Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on July 9, 1957 · Page 9
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 9

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 9, 1957
Page 9
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Classified Ad Information Dial 3573 Business Services 14 SB CARD OP THANKS to 30 woi-ds___ ovar 30 wordi $».25 4o per word CLASSIFIED DISPLAY Per column uich___. $1.20 Classified displays taken until 10 a. m day of publication exceu and 8 a. en. on Saturday Regular clss »lfled till 9:30 a. m. Saturday. U a. m. Monday through Friday CLASSIFIED CASH WITH ORDER ? ne day, per word Scenta wo days, per word_______ Scenta Three days, per »ord___12 cents Four days, per word_____14 cents Five days, per wn-d_____16 cent* Six days, per word 18 cents Cards of Thanks REPAIR SERVICE - RADIOS, Television Sets and Refrigerators. Montgomery Ward Farm Store, Carroll, Iowa. 14-156-6tc USE' UTILITY .LEADER HOUSE Paint, the best paint available for all outside buildings. Excellent for fences and garages. $3.09 in 5 gal. lots. $3.19 in gal. lots. Davis Paint Store. 14-148-tfc VACATION' . . . PACK UP AND go with your clothes dry cleaned to new freshness! Phone 3B2S. Thompson Cleaners. 14-160-ltc WANTED: CUSTOM COMBINING and haling. Phone 12 on lfi, Arcadia. 14-160-2tp Situation Wanted 24: For Sale WANTED: FARM JOB OF ANY kind, experienced with livestock and machinery. Write R. c o Daily Times Herald. 24-159-St.c Farm Products 31 re Tlmw Herald, Carrol!, lewa ZZ. Tuesday, July 9, 1957 WAYNE FEED SOLD AT $6.00; a ton discount when bought FOB our warehouse. Schenkelberg Impl. Co. 37-81-tfc Hatcheries 32 CARD OF THANKS We wish to thank our friends, relatives and neighbors for their cards, visits and many acts of kindness during Emery's illness, i VVe Fix It Special thanks to the men who came with tractors, baler, flnl-hods and put up our hay, and to the ladies who helped prepare and serve the lunch. It is deeply appreciated. Mr. and Mrs. Emery Konnott 3-1B0-Up BROKEN WINDOW? WE STOCK glass, and will cut to your specifications while you wait. Joyce Lumber Co., The Store of Service. 14-160-fitc 16 FOR ALL TYPES OF Building. Repairing or Remodeling,«6ee or Call Announcements TONY OCKEN Templeton — Phone 3-71 FOR SALE: NEW TERRAMYCIN Egg Formula Deal. Helps maintain and increase summer egg production. Also good for treating diseases. Guaranteed by fop Rent Pfizer. Buy ^ lb. and save $2.19.' Kruse Hatchery, W. on Hwy. 30. 32-159-fitC FOR SALE: 34-TON AIR CONDI- tloner, and tapestry covered davenport. Call 9647. 55-159-3tc 34-FOOT EXTENSION LADDER, one year old. Sporrer's TV. Dial 9513. 55-158-6tC 100 FEET WHITE 48" PICKET fence plus poles and gate, $25.00. Phone 2642. 55-160-3tc Office Supplies 56 BUSINESS' SUPPLIES AND Equipment. Let us fill your needs. Stone Printing Co. 56-126-ltc 9 The Daily Record Farm Machinery 33 VALLEY ELEVATOR, NEW, 32 feet or longer, wide, strong. Priced to sell. Farm Service, Breda. 33-159-3tc BRING YOUR COMBINE OR binder canvas in NOW for repair. Also see the new combine canvas at Kramer Shoe Shop. 33-141-tfc ANDY BALK'S MEN 'S WEAR IS open every Friday and Saturday night 'till Voo p. m. fi-149-tfc NOTICE NEW FIX-IT SHOP WILL REPAIR ANYTHING Electronical. Mechanical, Furni- WE SERVICE ANY MAKE OR' •»"'• «"l"ipment. gun stocks, en model TV or radio — including car radios; day or night. Ml work guaranteed. Dial 9.il3. Sporrer's TV. 6-107-tfc Personal 9 SWELL HOME FOR ELDERLY lady or man. Write Box MK. c o Daily Times Herald. 