The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 15, 1966 · Page 15
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 15

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 15, 1966
Page 15
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THE SURE WAY TO GET FASTEST RESULTS! H PHONE 295-3535 • "c Per Word. Ca?h in Advance TC Per Word. Charged UDM Want Ad? Reach 6.<vi Families Each Week' Algona Upper Des Moines Classified Rates "DEAR JOHN . . ." I m cfraid cur relationship must come to CM e-^d. There is no future in i» for US. You've broken my heart for the last time. I thoug'nt our love was forever — until yesterday. Hov,- could you do this to me JcW? How could you possibly buy a truck that wasn't a GMC? And I thought you had good taste. Goodbye, Ella JOE-BRADLEY EQUIP. WANTED - Custom,;, JACK HENRY, Algona, la. PI . 293-2006. (e-'- 5 -":} WANTED - Person to supply families in southwest Kossuth county with Rawleigh products. No capital necessary. Writ" RAWLEIGH, Dept. 1AI-31-375, Freeport, 111. (67-70-74*) BRADLEY? BARGAINS TRACTORS ]9fi2 Oliver 770 Gas. Clean 2850 Oliver 60, Reai Sharo ... $ 550 JD "B" Power-trol Rollo- matic $ 600 JD A-fi Snd., Str., Lts., PI. Good tires S 450 M-H - 30 Hvrlrau!ic.5, Good Rubber, OK <5 430 1953—Oliver 88D Comp. O.H S-rso 1961— Case 630 wide Front with mtd. Loader with Both Buckets $2775 1962 MM M-5 tractor, EXCEPTIONAL ! S3650 OTHER TRACTORS MH-30; AC-WC: JD "A"; IHC- F-20; M-M "Z"; MH-101 Jr.: AC-WC; IHC "H"; AC-WD: Oliver "70"; These are older tractors but most are operational and priced fairly. MACHINERY Oliver No. 18 PTO Combine, Good $ 350 MH No. 60 PTO Combine S11CO 1964—IHC, Model 60 Forage Harvester, 2 row corn, hyd., Sharp ....... $2295 1963—Artsway Feed Mixer $ 875 IHC—75 P Hay Harvester $ 2Cx) Moline R-Power Unit .... .? ICO 1958—JD 14T Baler with thrower $1175 IHC—75 1 Hay Harvester $ 200 Near New 60" Agrotiller $ 650 Comfort Pull type Sprayer $ 225 Oliver 416 Pull Plow $ 575 MACHINES 44 ft. Kelley-Ryan Elev. 2 wheel $ 325 Several good T mowers .. $ 175 JD No. 6 corn sheller on Ford truck $ 950 Gehl-FH-83 Forage Harvester with Hay Attach and 2R-corn head $1500 Oliver 4340—314 Hyd. Trip plow $ 450 Oliver 316 mtd. Plow for AC $ 275 Gehl FH-83 (1963). Both heads, Sharp $1750 Helix Front unloading PTO wagon $ 225 Case wagon Barge Box, Hoist $ 475 Dual Hyd. rear unloading Box $ 550 NH 66 Baler, Good $ 250 NI-2R Mtd. Picker, Oliver 770-880 mtgs $ 650 MM-2R Mtd. Pkr., MH mtgs $550 N.H. Forage unloader attach, for Spdr $ 295 Hyd. Cyl. and Hoses for MM-M-5 $ 85 Snowco Bale Loader, Like New $ ITS Miller — 3 Beater Forage Box, Like New $ 950 TRUCKS 1963 Chev. \k Ton pickup. 1961 Ford Econoline Van, Very Sharp ! 1961 Chev. C.O.E., V-8 with Henderson bulk and bag unloading box. 1960 CMC model V-4005. 1959 IHC •'Vi Ton pickup with new comb. box. 1959 IHC Metro Van. 1958 IHC >2 Ton pickup. 1954 Ford 14 Ton truck with flatbed. 1952 GMC ••»•-, Ton pickup. MISC. Woodstock rack for ' 2 ton pickup Galion hydraulic end dump box with hoist. PHONE, WRITE OR COME AND SEE US Joe Bradley EQUIPMENT WANTED - C-.!<Mrr work, rlow- '-.§•- -•-•* <:x-Vottnm outfit. FRIT/; FRFYKOLTZ, Fer.toru .-:: ••. •-. P'RPtriN TRUCKING --•R - .';cn. F' . :•;• •-:•:• 24. •'.'•:•) OR S.4LF - luhr. a ;a<:':e5i- vVT.15BP.OD IM- CO., F---:-?.O", U. i) Part-time Dis:.- Ap:4y JOHNSON N- phone calls'. (7C-71) FOR SALE, gen'l rOR SALE - Hi--,p Boars, ba-k- ** lt -, _, ,1^. 