Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California on February 6, 1948 · Page 3
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Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California · Page 3

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 6, 1948
Page 3
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ifett)AY, li^BRUARY 6, 1948 ' DISPATCH DEMOCRAT. UKIAH. CALIP0R>I2A PAGETHRgP 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 YEARS AGO • V V y '» ''1 TEN YEAHS AGO Feb. n, 1938 Sunday evening another car skidded off the slippery concrete at Death, Curve north of Ukiah aiid slid nearly 40 feet on its side. [The car was driven by Scott Lervis of Garberville, who escaped seri. oiis injury. Over a recent period i of time 16 wrecks Were recorded at the curve; Arthur it. Broaddus, 31, died Saturday at Belmont sanitarium where he had been under treatment for the past two months. Funeral services were held in ukiah Tuesday! The first long run of the Uliiah [ambulance was jnade Wednesday iiight to Navarro where Norman Bprinii 17, was taken to the Santa lapsa General Hospital for treat- jhient for a knee infection. He is [the son of Mr. and Mrs. John (Berini. , •Sam, J. Hume, managing direc- i^i^ ot the California Crusaders, {•^kbe the speaker at the annual dinner of the Ukiah Chamber of Commerce on February 18. B. A, chairman of the diimer cpmmittee. • Promotion of Roy Mills of San Francisco to highway patrol sergeant for Mendocino county was made at Sacramento this week. • Dr. IJ. K. V^n Allen met a patient halfway, to bring relief to Alfred Hembree of Vichy Springs. The yoiing son of Mr. and Mrs. Acting upon the demands of leading citizens of Covelo, Sheriff Byrnes will send a speiial officer to Covelo to try and curb certain conditions which have become intolerable to the Irv.'abiding ele ments of Round valley. . Vivian FerrUl of Albion is listed among those who were on the liner Tuscania which, was tor- pedosd by a German sub off the Irish coast on February 6. If this is true, other Mendocino boys of the same regiment may also have been on the ship. Principal Music of the Hopland grammar school has resigned. The reason for the resignation is not ,known, but mutual dissatisfaction between the principal and the board of trustees is hinted at. Tom McKay, who preceded Music, also resigned. The fact that the names of a number of prominent Mendocino county women have been placed among the list of eligibles from which to draw the 1918 grand jury brings up the much discussed question of the woman's place in the world. The hour of women is surely come! She leads in the world's best endeavors today. Mrs. S. L.. Ray is convalescing from her recent serious illness. yWch Gay A. Sinclair is principal owner, is reported sold to the Union Lumber Company. The' Mendocino Bank of Commerce will build a new building in thespring, SOxieo fee't on the lot at Main, Kasten and Albion streets. John Walker and Mrs. Myrtle West were married Saturday afternoon at the residence of J. B. Walker of Iversen. Warren Brown has announced himself as candidate for city trea.s Lirer of Ukiah at the April election. Buck Carter, an employe at th? state hospital, knocked out Barney, j Hottinger of Ukiah in the 10-round main event of the Ukiah Athletic Club at Mark's Opera House Saturday night. This Shell Oil Company Tanker ToQkt;!! Beofing FIFTY YEARS AGO Feb. II, 1893 County Surveyor Donohoe has returned to Ukiah from Point Arena and FishroCk where hci if AT THE COURT HOUSE Thi» Is Iho Shell Oil Company'i tanker, caught by Aie Journal's + camera eye, minutes aftex it had beon hit by the coupe driven by Robert Beck of Calpella. Out of'control, the triick! rammed it< bunipei through the door of the'cocktail room at Erlckion Biolheis on the north highway on th^ morning of February 2. Morty'sisSold made a survey of the proposed j new road from Yorkvllle to Fish- - Ray Hembree his, little .finger and due to the recent storms Dr. Van Allen could go no further than the old Stanford place on the Vichy road. The Ijarents ' of the boy brougiit him as far as the washed out bridge near.thc Ale:: Thomas place and cairried him across. Dr. Van Allen bi-oiight the boy to his office in Ukiah for emergency treatment. ••After working unceasingly for 48 hours last weekend, employees of the Central Mendocino Power Company restored lights and power to Willits and vicinity Saturday morning. 