The Sioux County Capital from Orange City, Iowa on November 18, 1971 · Page 8
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The Sioux County Capital from Orange City, Iowa · Page 8

Orange City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 18, 1971
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

fttoettoft ORDINANCE NO. 562 •yjXTu'V^rU^ArUX/V'*"*''* * ***-*-^^*N^*»^^<-'^ Cards of Thanks CARD OF THANKS I wish tn thank :ill "KVSP fni- pravprs, r-;irds, nnd visits diiriner and after my linspital- i/:iti()ii. Sprcial thinks tn tho doctors :ind mirsps for tlu-ir fine ran\ Thanks tn I?PV. ! isspiis and I'«'v. Mrs. John I'kdn -n-lr c u;n or THANKS I wish to pxpri'^s inv rrai- tudp tn ttiP dnrtnrs and "''H- tirc hospital stall" inr th"ir kindness and pxrollmit far'' <iivrn to mo whilp I was hos- pitalised. Also n thank von tn Ke\. A. I-'issons for liis calls, pra .prs and words of PII- rntiratrpnipnt. Thanks tn all relatives, tipichlmrs and friPtids for thPir calls, cards and flowprs. All was cp'atly appr>'ciatod. II'M-inan F>" Haan WANTFD: Woman operator inr Burroughs accounting macliinp. Will train. Prefer general office and/or bookkeeping background but will consider all applications. Tall for appointment from 8 a.m. to r> p.m. at 737- •4fl2f>. K-Products Inc. Your equal opportunity employer. ' r,o-37w-lc r \SH paid for poultry. Talsma Produce at Hawnrden. oO-lCw-4p Rentals FOH RFNT: cond 4-bedroom farm home'and garaco. Call -.r,7-39-4" Maurice. r,0-llw-2r C \KD OF THANK Services ! v.i , tn thank all those wlm i.iiiN-'r'-d me with pr:r >-r-;. s. L'ilts and visits durinc after nv, recent hospital! - \lso a special thanks \. I'issens, Fir, r . - ... i. -i . !•;.! P: . MMV- •i I i CT!!<II t'X (K Sales *. >er\ice. Art'-' M. Bnmc-aars. -103 'til. N.W.. OlMli'-'f CUv. Plinue 737-203-1. i x we i>o:-p :- t.inn n-^ ment Works Mr-. !-'ud-. For Sale \TXYI. \Vall- 13° patterns in > T.-pr 20 special GFI-'T'S a n\ airl - rnady inr a whirl alter cleaninc carpets with Blue Lustre. Kent electric shainpoopf ?1. Vocel i Van DP Brake. Oranee City la. "0-22w-tfc Van on DP -n Brake. iRw-ttc with i - I OST itli Dex-a- -,0-r.p Legals ' il'l Master-; ind Gr IKIIIK-. r combinations Mirnituve -; Anti'iu- Lots of -- also ri'|iiin^. Brake Zoning Permits The follow-in? Xoning Permits have bpor. issued by the Xoning Fnfnrcpmi'nt Officer oi thp Citv of Orange City, Tows, and ar.v aggrieved party mav fletermine their rights of appeal 01 such action at the Citv Clerk's office; but notice of such appeal must lie on file within 10 day:, after this publication. Permit No. 8C". Xoning District R-l. Pobprt Huibregtse, nranire Citv. enlarge traragp, on lots 1 and 2. Block 39. Oriirinal Addition. Orange Citv. Inwa. NFW X-l: Hpducim- Plan. 42 TablPts $3.00. Mnnev Back Guarantee. VilUu'c Drug, Oranr" Cjf. . Iowa. Permit No. 8nt; ?.oningDis- trict R-l, Oranee City Homes. Orancre Cit\. Build house on Int C. block H. West First Addition. Orantre City. Iowa. heirs, devisees, grantees, assignees, successors in interest and their unknown spouses and the unknown claimants of the following described real estate situated in the Incorporated City of Orange City, Sioux County, Iowa, to-wit: The unnamed street running F.ast and West, lying North of Blocks 10 and 11, lying West of Block 8 and lying South of Blocks 3 and 4, Vander Aarde's Addition to the Incorporated City of Orange City Iowa, and, the unnamed street running North and - South, lying East of Blocks 4, 5 and G, lying North of Block 10, and lying West of Blocks 7 8 and' 9, Vander Aarde's Addition to the Incorporated City of Orange City, Iowa, Defendants TO THE ABOVE NAMED AND DESCRIBED DEFENDANTS \ND EACH AND ALL OF YOU \ND TO THE UNKNOWN CLAIMANTS OF THE TITLE TO THF REAL ESTATE DE- SCniBF.D IN T11K FOREGOING CAPTION, WHICH IS BY THIS REFERENCE MADE A PART OF THIS ORIGINAL NOTICE: You and each of you are hereby notified that a petition of the above named plaintiff, in the above entitled action, is now on file in the office of the Clerk of the above named court, and which said petition asks no claim of personal judgment against you and which petition alleges that the plaintiff is the absolute owner in fee simple of the real estate described in the caption of this notice, which description is by this reference, made a part hereof. Said petition alleges that plaintiff and its grantors