9-159-2tc gines. mowers CALL DICK OLKRICH Grant Road — Phone 9627 16-157-2tc Where To Go 17 Loans 12 FOR YOUR CLUBS AND PART ies reserve the Ranch Room at Pauline's Cafe We can accommodate 50 people per party 17-90-tfc Seeds & Feeds FOR RENT Granular DDT Applicator BY THE ACRE CALL 3549 To Reserve This Machine Schenkelberg mplement Co. ST. ANTHONY HOSPITAL Admissions— Kim Richard Peters. Wall Lake. Sharon J. Potthoff, Rt. 3, Carroll. Mrs. Merle D Heuton. Glidden. Clarence A. Blum, Glidden. Dismissals— Vern Hubert Wilken Westside. Mrs. Glenn B Mr-Tune. Gray Marilyn T. Treman. Rockwell City. John Daniel Glidden Mrs.' Verlin F Kenneheck and baby. Ltdderdale Charles Minnerman. Extra. Mrs. John Roth. Rt 3. Carroll Mrs. Vernon C. Carpenter. Coon Rapids. Mrs. Drexel M Nixon. Scranton. Mrs. Joseph Willenhorg and babv, Coon Rapids Mrs. Jack E Huff w a li Lake. Births- Mr. and Mrs Rnjpr A Haynes. Carroll, a daughter. Monday. 34 I _^J_ M _^^ Carroll Markets FEED - SEED - FERTILIZER-i Room for Rent 60 Soybeans, No 2 $2 15 r ^^^^'r^ R -b^TFoT ^NT DIAL 9811. C ™'cUilnt* V„-„ ^ 6o-ifio -Rtc Chicago Grain cals for weeds, insects, rodent , control. Special: Bloat control for cattle, sheep. Wormers for hogs. t c t poultry, cattle, sheep. Farm, Mouses tor sale Service in Breda. 34-159-fitc U.S. TAKE NOTICE . . . Ever trr tn find a rrdrap In a husv metropolitan railroad station? The British have the same trouble, but the British Railways have done something about it. They are providing "do-it-yourself" hiecage carriers for the use of passengers, such as this senside-bmind mother and daughter. The lieht- weieht carriers, which can tote about ton pounds, are spotted on platforms so debarking passengers ran set luccaee to (nxi stands with a minimum of delay. Others are sti-aleglrally located at taxi stands for passeneers entering the station 63 These MnrkPt» are Furnished b» the Humphry Grain Company COMPLETE LINE OF WEED killers in stock, also 33-0-0 and 45-0-0 nitrogen fertilizer Farmers Grain & Lumber Co.. Carroll. 34-146-tfc Livestock for Sale 41 LOANS AND INSTALLMENT financing — cars, equipment, household goods. S&M Finance Co., Carroll, Iowa. 12-78-tfc PERSONAL LOANS FOR ACCUM ulated bills or other purposes Community Loan Service, Carroll and Denison. 12-304-2tc Loans RESERVE THE AMBER ROOM at Club 30 for your parties. Phone 4180. 17-149-llc ELKS DINNER ' 12 Thursday, July 11 FEDERAL LAND BANK LOANS Good Things to Eat EXTRA SAFETY LOW INTEREST RAfE See " 17-160-He 18 Phil Dennis 8ec.-Treas National Farm Loan Association Over Woolworth'a — Carroll 12-2-5tC Business Services 14 HAROLD A. CHRISTIANSON, weekly rubbage pickups at $1 25 per month. Ph. 2553. 14-155-12tp RADIATOR REPAIRING. R E- coring and cleaning. Also new radiators. All work guaranteed. Carroll Auto Salvage. 14-88-tfc MAKE THE CARROLL COAST- to-Coast Store your headquar- DELICIOUS LOBSTER TAILS"! at Club 30. 18-149 -ltC NO 'PRE COOKED' CHICKEN served at Club 30. Try our golden brown fried chicken dinner. 18-82-ltc j RING CHERRIES $3 75 LUG; Apricots $1 98 lug; Peaches $2 25 lug; Robin Hood Flour 50 lbs. $389; Fro Joy Ice Crpam >i gal 59c; Boneless Beef Stew 45c lb.; Minced Ham 35c lb.; Pressed Ham 49c lb.; Beef Liver 29c lb : Pork Liver 25c lb.; Reer fi pak 83c and up; Bottle Beer $2.79 cs. and up, plus deposit. Brenny's Market. 