Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California on January 30, 1948 · Page 5
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Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California · Page 5

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, January 30, 1948
Page 5
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rls se •a, •Is 14, Is, )1- a i a 3r- ng en ke •Is. up Ire ty. ler •e- Et- Si- go, gie- hs. that ley up m rst aat pal lad ley irit, idy for ter 35a PHILOi Jan. 24-^CIaude Presley, 7 3 'vhohad his leg amputated last week, IS reported to be doing nicely and will-be home from Ukiah soon. Coy 'Snilth of Boonville is officiating constable inMr. Presle/s. place, Ndwfon Beebe of Ornbaun valley is-tecOA ^erlttg this week from an injured JElhger 'Which he hurt while''lnlnriirig'a buiz asw at the Bradfordv fiinbh, •Jatiuai'y 17. His firigisrvgot caught in the saw. • word:,wSs received this week that MrsMlta ^j^^^^ was injured in 'an • autdmobile accident. Mrs. Johnson •was 'ficcbmpanylng "Mr. and Mrs.r Ernie Harris to see her daughter hear Woodland whenthe car f ailpd to nlake a curve. She is now at her daughters home and is getting'better. Reports were that she had minor injuries and that her pelvis bone may be broken. Another sale was made this week when the Wilson Cooks of ;;Bobnville sold their 'home to Clyde ; McPhee. The -.Cooks rare •olanningiatrip to Florida and on taeir'return, they' tJlan to Isettle'in Ukiah. The Cook hortie is the house formerly owned by the Tom ^'Hanlon's iwho sold; it last.year. [is south of "Boonville at: the cor- 'i)f the road to the Rossi ranfch. rvliends-and relatives were saddened to hear of the death of Ao Stprnetta of Point Arena, who passed away January 17. The Boorivllle Lodge was closed while the owners, the Clarence Galletti's, attended the funeral. Mr. Caietti was a nephew. Other relatives from the valley who attended the final rites were Mr. and Mrs. Marin. Mrs. Mann is a davighter oi Mr. Stornetta. T'he funeral took place at the St. Aloysius Catholic chbrch in ' Point Arena and a Rosary was. recited at the StOr- netts residence. Services were held by. Father lieopold O'Riordan. :Faye Daley, who is recovering frbm a broken leg, had the cast tak^n off January 13 at the Fort Bragg hospital. He is now Walking with, a cane. . Bill Maddux, who was injuried in an auto crash Sunday night, returned home from the Healdsbiifg hcsspital Wednesday., His wife'mo­ tored down to Healdsburg for hiiri. Bill had a narrow escape, as he suffered a severe 16sa of blood before he couid get to a hospital anid 25 stitches were taken on his head.; He is recovering nicely. . Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hess of Boonville visited Mr. Hess', father iii a San Francisco hospital last weekend. , Mr. and Mrs. Warren' Ingrani and children; arid Rea and Alva ingram motored to Cummings P/unday to attend the,'birthday; cel- ^jgBat^oh of Traflfic Officer Everett Mgram. Many friiends and relar •lives dropped in du'ring the day to extend beat wishes. Everett is the son of Alva Ingram of Navarro and is a brother to Warren and Rea Ingram.- . , Mr. and Sirs. RornosSet and farhily .were, guests last weekend of Mrs. Ha.zel Nobles of Boonville. Mrs. RomoBset is Mrs.. Nobles daughter and friends will remem^ ber her as Helen Nobles. Mr. and Mrs. Romosset reside iii Richmond. Mrs. D. P. Lawson of Boonville returned January 15 from Eureka where she attended the wedding of her only grandson, Robert Slotte, to Mary Lou De Milleof Eureka. They were married January 4 at the First Baptist church by Rev. R. R. Pulliam. They are now on a trip to Missouri and Nebraska and wiir visit the bride's family. Robert Siotte is the son of Mr. and.'Mrs. John Slotte .arid his bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R.'R; De Mille of Eureka. Two engagements were announced at Christmas time to, the friends of happy couples. Betty Smith announced her engagement to Guide Pronsolino. Betty, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Coy I Smith of