Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California on February 13, 1948 · Page 5
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Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California · Page 5

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 13, 1948
Page 5
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tTDAY. l^EBRUARY 13, 1948 DISI'ATCK DBiMOailAT,: UKIAH. CALIFOHNIA , •rm^m Qvex: fvere talceh. )n at-i the March of DimeMidance Saturday nightj"with a proflt of ajjifrbxiniately' .$560 to tt> tfici''March': of .IJiniesfiind; All committee' members of the drivoexprossed theio appreciation lor dpnatiuns so getierou.sly giv&n; to aid in |he infantile pj^ralysis fight;: • '. V : 'Jho-foliowing is'aJist of iliose who JbrtatCd! fttarie Tarwator, Mr. and MtS. Pete Solatlno, Mr. and •residents of that city before moving here. Mr. and Mrs. Clad Crawford, who were living nt Ihe Lampbert 'mill, left in January to Itikc up residence in Ultlah. The Crawfords purchased a home near Ulcinh last year, and iiave spent many weel<ends there, improving the property. The Philo Ladies" Aid held the regular meeting Thursday at the home of Mrs. Louise Peterson. The This Picture Tells Sfory of Five DdHqr Club Mrs.: Mervyn;.Perkins;'. Mr. and j ynain work of the afternoon was Mrs. Roy. Zano, Mr. and Mrs,, ty,ng a quilt. Parts were assigned Borrj",- Mr. and Mrs. Homer. Mann, Mr. and ^Mrsi'John Hossi, Mr. and Mrs. Iiee.'Gijl, May Ross, A.&M. Cafe, Mr. and' Mrtj; 'Oscar Johnson, Mr. "and Mi's. Cecil Gowr an, Mr. -and .Mrs. Pete Pinoli, Robert Lynn, Mr. and Mrs. Scr- beck, Mr. and Mrs. John Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Gschwend, Mr. and Mrs; George Bennett, Mr. and Mrs. Victor LaVann, Mr. and Mrs. Grant ornhsun, .Mrs. Flora Albert, Mr. and M;rs.' Boyd Mclntosh;- Mr. and Mrs. Bin Dightman, Mrs. Lena ,I)uranleau, Mr. and RJR. Fay- Dealey, Margaret Stein, Mr; ahd'Mrs; Goy;Smith, Mr. and Mrs, Harold Hess, Mr. and Mrs. Haipid Galietti, Mr. and Mrs. Jack :C^', Mrs, Jya: Mackintosh, Mr. Wia ;Wr8; ,I?red. Rawles,. Mr. and Mrs. Vernon'Rawles, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Eyles, Mn and Mrs. Flsh- r,,Mr. and Mrs, Homei- Charles, ilr. and,Mrs, Vernon Presley, Mr, and Mrs. Joe Pinoli and Mr. and Mrs,' Carol, Oriibaun. Besides thfcse donations, the foUqwing merchants contributed prizes or merchandise orders: Pardini's Hotel, Track Inn Cafe, the barber and shoeshine boy, 'Valley Bakery, iMftok's. Service Station, |J. T. Farrer's Store, Boonville Lodge; B;&M; Cafe, Philo Lumber Company, Boonville "Hotel, Kich- mond's Store,,Ray Heiser, barber, Mrs., Lena Duranleau, trucking company, Style. Shop, Hi-'Way Motel; Scott's .Vairiety Store, Hi-Way [variety: Store, Bill Hanson, Mannix lElectrlc Shop. Xmdall's- Meat Market, Charles iLumUer-" Company, Independent Redwood Company, Rowley's Trudjlht' Company, Associated Statidn.Ldve Oak Garage. The dinner committee members [who provided chicken fricassee and hot'biscuits at midnight were [Mrs. Herb Lampbert, Mrs. Burt Rowley, Mrs. Marie • Tarwater, Mrs. Lena Duranleau. The decorating committee that did such an lex^Uent job with crepe paper, andt'the wishng well, was composed, of Mr. and Mrs. Carol-Orn- jbaun, Mr.,and Mrs. BiUvPresley, ;r; and Mra. Thurl Lytellj Miss othy Ridlej' and-Donald Mack-" , Memorial services v/ere-held in tliiB Boonville; Methodist church,Sunday, for William E. Whitmore, who v/as fatally burned in his cabin Friday niglit, January 30. He Was 72 years of age and en~ gaged in mining in Trinity county |for many years.; He madehishonie here in the valley. for nearly 25. years and built the cabin himself' on. the Fi-ed.Rawles ranch, where he:met hiatragjc