The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on July 16, 1865 · Page 2
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 2

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 16, 1865
Page 2
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The July number of Tlft Catholic World contains an interesting essay on Shake, peare, written by the late Cardinal Wise, gate in -respuuie id >n invitation "to "deliver a Jfftu«L*eforartty Royal Institution of Grwrt Brttfen/R wae bis last intellectual ;"il«bl''inett 'fa 1 'We 1 re>eces¥aW ,n: c. 861 deceptive arehiteotnre. „ „«, additional ornaments hang around nobegprks. thj impression which. :enpdn my mind creates t s A£ M « A « —. ^JUi. ,. »• \ f_ * T j er sense of which rfiTOrt wetc erj. om°t< grand- • vw\s**av*Vt7 'sbooht bb J J J^» _ . » *mrf«M nal dehv- ft ^ ._lu equally, and gorgepusness ; _^ •«& m succor, whiohwiH not find in one or the other of his works that which ^*&atoff= =: ffmFi {imals, half _ Chinese are% Ihe defeat of th krl FWW«M ?°w: paini. hVe> oj one «-w^» *» MW^ vw aw disadvantage on % pro! «Sfl* »nd, to i fShi iMstr Iqr.AiB-,* $m WWV n vi ?i *$ tntectWtf'aiT •2*r"\*y nTl?**Tf*RM as Hamlei showed to 9 £pla* tsof others roundel, and — J : oafcidaeter-changing JBT gloomy wadjmtbrflatiifiihgV with gold and, tinted * wittr dlUhg, ever moving, : ktne other, or ~ 15 ^ lavored tfie a sort of description scene of thfl d|*U«. ««« lion/of , then, af- _r ooeof-the company in public -•-"-- of the play. nervousi and Warriors? at "banners' yiduals, time, anc 588 and „ > drive a l*7n(ni»»«*Jmest( jxuty. taWrbftVfog their and ninety-one remain, fd and fifty nine have been sold; yet, owing to 4fae rapid rise of prop"»T ifi, thejCity c o£SewYo£k, the v Joe ol maining is many liases qreiaiu than waj v^A V«« WVf^tO Oiiee the this mase of things «Ml °* or •uydJ score, WM dofdw •»^» w^r ww*** v* T VBWVW *1L7W a rival may not one day ( 9 W« aft* f*ao &^TTTYaWV-V» bMfempj ."1 ft: J «m^i K «* HH ^1 out like in a ocean Venice. frM«Hb«i 1 ei^-ofl bawn»ai* i ^ ^ • • haman door; i ••*•** "^^ IftB^ rffeto -hot terary CU pUBBi ill . ; ^j4rim£ cardi- ed wjlbj the baft! Ha^Wc ilC sts wit HiWnii ; wHl be bo agajpst endftf. i «_»• % >• **£, v, WHf"*^** w -j. . Cfwt J r £is biography, tbe Oil continues :. ,. - T - ^ ' . . . • ?:>5 '' "What mattftfs it to^s iha^W paid so-' many marks or shillings to purch!ate>a homestead in Stratford-upon-Avon f The simple autograph of his name is now worth alftbe^umgxcti&t oe baa expended. !(!ftW single Ifne of one of bis dramas, written in bis own band, would be worth to hie-ad- mirer» r all tl»^ «ums which are known to bavti passed between him and others. What has become of the goodly folios which must have once existed written in his 1 owo hand ? Wbeiearv the "tank* ajnno- ta4ed or even scratched by big pen* from which he drew his subjects and sometimes tbe substance of hie dramas ? What vandalism destroyed the first or dispels- ed the second of these valuable treasure^? How is it that we know nothing of his method, o( cddtbositlDn ? Wfts it in boii^* . ed fo/boars blyondHbe^peaWb or the (turmoil of tbe street or tbe domestic soonas, &ame ? ' iGRkMoeM bi« oarrvaMetr* w »rks produced jn a 8crapa,o£. time and. -tag tfvH' moments, even perhaps in the waiptig' ^W?