Boonville and Guido is f ttoe son of; Mr. and Mrs. Pronso- ,' iffib of Philo. The young people I attended the local high school. An- I -Other engagement of interest is f that of TheLma Solatino and John f Pinole. Thelma is the daughter of Mr .and Mrs. Pete Solatino of ,B&onville and John is the son of Mr. and Mrs. John Pinoli of Philo. Hope McPhee spent the weekend with relatives in Boonville. Hope, who graduated from the local high school last year, is now attending a beautly school in Oakland. A farewell party was given Saturday night for the Weldon Weavers, who left Monday for their new home in Canby. A farewell gift of a hnndsomje pressure cooker was presented. Those who attended the party were Mr. and Mrs. Burt Rowley, Mr. and Mrs. Veryl Baxter, Mr. arid Mrs., John Strickland, and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rawles. Another family that was welcomed into the valley this week ia Mr. and Mrs. Howard Winsor of Woodland and their baby daughter Nancy. Mrs. Winsor is the sister of Mrs, Mcintosh of Boonville. Mr. Winsor and B, V :>Ic- Intost are leasing the hardware store south of Boonville from.Bill Hanson, and will operate it jointly. Mr. Fisher of Boonville has leased the Boonville Bakery from La•Verne Presley and is now operating it as the •Valley Bakery. He advertises breads, doughnuts, rolls, ' lokies, cakes and pies, as well as fecial cakes on Order. "La'Veme Pfesley is still operi<tlng his bakery route through th6 valley. Mias Rawles, grammar school teacher, has movea irom the auto court and will board with Mrs. Mane Tarwater ol Boonville. Miss Rawles IS fortunate, as places to board and room are very scarce m the valley. Mr. and Mrs. Pt-ter Willis arid ^aby son are now. home from a visit in San Luis Obippo, where they were guests of Mrs. Willis' parents. While there they extended their stay, as .-Mrs. Willis" father became, ill and Porter stayed to help with the ranch work. , Mr, and Mrs. John Holman of San Francisco were weekend giiests :of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Gowan. Mrs. Gowan and Mr. Holman are brother and sister.' Mrs, teva Ornbaun of Elk was a guest of Mrs. Millie Brown of Philo for 8 few days last week. The iwo'ladies are'sisters. , .A leap year dancie wiUbe' held February'29 at Gi'inge hall; which is'^sponsored'bytKe'Parent-Teach­ ers 'Associatiori. : • • A March Of Dihie^ ds^icXvlU'lJe held Janii&ry: 31', spbrisoi?ed by the March of Dimes Somhfltt6e;'Thbie on the cbriirriittee .at e'Hferb 'taifi'- bert,'Menvn Perkins of Soonyiiie. Thecornmlttee is asklrigkoV 'ehiCk£ en doriatioris as' they ^pish to haVre' chicken frlcass'6e arid hot' biscuits for the supjier.^DbnatiOns. (ji'nd ill chickens should be' dressed) • Can be ;turn6d in 'at Tiridall's 'Market at BodriVille. The -UrbarilteS will •play or the datice. This tauslc Is very popular. All proceeds "from the danCe-v^fiilgo toWai'd tthfe MJtrCh Of Dimes ':furiTd, which Is/instrumental in saving "so Jriany .lives from tiolio. • v : J'; Jamesi Gov^n, who : siiffeirecl. a: severe leg wound a week'ago While; chopping a log, is reported ~tb be improved. While he wasxhopping a piece of steel flew oft the« wedge and lodged' in 'hls'.leg,: causing ^-se^^ vere bleeding. He'ts-beirig treated by-Dr. Powell •of'Boorivllle.. The Future ^Farmers -bf America are working hard this year to cbnir jjlete their project record books. some of • the '.more successf ill -projects are-as'follows! rBob Cariiyirij an oat 'arid Vetch 'field, gerieral farming, and also some purebred Romney • sheepr ^Neil-"El^ccl, the riibst all around'prbjecti?'\^^ ly ; everythirig,' including cattle,' horses, sheepj'plgs, poiiltry, "r^b^ bits 'and{'geherai farniingy Dbnald' Pardini, the bestpurifbired-prpje'cti with 15 head of purebred Corrie- dale sheep; Floyd J[ohnson, .the rtiost "extensive project, 'viith -35 head vbf-grade.