(j Mrs. Arthur Moreau, 19 West zar Kaganovich and the aged ex- c ;street, Biddeford. became the President Marshal Klementi Y. .MRS MARY STAPLES bride of Joseph IxRiis Marquis, \ oroshilov. Funeral services were held Sam son of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Mar- ------------------------- turday afternoon for Mrs.^ Mary qujs, 35 Main street, Springvale. rJ* ^ (J bovs in the Kremlin hierarchyinamfnt beld Satl.,rday afternrbon Street ^Biddeford' recently par-icounted speculation that the U.S. who has clung to power, has dc-!al the Uftime lanes saw ticipated with other members ofposition had hardened in its ap ni;»nrir>fi ail ntpmhprc nf iho unii. Saucier hit a powertul l.JfH) total 3rf) Armorod Cavalrv Regi-'proach to a Berlin settlement. to lead a field of aspirapts for now held by Joe La- . , ,ij T t ment in F^xercise Wet Horse the title now held by Joe u- ™ plor, Miles, Del. chance. Wet Horse I was an amphib- It was nip and uck up to the . qiis ex€rc,se designed to test last string with the winnei m armored unil personnel and equip- Gerrjf Forcier* with 1.176 took meptatiip ’anding and bfachhcad second. Dick O’Brien coming in °Pppai ^ • Armored Cavalry re- ment. third with an 1.16# nlal. his 151 jved ordei-s on October 11 for single in the second giving him jmmediate m 0 ,,m*ni to F.nrone a special prize for the highest <o hoQSl ^ s string. _ _ in that area. Sgt. Lizotte. assigned to Troop I of the regiment’s 3d Reconnaissance squadron at Fort at the Ocean Beach. at First Baptist avenue, Old c fi iroh eral Correctional Oichard Uanbu,yt Conn. Institution in .^aco- berland. R I„ the bride wore a Boys Injured; Chick Chorozy. Ray Ouellette with 1.120 and 1.111 finished fourth and fifth respectively Saucier will meet Lachance the title in the nea rfuture. The Group) u»gu« (L«din Benjamin Ridlon Home of the Saco Salvation Army will nr/eet TYjesday at 7:30 Beniamin Franklin Ridlon, Jr.. p m, 61. of 74 Ferry road, Saco, died ’ J 10 SP|,a]’ Staples. John D. and Norman (the » >11 Id 1U* Konnprlv Frutin F<' Wpiinorlv- li* Representatives of tiie Saco Rro-vidence, R.I. alter School Street Methodist church no^- . c T ^ , and Robert Fogg. will attend the WSCS sub-district Born in Saco- <Iunc R- 1000 be _____________ meeting Tuesday from 10:30 a.m uas a ot Benjamin F. and— _ to 2:30 p. m at the Ogunquit Mary (Kane) Ridlon, Sr. He at- paoJpc V fltp I A Mctiiodist church. tended Saco schools and Thorn- Liflglvo f UlC 1 U * ton Academy and also attended The Youth choir of the m-o military schools during his early School Street Methodist church life laier being active with the will rehearse Tuesday at 3:15 240th Coast Artillery attaining p m. at the church. the rank of major. He was employed by the A special service in observance Mills for many and just Local Eagles will come Officiating was Rev. Harry R. bell shaped gown of beige lace Aufiero. pastor of the First Par- with matching hat and carried a O It C* ish (ongregational church. Saco, cascade bouquet of fall flowers.1Ktill llltO LBTS and burial was in the family lot The groom was attended by his in Wood lawn cemetery, Bidde- brother-in-law, Andre Chabot,‘ San Tw0 Biddeford boys were ford. .ord as best man .lured in separate mishaps in the _ Bearers were John and Martin A'reception was held following pity during the wp<*pnd, accord-lfj 11 Aff D e ceremonv at the Hotel Tha- 'ng to police. T clll Vrll 1 ClLll Kennedy, Erwin E. Kennedy, Jr.,'cher dining room. Brst occurred at 3:30 Sat-1 in Bombers Drop All Five Points, for George G. Meade, Md., entered the Army in 1941. Lizotte, son of Mrs. Della M Lizotte. Bridge street. Morrisville, Vt., attended Lyndonvillc (VtJ High school. 