1 1 'At. PoinJ Ai-ena the residents l|w;ere cleaniiig up after the cyclone |feiat struck them a week ago. Mike p'utilo'S home was the worst dam- ad, jiaving several holes in the fe wall where timber? were Srlven through. rock. There is about 28 miles of this and the viewers previously had accepted 12 miles of it and eight miles were surveyed by Mr. Donohoe on his last trip. Joe A. Brown of Mendocino and 1 W. H. Baechtel of Willits ex- Miss Amy Torrence of Cleone' pects to start the first of March were married Sunday morning at j for the Alaska goldfields. Fort Bragg, i W. H. Gibson had been nomi- Unle^s the Supreme court rules | nated for Ukiah city marshal, sub- o !',t,nrt''=^!^,t=ti^^'i t'' contrary, Charles BarkdoU,' ject to the Democratic city con- aimost ampuiatea convicted of selling liquor iUeg- vention ,and if nominated will no ally, v,-ill have to serve seven months in the county jail and pay a fine of $600. I doubt be elected by a handsome majority. J. C. Parsons, son of Thomas Persons of Largo, came down from Seattle this week to visit his parents. He went to Seattle nine years ago and has since followed his profession of civil engineering. A. T. BranScomb of Cahtb will 4 TWENTY YEARS AGO Feb. 11, 1928 ttesterday, without warning, a iWtion t>f the west wall of the punty courthouse collapsed and lid info the excavation which had ifien made for the basement of the lew arinex. Luckily none of the rbrkmen were in the hole at the Jne. A portion of the wall that sU was ffom the west end of the aunty auditor's office. The wall 3llapsed in two sections. The first fert gave way about 4 o'clock and .1 bout 6:20 the second portion fell, hd the entire west wall of the ring was torn away to the roof. •Work on Ukiah's new N.W.P. epot will begin as soon as the reather will permit. The building I to occupy a site at the foot of ihith street on the west side of le tracks, and will be of stucco hish. The cost of the structure is 30,000. Mrs. Lee Knighten and son Al- bri of Potter Valley had a narrow jscape Wednesday. While enroute p tJkiah the steering gear on their ar went wrong. The machine went k'er the bank and turned upside own pinning both occupants un- (emeath. Colvin Brown, manager of the •ganization department, United ,ates Chamber of Comni '3rce, was le speaker at the annual meeting Ukiah Chamber Wednesday ing at the Saturday Afternoon :iub building. Fred Falkenberg, .,j«pi-etary of the chamber of com- •purce, was introduced to the gath- [Hhg. '(^orge A. Reed, a rancher of t e. Albion ridge district, com- itted suicide Monday evening by hooting himself. His motive was irpbably his ill health and in- bility to secure employment. He ad been sick for some time and r&s in a highly nervous condition, i A marrage license was issued yis week to Benjamin Loggsdon id Helen FuUwider of Ukiah. Mrs. Amanda Jarvinen of Albion ill; and fractured her leg and ^slocated the bones of her foot fhile walking from her home to )e post office last week. ! George Daniels, night watch- ian at the Caspar Mill, fell Tues- ay night and broke his leg just bove the knee. FORTY YEARS AGO Feb. 7, 1808 / The Pieta-Lakeport stage went off the grade last Saturday night in a blinding snowstorm. "Thomas Christy, the' driver, was thrown out arid seriously injured, the stage' leave soon to enter a business was demolished and two horses I college, killed. The accident was caused; Arthur Tracy of Laytonville has by, the snow "balling" on the ' gone to Alaska, and such weeping horses'^hooves, making it difficult for, them to keep fneir footing. Christy had stopped the stage and was cleaning the snow from the horses' hooves when one ot the animals went off the grade and pulled the other with him. ; The entire community' was shocked Saturday when word was received from Palo Alto that' Miss Maud Turner'of Talmage had died after a short illness. Judge White left Friday for