death. He is survived b.v one-.sister, Mx's. Anna Mock of Oildahd. He was also a, relative byV marriage of Fred: Rawles. A, memorial service was held in Bo6hviUe» after the cremation service held .Jit llie Ukiah Funeral Chapel' Denny Willis, high school superintendent, iVtiirned Ah is week f rorfi Sacramento''where he attended the State Youth Conference- Over 1600 delegates, from oyer the state, were present at the conference, called by Governor Wiarren,,Fail-: ure to give our .young people proper training was one of the leading topics, and the prpWeni |of juvenile delinquency was discussed. The conference lasted two days. Mrs. Robert Batterson entertain- ed'jfll a bridge luncheon last week. Foft'dwing" luncheon, .bridge was enjo.yed hy Mesdames Marie Tar- to various members for the play, Needles 'n' Jabber, wliich will be presented some time next month. Mr. and Mrs. James Gowan and Mrs. Cecil Gowan motored to Ukiah Sunday. While there they attended the show. A bridge luncheon was held this week at the home of Mrs. Phil Clark, with bridge enjoyed during the afternoon. Guests of the afternoon were Mesdames Neva Dennison, who won high score; Fred Rawles, Mai-ie Tarwater, Cecil Gowan, Charles Hess and Albert Forrel, w:ho claimed low score, and Mrs. Robert Batterson. A valley, visitor this week was R. K. Foster, who moved from here to San Francisco several months ago. Mr. Foster operated a door-to-door grocery and ice cream truck during, the summer months. He is now in the grocery and delicatessan business in San Francisco. He was a guest at the Gshwend ranch while in Ihe valley. Mr. and Mrs. George Gowan entertained at a'birthday dinner Thursday night in honor of Mrs. Cecil Gowan. Members of the immediate family were present to enjoy the dellcrious.meal.; Word was received this week from Rev, W. Reid, recent pastor of the Methodist churches here. Rev. Reid has been in the Wheeler Hospital at Gilroy, be'.ng treated for gastric ulcers, and. four blood transfusoins were necessary. He has now returned to.his home at Morgan- Hill and last week made a short trip to the valley, to collect his belongings; The doctors advise Rev. Reid: that he cknnot continue his work, and he has advised District Superintendent Owen of-the:necessity-for a,new pastor here. Until such a pastor can be. obtained,,the stewards^and laymen of the. church are carrying on: the services.- Mornmg services are-heldat 11 o'clock at Philo'and s'^ening;services at 7 :30. at: Boon- viUe. : .Mrs. Arnold.Brown; is still in San. Francisco, the guest, of hep daughter and family, Mr. andMrsi George Shrieve of:that city. Mrs. Jessie McCarty, who was il last- week with influenza, is now located in her receiitly built new home; The: Ed- LaMastus family and Gilbert Wood ihave moved into her former home. ' : A sheepshearing. school: will be held FebruaiT: 21 at" the Boonville fairgrounds, which; will be of. interest; to the; ranchers. This is sponsored by, the. California Wool Growers,Association and was announced last week by Maurice Tindall, president of the Mendocino coUnty branch of that organi- :zptiori.'The object of: this, school is to show new methods.of. shearing and handling the fleece, grinding combs and; cutters. The fundamentals of; sheepshearing- wjll be btought before' the beginners. Ail ranchers, 4-H! Club members, Future ^Farmers- of America: and interesteji: citizens are urged to attend. .Tihose, whO; are assisting, in .the: arrangenlents; are John Ornbaun of, Elk, vice :president- of the association; Ri.: D. Foote, secretary, and farn) advisor: for Mendopino county.. rjl^ Potter Valley Nem•Al.Greenberg '8 :plttc* fit'WilJils ,.Bndii(hf* nsntlsm -n bs» hind' the bar aro, lofl -to^ rig^(,\>'Fred :Kamtlto!ijV:Z:dward Gouber, Helen Bi^Idwin/ GrMnberg, Jeff AUme and^MoitolnsBerggtrara. Back of ATltbB and Bcigstr'om, on>l{f9 iinitror, herngB di^lay of ceTtilieates of membership in Hamilton's Five Dollar Club, now four years old, the sole activity of which is to Taise money each year for the March of .Dimes. The display of cerltiicales represent $1260 collected at the time the cameraman was there, a week ago.