« - — — -«< —-—"^>-'y'CftrO BT bis-lanielsvifHt di " fr*n<«ou1(j A ap^ir :ot Sbakapeare; 9 tend not m-^ atod not 8BAK»PSARK AT COMPOSITION. ; silent, jtbxmghtfcjLwbile his } was -fteelliiwgaba' -fieaving in the fermentation of his glorious conception, so tbat men sbtrald have said, "B Sbakspeare is at work with some new mighty imaginings !" or wore he ah that light and carele&e spirit, whcb often belongs to tbe spontaneous facility of genius; so tbat bis comrades may have wondered when, and where, and how his grave characters, hia solemn scenes, hie fearful catastrophes, and his sublime maxims of original wisdom, conceived, planned, matured, and finally written down, to rule forever tbe worth of letter ? Almost the only'fact connected with bli'^ie^ary life wtiicb has been recorded,^pWnsps with jealousy, certainly with ill temper, by his friend pen. Johnson—that be wrote with., everhaste, and hardly erased aline, tbptigb itwwiid have b«ec better'had he done so wifchtmany. n % d .4 HVQOLA* CLAIM, -ix-"* ^or >VAfidij(it, vwhfia everybody J *ts% is silent, it may be very naturally-basked'? _ Have I a single claim to pat forward i iprf; 3* on your attention and ^dnlgencj ? T,thj nfc ; ^ ' — - - *-f egJ ^j Bt Jrhen £ isidiied eltfier f my pre^n- olaim. then, to be heard and • • • .• • — —.— listened to the kings aotwi hivV noble poetrr as ottered by oeeos of mfedy; I hajre., oonoerted eraoeful' the con- ,,«.., u IBt; >w t • -j -jj y. ». w j . ">'.•' among corsairs and buuo.teg .than, among pnreruld-^fioofe'? splrffs^. uerSinly 'li^ speaks of him with a "sup^fclitoufeness i wbicb x .bet<^f»iii& ; ,i*aJ)iii»p.fiillyi to {Com- pr^pend him Vy ,A^pd,jei,t!ir^uid f.H*o hare existed if tie rornantic i Cranna the spirit agency of Shakspeare had given it Kfe^nd"ftilef THK OBTQCI^t^OF'Slfii'K8l*8A'RB's OXNtUS. "W-b«^!a fetrui^er migtiv^^k, is ifae man and where .waf^ie b»ra, «cd where does he Jiy,ftf tha^ nqt oniy h^ a«ts aod seenes are placed in any age, qr,,&py ]aod, but tbat he can nil hie stage with tbe >very ^Tkig men of theiine **tf4flace4*pr l( ed;;piatae themimdte awwiiilV *» ield / ; of Iranian sensibilities tfts'iur* moralising W^tber tenderness even to th» broto. Afl<l io of other more delicate creations of the 1 poet's mind— iMb^a-ntod Ophelia, Desdetddnl . tb* A»tch Thane's wift^ produoe- re^ ww»08itefig«es»x>t inextrie- sjion. And aipqiod-an<lako»»-iB world ' ^^^ Titautii ,^nji -bi088otD, and Cobweb, aha Moth,, w^awas a gossamer cldtid around'ttw o) 7 diiti»ihi K it : gradaaRy before 'our iA the iast Urd«ft of weanneae, or r indi- i same 4- -» eye8 >rilliant il*ai i and JuJ^' ~ tleness of their npwmenta «ft9 tM^fflMesV meraV few woold faspect them of not belonging to the fair sex of China. *~ • , f\\-\ ^h**»tfa4Aft^oUov»ed by a Ten Mtotetfo nottrnaoee, some'CT a, being .woitby of Amoi. I h«iQ * le ^ 0 *'W >M **» 0 l?WD Bili' ol feats o th« nWrVenoas^arni4dy with, e OhhuMfe^iftdatrteljanli Formed into groapl an4 p^r%inid« of f fe»U<» the trspece Were Miabiahi^ . Qn^ nf ^p actors w me lon pic tail oTer a wooden bar foVir M him- held hori . Dr*JMtl« fferfMMkiiterlBi Chlai Dramatic performances are all the in Qbina^potwithstaodjon tbe *reat draw- r .,-3laoi crowding to boarB.tu^ujs or fo^^£rwngue ? Was he one, acous- pitJia of St. Mark, or der the ^iaJlo ? Or ..^he a knigh) 8 9i; .even archpr, 7 .4!i 'the Bends'of France or England dmiog th'e p^H'^d'*of the '^lantagenets of Tudora, and w*tne«sed and'wrote down tee great deeds of those thnea, and knew intimately aud personally snob puiaaaAt tiord who distinguished himaejf by i)i? valor, by his wisdom, or even by his crimes? Did be live in the courts of princes, perchance holding some office which enabled him to .listen to tbe grave utterances of king* and , their eounseUor*, or to the witty sayings of .court jesters 1. Did be, consort with "banrshed princes, or partake ot.