4 , . '- 1 '. t'H l.«r', ..;:..! Tito Oi ea;n •.est.s. Sir: e ' ;•- ---ii;-i 45 top •n.-!?x!:\: rer; ^r Arr.e? Bear Test!-- Stitio.-. L1CKTEIG 3R0.5., AIcc-:-i. Prone 2953031, (37-7.3*) ERY5ON, Alder, (65-70*) Algona, la. 295-242: 3?INET PIANO - Used, like new. Cir. b-? se<-;n in this vicinity. Cash or terms ;o responsible part;-. For information without or obligation write Credit Msr., ACME PIANO CO., "21 Euclid Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa. (69-70*) USED ADDING MACHINES R. C. ALLEN hand adder, 7 col. with subtracter. SMITH-CORONA, 7 col. hand adder, Bofh just service checked. Your choice - $40.00. UPPER DES MOINES PUBLISHING CO. Office Supply Depfc. (56 tf) FOR SALE - 1239 Pacemaker Mobile Home. Good condition. Will take reasonable offer. Write BOX 173, Algona, Iowa. -• ..... •-- '•• (SOtfn] FOR SALE - Beauty 5hop. Good business. Phor.e 679-4236, Vyeslev. (54 tin) ELECTROLUX - Sales i Service :"or AlTor.a ar.d Kossuth County area. DEAN PRENTICE, 11 " E. Grove St., Algona, or Ph. 2S3-7Q47. (46tfn) FOR SALE - Purebred Duroc Boars. The sire of these boars is from the top Indexing. Pen at Ames Test Station in' 19 '33. VV. J. STEWART, Burt. Phone S24-3774. " (33tfn) FOR SALE - 1Q head Southdown ewes; 3 head Suffolk ewes. TILFORD E GLAND, Cylinder, la. Ph. 424-3641 (70 -73*) FOR SALE -Poland China Boars. Rugged, well-grown. PETER ERPELDING, Algona. One mile West and. 3/4 mile North of Jet. 18 and 169. (69-76*) HOUSEHOLD GOODS SALE Mrs. Lampriijht will conduct a Household Goods Sale of the following items tor MRS. SO NY A GREENBERG at the residence at • 309 E. Elm St., in Algona, FRIDAY, SEPT. 16, starting at 10 a. m. General Electric range, like new; General Electric refrigerator with large freezer compartment, like new ; drop-leaf walnut dining room table with pads and extra leaf; 4 dining room walnut cane •sear chairs all in excellent roiidmon; Zenith television; enamel top kitchen table; pair table lamps ; 2 upholstered chairs; small upholstered chair; 2 pr. drapes; ironing board; small table with drawer ; end table ; lawn chairs ; dehuinidifier ; large electric fan; Elect relax sweeper; pole clothes line; heat lamp ; step ladder; garden tools ; metal base cupboard. Miscellaneous items. (70*) SAVE the amount of freight Go's settlement on freight damaged radio - stereos (Grundig and others) and sewing machine heads and cabinets. NO. LA.. SEWING MACHINE CO. (60tfn) FOR SALE - Purebred Spotted Boars, January and February farrowed. From a high grade and yielding herd. CLARENCE HOCK, Manson, Iowa. (67-80) FOR SALE - Purebred Yorkshire Boars. Vaccinated and tested. AUGUST B.-iUMANN, 3 miles East, 1 mile South of Lakota. Ph. 2374. (68-72*) FOR SALE - Accredited SPF Pt:r«tred Harr.pshire Boars :rcrr. top jrale ar.d yield herd, F.c ^s.->-.ib!e prices. Phone 272- J2-T or 2T2-4358, 4 miles South 2 rr.iles West of 5v.-ea City. GARRISON STOCK FARM. (68-78*) FOR SALE -Ken-Made roll-away nests; also hanging chick feeders. FRITZ FREYHOLTZ, Fenton. Phone 889-28S4 or 889-2818. (68-70*) FURNITURE AUCTION Friday, Sept. 16,7 p.m. at Humbo lit on high-way 169 and 7th Ave. North (across the street from HumboHt Motors). T*o semi loads of extra clean used furniture and appliances. Consignments welcome. Col. Ray Rl.vtels, auctioneer and sale manager, Box 33, RoUe, la,, phor.e 643-3156. (70*) FOR RENT FOR RENT - Doll House Cafe and all equipment. Good