^ WilKts News Notes Boy Stout Troop 46 Picks Scoutmaster Frank Hay has: been selsct- ed as scoutm.aster of Troop 46, water, Don Van Zandt, Cecil I j,po„soj.ed by the Veterans of Fbr- Gowan, Neva Dennison, Albert Ferrel, Phil Clark, Fred Rawles. HN6ii score was won by Mrs. Van ^'.andt, and low score by Mrs. Rawles. Eve 'n' Harry's Donut Shop i.s closed this week while the owners are on vacation. Mr, andMrs. ^Harry Stuart and daughters Betty and. Anne have gone to Missouri where Mrs. Stuart's, mother-is quite ill. It is reported, that„Betty, ina.v rcuTiaih in that state and go to school. The-Associated gas station in JBoonville is now under the management of Fred Parks and Guido Valenti. They are wished much success in their new venture. Mr. and Mrs. Denny Willis moved this week from their home at the Methodist'parsonage to the new Berry duplex, south of town. The other part, of the duplex will be occupied by Mi-, and Mrs. James: lindsay. Both: Mr. Willis and IVlr, Lindsay are high school instructors. Mrs. -Mary Lawson returned this week after a month's stay with her son Clyde and Hayward. While away she also visited ijrher daughter, Mrs. T. E. Simpson of Crockett, and a. sister, Mrs. ,^Mnttio Sucker of San Josp. "rs. Fred Homes and family eign Wars, and is now meeting with the troop on Wednesday nights at the municipal clubhouse. He is an experienced scout leader, having served as scoutmaster of Troop 86 of Carmel, Californa, for five years. Mr. Hay is­ eran of World: War .11 and now resides in Ukiah with his faniili-. He is building a trailer court south of town. . Other adult members of the executive • board • of the - troop are: Terry Sandelin, chairman; Paul Sutterley of the.chamber of commerce, and. Lou. Jordan of P-B. Motors. Baptist Mission Me'F With Mrs. Phil Lynch - Seventeen ladies of the Baptist Mission Circle motored to Largo Thursday afternoon for their meeting; at the home of Mrs. Philip Lynch. The afternoon was pleasantly passed cutting and rolling band- iiees for the mission hospital in China. Joint hostess for the meeting was Mrs. Flora Tilton, with refreshments .being served following the work of the afternoon. About three-fourths of Trinity iTanuary 31 for San Frgncisco county is located in Trinity Na- •hcre tiiey will reside. They were ] tional Forest. WILtlTS, Feb. 7.~Uvean i'owlor was hostess at a . stork shov/er lionoring Mrs, Keva Willjurn at the home of Mrs. Fowler's motlicr, 36 Flower street. Among those at- tendiiig were Mesdames A. G. Benning, Gertrude ZaneUa, Ned Wilburn, Jay McBride, AJict; Robertson; Pi'ancls Jones, Eva Robertson,, Jean Zanella and Lorena and Retha Robertson. Unable to attend, but sending gifts: Mesdames Pearl Bean, Bea Tracy, Eunice Newsom and Myrtle Floyd. The. afternoon was, spent playing games and was climaxed with the serving of delicious cake and coffee. Mrs. Beverly Anderson, Mrs. Pauline Safford and Mrs. Vivian Hcselswerdt were hostesses for a stork shower'honoring Mrs. Coleen Smith at the home of Mrs. Eva Tanem, Mrs. Safford's mother. The tables were decorated with early-spring-violets and gay baskets ^of candy were used as place cards while the napkins were'in form of ' a diaper complete with safety: tiin. Those missing out on the fun, biit sending gifts were Mrs. Perle, Haehl, Mrs. Beth