>heep; Clyde-JPauli' the: most accurately kept rei;ord for his project of poultry.' Hbyt 'JANUABV "20 ' James , I. Hurt vs. Raymond Polsley. On motion of counsel for defendant motion for new trial dismissed.. B. W.: Mogruder vs. Kelly Cox. Motion for, continuance granted, trial date of-January 21 set aside and matter placed at end of civil active list to be" reset. Redwood 'Empire Production Credit Association vs. Forrest McDonald.'Plaintiff granted judgment as prayed and sheriff appointed to make sale of mortgaged pro'perty. ' , , Ruby P. Redemeyer vs. Whitney H.-ReaemlSyer. Trial datfe vacated an(i dropped-from calendar. Thorilas:'R. Wiridus, Vs. Sequoia Mill "& Lumber Cb. Further, trial had, arid to "be siibnriitted On briefs. '; JANUARY 21 , .jEstate';Charl^ fii., Perkins, 'deceased.; 'Third .account appj-oyeii and settled. . .V: v •Hattie Thurstori,Vs.. Austin.-N. Rawles. - et al. ; judginerit for di- i^ndai^i,{Bef^ndiWtSi Will:'.e iiridii)gs;>P'lea for tattorrieii^,. le ?s denied."(.,;;;. -i-v,,. JBeuiah 'jB ()j,t9|ni vs. •.Br «n Botti. Plaintiff -granted iriterJocutory decree of idiyorce on girbund: of .ex-; trenie.-criieHy.'.Dei endanti grantbdi $l50,'T)laintiff > granted jreniaihder of community-prop^rt'yi ; - People vs* , J. jPv Mahari. Requirements of probation • fuifllled. Case dismissed. - -J decree of divorce,;on ground of, extreme cruelty,'"and 10-aere trt ct of land; together With nil'improve­ ments thereoh, i household furniture arid" equipriient., defendant granted 12 acreS :<of /unimproved land, all' horses, trailws ahd cattle, and business equipment. Defendant to pay plaintiff $100 a month for six. months, then:$75 a month for Jive years or 'intil she is remaiTied, If plaintiff sells home for, $12,500 or'more, payments provided for shall cease. •jf^- 'IttstrBanentei Recorded JANUARY 16,1«48 DEiEDS • Gladys LarScn et al to Clar<) Barry, larid in TIBN R17W. . Anna Tregoning to Emil Arg- landerct.ux, Ifend inilBN RlSWi; ' Charles Lovell et uxto Bsnjumin Franklin, land In CoVelo. 'Charles MelVllle et ux to Charles JilelviUe, land in T15N R14W. . Sjoberg- &• Gucker to .Samuel Giman, et ux, land in'Mill Terrace Subdn. • .Samuel Cowan- et ux to Dept •Vets. Affairs. of St .Calif, land in Ukiah. r .•. 'Jacob • Sermg to R J Hickman etMx^ land in T18NR18W Same to C E Dutcherjfel ux, land Charles Presley vs: Ukiah Pine^in'TiBN R18W. Lumber Co. Demurrer overruled I 'Joseph Lucchesi et ux to Thco- and defendant given 10 days, after ^ofe, Fe'ibusch, • land in Bartlelt notice to answer. Notice waived. • „ ' T ,„ , rr ' ; Herbert O Connor et ux to 6 O Lawrence Ware vs. Charles Van Barker,, land in T24N. K17W Vlake et al. Demurrer overruled. Lavinia Johnson'^et -til to O O Defendant given, 10 days after,Barker, land in T24N R18V.', Jean- Hurlan ot al to Tom Ca^ hill et ux,iiarid in T17N RJIW. F?NAL DIS3fRI3UTION , ,' , ••:^s* of •( EilgerielQarzih'i.' dis^ uteS'.'ertate ,-aed. other .firbpe>-Vv to Eleanor^ 1,. Gar&jl.j.VGKarlfeJ':: Giiiv '.%|.. Philip,^.,G:arzfai,^Ail}lerti Gaf'r notice to answer. , . . ' Wilbur Andei-son vs.'Eligehe M. Cdueyet al. 'TTlaKdate'oftyanutl^/ 26 -yaijated.. Matter 'dropfcjed^^^ ftoltn" calendar..' -^l-'-:• '•'-.v-^: y'-'-' , Ukiaih: *in^iiLtiimber ,;eo. ;-S>s,, J bseph ;3Vati 'i'Ahtiw^rP-,: TViai:: ditte -bf'.March 4 Vacated.:-feeSgtifortrla^ March 25. • '•:•'.."•. •••;-'•':.>!.'' Ross 'shbWed an income' of nearly. $500 for his poultry aiid additioriM Iabor,Dari.La\yson opeirateda very thrifty •poultry project, of .New Hampshire Reds. Wesley Farfel stai:ted' oiit -with a good nurtiber;;bf chicks,, but had biad luck arid lost a few. Bob. Paul had: the only swine project and' with feed, high still did very wellj and supRlid* his family with pork. Neil -"'^abcl is making good progress on; his trailer. He has the sides, uprights and.the bracing riearly coirii5leted for the saddle compartment. Dpii Lawson, Bob Paul, Tom Burger, Donald Snow and 'Arthur Knight have repaired-about 15 folding chairs for the schpbl;,This report shows that the J'liti^re,Farmers are attemptirig arid cbriipletirig.- mariy worthwhile undertakings. JANUARY-2Z. W. E. 'Gilbert: vsi ;Northern Wopds Products Co. Trial date-'Of April 6 vacated, .'!;", . • Peopot Vs.': KerineihHAfjnol^, •de'i ieriifant. 