Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California on February 6, 1948 · Page 4
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Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California · Page 4

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 6, 1948
Page 4
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PAG ftj^jioiii. t WOMEN'S SOCIAL tells Engagement To College Chums The passing of chocolates in Mitchell. Hall recently revealed I the engaB^trit of liols Bnlycat, youniJcr Uaughtei' of Mr afid Mrs. E. M. Baiytat, to Robert L. Raymond of Great Falls, Moiit&tta. Miss Balyeat has a firaftdmolher, Mrs. N. i. Lease, who lives m Great Palls, and it was while visiting . her, grandmother that she mot "Bob" Raymcind. She has had her rih^ for some time and finally told the story of her engagement to her uhiverSlty friends. She grndtlatfcd from iJlciah high school and went from here to the University of California. Her graduation will take place m June as a speech major. She is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, having been received into the organization last year. Raymond is studying law at Stanford University. He is a Delta Tau Delta. He has yet to complete his law. course, but the wddding is to be some time in the early summer. i MlSs Balyeat: is, at home with her.pArents for the Spring, vacii- tioh. - He1s»^ Smitfi isrrdduate HELEN SMITH IS GRADUATE NURSE Misfe Helen F. Smith was one of nlirse-s recently graduated from St.iMary's College of l^urses in San t'ranclsco. They received their diplomas at a beautiful ceremonial at St. Mary's Cathedral. • Aftt:r this Serious part of her school program, Miss Smith was the guest of honor at a reception given at the home of her couslrts, Mr. artd Mrs. Evan C. Kinnear of San Francisco. Among to enjoy the graduation program with Miss Smith were Mifescs Donnie and Jeannle Humphrey and Misses Donnie and Carol Briggs of Ukiah. ' Miss Smith is the rdvely. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Smith of this city. e. E. Union MM A+ Ukiah Christian Ch^>ch The Christian lEJndeavor Union Df L,akc and Mendocino counties :fcTebrated their Blih birtiiday ^ with'a tilirty at tlie Ukiah Chns- ^ Ijan chuch, January. 3K lvrrs.< Margin. Romer, president Di th?. union,, presented the past presli^ents with a gift in i-ecognl- tmh of. their long service to tha GlviAtian- i Endeavor.: • Tho^e vAxo were, therfr to" respond wfere Mrs. ttopeit EdVards of Serkfcley, 'Edgar. Hill of .L&fcoport and Albert B.inks of Ukiah. Dan Hill, social supdrintendeht •f Lakeport assisted by Miss MaS-- ^erjr .Vinson and Miss Joyce Inz-. lei' krrnhgto the progi-am for the eifening. Edgar Hill gave the devotions.- . A big birthday .cake with Happy Blj-tfiday 'ih red and' iVhlte, was served with jello and whipped crtam. After: refrfeShiiJentS the griSriip pdcVed the tOod they had brought for a needy fahiily in GtrWiaay and it is probably on Its way there now. Announcement was made of a music festival, , pratoncal, and B^ble memory test that will itavt at 2 p.m;, March 7,at the Lakeport Prcsbytqnan church and last into the evening hours. It wa.s also announced that field secretary, Ralph McQuade will pay his oiTiciai visit to the union in Ukiah at which time they will have a dinner in his honor ;fa<i -,1" , ^js^.-**, ^W*' Misi H«leh F. Sitiiili, dautfliltet «f Mr. ^id Mrs. A. 3. Birfith ^rtTiUaih, ifckduattd from iSt. M &ry 'c CoUogb of Nurses, with « 49 sttidetiti/, Th« y^adi^Aiidn isxiireitM Were h«ld la iMautUuY St ;mxy "s eftth^aral In Sa^ ff&Htisbo. , ' : i LA •^iiuji^' lis&mm^ ^•(^y a 'Jiei;oiSa|isal #W, «d Oft 'aSittd im^' kah&:wfej^:''#as .