Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on December 18, 1972 · Page 6
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 6

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, December 18, 1972
Page 6
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Official Publication ESTHERVILLE DAILY NEWS, MON., DEC. 18, 1972 Page 6 Olson, Christiansen Reappointed to Fire District November 22, 1972 The Board met at the Call of the County Auditor with all members present. On motion of Christensen, seconded by Rouse, the Board reappointed C. C. Bonnicksen and Virgil West to the Local Board of Health for a term of three years, terms beginning January 1, 1973. On motion of Whitehouse, seconded by Nielsen, the Board affirmed the reappointment of Arnold Olson and Forrest Christiansen to the Ringsted Fire District for a term of three years, Christiansen's term beginning July 7, 1972, and Olson's term beginning July 7, 1971. On motion of Whitehouse, seconded by Rouse, the Board approved the closing of the following road; From Southwest corner of Section 31, Township 99, Range 32, north and east of the Northeast corner of Section 32, township 99, Range 32 for bridge removal in the center of section 31-99-32. The road is tobe closed from Monday, November 27, 1972 until the new culvert is installed. On motion of Christensen, seconded by Rouse, the Board approved the Secondary road budget for the year 1973. On motion Board adjourned to the Call of the County Auditor. T. L. Johnson Chairman M. Danielson Auditor November 29, 1972 The Board met at the Call of the County Auditor with all members present. The Board approved the appointment of Janice Gesiriech as Deputy Recorder at a salary of $450.00 per month, effective December 1, 1972. On motion of Whitehouse seconded by Christensen the Board accepted the bid of Jim Valen Ford for a car for the Emmet County Sheriff at a price of $3,497.00 including a trade-in allowance of $1518.16 for a 1969 Buick. On motion of Whitehouse, seconded by Christensen, the Board awarded the contract for spraying weeds for 1973 to Edwards Spraying Service at a price of $14.75 per gallon. The date for beginning spraying is June 18, 1973. On motion Board adjourned to the 6th day of December 1972. T. L. Johnson Chairman M. Danielson Auditor December 6, 1972 The Board met pursuant to adjournment with all members prcsfcr .L On manor* of Whitehouse, seconded by Christensen, the Board approved the report of the county farm steward, soldiers relief claims in the amount of $2397.74 and the following claims as audited. COUNTY FUND Peoples Natural Gas Courthouse 130.60 Addressograph-Multi- graph Corporation Plates & guard 29.40 Gilbert F. Amdahl Drawing blood- Randolph Buchan 10.00 Anderson-Schenck Material & labor 17.71 Armstrong Journal Board proceedings 178.12 Lee Blum Rifle & scope-sheriff 150.00 Boone Blank Book Co. J. P. supplies 4.11 Dr. R. P. Bose Medical-prisoner- Glen Showman 20.00 Bradshaw & Short Car repair-sheriff 26.88 Brink Oil Headlight-sheriff 2.75 Lloyd Brunsvold Mi. & exp. school of inst. 29.00 Eppo Butler Serving notice- William Christunson 5.40 Coast to Coast Misc. supplies- courthouse 3.10 Community Ambulance Service Joseph Schuder, Jerry Schroder, Norita Themlitz, Irma Villi- scos, Juanity Martinez, Francisco Escalante, Joe