Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California on February 6, 1948 · Page 5
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Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California · Page 5

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 6, 1948
Page 5
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DISPATCH DKMOCRAT. Ul^IAH, CALUfORNIA ay '.la • ill. , .'in :al ed^ in, is itfe •• ig, • cd ut be mat ng ic- cy :ld (call ng bfe it- m haatfe attack wi#M^ ',^'slting' in Berkeley. TM'MctaWghiinS recently settled in fobnvillS t^ft^t his retirement frote^TSuSfii^v'ft^is rio* in the (0Mdf::S!m^: in/Oaklianct. .'^^j'ild^lirti^; Vellk ifor- d^fel&tf •'•dent¥t ii&s^ been sfetioiisiy i11y\hii''^U\::,.AM is in tfie fj'ay' ai:e£t£)i^, Edwards r'eaidies iii ^hlieS, wftiafe' he- haij 'an oliice al '^S ItoSie, 1$ feVhoped' that he V^it sobti'fc'e iiiyeira'ndhbirti'^ ^gain. 36eMM0l'^P~¥^^ vlctlni of 'i 'a ffit-iaiinWr-rUli''arive ovdr a yiar ,9ga/'.M&e'A. A^ithbiit a brace fo? th'e ,flm' tiftlf sihfce the' acci- deni; i^st 'Tu^daj^^^ Mr. Rawles Has*, bfeen' ^iji' aSan Jose hospital with a brafefei i5ii his leg, recovering, ^roititlie SCTibus break, ^hich resulted frdiftthe accident. He returned to v his; horrie in Booriville last Tuesiday. .•; y Mr. agU Mrs. Bill Rowley and faifeily jC^^'gqaVisited the Burt ^wleyS iSi''Bobhville last week. •^3^ left Pis Wee^ foi- Arizona, wSeiretlley' 'Will spend their vaca- ti§i; Bill fHSjivley and Burt How- I l^'ai-e.broiliers. ,. ^X.lil'l'*''^*'^^^^^^^**®^ of Boohville /'^'^ISd^ a trip to Ukiah 'Wednesday. Claude Presley, constable ol Boonyille,_wlio is,recovering froro, an amputation, jiBlt the Ukiah hos- 'pifel Tuesday, :and ^ is staying a week.withiils daugiiter and fam- jlyi Adr.v-anii. Mrs. . Guthrie of Ukiah. j . • . Fey Dealey.recently had the cast r'em6v& 'from his leg and is now at work; a|ain; He is putting a bed :ori 'the. hevlr 2-tdn G.M.C. tracli (Jwated by BoJa Piper of Point Arena; Pneiiiiilitie priiiiihg was the'subl j66t ^ tlife Fam Center niefetlrig January 21. Mr. Bowles of the U .Ci extension service showed a moyie dtt thjsV; in his touir from soiitiierii California up the coast. Sujitilrvisbr Ed'Haehl wSs at the meeting. He stated that a sui-vey of ;th'e' highways in tiiis section would b^ riiade soon. The pneumatic prunirijg waii followed up by a'dernon^ratibn oh January 23 at the -QecU Gqwan ranch. This was Well attended. • ;, Mr.: and vMrs. Avon Ray ,left TiiesdSy .'f or Los Angeles,, ^vhere Mr. Kay •,'will attcad ine meeting of; tjie Fish' and Game commission. Miss • Josephine Fashauer of •Vallejo; spent the weekend: with h'?r.i;ousin Jean Fashauer of Piiilo. '^he- hew officers conducte;d the the regular session, of tKie Re'dWpod R'ebekali lodge,' Tues- <&y.'niiii.t.-. Plans were, made ,10 hold a' ciri: party some time iii Mafcb. ' Following tlie meeting, j#o, cake and coffee were served by the hostesses of the evening: AltaVan Zahdt, Hazel Eyies and Mr.; and Mrs. Bob Hqusniaii. . ; •MblbHsts will be gia(i to hear tha.t ;thecur'ye on Highway 28 is being imirb^i'eci ,near; tlie Mountain HbuSe. Accordiiig to 'tfbrace l^atheSioii, 'tJi^vtiirn at the junc- tfbri ;bf thb. Mbutltairt dbiise ;an'd Hopikiid;turrf-bff isbeih 'g wide^^^ considerably.,, ,. , ' _ Twb - erigageiVidht^ havb been ahnquttc^d this Week. Hlgli schobl iSstruotbr, Miss Jby Maginnes, a'ri- n'qiirlced., her fehgagement .to ib- reiiifb Nj'e 6f BoOnVillb.'Miss ita- ginA^g, .'who- is' froiii ' S^ri