St. Helena to visit his wife who is a patient in the sanitarium. The following Ukiahans have been made members of the Cloverdale Citrus Fair committee: L. W. Babcock, W. G. Poage, J. B, Sanford, G. H. Rhodes, W. O. White, B. S. Cosgrove, H. B. Smith, F. C. Handy, Emmctt Donahoe, J. L. McNab and J. C. Ruddock. At the meeting, of the WiUits trustees the n^atter of the charges against Nightwatchman Livermore were taken up and he was exonerated. The Glen Blair property, of • and wailing there has been among I the fair sex, says our Laytonville correspondent. There were two weddings In Boonville the first of the week. The happy couples were Ed Om- baun of Yorkville and Ida Campbell of Mountain View; Arnold Ornbaun of Yorkville and Lena Robinson of Point Arena. H. T. Christensen has moved his family from Point Arena to Gualala, and will leave today for Alaska. The Mendocino C-junty Electric Company has made improvements at the Ackerman plant and contemplates establishing a new industry. Frank Morse intends to —(Continued from Page 1)— tion of tlie concrete hearth remains, where these builders of the west set the pattern for future (generations. The coming of Mr. and Mrs. Mortenson to 'Ukiah was coincidental with the times, when tourists toured leisurely, stopping when and where their fancy indicated. They came, they saw, and were intrigued—by the deep' shade of our famous courthouse square, the deep valley, and the blue hills to the east. At that time, sha4e trees which lined the streets had not been sacrificed to make faster speeidways for tjie hurrying hosts that scurry through in these later days. Morty. recalls that one enormous tree' then stood before the Hotel'CeciUe. Beguiled by the charm of the suiTouiidings, the Mortensons tarried, and remained to buy Kent's •store. It was an investment in contentment; They would remain for three year's, then they would sell.' The three years have been multiplied by nine. . . . It Was before the fireplace at Morty's that the first golf club north of San Francisco was conceived—the Burke-Lea club, ivith the course north of Burke hill on the Green Burke ranch, the arched gateway of which remained well into the 1930's. Morty's was also headquarters for the Lion Tamers, a..local social group of rugged individuals, responsible for many of; the early-day attractions that brought droves of visitors into the valley. Now, after 27 years, the Mor- Receii^Sy R4eaf>|iK >inred build an ice factory near the plant i ^^'"f^ °"*' P*"^" this summer and wUl be able to!'^fP? '"^^ undertake some supply this city and nearby towns * °' ^^e thmgs they intended to do at reduced rates. C. W. Heap has already built a sawdust mill near the electric plant and expects to start sawing this week. E: F. Swortflguer of Alameda when their three years were up, back in 1924. They have been cloisely identified with the progress of Ukiah during these 27 _. ^ .^^ „„.^„„ years and we hope are still under and' Grace 'Lo'nglard "V"wilirts •' ^^^e spell that has bound them to were married February S at Alameda.- ^ Point Arena News Items THIRTY YEARS AGO ' Feb. 8, 1918 The initial step in substituting omen workers in the sawmill dustry was taken at Fort Bragg ree days ago when Mrs. Frank lartman and Mrs. James King '^ent to work in the sawdust pack- ;ig department of the Union Lujn- sr Company. The sawdust is ,at up in 11-pound paper bags ii^ is used for packing grapes. •4 »^ M. Cleland is announcing his r ^.'iS^ into the race for county :Msurer, POINT ARENA, Feb. 3.—Mr. and Mrs, Ben Mehtlan and family of Fort Bragg visited friends and relatives in Point Arena. Judith Giacomini, Alfred Phillips and Jack Gillmore are spending a few days at home between semesters of the Santa Rosa Junior College. The Manchester P.-T.A, is giving a dance at the Manchester grammar school on February. 