Maize, Mrs. Jane Drew and Mrs; Carla Bertain. Gifts appropriate to the occasion were brought by Mesdames Sallie B. Maize, Phillis Gilly, Carol Harms, Elouise Whited, - Helen Maize, • Marion Waud, Earlene Whittaker, June Roby, Martha. Jphnsrud, Barbara Steadman, Dorothy Hopper, Kathy Wagonet, Bobbie Giles, Barbara Whitney, Jean Zanella; Louise Wooley, Helen Smith, Percy Graham, Gertrude ZaneUa, Frances Piallen, Blanche lies, Elva Tanem and Helen Barton. Games and refreshments concluded the evening indoors, but a novel touch was added when, on leaving it was discovered' that live of the cars were stuck' and with no male assistance available; The ladies virtually lifted the. ears out of the mud, at the expense .of shoes and hose. Chief of Police Larry Moore is enjoying a well-earfted vacation at an undisclosed destination. The blanket of snow that covered Willits on Thursday, February 5, did, not discourage the stork, who' deposited; a. baby son at the Howat:d. Memorial Hospital for Mr. artd: Mrs. Charles Anderson; He has been named Robert. Other ai'rivals at the hospital the past v/eek were a daughter for Mr. and Mrs. Edward' A. Gouber; aboy for Mr. and:Mrs. Clyde Rains; a daughter for Mr. and Mrs. Bernard T. Jolloy, whom they have named M.-si-ian Kathleen, and Ml', .'ind .Mr.s.'' Clift'ord Croft'received a daugliler, Carol Pctra, - Th'n Willi IK Nardwni'o Comi-)an:.' store %va,s Ihc scene of h -,'ir [-a.<;sed inothcrs .rtiid b:iwling diildrUn oil Febru.'uy 4 iind ."i, at whicli lime the.v ieaUived a free' ysholo of lUi .y child under Iv.'o years. The Jei-al Studio, of Hfilli,'itci- did tlic ;ict'u-jl phuloiiraphic worlc and -10 mcthei's arc to ix'coivo the pictures- next Tue.sday, witlioul liaving. to make a,' send in any box tbps or ,flhii>hing an.v jingles. Willits at present is the scene of great speculation who is or who isn't going to run at the April 13 municipal election. Everybody and his brother'have been named as prospective candidates, but whose hats v/ill actually be in the ring will not be definitely known until noon of March. 4, the deadline lor the acceptance of nomination papers. The interest-in the election has been heightened within the last few days by the action of the city council in taking a "thumbs down" attitude to the. Lions Club 49er's Camp and Dance, which was scheduled tor Saturday, February 7. Inasmuch as the council would not o,k. seveial games which were on the program of the Lions activity, proceeds of ivhich were to pro-. vide gla.s.>>es for underprivileged school children, the affair has been po.stponed indefinitely. The edict of llie council was not ReneraJIy well received; and it is alleged that political capital may be made of their action. Residents of Willits have . not only the accuracy of their electric clocici: to worry about, but according to the request, made b.y the P.G.&E,, their nifihU .may, bo lui-ned into day. Due to the critical power shortage the P,G,&E, announced that all local sawmills will be asked to shut down da.y- time operations in order to conserve electric power. They suggest that night shifts be substituted, and consequently ':hangos are lilcely in the living and working, habits of many of the local residents. If, your hamburger has tasted different • lately it might be that it was venison, for according to evidence at the trial of Robert Ulifalo and Charles Boyco of Fort Bragg there was a strong possi­ bility.that the deer that these men had been killing out of season had been- sold -and served as .hamburgers, etc. Both Ulitalo and Boyce appeared before Judge Fred Poord who.fined them $800 each and iientenced them to six months in- jail. The men paid the fines and the jail sentences were