fim- ciscp, is, tSaofiin'g Hei- flrst year here-,Mr. Nye. is e''.tHe SjSss Mill at BbOhWlle.. Miss. Bar-; baifa:RalleSj, ^ir^mm&r .Schbbl 'in- .striictbr, is ' iils'b wearingj; a dia- niond. She is "Engaged: to Bruce Scott of SabtaRbsa. This is Mi^ Railes' first terrfi here also. Tlie cbijiinunit:^ eJKtends its best wislies to the twb cbupies. ' , . It iS reibqited that iMTrs. Fred Albrey of Bq:bhviile;4s quite ill in the tjfti'ah Geileral Hospital. Judge June' announced this •(veek that'; a packing house for Apples is to be btiilt bh the land [ j|.bBDOsife the,Evergreen Cemetery, ! panH shbuld be completed ,by • apple -iJicking time this year. This building will be approximately 50 'lix lO.d feet, and later, he hopes, a' 'cblcl St'brage plant and ibckers igftiy be a"ddedT- . ^rhe B.teanl' the basfcet- b^I game" with Mendocino last week with a scbre of 22 to 10. As this is a. leaigue game they were veiY jubilant.'!The A team arid the girls' baskietball .tearh . Were defeated. ,' : An invitational dinner dance wm JiS_ iqr th?. '.ligh scbflPl students on FdJrua'y, 11 at. the •high'Sc}io3l. ( ' * tfe yarn fciiiV/ cariJ pai-ty^ is the' Hig" event jfoi- 'yaienffrie Say this year. It Will be held the night of the 14th ^t. 8 6'clbck, wifft •many worthwhile prizes to be •won, and 'refrBshments'to follow. AH who hlie';''to"'pTay cards ate urged tq attend. / , An added attraction at the" Feb\ rijiiry 10 I^areiit-Te'aphei-s. Aseqci- ',atibri meetinejWill be la special |humbef,by tte high schbbl glee klUb: This org^iiizatiori is grdW- •ing,:and 'a'.AVbrthwKiliJ project 5 fbr parents, = teachers arid int'er- i estetf-citiz'ens.' ' Mr, Dhallin, the'examiner for : drivers' licensed, will be at Boon- 'vilje Apple HJall some lime the third week.intMarch. Mr. Dhallin was in. Boonvillo last Thursday. (jrAs the JP.-T.A. food sale was soeh a succe^, they are giving another,sale February 14 at 2 in the afternoon at Tindali's. Meav Market iti Bboriville. edVnt^ bariy ;if you want to buy^ as the last food sale was sold out in 30 minutes. '• Tlie Phiio Ladies' Aid held a special meeting "Tliursday afternoon. As tlie stovepipe was but of repair."! at the ciiurch, the meeting wa.s lield at the home of Mrs. George Burns, if'lans were made for a play,which will be given some time next month. These plays, by members of the Ladles* Aid, Have been popular fbr years, arid a large attendance is the result. The play for IJarch is a comedy entitled "Needles, Thread and Jabber." Was March of Dimes Bene^roary PHILO, Feb. 2.—A large crowd attended the March of Dimes dance, held at the Boonville Afcple Hall, January 31. The hall,was attractively festooned • with blue, red and white crepe paper streamers, and a wishing well was the center of attraction. "The well "bucket" was handy for. those wishing to donate a dime to the March of Dimes, and make a wiSh. •The midnight supper was chicken fricassee, hot biscuits aiid homemade calte and coffee; IJoriatibris from various merchants were raffled oft at midnight. The proceeds from the dance, supper and ; raffle will be published m the next issue. The March of Dimes committee for this area is Mervyn Perkins and Herb Lampbert Several of the valley residents •were present at the Federal Land Bank and Farm Loan Association's turkey dinner at Elks hall in UWah, Friday night. Those Who motored over frbm the valley tb eiijoy the celebration \vere Mr. irid MI'S. Byrori G. GbWari, Mrs, filiisabetti Gowan; Mr. arid Mrs. i'red Scrbeck arid Mr.