'ArJaigriedrori <SliiBi«i;e'?bf rtiisderiieanor, •'erite!(«d .7 ,?l)rea. -of • guilty and- appliiSd *f6r' prbbatiibn'. R^fferred to prSbation -offlcer-fbr re^ort"FebrU'ary-=6,>artd;aeferidSrit released ori own refcogrilikrifeB..; Pdnt j ^r^nE POINT ARENA, Jan. 27.—^Mrs. Royal Distolle was visited by Mrsi Frances Abramson, formerly Frances Musso. Byron Roberts was here Visiting: his family over the weekend. John Westfall went 'to Sacramento Sunday night, •where he will remain for a. weel; to attend the district council meeting. Nancy Beebe sperit the weekend in Petaluma visiting her uncle,' David King. Miss Judy Giacomini, Jack Gillmore, and Alfred Phillips have a 2-week vacation which Will be spent here. Mr. and Mrs, Herbert Peterson spent a day in Fort Bragg takiiig; care of business and visiting friends. Jimmy McNamee and George Myland left Friday mornirig for the meeting at Stinson Beach wliere the shoreline highway was discussed. Nickie Ciapusci, who has moved to Fort Bragg, was in'Pbint Arena visiting friends over the weekend. James T. Morrison recently purchased a Porterfleld plane from a private party in San Francisco. Dick Spense, one of i our :loc -3l | PtbljBta V. . 'Estate •;dliarles/THTei-bert .•Whitl takir, dbceaMdi fiScrfe ftb ln)^eA- taiiie -Sx :diie,,;\; ; j'^ ;• .''';.,; „; Terminatipri yfe .'Wt^^^ Gook,.;debeased.;Same: orde^v h-.^i Estate He'rirJr'.G'amfcle, deceased, Administratrix ;dischqrged, ;.• 'Estate Wiley ;:EngJish, deceasied. Decree of dde notice to creditors. -Estate vWiiliam^^:^ SjREin'gle^- dpr Ceased; .C. M. Manripn appblHt^ aiapraiser.''. .: '',,... ;•::.,. ' '.''r": x ' , Estate Inez Leek Phelps';; deceased. Accounting: continued::','to February 6, ' '...•;.;.'' ":C: Guardian'sHip; ;:Gprdon ? • Paul Sherirtan, • rtiiiior; Final < account approved, guardian: iii!ic)tai;gipd.;. •' Estate George..;,Tlioma5>rRiggs, deceased. Acoounting'con'ttnu'fed,to February 30.- . • . Estate ; Tillie' Daum,- deceased. I Accountirig dropped. ' ' •Estate Hjalmar Manrier; 'deceased. Sale of real propeHy cbii- flrmed to Theodore Wiiliani?" for $500. 'Termination Life Estate Wade T. Cook,.' deceaseu. • Decree .that Wade T. Cook died October 24, i947; ... : ^ Adoption 'Maria Anne -.Schons, m|rior. Petition "fo.r adoption continued to February 6, Determinatiohi of identHy T. S. Nurim.;and "r. S.,Nurmi. Decree that'T. S. NUi-im and T. S. Nurmi are one arid the same person. ....-Civil' • • • Matter of Calendar January 30, 1948, c(jntinuedno Fejpruary 6. •^Em'nia Bassett ys.'S.IjeJvis Lt.;B,as- sett. Plaintiff :granted interlocutory ,b'e'':'reset. •: , Gi^brige V.'J6Krison;et4ivys C.;!F donkey. - Demurrer ."-to ; second •aWiended complaint argued arid> 'isiibniitted.-'."-^'-'^':<- -- r:-'-r:;,,i- ' Frank R. 'Hbwai-d ; 'Meriiortar Hosiiital, Vs. Ogle'jB'roAvri '^t iik-.; Wptibn 'for suriimary judgmerit' argued'and submitted.- . V'^ ;'. Beulah G. Hill vs. .Robert "ij; 'Kill. CbnUriued ^tb 'I'ebriiary J-a'S ^fbr''trial.•••; • -: ' •••}.•'• '•'•-'•'' E.'-R.'Elllbtt"etri^'vs. California Lumber . Co. et'; ai; Hearirig HJn Re.titi9n to detettttlrife-rtitle to propr 'erty claimed-'by -third - party. "Tb bie 'submitted •bri^atfthokties.'.. . •zimtif'Robeft, 'GarizS(,^''v<3ath'erili'e >E^scJi jaiid.' Mary .Fi-iem^H.;.': IJECRE^., QufETiNO- .TITpE.' .. V- Eobert: Smalie^,;.VS' MartiVfelsrck- Isthfer>et-'al,:'lan*'fti'BabcHtdl :iidd '^to^W}^^its;^",':-••,•;'1-••l':^•" . *[OMESTEAfc)-:, ,<-^' ' v-.''V SfJ'Hf .Gamer Bt> ux/ land In .Ukiah;,.:.,:...,,-':,'.'-:.', . , ©EEDS,"JpFTRUST 'i/,':,' • '" ',y' VlBenj'gmiri' Franklin , to . J. 'P Rbht'bou'gil et'- al as (tifustee and Bk'.CbVblo,' land in Cbvelb. 3':'iIarold Dunlap .et;ux to J D ,ftbhrbough'';et.'.al,,,trUstee ,aijd Bk • in t2.2N.'Rl2W. '. J'A J\edwirie"et lix to J D ,Hbhr- bough et al, trustee and Bk' Co- velp. -land in T'22N RlSW. 'S"'jW-Said 'et'ux Ho -Mendp-.Cb Jfttle Co, trustee and First Nat Bk Clbvgrdale, • land = in. Booriville. ,' "fheodor rPeibusch et ;ux to Wterido.