Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 4, 1965 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 4, 1965
Page 9
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••••••§•••••*••••••••••• A|gong Ho**uth County * ~ I—HSU™* • M=B " t ^ tf ^ HIftIlftf ^ Ifim ^j iSi ^ lll ^ S f mf ^ mmmm . ^_ THURSDAY, MARCH 4 f 1965 - ALGbNA, IOWA • vance 3 7 from Kossuth at winter camp THE GREAT NEWS that a certain beer can be obtained in a seamless can leaves the Old Goat cold. So what!? It's a puzzler whether a seam would have a thing to do with what's inside the seamless can. Maybe the beer won't get agitated by the seam or something but how about a bottle—why is it any better in a seamless can than a seamless bottle? Phooey! Bring back the Hamm's bear—he .was much more entertaining .and worth the watching even,though you'd seen it dozens of' times before. Of course some, people hold that a good cqfnmercial doesn't do the job—it's ;the'.irritating ones that are remember ed. Yup—the Old Goat remembers not to buy the product.. ADAM CLAYTON POWELL, the congressmen from New York who almost dassn't go home because he'll be served with a summons on an unpaid judgment, has hired himself a former Bunny Girl as as secretary. Bunny Girls are those waitresses at the Playboy clubs who wear rabbit ears and a bunny tail and durned little else—merely to get the suckers to buy more booxe. Anyway the article stated the girl would type 90 words a minute. First thing you know they'll come up with the idea these girls have brains. Well most of them are smart enough not to get mixed up like their customers whether they can type 90 words a minute or not. -":•••' —o— OH COME NOWI .Minnesota's legislators are all excited about an anti-necking bill before that law-making body. Seems some believe a law should be passed that a boy should hot have'his arm around a girl while driving, and vice versa. From what the Old Goat observes it seems the girls are trying to push the boy out the window on his side of the car anyway the way they ride the middle and a bit more of the front seat. Shucks—the girls have to hold on to the poor goop or he has to hold on to her to keep from falling out! Some of those old fogies have forgotten the days of their youth. Well, maybe not—in those days they had to walk the girl. '.-. —°— USUALLY THE Old Goat takes a dim view of an ocelot, but last week one of them is reported to have bit the Old Goat's pet peeve on the What's My Line show. Seems an ocelot is a spotted wildcat which may or may not be appropriate, and the Old Goat really hopes it wasn't serious—for the ocelot tool The Old Goat feels the ocelot must have felt remorse, for an unpublished report from the ocelot said; A silly old ocelot A bite on Dotty got, Tied in a knot Like a drunken sot, He said I'd rather been shot. THERE'S A HORRIBLE bill introduced in the Iowa legislature that would require a per* son's picture to be on" his or her driver's license, Most people will take a dim view indeed of such goings-on, Wonder if those legislators think they are pretty enough to have a picture like a passoprt job tacked onto their license? Shucks if the Old Goat was ever stopped by a patrolman who took one look at the picture the Old Goat would be yanked into jail so fast H would make his head swim, The Old Goat looks guilty enough natural let alone in a picture! :37 KOSSUTH COUNTY *H junior leaders attended winter camp for three days at the State 4-H Camping Center near Madrid, Iowa. Balmy weather limited the outdoor activities to hiking, skating, snow-man making and snow balling. The 4-H'ers. did present a program on leadership and physical fitness. They planned and presented their own evening programs of games, square dancing and; folk dancing. Morning and evening vespers' added a spiritual phase to the camp and the Protestant Sunday; service.included a religious play presented by a church service committee. . ; . ; , ..;;" Chaperones for the weekend camp were'Mrs. August Brandt/Swea City; Mrs. Joe Loebach, Jr., Irvington; Galen DC- Valois and Roger Hiemstra, Algona. Those 4-H'ers attending the camp were -—Mark Bierstedt, Steve Detrick, Harlan Metzger, Merlyn Metzger, Jackie Detrick and Kathy Besch, all of Whittemore; Daryl Bpehm,.Linda Hoeppner, both of Lakota; Rod Scuff- ham, Lois,Hunt, Unda Dodds, Sheila Frideres, Cindy Long and Bonita Kiilsholm,.Algona; Paul Thoreson, Petrea Thoreson, Luan Brandt, Swea City; Ken Richter, Dave Walker, Judy Cher land, Ann Wilson, Buft; Reuben Skow, Bob Boleneus, Francis Hildman, Mary Jo Becker, Helen Skow, Wesley; Brian Johnson, Bancroft;-Thomas Lynch, Joyce Berkland, Fenton; Rodney Jensen, Phyllis Cherland, Lone Rock; Ron Struthers, West Bend; Margaret Powers, Elmore, Minn.; Brenda Eden, Titonka; Vivian Thorson, Armstrong; Vicki McGuire, West Bend; and Bonnie Crouch,-Fenton. - . Six entered in conservation speech contest Entries in the 4th Annual Kossuth County Soil and Water Conservation Speech Contest are Sandra Elbert and Mark Adams, students at Garrigan; Petrea Thorson, Swea City Community School; Sandy Schenck, Algona Community School; and Geraldine Welmelmi and Susan Menke of St. John's at Bancroft. The contest will be held at 7 p.m., Monday, March 