have had actual, open, notorious, continuous, exclusive, hostile and adverse possession of said real estate under claim of right and color of title for more than 10 years last past. That the defendants, or some of them, as plaintiff is credibly informed and believes, make some claim to said property, or s*me interest therein, adverse to the title of this plaintiff, but plaintiff alleges that any right, title or interest that the said defendants, or any of them, may ever have had in or to said real estate, or any part thereof, is junior and inferior to the title of this plaintiff, and is now barred by the statute of limitations. That the names and residences of the unknown defendants and the unknown claimants, and each and all of them, are unknown to this plaintiff, and the plaintiff has sought diligently to learn the same. ORDINANCE FOR THE OPERATION OF SNOWMOBILES UPON CERTAIN OF THE PUBLIC STREETS AND HIGHWAYS WITHIN THE MUNICIPAL LIMITS OF THE CITY OF ORANGE CITY, IOWA. other traffic which constitutes an immediate hazard, h. While displaying a flag with an area of not less than 50 square inches of florescent red color on a staff holder to put such flag at least 5 1/2 feet above the surface of the street. Section 3. Restricted Streets, Highways and Pro- LEGALS (Continued from page 7) Mix mi dirt, K. > Hi fl iG'IT salr-l- Iret. -1.0?, -. -hop. witli at Th Dex- Vil- •.III' M'' I- 1 -- Permit No, 8''.7. /.oning District H-l. Orange City Homes. Oransre City, Build house, on lot 12. Block ';. West First Addition. Orange City. Iowa. Permit Xo. HG8. /oning District H-l. OrangeCityHomes, OranBf Citv. Build house, on lot 0. Block 0. West First Addition. Orange City. Iowa. Permit No. 8i,9. /oning District Ii-1. .John Brook. Orange Citv. build house, on lots 5 and 1 , Block -1. West First Addition, Oraimi' C'itv. Iowa, Mull 1 . Schreur /riniiiL' i nlorceinent Officer Notices Hour : 1 " p. ii i. SIOUX-PREME PACKING CO On tor Priff-s No-.. Nov. Nov. Nov, No-.. Nnv '.I 10 1 ! 12 n io.2r, 19.TiO-19.7r 19.TifJ-19.7r 19.T,0-I9.7T 19.nO-HJ.7T MJ.T.O-10.7T Till- niSTHlCT COURT' THI ST.ATK OI-' ]OW\, \xn roi( siovx COUNTY In 1 quitv Nuinlicr 13923 Tin- inforporatcil City of Oninpc Citv. lov.-u. :in Iowa Municipal Corfioration, I'laintiff If you have hogs for sale call Collect 782-8001 Vaiider Aanln and \vilc, Aat-.tjc Vawlpr Aardo, also known as Aagjc Vander A:irdi-. also known as Agatha Vander Aardo; Cliarlos Vander Aanlc and wife, Cornelia Vaiider Aarde; Potor V-.indor Aanle and wife. Coertje Vander Aarde: Anne Vandfr Aarde and wilo, Janntje Vander Aarde; Gorrit Vrinder Aarclp and wile, Nellie Vander Aardo; l-:ffie nori-'iiian and husband, Jacob non-Minn; Bastiaan Vander Aarde. and wife, Anna Vander Aarde; Kli/.aboth Te 1'aske and liushainl, Horinan Te I'aske; and their unknown Plaintiff prays that the title to the real estate above described, be quieted in it, as against the adverse claims of each and all of the defendants, and that all of said defendants be forever barred and estopped from having or claiming any right, title or interest in or to said real estate, adverse to the plaintiff herein, and that plaintiff be decreed to be the absolute owner in fee simple of said real estate, and for general equitable relief. For full particulars see the petition now on file. You are therefore hereby notified to appear before said court in the court room of the court house at Orange City, Sioux County, Iowa, on or before the 13th day of December, 1971, and unless you so appear and make defense thereto your default will be entered and judgment and decree will be rendered against you for the relief demanded in the petition and for such other relief as the court may find just and equitable in the premises. Norman G. Bastemeyer.for Klay & Bastemeyer Attorneys for Plaintiff Orange City, Iowa Purpose of Ordinance: This Ordinance is adopted by the City Council of the City of Orange City, Iowa, as provided for in Code of Iowa, Chapter 321G, to provide for the operation' of snowmobiles as herein defined upon certain of the public streets and highways within the municipal limits of said City of Orange City and in the interests of public safety and convenience to Impose certain restrictions upon said operation. It is the intention of the City Council of Ihe City of Orange City, Iowa, that operation of snowmobiles as herein allowed upon said