18-lfi0-ltc LARGE LATE FOR SALE: MEAT TYPE DUROC fall boar from Iowa Roar Testing Station. Fucone Sohettler, 4 mile north of Mt. Carmel. 41-l58-3tp REGISTERED HEREFORD bulls. Serviceable. William P. Lesle, Auburn 41-134-26tc FOR SALE: 17 HEREFORD steers, average about 550 lbs. Bernard A. Halbur, Halbur. la. Phone Halbur 2187. 4l-lfiO-3tc FOR SALE 2-YEAR-OLD ANGUS bull. Chris Brandt, 4 miles west of Mannitg 41-160-2tp A 3-BDRM. HOME CLOSE TO; north side schools. 3 yrs old. Lge. family size birch finished kitchen. Tiled bath Full finished basement. Gas heat. Attached garage. Enclosed back yard. | Present loan may be assumed. Poss< when desired*John Onam Real Estate. fi3-159-2tc WHEAT .Tuly Sept. Per. Marrh CORN .Tuly Sept. Den, 3-BEDROOM ONLY 2 BLOCKS from St. Lawrence, two yrs old,' Marrh large living room, beautiful birch 0Axg kitchen, full basement, gas heat. July garage. Lot well landscaped with Sep1, enclosed back yard. Owner trans- Dec ferred Assume present FHA,; SOYBEANS save closing costs. Call E. C. July Pudenz, broker. Dial 9342 63-180-2tc High 316 219 223«» 225 132 \ 13."> 131 S 138 4 Sept. Nov. 69 S 70S 73'i 75 H S 243'* 240 H 235 K Pets 46 ters for hardware, farm supplies FOR SALE or gift items. 14-166-18tc| Mount Morency cherries, 12 l *c rOR ALL GASOLINE ENGINE lb - ?™ r & ° JEsdnhr - PhnnP lawn mower repair. call or see J!2*iu££!l £i!^ Reinart Service. New location 1 M«U U a l« \AU~te>A 21 - ~> . N T c '° fcation Ma'© He, P Wanted across street west of Samvay. : ?Ph. 2126. FOR SALE: 4 REGISTERED Beagle pups. 2 males. 2 females. 8 weeks old. Clair Clark, Coon Rapids. Iowa. 46-159-2tc Household Goods 51 TWO MEN NEEDED Who would like to get into sales work. This is a permanent job with a good future. $75.00 weekly salary and Commission above average. Must be away from home Monday to Friday, have car and be available immediately. Apply to Company Representative. Iowa State Employment Office, Carroll, Iowa, Thursday, BEAUTIFUL BRICK HOME, N. Side, 5 fine rooms and bath, living room and basement rec. room have fireplaces. Large garage, lot 100 ft., south front. Priced low at $19,500.00 $5,000.00 on contract. Bal. $100.00 per month. See Roy J. Burns. Lam Thelen or L. Leffingwell. LARD .Tuly Sept. Oct. 18.80 14.25 14.27 r.s\ 31 R 22'' \ ?'„'2 1*1 : « ;TV, 4 lao 72 H 74 240 4 2^7 232 13 v? 13 95 14 05 Prev Close Close 213 \ 214 2 lfi i, 21«\ 221 >. 221 h nnn 223 if, 131 !« 131% 133% 133\ 130 1, 135% 135 69'» 72% 74 W 242% 242% 230 239% 233 % 234 % 13 «0 14 30 14.27 213% 213% 21«% 21R% 221% 221 i- 2TO\ 223 132% 132 % 134 % 134% 130W, 130% 135 % 6P\ 7°', 70 V 73% 75 241 241', 23<5% 232 % 233 13 TO 13 so 14 .07 14 10 Alleges Misuse in Drought Aid Program • Soil Bank- (Continued from Page 11 tracts to crops normally plan'ed by July 1 next year, and wouid halt all payments after Sept 15, 1958 Harrison told a reporter the cut-off date should prevent use of soil bank funds in next year's congressional elections "Use of this money in the elections last year was disgraceful." he said, echoing charges made during last year's campaign that payments to farmers were hurried into strategic areas just before the by and his doc. that much was election. u-od by recipients in various Secretary of Agriculture Rr-nson M ^ p ? to pay off old bills, and told the House Agriculture Com mittee in January there was ah solutely no truth" to such allrca Black Magic Student Held For Slaying VINELAND, N.J '*>-.Iuan Rivera Aponte, a chicken farm worker and student of black magic, was led into