='&^'a#' ,(^d"ttlatih\jl, iwrs visedtt: «,hft W tHg' Wrtilf' aujfflla^; wSS aedfcptfed.'ShD li am a rrifefn.; b^"6rth6 Wcia-h^iihtt." f ^ ^Ai tftfemettrtl^^f thb pi,St'*iJftsl Itfeht's jjfitfey ''^ast ye*^ they cid«id to aflotJt a wonloh' veterafi'; aM the'a'uxlfJary Voted to accent tiflrt of the J-'espohSlbill'ty fcdwnfebt ed \Ylth tWs (Wty. J fWe dt'ill tfeaSn haS tefeh tJiiSy trfsfitttttfe for thfeiV Hm't in ^tlfe Initiation and installation ^of officers; ot the new unit at Hoplaiid tonight It will b6 at th* hlg school auditonunr:, ahclis tOrbe on^of the biggest ev.ents of theweck; Tvlth a delegation Of. ranking officers of both the Legion and. Legion Aux/ lliqry, ixam all" 6ver th'fe -state ':;.Msthe. close of the f](<es }Hn«nt8 were, ,S^i;V<?ff"K:^'' MfcS. U,et^ RdbtrtsV, "Mrs "Bfettx Lou (^Iflfen^ahd l»4rg,(5^deixCe LavU- Doublife Ring Ceremoiiy Unites Coujpte At St. Mary xA Angek Church Miss Mary lEliabeth Brown and James Hansen Smith wei'e united in marriage at St. Mary, ot the Angels church m Ukiah Sunday, February 1, at 2:30 p.m., With Father Austin. Mitchell offieiatinfe, assisted by Kfevm Goles, brothfer of thfe bride, as altar boy.' The altar waj beautiful .m the' reflection of many lighted candles with bouquets of Calla lilies efleo-. lively placed at thte altai-.-^ • The bride is deicribed aS' a young woman of eScJjuisile beauty, with rich blonde coloring and the expression of an angel. She wore a simple dress of white brocade, fitted bodice, bouffant skirt and a blusher veil. She carried'a wMt^ prayer hook wi^h a shower of •lilies-of-thc-valley and white orchid, and aroun(4 hfermeek she wore a double strand of pearls, the gift of the groom to his bride. Patricia Ruth Oielow. was the •lovely bridesmaid, gowned In i>!\ie green brocade of similar style as the bride's. Hfer bouquet was lavender .hyacinths and pinlc camel-' lias. Her hfeaddress was a: ban­ deaux of hyafcinths an& caitAeRias. . W. G; Cox, uncle of the grobfti, wasbbst man. T'he ushifi* tVere Elmer FiSrd and Herbert Buhtet Mrs. John tsrtiSrfl -ms.^ bfgaftTsl; and playeS stoft ttiix&ic, ifnd -MfS Vlfgihia Loestellt, .';in VSJCfe of lovely .tone ahfl-'fiiirfe, sWe "et "t (aal-' ity, sang "Aye Iftarte " • '.A B .th'6 isst ;ncft«'s 'Of' the "Kjrtg died a'Way, thfe gi-odtn, with hlS best rf *ah, .3«ineP fWe .bride at thfe altfer. The ,a <Jubi? Virfg cft-"6intf?iV was read aAd the 'bride ^aS fel*^n- in marriage by hfer stepfather... The "bride. IS the daughter ot Mrs Kenneth F Coles oi UKi'^'h and the granddaughter W •M)'/ dn'd' Mfp. 'Ward C. Brown of V'S^'n Francisco . Tlie 'groom. is. the-;sDh .Qt. Mi"^ John Peryain of s &nta os^,'Hjsi father is Porttir Lincoln Smitti of Palo Alto ' , • ; •: Aftev the'wedding,j;i»iembers.*of the immediate-"i^rrtilte;-,totaling, aVout.60, wpr^.gueslfe reception at the Coles fiOm^ Mi's (iofes was assisted in ,sfcrv^Ag.^by j Mijsi. Donna Wnri^ -aiid;,MJss^_3yi&i'gery Jones M)^S, HARRIS HA$ l\^r6. 'A. L. Hiiirfs w^^ ^itii^^ at a party. fetwin '^A hbndr ht-tUt^ Ellit Butler lafet'lViday ttight} Thfe gdesti \Wafe ievSral 't>t their fnendfe and r&ab •mefhbfets - *)rhe ibou^e was' bfeautllfuHJS^ dec-*' orkted Wi 'th ja^onlca aftd ^aftddrts-'l th« tniOst' vt 'a -dlMtlAft-c* of grfeat Jmpftrtflnife, ^^rfe feSme kn inslritfent >afeni<»a toV %htAYifce tMfe tfddr.^ »dJnftted '»afs th^ uftial {il&ce^or BticK !iaen «ifidS(''bi/t not ,^th SU«i_ii«s!^n6e. ^heopening' • o^ tlie d'l bulgy about the midriit, J^^iJ.fiSiid, but-Withal a inost IrafuSsihl-i irfdl- viaurtrnkined-bi^ AllhuisVefe Stork, who"greatly rfe'lemWea lArSi B^S»! fcvtrsole * Concert Association Sets Campaign Dates The officers and board ot dlrec tors of the Cpmmunjty Concert Association met at the Palace Hotel Tuesday night with the repre- .scntativc of Columbia Artist Bureau, Miss Hester Gnmm, for the plirpose or .setting the date for tlic mciiibei '.ship campaign lf>r Uiu 11)40-49 .scries oC >n'ngr <ims. It was decided the carnpaign will begin on Mt'iroh 29 Jtn^ last through April 3* With , Mrs. Jay tee Smith: as general chairman BKiiin ,this year. There Wii), bbTOr- ther informat \on us tune goirs on, as to location of dampaignhead- 'quartcrs w!fh n more detailed olan 'of action. •• Attention was called to the forth- 'coming concert, Albert Spnidiug, the noted violinist; who will play hero March. 