opportunity. On State Street. Call JOE BRADLEY, SR.,2952421. (63tfn) FOR RENT - Three bedroom modern house. Full bath. 222 West College. Ph. 2S3-2334. (70-) REAL ESTATE FOR SALE - 2-story 3-bdrm. Home. $7300. Call after 5 p. m. Phone 255-2369. (69-70*) FARMS? HOMES? BUYING OR SELLING? If you want either one, call ARNIE RICKLEFS or JIM GEELAN - Office Ph. 295-2491, Algona. (63tf) FARM FOR SALE N 1/2 NE 1/4 Sec. 20, andNW 1/4 NW 1/4 Sec. 21, Fenton Twp., _knqwn as Jig, Haase farm, consisting of 120 acres with im-" ' provements. Contact GERALD VOIGT, Referee or GORDON WINKEL, Attorney. (69-70) TOOTH Murray Kamerick of Pella. found a tooth of a mammoth, an elephant-like creature of thousands of years ago, 34 feet down in the gravel pit while working there. The tooth weighed 3 3/4 Ibs., was 7 inches long, 7 inches high and 3 inches across. USED MACHINERY TRACTORS 860 Ford with Ford Industrial Loader $1795 UB MM $1495 M-5 Gas Tractor $2845 445 MM $1495 AA-5 Gas Tractor _• $2985 MM ZB $595 MISCELLANEOUS MM RH6 Picker, Real Sharp $795 IHC 2 PR $975 6 A New Idea Pickers $175 thru $350 LC MM Uni Picker $625 UP MM Uni Picker $795 Ford Mtd. Picker $1195 2 ME IHC Picker $175 650 John Deere Plow __ $545 No. 4440 Oliver 4-16 Plow $570 D3 MM 3-14 Plow $425 JD 555 4-14" Plow $425 IHC No. 76 P.T.O. $545 Nl Rotary Cutter $365 Schultz Flail Cutter, 80" $345 Meyer Portable Elev. _. $295 Kewanee P.T.O. Portable Elevator $395 No. 6 J.D. P.T.O. Sheller on trailer $795 1200 MM $1245 1200 MM Shellmaster $1375 1210 MM Shellmaster $1375 No. 200 IHC Spreader . $145 12A N.I. Spreader .-- $175 Mocraft 103 Tractor with 36" mower __: $575 Bolster Hoist $65 Mocraff 7 hp Riding Trac- ror with 36" Mower _ $495 Stan Hoist Loader with Snow Scoop $195 '60 AC PTO Combine .. $225 A6 Case Combine $125 MM 9 ft. Uni-Combine . $625 (2) MM G4 Combines choice $395 BUSCHER BROS. IMPUMENT 1015 No. Main Algono FARM EQUIP. NEW AND USED MACHINERY 1 - GEHL Field Chopper with single -row <:orn head and hay pickup attachment, two years old. 1 - Used 2-row BRADY Stalk Cutter S275.00 ALL SIZES Round-end Stock Tanks on hand, some with drinks. SALE PRICE - 15% discount while they.lastl 1 - Used Steel Flare Box 1 - Used ALLIS-CHALMERS *€0 Combine w/wagon auger $75.00 1 - JOHN DEERE 5 ft. Elevator section, 18" wide with 55' steel chain. 1 - 1951 MM 2-row pull Picker in good shape. 1 - STAN-HOIST drive-on hydraulic wagon hoist... $25.00 1 - J. D. Model A, second wheel weights, each $10.00 NEW 1/2 h. p. Air Compressor complete w/hose $32.50 SEE US for New and Used Lawn Mowers - ARIENS, LAWK BOY, JACOBSON (8 or 10 H. P.) GREEN-DEE TWINE Top Quality Bale $8.50 WEISBROD IMPLEMENT CO. FENTON, IA. (70) USED MACHINERY AT FENTON MOTOR CO. USED PLOWS A. C. #85 Semi-mounted, steer- able tail, trip bottom A. C. #V4 Semi-mounted, slat bottoms 4-bottom pull-type, like new CASE 314, throw-away bottoms USED COMBINES FORD 611 self-propelled, tmme reel, love bar, power steer• Ing, corn head and cab ALLIS #90 3-row, hume reel 4 - #60 J s - all clean machines., Your choice. J. D. 12A, PTO, good condition CORN PICKERS NEW IDEA 301, mounted NEW IDEA 303 shelling unit, used one season 2 - ALLIS 33's - cheap MISCELLANEOUS J. D. Manure Spreader, very good NEW IDEA Spreader LETZ Burr Mill MONTGOMERY WARD 14 inch Hammermill FENTON MOTOR COMPANY On Hwy. 44 Fenton, Iowa (68) FOR SALE - International No. 50 2-row FieldChopper, complete with 2-row corn head and