Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on July 9, 1957 · Page 6
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 6

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 9, 1957
Page 6
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Rudy Minsters of Sheboygan, Wis., Visit in Westside 'Tim** n ^rnld \>ir% Smiff WFSTSIDE - Mr. and Mr? Rudy Minster of Shehoyean. \Vis are visiting in thp home of Clam Brown. Donna .loan and Gail Harris of Lewi? are visitine in the homo of their aunt and uncle. Mr. and Mrs Eddip Holdsvvorth Guests of VrrlP Petersen on his 7th birthday Friday wpre nanny Doyle, Randy and Junp Ann Namanny. Sunday evening visitors in thp homp of Mrs. Dora F. Knisr. in ohspnanrp of hpr birthday «ri 'f 6 Tlmp* H»rnH Cn***!! I Tuesday, July 9, 1957 Mrs Honnotta Potors of Arcadia. Mi and Mrs Henry KrusP and Mr and Mrs .lohrmie Stpnder and family Mi and Mrs Roger Rrown and family of Pocahontas \isitpd Sunday afternoon in thp hnmp of Mr. and Mrs Farl Rrown. Mr and Mrs Robert Krarht and family and Rillip .lent/on attended a birthday party in honor of Kim Roivknian 's Sth birthday in thp homp of Mr. and Mis Hay Rrock- man of Arcadia. Other uuosts were Mr and Mrs Merlin Musfpldt. .leffery and Lori, Mrs. Laura Kiusp. Mr and Mrs William Ramsey and Donna, all nf Man- ,.;„„ - : „£ yt. \t~t fr^d Brorkman of Arcadia Evening visitors in Ihr Rrorkman homp were Mr. and Mrs Harold Koepkp o( Arcadia and Mr and Mrs. William .lent/en and Rillie It was also the birthdav ••>( Mrs Rrock- man on Saturd.iv Mr. and Mrs St ett Y«'imans of Chicago arrived Saturdav for a wppkpnd visit in Mir hump of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Nouinans Mary Vouman, who spent the past wpek with thp Scott Yonmaiiv rpturned home. Additional picnic dinnpr guests in the hnmp ni Mr. and Mrs. Voinnans and ilvir guests were Mr. and Mrs William Wille and Martin Jackotwn n| Carroll, Mrs. Yem Wilken and Vickie. Sports (Continued from Page Air-Condition NOW! BasemenHess homes — small homes -EVERY HOME can now have the healthful comfort of Year 'Round Air Conditioning STOP IN TODAY! at Drees Plumbing,& Heating DELCO Product of General Motors Cooling Conditional Par «*pir»t« ceoHnij systems or for addition to your present besting system, the new Delco Seif-Contained Coe'ing Units offer » low cost, completely automatic central summer air conditioning system. These units are the economical answer to cooling requirement* when the heating system Is not compatible to cooling (I.e., steam or hot water systems) or when the furnace is not of adequate capacity to handle cooling. GABLE OR HIP ROOF INSTALLATION. In the gable roof installation, the unit may be Installed with the condensing coll flush with the outside wall. For application in hip roof homes, an Inexpensive dormer can be constructed to house the unit. Discharge and Inlet air ducts may be laid on ttie attic joist. CRAWL SPACE OR BASEMENT INSTALLATION. These units can be easily Installed on a concrete platform located outside the home. The cool, conditioned air may then be ducted from the cooling unit to the furnace plenum, for distribution throughout the home. An alternate method is to install the evaporator section Inside the basement or under the house with the condensing section protecting outside the house. LIGHT COMMERCIAL INSTALLATIONS. For fas*, economical Installation in candy stores drug stores, beauty parlors, barber shops, offices, etc., the- Delco self-contained cooling unit Is Ideal. The cool air can be delivered through celling dlffusers, or for installation without ducts as a unit cooler in the transom or from other convenient locations. DREES • Kuemper- on Crandall's single into rich) field. Aftpr Harshberger and Woody struck out, HestPd tried to steal home and was out at the plate. On two other occasions Lake City moved runners to spennd That happened in thp firu when Hosted was safe on an error and Crandall was felled by a pitch In thp sixth, Hested singled to center field and Crandall