- ari'd Mrs. ftaie Burger. The B teaih was again vicfciri- ous in the league basketball garne Friday night; when they Won over iPolnt Arena. 'The igame ifras played here at the high scfibql, and" a large cJrbWd atlehde'd. i'he A teaiti' and the girls' tbarii wbife'deite&ted^ although ..the ,scorli.ig was :gbbd. Friday, Fefiniiry 6, fee. teams play Sbplarid high school ;atHb^- land. Februaify 1^, Mendbirinb; is scheduled- tb pl^y here": Mrs. Akorn., of Lambert'^^ mill motored tbj^illits for tlie, w^k- end. She fbrmerly, resided tliere arid' r^tUl^S, quite "often tb; visit; Mrs. Ddwison; of Long, feeach is here visiting, her brothei'-in41aw and sister, Mr. and'^Mrs; Arthur Go'sSm^ft of Kavarto': She plans to stayaWay loriger, afid'thert return With hto husband, •«rho,'mbtbi-ed up this week'. ' •. Mrs. Meyers of Ofakdale is a guest at h'er Sbn-in-la^Viarid daughter's Home, Mr. atid Mrs..Marion eioV^. She ari:ived Friday. Mr. aria Mrs. iSeabrfni returned to their home in W^hirigtoh Idst Week after a riibnth with their daicfehtet and fftttiilyi Mr. and Mrs. J. Velie qf NSstt rtiiU. EdWard Gbwari Of Oakland Was ih the valley this weekend, visiting his mother, Wfrs; Elizabeth GbWan of Philo. Mr. and Mrs. Perry Aiistiri "arid sriiall Son 'Jiniiiiy Were guests of Mr. and-Mrs, Frank Ward of Phllo Sunday. ' : Mr. arid Mrs. E. J. Suiart enter- >tained Mr. and Mirs. Henry: Cox of HOplaiid; Mr. and'MM; D; H. Van Zaridt and Mr. and Mrs. Har-' old %fiesi all of Philb, an'd Gebrge Lake of San Francisco at dinner . Saturday night. After dinner bingo was erijoyed; '. ' ' ' Gebrge Lake of San Fr&'nciscb arrived Friday for a WeeKeny visit With Mi-, and Mrs; E; J. Smart bf Boonville. Sunday, they enjoyed a' motor the cbast Wlth^Mr. Snfart. Mr, and Mrs. Ralph Witherell and daughter Jarte qf SebaStdpqi spent the weekend with Mrs. •SVithereli's rribtlier; Mrs. Louiso Petersbh of Philb. ' Mr;'.tod Mrs. C. C. G'Brian, parents of W; VT. O'Brian, have moved fromi their .home at Navarro, the Tad Ingrarii house, to San Francisco. Mr. arid Mrs. Ed^ar Nash have- mb-Ved tb th'e Ingram house. . •-. High school Iristructor' Jtees Lindsay and his family have mdved to their new homb in Boonville, the Berry duplex. TO ORGANIZjE^WOMEN'S Ci;,VB At, "a I'uricheqn being served on February U at 1 o'clock in the afternoon, the ladies of Faith Lu- (K'eran chiircfr Will, rii'eei at the •Episcopal Guild hall.: All women of the community who have an interest in a group such as this are cordially welcome. After the I'uncheon, the group -will officially form an organization, and the election of officers will be held. EN-TERTAINS AOJf;^ Mrs. Del liaWies, the 90-year- young auiit of lWrs;,C. H. Luce is In toiiim for a .2-WjJek v^isit, Mrs, Rawles is' frorii B?>"rivilie arid corii'es over iSpon occasions tor a visit •with Mrs. Luce. . Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Luce of Petaluma'are guests of the C. H. Luces for a day or two; Stanislaus county's 5734 farms have an approximate value of $100,000,000. Jackie Pliili)^. son of Mr; and Mrs, Jack Rhilip of Ukiah, was a victiiri of infantile paralysis, but is now activ^ End happy, his treatment BaVirig been, aided by. funds irom the March of Dimes, an irisiarice that brings homo to Okiah ihe importance of these small contributions. ;jf:p'VELO,;Jan. 31.