1. The last concert of this series will be on March 17, and, will toajuro ••ihc ^duo piano players, Applcttin and Field. Mrs. Rdins' Grandson , Joins Army Air Force ' Mrs. .Bert Rains has received •word' from her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mi-s. Chbitet D. Aldrich, that their son J'Stk has "joined the U. S. Atr i'orce and left for basic training at Lackland army air field in San An- -tonio, Texas. 'When he has com- •pleted his basic training he will enter a school for radio operator. Jack gradilated from Fort Bragg J high school. He and his pal*nts ,<tti.oved to St. HelensiJ Oregon, last ' Octoljcr. COLONIAL TEA FEBRUARY 20TH Resplendent as the days of old will be theGolonial tea to be .given by the ladies oi the Presbyterian church in parlors about February 20, smce Washington's birthday falls on Sunday this year 11 is being directed by Mrs. Lou-. Iso Bernhard and whispers come irt advance that it is to be a beauti- lul affai'r, with the dSincing of the graceful minuet, the Wearing of powdened wigs and'many bcatitiful costumes of the past will be takeri out 6f tussue for the gi-artd parade. A gracious invitation has heen extended to the public to go and enjoy themselves afid one may say It IS a beautiful way to enjoy oneself and to help the ladies with their missions. It will be romem-' bered this is an annual affair that has been in progress for 40 years or more. Missionary To Speak At Lutheran Church 'Wednesday evening, February 11, Faith Luthern church will have a special program for all those interested m the mission of tha cliurch among the natives of Africa and our own country. Rev. Harold OtlemOcUer will st>eak on this phase of mission work. The time IS 7:30. •Pastor Ottdmoeller, durihg his four, ypars of jireparation for the Luthijran -ministry at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, •Mlsso'un, readied himself for woi* ahiong the nqtivcs of Africa. After his graduation last June he was called to temporarily serve the negroes in the San Francisco area, where ho is stationed at the present time. De.siring to hear the stoi'y of what is being done among th'c nop'o population, both in our country and in Africa, the Faith congregation has invited him to speak to the community. He will leave for Nigeria, Africa, In May. ' He will speak at Episcopal Guild han, Pine and Heniy/streets. After the discussion' the public may join ih refreshments| and In rijeeting Pa 'it 'or dtteriibfelte. .MRS. BAfiCl Visits MERE !' Mrs. Madge Bacci of Fort Bragg wjas called to Ukiah fjr jury duty. Slie Wa<i dismissed frotn jury sci- vitie, but decided to stay in. Vkiah anyway and enjoy several days with her aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mr?!. ,To'e MRS. FORD HONOfttD, AT STORK SNoWtlt Mrs.B; G-. •Broaddus 'Was 'One^ of the weiTj^'sichaKpiing hostesses,giving a stork .shower-in honor. c>f Mis .Stanley rdrd Mi^ ^BtoSdiJUs was assisted by '^herf daughter-m-: law, Mrs. Robert-Sroiddus; who IS here from ganta Rosa. The Broaddus -howie.wa&litea'uti^ ful with boucjwets .; of-flowering, quince and blua itis; tasfefuUy placed abont the hi >;is6.