-Cd .Title,do, trustee, and Josfeph Lricchesi,- larid: in Bartiett 'tract;. ';;„' " -Gwy HiiniiiKfby . lix'-to: Harry IlELEASE OF: MORTGAGE :, Bk :of Am, to Geo Stemfer. RECONVEYANCES ' Mendo Co Title Co to'Mary Van- pieeinput, deed, of trust, land in Wlllits. Merido Co Title Co to L D Wade, deed of trust. • , Corp of Am to Frank Grace ot ux, deed of trust. DEED OF PARTIAL ftECONVEY. : Mendo Co Title Co to Wnde Burger ct.ux,dced of trust,'Portion of land near Calpella. AGREEMENTS FOR RT' OF WAY Marion Terry to John Hummell, land m TZ4N R14W for private road pur)ioses, LcOn Tei-ry to John Hummell, land in T24N R14W, for piiviitc road purpose!: ASSlGIiMENT OF LKASE ' Calpella Plyw'd Co 'to Pucii: Nail B!? of San Francisco, UincJ in Men. do Co. CTIF OF CONTU, INT, PEN DUE Slate of Calif to .Don Mulligan et al, dbn "Mulligan Milling,Co", ] a copartnership, total aml91l31 .93. J : POTTER VALLEY, Jari. 28— Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Annis and sons Gaylord : and Laurie were weekeiid guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Thomp.son. The family, now living Jh Eureka, formerly occupied thp house In which Mr. and Mrs.' Ray Stalnbrook live. - Harry Pickle and a friend from San Francisco were visitms Harry's parents, Mr, and Mrs. Herbert Pickle, over the weekend. Harrj' is: nov/-employed on the first floor of I. Mognin's store in San Francisco. Mrs. Bronson Gillogly, Phyllis Gillogly and Joaiin Norman wore business visitors to Santa. Saturdii,y-, Tno wiiourn fsi-owns are tno pnrcnls 'of a siin, Wilburn Louis, boi'n_ Sunday, Jtuiuary 24, In the Ukicili Gonoralliiispilnl, The new ari'iv{il .has tliroo . Kislcrs, Donna, Kavc;n and Sandra. A large group of delegates were here Thur.'iduy to attend the , • MertdotLakb'.district .meetihg ',of ,9pra3S '.;:i;,;';;:< , ':',L\ thb lEiJajsA.: *he 'Mtfeefeilfl wtisVheld ^;|:bward, J 'iu'h<5,-j,.Jr. ux toj;!^; ^thbi bhtlrblir awl luncheon was liaWririoe" Mbtlqy et '-ux,!'larid: jp j'I:mi^)6),v^'! *^ ^ ,/ ,,''tawi^ienC'e !-Mbt,l^,y' :b t'li'x' tb'^^ :Served the ladles in the banquet hallji'bf the Grrhnge bulldirig, ;The ard'Waime'r,'Ji'-':iatid,in THfiKieWiiltfible, d«!oratipns—gi^ecri ferns: in r<5ef.trude' iPloda' et vir,:trustees icrystal 'btjwls,,' •w'Uh. . er,cori , .apd wiU [pf' Gfbrge''Jamison,!Uo:porp-JNwm.l' candles :in 'crystal • caridle- thy-JeariPioda Cox,land in Ukiah. ! P^cy ..fuller, ,Jr,'.et lix tb-Hej- she}. Hubbard et ux, land -'JV Calpella Friiit Land ."fract N6. ,1.1 ; T «—,r _*-..1 *_• •Clj-.. T w. sticks^Was,fhe work of Mrs Edward -March, ,whb ;wos chairrti'an pf the:'.lunchebn.committee; rller cssi^antfc Were Mesdatries J. Jc ;^^ted-/toterlwHijb^^ 'laivbrtfe bri; i^utid • 6f'^xtre^i^^^ •t^^,:;$20.- pierl ^ibntfrfor'^^^^^ su'pf ••ppit:':-: ',:•', V' -.^ •;^':. .v-:':".''',-:;;•• ^ ,•1 Sarii C, HanriB' vg, ;-,P.G.&E; ,'Cp. '.fet'^l.: Mbtibh; IbrT .aartge riiade ' arid argwed.; Csfse tri^^ ferred^frpm'C6uiily'-of 'MeridbCiiib to ;Cbunty of Santai ,Clata.; .-• ;%r' 'Dbrbthia' .Luti iys, '.;G^ Ibsi. LiitiiPiaiirtte^^^ Ippjitbfy• decrete ,-pf, idiyprbe ., bn grburid. b,f •'extrettbi;;Criibitj','.^^ dbriiiriuni1;y" prbperty.^aWatded^^^ .piaiiitia-::': -yy-; / ,'\''^'y,.--: -X,I -'.LiUia'ri: "J, Mpritgpra'ery./.ys; liam. ;c;; Mbntgbmei;yi ;'^B"emU ,cpritlauBd Ho :r'ebniary. • 6 .-by^^ latipti:'; -; .',,"_i;.:v'; ''.''•;'.:';^;.C Vivian pe'Spa'iri;vs;; S^epjl;^-- 1^. pe; Spain.' Plaintiff'.gr^^^^^ decree bf-'ariniJlrnent.: • '•,•'..'',. '",,,: '--Crimijlal: • 'J \ Matterof Samiyukovich,' h jbeas corpus. Continiiedto;: February 6, -> People ;vs.,- ,Pete Farina. Jury drawn returnable February' 2.' , People vs. Briino Bpttani, Defendant pleadejl not guilty.. Set for trial February 18. Jury to be drawn February- 6. ^ ; People vs. George Q..Baker, Defendant pleaded not , guilty to fcoiliits: one and two of the infor- ni.atibn; -Set '-fbr trial March ;3; jury .to. be drawn February.20, • P'ebpie vs.;.Tames.A. Pollard."D: T. . Benriitt and A. G. tyon appointed as cpunsel for defendant. Defendant entered plaa of not guilty to infprmatibi}. Setfor trial March^lO;' Juvy to 'be drawn Feb- riiary 27; <• r^^ervfObi IValley: Mill'Ito ShW^ mfid Shake ,,:Gb/.sblrijgIe,-mlil' l.p^ edited, in, SHerwoo^ vapey.i^djoin- tt5|t?