Garcia, Hector Villi- scos, Windell Bolin, Gary Moffitt, Lawrence Johnson, James Bell, James Tendel, Steven Smith, Richard Westfall, Mrs. Abe Anderson 987.50 Crow Chemical & Equipment Ice melter-courthouse 131.52 Richard Dahl • Prisoner meals & care, exp. 291.78 Donovan Motors Sheriff 26.08 Dust Tex Service Courthouse-2 mo. service 29.00 Estherville Daily News Board proceedings, Tires 352.65 Clothing & supplies ad-recorder, ad- Herbert M. & Christensens treas, delinquent tax Violet Jacobsen Clothing list, notice of Borrow 622.00 Clairs Variety expiration 591.95 Midwest Culvert Co. Shoes John Galbraith Band 3.57 Coast to Coast Serving notice- Norman R. Nelson Supplies Casper Lappegard 2.10 Borrow 24.97 D. E. Devall Hammond Oil Co. Mrs. Augusta Nissen Vet service Sheriff 2.00 Borrow 412.00 Dust Tex Service Harris Janitor Supply Co. North Central Rug service Supplies-courthouse 107.25 Public Service Emmetsburg Rendering Holy Family Hospital Co. shed 17.08 Works Tests for prisoner- Michael Ohrtman Removal of dead cow Dale Schuman 20.00 Mileage 3.80 Estherville Concrete Iowa Sheriffs & Dan Ostermann Inc. Products Deputies Assoc. Final estimate & Material Registration for grading 4,638.91 Estherville Drug annual school 75.00 Peoples Natural Gas R. Bondhus, D. McJenkins-Fergemann Service-co. garage 93.64 Donough, R. Jensen, Suppl ies-recorder 11.92 Recher Inc. K. Olson, K. Iverson, Law Enforcement Parts 94.52 C. Larsen. G. Herke, Equipment Co. Alvera M. Ries R. O'Riley Supplies-sheriff 66.70 Borrow 1,133.15 Estherville Implement Mid West Carbon Co. Katherine J. Shannon Parts Auditor, Treas. 17.34 Borrow 916.00 Estherville Shoe Store Miner Motors Singer, Friden Division Shoes Sheriff 21.91 Paper, Eng. ofc. 12.00 Farm Service Company Morrall Chevrolet Co. Stalls Farm & Home Fertilizer Towing car for sheriff 20.00 Anti-freeze, parts, Gage Food Products Niemoth Printing Service misc. supplies 210.35 Provisions Auditor, treasurer 422.90 Standard Blueprint Co. Golden Sun Feeds Northwestern Bell Rangj polos 16.25 Feed Telephone Co. Standard Oil Hagedorn Plumbing Co. offices 349.19 Fuel-Dolliver shed 123.00 & Heating Olson Electric Service Gary Stribley Material & labor Courthouse 25.02 Postage, misc. 19.54 Harolds Red Owl Matt Parrott & Sons Stults Auto Supply Provisions Recorder, Auditor 652.71 Parts & misc. 166.44 James Harris Peoples Natural Gas Sun Oil Co. Haircuts Inspection-courthouse 3.00 Gas, oil, diesel 1,442.31 Harris Janitor Supply Mary Petersen Typewriter Exchange Supplies Postage 40.00 Office supplies 12.95 Hubachers Hardware Practising Law Institute Weber Hardware Supplies Prosecutors Misc. supplies 22.88 Iowa Electric supplement 10.00 Welding Supply Co. Light & Power Rexall Drug Oxygen 32.87 Electricity Film developing & Yarnes Construction Dr. Hugo Lindholm supplies-sheriff 21.78 Estimate No. 4 2,419.51 Med-Carl Larsen William Ridout Wheeler Division 2,419.51 Lindsay Soft Water Expense-co. attorney Bridge lumber & Service conference 114.42 sign posts 1,597.04 Lyons Pastry David A. Sergeant, City of Estherville Provisions Trustee Co. garage 25.71 North Central Refund on liquor li­ POOR FUND Public Service cense-Thomas Watters 463.12 Outside Poor Service Stalls Farm & Home Northwestern Bell Henry A. Olson Tape-sheriff 9.35 Telephone Co. Tuning & adjusting