—Mrs. Fibr- effii^^ Bej;hriisr arid " childreh are visiting, lier parents, Mr, and Mrs'. ! Bill Gray, and Will be here several weeks,^ or untir the salb. of her hbme in the, city h'as been corii- piet'ed. She will tben go to'^Rerib; Whferfe liei? htjsbarid i's' erriijlbyed at the Veterans' Hospital.' '. ' , :Mr^; Bud ^hiister has gone to t.ieggett:valley tq: visit her sori, (jlarerice Lee,'irid family, and to' see the new baby tha.t hSs.just aifrivled. there^Mrs. Shuster's first gi-andchild. '. . / ,i"\^ai'te'r. Gbding' passed through. Covelb this Weelt oil- nis. waj( to' Last .Wednesday:, .evening ,,a. group, of her closest friends; gave &: siirprise bii-thday T)a*iy.,tb Mrs. Hattib'bsborn; on>her .8'4th :birth£ dajti Kefreshmerits: of. cake., and cbftee, were' Served by the guests ati^ a pleasfint evening ...pbssed' aWay dll'too.quickly. Mrs. Osborn received,ai number of nice gifts.' Lewis'^Hurt, who b&s been in Covelb and •iricinityfor some time, left this week for ^An Jose •where his family now resides. Mi:, arid Mrs. J.'L; Dunlap accoinpanied him' fo^ a •visit with their daughter, Mrs; |I*Wls Hurt, !and theh: granddaughters, Mary; Joanne and Linda. , :. Miss Paulino- Hopper; -who has been visiting- friends in Illlnbis; and Indiana, is Kbnie again' -visiti irig her parents, Mr. and Mi%; Clyde Hopper in Covelo; . Rev, and Mrs. Ernest Carey left last Monday 'for Gridiey for a medical checkup for . Mr. Carey and: a visit •with' their, childrenJ Mr. and Mrs.' Sam Giray acciSm- panied them' to th'O Sacrahientb Side" where they will -WSit a feW- days with their son Clarence.: Mi. arid'Mrs. John Darrah and Billie Shultz arrived last week ori a visit to Mrs. Darrah's parents, Mr; and Mrs. Clyde' Hopper. Th'e Darrahs have sold their home in Ukiah. ' Raymond, Dyer made a business visit to Ukiah, this week; C,W.M. Ships Ciothing ; The Covelq 'Wonnen's Missionary Society: hSld. its regular meeting on January 29 at the church social hall. President Bemice, Stockton was .in the chair and Maude Short was secretary-treasurei: • pro tern. Mrs. Fannie .English Was .pirogram chairman, After Mrs. Stockton .had called the meeting ,to order, ter's. English called for the Soiilg, Ftiith Is.the Victory, and read a selection froni the. BiVil.e.:.'Mrs. Aifc'e librig Jed in prayei-. 'The devptibli^i b'ver, Mrs. Stbdkton.called-fbrtHe niinutes of the lait riieefing.WhlcH were read and ,i»pproyed. Sutij'eit 'io a, lively, discu'ssio'n Wd's' hoW'tb dispose'qf the bid dblHds Which': had beert .gaitHered> SbiS^ \iM ag'b ftfr the Navdib. IndianS arid which are still at the !^o(^i(l hall.It'Was decided to SenB therri to the "needy people in New JJeiit- ico and Arizbha; • .' Business, being over, the ineef- irig was turned over to Mrs. English, Who presented the fblioWtng pi-ogram: A piano solo arrari^-. merit, I Loy'e to. Tell the, Slbry, by Mrs. Allen. Mrs. .English read a paper on Faith, v/h'tch W'aS ttt.- teresting, Mrs. B'ealriceLSvell read a short poerin.. relatjn^'. to faith, and shie and Mrs..'Bertha Haydon sang a duet .My Task, accoinp&riied by Mr.S.' Fannie English. While the refreshments of cake, doughnuts and tea were bdihg made ready by Mesdames English', Shbrt, Walter, Stockton and Haydon, a group of ladies wratJi>ed and tied the boxes of old clothing which were shipped but that' day. After a pleasant'Visit bver their tea -and' cake,' the ladies, went home pleased with another fine mis.sioijary gathering. PflTTERVALlEY i'Crt'TfeR VMitiEY, Feb. 4—Mre'; O-, R-, Stricklw bf Lafke-^couiityi Mr^. Gleri Acldlr of ftedding aiid Mr^, Dorothy' Irmer and chlldreii qfr HSyward were weekend guests at the Otto irmer home; ;s.