Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 13, 1960 · Page 6
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 6

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, June 13, 1960
Page 6
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ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH WOMEN MODEL BAZAAR HATS ing on hate at the St. Joseph's hospital bazaar Were Mrs. Robert Murphy, right, the former Ton! Muckerman, and a friend from St. Louis, Mrs. John Hallums.—Staff Photo. St. Joseph's Bazaar Huge Success Even During Rain Rain threatened, forced a hasty change In plans, but didn't prevent the bazaar over the weekend at St Joseph's Hospital. Booths had been set up on E. 5th street, on both sides of Central. The bazaar began Saturday afternoon. Business was good at the booths,, and patronage was heavy at the dinner, served in the nurses home. Came the rain, later, and the decorations on the stands were drenched. The undaunted members of the St. Joseph's Auxiliary went to work, redecorated, got all set for Sunday's session. Sunday's rain forced a retreat into the hospital, and the nurses' home. The dark clouds had given a warning, and the materials on tiie stands were under cover before any damage resulted. The sale was resumed In the lounge of the nurses' home and in the hospital lounge. There a brisk business was done. All the books had been carried inside, as had the fancy work, the kitchen utensils, the dollars — in fact all the articles for sale. Members of the auxiliary carried on with zest. Mrs. J. E. McLdugh- lln at the "white elephant" booth; Mrs. K. K. Hoagland, Mrs. Clarence Merkle and Mrs/ E. N. Rousseau at the book stand; Mrs. Joseph M. Dondanvllle at a booth selling all manner things; Mrs. Harvey Reilley at the grocery bas- j ket stand, with her husband lending able assistance in the sale of tickets, and others who wouldn't let a little thing like a rainstorm interfere with good works. Head of the committee in charge was Mrs. H. E. Roloff. President of the auxiliary is Mrs. Harlvey Yolton. During the two days, more than 500 persons were served dinner. Officers said the event was profitable. With good weather, the proceeds would have been greater, but the hard-working women were pleased with results and happily discussed their triumph over adversity. Nine out of every 10 forest fires in the U.S. are caused by i negligence of men in taking proper safety precautions. MINISTER CHATS WITH CHAIRMAN The Rev. Robert Berry, recently assigned to Grace Methodist Church at Seventh and Henry streets, was honored along with his family at a recep- TV Probe* Neivspapers At Chicago CHICAGO (&)— Television has cast a critical eye on Chicago's four major dally newspapers. The program, called "Eye On The Press." inaugurated Sunday by former Associated Press newsman Carter Davidson on WBBM-TV a Columbia Broadcasting System outlet. Davidson mixed praise and reproof in the program, which CBS says is part of a planned series to review newspapers in all metro- tion Sunday evening. Chairman of the official board, Dean E. Cooper (right), welcomed the Berrys to the congregation, Mrs. Berry is at left—Staff Phi MONDAY, JUNE 13,1960 MBMBMBHMaMMMMMMMM New Mr. America Is 5*6,180 Pounds CLEVELAND, OWo (AP) - A KtMittfsd senior/ tt ftJUuiwwttin LonMtra Immote wt» picto 110 pounds into a 5-ft»t-€ frame, is the new Mr. America. Lloyd Lerille wai picked tram among 27 entrants in a contest mat capped the National Weightlifting Championships. Six members of the U.S. Olympic team were chosen In the weightllftjng championships. V PROPELLER CLVB WINNERS Winner* of river trips in essay contest sponsored by St. Louis Propeller Club were recently announced at a St. Louis banquet. BIHIe Lynn Cook (left), of 345 E. Rosewood Dr., Roxana, was awarded a Tennessee River trip. Pat- rick E. Leanty (right), won a $25 bond and a trip on the upper Mississippi River. Patty McGIU (second from right) won a trip on the lower Mississippi.—Howard Earl Day Photo. 