drpw a walk With two away, Harshherc- or lined a solid smash touard right fiold and first l ->a^eman .lorry Collisnn spearpd the liner in the wpbbing of his mitt for thp third nut Linp scores of other games Glidden (ill 020 0- 4 2 R Rockwell City 224 030 II * 1 Johnson. Owpns and Knrth Sesor and Harris Lake View 004 400 ft • * '•> R Auburn 400 041 •-- 9 4 3 Wetzstein and Stock LPSIP. Morpnz and Bauer Schlpswig 001 on - 1 1 4 Rrpda 038 R " " Rielpnbprc, Ktihlmanr, .lahde and Struck Sehwabp, Luchtel and Tu-'on- thalpr and Wittry GRASSROOTS WEDDING PARTY ... A hitch in the wedding schedule of Eileen Gummeson, left, happened when her mairi-nf-honor Inst the wedding ring on the lawn of the Gummeson home In Medford, Mass. A borrowed ring saved the day. The bridegroom found the lost ring after the ceremony. ''l V H'iA CRAWl SPACE Heating & Plumbing 609 N. Carroll - Phone 2863 TODAY'S BASEBALL By The Associated Pros AMERICAN I.EAGl K w. L rn New York 31 26 6*2 Chicago 49 29 fi?« Boston _ 42 37 33? Cleveland 39 3R vw Detroit 39 39 wi Raltimore 37 39 »87 Kansas City 29 47 W Washington 23 3fi SOP Tuesday Schedule All Star game at St. Louis Monday Results No games sehpriuled Wednesday Schedule No games scheduled G R in !3'j '.'I' 2 23 NATIONAL I.EAGCE W. L Pet OR St Louis .... 46 31 397 - Milvvaukpp ... 44 34 3fi4 2 l i Philadelphia _ 42 34 333 v 7 Cincinnati .._ 44 3fi 330 34 Brooklyn . 41 36 332 3 \pw York 36 43 436 11 Pittsburgh ... 29 49 372 174 Chicago 26 43 3 »W 17 Tuesday Schedule All Star game at St Louis Monday Results No games scheduled Wednesday Schedule Milwaukee at Pittsburgh N 1 Only games scheduled ARR1YES FROM CALIFORNIA 'Time* Hfrnlrt \>wn *PMtrrt HAl.BUR - Jim Renruer of Lancaster, Calif , arrived Friday for a week's visit with his parents. Mr and Mrs. A J. Rennipr Hpnry T Fiseheid and R i 1 I y Rolfes of Watprloo were weekend visitors in the homos of t h p i r parents, Mr and Mrs. Henry ,J Fiseheid and Mr. and Mrs. William Rolfes Moore Must Sign Today NEW YORK i^- Archie Moore, the old guy who wrote thousands of letters to sports editors before getting a shot at the world light- heavyweight boxing title, has to write his name on a contract by- noon 'EDT> today to keep it Unless he signs for a title dp- fpnse against Tony Anthony of New York by the dpadlinp hp'll bp stripped of the championship. That ultimatum was laid down Monday by .Julius Helfand. president nf the World Championship Roxing Committee who doublps in brass as chairman of thp pqually powerful New York State Athletic Commission. Moore, in Los Angeles, rpport- pdly reached a vprhal agreement on contract terms for the fight Monday night. In deference to the California Athletic Commission, which likes to announce such things, spokesmen in holh the Moore and Anthony camps have declined comment, however. A written agreement to the bout reportedly was to be submitted to the California commission this morning. Moore, who won the title from ,lney Maxim Dec. 17. 1932, then gave Pal Joey two cracks to reclaim it before he defended against anyone else, hasn't put his title in the ring in 13 months He's been running backward into a title defense against Anthony for the last few months, with the money guarantee the big hassle. I Groreluschen Wins Manning Tourney iTime* Hrrnlri \>w« Sorvli-O MANNING Jon GrntPluschen nf Manning topped all golfers at the Manning - Manilla Club tournament held during the weekend Groleluschen was winner of the first flight, with rounds of 42. 39 and 41 for a 122 Other winners in the first flight were Rruch Fischer. 42. 44. 42— 128; and Max Detlefsen. 46, 49, 43 — 133. Winners of othpr flights were Second Roger JOPIIS — 43. 44. 42 — 129. John Bpaeh. 43. 43. 40 — 131; Ray Sandpr — 41. 4fi. 46— 133 Third Albert Musfpldt - 43. 41. 47 — 133; Herman Frahm — 30. 51, 43 — 144; Curly Oberkamppr —48. 31, 43—144. Fourth — Hpnry Hoffmann—49, 46. 44 — 130; Rev. Nutzmann — 50. 46. 44 — 141; Al Martens — 51. 47, 46—144 Fifth John Fdgprton — 52. 44. 