^the:. ghe'tw •SoRTGAGES .;':..'. I,:-:;;,.-. ';;Albert Wiriters^'et^al to Bk Gd- yeibi;;:- prbpertit',:• Iboatcd; 'bnV' :Iand oWtfed ;by :VQ^rge '."Newhali' ,in Rtrtriid;'vail6y,.,''.hc»p. ipickipg!.; ina- phtrie,' , • .''•J'•.''•,.:' -' •-'.'-'' ,-::-..;;." Sa^diet'.'ux to Fhrst'N^tl Bk'-/Cloverddl'ey household.-fflrnl- tu|;e(-?,ldcated :tri' 'the ',Tract 'Inn, •BbboMUe., ;;..:,.,: -.'.:' ": :• SA^lSFACtl-pN .'Of MTGE, ; ';Irma Mo6reai'H tb.'Lilliari'.'Woba- 't:iiff.-':.-'': .:'.::- •:•','-.•: •.'.'..".:,'>•;'"' .H^ry -Hopper-'et, ,a\i to' Joseph Harlan et;ai; /:- ,'. ;• ,'•.• . - : • • mcomEiANc:its:,..: •,:''. ".jMendb" Co:.Title;Coitb.;Chtii'les Bullock',ei'' ux,, deed of- triist;-;,,'. • Mendo "^Go ^Tltlc .'Co to - Artliur Bradley etiix.'^ee'd of''tfbst,. • . • Men'db ^Cb" Tltle/.Co *.t'o : Harry Robe'rts et al, deed-of: tnJst. PARTIAL'. RECONVEYANCE' Mendo Co Title. Co to . Joseph Liicch^si etoix, - deed ot trust. RIGHT, .OF WAY :: : ' , ; J W A'Thayer to Co Mendo, land irf T20N R14W.- . ' ,'' ', . OPTION TO PURCHASE Sherwood Valley Mill to Sherwood Shake Co,land • in T19N Rl'CW. , LOGGING CONTRACT Sherwood Vallpy Mill to Sherwood .Shake Co; :'mercharilable rgdwoba logs. ' TAX, -INTEREST, PENALTIES St Calif to Royal Kelsey, for' merly dba Kelsey Redwood Mfg Plant, total apiount $569.52. REDWOOD VALLEY, Jari.-,^-- Mrs.EmU Porriawas receiitly riiade happy with a visit from; the fariii-^ ly of her oldest sister, 'Mrs,' Geri-^' eva Kiishman; of South Dakota.' "The sisters had: not'seen -each oth-; er for 23: years. Mrs, Kushman h^.e touii, spns and ' tv/o. idaughteiJs'iand' the'family,.with Hie exception bt'tf married: daughter-in D'akpt'a'tatid' •a- sbn,':who -iBi a 'pl'vil eJijginefer'-ij): Alaska,' '\y}ll, :,resl^e in Napa, Mrs, KushiDjiri Jias three ipifiepils- iers,; Mrs. ida Nelsori, M^.;'EriiniS Mc^'ariand aiid .'Mrs. Brdwn, .'Who alsp reside in "Napa. 1 ' .:' ,. Mr. and Mrs. Henjry Wi^sby and son Don of Yountville wfefe,;'ViSit'-| ors at -the John- Snider :.hbnie.-;at Laughlin Siiriday. rMrs.- Wlnab'y,' and Mrs. Snid^:are: cousins; Ra'wii Fam.bus.; Paslidn PIdy Film G<?irtes +0 Ukiah ,.-Golgotha, -fanipus;Pas9lon Play filmi will: b.e shown: at.itbe First Baptist .-ehurchi 'Ukiah, Sunday -everiirig,-February '1,'at-iTrSO. 'rhis:)s;;a rel'lgibris Ja^hd educa tiprifll.fllin of. the lite of Christ, with( dialogue and isound mjisic, -arid.'iis ^brotight hfere'-by itlie na- tibrilft 'ij^ttiau •'foriiireiigibus arid ,^uc^tlbil8l-flUris..', . -, '-'TOB'i'picture^^^^^ be one ^f .untjsual: beauty.: and has 'Been • i'hfBWy' ' ^m(sed^ 'wherevei- 'shitnyil-' No - tdckets! 'Mrft.: 'required •-^ijtney^lio'jls: IriyltBd.;'^: f r^- iwiii'bipteririg','will-^t;;itaKeri-to de- •frayexperiSes. .-. ;.:-.. E. • C. Ra'\yies left Sunday for coast guards, spent the last w.;e!' j Santa_ Rosa for .'a yisit with his in San Francisco. Mrs. H. E. Ekland's son, Ted Fagan, and his friend. Bob Bennett, came over from Boonville and visited at the Ekland home Friday night. Mr. and Mrs. E. E- Titus and son spent the weekend at their home at Mountain View, They recently built ? tennis court and swimming po-ji there, Mr, and Mrs, Jack McKerlie and Gus Hoffman were at Ukiah last Thursday. Mrs. Betty Evans ot the Busy Bee returned last week from a vacation trip into Southern California, Mexico and Ai'iz-?i!a son.,:E. C.'Rawles, Jr., and faijiilyj Those'who attended the JP.'«T.'A. in Potter Valley on Thursday weri^ Mrs. J. Lee Smith, Mrs. T'. -D. Efiwies, Mrs. R. -Hansohii,~MrB. L; Reece, Mrs. A. Ford and Mrs, R, Yarbrough. Mrs. Bawles,-preSl' dent cf the Redwobd Valley -imil, reported a large turnout'- arid a fine program. An unusually large number bf P,-T,A. members were 'oil hand Friday night to hear John W. Taylor, county superinteiident of schools, whose talk dealt largely with the advancement, during the past 12 years, in the educational training oT pupils, and in the different, phases Which hove bcC" '" 'The largest' Siparagds cannery in 'the world ''is .ipdatkl 'at'Hio Vista. iritrbdu 'Ced inv:-thp '-schbo.V- curriculum.,'He spoclfied tiio'-consolida­ tion of -a number of .schpolB j .tHrbughputfthe county. Mr. Oaks reponed bn' the buagetlriff, plan of -the • school .