Municipal Court Tuesday and meekly heard himself i charged wilh the voodoo slaying ! of a 13-year-old hoy. A woman court interpreter translated the charge into Spanish for the 45-year old Puerto Rican. When she had finished, Aponte nodded his head and. in one of the few words of English he knows, said Okay." Authorities announced Monday that Aponte had signed a statement confessing he killed Roger Carletto last Oct 13 to get the lad's skull for use in a love potion. Municipal Judge Daniel Grosso entered a mandatory plea of innocent for the tarm worker and r.ent him off to Cumberland County Jail in Bridgeton without bail. Orosso appointed City Council President Robert J. Halpin as Apontec attorney and the lawyer asker) time to familiarize himself with the case Grosso accordingly set July 22 for a preliminary hearing when he will decide whether to give the case to the grand jury- Roger lived near the chicken farm of Idek Rosenblum where Aponte worked and the boy had been the obiect of a wide search for nine months Aponte himself led police last Tuesday tn a shallow grave on the farm where the skeleton of the boy was uncovered. But Aponte accused hir employ- w\SHlNGTON jv-Sen Williams R I 'M '•aid Tuesday he thinks the tcrrn ".^kulldUugery" well de- ~<f i h.• iome things that have hap- , , ,, _ , _ - - P r ,].v| under the federal drought fi. R , ogera , nd ^enblum relirf program Williams called Agriculture Dep :n"'noni officials for further questioning by members of a Senate •\i :rii'ulture Subcommittee investi- t-anng 1934-58 operations of the smhpfl pl r , n Rosenblum The subcommittee heard testimony Monday that some drought R , relief monev was used to support m ,.. n , s " n initially was charged with murder. Police Monday took an hour and a half tape, recorded statement in Spanish from Aponte and said he signed it after interpreters tran- a 35-year-nld Polish displaced person, then was re- eased from Cuherland County Jail a Texas county official's polo hob- Chicago Livestock CHICAGO '/P - Butcher hogs were steady to 25 cents higher 83-160-ltc Tuesday, with the advance on weights around 230 pounds and Apartment for Rent 65 heavier. Sows were strong to mostly 25 cents up (USDA^ — Salable hogs 7,son, moderately active, steady higher on butchers, sows strong to mostly 25 higher, several lots No 1-2 190-220 lb butchers 20 50- FOR BETTER APARTMENTS AT reasonable rent contact Pete Jensen. Phone 3109. Parkview Apartment. Carroll, Iowa. 65-58-ltc m in tmns He said he had tried to administer the program "honestly and fairly." Senate and House conferees said they expected the compromise to be passed by the House without too much trouble Democratic and Republican 'conferee? were uni'ed in their support of the bill The compromise would put a that the chairman and another member of the Upton County, Tex . Agricultural Stabilization Committee 'ASC> received thou- ineland Public Safety Director Arthur L Joseph said Roger happened to visit \ponte's shack th« evening of last Oct. 13 when Aponte had just come to a chapter dealing with the use of human skulls as love potions. According to the public safety director. Aponte struck the boy to 25 $3,000 hm.tal.on on the amount of ^ u " p thp exception "ther than Soil Rank monov anv one farmer 1f> '" ° sands of dollars of payments to ^ ^ uhich they were not entitled. him unConFCious strang i ed hlra with a cord, and buried the body on the farm Joseph quoted Aponte as saying he