2 Illinois AMA Opens i CM, M, Goes j StudentgtoGo Convention In Florida Largest nylon rope hi the world is being used for salvage (operations on Lake Maracaibo ! in Venezuela's underwater oil- ifild byarsvv 9il, The 24-year-old New Orleans student scored 94 points of a possible 140 In the Mr. America contest, which was sponsored by the Amateur Athletic Union. Judging was on the basis of muscular development, symmetry, general appearance and athletic ability. Read Telegraph Want Ads Dally Callouses Mfnlflf ON MIMM Of And Then... ROBINSON, III. JP — A 15- yer-old girl went for a joyride Sunday. When she was finished To Africa NEW YORK JP - Two ilege students from Illinois MIAMI BEACH, Fla. ' (APi— The world's largest gathering of |:she had: medical men opens today with na- Led a state trooper in a 100 \ tiorml aged topic. health certain iasurance for to be a col-' are; preparing here for a summer of! bridge building and study in! West Africa. ' Montgomery, Elgin,! iand John B. Edwards, Evanston,' ; Telegraph Want Ads "CLICK" Gassy? Stop Heart Gas 3 Times Faster .«rtifitd laboratory ttsti prow BEU-ANS libels neutralizes timtiai much ttomach acidity n one minute as many leading digestive tablets, let SEIL-ANS today for the fittest known JIW. 35* at drujjitti. Send postal to BELl- »NS, Oranieburi, fi. Y. for liberal free samplt. for fnat, grateful relief, gel Dr. Hchall'B Zino-pada. They also remove caUouaei one of the quickest wayn known to medical science. D-Scholls lino pads -NOW= FROM MICHIGAN =FRESH= Stnwterriw 3 Quart!* •exes JL Cheaper by the COM. For canning or fretting. BROADWAY & MAIN Drive-In Produce Market JL ' ' IctJIll UUI1II D. IMUWtUUS, CiVHIIMUIl, 211" anJhour / ;hMe throu 8 h vll -|and four other students from '"""'age and on highway; j Massachusetts Institute of Tech- Demolished two ears, neither I nology will undergo orientation It's the 109th annual convention i ot them hers; j at Union Theological Seminary. of the American Medical Assn., with some 14,000 physicians aliening the five-day meeting. The 209-member House of Dele-; Crashed into three other cars Further orientation will follow tucked away in a church park-Jin London and Paris, and then • ing lot; tthey will head for Africa. In1lm>ri three persons and h er- ! Edwards, Montgomery and the politan cities where the network|gates, AMA policy-making body, isp)f 'other MIT students will live iwith six African students in huts has stations. In praise of the city's press. Davidson cited three examples of "performance in the highest journalistic tradition:" A series by Fletcher Martin of the Chicago Sun-Times about the problems of .Ygroes in Chicago. A Chicago Daily Tribune expose of "bandit cab drivers" at O'Hare Field by reporter Sandy Smith, who posed as a cable to get the story. A series from South Africa by Smith Hempstone for the Chicago Daily News. But Davidson criticized these newspapers and Chicago's American for devoting what he called an "unseemly amount of space*' to'health proposals. will meet throughout the week. It will select the recipient of the' , iht> Rirl> of Mount distinguished service award today, naming a physician who has made an outstanding contribution to medicine. Patricia Carmel, with ] after being treated and bruises. State Trooper Ann 111., for Don Stewart, Coajc ;of the native villages where they "(will help build bridges, irriga- Ition ditches, schools and churches I Dr. E. Vincent Askey of Lt» iwho said ne gave chase wnen he Angeles will be installed as presi- :noted thc car she was drjving I had been reported stolen in Mount Vernon, gave this ac- dent Tuesday. Three speakers expressed divergent views on health insurance for the aged at the confrence of presidents and officers of state medical associations Sunday. Paul Butler, Democratic party* chairman, told doctors they are dragging their feet on health re- count: As he pursued her through the community of Trimble she passed too close to another car, locked bumpers, the other car spinning into a ditch — injuring Its three occupants — while her forms and said they had a "cur-i car veered into the parking lot ions" attitude toward his party's'of the Trimble church and smashed into three parked cars. the Dr. Bernard Finch-Carole Tre- : , <If soda , iz(!d medlcine shou]d i Mi's. Carl of Macomb, goff murder trial in Los Angles. eomp tf) Qur pountry „ may wel ,|who was riding in the car that bp Davidson charged that the ; lengthy trial crowded off the front;-p,^^'^^ u ^j~ jpage a number of more significant|| pr dp( .