*mi-man Wooley and Mr. and liWr*. John.WObley drove to San j Prfinclsco Monday tb "attend the 'fiiileral of-Prank Cole who jJasied ..avfrdy Saturday. Mr; Cole waS well: •gttd favorably khbwn in' Potter "Is^Kere he ofetfen visited at the ["h'dlcne of Mr. and-Mi's. Norman L W^lley.'-Mrs. Cole bWore her m&r- frJ^ge was''Miss ElVa Busch, .i •^'alfSfei: of Mrs. Woolley. &'';Mrs; Hlnes and , children and •5kiSS' Downs of Illinois are guests ht 'i 'the Downs "home. The ladies "•ar^ .daughters of Mr. and -M , . DSTjirhs • and sisters of Stanley •''DbWns. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Dashiell '"arid Mrs. Fanny SlojJer drove to Petaluma, St. Helena and Na^a Fridiay. , Miss Helen Christofferson i& In the L"kiah General Hospital recuperating from an operation for 1 appendicitis performed Sunaay night. ' Mr. Clark drove the school bus . for*two days this week for Mrs. Bm-ham, who is suffering from flu. •-Mrs. Clark substituted a few day,s last week for Mrs. Spotwogd who had flu. Ray Nelson is in Ukiah General Hospital receiving treatment for an injured knee. A daughter, Myrna Sue, was born last Tuesday in Ukiah to Mr. .artd Mrs. Norman WoOlley. Mrs., Woblley and the new arrival • are now at Ihsir home here. • Mf,^. Wilbtirn Brown and her small son 'Wfilburn Louis, Jr., came Home 'from the hospital Saturday. Mi^.'!. La\vrence Clark substituted two days at the River Union school below Ukiah. • ; ' Mr. and Mrs. Marion Kitchell ,dnd children were in San Francisco Friday where ttiey took their daughtbr Charlotte for. a physical checkup. • 'A'son, Fred Merritt; was born Saturday night at Ukiah General Hospital tq Mr. and Mrs. A: M. Austin. The baby has one sister, Patty Jo, ; Patsy Vldas,, who has bBeh" ill '^btfi'thrfee-'Wefeks is no^ recoverihg tad;'Wail-' jsobri• be- back, 'at: high school. . :., • ,-„TKtjrsday .evening' Mrs. Virgil Nomuri and Mrs; P. B. Westbrman etitertained a group of MrS. Ar M, AiistipJs friends :at i a shower.. A desSeyt service pi'eoeded the o'pen- ing-of the lovely gifts Which th« gaeSt.tif honor rccelvedi The guests inclnded Mcsdam'cs' EftH , qwehs, E,jV;-»apotswqbd. R. R. Ingels, J. Nlchbte> • GenbVa • ehristbffeffebn; KnoleS Emefso'rt,'::Jbl B;.''WllSqn, Lawrence. Clark, HoWard Dashiell, and Ml^sRuthPoland;, • TliQ:.4ance given Saturday night by the athletic; team was not as well a^ttended ;as -ex^fected,. due to the weather arid two other ilances near here .'. , ,;• , \.''', ; • .' Friday afternbbn tii^. two- basketball .tb£ittis:car(ie over front Bed- wbod Valley to play our boys. Redwood's-B tearii won ijutbtir A team Was vicloribus. That same evening the high School girls team, the- B team arid the A teani^ defeated the three teams' from tieggett Viilley; The gaihes were played here.' ^ Mr. aiid- Mrs.-Verdes Upton and children.were weekend guests of Marysi ;mi ^''frlerids , A . i , Idr. and; Mrs.- J. R. Adams and Fred J^liiy'et.drove.tbAltier Point last week. Fred returned last week but Mn aria Mr.s. Adam's will be theire until iSalurday. Don Christofferson is home from Berkeley for the midtekiri vacation. The Misses Helen Eddie, Tilda Twenry-Thirty Club Opens Funds brive The long and «horl c£ this story is t5»^^ »ie%@:^||l ^|lit: ihe rtSHt it handing over lo Mayor Laurence T)l^Uw ^felfifi '4«|l 'pJ Hetet Sild by the Ukia'h twenly-Thirly Club jiu T^^^^'i ^'^fjil^^: ife club's hospitalization fund from which gifts and Itfans can'Wrtnade Xi Ihose needing hosj^italizEtion, and are without funds, A dance b»i March S7 it io wind up the drive. ^ Redwood Valley News mr. ana mrs rtusseu L,ruc^e.. . ^onahan of Clover dale, the and'Mr. and MI'S. Elmer Buck- unintentionally omitted the nell were visitors m Ukiah las Alvin and Mai Coiiher, Tuesday. While there they kept dental appointments': and attended Mr. andMrs..GiUespae of Bald|G"n"y^^'^^I^5e^I^ mountain were' business visitor.