1 1 Rusk said he went over the speech with Gilpatric before the defense official delivered it at a meeting of the Business Council at Hot Springs, Va. Even before Rusk made public his approval of Gilpatric’s state- it was obvious that the speech was prepared with the sanction of the White House and military strength (State Department. In answer to a reporter's questions, a Pentagon spokesman said Saturday that the Gilpatric text had been given "the highest possible clearance." One Red Foss Metal <C«Rtiiiiir(i rrnm Pate Oae> ognize the East German regime came and maintain the Vopos have no Receiving the guests for the rl; 1 .da?_<a!.t^L 1 ? 00 IIV.b^!'c "^37 through^with a late rally to eke right to check vehicles with Allied said over and over: “I ran and Help Protect Scrappy hridV ukVher"annT aLhm five-year-old Rodney Dee, l 57 jthrough w Letarte wearing a green dress c,eaves street, was struck by a out a four-point win over Monu-,hcense plates. . • v,|car operated by Krnest E. Bel-’ment Square of Portland jn a The \opo captain in chaiKe of anger. 64, of 143 Cleaves street,IPony league clash at the 20 th the Friedrichstrasse checkpoint Biddeford! Century Lanes last night. The charged Lightner had been drink* Belanger told police the boy (local team rolled 1.326, the losers jng and deliberately injured a ran into the street in front ot 1.517. . \opo guard by ramming him his car and he was unable to Steve F'oss with 316 and Dick against another car. (Continued from Page One) jumped under the seat and screamed some more as all this stuff fell on top of the seat," said Ida Montelare. 13. She escaped unhurt but her cousin, Michael Lcnz, 7, was injured. Bruised and stunned as he was led to an ambulance, Michael brown hat. matching accessories car 0 Peratfd by E™** E- Bel ;ment Square and a corsage of yellow roses. Mrs. Marquis, mother of the groom, wore a navy blue dress, matching blue hat and accesso I crawled. An audience estimated at 65 to 100 was in the one-storv Nola Theater—about 5 miles east of downtown New Orleans—watching th« thriller "Homicidal.” ! I National Emblem f....., , .......................................... , itnp to an undisclosed destination, II m u • i , u e,.1 to the the bride traveling in n hoipo 'Vebbci hospital for observation ii.shing:L-mt (snii.Hrocc rittt-L cr.nn anri released. He suffered a sore . oi<l tas striking iCamire taken to with 314 were top men F'ire Chief Howard Dev said the “At no time during the course I projectionist told him there was Cranshaw. Saco the National Audubon Society’s' ron, 11 , of >as taken to after being struck car operated by John V. for F'oss Metal, while Joe Or- 0f the evening did Mr. Lightner a sudden crackling noise. A few faly’s 311 stood out for the losers. run into or injure anybody,” a (seconds later, a two-foot layer of The 20 th Century Bombers went u s. mission spokesman said. (plaster and steel mesh fell from ito Westbrook where they dropped a U.S. spokesman gave this ac-|the 35-foot ceiling. It dropped in 7 all five points to the strong West- count of Sunday night’s events: one massive piece like a blanket, brook five, 1.709 to 1,643, in a At 7:15 p.m. Lightner, accom-(covering the entire 400-seat the- York-Cumberland County league panied by his wife, arrived at thejater except for the last four rows, match. The loss knocked the American checkpoint on Fried-j Heavy palls of dust clogged the air as crawling rescue workers cut a hole near the center of the I odco of Masons. bald eagle research project "to st And" Ibgh seh of, ™ "*• of 80 avenue. I Bombers out ot brs place_as m his privately owned Hol>- Communion will he obser- Besides his widow. Mrs. Ruth determine reasons for the decline f n foyed a(^^ he BiddeTord Savines B,,ltl<'!or<|. las‘ »l*ht on Crescent hey had a four point leadI over American-licensed sedan. The VC.I Tuesday al 6 a m in Const Hn'l Itidlon. ho leaves a brother, in numbers ol the bald eagle, our Kg^Her husband is^ a nr.Se , the Paper City club before Iasi \ 0p0s refused to let him into Stanlcv Ridlon Saco- two half-national emblem” g»aduatc Doran t(),(, e ,h j ran night s duel. the hast zone unless ho showed IS. Mrs .Ethel Nason, Saco. ttVecp ’em flying" will be the in ^he Korem!