suspended. WILLITS, Fob. 10—The hand of Fate was arrested and tragedy averted Tuesday-when little Donald Short and his sister entered 'the office of Dr. R. B. Smalley, clutching a paper sack and a dollar. Their eyes held all the misery of childhood's fear for the safety ol the canary that was in the sack. Th^' dollar was to pay any and all expenses their pet might incur, for to them i( seemed that the bird's hours were limited, and unless efficient medical aid was immediately found the little creature would choke. Although the doctor was not in, his receptionist ad- proteeds of which wij! go to bcnelit: the child welfare iirogram. P,ty the veteran's .'iorvice olTicer, Fred Fooi'd. Tlie poor man h »H the hard task of weeding out the of prospective tenants for the Vet- cfans' Housing unit for approximately 150 down to 65. Judging from the tone of some of the letters he has received, imploring th'at the writer's name be left on Ihi; list, the housing shortage in Willit.s is far from over. , Evidciidy tlie stork didn't dare to brave the weather north of Willits for 1K> left two baby boys in the. Howard Memorial Hospital v/hcso parents arc from nut nf town. One goes to Mr. and Mr-n. Figg-Holjlyn, wlio live about miles oiii of Willits, and the (ithor is for ?.lr, a.rul Mrs. .James t3'.<v,'n-| inK of l.ayionvillr.', I The Inor.l flu bug must have, wanted smnL 'thin.i; sweet I 'o?- hc: bit. .Mrs, N;iii Foi-c!, C.'on.s (.V |iiinilly, liie, lady is confined to bed tliis week, i per doctor's orders. j Judge Fred Foord has issued a reminder to those pet owners of; Willits who are monetary minded, i That is, unless their dog license is purchased prior to the 15, there will be a penalty of $2.50 added to the. original $1. . The hand is quicker than. the eye,, is an old saying, but Les,' Grabel must have been a magi-j cian's ;magiclan,. for. his two hands j were quicker than the 400-odd eyes; th.-it watched ihhn. The man was a i sucess, both with children andj grownups. He was sponsored by: the So^ihomore class on February 6 and as the general impression | was "Bring him back again," it was checked up as a success fi'om both the entertainment and the financial angte. Another success was the cake sale on the 7th by Jobs Daughters. Incidentally, the money went toward a vary good cause. It v.'as forwarded to the Jobs Daughters Educational Fund, a source from which they may borrow money to complete their education, and repay when they are gainfully employed. The town is bustling with ticket sellers tor the American Legion Auxiliary dance. At the last meeting, the 6th, the dance chairman reported that all was in readiness lor a capacity crowd. Oliver Pacini will furnish the music and door prizes have been secured. The American Legion hold their regular meeting February 10, and discussed the possibility of Men- POTTER VALLEY, Feb. 11 Mn aniliMi*, Enjerson; Brooks, and sopCliflEdr^JSJJlBritsiiie weekend: wttn'; relatives in Placerville. Mrs. BWek 's' kuht; MM. Emina Pavek, canie- back, with them to spend a week in Potter. ,, Mr; and Mrs. D, L. psbouA of •^'''dlei' .syirnt V 'Thursday nlfiht with' Mrs. Osbburn 's- parents. Mi*, and. IVtrs.'- J6hn McNiflt; Other giieftts atVtHe' McNiff home, from Friday to Sunday, were their son- in>law arid daughteri Mr. and Mi 's. Simon Francis, their son and-his wife, Mr.: and Mrs:' Frank McNifT and Joe Whitesidej Jr., all of Grldley. Mr.s. Beth Mikel was the honored guest at a Valentine luncheon nresided over by Mrs. Knight Nelson' and Mrs. Dyton Bonham. Hearts and wedding bells were the decorations, with a beautiful heart.,shaped. wedding cake, which centered the table. At the honored guest's place, was a gardenia corsage. Corsages of violets marked the places of the other guests. A lovely table service of crystal goblets and sherbet dishes was presented Mrs. Mikel, who will soon Wed "Moose" Ganter of Ukiah. The guest list included Mesdames John Newman, Knoles Emerson, Joseph Wilson, Vernon Leard, ,Er- wln Wipf and Ernest Pauli. Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Adams returned Saturday evening from Alder Point. Mrs. Cecil Zortman and son C!.ydc accompanied them home and remained'until the fol- • Jcnyihg, ,^&y;. SOnday dinner guests 'at .thoi iVdams'i Hixtne wore tl^eir Methodist Nursery r; Is Open_to;Pu,bl |^ir' Rbv. Charles G. Llndeinartn hfts'r- called nttentldii !to thp rmrsery in*'";^ the Methodlstt'ohurch' whei'fiSOTiall""' ^ . , „ , children- may be left, whllo their .„?vS?'er, Mrs. Zortman,- an^ij parents attend the church services. ^u.^" n'^t'- Tu'^'^ii The children are Ifept busy and, and daughter Ruth of Ukiah,'and" laugiji ^.^^y useful means of Mrs. Harold Adama and .son Her-. „„use,„ent. He expresses the wisl^-'^' bert of, Potter. • that the young-.couplesiriWs con- Mf; and Mrs. _ Herbert Pickle gregation will make wse, of -'.'the":;; were Sunday dlnnM guesrts of Mr; j nurser.v. ' • > .and'Mrs,; Henry:Dickey. • '•• j Another recent addition to the ^ Mr. ilhd'MrS; RusSttll W^ church is the new kitchen equip-',",' land daughter of Ukiah: spent. Sun- mer.t, which was obtained, \indcr , .W'v.'it.h Mr. Whitcomb's parents, i the leadersl'iip of: Robert Frohn .^.j" Mi", and Mrs. Perciy Whitcomb: ' I There is a beautiful new -eleetric" : At the Foresters meeting Satur- ' range, a hot water heater and; .. Cynthia Frey's rnonulog on "Why I Went to College." In addition to flie regular solemn pledge and initiation by candle- linht, all incominR members were told beforehand to dre;;s like certain prominent business men,.They did. and iheir «nivance cuu;;cd tlie iir:U gale of lau;;;hler. The naxl came wlien they were told to interview these men and to beg, borrow or .steal one of their ties. Mr.S; Kister took i'irst jjrize, a chijiped chamber pot, for her imitation of E. B. Johnson; Mrs. Redd, for her costume representing Logan Anker, received a pair of wool socks badly in need of repair, while Mrs. Marian Waud won a cigar for being able to identify the business men represented by the business women; Others impersonated were George Smith of the Noyo Theatre, Lee Kenworthy of the Willits News; George Krch of Little Lake Body Shop, Lee:Wise of P.G.&H., and George Peterson-of Shell. It all led to cream puffs and nut rolls, washed down with coffee or tea, served on t.ibles decorated typically of Valentine's Day. . da>> night there were initiation and installation ceremonies. Gus .ju^ch of Santa Rosa came up tt: :iistall the new offlciers. The ini- •,i;.fe.s were Carl Anderson, Hart .ld Marshall, Esrl Owens, Vernon Clark and Bob Whicomb. A fine supper prepared by the men concluded the evening. Harold Marshall and Wayne Varnum left Sunday to enroll in Santa Rosa Junior College. Helen Eddie, Rose Knighton and Tilda Guntly returned to resume ivUidles at the same school. Mrs. John Wipf and sons John and Ernest left last week for the state of Washington to visit Mrs. Wipf's uncle whom -she has not seen since shnwas a young girl in Switzerland, Mr. and Mrs. William Hook and children left Saturday to c;:lab- lish a new home in Baker .'if 'c.lri. Helen Christofferson is back at high .schocl after losing a week to an appendicitis operation. Olive Busch Guest Speaker Mrs, Olive Busch was the guest speaker at the Potter Progress Club .Saturday. She talked on the linoleum has been laid. This im-,,,-, provement is the combined project of the Young Adult Fellowship and the W.S.C.S. The Senior