^ I ^r ^^LT-.^l,^^^l^^^^^Z t^^v in Covelo Friday. ; | College, arfe also home, this week. In writing of the visit of Mrs. the auction. Mrs. Floyd Gates is -Visiting relatives in San Franciscb ;at presen't. Mr. and Mrs. Bud' Niesen and son,- Rodhey Kieth, and Mr. and Mrs. Clarence 0'|Ferr'all were Tuesday visitors in:Ukiah; • Mr.::bhd Mrs.,'George Newhall, who have' been visiting in Hawaii, are expected homfe soon. / Mr. ,artd Mi^:. Everett- Gofbrth and children of Ukiah visite'd bvet la'^l Wfeekeria With,Mrs. Gofoi-th's parents, Mr. arid Mi^. Lou Eh'g- lish-6f-Cfevelo.: • • ' • ', • > fteV; arid Mfrs. IJiio'n :6iE Bristbl, Eriglahd; • ai*' visirii^g"- iiev.' iirid MrS-; Fre'd Alforll. They will cbh- dii'ct'a revival in the'Asseriibly of God church here, "\ laitihg' t>Sro tyeeks, beginning hext •t'efiruary 1. Rev; Dixbri's s'ofijecvWili Be, United- Natlbns. The Dixbrife' hav^S been" in the UriJted States a year and are valued friends of "Mrs. Alford; •wife pf the pastor of the Assembly of Gbd_ church. Mrs. Clai-ence' Brown, Who h^s been, visiting, her son,.- Harold Goodwin, in San Franciscb, arrived hbme this week. While in thS city she was,the guest of Mw. .Ed Hart.- , - . . ' Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Brown of Xiki.ah spent last Weekend with Mr. arid Mrs; Martin Brown, parents of Delbert. kev. Fred Alford and wife and Rev. Dixon and wife are attend-- irig the Assembly of God annual convention ia Sacramento. Mr. and Mrs; Foster Guntly have returned from a tour of the western and southern states. . J. Hi Mohr and'his nephew, Da, , , , . •. J u -i 1 vid Granlsher, were at the Mohr her bro hers, she also y.s.ted while ^ ^^^^ weekend • here. Vhe writer humbly apolo- ^^^^ Mrs. Jo Harl, gizes for the mistalcfe; I.AKEPORT PRINCIPAL DEAD Barney. J. Davis, priiicipal^ of ' the Lakeporl, Uni'ori qletiieiit'ary .school, jiassed away at the Lake:side Hospital Satuiiiay rnorniqg, following an illhess.^of ;sever'al months.' He had been • a member pf tbe elementary scliool'facility _'or' more than 30 years. , ' liESibRt bWNlSR IS STRICKEN Charles Urban, owner of the Junction resort sjputh of Lajte- port, was ^stricken by paralysisi Friday niglit while ,at;'the'Wheel of his automobile, enroute home, from ukiah. He wps accompanied by his Wife and Mrs. Mari^ P^vis, who took him to Lakeside Hospital, and is said to, be. improving. HERE FROM SANTA ROSA Mr. and Mrs. Robert BroadduS of Santa Rosa are visiting tt the home of.Mrs.: Bioaddus' parents, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Singley between semesters. Bob Bfbaddus is enrolled in Santa Rosa Junior College School of Pharmac.v. •Ian and sons have, moved from the corner and aie living on the Harrison ranch. , Mr. and Mrs. Harry Cook of Healdsburg .spent • last weekend with Mr. and Mrs.. Henry Dickey. On Sunday, February 15, the Pom.oiia; Grange will meet . in Grar.fe'c hall. A p;f)tluck dinner will be served. Mrs, J. B. 