22, at the USDA meeting room in Algona. The public is invited to attend the event. Contestants will speak on the topic, "How Soil and Water Conservation Affects My Future." Talks will be from 5 to 10 minutes in length. The speeches will be judged on the basis of originality, aptness of thought, and manner in which presented. The Soil Conservation District, sponsors of the event, will present awards to the winners of the local contest. District winners will advance to the Regional con- tost and the Regional winners will advance to the state meet. Algona 4-H boy's club elects officers , The new all town mcmbered 4-H boys' club, the first of its kind in Kossuth county, elected its J965 officers recently. President, Neal O'Brien; vice-president, Mike Putney; secretary- treasurer, Charles Farrell; reporter, Mark Elbert and recreation and music chairman, Ricci Framback, will guide the club through the club year. ! The club officers were installed by the county 4-H officers and they and the rest of the club members, Galen Friedrich, Stephen Gpecke, James Harris, Dennis Mains, Charles Mains, Mike Sifert and Don Smith, were also? initiated into 4-H membership by the county officers. The club decided to postpone having a 4-H basketball team until they have a year of 4-1 ( experience, but they did decide to have a display for the Algona 4-H Day. They also decided to adopt an official club name at the March monthly meeting. The boys will be taking one of the following projects: photography, woodworking or small motors. HONOR COURT HELD A Court of Honor was held for Hoy Scout Troop 71 Feb. '<!•( with 40 Scouts and parents present. Awards of advancement, merit badges, camp patches and service stars were presented by Scoutmasters Arnold Hill and Wcs Bartlctt. These awards had been • earned by the Scouts in recent months. After the presentation of awards, refreshments were served by the troop committee. Committee chairman is Lawrence Hulzell. GOOD WILL PICK UP The Good Will truck will be in Algona Monday.. March 8, at William Runchey's at 819 South Minnesota Street. Announcement— Norman & Perry Have Taken Over the ELK CLEANERS and it is "Business As Usual" HILL NORMAN BOB PERRY ELK CLEANERS Phone 5-3447, Algona offered by Soil group servation District commissioners are Coffering two scholarships to the', Iowa Teachers Conservation Camp' this year. The first session of the Camp is from June 6 to June 26, the second session from June 27 to July, 17, and the third session from July 18 to August 7. : . first and third session will Langfitt wins trip to Kansas City Ray Langfitt, local theatre manager, leit today for Kansas City to attend the National Thear ire Convention which, runs thru inursclay. The convention wlil ieaiui;e_a- Showarama. TheMriJ} is the result of an award he received irom Central states theatre Corp. ior Miowmausnip oi me Soil Conservation election dated The Kossuth County Soil Conservation District Commissioner election will night, March be Biology 104, which emphasizes tfie forest resources, ecology and. 'fish and wildlife management. The second .session will be for Biology 105 which will feature a study.of rocks and min- of the Commissioners, ends, soil and land management, as. well as water conservation. Six hours of credit may be earned by taking both of the courses. Those taking the course be held Monday 22, 1965, at the USDA Center meeting room, according to Julius Baas, chairman The selection will be for the filling of the office of District Commissioner J. C. (Jack) Nyman. Nyman has served as Com- will stay in the cabins at the group camp in Springbrook state park, seven miles north of Guthrie Center. The recreational facilities of the park are fishing, swimming, and hiking. During one course those attending will travel approximately 1,000 miles to various areas of Iowa for a view of conservation practices in action, Much of the work will be in the field. A bus will take them within walking distance of the points of interest, They will learn direct experience, guided by some of the ablest state, resource people in the missioner for the past six years, acting as chairman two years ot' his term. The Commissioners have appointed a nominating committee consisting of Ernest Heidecker, Orville Thorson and Harvey L. Larson. The committee is contacting farmers and plan to put into nomination two men for the office. Any farm owner or operator living within the District that is interested in nominating a person for the office may obtain the necessary nomination papers at the Soil Conservation District Of. fice. SINGERS WHO mike faces like they were suffering the agonies of hades while they wrestle with a song Igpk pretty stupid. If it hurts that much they should keep quiet and not inflict that caterwauling on an innocent public. They clentch their fists, screw up their faces in horror and anguish, and moan like an irritated banshee. Isn't singing supposed to be fun my- Nffd Printing? C*ll the APVANCPl . Thii little "Levtr" no doubt will provide well for that gal. That also means insurance protection for his business, home and contents, liability and possibly an educational policy for each of the children. 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