- Qnertoofl-': quet •^descrv'ing •parMcular -'n ^ention;' was pri'angea in « doll •crib .fdn-the mantel.. ' •.. Mrs Bi'OdddUs enfeit^lncfd her guests Witff gatheS Of bihfeo, at Which Mrs. Hahby Ford'-iSt'ovea to be the lucky player, with .iMl 'S.; 'William Grant a close secOhd, After this, Shirley Ford, . Six years old, and Barbara -Fbra, years old, and MiSs Barbara Ford, four years old, came pulling a bassinet decorated m pink and; white. They made such a jjretty pit;tu]-e t'h^y stopped.the.telk for the moment. The. bassinet was mJed high with gifts. : , Afier, investigating the rhainy beautiful hnd usefi^l baby thiPj^Sj refreshments were servetl at coir orful tables, which carries} out the pink and b'lue used in all the decorations.. • . Mrs. Broaddus' guests,to. sha)?e: m honotlng Wts. TOTA -Wet^. ^ assisting • hostess; TUIVS. Robert t rbd ^aus, .ana .Met<jl^hci'<^,.T» Impson, Hanby ^ord, Amoad Ford, Herbert , Singley^ William Grant, L. R. Croin; mtl;; drain, Grace ^Vhiltaker. Blil-Ciai'y, .fid ^efs, Leroy. FloschingeiTi ant; M,iss Betty Grant, S|url«y Simpson, Barbara Simpson and iTrudy Ford. " •", armed W9s '1 ^'eoin<hfe''ii? Vvwlh mSfe „ fonlhfe ilfewVaby ^oy WfJ" «hd krs. Sutte* ha-Vfe *6c;eritlJ 'aSatfpf &d hax»fe1iaW{^ tfib-lia but not Gfei >t .ge -^r T S?S second, ^ \ ' The edl«r sfi^xttm ^'Of 'the showl''r was (fJnk dnd bAif, ^'Wilh" \1^ 're- fr^.'Jbmewti tpble• .most-attractiveiy lesflbt'tinj^^the *9tn6\colm-^(SMmp At a lata ^(5Ur firti ^eirts Mlared as-they took-theipieave,.'!! w&s.the best party>thpy htd. toee% to in a ]ongt%^ ' Family' Birthdays Gelebrdit^d. Saturdoy Mrs fimily §t ^^^ienios ,knd Mrs: Elessie Hurjey .flew' over from hlei^d^ocin6.,l^st:.Skfurday to celebrate. thebirthSaJs jOt 'A. R. Xfemos andv-Paftidk; Hlinni&n, LaribsViS W £rs ,liehios' 30h, iitih. Pat Hai?ni'ah is her grandfon, .^TJhe .pariir was- giVen Saturday xt^ai 'at-'fhe .Monfie ojt Mr.' and rfrj; .Oliver- liSnnan, i\nd. ^those' present were :^ir.:a'nd Mrs. A. Lemos, Mr.' an'd -Mrs. timothy Honey, ' Ht. Hatroan land his bttJthey,f^p&ijpi^^' ' ((Mivev,^ Jr.) U^tman ' "Mrs: Sjmily'liemos'.and and ftbs..Hurley, returned to Mendocino in the i'lurfey car, in which Mr;-Hurley came to Ul^iah Saturday, .Srviving. lust, in- time 'ior the ^a»tV The above gTo<q> were guests til Dick Fraga, upon the occasion of his 8th UirAiday; Ther had a wonderful time, with the guests as ^<>U as.}ha host hhving-gifts to opin and enjoy. Reading-from left tp^right in, the.-vlcture art Dick Fraga, Eliiabeth Poulos, Psovianne Frasnineilo. Billy Fittsn. Kenneth • Briinnir,. BeVeHy ^ Arili DiBiati, Janice Teicheiir*. Spring JF 'lower Parade Greets Sideliners At Easteni Star Nite The rtifeetmg of Kingsley .Chapter No. 58, Order of Eastern Star, at; MdiOJiic hall Monday iifght was in hinot Si (h'e sideliners It took the form of a spring flower parade in Whibh all the officers wore whftfe evening feowns ahcl 'the test bi evenirig go^yfas witji the star points; wearfng pas'tel doloVed crepe paper; bohnets and the Yfest of the officers. Wjfearrhg l5ig raund h6ts and carry-' irig baskfetb dt matching color: filled with caniellias and sweet daphne. • •The jJrogram biiened With the: staY'.pdihtfe doming into View in a arfll gl^eh "With the "eftSfe and gfacfe *st ausowta ptfe<.*lsi&tt. Dur- hig this drill Mrs. ThfeW^'a ^Ul- 1 ytvik, worthy matron, welcomed tlie isidelmers. She wore a beautiful white evening gown topped with a big white hat trimmed with crepe paper flowers in the colors of all tlYe other hats. -As this drill was completed the officers, carrying coloreo baskets of flowers, v/ent into action, and while Mis. MaVg&ret Byrnes 'saHg an 'appropriate song they dis- trlblitea th^ fl'oWers tb the sideling Mrs. inaJBranson and Mrs. Mane pStfdefe Bang ^ei'eral songs abbut hbw^s. iMi -s .