^beir ; sports or their Bufferings 7 In fine, dad be liv*iio great oiries, or in 'shepherds'' cot-. i tagt8)X>i in fields and weeds: ind does he dftteir««ti John and live-on*o the eighth OQnitstiDg I in himself' ^ , . the ^stftblisbed playhouses .whiob l>ery numerous !ri Europe and in^A. fbe«otorB roam and' wander aob at ia itia- eranfc troupes, from town to towt n'n'ii Crom-vHlage to viMa^e, as aid they among tbe ancie«*$4 tbe ; time of Tbespin, and they, hold fofA anQ declaim in bootha erected and adjusted, comparatively speak• D R» neatly apdg^ly ; adoreed, and are temporary, being subject to tb,eir caprice by tfisadjuBtnrent and removal at the shortest Dotiee. Tbe inhabitants of Cbo- tea recently seat to Canton for a thea*ri- cal troupe, at an enormous 'expense, and a crowded'aufli^nce, inofudinKtbe local gen- notab\lifie%,' wiin'esled their Orat *nc«8. Anexteniive '«difioi, C on- atrwotvd of bamboo and pab* leave*, was erected eeveraj 4ajf ,pmioj**Jy to. <be ar . selfop haad orrer band arid remained dur- thus ia tbat <$ the, whoie- eetate. lots, it may beMt»t«d^ now f OTJa valuable teal estatta Jo'the Pint, lirtf, Fifth', Eighth and Ninth wards' OiD TRINITY DUEINQ THB aSTOLgUQW. <"fjTi|«^coof«>;4dapW^fy W^fector and corporation of old Trinity daring tbe stru». gle for Ameritfan independence was not calculated to strengthen the cause of the colonies. Their influence was often cast on 4$W»de;,o£J5iog^ George Mdi&ia army, throughout the provinces. The rector the MW'Dr.*lg&, who afterwards was rewarded with a_ bishopric, for his thorough lovahv. declared, in, a letter . •••- tha , -ithout exoeptine one, New Jersyr New York, Connecticut and so far as becould learn^in ^ie ether !Sj T Siftf%^^ Tml * ob Jeats in these try- r M _ m^xm 1 JJJA J laj^-J ^. JiTL^JJL:^ - . *£ ing nmet, -anv naa, TO tor atmost of their P'J'ffl'^PWf'n*^'!?^'^ °^ disaffection which Badfavolred tnia continent in the greatest calamities; and although their th« r«- Tnnity ebureh. OIOKQX WASH1MQTOJC „ fft 5mi»TTT "S this «ilflp narrates the following <jeiiTse of Trinity cbareb Kingten's arriraJ, (ia wa» bimself a member aad ,».,.,, ''Another (abl and ch or %toma:ok " d e "oTtae expw 1 Thefhtertor of the eoifioe was, filled with bwoh^s, i-iHhtUg leryglSaWiy 1 fro» the baseiof the «*»g«^ one abb ve antx&er, and orow^^nith: a fthreag* of JlhiamUe , wo: kjn L 9»inot«|Vltelk¥i£WT ) . 1Vl '' joaOtt be .«y been now iw, mo. .deal exactoeas and banquets, toumamenu, and builef. Ivf lefc . __>WM t 'of **Vn«r*J1i4Mrn (fnfli flrowiily flounderteif iin » T _ mingfigare»and.««Meioetts . .£}*9 t or floating amidst the,, {cagmentfli B shipwrecked diagranj,. Bo^over, Shaita- peare one may dream no leas, than pore; we may drop the book f|pm oar hand aod the contents renxain equauT -tbefonp UB« «ta*teb«fdih tbrsbade b> a^o>jf In Bum- [«imBgid«five fig- i ed few or the interesting audieooe? ocdd-' pied a rajse,d nla^formftt UM '.ildee. Tbo theater *** -fetitiy fighied T V tJhioese lanteftw, AftWe ap' fliost ingeiiiousry of colored paper. The stage recei¥*d a nrighir. er light from^ .nj^nber of little lamps, which wert repIeniBhed everjt , .few niin- ntes- by" the grave lamplightftr of the establishment' 'Who with '$h'e ; utmost nou- cbalanoe«bnlfnoaUy marcljed along and across the stage, and. in aqQ out among tbe playersf^fid witn 1 the 1 gWatest indif. ference throwing the burnt, oiry pieces of wick upon j&e spectators who " eat in ttte pit, as he proceeded oo his duty. "Close to the stage there were placed a number, of, oaairp ^nd a table, arounr 1 which the musicians were seated. These performed tbeir varied functions most con- Bcientrously-i-one especially—a player wbo seemed to emphasize the tftore striking passages m a Wgber and nypet-strik- Srtralr pewohi^ : prtsent r for the top of a lot of -opt^the height ^eofOj he gave a nr1 iW n ,« af : v »«!