14. A surprise shower was given in honor of Mrs. Lois Vernon Scaramella Thursday evening, January 29. A large crowd gathered for the occasion and watched Mrs. Scaramella open the gifts, then retired to the dining room, where cake and coffee were served. Fred Price gave a dance Saturday night at the Point Arena Hotel. The Threesome Gleesome, composed of Derryl Halloway, Londo Franci and Bill WaDier, furnished the music. -'Chief Hulbert of the coast f uard has been transferred to a new station at Humboldt Bay. C. V. Cawing is coming to take Chief Hulbert's place. Mr. and Mrs. Roller moved to Vallejo Sunday, where they will make their home. Mrs. Eugene Leighton arrived home from the Redwood Coast Hospital, where she has been under treatment. She will go again Tuesday for an operation. The city water supply was turned off for approximately four hours on the afternoon of February 1, while work was being done on the water pipes, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Rinard are to move into Dr. Huntley's house where the Everett Bean family recently moved from. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Sherboume of Oakland were visiting Mr. and Mrs, George Myland last week-, end. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Walker moved to New York this week. His job in Myland's station will be taken by Arnold Sortland. Jim Moungovan returned to work last week after suffering injury to his hand since January 1; Bud Anderson and his fiance of Santa Rosa were visiting Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Scaramella last •Sunday, Bud attended the Point Arena high school several years ago. Tuesday night. Mi-s. Delores St. Martin was surprised with a pink- and-blue shower given to her by Miss Jacquelyne McKerlie, at the McKerlie home. Three l^asketball games, two boys' games and a girls' game, were played last Friday night at Boonville by Point Arena. Point Arena won the A game, 41-13, Boonville won the B game, 23-11, and Point Arena won the girls' game 13-11. The Druids are sponsoring a dance on February 28, which will be held In the Druids' haU. Friends of Ernie Titus gathered at Titus Heights the evening of February 1, to celebrate his 33rd birthday. Guests donned Chinese costumes and ate a Chinese dinner. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Jt>hn Ornbaun, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Pellascio, Mr. and Mrs. Butler, Mr. and Mrs. Orin Gillmore, and the guest of honor and his wife Claire. ,K. W- Hickenbottom will speak in Point Arena at the high school auditorium Tuesday, February 24, in the interest of the organization of a Boy Scout troop. Latest movies of scout activities will be shown. the community for more than a quarter of a century. ' And so, we greet the new owner at State and Smith streets. Anett,e Bosworth is too well known to require an introduction. Ukiah has been her home for many years and she is known for her business ability, her personality and her good judgment. She Is a valuable addition to the city's business circle. : Highway Commissiouer Walter Sandelln of Ukiah was recently appointed to his second full term on the commissioji. ' M«» Sandclin was named to the ' commissioii in Septernber, 1943, for the 3 -mpnth term' under the : new! setup of that body. In Janu- :axy, 1944, he was reappointed to a full term and his most recent appointment will expire in.. ' 1952. The commiKsion now cpn- sists of six commissioners. Charles H. Puicell, director of public works, is chairman. and ex- pfficio member. TAiERiDCOUPE IWETAimSON 'S Tanker Rams Nose Into Cocktail Lounge After Crash Coining is famous as the home of Sevillano olives, City Physician Says Typhoid Danger Past Dr. J. H. Hansen, city physician, stated last week that the source of the typhoid infection had been located and isolated and that the public had nothing more to fear in this connection. State health inspectors were in Ukiah working with Dr. Hansen, all of whom gave a clean bill of health as regards the high school cafeteria, which they stated they found immaculate. All students who were infected with the contagion are isolated, freeing the general public from any further danger, according to Dr. Hansen. Eversote Adds New Hearse Equipment The Eversole Mortuary has added a new Superior hearse to their equipment, which makes two new hearses purchased within the past year. The latest addition is built on a Cadillac chassis, and delivery was taken Jar)uary 27, A feature of the