-'Grafce Foster, d'eputy grand matron Ispoke hi-ictly on.the wirk of tire Order. , After this formal part of the pt'ogram, refreshtnents were serv ed at be&utiful tdbies With red and White Vfalentinie deiToratlons, laCB' dolhes, red cdndfes and heart shaped cookies Iced in white trim med with red. In this 'part of the building ;thete were a coufile of card tables with h display of the most exquisite old fashioned valentines; a collection belonging to Mrs. Margaret Byrnes. • I About the close of the evening a comedy ^it Was ^-esfehted by M TB . Catherine Foster and Mfs. Irene Miller,^ln which they installed Vernte Boulware in a -complete-! ly Tiew bffice, "husband of thte worthy matron," ih which the comedy ended with the crownmg of the gentleman with a Weruffled bonnet which .ev6ked merry laughter and many guffaws from the hardier Sex. , Out of town Visitors were Mi-s. Mabel Schaaf of. Spooner, Wisconsin; Mrs. Lilly Branch of Mill Valley; Mr .and Mrs. Jesse McFarland of Norton, Kansas; Mi's. Helen Musscr of Santa Clara; Mrs. Myrtle Oakley of NichoJson, Pennsylvania. ilhe hostess committee Included Mrs. Catherine Foster, Mrs. Haiel Anderson, Mrs. Mae; Anderson,; Robert Harrpon, .Mrs. Hazel Harmon, Mrs.. Joan Hovey Borecky, Mrs. Myrlle Finnc and John Finne. Local Girl Married New Yorker In Beautiful Lady of Wayside Church THE HA2ELWO0DS • HAvfe >^ay^^^ui $t$: , Mi-, and Mrs. K. E, Il:aV;>W6^d have had as thieit liouSS^feSits Mrs. Ha'zelwo6d*s t>rcrther-ih-lSw anci sister, Mr. and Mr^. I.'.'JV. B'agley 61 Speanri^ii, Tejc^s, aii'd Mrs. Hay'e's SturdiVSnt of Abjldne, Texas, fhey hsid a wohd'^rful frijp Up through the redwoods aihd around this part.of, tfie country. The Bag'ley's diiigfi}eiv,Mr|.' .iBilT Sheets, jlevf puVtb help Her'istK^r drive back horn?. Now 'the'y 'are on their leisurely .*ay, "talcing in all the sights on their drive. This week the Haielwobds have Mr, and Mrs. W. C. Mefchants of KscOndido with them. Mrs. Call- and :Sisters ' i^eunlte at Salt Ltilm Mrs C A Call y>iri IcoVe Sat- irday tot Salt iflk^ City and a roinidn .Withihec Sisteis,. to; cttn"- kemoratfe, Hie .bh^dSy tof . IhBir. Aioth*:, th»»late Mrs..- SaVah Shdp- hetdy who J)45Sed'«*fray' a y«ar <a^. I5ftrfmg their mOlh^Vs Itftfawi* it •1lHdv6 «k:i-:tiSer--.''(!!uSt9hi • ''of ..'ttte i^ify fo'^frb Wgfethifrm^ ft^l*, bn heri birtitday.. As • a 'means of keepin^l' V>Io$e ' contlict betWeeh thamselves,, the six sisters will conttmfe ftie •ahnUiiil i?atherl)Kg fcid ^or this year htive selected Salt Lake Gityv whfere an • apartmefit has been reserved for thern. Durlfiifthe absence W Mr^. Gall* $I«s*^^ Jdelf ;Ha !iBflnoni be in ehBi,"ge : pf thp: Infant^i^.., !^i>s.s store. ' . , ^ ' Seven-Thirty Club ' Mfe 'Sev^fai^thirty 'aiib pSii*iy iilarifjfed f8f *'ebfvlii^ ii2 m(& 6h the s^We'^a>^ »'s Mi 's. »;6hS?l Nlfi meycr's birthday and slife VotViri- ieei -ed to TSpijnsor- thB part;;^ and to tkke -'carfe-iiif t'ijfe 'decdraflOtS iaiid ^pmSinttifeht. -Hfer SSei-'Wais 61)- bVefclifti'd 'fully and she was nlade chfaihnan 'Itnd gi \>en a committee io wo.lrlc With. It lis to be ih the Pfesbyterlah chUrch parlors at 8:30 p;hi, On Sunday afternoon, February 1,. at- S p.m.,. JacKlyn Hogan walked down the taper-lighted, gardenia festooned -aisle of Lady of the 'Wayside church in 'Wood- sido to join Robert -Dame in the holy vows of-matrimony. She wore an off-the -shou]der white pique dress with fitted bodice and, hoop skirt, this was topped by i a halo veil, finger tip length. She was - radiant as she walked down the aisle with her iather, attended by one bridesmaid, iviiss McGurder, looking lovely 1)1 yelow pique. The groom met his bride with his brother, who flew out from New York to art as best man. Music played quietly while about loo gilests assembled for the ceremony. 'Wlien the last vows had been said, chimes pealed out- fts the bride and grOom and thfelr party left the church. ' 'l^alph and fionald Wogan and a trpup of college friends were the ushers; A reception was held at the Palo. >Alto 'Women's Club ior about iOD guests. Among those present f^om tJkiah Were Mr. and Mrs. Louis jrqhnson, Mr, rand IV^rs. Sidney j ^feins'tiJok aiid \ their daughter Lisa.lffr. and itfs.Simonette, Mr, and Mrs. Eckman, IMr. and -Mrs. M ;'-;£.3asbl, Mrs. Arthjir Schilder and her' daughter. Karen^ Mrs. ^uhy, Cunningham, Pat and Den- nT^ Cunningham, Mr. and Mrs. tlsh, iMJss Ruth Cash, Robert ^dell, Jr, •.