Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on July 9, 1957 · Page 10
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 10

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 9, 1957
Page 10
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Civil Rights Bill But Not Believed Loaded Cunning Sal Grundmeiers Move to Aspinwall Browned Admits Measure Exceeds Vote Protection «v .1AMKS M AH LOW Asunclatrd IVrss Sews Aitalvsl WASHiNTON _ The civil • vishls hill is loaded—in <\\v sense , Hint it B<»es far heyoinl jusl pro- 1 tecling the \<>img rmhis of \e- 1 jjrocs—Ivit it h.irdlv conies under ; the head of "nmnins;." Sen. Mussel!, (rporgii Democrat And cnplHin of the Seimtr Southerners now trying to prevent Senate consideration of the bill, called it the "most cunningly dev\sed and contrived piece of legislation 1 have ever seen" i This, knowingly or not. was a. slap at the Justice Department. I Ally. Gen. Riowiioll. at the Senate; Judiciary Committee's open hear-' iocs last February, said the bill was put together by his Justice Department's lawyers. School Segregation Rrownell frankly said this hill— backed by the 1'isenhower administration — would go beyond pro- lection of voting rights. For r\- ample. he said, he could step in under it to back up the Supreme Court's ban on public school segregation. He didn't go into the many kinds of civil rights violations covered hv this bill. He wasn't asked. Here are some other possibilities: segregation on buses, interference with witnesses or jurors where civil rights are concerned. There are plenty. This is how he 'd act He 'd ask a federal judge to order a stop to the violations. Disobedience would bring trial for contempt by the judge himself—not a jury trial— and jail if convicted. Ask* National Vote In his indignation against this hill. Russell suggested that it be that it be submitted to national (Time* HrfUliI New* Sfrilrn MANNING — Mr. and Mrs. Sal Grundmoier and family have mov- i ed to Aspinwall, where Mr Grund' meier has opened a body shop. Mr. and Mrs. H. \V. ('orbin and family of Denver visited the last week with Mr. Henry Ronneson. Mrs. Chris Hargens li ed after spending seveii Human Volunteers Used In Testing Flu Vaccine 1 ft Th ?" 1* rald / ? ar r"io« w ' Respect Wishes of 111 Tuesday, July 9, 1957 r • w Mrs. CooJidge for Simple Final Rites stitutes of Health. These standards would he applicable to vaccines produced by all mamifacttir- WASH1NGTON f*_Human vol- i untecrs are helping to lest experimental vaccines designed to combat Asiatic flu—and another week during or so may reveal whether one can nd Mrs. be .standardized for practical use. A spokesman for the U.S. Pub- return- nc Health Service said Tuesday weeks ,na * '' VP manufacturers have sub- FORMKR P RESIDE N T ' S WIDOW DIF.S , . . Mr*. Grave Goodhue Coolidce. "8. Widow of former President Calvin Coot- idgr, died in her Northhampton, Mass.. home. She is shown here In a photo made In October of IJt.-.l. <\KA Telephoto) whose rights were violated could sue lor damages or ask a judi;e for an injunction to stop the violation. Under the amendmc lull the attorney general could step in. instead of leav uiu it up to the injured individual to act. and ask the court for an injunction. No. 4 would authorize the attorney general to step in if—specifically — some individual's voting rights vvMc violated. Under Nns. ;) and 4 he'd for a court injunction. Anyone disobeying the court order could he tried for contempt by the judge himself—without jury trial—and be sent to jail. The theory is that this is the fastest way to get action against civil rights violations: to prevent their happening or stop them while they are happening. By the same reasoning a jury trial is slow authority to rail out troops to back up a court order against violations covered by Dial old 19th century law which this bill would amend. If this bill is passed, amending the Uith century law. the old law uith'her daughter, MrV 'm 'll Crane mitted samples of proposed vac providing lor the calling out ol ......... troops would :i|>i'ly to the newly amended law. Bui Rrov.nell replied sharply at tin- hearings when the subject ol calling out troops was mentioned He said the very suggestion that the President might call out troops in civil Mrs. Jim LaPari and daughter will not be possible to produce rights cases was disrespectful to of Atwater, Calif., were guests of them in unlimited quantities by President Kisenhower. Mrs. Emma Wycoff the past fall-when influenza usually is Ihe Southerners say they are not uoek. mos t prevalent worried Eisenhower would call out Mr and Mrs. William Metcalf the troops They argue someone of Midland. Mich, haw ; coming after — armed with the home after spending a v power this hill prov ides—might do her parents, and family, at Rock Rapids. Mrs. Glen Claussen and Bradley of Arlington, Va., • isited in ihe C. .1. Claussen and Art Rix homes, en route to l.vnnwood. Calif. cines to the service's communicable disease center at Montgomery, Ala. "Potency" tests are under way there. The spokesman cautioned, however, that even if one or more of that samples from the other four outbreaks of influenza-like diseas-, ers es are suspected of being the Asiatic type, though not yet confirmed as such. The malady is a relatively mild one in that it seldom produces complications, but patients have high fevers and "ache all over." No deaths stemming from it have been reported in this country. The spokesman said samples from one manufacturer, whom he declined to identify, have been under test at Montgomery for "two or tlTree weeks," but the vaccines passes the tests, it Mr. and mat u oe suummtu w ..»