43 — 137; August Randow — 51, 51, 46 — MR; Willis Puck — 52, 50. 47—149. Sixth: Jack Fox — 55. 42. 48— "145; William Baley — 56, 47. 48— 151; Jerry Johnson — 55. 49 50— 154; Ray Ohde — 52. 57. 55—164 IN HIGHWAY MISHAP DFS MOINES P - Mrs. Maurice Witmer. 31. of Route 5. Dos Moines, and her 9-year-old daughter, Deborah, suffered minor injuries in a car accident Monday night. The car Mrs Witmer was driving went off Hiehway 46 inst east of the Des Moines city limits and crashed into a guard rail. TRADE-IN and SAVE i your old tire is I worth from $4 t0 $ 9 J 5 DOWN b«ys se* of 4-balance on monthly Terms. 'Mil • % SATISFACTION {GUARANTEED m% NATION-WIDE MOUNTED FREE BUY YJMIDS RIVERSIDE...NOW AT LOmSl PRICE OF YEAR tube-type blackwall, 4 4 il C with trade-in tire, I I T il plus excise tax JL JL OTHER SIZES ALSO ON SAW. 6.00-16 dord of qualiry not aC^ I 1 1 i $ 6 DOWN buys set of 4—balance on monthly Term*. get $ 5 =. BUY RIVERSIDE DELUXE ... WARDS FINEST RAYON tube-type blackwall, with trade-in tire, plus excise tax mm ~f 6.70-15 OTHER SIZES, TYPES some quolity as tires > Frick Named to New 7-Year Term By JACK HAND ST LOl'IS .tfu_Baseball Commissioner Ford- Frick, re-elected to a seven-year term at $65,000 per, thinks it is "inconceivable" that New York should become a one-club town. In the face of consistent reports thai the Brooklyn Dodgers are going to Los Angeles and the New York Giants to San Francisco, the commissioner expressed a "purely personal opinion" today on the New York situation "I think it is inconceivable that an area with a population of 15 million should have only one franchise." he said. "If the Dodgers and Giants should move—and I am not saying they will—I think the territory should he left open for another team I think it should bp declared open territory for any league. Personal Feeling "Understand this is my personal feeling not any official statement from my office." The matter of franchise moves came up at the National League meeting, shortly before the 62- year old Frick was re-elected at the joint meeting of the two leagues for a term running to Sept 21, 1965. His current term expires in 1958. The Dodgers and Giants got permission to move to Los Angeles and San Francisco at a special National League meeting in Chicago. May 28. President Warren Giles said he brought up the matter himself. "1 think it is incumbent upon the president of the National League to ask Mr. O'Malley i Walter O'Malley. Dodger president) and Mr Stoneham iHorace Stoneham. Giants president > if they have anything definite to report, said Giles "I turned directly to both men and both answered 'not a thing A report Cleveland would move to Minneapolis by acquiring the Giants' interests in Minneapolis was denied by Cleveland officials. CAR FIRE i Tlni*>< Herald ,\>w* S*»r* ir*»» MANNING — The Manning Fire Department answered a call on Sunday evening, when a car hp- longing to Warren Wegnpr began to hum. The car suffered slight damage. Youth Caravan j Visiting Carroll Lutheran Church A youth caravan nf three members, sponsored by the Board for Young Peoplp's Work of thp Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, arrived her? Monday for a four-day visit and met with Walther Lpagup memhers in St. Paul Lutheran Church. Monday night Ahout 30 local Walther Leaguprs attondpd thp mppting at which mpmhers of thp caravan prespntpd thp first phase of the Walther Lpagup five-fold program Thp Rev Harold W Kipck. pastor of St Paul Lutheran Church, conducted the opening worship service Closing meditation, led by caravan members, was followed by a recreation period The three young people on the caravan team are Don Mossman of Melville, Sask . Canada; Ingrid Schlange. Azusa. Calif. a student at Valparaiso University. Valparaiso. Ind ; and Beverly Richardson of Spokane, Wash. They will meet with Walther Lpague mpmhers again at 7 3n P m Tuesday. A box supper to which all members of the St. Paul congregation are invited will bp held in the church at 6 30 pm Wednesday and a picnic for Walther