Sun Oil Company Welfare offices 139.48 piano Fuel oil 659.60 Northwestern Bell Orkin Exterminating Co. Kenneth Thompson Telephone Co. Service Mileage 3.60 Henry Klingbeil 7.36 Rexall Drug Dr. Roy Turner A & J Home Benevolent C. Madsen, G. Herke, 64.08 Machines Corp. Mileage 48.80 Labor-roads 250.20 Clayton Nelson 12.96 Machine-Clerk of court, Wallace Richmond Gordon Ring Mileage & exp. 363.26 12.96 & maint. on court Mileage & exp. 73.05 Labor-roads 643.51 Carl Danielson 21.90 reporter's machine 560.25 Webers Hardware P. D. Schichtl Help-Conservation 22.50 21.90 Matt Parrott & Sons Tires 117.82 Labor-roads 140.00 David Grussing 7.64 Supplies-clerk 170.18 Steven West Ralph Stewart Help-Conservation 48.00 7.64 The Pengad Com­ Contract work 76.00 Labor-roads 646.40 Neil K. Brown 47.45 panies, Inc. Central Iowa Rural Allen Strong Surveying- 47.45 Court reporter Telephone Co. Labor-roads 643.51 Conservation 455.00 43.20 supplies 96.83 Service 3.20 Eugene Strube Hugh Greig 43.20 Xerox Corporation LIBRARY FUND Labor-roads 646.40 Salary-mi. & exp. Clerk's share of National Library Service R. C. Christensen Civil Defense 473.20 3.00 Xerox copier 52.50 Books 452.50 Mileage 48.80 Lester Sidles 3.00 Yates Stationers University of Northern T. L. Johnson Salary-Civil def. 200.00 Supplies-clerk 13.83 Iowa Mileage & exp. 57.50 Michael West 32.65 BRUCELLOSIS FUND Consultant fees 50.00 William T. Nielsen Labor-Conservation • 38.00 32.65 Joseph Cecil SANITARY DISPOSAL FUND Mileage 62.60 Bernita Moats Vet service 17.50 City of Estherville Ralph Rouse Sec. help- 1.. F. Hoffman Co. share of solid Mileage & exp. 55.60 Conservation 72.00 Vet service 61.50 waste management Robert Whitehouse Iowa Public Employees Donald E. Pfund study 6.74 Mileage 60.80 Retirement System 168.04 Vet service 30.00 LOCAL HEALTH FUND Barbara Burns Co. share 1,023.13 168.04 ELECTION EXPENSE FUND Dr. L. W. Loving Help-Treas. 279.30 Iowa Employment 19.59 Armstrong Journal Inspection 5.00 Dale Clemitson Security Commission 1,741.02 19.59 Pub. polling places 8.07 CENTRAL DRAINAGE FUND Help-sheriff 16.00 Illinois Mutual Life & Alvin Brinkmann 12.00 Mileage & supplies Estherville Daily News 476.85 Election notice, sample ballot, pub. polling 114.36 places, request for ballot ad 11.01 183.04 Phillip Herum Ditch repair 154.00 David D. Mueller Ditch cleaning 60.00 Harvey Pedersen Ditch repair " 31.00 PAYROLL FUND Dr. Robert Dawson Medical exam- Wilson Willett, Linda Boggess Bernice Elwood Help-Treas. Janice Gesiriech Casualty Co. Insurance 498.44 On motion Board adjourned to 50.00 the Call of the County Auditor. T. L. Johnson 367.50 Chairman M. Danielson 291.20 Matt Parrott & Sons Payroll No. 81 Help-Recorder 210.00 Auditor Gen. election supplies 525.53 Salaries 26,549.07 Joan Van Sickle (Dec. 18, 1972) 291.81 Kenneth Thompson Fred Krough Matron-Bertha Hanson 43.50 291.81 Mileage 24.90 Co. farm Steward 341.90 Dr. Roy Turner Abortion 37.23 COUNTY CONSERVATION FUND Marjorie Krough Medical Exam- Abortion 37.23 Sylvester Berge Co. farm matron 341.90 Gladys Barker 25.00 Abortion 16.00 Mileage & exp. 28.25 Ralph Lindhorst Ruth Godsil DES MOINES, Iowa (AP)-A 16.00 Clarks Septic Tank Salary, mi. & exp. 163.96 Help-Co. farm 212.00 survey of the new Iowa Legisla­ 154.50 Service Tony Van Helden Ardis Hanson ture shows 28 new House mem­ 154.50 Cleaning tank 75.00 Salary, mi. & exp. 134.32 Help-co. farm 84.00 bers say they would oppose a 3.02 W. S. Clark Wesley Anderson Joan Kirchner change in Iowa's abortion laws, 3.02 Mileage & Exp. 88.00 Labor-roads 677.62 Help-Pub. welfare 145.20 24 said they would vote for lib­ Coast to Coast Neil Brown Florence Schmidt eralization and 11 were un­ 197.77 Hose 15.98 Labor-roads 582.40 Help-co. farm 97.60 decided. 