The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 15, 1954 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 15, 1954
Page 5
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TUESDAY, JUNE 15,1954 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE Ransom Is Found 100 Yards FromWhereSuspectNabbed PHOENIX, Ariz. (AP) - Discovery of the $75,000 ransom money cleared up a major mystery in the puzzling Evelyn Ann Smith kidnaping case today. The missing cash, bundled in a man's work shirt with a shiny pistol lying on top, was found near the Superstition Mountains yesterday. The "hiding place" was less than 10 feet from a. road over which dozens of officers had traveled since Friday. About 100 yards away is a ranch house near which Daniel J. Marsin, an unemployed Phoenix welder, was arrested shortly after the ransom was paid by Mrs. Smith's husband Herbert. Marsin, 41, was identified by Mrs. Smith, as her abductor. Police continued the search for a rifle and binoculars the kidnaper was reported to have used. Hearing: Tomorrow Meanwhile, Marsin waited in jail for a preliminary hearing on a charge of kidnaping tomorrow. Marsin's attorney, John J. Flynn, has said "lots of answers will be given" at that time. The questions to which Flynn referred and the sudden discovery of the payoff money prompted County Atty. William P. Mahoney to call this "the most fantastic kid- naping case in American history." He said he believes the intricate planning that went into the kidnap- ing would link Marsin to the crime. Last night the FBI was accused by Police Chief Charles P. Thomas of having delayed a description of the kidnaper. Thomas told the City Council that FBI agents had tried to "run the whole show" and had scoffed at police for detaining Marsin at all. "They told city officers that the suspect had nothing to do with the crime," asserted Thomas. He said the federal agents delayed gaining a description of the abductor by bringing the victim into Phoenix for questioning. The case, added Thomas, is "very definitely a bona fide kidnap- ing." ... Daniel J. Marsin . , . lots of answers tomorrow . . . Time Starting To Run Out on EDC:Greunther "WASHINGTON t^— Gen. Alfred M. Gruenther says "time may be beginning to run against us" in efforts to build Western Europe's defenses. This view was made public yes- trday in a summary of testimony which Gruenther gave earlier hi the day at a secret session of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Gruenther, commander of North Atlantic Treaty forces, testified on foreign aid. He was quoted as saying the United States "may end up behind the eight ball" if it relaxes building Western Defenses. The summary said he reported Russia is making its own forces more effective and is increasing substantially the number and value of satellite troops. The general, however, told newsmen after the session he is "soberly optimistic" about the general prospect in Europe. Hay ward Cites Marriage Finance Contract in Divorce Testimony TOKYO UB— A dynamite stick exploded in the midst of a fist-swinging brawl between strikers and temporary employes yesterday injured 50 persons at the Omi Silk Co. Strikers were storming barricaded gates of the company plant near Osaka. Six thousand workers, mostly teen-age girls, struck June 4 in protest against compulsory attendance at Buddhist services, union leaders said. Company comment was not available. _ Do You Know? By JAMES BACON BURBANK, Calif. (#1 —Shapely Susan Hayward i s due to t alk about figures, financial ones, in divorce court today. Another sort of figure, a nude one, dashing through her yard at 3 a.m. one day last July was introduced in opening testimony. The movie queen is expected to be on the stand most of the day under cross-examination by S. S. Hahn, counsel for her estranged husband. The actress seeks a divorce from actor Jess Barker, who has contested the trial, insisting that he wants a reconciliation. • Hahn set the pattern yesterday for much of the testimony to follow when he repeatedly quizzed Miss Hayward on a prenuptial agreement signed by the actress and her then husband-to-be. She testified that the agreement was signed because she was in love with Barker and he didn't want to get married until he was better fixed financially. Explains Document "The document merely relieved him of the financial responsibility of a Wife," the actress said, explaining that she was earning $1,700 a week at the time and her fiance was out of work. "He didn't fe«l he was well enough set to take a wife, having no bank accounts and so forth," Miss Hayward said. "I told him I would relieve him of that financial responsibility. I could always take care of myself. The document merely stated that what he earned was his and what I earned was mine." She now wants the court to rule her two-million-dpllar movie contract and $240,000 in assets are not community property. •Testimony on business matters provided an anticlimax to opening testimony of Mrs. Lodee Hazel Swain, a maid next door ot the Barkers' Sherman Oaks home. She told of how she was awakened by screams of a nude redhead, presumably Miss Hayward, screaming: "Don't kill me Help Help Don't kill me" A man who appeared to be Barker, the maid testified, was in hot and threatening pursuit, shouting, "You're going to sig-n that deal." Miss Hayward spent much time on the stand telling of arguments over her husband's late sleeping habits ana lack of work. "I objected to his sleeping so late in the morning, sometimes