Leaguers, followed by entor- tainmpnt. in Northwest City Park, at 7 p.m. Thursday. Purpose of the caravan visit is to assist the local church in its youth program including devotional services, topic presentations, servicp projects, membership, recreation and fellowship. New Leaders Welcomed by Prague Reds By HAROLD K. MILLS i PRAGUE, Czpchoslnvakia ! Nikita Khrushchev and Soviet Premier Rulganin arrived in Czechoslovakia Tuesday to receive new pledges of loyalty in thp wake of thp sweeping Kremlin shakeup. As 15,onn chpered, Czechoslovak Communist Tarty chief Antnnin Novelny and lessor officials embraced and kissed the beaming So- vipt leaders on their arrival by train at Cema on th" Czechoslovaks iincari a n-l'krai man border. Nnvotny. considered by many one of .Joseph Stalin's more faithful disciples, paid special tribute to Khrushrhpv's program to expand Soviet agriculture, which V. M. Mnlotov and the other purged Kremllin leaders were accused of opposing. Said Nnvotny; "We especially hail th= results of the creative policies of the Soviet Communist Party whirh has brought progress to your country, advances in industry and agriculture and thp geat prospects that the Soviet Union will surpass the Unitpd States in per capita production of moat, htittpr and milk " "Thp joint talks we will havp." hp continued, "will have great significance for the security of our Czechoslovak republic and a tightening and expansion of our economic cooperation with the Soviet Union. "You visit us at a time when the German militarists and revengists are again raising their heads on our western frontiers But the Czechoslovak ppople know that closp friendship and alliance with thp Soviet Union is the chief protection for TheTr national freedom and independence " Taking the spotlight as usual, Khrushchpv said his group had "not come to discuss disputes or to clear away misundprstanriings." "WP Soviet and Czpch ppople arp united through common interests and goals, and.we have come as equal friends in the common fight for Communism," he declared Khrushchev added that he was 'disturbed—disturbed that I shall not be able fully to express the feelings of fraternity, friendship and love which the Soviot people hoar toward the Czechoslovak people " Prague radio, which hrnadcast the hour-long arrival ceremony, said thp crowd was so enthusiastic that at one point it broke the radio reporters' wires. .ll'.JITSl! VS. WRESTLING A good American cateh-as- catch-can wrestler can overcome a ju-jitsu expert in a rough-and- tumble fight according to the Encyclopedia Britannica. FINISHES DERBY FLIGHT PHILADELPHIA. Pa v?— A Piper Tri-Pacer plane flown hy Mrs. Gpnrgp Pfantz of DPS Moines was ow of in planes which Monday rnmpletpd t h e transcontinental Powder Puff Derby. In all. 23 of 49 planes have made the 2.5R7- mtlp flight from San Carlos. Calif The pilots have until Wednesday night to complete thp Inp r ...................... WHO'S WHO AT HOULIHAN MOTORS Philadelphia Phillie rookie pitcher Dick Farrell had a 12-6 record with the Miami, Fla., Marlins of the International League in 1956. TIRE Swpe '*° yon ~::" eso "An, MOVING Local and Nation Wide Storas* — Crating — Picking Ph. Day 2540 Ph. Night 2618 Carroll, low* John Vanderheiden Moving Agent* for North American Van Line* inc. MAN TO TRUST Jim Houlihan, The Friendly Irishman, owner and operator of Houlihan Motors, is known far aad wide for his honest, ethical business dealings, his intimate knowledge of the world of motor cars, and his friendly good nature. CAR TO MATCH Trust Mercury to be first with Dream-Car Design, the style hit of the year! Trust The Big M to bring you more power (up to 335 hp), more size (inside and out), more new features (like the power seat that "remembers," the Thermo-Matic Carburetor, Quadri-Beam headlamps) than any car at its price! See us today—our prices are rock-bottom, our deals the best. '57 MERCURY THE BIG 1771 COME IN TODAY - HI WAY 71 SOUTH III

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