197.77 Halls Wallpaper & Ralph Cummins Altamay Smith The Des Moines Register and 28.00 Paint Store Labor-roads 140.00 Help-co. farm 266.40 Tribune survey appeared in 28.00 Paint 15.90 David Egeland Arlene Youngstrom Sunday's editions. 5.50 Jacobson, Westergard Labor-roads 616.06 Help-Welfare office 76.13 5.50 & Associates Lawrence Juhl Dennis Anderson When you are serving prepared 76.60 Engineering service 764.00 Labor-roads 676.86 Assistance- grapefruit halves, put a dab of 76.60 Oscar Patterson Michael Ohrtman Leon Christiansen 7.50 currant jelly in the center of each. Blood tests-Linda Boggess, Dominic Novak 45.90 Typewriter Exchange Auditor 3.60 Xerox Corporation Sheriff, recorder 117.33 Yates Stationers Auditor, sheriff 34.91 Zep Manufacturing Co. Courthouse supplies 163.76 Hanover Lamont Corporation Co. attorney 27.50 City of Estherville Courthouse utilities, jail rent 384.65 Community Ambulance For period ending Dec. 1972 384.65 SECONDARY ROAD FUND Peoples Natural Gas Co. garage 15.80 Northwestern Bell Telephone Eng. ofc, co. garage 60.51 Laura Adkins Borrow 182.00 American Oil Company Gasoline 26.20 Bradshaw & Short Inc. Truck parts 23.39 Julia Bryan Borrow 466.00 Burrell Oil Co. Car wash 3.50 Central Iowa Rural Telephone Co. Armstrong shed 18.45 Coast to Coast Hardware 3.79 DEK Rural Electric Uoprig 9.78 Town of Dolliver Seal coating 879.84 Donovan Motors Parts 2.37 Priscilla Booth Dow Borrow 260.00 Estherville Abstract Co. Tile certificates 295.00 Estherville Concrete Products Tile 18.03 Estherville Implement Parts 5.00 Fagre Construction Co. Bridge est. 382.48 Henry & Edna Feddersen R.O.W. & borrow 3,619.71 Federated Rural Electric Association Pole moving 331.38 Firestone Store Calcium chloride & tires 1,241.05 Gibbs-Cook Equipment Parts 394.72 Graettinger Block & Tile Tile Proj L272 36.00 Graves Construction Culvert Est. 3,862.80 Heiman Inc. Fire Extinguishers 419.00 Iowa Electric Light & Power Co. Elec-co. sheds 16.50 Jacks O.K. Tire Service Co. 3.00 Henry Klingbeil L. L. Anderson, DDS Dental-Evelyn Loder Lee Barnes Agency Ins.-Henry Klingbeil Mrs. Beverly Boomgarden Care-Carl Anderson Boys & Girls Home & Family Service Care-Adrian Hutchinson Coast to Coast Garbage bags Mrs. Gail Egeland Care-Stanley Powers Mrs. Lavern Enger Care-Matt Powers J. C. Erlander Glasses replacement- Carl Anderson City of Estherville Henry Klingbeil Estherville Drug Norma Stewart, Harriot Johnson Fareway Store Henry Klingbeil Holy Family Hospital Cora Tennant, Johanna Metz Hy Vee Pharmacy Harold Peterson Michael Jensen Care-Anita & Ruby Anderson Koch Brothers Soc. welfare Florence Lemaster Mi. & Exp. Lutheran Home Finding Society Care-Julie Henely The Medical Clinic Med-Stanley Powers Dr. A. E. Montgomery Med-Tim Powers Niemoth Printing Soc. welfare Mr. and Mrs. Greg Olney Care-Leslie Powers Mrs. Darrell Olson Care-Evelyn Loder Peoples Natural