until early afternoon," she said. "When I suggested that he should go out and look for work ,he replied that he was an actor." Barker's principal duties around the house, she testified, were buying groceries, turning the water on the fruit trees, buying the newspapers and occasionally helping her with lines from movie scripts. "We had many arguments over his grocery shopping," she related. "Often he would run around and come home with bargains, things that wouldn't be fit to eat. I was always taught that one didn't save pennies on food because it does not pay to gamble with nutrition value. Besides there was no need to stint." New Sabotage Hits S. China HONG KONG (A — A fresh wave of sabotage in south China, coincid ing with a tightening of Communist control, was reported yesterday b> independent Chinese newspapers In Hong Kong. One account said that north Kwantung guerrillas blew up a gen erator on May 12 and put the power plant at Kukong out of action for two days. Four days later time bombs damaged two locomotives in the Kukong rail yard. On May 25 a textile mill on the outskirts of the city was set on fire. The Kung Sheung Daily News said the Reds had executed 13 Communist officials, including a political tutor, in Schumchun for attempting to desert their posts and escape to Hong Kong. Cab ' TERMINIX Bruce Terminix Company P. O. Box 1271 Memphis, Tenn. Phone 62-3531 For Proof — Read Thursday's Advertisement Wednesday's Answer No Pennies Are Coined in The U. S. "Penny" is not the official or legal designation of any coin minted In the United States. The law prescribes the term "cent." It Pays To Shop At Ray's! LOOK AT THESE BARGAINS 9x12 COTTON CARPET Lovely Loop or Cut Pile Only 9x12 LINOLEUM $ RUGS These are only a few of the ways we save you money. See us NOW! Ray's Floor Center 107 E. Main Phone 3-8650 ATTENTION -STARTING TODAY- Berry Allen Plumbing & Heating Co. Shop 317 South Second Street Will Be Open Weekdays From 9-5 Nights & Sundays By Appointmnt Come In And Look Around or Phone 2-2204 or 3-8066 ARC Will Revive / Disaster Plan Failure of Some Citits to Repay Funds Is Cause LOS ANGELES CfV-The American Red Cross is going back to its previous method of special disaster campaigns. Failure of disaster-stricken communities to reimburse the Red Cross for funds advanced in time of emergency is responsible for this decision. E. Ronald Harriman, national chairman, said yesterday in addressing the national convention. "Largely due to our reluctance in recent years to go before the public in special appeals, the generosity of the public, lacking a point of focus, has been scattered among various local funds and organizations, he said. "And I'll say this: When a community wishes to spend disaster funds raised by its own citizens in its own way, It has every right to do so. But first things come first. "In Flint, Mich., when the tornado hit last June," Red Cross immediately moved in to meet the needs of the sufferers. We spent nearly $600,000, contributed by all the country. Meanwhile, a committee in Flint solicited funds and received $900,000. "Not one cent of this was turned over to the Red Cross to meet its needs. On the contrary, after Red Cross finished its job, all the money was distributed to people over and above what they had received from Red .Cross, irrespective of whether they could have taken care of themselves or not. "Communities that don't help themselves in the total responsibility of a disaster can scarcely expect in the future to be recipients of nationwide generosity." LITTLi ill— WATERMELONS WE MEET ALL PRICES Wholesale or Retail A Slice or a Truckload Special Prices For Picnics & Parties BLYTHEVILLE CURB MARKET MAIN STREET BLYTHEVILLE State Education Department Official to Retire LITTLE ROCK (ft — Dr. Morgan Owens, director of the Division of Education in the State Education Department, yesterday said he would retire. He has been with the department for 29 years. Dr. Ed McCuistion was named by the Board of Education to succeed Dr. Owens. Dr. McCuistion now heads the Division of Negro Education. "Dr. Owens has no equal in the South in the field of education," Education Commissioner Arch Ford said. "His resignation is accepted 'with reluctance." The retiring educator joined the Department of Education in 1925. Prior to that he was principal of Pine Bluff High School and had taught at Crossett. Van Fleet, Wood M*tt SEOUL UP! — Gen. James A. Van -s i The average person would worry himself sick if he didn't think he Malan Loses Again in Vote Repeal Move CAPETOWN, South Africa M — Prime Minister Daniel F. Malan's regime failed again last night to put through legislation designed eventually to take the 38,000 colored (mixed blood) voters in Cape Province off the common registration roll. Sitting in joint session. Parliament cast 128 votes in favor of the bill—part of Malan's racial segregation program—to 42 against. But the tally fell 10 votes short of the two-thirds majority of the total 207 members needed for a constitutional change. It was the fifth defeat Malan has suffered in the courts and Parliament in three years in his efforts to alter the volored voting registration. Special Stomp Issue Scheduled Another special commemorative stamp issue has been scheduled for release on July 12, Postmaster Ross Stevens said today. The issue will commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of George Eastman, inventor and philanthropist. The stamps, which will be released through the Rochester, N. Y., post