^ war He ia^em? in,° ,llP street from bchind ^ ^ ,hal *hCy ^ his -^ntification. Lightner re Mrs. Oren Blow. Old Or- slogan for the Audubon-F’.acle ninv*>ri hn tars a ,- r«i i stopt>ed car. The boy recei\ed b0'* Episcopal church, Biddeford. Hoffa rubble to pull out the body Mrs. Bertrand Odinct, 64. of (Continued troin Uajje One) tributed to the AFL-CIO chief ence of criminal and corrupt elc iricnts.” he suit said that IN MEMORIAM In Loving Memory Of Mrs. Harry E. Cottnibi, hr. Mho lUtNscd Away October 23, 1959 111010 comes a time for all of US, When we must say goodby, But faith and hope and love and trust, Can never, never, die. We miss you, Mom, Each day of every sear! But wo know sou arc being caiod for Even though you are not hero Husband and Daughter, Ellen. I^AcrL’r-mTM’S:v"d r'“ft,rS* SSoviets iAbF1uicriV'lLwke(.a'will be held h!,T' ‘Through'1prd^m*' The 'v;lc,,dlnK fl"' wcWins and re- when’hS'rare cSl*idedMlr“ Sun9 n triple strike by Buck Bean- nppLrcdT.ightncrdrove past the: (Continued from Page Onei report, a cat Beaumicr’s 395 was tops for nisl checkpoint. There he was spokesman said: Couture °9 of Westbrook while Don Saucier s st0pped again. takes a certain amount of Biddeford*" was :*55 s,ood m,t for ,llP Bombers. x, 9 p m t 0jKht American MPs time to analyze this thing. From Main street wqcn Foss Metal (4) lcd bv Lt. Claude L. Stulls Jr., what sve know, some caution operated bv Los- s Uoss 316 R ( amire 314, H , Livingston, Tenn., moved ac-!»ppds to bo exercised concerning oo- o - - - - - the Swedish report insofar as a 50-megaton device is concerned. Japanese sources had estimated at 10 megatons the strength of a previous Soviet test bomb in September. ™ y.... ... Dr Baath said: , „ _ D . ... Beckwith hjs car 'dr0Ne in a se(ond time.l. “H today's explosion took place SJ' hc , qf.p M-i'n, yeragain escorted by armed MPs (>" the same area and at approxi- L I'1"! d °' i ’ ,»» Alter five minutes thev returned mately the same altitude as car- Jftlli Century Boinebrs <0) ' a--*- *L- » .. . . Marian Purbrick Miss Marian Purbiiek. R.N from hunters. According to Carl \\ Buchl u suit said that Meany then . ; ” ilf nuuiilH't' of the Saco ,ieiMpr- President of the Audubon ‘ ».<id, when asked if any vl- l. iTi) 1 ' a.,w Society, two suggested causes ol!®"1” rfiort lo take in Teamsters locals , 7 ^ j ' , sanh,i(i eagle decljnc - human disturban- uls migld lead to '‘hcad-hustmg, that , ' 7 .7 ' e' j.-or ce of nesis and pesticides iwiison- -! 7 vi 1 don’t really know We don . go 1,P!>P lal U h J ml her >'* “ be given special alien : mdl" i,nrt Inbead YouTI have lo ^ .g: L “'.J',,ht .-^d .earns ol biological n. V*'rJ...Sp,:P«',a <': fisk Mr. Hoffa about that. ’ Marty ixM-mancnt home in Allred. ;■- * rt. ", ........ 