'Wilson, the Poniona lecturer, has. secured th'3 Honorable Burt Busch as gue.s-t speaker. His topic will be the Talf- Hartley act'-Which is of interest to everyone. The public- is invited to hear Sieriator Busch on Sunday at 1:30 o'clock. , Mrs.'WSilcbltri McLeod returned hbriie flrbiri the bdy airea Monday. While away slib attended ttte "wedding of Miss Margaret Fuller. Ken'ri'eth Hbpkihs has been at the Lakeside Hospital siiftering frorii an infected arth. Mr. BML Mrs. Joe Rayniorid eime over from Liifcie d6unt>* tb; attend the AixiiS^ here Satuirda.v night. Harvey Shlniinin spent the weekend at iiis r'arich hei-e. Sh'eepfaiSlng ranks firJit in in. cbme tb farmers in Tehama couiity. CELEBRATES BIRTHPAY Jaiiuary 28 was a special day at the Charles Lewis home, it being the birthday of Mrs. Lewis, and they celebrated the occasion with; a family dinner party at the! House of Gamer, on the edge of town. Fourih Sirset Clinic t. D. fi»inkid« ti.<3. ' TelWpii'oii'e Sf7» REaAt DISpRbtRS ROPTUDE EXtERNAL CANCER 864 Foutlii Stnet Santa tfbia • REDWOOD VALLEY, Felj. 3.— Gathered at the Friday evening were a group oC friends of Mrs. T. GuUiclcsoii. The occasion was; to show apprecialiun of the service she has rendered during her residence hei'e. Mrs. Gul- licltson was active in the Sunday school, having taught the beginners' class for more than 20 ycnrs, and also as superintendent fori years. She was instrumental in enlarging the clubhouse for the purpose of holding Sunday school classes there, and her ambition was realized. The work was supervised by Mr. Gullickson, cbm- pleted'and In use before Christmas. The campaign was organized and with the efforts of Mrs. GuUicksoh the gbal was reached arid the cost of the new addition has been, completely paid. . Mrs. Gullickson was iiltereSted id the P.-T,A. and other 'ittbve- iffents in the betterment of the bAmriiimity.-She was presented ^ith ii gift as a token of esteem Jn which she Was held. T. Jainte- Sbii made the preieritation speech, glyingiJ raise, ior her. ufttlriri-g feffbrti inthb buildirig cariipalgti) , Mre. Nels Nelson, in behalf of the S'Jtiday school, presented Mr. Jameson with a gift also. -He has been a faithful attendant of thq Sunday school, secretary and treasurer ior about 35 years. He lias had the interest of the Sunday ;K'l-iool .11 iie;ii-t and has been one of the )iio.';l outstanding sup)30rt- ers of tlie organization. During the evering hymns were sung and Mr.s. Jack Woodson wjth her motlier, Mi^s. Paul-Anderson of ukiah, favored the company with a piano duet, 'The evening was also a belated •farewel^ for Mr. arid Mrs: Gulllck- sqn; whb sold their ranch here and moved to tTkidH. Mr. Fred Sinclair, .who has been custpdian of the school, has resigned arid will carry oh his fornter Work of. repairing SeWing maehines;-Mr. Sinclair has enjoyed the new friends he has made.sihc'e cbrriirig.tb-the valley and jilans tb continue livirig arbiind tJkiah biid will v^rork thrpughbut Mendocino bounty; A. Powell, Who recently moved here, has acpepted the pbsitibn riiaKlb vaca'A't arid ti)'bk * BIRTHS Mr. and Mrs* Pe&r McCarty bf' Redwoodft,Valley bectthift th'e pSr- Stit's of- a dduknrSr on' Jntil«<in'i' 24. The young lady was^ ushered into the world by Dr James .M.aS4en- glll. She Weighed Six pounds iind ten and a half ounce.