new hearse is the new side roll load, allowing a casket to be removed f-om the end or from either side. This improvement in equipment is in line with Eversole's policy of 55 years, to provide the community with the best of everything .in equipment and service. Visalia derived its nrme from' a settler, Vise, and his wife Sally, and was first known as Woods- Scout Chiefs Coming West To Meet Northern < California Scouters At Berkeley Amory Houghton, president of the National Council of Boy Scouts of America, and Dr. Elbert K. Fretwell, chief scout executive of the United States, will meet with lay and professional scout- leiders Thursday, February 5, at the Claremont Hotel in Berkeley. Several hundred leaders from northern California will attend the sessions that start at 10 a.m., and will be joined by their wives for the evening session at 6:30. The purpose of the meeting is to give the men of northern California an opportunity to meet the two top men in scouting, and to plan for the expansion of scouting in Region 12; in which California is located. Mr. Houghton, a volunteer scoutei-, is in business life chairman of the board of the Corning Glass Company. Dr. Fretv/ell, chief scout executive, was formerly dean of education of the Teachers College, Columbia University, prior to taking the position with the scouts in January, 1943, Dr. Fretwell is wellknown for his work in the field of education, especially in the matter of liberal s<;c- ondarj' educational programs, having been one of the early proponents of the now accepted ideas. A Shell Oil Company tanker ^nd a coupe driven by Robert Beck of Calpella collided in front tof Erickspn Brothers place of business on the north highway Monday morning with varied results, but without • personal injury. The impact of the coupe against the left front wheel of the tanker bent the wheel under the truck and jammed the brakes, -making it impossible lor GePrge Piiillips, the driver, tP either brake his vehicle or steer it. Consequently the heavy rnachine left the highway and curving to the right, hit the door to Erickspn's cocktail room almost squarely, stopping with' the front bumper just oyer the threshold, leaving the, frpnt of the building badly , wrecked. Inside, the walls and ceilings were rent by the force. Beck's coupe, with, the right side caved in, was tui-neil around, and wound up in the ditch on the west side of the highway, its motor torn out and otherwise badly wrecked. Beck; accoi'ding to witnesses, was ahead ot p string of cars going south. Skid marks on the paving indicate, that his wheels were locked for 'a distance of more than 50 feet, as he left his own lane of traffic and hit the tanker. Inspfctor John "Rawles and Captain Ben Myers rhade the first investigation of the wreck and v/ere joined by Officer Everett Ingram, who came in from the north. JfANUAftY 23, 1S48 DEEDS Mary Milne to Lloyd Milne et al, land in Yokayo rancho. Cahto Lodge No 2i)6 lOOF to Harry Bridge, land in T^IN R15W, POWER OP ATTORNEY Ella McKee to Harry McKee. MORTGAGES George Newhall to S S Steiner, Inc, 53 acres of hops on land known as Round Valley Hop Ranch, Covelo. Ira Butler et ux to Rdwd Emp I .-od Cr Assn, livestock and crops grown 1948-49-50-51 on Glen Blair Lmbr Co ranch in Little Valley. Paul Pittman to Stockton Morris Plan, caterpillar tractor with dozer and winch. RELEASE OF MORTGAGES Rdwd Emp Prod Cr Assn to Juanita Woodworth et al. Same to George Daut. Sama to Clarence Hulb-rt el "X Same to Ira .Butler et ux. Same to Irf> BuUar et ux. Same to K M Waddell et al. .Same to Owen Barstow et ux. Same to Mrs Nelson Ryder et al. Same to Ira Butler et ux. LIEN ON REAL PROPERTY John Freitas to Laurence and Nellie Sandberg, $212.77 on deed of triKst. INTENDED SALE & MTGE A B Stiles et al, dba Deb and Al's Garage, Ukiah, to Edward Walthard, all tools, fixtures and equipment in garage. Sale and mortgage to take place at office of Spurr & Brunner, Ukiah. BUILDING ACCEPTANCE S D Norton et al to Swan Sjoberg et al, restaurant and bar bldg and storeroom, located in Ukiah. Coleman to Head Red Cross Drive JANUARY 24, 1948 DEEDS E H Maize et ux to Vema Towle et ux, land in Willits. Mrs. Grace Clark to George Schneider, land in T24N RHW. Lillie Walker to James DUl, land in T22N R14W. .j3ertus Prinsellar et ux to Bernicfe. Mauldin et al, land in Sanal rancho. Lawrence Motley et ux to Ger­ trude.Beebe, land in TUN R16W. Lawrence Motley et ux to Gertrude Beebe, land in TUN R16W. Ronald Beebe et ux to Lawrence Motley et ux, land in TllN RIOW. DEED OF TRUST Bernlce Mauldin et al to Harry Falk, Jr, et al trustee and Lambertus Prinsellar et al, land in Sanel raticho. PARTIAL RELEASE OF MTGE • E L Rich to C B Rusco iet ux. JANUARY 25. 