Youth Fellowship,,', had Uieir regular meeting in the' civ.ucii parlor. All youth of high, ,^ school age or over are always wel-„.i come to these meetings, Rev..,; Lindemann says. ,* JOHN HENH'i' HDLGREN RITES, Funeral services for John Henry Hdlgren, who passed away Satur- "' day, were held from tlie Eversol(^',"' Mortuar.v Monday afternoon nt 2 o'clock, with Rev. Charles LindCr" mann officiating. Mr, Hdlgren had made his home in Redwood"" valley for the past 15 years. ian Smith of Ukiah, J. J. Thorn;",' tim, Lloyd Hughes, James Nichols, Orvillo Frost and P. B. Wester-"' man. The Februar,v potluck supper " v/ill be hold in the lecture rooni'i'J of tlin church Friday night. Senator Burt Busch \vil] bo, the. „ Calito'rnia CenUmnial! Mrs. How-i P'''"""^"' '^P '^f f PomonSj ard Brooks and Mrs. Vane Thorn- 1 ^""^'"^ ° ='°f.'^' , „.i,„ , ,.,„.„. „ i 1 his program is open to the public. JJlhel and Clar.a Ackerman have come from Layl&nville and are attending the Potter olementar .^,iii school. They are living with Mr ,.'I. ton, who compose the program commitleo, had decorations in keeping with the gold rush days. Gilded Ore.gon grape ."ind gilded pussywillow.s, -.vilh ro'.'ks rcpre- Eentin;> gold nuggets were u.scd lavisliiy. Little Ginger Ilulbert contributed a song and Frank Wilson played a violin solo before Mrs. Thorn'^gn introdifcd the' speaker. Ice, cream, wafers and colfce wore served by Mesdames Percy Whitcomb, Joe Wilson, Marion Kitchel, Vernon Clark and Charles Tomlln, Preceding the club meeting Mrs. Brooks and Mrs. Thornton entertained a group of Mrs. Busuh's friends at a gold luncheon in the | Brooks homo in Upper Potter. Here | again. the gold motif was carried | out with goldhear.ts and arrows marking the ladies* pi.-ices ai the table. Guestg at the luncheon were Mesdame.s Olive Busch and Viv- iuid Mrs. Graff on Eel river. Martin Morion is living with,,, Mr. and Mrs. John McNiff and will remain with them until the ' end of the school year. His par'.r. ents have moved from Eel rive.r to Oakland. The concert sponsored by the-_; high school Tuesday night was . very poorly attended, but those. -. who were there enjoyed the bril; liant violinist, Myrnu Mosbier.... Fourth Street Clinic B. D. Birainerd, D.O.: : Telephone 379 I REaAL DISOROm RUPTURE ' EXTERNAL CANCER } 864 Fourth Street. SanXa Bosa ministered first aid and at last reports the patient was hopping \ docino county withdrawing from around life. with renewed interest in the jurisdiction of the First district and joining Lake county to People on Pine street' thought! i'oi'm a Twenty-eighth district, as .they were seeing things Saturday i under the present setup the dis- when out of one car came chjldltrict commander has too many after child, after child. The grand \ Posts and too large a mileage area total was 14 children and two j t" eover efficiently. It will be | 11-1 t 1. We had to break records...and we did. To: diy we're serving over one-fourth more telephone* than,at the war's end—a net gain of three-quarters of a million. And, since every day many customers tnove, we actually had to install more than two and a quarter milUon telephones to make this gain. adults. Actually it was Gayle Zanr ella's sixth birthday and to cele- di.scuEsed m(5re thoroughly at the First District Legion Convention, brate she was hostess to a theatre j to be held in Fort Bragg on Feb- party. After v;itnessing Gene \ ruary 29. Auliey's thrilling exploits the whole crowd and their chaperones. Mrs. Gertrude Z.