Gas Mrs. Gordon Christiansen, Henry Klingbeil Public Affairs Committee Child welfare Jerry Rabiner Boys Ranch Care-Tim Powers, Steve Loder, Larry Gaston Robert Reutter Care-Sandra Loder 76.00 Mrs. Kenneth Stange Care-Lucas Powers 101.26 Mary Stevens Care-Juv. 88.00 State Department of Social Services ADC, AD, Aid to blind, Emergency relief, Homemakers service 4,512.26 Valley Vue Nursing Home Care-Ida Walders 365.25 COUNTY FARM Anderson-Schenck Paint 25.04 Anthonys 14.00 29.00 50.00 533.35 3.80 85.00 96.94 9.00 37.35 27.77 60.84 155.00 41.65 135.78 42.05 68.17 397.50 5.00 7.00 96.30 92.10 141.74 29.29 7.15 1,302.17 288.00 12.00 30.00 V. Perkins, R. Jensen, M. Walrath, Farm 139.60 Sears Roebuck & Co. Scrubber 29.95 Smittys Super Valu Provisions 234.67 Stalls Farm & Home Parts, heater, boots 82.97 Sun Oil Company Gasoline 69.77 United Laboratories Inc. Supplies 148.43 J. D. Webb Impl. Repair 63.00 COUNTY MENTAL HEALTH & INSTITUTION FUND Bethpbage Mission Inc. Care-Gary Stall, Oct., Nov. 388.00 Boys & Girls Home & Family Service Care-Jeffrey Hansen 264.00 Colston Pharmacy Leon Christiansen 8.55 Richard Dahl Meals-Trans. Leon Christiansen, Gus Lindell 7.45 Handicap Village Care-Diana Rierson 317.37 Hofstader Nursing Home Care-Joe Schuder 325.00 Hope Haven Care & Medical- Mark Schwartz 457.00 Kathleens Custodial Home Care-Thomas Blekfield 182.00 Martin Luther Home Society Care-Susan Stroud- Oct., Nov. 662.00 Northwest Iowa Alcohol & Drug Treatment Unit Care 397.50 Mary Petersen Comm. fees 192.64 Rexall Drug Med-Joe Schuder 19.08 State Comptroller Woodward, Cherokee, Toledo 40,905.59 Dr. Roy M. Turner Leon Christiansen 24.50 Valley Vue Nursing Home Care-Leon Christiansen COURT FUND Woodbury County Auditor Court reporter salaries-Nov. Boone Blank Book Company Supplies-clerk Edith Brandt J. P. fees-Hilda Warga, R. Buchan, D. Johnson, M. Bisgard, E. Crayne, T. Burg, R. Pomeroy, T. Graettinger, R. Jones, R. Alexander, M. Gurley, D. Schubert Roscoe Waterman Mi.-R. Pomeroy Dale Brandt Mi. J.P. R. Jones Gardston Hotel Jury meals International Business 72.00 429.15 34.37 79.00 2.00 2.00 28.20 "SALE OF THE YEAR" Bigg«r&B«tf«r ThanEv«r1 We Have Gifts For Everyone CHOICE OF MANY TREES- DECORATIONS - TOYS - GIFTS FREE PARKING DELIVERY IN ESTHERVILLE EVERY WEDNESDAY. $2.50 PER ORDER Payless Cashway's Pre-Christmas Bargains •OR MOTHERS—FOR Prefinished Birch Cabinets PRE-ASSEMBLED CARTON PACKED Bring In Your Measurements FREE ESTIMATES 84" Starter Unit TRADITIONAL SPCIE FINISH BUILT-IN MODERN MAID NO. 450 Dishwasher • 2 Push Button - 6 Cycle • Full or Part Wash • One Spray Arm • Two Roll Out Baskets • Soft Food Disposer '149.95 Other Models Available 30" TOWN HOUSE ELECTRIC UNITS • Slip in or free standing • Continuous Clean Oven • Cycling oven heating indicator • Infinite switches/even heat • 4" attached backrail • Slanted instrument panel • Electric Clock ELECTRIC CU316 $ 179.95 GAS KU 317 CUSTOM (Similar To Above) '189.95 Lift Up Top SPEEDY SLED A dandy V/z pound sled Rocket steering-Hard wood top-steel front bumper-Loop wrap steel runners. $4.99 $6.97 WIPE OFF CRAYON CHALK BOARD 32"xl9"-47"high Two f aces-white- Wipeoff crayon- Green-chalkboard face Complete with chalk eraser and wonder crayons Bright Aluminum Tubing Stand. 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