..«..«.. , rf f( violation , vote. Onlv a handful of the people ana uwm ' \ • . ...»I Trln hv .lllfi most affected by it — Southern Negroes — are eligible to vote. What particularly irritated Mussel was that the bill doesn't himsell-w everywhere spell out precisely what it would do but amends other' laws which are merely referred to in the bill by number. This is not, however, unusual in legislation. In such cases it is assumed that the senators, before they vote, will take the trouble to look up the amended laws to find out what they re voting on. The hill falls into four srctions but only the last two are under fire so far. No. 1 would create a six-man commission to study civil rights problems; No. 2 would create a new civil rights division in the Justice Department. The fight has been over Nos. 3 and 4. Amend Old Law Trial by Judge There is nothing new in trial for contempt of court by a judge ithout jury trial—and be sent to jail. The theory is thai this is the fastest way to get action against civil rights violations: to prevent their happening or stop them while they are happening Ry the same reasining a jury trial is slmv and would come after a violation. There is nothing new in trial for contempt of court by a judge himself, without a jury. Brownell cited at least 28 laws under which that can be done in other fields. Southerners insist there should be a jury trial. But. although during the weeks of the filibuster I hey will offer amendment upon amendment to soften this bill, their main purpose all the while, will be to kill Mu>sell has said, will be No. 3 woulcTamend on old 19th, lhe Ml . centurv law -^covering a very Russell argues on another point, broad "field of civil rights viola- too: not mentioned in the nil is person'an old law giving the President tions under which of 1957 G-E APPLIANCES G-E Room Air Conditioners 1 ton Thiniine with thermostat control. 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"The Store That Service Built'' He said a few "relatively local- returned ized outbreaks" of the disease— ,eek with which has reached epidemic form Mrs. Kr- in Asian nations—already have occurred in the United States. Other were received only last week. He said it takes a month or more to complete the tests. He said if the vaccine longest under tests should pass them, the manufacturer presumably then would be ready to go into production, pending establishment of for- NORTHAMPTON. .Mass. im — ' Just as she desired it in her final In the tests, the "spokesman said vvish, funeral services Wednesday 'for Mrs. Calvin Coolidge, widow of the former President, will be quiet and simple. The former First Lady who died early Monday at the age of 78. The funeral will be held at 2 p. m. in Edwards Congregational Church, where services for the late President were held Jan. 7, The body will be cremated Thursday and Ihe ashes will be sent to the hamlet of Plymouth, : Y'L. for burial lYiday beside the ; graves of her husband and their . son Calvin, who died at the age human volunteers are injected with the vaccine, and tested at weekly intervals to determine how much resistance they have developed in the form of "antibodies" in their blood. He stressed that there is no danger of the volunteers develop- vaccine '"R l ' 1G f '" "self as a result, because the infective route for the disease is by way of the nose and throat. "FATHER OK HISTOKY" The Greek historian, Herodotus, is called the "Father ol History," his being the first history to be of Ifi just ;13 years ago while written in an organized chronolog-; Coolidge was in the While House, ical manner. 1 The only surviving son. John, now .it. said there would be no The Florida wahoo is a delici-' callers and requested that no ous food fish that can swim quite flowers be sent Friends were mal specifications for an Asiatic last. It has been timed at 70 miles urged instead to make donations, flu vaccine by the National In- an hour. if they wish, to the Heart Fund. SHOP IN COOL AIR CONDITIONED COMFORT Yes. these blistering are hard to take, but for our Iowa crops we must have them. However, why suffer more lhan voti have to. Drive down to Hannasch Super Valu and shop for an hour or more in Air Conditioned Cool. Cool, Comfort. And you'll save more and get Gold Bond Stamps with every purchase at Hannasch Super Vali. FRESH CREAMERY ol l>»COI> • roiiiul f.icli r»r of torn and nr. uri" null loolhpuk. . . romt on \onr grill . . . wh.U a l.i-lf llirill. rri.«p htron minded Midi jiui'V ?»<c«t corn. 1 r> il on )<nir fmiiil* lliit ki-ekeml. 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