^ t 'w* ore man standing on a , "'-the' shbck resulting in fibrowiagboth m«i,eh tiwir -Wiks—one £Ulin.g <^o tie ground: and tbe ofchrf on t^ table.. Ope: wouJ^i- think tbat lh*» ^oiilif break their orms 9 ^or legs bat not on* of the strong muscles'of their naked backs sWmed to feel tbe fall in the least. They »pfJ*«t«d to be mad* of iron. Bat what seamed to pJe"as* tt« Ohina- men present, who had buhertoietnaithsd'' imoaaeible, .w.»s a seriesxif miiittry evolu-- tions executed by aotoijS grotesqaely dreefed and r masked, eom& oa foot and some on pasteboard horses, and ageodi* parted by cormbata aad tilting cpatches waged wit;h ib« various **»«{k>ns tised in tbe Celestial empire,: saoh a»**feers, lances, tridenta, 8p<jw«, &o. it waa a wou.- der how .thej managed not tO; injure ea<;h othor, so rapidly were there manceaver* executed, and especially as the din of the musical instruments, the clash of thj c«ra bals and googs, flopposed to mark tirit 1 *', the reports of the fire-crackers which were being aontinually l^t off, and the scent of tbe powder, had kindled an en thugiasin. among the audjence which, peared to spread to the actors." the , - —'service began, one of his generals called at tbe rector's ^°*S12. PJ ?2&?^ tim ^ k t ill ul^ wn ' and ^obl nndrnglrnn, left word that ne came to infom,^Jeelor fl»a* General Washington wobia be at tharoh, and w« Q H be glad if tbe violent prayers for tbe king .The to Me. Inglis, bat regard'^tb k." THB TITLB TOTBB FROrBBTf COffTlSTTD. Since, ,Jbe rey^Hitioaje-Tefajls^lts haw tfie corporatioQ of „. ^. 4<J v rtjtle. tba portion oTthe estate,to whicb tbe claimants dedar ed they6adale^ilright. Aaron Burr, we believe, was one of tke counsel for the claimants, but for some reason or., other, cottf^8 l 'fe «5H The \r«al(b of Trinity Churl) Pr»m The N. T. World Jwly U. Trinity ohnrch.the.bome of the WfrvlM In America."iiay proodly' With the exqsptioft «4 bet- oferjjotaUoo, lb.ut few .are aware **£ tfa»ailee ol -real estate from which sfee *e$eive8«a annual rental. In this torrid, weather,, it ; wouM tire the strongest man to walk over th», «tree I lines which Bound ber property. She own* tbe very heurt dfthe bfly, ^ife iwith commerce, speculation, and hourly pro6ts. There is • <no diocete so wealthy as her puriahj no European biahop cnjo/n so rich & see^ for, 90 th,e. first of Jday in every year, her treasury is replenished by hundreds of thousands of greenbacks. And yet her title to tbia Vast estate ia, admittedly, derived from an English grant which has been the subject of occasional legislation since the American revolution. No portion of her property has been conferred on ber by state or Federal authority and ber main right to 1 it is solely embodied In.the royal grants which conveyed "King's farm aod garden" to her control. ORIGIN Or .TO.* GRANT. In t&e year 1697, when Bepjamio ffleteKer was 'governor of New York, William the Third incorporated tbe in habitants joC tbis.«Uy iottj , « 'parish .oburch , tf ,, .the ,, jjacorfiormtioc. He 'to £5,060, ooionial oorreinav.— 'The iHWbf'-Ue edrfice, at the' head of Wall street, was obtained Itf thit y^«r 0 tb««€Wte of the , . .. . - - . 'whose son is now rector ofJEriniry church; Colonel Troup, and other gentlen.en, occasionally .defended. tiW interests of the Borpotation. HOW TH* PBOPBRTF ,13 LEiaBD. Thd c6f^fj>ratton biii a Targe mumber of tenants, and its rents are colle«cod reirt]!ar- ly by order oj'the eomptrolley ,Wr. Wm. -E ©Jiabodifib. ^ fa tier office, 7 ?ro'. 