1948 DEEDS John Karvala to Ida Karvala, land in Mendo Co. Maude Gray to Walter Gray, land in T16N R17W. • Union.Lmbr Co to E E Strider et ux, land in Fort Bragg. Union lanbr Co to Manuel Tavares et ux, land in Fort Bragg. L Whited et ux to Lawrence Motley'et ux, land in TllN RIOW. , Lawrence Motley et ux to Ed Whited ct ux, land in TllN R16W. Mina Poole to Fred Howard et ux, land in Yokayo rancho . Frank Johnston to PG&E, land in T2m R15W. , Clarence Knapp et ux to Manuel Martin et ux, land in T20N R14W. Roy Goodwin et ux to James Godwin et ux, land In Ukiah. Franz Gamberg et ux to Alvln Reynolds et ux, land in Ft Bragg. Ora Thelen to Cora Moore, land in T23N R17W, Cora Moore to Leslie Symmes et ux, land in T23N R15W. Guy P.edwine et ux to, C ,C Friend, land in T23N R15W. C C Friend et ux to V I Sandell, land in T23N RISW. Giacomo Masolini et ux to Peter Garbini et ux, land in Ft Bragg. Giacomo Masolini et ux to Louie Denevi, Jr, et ux, land in Ft Bragg. Giacomo Masolini et ux to John Denevi ct ux, land in Ft Bragg. Dorcas Hall to PG&E, land in T18N R13W. ESTAB PACT OF DEATH Termlnats; joint tenancy of Norman Nielson, deed, land in Harden subdn, distributed to Hazel Nielson. CONFIRMING SALE Est of Hjalmar Manner, deed, land in T18N R17W, D C Smith, admin said estate, to Theodore Williams, $500, DEEDS OF TRUST James Godwin et. ux to Corp Stanislaus county contributed valuable manganese ore to the war effort after hostilities halted gold mining. Am, trustee and Bk Am, land in Ukiah. Alvin Reynolds et ux to F O Albertson et al, trustee and Coast Nat Bk in Fort Bragg, land in Fort Bragg. Leslie Sym.mes et ux to Richmond Martinez Abst & Title Co, trustee and Cora Moore, land in T23N R15W. • John Denevi et al to F O AI- berfson et al, trustee and Giacomo Masolini et ux, land in Fort Bragg. MORTGAGE • Marie Sepp to Rosa Burgstaller, land in Ukiah. RELEASE OF MORTGAGE Mary York to Thomas Read et al. RECONVEYANCES Mendo Co Tiitle Co to Arthur Stipp et al, deed of trust. Same to Matt Baumgartner et ux, deed of trust. Same to John Moore et ux, deed of trust. . • ' SUBSTITUTION OP TRUSTEE Wm Love et al to Thomas Cleland, substitution of trustee. LEASE City of Ukiah to George Quest, land in Ukiah Munic Airport. \ AGREEMENT , . Courtney Snyder et ux to Rpbert Nourse, land in Ukiah. BONDS. Reno Bartolomie, deputy sheriff. Willlem White," deputy sheriff. Erwin Ransdell, deputy sheriff. E R Witter, deputy sheriff. Lewis Morgan, deputy sheriff. CERTIF OP CONTRIBUTIONS St Calif to Edwin Sandberg et al, dba Sandberg & Kelsey Rdwd Mills, total amount $2464.72. March of Dimes Drive On Its . Way to New, All-Time High of $12,01111 Orville Coleman, who so successfully headed the Red Cross drive for funds in 1947, has been chosen as chairman of tiie 1948 the month of March. \V. K. Davis WILLITS, Jan. 31.—Fred Ham-+ iltori, county chairman of the March of Dimes, told today of the remarlcably fine progress being made this year, by the Fred Hamilton Five Dollar Club, which he started four years ago to raise funds for the fight against polio, The first year less than $100 was collected, but today, Hamilton pointed with pride to certificates hanging on the mirror of the back campaign, which will run through ... _ _ is chairman of the Mendocino bar at Al Greenberg's Redwood chapter of the American Red club, amounting to $1260, with ir. „.,„.wo —'—'more certificates being sold daily. One of the outstanding assistants in raising this amount is Morton Bergstrom, construction man of Willits, who to date has sold $295 worth of certificates. Bergstrom was stricken with polio when he was