-!. Mr. and Mrs. Norman Wooloy of Potter Viilley have. 6' new daughter, who was born on .Tanu- ary 27, at Ukiah General Hospital. Slie weighed six pounds and seven ounces. Dr. Arthur Miller was the doctor attending. , Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ijamb of Wililts had a. Sbn bom in .Ulfiiih General Hospital January 23. Dr. H. O. Cleland was the attending physician to receive the young man, who has been namd Henry Edwin. A daughter was born to Mr, and Mrs. Roy Burton of Potter Valiey on January 21. Dr. Jqmes B. Massengill was the attendilig physician at the Ukiah G6neWl Hospital. The young lady weighed seven pounds and,,,(l,x,e punces.' Mr. and Mrs. Charles ShOens of Ukiah had an eight-pound, and three and one-half ounce son, born at the Ukiah General Hospital Jahuary 23. Dr. H. G. Clblahd was in charge. A daughter was born tb Mi\arid Mrs. Delbert Rbssiter at thb 'Olclah General hospital on Jariuary' 27. ' She has been named Sharon Ann. Dr. H. O. Cleland was the attending physician. Sharon Ann weighed seven pounds and eight ouncesi She is the granddaughter of Mrs. Ida Miller, * who hbs one other grandchild and she is the flist granddaughter.qf Mrs.'Flbr- ence Rossiter of Ukiah; over Mbhday. Mr. and Mr 'Si I*bWeU will rii'bVe' tb-thtf ich'(>bl iJrbWiStiS this w'eek. Thfe Pbw«ls hive^tWo daughters, Barbara and Patty. Mrs. PoWell has taken a position with; the telejphbric cbrhpAh^ in Ukiah. .'. Owing to th6 deii'ghtl!ul dai's.lhe, vinbyardisls are riiaklrii. rapid progress With the pniri irig; 'Th'e nights, hbWeyer, have ciiused.the mercury tb ai :op as loW as I'!"'. A number of mornings the, Uier- moriiteti^r h'is b'efeh ibW aS 18° and U9»: v ', , ::H„, , iWrS. D; MuckioW is,erij')5yirig a visit this. Week With Heir sfetfeiS, Mrs; Theima. Bittcrier bi Se.ittie. and Mi^. Karl NinHilstm . oi Richmond. The ladies will also be, With their father, A. N, BiitcHer,' •^hb will iceoittpariy hi^ (SSuift- ters ori '..htir return to ftiibfairiSii 'd Sattirdiiiy, for ari exieHded viiilt;' THE DROUGHT HAS BROUGHT ABOUT AN'EMERGENCY IN THE.STATE'S POWER SUPPLY! WE ARE COMPELLED TO ASK OUR CUSTOMERS TO CUftTAIL THE USE OF ELECTRICITY IN THEIR BUSINESS ESTABLISHMENTS , . . ON tHEIR FARMS . . . AND IN THEIR FACTORIES. HERE'S HOW YOU CAN HELP IF YOU RUN A CbMMERClAL EStABUSHMENti 1. 'Turn off all window lights and electric signs. 2. Use no eslterior or interior floodlighting. 3. Use electric power elsewhere only when necesisairy. IF YOU RUN A FACTORY: 1. Curtail power consiunption wherever you can. 2. Avoid use of electricity betweeh the hours of 4 and 8 p.m., the peak load hours, ahilb'ng: operations to other hours wherever pcfssiblc. . ; 3. eiieck your factory and offices ito eliminate all waste of electric 'power. ,1 IF YOy Aiti AT HOyE: 1. Light p.o unused rooins. 2. Use appliances for as short periods as possible. IF YOU AEE A FARMER: 1.. Shut, down your, puinping' plants wherever possible between 4 and 8 p.m.. sliifting your irrigation schedule to other houris Of- day or night,. ' ' 2, Use electrically-powered equipment only when absolut^y u'ece's- sary. BECAUSE of the record drought there is an abnomial irrigation pumping load in the rural ar^ae. In Northern and Central CaUfomia this unseasonable demand fbr electricity now approximates 200,000 horsepower attd comes at a tinie when undei* normal conditions our system load would be decreasing. The situation in the/vallejrs would, of course, be i-elieyed by heavy rain; Until such relief corties we rtiust ask our customers to curtail thoit- use bf electricity in tevery possible wa.y. Our customers can bb assured that we hav;? dotle and wdll cbnfihue to do everything possible to meet the problems brought £bout by the record drought. EVEEY KBLOWATT HOUR YOU WILL SAVE WiBLL CONTRiBtlTE TO THE GENERAL I WELFABE rACIfIC OAS AND IltCTIIC COMPANY 1

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