wanted to dry the skull, grind it into dust an.1 use the powder in a potion Aponte believed would enable him to cast spells over women. A S RounsoviUe of Dallas, an agriculture department auditor, also told the group, that audits have disclosed irregularities totaling nearlv tun million dollars in the 212 million dollar feed grain program Rut he said irregulan- cati receive The hill also would direct the government to see that farmers Williams, who is chairman of the subcommittee, told a reporter he hoped Kenneth L Scott, a top 65-128-tfc 330-425 lb sows 16 25-17 50 Salable rattle 8.000; calves 300. FOR RENT: UPSTAIRS APT.. 3' slaughter steers and heifers some- rooms and bath. Dial 9521. w 'hat irregular, but general trade 65-134-tfc fairly active and mostly steady; i cow steady to strong, bulls about FURNISHED TRAILER. CEMENT steady; vealers steady; few loads effort to reduce hf f nf ' hp Program in LAWN SODDING. 14-86-tfc! ROUTEMAN FOR AUDUBON. July H. from 10 a. m. to Noon married, over 22 with car, $103.00! 21-160-2tc week, steady. Write P. 0. Box; FOR SALE 493. Fk Dodge, Iowa. 21-139-24tc PHONE 4212. 14-130-tfc NOW IS THE TIME TO REPAIR Roofs! For a Free Estate, Dial; WANTED: STEADY YOUNG MAN 2592 Gambles. 14-86-tfc WHEN YOU PAINT UP, MAKE Keenan Paint Store your headquarters. Benjamin Moore paints and paint supplies of all kinds. Let us help you. Joe Dalhoff, owner. 14-9fi-ltc FISHERMAN'S SPECIAL-GLASS Rod, Reel. 50 yds. line, complete outfit, $5.95. Uptown Club. 14-156-tfc 2-HOUR CLEANING SERVICE AT HR Cleaners where your clothes are always 20% cleaner and odorless. All cotton dresses and sport shrits sized to restore that fresh new look. Dial 4333. HR Cleaners, 14-148-tfc NEW AND USED power lawn mowers. Schenkelberg Impl. Co. 51-153-ltc $25 PHONE 9354. their total production bv the amount of crop land they place in the soil bank The conservation reserve program also would be tightened up by a directive tn the Secretary of Agriculture to 'give acreful consideration" to the value of the land converted to tree:, grass and other long range conservation also makes payments for this land, Young People of Glidden Sponsor Film 'Seventeen' between the ages nf 18 to 25 1 USED PIANO with some knowledge of book-' keeping and is willing to learn | K T R B y VACITJM CLEANER to handle parts in an automobile; , jk usp(j m reason . garage Writejo Box BMc. o, able . Dia , 300 i. si-l60-2tc Daily Times Herald. 2M57-4tc i patio with awnings Graham ] high choice and mixed choice and Trailer'Park. Phone 4122 prime steers 25 75-28 25. most good fi5-158-tfc and choice grades 22.50-25 .vi —~~ i choice to low prime heifers largely „ ™, APARTlvTFNT<; AV All A R l c •' ,. ,, .„ ,t. . \ purposes The government Ai'AKiftiii .iN ij> AV A i L A D Li EI . 23.50-25 on, utility and commercial '/.„,. ,u,„ Furnished or unfurnished. Me-, cows 13 7 5-15 50; utilitv and com- makes pa>ments for this Nabb Building. Dial 3680. ' merclaI bulls ,7.25-19 25. good and un ^ r ,hp snllbank P r °K ram 65-219-tic choice vealers 19 00-23 00 51-159-3tc jC00L ANT) CLEAN> C0MPLETE | Salabl^!.^ a !"^ ke ^^ , *, „ , . , . er active on all classes; spring private floor. Can be furnished. : i __u. „- n -, a ii v efoori,. «v {-.:-. xr- i lambs generally steady with extreme top 50 lower; good and Senate 3a0 millions choice spring lambs 22.00-23.50. FREE STORAGE FOR ALL WIN- ter clothes, blankets, etc. Dial 4333. HR Cleaners. 