four years old, and for years was unable to use his feet and struggled around on his ankles. In 1924 he received his first treatment in the St. Paul Cross, in charge of the campaign for funds in tlie east half of the county. Mrs. Cesira Delany is secretary of the county chapter and is located at the headquarters in the Hotel Cecille building. Sub chairmen are to be named later by Mr. Coleman in the various communities, including Ukiah, Potter Valley, Willits, Laytonville, Covelo and Boonville. Last bered. year, it will be. rememi'j (Minneapolis) Phelan' Park Hos- the Willits organization pital where bone specialists do- made its full quota in just oncj nate their services tv/o days each week, which could be duplicated week to cure polio sufferers. Alby them again and by "<ber com-. tliough still suffering from the munities, to the advantage of all. 20-30 Sponsoring Sunday Thrillers Station Wagon, Pickup In Jones Street Crash A station wagon driven by John H. Vance of Terre Haute, Indiana, collided with the pickup driven by Robert Crabb of 609 Jones street Thursday afternoon of'last week as Crabb was making n left turn into a driveway at 324 Jones street. Vance was going east on Jones. He told Sergeant Griflis of the police department that the turn was attempted by Crabb without the proper arm signal. The cars sideswiped. MARRIAGE LICENSES ISSUED Marriage licenses were issued last week to James H. Smith and Marilyn Brown ot Ukiah; Otto H. Vagt and Charleen Woodruff of Willits; Joseph L. Frassinello of Ukiah and NoiTnan Lucchesi of Redwood Valley, effects of the disease, Bergstrom is now able to lead a normal life and is doing everything he can to raise funds to assist other sufferers. Helen Baldwin, in charge o£ the restaurant at the Redwood Club, has sold certificates amount- The fair grounds will be a lively | ing to $235, and bartenders Ed- place Sunday, February 8, when; ward Gouber and Jeff Albee are the Motorcycle thrill show, sponsored by the Ukiah 20-30 Club, puts on daring stunt rides and races. also assisting. Hamilton states that he has arranged to extend the drive to . ,,, , February 5 and anyone in the Captain Putt Mossman, with a, ^^^^y ^^^^ jij^^ ^^ rnrri n« 3 time.<! chammon horse-, ^^^^ ^^.^ ^ ^^^^^ Willits for any amount of $5 or more and he will mail a certificate to the doner. The entire record as 3 times champion horse shoe pitcher will be there. He is also a champion stunt motorcycle rider and will do trick riding, blindfolded. He will do stunt horseshoe pitching and other performances of great daring and skill. There will be 13 professional performers, with tumbling, high kicking and many interesting events. county total raised last year was DRIVER THINKS HE SLEPT Bruce King of Weott, Humboldt county, told Officer Stinehoff he must have dozed at the wheel when his car left the road near Southworth's Inn, north of Calpella. He was given n citation for driving without a license. The car was rottisterpd to l^cc Karns, Cjirns or Warts Removed from Feet or Hands No Relief — No Charge (NO DRUGS bit MEDICINE USED) B. ARTHUR GIBSON 120 South 2nd Street San JoM CallfoTsia MM . $( $9500 and the goal this year has been set at $12,000. Stressing the need for an iron lung in Mendocino county, Harn- ilton states that is another goal he hopes to reach at some later time. The Willits Skating Club put on shows for three nights, raising approximately $325, in addition to furnishing some fine entertainment. Two of their group, Fred "Swish" Sowash and Wanda Casteel, have been invited to San Francisco for a tryout with the Skating Follies. Mrs. William Melvin has returned from San Francisco, where . she has spent some time in Stati- ford Lane hospital under observation. She expects to be called back in about two weeks' time. Mrs, Melvin is one of the nurses at the Ukiah General Hospital. IT PAYS TO TRADE IN UKIAH i LANKERSHIM HOTEL 55 Fifth St. (Near Motkel) San Francisco, Calif. • ABSOLUTELY FIREPROOF. 350 ROOMS OF COMFORT IN THE HEART OF S. F. SHOPPING AND THEATER DISTRICT. • Modern Rates SINGLE ... i from $1.75 up DOUBLE . .. from $2.20 up

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