streets and highways shall be for the purpose of point-to-point transportation or transportation from the place of residence of the owner thereof to the city 11- m BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF ORANGE CITY, IOWA: Section 1. Definitions For purposes of the Ordinance the following term shall have the following meaning: 1. snowmobile: Means any self-propelled vehicle weighing less than 1,000 Ibs. which utilizes wheels with pneumatic tires and is designed to operate on land pr water or is equipped with 'sled-type runners or skis, a muffler sufficient to prohibit excessive noise, an endless be It-type tread, or any combination thereof and is designed for travel upon snow, land or ice. Section 2. Operation upon Public Streets and Highways Snowmobiles may be operated upon those public streets and highways not herein specified as restricted within the municipal limits of the City of Orange City, Iowa, as follows: a. Between the hours of 6:00 o'clock a.m. and 11:00 o'clock p.m. b. By a person sixteen years of age or older and holding a valid Iowa drivers license. c. For purposes of point- to-point transportation within said City or for purposes of transportation from a point with said City to the city limits thereof. d. In a single manner in the proper lane of traffic but as close to the curb as possible under existing circumstances. e. At a rate of speed not exceeding 15 miles per hour. f. Across restricted public streets or highways as hereinafter specified but only by crossing such streets or highways at an angle of approximately 90 degrees thereto and at a place where no ob-' struction prevents a quick and safe crossing, and only after said snowmobile has been brought to a complete stop before said crossing. g. In such a manner as to yield the right-of-way to all Snowmobiles may not be operated upon the following public streets, highways and public and private property within the municipal limUs of the City of Orange City, Iowa: a. Central Avenue. b. Albany Avenue. c. Arizona Avenue. d. Third Street SW from Central Avenue to Iowa Ave- e! All streets immediately adjacent to the Orange City Community Hospital. f. Public or city property, whether owned or leased by the governmental unit. g. No snowmobile shall be operated on private property without the prior express consent of the owner. Section 4. Parking and Side- wcilks Snowmobiles shall not be operated upon the public sidewalks within the municipal limits of the City of Orange City, Iowa, nor shall they be operated upon that portion of the public streets and highways located between the curb line and the sidewalk line and commonly referred to as "parking" or "terrace", except for purposes of crossing the same to a public street or iilgliway upon which operation is authorized by this Ordinance. It shall be unlawful for any person to leave or allow a snowmobile to be or remain unattended on public property while the motor is running or with keys for starting the vehicle left in the ignition. Section 5. Penalty Anyone violating any of the provisions of this Ordinance upon investigation thereof shall be subject to imprisonment not exceeding thirty days or to a fine not exceeding $100.00. PASSED and APPROVED this 4th day of November, 1971. aHq hooks, subscription . , • < , 340,73 SSISRSTT^^- -A-..-;. •}» Sioux Sound - rental •••••• 7 ' r Sioux City Journal -want ads ^, Jlicj rlvlnp Pelt ln for ||,n ; i 10 -' lb Twyman Films, Inc. Wangle School Service - classroom supplies, l SbnterincV -' regist^tlon '. '. '. \'. '. ', . . . . . eooo v & Vande Brake - paint, janitor supplies ...... 294.74 VaS's Super Service - lawn mower repair ......... 22.18 Visser Brothers - repairs . . . . . ............. '"•" Marion Van Peursem -bus driver ............ 90.00 Wards Natural Science Establishment - Mr Miss Mrs Mrs. Saturday attend Oordt i wlnkU, suplies Lewis Wlerda - paint ....... Williams Piano Company - music • •• JWJ ' • lu '-°" /s/ Robert M. Dunlop Mayor ATTEST: /s/ Don E. Schreur City Clerk Rev. Jack Boerlgter returned home Thursday evening, having attended a committee meeting in Zion, 111. since Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Hul- steln and children drove to Worthington, Minn. Sunday afternoon to visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ike Weg. Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Raak are leaving this week to visit their son, Dave, who Is in overseas service, stationed in Germany. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Punt from Omaha, Neb. spent the week end here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Warren Van Roekel, coming to help the latter celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary which came Monday, Nov. 8. Gerrit L. Vande Berg, who had been under observation at the Sioux Valley Hospital Sioux Falls, S. D., has been transferred back to the local hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Kool, Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Raak, Mrs. Dennis Raak and Mrs. Dick Raak drove to Sanborn Wednesday to assist the Clifford Raak family, who moved from Sanborn to Avoca, Minn. Raak is employed as a meat inspector at Worthington and Marshall, Minn. Mr. and Mrs. Wiebe De Vries left by plane Tuesday morning to spend a ten day visit with the relatives in California. Mrs. Art Vander Ploeg drove to Sheldon Wednesday evening where she was a guest speaker at a combined women's guild meeting at the First Reformed Church with women from Bethel Reformed Church as special guests. Mrs. Pete, Schut, Mrs. Wayne Schut, Mrs. Glen Schut, Mrs. Sam Schut, Mrs. William S. Beernink, Mrs. Vernon Beernink and Mrs. Ken Boeve from Hull motored to Omaha Neb. Thursday to spend the day in the Donald Beernink home. Mrs. Boeve was honored with a pink and blue shower. Mrs. John Critters has returned home from the Sloux_ Valley hospital, Sioux Falls, S.D., where she had undergone surgery for complications which set in after fracturing her hip in a fall last year. Children and grandchildren of Henry Mulder were home Sunday afternoon to help him celebrate his 87th birthday. v ' 1 -' 11 ' Mrs, ,.,. i " dM » Applied , met o/i Tui-ijaj M the lioiitt of Mis ii gel v,it|| Mrs.'i>' al | Kooi and Mrs, HI, as assistant li(,iit^ s( . s i rr PALACE mm* Show timp 7:15 4 9:1-5 Thurs. thru Sat. Nov 18-20 Double Feature lours.Minea.xi r<ffiB» COLOR by Deluxe ..UNITED ARTISTS ,. noialind IhifMli 1 "Mn.Pollifai-Sp) Sun. thru Wed. Nov. 21-24 Where your nightmares ei/. WILLARD begins Bus/ness and Profess!^ DIRECTORY Services ^^»3>^>5>v/ L V^^^^ s ^ s ^-*"'*^'"'^ Give them a little EXTRA... They'll pay you back in DOLLARS... Published Nov. ( 4, 11 & 18, 1971, in The Sioux County Capital. ;f 1 BIG MKDICAI, B1I.I.S Could you pay a substantial medical bill for yourself or a iiifintx-rof your family'.' Inquire al»wt "Major Medical." Don Van Her Weide, C.L.U. Phone 787-4500 or 737-2309 Jj*r M Orange City New York Life Insurance Company Lite Insurance - Group Insurance - Annuities Health Insurance - Pension Plans LOANS $50 to $5,000 Payments Can Be Arranged On Monthly Terms "Loans Payable On A Thirty-six Months Basis" Also 1,-irfi'cf loans available for financing of trucks .and aiitos .-it ruiisonsihlu rates. Household goods, autos, livestock accepted us securities. A-C Loan & Finance Co., Inc. '•Ll Central Avc. S.W. I^t Murs, Iowa Phone f>46-1103 Let us add Semi-Solid Liquid Feed Booster to your Feed Rations, Milk Nutrients get better gain at a lower cost Increased Palatibility Stepped up feed conversion Farmers Mutual Co-op Orange City t: H--T1IK SIOUX COUNTY CAPITAL, Thursday, NovfinIxT 18, 1971 fee ' Iso Physicians MEDICIAL CLINIC Orange City, Iowa Phone 4938 and 4984 E.B. A. R. M.D. GROSSMANN, Phone 2261 BUSHMER, M.D. Phone 2284 HASSEBROEK, M.D. Phone 2245 P. VANDER KOOI, M.D. Phone 4104 A qua- Sensor lull »ICt u* TM< Mon.-Fri., 9:00-4:30 E. B. GROSSMANN, JR., M.D. General Surgeon 111 Central Ave. SE Phone 737-4817 Optometrist DR. A. N. ALBERTSEN Optometrist 110 2nd St. NW Phone 4246 Orange City, Iowa Veterinarians *ifif^j^t-)*-lf^f*f\jf\j~\J~\S*S^~^~* SIOUX VETERINARY CLINIC Dr, A, J, Neumann Dr, L. H. Royer Dr, David Christenson Dr. M, Van Haaften VETERINARIANS Phone 4950 Orange City, Iowa ROGGEN & 113 Sri St. > Phone- ^' Oran?e CU'. HEARING AH i Auctivox • ' C. J. STEGIW Auction Auctioned' ph ' inf 2 «l 0rang - e Citv,^| REN VAN Auctioneer* I" 1 * phone DR. W, L. VERMEER DR, EARLE DOUGLAS VETERINARIANS PHONE 41 22 113 3rdSt.N,W, Orange CUy, Iowa Chiropractors Emergent Phone m Dr, A, Krull Le Mars, Iowa Phone 546-5604 Dr, R. J. Meylor NEW ADDRESS Highway 75 North Le Mars, Iowa Phone 546-7500 FIRE POLICE HOSPITAL SHERIFF Nelson

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