| ared 1 news events, including the renewal I of a mutual security treaty be-; thp mpdi(;al ofession , t ., sloughed into the ditch, suffered But- |tJlree cracked ribs - Her husband jand another passenger, Mrs. ^ Cynthia Hat ' bal 'g h - also of Ma " es. They are among 190 American collegians participating in "Crossroads Africa," an experimental good-will project. Stewart that she really know how to drive. didn't BRANDENBERGER Buy*: • Old Gold • Diamonds • Dental Gold • Jewelry • Antiques 215 1'IASA ST. ALTON NOTICE OF RELOCATION OF BUSINESS OFFICE We will be moving to our new office at 309 Henry Street on June 18.1960 For your convenience we have an after hours depository and the following collection stations for payment of water bills: Dick's Drug Store 1426 Washington Avenut National Food Store! 1862 East Broadway, 510 West Delmar Kroger Storos Alton Plan Monricello Plan Sears, Roebuck ft Co. 3<W Piaso Street ALTON WATER COMPANY Social • like pictwo* Mood the right frame to look iMr lovelfetrl but Ostertag can yov tod such a wide style loletlion of frame*, ouch a wonderful prko oekKHon, tool Years of experience hove enabled Ottortag to bring from the mark*?, the •on. look your potto* In frames •two o« $1.501 mU HOward 2-2532 OOM 632N.GMBd tl8&Bnatirood 2428 Wanton Rd. S718 Wuhingto* nSN.Kirkwod 606 E. Broadway, Allan, UL tween the United States and Japan. ils convention jn IjOS Ange | PS next . The broadcasting station's first| montn . 7^ bm< now be(ore Con . i designated press critic «lso| gregs ^ 0 ^ ()]d 'claimed headlines for the burning isuran( , e j o me I of an atomic Bomarc missile last| S y S ( enii jweek at a New Jersey air force! Thruston B. Morton, Republican | base were "an absence of news-; national chairman, said his party ' paper responsibility." i probably will propose a "volun- He said the Tribune headlined j t ary program to be worked out an Associated Press report that a : jn conjunction with the states." • missilehnd exploded with "Atomic GOV. Ross Barneit of Mississ- ,'BU)st in New Jersey." Davidson ijppj told the doctors every state snid such headlines nrc "headlines! should take care of its own. that terrorixr." i First reports from the Asso' elated Press quoted Now>' ! state police as sa>ine the Bomarc | had exploded. ' The Sun-Times h a n n e r e d: ; "Atomic Warhead Explodes in Now Jersey." ; Over later stories by the Associated Press, the Tribune headline : said "Fire Triggers Radiation." The Sun-Times said "Radiation Freed by Fire." The story said, "There is no ! radiation clanger to the public, the Air Force said. A small amount of radioactive material was scattered in the immediate shelter area." The Air Force- also said the missile did not explode. Buler predicted that his party - ~ , . i would endorse the Fonnid bill a tl comb ' were treated for minori injuries. Their car and the one Patricia was driving were demolished. Security) Before bein £ releas ed to her i parents, Patricia confided to 'Crawford County 'Sheriff Robert BOXSTORAGE FOR WINTER WOOLENS Tombstone Falls On, Kills Girl, 9 i DOMDIDIER, Switzerland (AP) | —Marie-Claude Grossrieder, 9, • wont to the local cemetery with; her younger sister Sunday to place • flowers on their grandfather's grave. The tombstone fell on Marie-Claude, killing her. Dial HO 5-8877 NOTHING TO PAY TILL FALL l> STANDARD HOME FURNISHNII 111 PER MONTH SOO C. BROADWAY Opt* Tojilre TU f P.M. wi Hum aw U a ui Karpet-Kore than 3-STEP ONE-OAY OARPET CLEANING PHONE * NO 5-8141 FOR FREI ESTIMITI SUPERIOR CARPET CLEANERS III! MAUI ST. UPPER ALTON HO MI41 A. & P. Food Stores 411 Plau liodormon Furniture 302-304 Plata Carson Jewelry IIS W. 3rd Franklin Union Furnituro SOO E. Broadway Gorrott Furniture 16 W. Broadway FREE PARKING METERS Myers Bros. 3rd and PIBM Paul's Fabric* 20« State St Gatoly'i Schcwfttr't u* w. »rd Soars Roobucb Co. 306-28 Slack Furnirwo tot w. 108 W W. T. Grant Co. 205 W. 8rd J. A R. Auto StortB Spiegel Catalog Deik 400 Belie

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