1 Andre Horn in London, Kng.. ,h,ugh-‘«; **"»*• After hatching. y«ing,£™p Haielton () eagles stay on the nest for three r;dZP,‘on months, hence the big birds are'w,,,lam A- Bamsey, all ot ban* of dnvin subject to disturbance by un- lord- the first vears ot their flying life, young bald eagles are dark brown tain"area ‘ She^waV d teiVfo'i 1 hbijaJfbd Pa^> ‘'“.ilused with bv the I . S. Health commission. . da,k buds siuh as A. S a PVIPAC She took po t graduate vvo . k huzzards or some ot the large. UlVC OerVlCeS at Polv Clinic, N. V.. and at Sim- ha''ks; fc. ,bls 1Paso"* tb«(‘Sb 0f publie Pro*ected by law, many voung eagles ar* shot by people win H. w 37, of 10 Hutchins 2®^* B. Frechette 301, H. |0SS tde border and formed a *'*• «»« »ucn, rxuu, attempted to pass * au‘ ,o!al L3-h walking escort for Lightner and Mrs. P. F( Lessaid, all ot Skovv- another vehicle and colllided with „ on,UIT?p° « l!frr. his wife, who drove forward to began; Mr. and Mrs. Ernest the Couture vehicle. h T a!1 imaa p- Leipzigerstrasse. round the first Poulin, Waterville: Mr. and Mrs A passenger in the Couture ear, J L . i , a _ 1 ‘ • block and back into the American Portland; Mr. Doris Cantara. 27 Water street. r*>Sc I' sector. Min quis. Sr., was taken to Webber hospital for „ D I.- Dn,.iAt 9:15 p m. Lightner, alone in Mrs. Blanche observation. No other injuries Antoinette Cor- were reported. Mr. and Mrs. White was ordered B |tier, Springvale; (’ha hot. to appear ter of Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Purbrick, she came to America in 1910 and to Saco in 1930. Sheuu. . „ , ,, worked with the Saco PH staffl!^ing. peop,,°*J,to1' from 1930 to 1941. when she le;tlin,e*r to work in the Kentucky moun Chabot. in Biddeford Municipal court this . .. .■ Mr. and Mrs. morning to answer to a cnarge',# ,i’‘ L Lachanc e(22. to the U.S. sector. At 9:40 the U.S. lior tests, the power of the bomb provost mar-|n?ust have been considerably mons college. School Health Nursing. Boston. Active in do not recognize them as such Hairdressers To III Persons g under the influence of ^ (SaFlc!’, V*i‘!?ance 308 shal. Lt. Col. Robert A. Sabolyk, stronger than any previous Soviet liquor The case was continued s .. . i ai ... crossed the border to make aiHuc*Par detonation in the Novaya until Wednesda n . T . No estimate of damage ,o the J jnrer tUDS 1 HD vehicles was given. Officers Ed- ^ * ward Gilbert and Theodore Drouin LQUJS Juniors investigated. Ill rtUVU, 3111 V> t*» - a IIIV lin e I I , 11 * - rYC*HlllY » I rmit v Episcopal church, a past ,1*^y and PI0l,d intlependence of jj * jy iicsident of the Guild, and active "s S,PaI bird apilv symbolize rphp an| and choir bc st,*cngth and freedom of Amrr in the Sunday groups ol the personal protest to the Soviet of-!^p^y.a arpa ticer who had meanwhile ap-( ‘his blast must have been peared at the communist check-'registered round the globe, point, i "The estimated epicenter of the At 10:40 p.m., a convoy of (explosion was located in the gen- Scoring in everv quarter, Bid-American. British and French pral direction of -Novaya Zemlya. (leford Junior High school casilv cars, including Lightner. drove in- 11 was situated 1.300 miles norlh- • A * defeated St LouC Junior high to and out ol Flast Berlin without fast 01 1 PPsala in the are \\r\nr? by a score ol 40-0 on Saturday escort and without hindrance. ,<M' earlier Russian atomic expen- Vhrh^r a' Waterhouse field. Three Patton tanks and two mf.^o . ,\AThe Biddeford Juniors display-U.S. armored personnel triers The explosion was registered cd a versatile offensive game drove into Mehring Square. 