%ie hwde is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs., Ralph Jlogan and the sister f>f.< Ralph Hogan of Vnivetsity t* (:*cgo6,*and bbhiild Hogan, student in St. Mary's University, SaA lvan6fsco. Shie is a graduate of Univfrsity of CaUfor- nia,, pt Berkfijey, -and, is doing ^liat'e Work-at Stan-ford' Uni- verStty'for iviiich slie will receive her Sli'ster^s degree as sopii as She completes'"Ker' thesis. Sh^ is a meinli^r^oi Aip^ lieiia Pi and of ,K.^1jamb(ia ttieta. 'papie is the_ son of the late and!Mrs!/|Vank L. Dame of Gai^en Gty, .'l^.ew York. He was associated with Sperry Gyroscope Compaiiy until the war look hini but -in the South Pacific as engi- hee.i- under the bureau of .aero- iiauttcs. He has his master's de- gi-ee in engineering from Stanford and is associated in the electrical engineering departnvent there. He Was recently made a member of Srffma Chi, VERY YOUNG SET HAS FUN AT PARTY Members of the younger set have been quite busy the past week. One party given Friday afternoon • was for Sheryl Hansen on her seventh birthday and for her cousin, Tommy McFarland, who was SIX. Mrs. Paul Hansen was the hostess and the setting was the Hansen home on Mill Road. - , The 'Valentino molif was used for decorations and was carried out m setting the table with candy cups,/plates, and a big birthday calceiVfith hxjarts and the greeting, "HapiDy Birthday" on it. There Was much fun and some of the fun lime •Was devoted to opcnmg the many attractive packages for the guests of hohor. •Those to wish Sheryl ana tom­ my many happy birthdays were Maftha Ann McKmney, Lmda irayfes, Vatatte Crawford, Judy Nassie, Dl^na Oden, John.Hunt; Terry Buchholz, Donnie Shortridge, Ronnie Brush, Phyllis Bawles, Barbara Welch, Glenda Grout, Donald Nassie, Gary Cadde and Dean Richardson. MRS. A. L FRAGA ENTERTAINS FOR SON Young guests assembled at the home of Mr; and Mt^. A. L. Fraga iTanuary 90, had a Wbiiaertul time helping their son 'rHick\celebfatie'| his Eigth birthday. There "were games Of all kihils and when gift' tifhe came, Diclc presented each oi his guests •With a gift, and a truly haippy 'M6ut was spent with Dick ai^d-his' Quests opening tiiie fnany ih- tngmng packages. , " The refreshmeAf tahle was laid with a gaily colored'fe3, 'blue ancl yellow linen cloth'•with matching napkins. TBight tall white cahdles',; one for each year,., werfe spaced about the center foliage on tHe, table, there were irfed, hiue and yellow warbling whi.stles -tor soia- venirs and for a -whireit isoiindeci, like a mixed avia'ry. ffihfen came! the refreshments of c&dy ciiiJS, ice cream and the birthday cake. The afternoon was concluded with the children listening, to a recording of the child Version of the Peer Gynt ?.uitei "Peer Gynt and the. Trolls" as told by Milton Croff. The recording was one of Dick's gifts. , i The children to enjbythe a'ftfeV- noon With Dlclc ^ere Ehzaheth^ Poulos, Provianrte FrasSihellO,- Bflly Tilben. Beverly Ahn D6- nati, Janice Tiechera, •ftrilliam Poulos and Kenneth Btiinner. J"oe •Wildbtirger was ill and could hot' be there. - . FLYIt>IS tJLUB HAS DINNER DANCE Sevsral matters of business -alri^, plans for the future of the Ukiah \ Flying Club were brought up at their monthly meeting Monday night. Which took the form of; .a dinner dance at Southworth's Inn. One of the things they have .'in mind Is connecting with the local Air Scout troop recently organized t6 help out ill any way they can, 'Another thing they plan to do is '• to start their breakfast flights again