Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on July 9, 1957 · Page 7
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 7

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 9, 1957
Page 7
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•Junior Editors Quiz on- TOTEM POLES MAKE f RIENOS - 0 Tfm«« >H»r«M, flarreH, Hswa i Tuaaday, July 9, 1957 OUT OUR WAY The man who is such a TV fan that he hushes his wife and chil dren every time they open their mouths is rude. He is saying, in Whether you win at love or war, It usually means the real ei« pense has just started. important than his own family. Wives and children who never get to talk to the head of the family except during commercials effect, that the TV set is more have a right to feel ignored. TIZZY QUESTION: Why did Indians earve totem polet? ANSWER: Various American Indian tribas earvad totam polea, but thay wara particularly popular with Indians of tha Pacific north- watt. Soma of thair baautiful totam poles still »tar>d today. Thay gen- •rally show symbols of important membars of tha family or of Indian lagands or animals, birds and other things tha clan considers s*crad. Many Indians believed that tha figures on their totem polet represented guardian spirits who would protect them from danger. Whan a man grew up, ha would go without food and live apart, until he aaw his guardian spirit In a dream. FOR YOU TO DO: You can make a toiom pole of clay. Mold tha clay around a stick so it will support your totem figures. Shape tha clay into heads and other figurei. Paint them with bright reds, blues, blacks and whites. John Klrkpatriek, Cleveland, Ohio, won tha $10 award for hi« Idea. Send your Idea to this newspaper. Tomorrow: What American hero became a Russian Admiral? Violet Moore Higgins, AP ft»w»faatura». CARNIVAL By Dick Turner "Om thing you've got to say for him, J.B. He's not a clock­ watcher!" SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith 'I'm so glad you're staying for dinner—there's an old meat loaf in tha icebox I've almost despaired of aver using!" By Kate Osann OUt BOARDING HOUSE "Don't give me any mad money! He always borrows iti" SWEETIE PIE By Nadine Seitzer 0 BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES "Ever have one of those nights when you just can't fall asleep?" Screen Star Answer to Previous Puzzle ACROftB 1,4 Screen star 9 She cors tarred iKfife 'ny films ft City in Tha Netherlands IS Papal oape 14 Hail! 15 Conger 16 Musteline mammal 11 Number 18 Communion plate 20 Air raid alarm 22 Cleopatra'* snake 24 Goddess of Infatuation 96 She la a motion picture — 26 Abstract being 80 Verbal 34 Folding bed 35 Rodent 36 Blackbird of cuckoo family 37 Native metal 38 Anger 30 Negative prefix 40 Canvas shelter 42 Brythonie Ma god 48 Aromatic plant 44 Onager 46 Born 48 Hang hi fold* ffl •1 Egyptian |_ herb §7 55 Wife of Aegir tmyth.)|Jj 56 Appellations 00 Jamaican |W drink 81 South American wood sorrel 62 Trap 63 Boundary (comb, form) 64 Footlike part 65 Merits 66 Seine DOWN 1 Retain 2 Notion 3 Dissolve 4 Middays 5 Table scrap 6 Huge tub 7 Malt drink 8 Egyptian weight 9 Despise 10 Asseverate 11 Dispatched a U N a L. u E T A N 4\ A T E R U N 4 A R A A (t e « o N » Y A ft 1 A kl E T A T B 4 V} 4 T A R K .I L. 1 E ., R T 4 A, t 4 U hi *> 0 cT H t C A N b T 1 •r A u 1 <£ 1 S E s Y O E p o N S O e 4 T E N 4 1 IDJ * H E te a H i 4 A S i A N •fe 4 T i_ T E \^ A i_ 1 O A T e b St M u E V E R c O R e R 1 p « f 4 fe R N 4 6 y d 19 Auricle 21 Lion 23 Hazards 24 Nautical term 25 Highlander 26 Ripped 27 Solar disk 29 Nostril 31 Hindu quean 32 Presently 33 Fluff 41 Light knock 43 Male* 45 Feel 47 Facilitates 48 Let fall 49 Speed contest 50 Genus of ducks 52 Press 53 Certain 54 Exude 57 Collection ' of saying* 58 Blemish 59 Sea eagle Time, Time, Time! BY EDGAR MARTIN NO, Bl3T VirzBP E <5AD,BUSTER.' tHOU6MTPOLN ^^I pnil \TPr\ \Of YOi TO FETCH ALONS THIS A 10 POINTED F0VMLIM6 PlECEZ-I'LL COM6 . Willi . . . MAJOR HOOfM.1 1 [THE: F0CEST F0f? A PRACE OF pQCCULEKjr PARTRIDGES HAC-PUMPM/-'-- DID X ESER TELL. Y«DO X. ONCE ED6ED ANM& <S>AKLE/ iM A _^ -Tr-**' \ AWAY FCOMj YOUC CMi^.'j Til VtfO Wc3MT | WX <£E AK\Y I LEPTTURrvi THE LOCK' APOUKiO OMCE IN ) A WHILE AND 4E£| VJBAT'6 IKiTHe KEAS*«5(3Me <?F THESE- 1 ANIMAL6 LlWe THE FLAVOR* OF FAT MEAT BUGS BUNNY Don't Rush Away BY AL VERMEER BY V. T. HAMLIN] MORTY MEEKLE HERE'S YOUR CAKE,) ( W0RTX AND THANKS FOR < \ THE LOVELY PRESENT y J Maybe He's Hungrier '"if ii M / WHAT A 5MALL PIECE ) \ OF CAKE.' MAYBE WE \ ( SHOULD HAVE GIVEN \THEM A BIGGER GIF! J OH, MORTY' \ THATHA5 / NOTHING TO ) 00 WITH IT < y BY DICK CAVALL! ^MAV8E NOT, BUT J, 'J- I'D LIKE TO FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Reward BY MERRILL BLOSSER AMOTl-IE Dt£T fMAT 60ES WITM TME EXERCISING fS A GROWLER' TMERE Mu ^>r BE A MORE 3EMSIBLE ROUTINE/ .AM OLD ICE CP-EAM J I PI6URE J'LL. FREEZER ? / BREAK EVEM TMtS v .r j- :— THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE MRS.WAYNE, AW SON ASKED EM<L. D*«RJS' , KDR A'SECOMOCUANCE*TOCWt, 9 »L : nvnED HIM DOWN. NOW HESAJVS HE ^ / JO I '<C ID GIVE UP HIS ART EVERYTHING.' ( HERE'S OK.V ONE )_J THINS FOKVOiTODQ \MKS.SCOTT, M.V<E •<IM FIGHT BAC<: Good Advice i BUT IF Mt WINS y /w, I've ( I^STMVUTTIE BOV./ BY WILSON SCRUGGS CAPTAIN EASY No Luck BY LESLIE TURNER ~Y&£, THERE WAS A (jlKL'C I MUST FiK.'C> OF THAT 0E5CKiPTi0M IK) I HER^AsB& THIS DEPARTMENT. WI55 J THE PEK52^•.£L ROBEy. BUTSHE GU'T / MAKIA6EK WILL TWO WEE<9 A60: VI KNC,W WHSRE- SHB WENT X IM S0RRV...MI55 ROSEV OIPM'T SAV WHERE 5HE- VA5 3JIN^! SViE MOVED F*0N\ HER. /^'"gjy.op »U^E THE si:»a| HAS W0 ZEC0KP Of MK.SttRWS APARTMENT THE 5AWE WAV 7/

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