700ion !bp Uppsala seismological ap- which proved particularly dan- yards from the checkpoint, short- paratus as twice as heavy as th® agnoii. I moil St. Jolin around the ends as well Iy after the MPs marched over most violen previous Soviet tests •ill meet Wednesday thr0 h tho air the border. on *ast Sept. 10 and Oct. 6. the club hall. , Biddeford kicked off but St. It was believed to b* the first' T,hf explosion w-as registered at Louis"fumbled on the first place armed American incursion a.m, Swedish time, or ... The Biddeford-Saco Civil War fjom s(>rimmaso with th(. Tiger Communist territory in Berlin|3:34-4* Eastern Standard Time. The appointments took place at Centennial commission will meet (>ubs recovering on the Fiaglets since the city was split into ©ecu- hairdressers meeting at Oak lucxkA’ at 7:30 p.m. al Biddeford .j() Qn pjav chief Oucl- pation sectors after the end of Ledge Terr. e. Saco, and is part City building. jettf skirted left end to score. World War II. of a national morale building pro -----------------------------------By halftime, the ✓ ore had The Vopo captain said grimly, gram sponsored bv the proles- Ihe Biddeford <. ivil and mo{mted to 21-0 with the Bdide- "The Americans will hear more sional group. During the N'BS Public Sajety units will meet to-|jord c . juj 5 controlling play and about this " Complete ‘189 B«*st (fuality Monuments WE WON’T BE UNDERSOLD! No Agents Buy Direct From Mfg. Budget Plan Available VERMONT MOM MENTAL WORKS 382 ELM ST., BIDDEFORD Tel. Atlantic 4-7042 W. J. Provost West Scarborough, Maine Dial TCeker 3-219 > L. K. Joueas, Old Orchard Dial Wellington 4-2010 school <iiui i mm ----------------- ehurch. She was, * Bllt as 'at!ci' day citizens also enrolled in the local Business shall have failed a trust it and Professional Women's club )'p Pp|f1,1t the r.agle to disappear. l)etore it disbanded, and in the I commend the Bald F.agle pro- RelH-kah lod.:c vuani!!!!/ W ipk hairdressers give beauty at 7:3<| in the court room,IwourKj up with Coach Bulger sub* Lightner, 54, is a native of Wa Survivors include three sisters. . * ‘ lls a s°"'services fix to those unable to Biddeford City building. Aldcnjstituting freely to give his players terville, Maine and the son of E. Mrs. ( harlos W m >, N.5 ., and ‘ • \ isit beautv salons due to illness, JJacobs, ( D director, has announ- needed experience. Allan Lightnar. who retired last Ihe Eagles, established in 1898 ---------- - The fed. that Police. Chief Edgar] The only St Louis threat came January assistant to the pres- ill begin a course in parly in the second period when ident at Colby College. hiunn *h<. .......... *’.. , ,, higher morale as a result of the pence work. Also this evening, jthev reached the B1HS 15. Touch- A veteran foreign service offi- land. and a taster daughter Mr* ,!‘s'a>*ihP 8»«H)I> adopted the pi.ogiam memliers ol the Womens Pol ice! downs u0rr gcored bv Lachance err. lie has been on assignment Marian Wiese. Detroit Mich. iwW Mi«p as Serving on the committee for g,0UP will be fitted for uniform*. 2 Ouellette. Townsend. Guiller- in Berlin for two years. Prior , .tl'n.T Wl,l. *’ icl(l (S.- if 1 a thi* area are Mrs Irma St, d was reported. |eau,( #nd Davis to that he was consul-general in b ,n'i >t()in ^ i Amand and Mrs. Evelyn Randall . tTT~; , , , This was the second win for Munich and served in posts in n ami laig luneiai aomc. 36) Biddeford: ftene Letourneau and . F.vangeline Rebekah lodge 111 the Cubs, thev having previously Korea, Russia. Latvia, Sweden where friends dkii . i in (, (>B,i„01, pine poilU have a family supper Tuesday atiwon over 0l'd Orchard Beach and South America. 6:30 p. m. preceding the regular ilJunjor high 20-0 at the Beach ---------------------and Mrs. Lucille Poisson, Saco nieetuig.of the lodge in_()dd Peli jwdh Ouellette. Rene l^achancc V , „ . * a,ul Thl i'Qfli< • , i, u i • t0(.0 v isit beauty salons due to illness. 1 •‘acoos, iu Mrs. ( buries t nderwood and Mrs, , *'ie EagUs. e.xtablished in 1898, 1H.i mant,nt handicaos etc The Ped tbat f CP. Southern, both ot F’.ngland; llJriTl.<*1 %aK knowni as the Order objective is to brim* beautv ami Sevinny wil • '«"»>• Pfffhrirk. Kna- «■•r,.,",,n*s:....|,:ar > “ .!'