and. attract other flying clubs and flyers here. The club's, jplane Is equipped With. a two-way radio now, but ^ they plan to get one that will be lequai to any,emergencies the com- 'munity might encounter. One of tiie things they feel is that flying Will become mor^ iiiid rtiore nec- .essary in the lives isi the pebplfe. In the 20,000 hours of flying they have on record itrOm.. their, field here, there has heen only 'one accident and those two boys are all ready to take tip their flying again. - , * In addition to tfileir 'pitas to be reiidy for forest -iireS, 'io^ hiiht- er^, 'hikers ,''vvfekVand things, ttCe'.j mien'plan bk6ei)thefr'wives infer'4^^ est^d in-flying, thfit is -Why th'fe Wives are invited to dinners 'Ifia half Of the evening 48 ^devoted t^j, flying talk and the Vamalndfer j& givien dVer to'dancing. /'AT their heist 'meeting viill ,'*'6 M*ch 1 'a't the 'sarhfe glace. ThtfiSe preSfeht'Mbhday •fiighft %e!re .*tr. and Mrs. thorne Fravel, Mr. Sh'd krs; H. C. SaulSfery, Mr. and Mrs. Lynn WbitiViore,- Mr. -and Mrs. Stanley Lartce, -Mh aind Mis. Felix Thdrnhllli Mr. and,Mrs. -13. L, Bingharnv.'Miss.OEyolyn Hill, Don Oo .wan, '-Ajden' (Jillette -and 'Bill ^ittenbender. • Legion Auxiliary Organizes In Hopjandi A new unit of the Amferi'ean Legion Auxiliary Will be inaugurated at the grammar school in Hopland Thursday night at 8 p.m. It is to be quite an important evei.'t With the department president. Mrs. Estella Hanell present Irom Culver City, Mrs. Ruby Stump, vice president, of Los Angeles, and Mrs. Ethel Pontius, secretary-treasurer, from San Francisco. , The past president parley ritual team, headed by Jane Isnard, will put on the work- of initiation. ' • Joan Billy Crowned "Homecoming" Queen Joan Billy was elected "Homecoming Queen" of the Sherman football players, and was crowned at the homecoming game between Elsinore and Sherman on November 21, at Sherman. She was ridden around the football field m a beautifully decorated car, and was crowned by 6upt. Myrthus Evans. With her ladies in waiting, she viewed the game from her throne. Miss Billy IS a member of the Pomo tribe of Indians 'from Cloverdale, and is the granddaughter of John Cooper of Ukiah. • Stiifleht body officers .-wfere elected aV the meejirig^^dij^^e ukiah high cchbbl student body 'We&esday. They will serve lor the 'forfhcdming semester and,it is, isaia they .may'-have pla^ iiven interest in high sdhbtol''aci liivities.'"., ' ''•• There's'usually S'lb't of expite« rtient nbthinating j&ndi etectihg the bfticers' ahd jh 'Oils .caihpai'fen the pupife to -win were: G'edrlife •WTl'dbfogSr, 'president; 'Gale Bioirii- back, vice president; Bonnie Vinson, secre^'r-y; Jacqueline .boi^'g^ las, 'publicity manager; (Sharles Sassenrath,., athletic " representar- tive; Betty, Jii'tiie' Oybr.-Tstage riva^, ag^, tooiiald Musserj; ! the 'faculty,'^ was ctioSen tre^sunlr. Last Friday a, f^pi-esehtatiye from- the- reoruiting office showed a film on univer'sSl--m'lUtfity ,'tFiih-' ihg and explained- exactly w ^4 it means. 'The title of <the- pibtflSJ was "Planned 'for Peacei''. -\ • :\ There wrill be more news.about the school pupils- after the meetr ihg of-the .Student; Council on Tuesday. made up. of student body Officers; 'and ohe -represeat- ative from each class. ; • f-;: !•' Some of its functions-are to. appoint different committees, parliamentarians and inembers.of.