-trustees and/its dis- 'bursemiantB. Following the pro- 'gnun rbfresiimbrits ; were - Berved. The - birthday -bf MM;; E. Patterson-was reriienribtired by'a group of herifrleiids,- who 'gathered at the home- of Mrs, Frank Reed for, a pothick- dinner. It proved to be a cbriiplete surprise. Those who enjoyed the jE 'riniyersary \vith her were Mbs^rs. and Mesdarops Frank Reed, H; Tuttle, T. D. Rawles, R, •ilansohn; ,Earl Lindley and son Dale, Paul Engalls, Mrs. Helen Scholl, Mrs. A, G, Benson and the honoree, Mrs, Patterson, and Mr, Paitprgon, January 17. 1948 DEEDS.' .- :01ga Karnoven to Ernest Kar- noven,. larid in TIBN, R18W and T18N R1,7.W, - • L C'Anderson "•et-,u'x to-"Bartley SwpctzVbt ux, land in Mendocino. MORTGAGES• ' Empire Kodwd Co to By of A, loader.--' .: ,_:, AGREEMENT WATER'RIGHTS . Sam\»eJ •Ribhe" bt, ;;t}I-• tp 'Bert Richey.'-'well Will be Ibfc on prbpty, of the first pariii^v-' RESOLUT.tOK;-'NO. 521 'Board of Siitfervisbrs. bf Meridp Co 'abahdbri's'Danri Creek Road. ' ''Eliord''"Re>tids"?p-W Griffith fctux, 4/10 int'lri-land-St irprogram - or sorigs by, the-, high theFofks. .' • •• DEEDS OF tRUST Eai'l -Cox et • Ux' to, Mendo Co Title Co, trustee, arid Earl Cox at ,Ux, land in lot 89, Yokayo ranch, ,. .;- :., ' Will laiilj Griffith et al to MfiA'dc cb Title: Co, trustee: itnd, Gbp Ati- dersbn, land-at the "'Forks. ' MORTGAGES '• ' 'Ivan -CrarWfOrd to S,'S Steirier, iric,: 'SO.dOO 'lbs 1948 crop of' hopjs,' 68c lb. Located south, of Ukiahj ,, 'Willaird yownsend, to Athol Hbfi', ori prem in uwiib.- •- '. ''• • .:->•••?. •-. ..;R E' S^eGlU'ct lix' to SvgsBk of Mendo Co, piimp, inotor- & catfer- pili«r.-'- '-1 •.••;•'•;.•-':;'•.:': •VVRITOF ATTAeHMENT " iWalter al,-pltffs, vs tjeo:Hann6ri^,dfdts,:_^-, •mr^imm.&Ty^ CHAT .MTdii ,^' fiillja. pa 'vis tb" Arieteo' Periite -iti et:':U^:"-personal'pfpty. l^fitiiWrn afe school .-glee dUb, and; the :iLadies Choral Club added much to :the entertainment. A -state - speaker gave a fine talk in the,-afternOn. Mr.- arid-i'Mrs. Harry -Hopper, Bert. Whlttakbr,; Mr. ,and Mrs. Otto Hughes, "^^'alph 'Hiigbos arid •Mr. and Mrs. ChaSo were Sunday dinner-'guests''at-the-Ukiahi- Hbtrie Of Mrs-. Mary-Rupe. ; ' • Mrs. E. :A, -SpoUwbod :wds 'dlri- ner - hostess Sunday to Mr. ^rtd Mrs'. {Herbert 'Pickle, MV.'snd-'lllrs. Cliib. Fort'Bragjg 'Bar 'and iOliib FbrtBragg RPstaut. , :,; v-'- fiilCONVEYANCES-,,:^ ;-.iiib Anglo Safe.'Pepos-Co to ti "A Rej^olds'Pt"alj:debd'bf .triijit." •;, die, deed, to ileoiDa'vis'bt ux,'land in HiUs Tract, Wbndo. • ' -'; •:0 :,P Elphickt-et 'Ux to ;'Berri^rd Wlllslion et ^x;;'lapd: in Ukinh. ' :Edward:C}uinllven et'iix ta.L.H Bt-b<vri et.'Ux, larid,ih;Llttlc'liake L^rid:'Cp Tft»cf;'No;t;. : ', 'Henrian Tock et ijx 'to, OfifO'y MariBM et'iix, lari/i in Tim R1«W' and'TllN-JllSW. '-:,:: .-o';'.v'y.i dRpR ASSIGN 'EST TO ,WlDO.W ,::: iljl; the .Matter, of the, Est^pf 'rghSrii .Kbiskiyj deed,,'.whole 1 oi-,e.s"t prid •pr;bpty ,^a85ighed •,tb ICalsa'tvbs- ki; • siiity.' sfipUse. land,'; in , Tl'gR .:- -MemJo Co, Title-Go -to Wm',Grif­ fith'et-'^, deed ;bt/trust. :. -: :' • AGREEMENT?--".;V-" - • '"•••M • i?o^-; iCeririedy. 'et.' ux tb UikaH Lnibr •', Mills, larttl :'"'iri' , 'il'ak'ayb: ranclib:•.,'"'•;'.'- '^•'-:•".-' :"'- ''•':'. ' i^O'ri.GE.'-'INTENIJED.'SALE -: " . ?GUido^ Siriiorilrii et' al; tO' Guidb SImbnirii-et a}, prbpty, 'known'as Rivier'a-'Gafe^' - •• •"' -v CTF AMT-G0NT,.'JNT,-PEN DUE' Jariuaiy 19, 1948 PATENT, .- . , „. , The Uwittf Sts,,of ,Am to Harold Hapim^ck et'/air'lai^. Jn T12N Riow.',.' 'r''.y''.• • •;•;' DEEDS,".::•:;: . .: •/ . .W-'B*;BuJ&r"et 'tik' to-'Clias Rovera ;-'ianavfi) ipaitelK; '" ";" .,, Mint|e .UafcriiS --,'t6 "FraWk'-Gfiiruri et :ux ,''la «d -'ih'';Ukiah.'