* httar SJale * a muTif .hi Mice »ork today. Burial will hill cemetery. l»e Main street, Saco, where friends INSPECT DRILLING may call from 2 lo 4 ami 7 to 9 ATGI STA '■» - Got Heed. , soarboroush: Vein Ouellette in Laurel i Plans to make a personal inspection of drilling operations in the Blue Hill area Thursday. GODFREY’ HEADS 1DOF Slate geologist Robert Doyle BANGOR i.Tk— John Godfrey ol *ays encouraging prospects ot Winthrop was elected grand mas-(copper and zinc deoosits in the ter of the Odd Fellows' Grand area prompted the tour. Lodge ol Maine at the 11th an-j , - nual meeting over the week-end DROWNING VICTIM FOUND WILSON’S MILLS .f -’Die loh(M body of Walter Mack. 38. of Mrs. Amy Shea and Mrs Alice lows hall, Alfred street, Biddeford.jand Ricky Townsend, the big Lajeunesse, Old Orchard Beach. . ~~~~~ _ ,, ... guns in that one. Paul Ruel and Mrs Anita Rem A lbp Uadies auxili-i -------------------------- illard. Arandel and Kennehunk, ‘‘:y- Bjdcelord \eterans of For- 0*11/1 U i and Miss Clare Cyr and Mis eign Wars. \n!l be held tonight at DJadetOrd Veteran Anne Clifford, Dayton-Watcrboro ' .’u 1,1 Biddeford Cil> building. _ _ _ area. The chairman will he ap- ubpn inspection of officers will |n Alaska fcvent ixnnted at t' z next meeting. Or take puice. , „ »t IHr Kasllan,! holrl „ „ ——, , „ ' M S,E'„ B^L“!L u ’ d 1'! illr I asl ( omnianders and Past,son of Mr and Mrs Joseph Bn SURPLUS SACO FOOD Mrs. Kdith Smith, Saco welfare chairman, has announced that surplus food will be distributed on Wednesday. October 25, from 9 a. m. to noon, and from 1 to 4 p. m. at the welfare department headquarters. Saco City hall. A report was given on A platoon sergeant in the in unity's Company C at F'ort Wain- th<> m imp Presidents’ Night will he observed geron. 10 Miller avenue. Biddeford, wright. Alaska. Bergeron entered ................ * ~ ... recently participated in the U. S. j the Army in 1938. Co GNT SAFES UP BANGOR *49—-The Great North-]Freeport, one of two victims of naVional"project at im ,»iiiun- -________ _________________-_____ ... - ern f’ajx-r Co. announced Sunday a lioating accident a week ago^statp Cosmetologist convention Wednesday at 8 p. ni. by the recently participated in the U. S.,the Army in 1938, He arrived in that nel sales for the 40 week" was recovered by -Lindivers ,m.t.tjnk, Portland toitav Owen-Pavis American Legion port Army. Commanding General’s Alaska on this tour of duty in No ended Oct. 8 were $49 *68 109—Sunday from izlscoo* lake and auxillurv at the legion home ttitle and Piltol ctMiipetilion a* vemt*er i*♦*■<1 ail iariea-e ul >4 jx-r < out over' Officials had lecovercd the *d-o of I’reeport Livt Wedtie- Beach st reel Sai u \ tiotfef luifh Foil Richai iGuii Alaika lift- x-r-.eant is a Kiaduate ui the !‘tt><) tiguie l ainiugs jierJxidv ot Mack's hunting Com- day ,neuf tlie pair* oveitumed will ' - served following the cere Sgt Bergeiou toed with the 9th Riddelord lln<h mIiooI His wite share remained at $184. ipamon, Melvin I). Nelson, 70 ,‘boat. t imonies, ‘Infantry* rifle team, iArlme, is with him in Alaska* Jlcujeitf, Jladhf, By Terry Permanent Wave Time If your hair appears limp and sagging. it’s permanent wave time for you. Your crowning glory must hate enough body to hold your new hairdo properly in place. Permanent waving is a science and the experts in this field are constantly studying the texture and structure of the hair to improve their own techniques. When properly applied, a new wave will do wonders for your appearance. For a lovely, long-lasting Fall wave, we ask that you put your hair in our capable hands. TERRY’S BEAUTY-RAMA 85 Poul Street, Biddefuid Atlantic 2 0123

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