-the council i,re trying to eistkblish. the School Honor -roll system, they have to get the'vote of, the' pupils as well as conSeritoiErthefaciJty. C Boc aij i *pita wee iiyi Uki; .P« rem at '1 bed true Poin Pi jeet Ja'ni U.C. moV: Sbiiti Supt meet Of tl wbul matii a' dei the;-( vi^ell :,Mi tiiesi Mr. ; ofthi . Mi: Valle h^r^b rneeti tlicR day: hpld Mafcl 3#0, by tt Alta- Mr. s Mo' tha.t ;i being ta'iii 1 Ijifathi trbri 'c Hopland Ladi(&!s' Guild to Have benefit Party the Catholic Lddies Guild of Hopland has planned a card party fOr iSaturday, Felsniary 1, at Guild hail to raise money for the gull^. It Will Sflirt tit 8 p.m.'and five types of games will be played: Iting ped- I 'o, pedTo, whist, bridge and pinochle. Humbert xvlll bfe given at the 4opr attil the que Who holds tlie iii'dfcjf riiimbeir Vill "h'o given a Siit^jrlSiegi ft. there 'will be a niiin. bef of 'atiractiveiy 'wrapped packages for the winriters of the various gaftife.' the gifts haS^e bebn dbhat- ed by nierdhaiitk and frfeiids of tht Oulld. Xt ifiOkfe 'WITH Tlfew SON Mrs. Edwin fereen and her,new son, Gary Edwin, went homfe Thursday 'and -will be at. home to their 'frelnds Shortly. Gary Edwin whs born at the Ukiah General Hospital January 22, weighed 7 piJuhds and 4 ounces. He is the gi-andsbn of Mr. and Mrs. Millais Green of Ukiah and of Mr. and Mrs. P. Fernbach of Redwood Presbyterian Ladies To Plan Colonial Party Presbyterian Ladies' Society Will have their regular firstrof- the-inonth meeting February 5 at the church, the hostesses for the afternoon will be Mrs. Emma Red- Wine, Mrs. I .K >ttie Collin and Mrs. Ethel Sewell. One ot the main objects'of the meeting will be the planning of the annual Colonial tea, usually given on February 22. Since that dhy falls on Sunday, it is -possible the party will be given on Friday, February 20. Miss Nancy Dav-is To Be Mrs. Kdrl May Mfss N'kncy i)avis -vvill become the bride of Kari May at it big vvedding in St. Mark's Episcopal church next Friday, February 6, at 8:15 l>.m., aftei- which tjiere Will be a rfectq^tibh at the town and Go-wn Club on D-wight 'Way and Dana, Berkeley, "ftie bride Is the dauEliter of- Mr. and Kirs. Freeman Ailing Davis of tJkiah. TheSeWandSo^aub M^t Las^Vi'ecliwsdciy the neighborHood EbWing club that has ^Beeii meeting for some time, selected a name for their cluT) at their meeting -at the home of Warren J'owler'last Wisd- ncsd&y night, they are now ca'il- ing the club the Sew and -So Club. ; They meet to compare; notes on the latest 'fashions and cxcliango ideas in sewing and knitUrtgi Mrs. Portlock is laiitting a Sweater, Mrs. Powler is orobheting and the rest of thb women -are Jtnitting. ; Mrs. Fowler served -dessert jello 'With whipped cream; ,01 and coffee. • Polly Pigtails Cliib Met For First Tin^ the mothers of' dhlpfella .haVe* brfeiili'zea the i'oHy'PtgtJiil's'Cli;ib of (he 'girls from grades one ahd t\vb of the 'CaipeMb Siftiobl iW the first'iHfedtih'g *as helii'tu^sday afternoon at the hotne^ bf Utt's. Cecil BenisH. - ; ' " The projbet bl the fir^ meeting w&s to tfc 'ach the -giris h6W to fipri dish towels. A •stWv "^ix read atid refreshments *erVed. Mi^hgs 'Will be held fevery other wbfek tit the hoftie Of One bf the members. Meihbers preSent Tuesday Were Jacelyn and StbpHfenie 'Stephens; Ida Jcmmison, Lorenii Sullivan, Jacqu^ine Benish, KaVfeh Lane and Betty tolllrii. CHAS. KASCH AUornay and Counselor al Law Odd Fellows Building Nbtth State St. Ukiah, Calif. Golden Hotel SAM FRAIICXSCG'S Ptf*6U Sb«j-at EiSifs In the iiub — But Out of the Hub-bub Choice iof Outside-Iiiside Rooms —': W ITH BAtft Single JI2.60 — Double $2.S0 —: WITHOUT BATH Single Sl.SO — Double StM Lem Shibley Qpnsic _ tW ahiibb liistru n'o'liflc rehzb ginrtbs Cisco, lierb-,: figss i Kara : .struct! mond. Scbtt:( Ralles cbirimi fb the It i! Altirej the In , Jud{ Week dpples l|,b^osj1 apple-] buildir "by IOC a' cold igfey b( . " rhe b^l g week \ this is very j the gi; defeate An whljij student high'Sc the thg Hif this yei of the •many 'won, a; All wl urged t An a irijiirjir ] ; atibn'^ r ! humbei ! club; 1 'ing,-;'an ! foV pa; iestetf-c Mr, : ; drivers 'vilje A third w was in : tAs t: siJ*h a anothei

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