14-148-tfc Female Help Wanted 22 GIRL OR WOMAN FOR HOUSE work and care of children. Phone 3172. Mrs. James Waters 22-159-2tc BABY BED. HI-CHAIR, BABY Dial 9643, 1121 No. Mam 65-154-tfc ' The bill would authorize 325 mil- ion dollars for conservation reserve payments The Hou^e voted 250 million dollars, the basket, all Phone 9002. in good condition. 51-160-2tc UNFURNISHED APT. NEAR HOS- ! T pital. Adults. Dial 9703. 65-116-3tc ; Donald G. Ewoldf In Field Training BAUMHOI.PER. Germanv • 'Miss Carroll' (Continued from Pate n the Agriculture Department, will be prepared to testify about some Th( . ftlnii "Seventeen" will be $3?„585 worth of "relief" Williams snown at tne Citv HaU in Glidden, said was received in 1954 by "the J U J V 16> AT 8 pm "Seventeen" is famous- King Ranch, a fabulously pr p SPn tpfi by voung people and for rich outfit in Texas •' young p^pi, "Seventeen" is a Williams said officials of the story of high school students and King Ranch — a rattle empire what they think of life. This film which Williams described as big- is produced by Youth Films, a ger than the state of Delaware"— division of Gospel Films, hie. will he permitted to testify if they Some of the young people of Glid- desire but that meanwhile he den are sponsoring this, but young wants Scott to tell whether the people of all denominations are big ranch ever paid bads the $32.- invited to attend. 585, or got other federal farm aid. : Charcoal, which is almost pure Prime Minister Nehru of India carbon, produces greater heat keeps a brass mold of Abraham than ordinary wood and is practic- Lincoln's hand on his study table ally smokeless. Deaths and Funerals Chamber of Commerce to conduct the contest specifies that local ~" sponsors will provide the enntest- G. ant with a formal for evening DISH MACHINE OPERATOR wanted. Day work. Tony's Restaurant. See A. J. Vorsten, ! 22-159-3tc Maje-Female Help 23 WANTED: MEN OR WOMEN for general plant work. Langles Dairy, Odebolt, Iowa. 23-160-ltc July Clearance USED MERCHANDISE Bedroom Suite.. $35.00 Buffet $10.00 Studio $6.00 Dinette $14.95 Electric Range .. $50.00 Refrigerators $14.95 to $125.00 New Studios.... $59.95 ALWAYS BETTER BUYS AT GAMBLES UNIVERSAL SHELLANE , p , M |»C. Re»l E»t«te 70 ESS slovp, like n*w. lnw pricp; F0R S ALE: IF IT'S A FARM, uspd Maytag square tuh. Mn Oft: i home or building lot see me. Specialist Third Class Donald two 275-gal. obround tanks, $25.00j p ran i( Hoffmann, Dial 2210. i Ewoldl, son of Mr. and Mrs. Hugo wear Chairmen Dedrirk and each. Drees Heating Co. i - 70-155-tfc 1 Ewnldl, Manning. Iowa, recently Ha«en explained, however. that in 51-160-61 c | - j participated in an intensive 30-day some cases org -ini;.atnns sponsor- EXCELLENT EFFICIENT AND R EX B1LLARDS. ONE OF DENI-: f j^j training exercise with the ing local candidates ha«e provided * " J ' ' sons oldest established busi-i 2 fisth Field Artillery Battalion in their contestant with a «wim suit nesses, doing good. Phone 60»i Germanv - or a formal For this reason it Specialist Ewoldt a mechanic 1 decided that the ,-hamper will cive Used Cars & Trucks 71 and driver in the battalion's Rat- a $100 cash pr.7e which the winner U- *" arS * ' rUCKS Littery R. entered the Army in Sep- may use to purchase additions to THIS IS IMPORTANT. EVERY ' temher 19.v=i and received basic npr wnrdrone as she sees fit used car in our lot is carefully : training at Port Chaffee. Ark. He Preliminary- and final contests reconditioned by Factory trained j