office July 12, will be available locally on July 13. Stamp collectors and dealers desiring first-day cancellations of the stamp may send a reasonable number of addressed envelopes to the Postmaster, Rochester, New York, with a money order remittance cover the cost of the stamps affixed. Envelopes submitted should be o1 ordinary letter size and each must be properly addressed. The envelope to the Postmaster, Rochester N. Y., should be endorsed "First- Day Covers." For benefit of collectors desiring stamps of selected quality for philatelic use, the three-cent stamp will be available at the Philatelic Agency, Post Office Department Washington 25, D.C., on and after July 13, Mr. Stevens suggested. Three Dangers To Air Defense System Cited ALBUQUERQUE I/P) — Radnr blind spots, too few top planes and the possibility of sabotage pose a real danger to air defense of the strategic southwest, the Associated Press was told yesterday. Some of the officers charged with guarding the Southwest are frankly worried that they can do the job in the event of an all-out enemy air attack. Their chief concerns are: 1. Lack of enough top-performance aircraft to turn back a de- t e r m i n e d and well-equipped enemy. 2. No radar protection at all in Mexico, the soft underbelly of the United States as fnr as air protection is concerned. 3. The possibility of sabotage to the delicate and vulnerable communication system which links the defenders of New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, most of Arizona and a part of Texas. "Mexico is our weak point," one officer said. "We have agreements with Canada for radar protection and bases there. But Mexico is a blind side . . ." Sabotage could disrupt communications supporting the Southwest's radar warning system. "One Communist with a high school education and a pair of pliers could just about knock us out," an officer said. Fleet conferred with U.N. economic coordinator C. Tyler Wood today as he wound up a second visit to study South Korea's military needs. You can't buy better auto insurance 4/fsfeft p/oncerta* low east into fawnmct—that's one reason why the number of Allstate policyholders has more than doubled in less than three years. Today, over two million car owners enjoy AHstate's famous fast, fair claim settlements, easy payment plan and many extra benefits. They all add up to the really better value you'd expect from the company founded by Sears. Before you spend another dollar for auto insurance, compare rates and benefits with your Allstate Agent. Ask, too, about Allstate'g low cost Comprehensive Personal Liability Insurance. L 0. GUERIAN 1908 W. Vin« St. Phone 3-3159 hi tilt horn* M M tht highway, you'rt in food hands with... INSURANCE COMPANY S*«ff An Illinoh corporation fooncW by Start, Xoebuclt and Co. with oisefi and liabilities diitincl and itporof* iron tht port/if company. SEAFOOD MARKET 2008 West Main Phone 3-6023 I Fresh Catfish • Fresh Shrimp I Oysters • All Seafoods (Next Door to Barney's Drag Store) Japs Say Snow Radioactive TOKYO UP) — Japanese mountain climbers were warned today not to quench thirst with snow. Chemists at Kanazawa University in western Honshu said tests showed snow atop peaks in the area called Japan's Alps was radioactive. Recent U. S. hydrogen bomb tests in the Pacific were presumed to be the cause. Tukrey, Pakistan To Strengthen Military Alliance ANKARA. Turkey ffi — Turkey and Pakistan plan to launch military talks immediately to put more teeth In their alliance. A communique that wa« issued at the conclusion of talks here between Pakistan Premier Mohammed All and Turkish Premier Adrian Mondores said the two nations would make their pact more effective by "searching the possibilities and determining the extent of defense cooperation in case of a non- provoked attack coming from abroad and directed against one or the other country." The communique said experts of the two nations' general staffs would begin talks immediately to establish defense plans, exchanges of information, and plans for filling the two countries' arms and ammunition needs. Uprising Anniversary To fie German Holiday BONN, Germany (#>)—The U. S. High Commission has announced it will observe June 17. anniversary of the 1953 uprising in Communist East Germany, as a holiday. The West German government also has declared June 17 "Tag der Deutsch'en Einheit" Day of German Unity and made it a national holiday. "Old at 40,50,60?" -Man, You're Crazy Fernet your ape! TliouMiinds art; peppy at 70, Try "pepping up" with new. higher-potency Ostrux Tonic Tablets. For weak, rundown feeling due solely to body's lack 01 Iron which many men and women call "old." Get Os- trcx for pep. vigor, younger reeling today, "Oet-ncqunlnted" size 50c. At all druggists. In Blytheville at Kirby and Woods Drug. British Actress Told To Leave Country LOS ANGELES UP! — The Immigration and Naturalization Service has ordered British actress Simone Silva to leave the country within 60 days. Miss Silva is the actress who caused a few photographers to fall into the Mediterranean when she stripped to the waist to pose with Robert Mitchum on the French Riviera. Court Refuses Review LITTLE ROCK (/P) — The Arkansas Supreme Court yesterday refused to prevent Pulaski Circuit Judge J. Mitchell Cockrill from reviewing the State Electric Medical Board's conduct of an investigation into validity of a medical license held by Dr. Jacob SMS Schrlmer of Corning. 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