257 ftiiton eir^ei, n*arTy all business connected with tb« estaiaie-transaeted. The sexton pf St. Paul's we believe,, officiates ait eoltbetor ol the rents. Ont'he'Ust of May, 186&T toe leases which Mr. A«tor oMatned of the corpora- corp estate In the moot profitable part of the IfOTSiJi dcnlars. 'SspropertyTiaa risen one hoBured 1 p^fceot. sitfce ^H6«6 leases wen 1 m«de, itif« matter of donrbt whether r«- AeiRa.y«{;(h<eii;jiiU be granted at the pres- ept^gpj^.^TJu^ subject will doubtless caase an ttnmialed 8eis\ou amoug^ Uie cotpora- tion. r ••<?•• [g MM RP iappc*rtnoe,acQLtlt«i liftt4haiadroopjng spirits pf- ins of scene to pursue their own way, an min ister tbeir own varied pleasure or relief; and .when by degrees we bave become fa- »tKar with tbe inexhaastible resources of w« genini, thew ii loueely a want in they- learned the meaning ot the play «oi»ry fhjtt tfee pantomftoe of the ac- ton. Their pieces ^reRflnerally written in obsolete Chinese, wbieh few can under- Btandj»fidth»'^H«tyofthe Chinese di- ,al^t ie g a , great 'thai the actors- rarely opak^iA- the , J<w»aage of the iocaHty vrpere toeir erratic lif,e may lead, ttwnv In addition 'to this^ they B flaxin a eard 1 in' woiee, -which odntiot e ear in'ra "ra mote parts of the theater, and which is so often drowned by the terrible and infernal din, made by explosion of incidental fire crackers. "The piece commenced with a eonfliot between several man and one of those fan- he oi«y of. ^ ioaabii oorsa^ ai^(o&JKe«{ in communion cbuoh of E tmr laws;' arton was «^ rector and inhabitants of oar said New York in onminwioti ef «tor ant church of Coglaad, u a«» wtebfkh. ed by ou|>w».'" . ., ^ . ^ XARLT>CTION OI,TH» fcf Olt^miB^ The legislature of Kew York ia 1184 confirmed all the original powers of the corporatipn, without altering, the corporate name, which, However,' in 1788, wa$ altered so as to substitute eetaot Epis«op4l CftarohHa tb« ^ew.Xorki" for the .ffArotanui of England; and no itinhef l aotiou took effect until the 1814. MILES Or RKAt S8TATR. The estato of Trinity chun-h originally consisted of two thousand and sixty -eight lots, of which, since the year 1748, three — CITT LQT3 AT CS.VTS tACH. Aster leave, it ahould b» stated, includes three bu$dted and thnrty«.6ix lots wfaicb were let it) tbe year 1766, "aq aevea- ty-five CeMta per lot for a term of ninety more yefcr*. The lots are of coarse, all occupied by buildings which yield generally high roots. Some idea of tbe amount drawn from tb« rents of these butJdicgs may. b« realised when i; U known tbat Mr. A^tor'e income last year, aa returned hi the internal revenue office of the sixth district, was over $1,300,000. EICITBHMt AMONG THt CLKSfiY ABOOT TH* RiAL BSTATB. It ia, perhaps, needless to state that Mr. A s tor complied with, all tbe conditions upon which be bolds this fast property. That ne should be desjrous of retaining it, eaaoat escape wond'er. The heart of an ordintwy proprietor of real estate, involv ing » rental a thousand times -1«s» in *a that embodied ia^ihe AetorieMBS, wonld iDcontinentJy bre^iC >e foupd hjmself bereft; bitf» the lat of Mav, l866 ft of the ° -ffve 1 W" ohe 'hundred gnUW ^ bfbad ^rea t, %» a low at- of of Trinftr n,it Trinity do wih it ?" eleptou* «« h« haud»by of th« of the lar*, or clmrabea - Q ( gentlemen w tra MU AVTOa. One of them— a r «otor wbose wh'-te h*:rs and uncomh honesty nod candor htm with moro thaa ordinary U determined to

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