was stationed at Fort Leonard-will be held this weekend and are mechanics. Bill Burgess Motor ; Wood. Mo . before arriving in Eu- open to the public There will be JOSEPH T. GEORGE Final rites were held at 3 30 a m Monday in St John's Church r . . Arcadia for Joseph T George. * ALL LAKE ~ A daughter 64, of Arc.idi.i. -Aho died Thurs- born to Mr - and Mrs Jake steib STEIB INT ANT iTImn* Hrrald S 'KW* S»n-lf»> WALL LAKE - A day evening at Anthony Hospital here The Rev C A Ah- economical, that's Blue Lustre I carpet and upholstery cleaner. Matt Furniture Co. 51-160-ltc ! LARGE SELECTION OF GOOD • used furniture at Knowlton's Furniture. 51-131-tfc of Wbeaton, IU., June 29. died shortly after birth Funeral serv- mann, who ottered requiem mass, ices were held July 1 at Wheaton also officiated at graveside rites NEWEST TRENDS IN FINER Lighting: 150 new modern lighting fixtures on display. See them today. Heires Electric Co. Sl-132-tfc Co. 71-20-tfc ; rope in February 19S6. 21-vear-old for the parade n 1954 BUICK CENTURY, 4-DOOR, 1 ™ p zj-year-mn soiider was Radio, heater, low mileage and f ,raduatnd from Manilla Howa. clean. Wittrock Motors 7i.ifin.tfo I Public High School in 1954 soiider TWO USED 1-TON AIR CONDI- tioners. Carroll Refrigeration. Wearing Apparel 52 IT STARTS TOMORROW. NOCK- els Clothiers store wide July Clearance Sale. Be here early Wednesday morning 52-160-ltc Auto Service 75 AN OUNCE OF CARE SAVES RE- pair! . . . Depend on our expert servicing to keep your car at its best . . Legal Notices no admission swimming place at Swimming Pool at 9pm Saturday. Admi'-'-ion of SO cents will hp charged for the talent contest at the Starline ballroom at .1 p m Sunday and \\ for 'he final contest and coronation hrii! in the Starlme ballroom at 9 r tn Sunday Music for dancing wl! he furnished by The infant is survived by her parents, two sisters. Janet and Ramona. and maternal grandparents, Mr and Mrs Frank Terlis- ner of Wall Lake Mr and Mrs. Terhsner attended the. funeral services Mr Terhsner has re- Mr George, a^ native of Boston. , urnw j home. Mr*. Terhsner remained for a visit with the Steib family. in St John's remetery Pallbcarers -.'ere Ed Schroeder, H F Schroeder and 'oe Schroeder of Carrol! Rpn Haverkamp. Lawrence Winker and Herman Them, Arcadia Mass, had In ed in Carroll Conn nt K which will take '"•' " ,nrF he -v , eight years old. e American Legion He made his home with the late For values galore in new and used goods, read the Classified Ads. It's fun to shop through the classified section, and it's profitable, too! Call 3573 Daily Times Herald KOTK'K OK APPOINTMENT „ , . . OF KXBCl'TORS Complete service STATF OF I^WA, shop from lubrication to body : C ARROLL " , NO . T400, H ank. Scho'olev s orchestra ..«-\. c«..»ll ! NciTUt IS MKKr .Bi EN, that work, tarrou Motor Co. | the unrtersipne.i has been dulv a P . Dates of the M: Iowa Pageant 75-111-tfc pointed nno fiunllftf»tj a» executors „ i , r , - 1 nf the fMt't of Rosina Pu.lenz tie- at ( lear ir ' une '.'fi. ^7 and WINKER SERVICE — COM- 1 eeased. Wi'e of r 'arroii County. All ' 2fi. Winner of the Miss low plete radiator service, ^^^^ advance -o ,h. Miss America 'mem and those having riajms Pageant, at Atlantic t itv. i. n .i LI afiainst t lie same will present them. 75-284-ttC; dulv mithen 'i' aiert, tn the under- «i B ned, for .i;. ; _.wance,_and..flle_in L Q^Q yj ew Women fender repair. Dial 2120. REMINDER! HOW LONG SINCE your car had a motor tune-up? Now's the' time to have this work done! You'll get (aster starting, better gas economy, smoother engine operation. We service all makes. Houlihan Motors 75-14-tfc ATTEND SYNOD AT AMES (Time* Herald News Service) MANNING - The Rev. and the office of the Clerk of the Dis cia're'nre p.!