hay pickup attachment. Also Kools high lift forage blower, complete with 50 feet pipe and elbows. MIKE FRANKL, Ph. FOR SALE - Scour Cleans for J. D. - Case - A. C. - M. H. Phone BANCROFT 4371. (69-70*) Miscellaneous * Thursday, S«pt. IS, 1966 Algona, (la.) Upper D«« Moines—15 Lone Rock By Mrs. Jesse Blanchard MR. FARMER - Something tie* in farm property insurance. If rou want more protection a broarier coverage - fair clalrr. settlements - lo* rates - see L. S. Boharmon, east of Iowa State Bank. (TO) SMORGASBORD WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 21 METHODIST CHURCH COR WITH, IOWA Serving from 5 p.m. Main menu - Turkey & dressing, Ham, Swedish Meat Balls, etc. Tickets at the door - A^iults $1.50 , children 6-11, 73C; under 3, 30C. (70") Card of Thanks CARD OF THANKS I wish to express my sincere thanks to my relatives and friends for remembering me with cards, gifts and flowers while I was at St. Ann's and since returning home. Mrs. HERMAN THILGES. (70*) CARD OF THANKS I wish to express my appreciation and thanks for the kindnesses, visits, cards and prayers while I was hospitalized. They were most welcome and a big help. Gary E rpelding. (70*) CARD OF THANKS Sincere thanks to friends and relatives for helping out at the time of our accident and for the cards and visits during our stay at St. Ann's. Mrs. Irene Bormann and Children. (~0*) USED MACHINERY . Farmall 560G $2995 John Deere 60, Overhauled $1175 Farmall Super "M" $1495 Farmall "M", nice $795 M-M "U", above ave. __ $475 J.D. 95 Combine, shorp $8750 J.D. 30 Combine, very nice $350 J.D. 555 3-14 Plow ___ $395 J.D. 555 4-14 Plow, above average $475 J.D. F130 5-14, Demo $687.50 M-W Mill, Auger In & Out $425 Gehl Grinder - Mixer ._ $625 ERNIE WILLIAMS JOHN DEERE "The Store With The Action" AJgona Phone 295-3561 Iowa 295-5814. (69-70) Dept. Store Manager Trainee Aggressive Iowa Department Store Chain needs young men for manager training. Comprehensive insurance program and retirement benefits. Potential unlimited. Write Box 96 ALGONA, IOWA NOTICE North Central Grain is changing its office location to 916 E. State where we will continue to service grain and com- modity futures accounts. Our phone num- ber will remain the same 295-3584. North Central Groin Services, Inc. 108 North Moore, Algona, Iowa Mrs. Dennis Flalg and children of Mt. Pleasant visited in Lone Rock last week at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Flaig and Mr. and VIrs. Lorenz Geitzenauer. Mr. and VI's. Dennis Flaig are former residents of Line Rock. Kay Geitzenauer left Wednesday for Latimer where she will a^aln teach 2nd grade. This is the second year that Vliss Geitzenauer has taught in Cal Community School. She has attended two sessions of suimiar school at Drake University in Des VIDines, this summer. Kay- is the daughter WANTED Departmental tales girl. Preferrably 25 to SO. Must have some knowledge of sewing. Apply in person. BOMGAARS BEN FRANKLIN "APPLES" HAROLSON, SHARON, CORTLAND, HAND PICKED, PROPERLY SPRAYED. BRING OWN CONTAINERS. ORTON FRUIT FARM ALGONA, IOWA (near Call State Park) (70-71-73* IS WHY Chevy's the BOY! MORE KNOCKOUT SPECIALS! 1965 Chevrolet Bel Air 4-door sedan, V-8 engine, power- glide trans., radio, whitewalls, tinted glass, 15,000 miles, like new, turquoise color. 1963 Ford 4-door sedan, 6- cyl., standard trans., radio, a bargain at $950. 1963 Comet 4-door sedan, 6-cyl. engine, standard trans, and radio. 