-inella and Mrs, Vol na WoUf, all packed into the one available car and went home, where f;i [lK brouglit by Linda Frcjsl, Mar.lorio Harruh, I'ictly Stansberry, Gvvennie Bean, Bonnie Hiirrah, Lynn Baochiol, Charmcl Butcher, Darlene .Elliott, Vickie Beuii, Sandy WoUT, Patrici,i Bean, Michael Meek ami brothrtr Gary Zfincllu,' were opened, Allor the oh's - and ah's quioted down, re-\ frbsliincnts were scrvod at a t;ib]'(.' decorated in the Valentine tiiotil, finLshed off with stoVy book dolls. The Veterans' Memorial building would, have been an antique enthusiast's paradise last Friday when the Women's Improvement Cl^b were at their monthly meeting. The theme for the day was Heirlooms and so all- the worth.' ladies brought out the f-amily treasures and let others enjoy them. Entertainment by the Willits tJnion High School Choral group and tea rounded out the meeting. i.s, Louis Bertain, C. G. Elliott and Charles Zanella attended a meeting of the 40/8 in Hopland Saturday,'. Besides eating a good, Jul! meal, they participated in a business meeting where child welfare in this district was discussed by Comrade Howard ZaUs of Uikah. Their next meeting will be held in Ukiah, featuring a corned beef and cabbage dinner, on March 6, Mrs, Sarah .Secrist. was hostess Tu-nsday evening to the grand officers and the c.':cort team of the ncbi-!;:ih Lod.t;c No. 24«, hnnorinRi Hio (( deputy president, MJS , j Vad.'i CoiliiM', combined with a ::l.ik sliov.'cr for Mrs. 'Perr.y .Smith. Gaines wore pla.vod, wilii Mrs, C;c!rtrude Z.-inel!a tnking I'irsi pri:--!', .Mrs, Frances ]:'ullcn second,; and i'.insolation )>ri'ic going to j Mis, I.aura Rf:f';i;;iio, Others at- ; IC'iulin:', were Mesd-jmcs Eiizabelh j MuiK^iij), Al (!i :ia Curoton, Elizabcllij !..itlli:li.','ld. I.!h-ia:lie Ilos, Marfan", j f:ilioii, Pauline Safford. Mary I'ji.'jc, Mecca Hcl'eck, and Miss .Sarah Cerrutll, Thb evening ended i v.'ith cake'and coffee. Business Women Initiate Doubtless the citizens of Willits are wondering why all the hilarity Tuesday night at Leak's hall. It was the annual initiation of the Willits Business Sr. Professional Women's Club. New members were Mesdames, Anita Swope, Hulda Kister, Bonnie Boyington, Rene Redd, Helen Baldwin, Doris Elliott, Juanita Lewis, Alvera Saunders and Caroline Merchant. The third loud laugh was prompted when upon their return i they imitated the interview. The other laugh was due to Mrs. Bonnie Boyington singing halt a song, accompanying herself on the piano, only to discover that the last half had been lost or pilfered. Another thing that caused mirtb-^was Mrs. 2. Complex splices like this —thousand.s of them— went into the two million miles of wire we 've put in. And that's only part of tlic story- more than 200 new buildings or additioiiB ... complex new switching equipment in iihiiont all our buildings... these and other facilities aro being added in the face of'sharply rising costs and tough supply problems. 4. Where doetJ the motiey come from... millions of new working dollars needed to extend and improve service? MU-' lions must come, not from telephone bills, but from thousands of people who put their savings to -work in the telephone busi- - ness. To attract; these working dollars, we must pay a reasonable amount for their use. This, requires, the sale of our services at fair and adequate prices. .3. We're still working, against time. Orders continue to fif)od in. To (ill service iiCod.>i we're nud- ing facilities at the rate of more than iialf a. million doUnrb- a d;iy- every da}'. A huge investment, yes. But tplephooes have been going in as never before in tlie Wefct. And as the system grows, your telephone service becomes more valuable stilL The Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company Mor« than 65,O0n people working together lo iurnlsh Mnr-bJUe; Uleplione sendee U the West a-

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