*™* and Ha i* n At Safety Parley Pudenz. Ksecutori ' Mevers 4 Tan Crett, Attorney* Dat«d July 8. 19S7 Alfred J. Klooke, Clerk District Court July 9, lft. 23. 1957 NOTICK OK APPOINTMENT OK ADMINISTRATRIX STATK Of I'WA, CARRni.L cni 'NTY. sa. No. 7402 NiVriCI- I? HKRKBY GIVEN, that the undersigned haa been duly ap Mrs Frank Schroeder of Arcadia For the last t-vo and one half -ears he had resided at the Tryon Nursing H'me 109 North Main Street, Carroll. LEOTA HARVEY iTtmen MeraH Vew« Sen-li-n D EDM AM - Mr and Mrs William Hu ,:hfs ot Timpleton, Mr and Mrs Ray Harvey of Coon Ra- uile pids and Agnes Harvey of Omaha attended funeral rites in O e s Moines Monday for l.eota Harvey, niece of Mrs Il-irhf-s They also calh -d on Man- Harvey at the Trua>: Nursing Home in Coon Rapids MONUMENTS Flnatt Quality — Workmanship New. Exeluilva Oatlant Lirgest Olspltv of Granite, Marbla, and Bronie in Midwest Iowa. LOWEST PRICES ALWAYS PROMPT INSTALLATION WORK IN ALL CEMETERIES CEMSTSRY LETTERING MePherjon-Campball Co. Acrott from Cametery Phone JIM — Carroll, lowi Open Sunday! for Your Convenience Crouse Cartage Co. Carroll - Phone 3528 MRS, KATIE OLSON Mrs. Katie Olson 96, of Vincent, grandmother of Gerald Prinze, died Monday noon at the home of Mr Pnnple's parents Mr and Mrs A .1 Pringle, in Webster City where she had lived Mrs Carl Sinnine will attend Svn- 1 pointed and nuniified as adminlstra- Mrs. ainning win aiiena s> n | . nf thP ^„ B1P of Theodore w od at Ames this week. Members of the Westminster Fellowship who plan to attend sessions are Julia Johnson, Linda Warner, Rae Lynn Wycoff and Faith Sander, Mrs. H. W, Hagedorn, president of the Presbyterian Women's Organization, will attend sessions (Time* H»iH »«•» fiervlrei LAKE VI FW -- Mrs Llovd Moody, Mrs L A Drilling, Mrs Lester Lille and Mrs \inccnt O'Brien attended the Women s Traffic Safetv I 'onterence at the Storehouse in Hes Moines Tucs day. Representing the Lake Vn-v for the past yc -,,r and a half She Woman's Cluh and the American had been ill for only a few days Braiuckman debased, late" ofCanoli'; Legion Auxiliirv, thev wont, on A brief pravor service for the eW'are'f ^i^ Herschel Lov e- family in the Foster Funeral mediate pavment. and those having loss for the puipose of establish- Home at Webster Citv Wednesday ^enHhem. rt S .!iv h auth™nV^ of action ' in will be followed by iuneral serv- the underiignerl for allowance, 'and' traffic safetv for every women s ices at 2 pm. in the Lutheran file in the office of the Clerk of the i organization in Iowa Church at Vincent - - Mr. and Mrs Pringle and son Adminis- Dlstrlct court Theresa Brauckman ; beginning Tuesday. Miss Amanda \ D at.d M S 'a* W*"' Atlorneys ISievers and Mrs. Harold Schmidt i nirw d r.V t K . lc i c ^ e I also plan to b« present. I Juna Juli , 3, 9 1957 * uict Court j Saviour El Salvador, in Central America, will leave Wednesday morning to Is Spanish for The Saviour " Its attend the services capital. San Salvador, means Holy Mrs Olson is survived by three 1 daughters and four sons. no. 1 specialist in storage & moving! tm&.m Courteous Convenient Carrier s

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