1962 Chevy n 4-door 6-passenger station wagon, 6- cyl., automatic trans., radio, tinted glass, white, a real sharpie. 1961 Chevrolet Bel Air 4-door, 6-cyl., standard trans., low, low mileage, extra clean. 1957 Models include a Chevrolet 4-door, 6-cyl., straight stick; Ford 4- door; Mercury sport coupe; Olds 4-door; and Buick 4-door. WE STILL HAVE A FEW IMPALA 4-DRS. IN STOCK. BUY A 1966 NO WAND SAVE MONEY WHILE YOU STILL HAVE A CHANCE ! STORE || NUTRIENTS IN SOIL INSUKt QUICK 9 OttlVttT SPEED PLANTING WINTCftlZI FORAOES BEAT THE WEATHER GAIN ADVISORY TIMI REDUCE SOIL COMPACTION LET US HELP YOU PLAN YOUR FALL FERTILIZER NEEDS ALGONA FLOUR & FEED CO SO. PHILLIPS ALGONA COMPLETE CLOSE-OUT FARM AUCTION As I have decided to quit farming, I will hold a Public Auction sale on the farm located % of a mile Eait of the Armstrong, Iowa Sales Barn and 'a a mile North, on TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 20 , SALE STARTS AT 1:00 P.M. - TRACTORS 1965 OUVfR "1850" DIESEL, wide front end, wheel weights fluid, etc. (Low hours); 1965 OUVER "1650" GAS TRACTOR, with wide front, completely equipped; 1958 JOHN DEERE "620", with 3-point hitch, completely equipped; FARMALL "H", Very clean, with new hydraulic and new paint; JOHN DEERE "A" with new rubber. - OTHER FARM EQUIPMENT 1965 John Deere RWA 14 ft. tandem disc,- 1960 John Deere "400" 4-row Cultivator; 1963 7-row Sprayer with 200-gal. tank; Kewanee 4-section 22 ft. Drag; John Deere 7 ft. Mower; New Idea Manure Loader, snow bucket; IHC "210" 5 ft. Rotary Stalk Cutter, for any 3-point hi^h; Late Model "490" Planter, complete with round tongue, double disc openers, hydraulic lift, fert. and insecticide attachments; John Deere "227" Corn Picker; 2 — 100 bu. Wagon Boxes, with running gears and hydraulic hoists; 14 ft. Kovar Springtooth; Case AAanure Spreader, new tires; Case Side Delivery; Running Gear with 8x14 flat rack; John Deere 4-row Rotary Hoe; 42 ft. Kelly Ryan PTO Elevator; 56 ft. Meyers PTO Elevator; 24 ft. Silage Elevator. - PLOWS 1966 Oliver "566" 6-16", with cushion coulters; John Deere "810" Mounted 3-16" Plow with trip bottoms. - PICKLJP TRUCK 1962 FORD Econoline Pickup (New tires) - MISCELLANEOUS Set of Duals for "620" John Deere Tractor; 11 x 38 Tractor Chains; 300-Gal. Gas Barrel and stand; 300-Gal. Water Tank on trailer; Char-Lynn Hydraulic Pump; 4 - Feed Bunks; 40 bu. Round Hog Feeder; 2-75 ft. Rolls of Cribbing; Black and Decker Mz-lnch Electric Drill. AUCTIONEER'S NOTE - A real clean auction. Machinery well kept. Very few small items, so please be on time. Usual Auction Terms — Not Responsible for Accidents No items removed til settled for. PAT DEIANEY, owner CLARK & CLARK - Auctioneers First Trust & Savings Bank, Armstrong - CLERK EXPERIENCED LIVESTOCK MAN! You can earn $3000 — $10,000 Extra Income per year The producer of the nation's fastest selling pre-mixes is looking for men who know livestock and livestock feeding. As a farmer-dealer, you can turn your spare time into extra profit selling nationally advertised pre-mix and animal health products to your neighbors. Operate your business from your farm. And purchase your own pre-mix supplements wholesale. Enjoy free consultation service from a field manager and the company veterinarian and nutritionist. For further details, write: Farmer-Dealer Man •ex 1290 C«d«r •apid» > Iowa

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