-;'-.' ; '•" C'N Snyder -ei ux to Mlri'tie. {lar- ris, -rarid' rri-^tnciah'hwth-'aaah.: • Bordori'Glbsbw etnix to' K^nricth ClosB;et?:a?x,-,larid in Ukiah north addn.;-v.:;. ',„ ,;-:/-.,: ,. -, ' -Joseph Mprcumb et.uxto Nikola Pericio ::6t :'.ux ,"jiahd :'in '.,tiflN :.&l 7 \Y,' ' TJ.B'aiU bt'Ux' to M6r-v 'an ';'Hiira uxi'larid' ri'XoS^eio.- DEEDS: dP^RtJST ,. , : , Wade Burger 'et uk to Meiido'Co Title Co.'.'Xs" tifUStee latid S&ygs T3k of Mbridp'vQo, laind Irj Ranpha Yo­ kayo. .: : ,. Ei'ncst'HahdeUn' et ux -to Merido Co 'Titt'e!,Gb .-\as' trd^t'ee'jtor Coast Natl Bk. in Ft Bragg and The First Natifik Of'Clbverdale. land 'in Vt Bragg.- :- ', - . •- '., . Mervan: Hill et'ux toMondb Co Title, Co as trustee and T B Hill et ux ,l25d m •Wlllits. . MORTGAaES George Andrews et ux to Pactf Natl Bk of San Fraciscb, machinery and pers 'propty. , Catherine McGiU et ux to Pacif Fruit Exch, crops of fruit grown during 1948, 49 and 50, located W Ifiin^ in "Ifokayo rarieho. . State Of Calif'to Dori Mulligan dbp •"Gentiripll Lriibr .Co," total anif$68;?5;, ,';';•,•/- ' - January 21, 1948 DEEDS • Harry Birbwn et ux'to eh;i's Stockton et al, land'in T2.?N R12W, Myrno DeCamp et ujt to Robt Corbett, Jr,, et ux, land in T18N R13W. . • '', :: ;, . ' Curtis Cinek'et ux to Jbhn 'Cin- ek.'.lnnd in T17N RllW., . " 'M AHeavn et ujc to Robt Moore et Ox; land iii T18N RLSW. • Vernon Pacini et ux to Geo Brewer el ux, land in Ukiiih, No orldn. , • ' Reuben Grant to Chas Bond el ux„ land In WagHorisoUers . 2nd addiV lo ;Ukiah, ' •Mr!,- Hazel Starck to Guy Hall et ux, land in Willlts: :• Chester Wright. et . Ux,, to ; Carl Howe et ux, land in Yokayo rancho. ,, ' ,' , ' Ch 'as; -Tbllirii et'.UX; ,to-_ Vcrtion PardiitJci,'lajid in Yok'ai^o rahcHp.' . I Joseph ;'Fputz-"et xix to James Richardson et ux, land in-Ybkayb HtjiSubdiv. , ; -• : Katie Cominoto Getic Learnard et ux, land in Ukish-' . r-' 'NOTICE,!QF ACTION . ' ., Zri'na Bui'gin, pltf, vs J' B.'Keb's- tCret al, dfdl^!, larid in T20NR14W- DEEP OF TRUST, : Geo Ohelm "et iix to Cofp pf Am, trustee,: and Bk bf Arii,' larid in-T19N RlTW, • ' Arthur - Legier et "ux, to..Mendo Co Title Co, trustee, aijd SVgs Bk of Mendo Cb,,land in Ukiah. .Jamb^ Richafdsbri 'et -'ii'x to Mendo Cp,Titl6,'.Co; .trflstpe'-artd •S'vgs'Bk :pt Mendo Co; ,land in UklBh:-:-::•-' "',:::-;^ '-,••'•':-,;:'-••:,Gehe Learhard-etnUX to Merido CJo-.-'jitlei-jCp,,; "trusti^.j'arjd -ICatic Comjjob,"ii)irid,-lri ukiaji,;?;. ' MOtJTGAGE" . •• • '• • ' '\ '; Wrri :«Mvur , et; ux, to Redw Eriip Prod 'Cred A^sn :;:'liyestbelt,. tod -crbps gl-owh 'dUrihg 1948-4B-i5()'-51i -located on 'old DcnniBon rc'h near Willlts. RELEASE -OF; MORTGAGE : iBk of Willita to Herman Sagehorn. R,ECdNVEYANC?;. . j Corp of Am .tp 'venioi'i^FaCini et ux, deed of trUst. '" '' LEASE Efirl Pickle'et Ux^to Pac Ter& Tel Co, land in Potter Valley. NOTICE INTENPED SALE - ;-^ohn Caylor to Joseph Scar- ariiella, propty known ,as The pt. Ai-ena Garage at Pt Arena. ' , January 22, 1948 DEEDS Ralph Todd et ux to Herbert Casaday et ux, land in T18N R17 &19W. .Anna Tingoning to F W Brown et al. land in T18N RlSW. , Holly Plopper et ux to Richard Richter et ux, land in For', Bragg, ,'J l^wcllj -aOra -'est-at Robt-Gt'ln- sdme,: land j'n;T24N, :RIS&W, - - . 'Bernard WIlKshon 'Ot ux to Mbji- db Qo: Title Co, trusteei "arid; O; F- ElphicT!: •-• et."'nx," land in Bl- .''I" iri UkiBhrNb''add'i'i.'.j^ ... -L--:•:.:•-:-: v.L: H BrpWri' 'fet .vx tb '.Merida Go Title ;i:b,'ttti^e 'and -.Bk -M.-'Wil'^ lits, land -iii'IjittlG Lake 'Land' Co Ti-act-No'5Vv,:-''- -'-:::'.,;: Tioy -Mano "sB et-:ux'to Mehd: ,Co • 'Titie, Co.; I'rustee.'and Bk; ojE Wil- lit9 .'land ;in .Willtts. RECONVEVANGES Karolberi, Lewis 'bt al to WL Allenthorp. • , . G6ip at'Ain to Max Berlin. AGREEMENT , - : ' • Hal, Schuiz • to- Thb Fed Land -Bk; of Berkeley, subordination ptlease and op to purch. -ASSIGNMENT'-, ',. • ' Howard .T.immbris et ux tb, The Fed Larid Bk of Berkeley,'timber cnnlruct,s. LEASES V ..1I Petersen ot li.x lo Hu /jh C'lU'k et-al, pioperty known ii-^^ United Food Confer Grdcery. Louise. TafiTieJJi'lo C T Ilailner:-; et ai,. properly pncotPd in Willils; CANCELLATION OK MTGES ' ,H A Re ,vnokl ,sH) Ailori(hbi -p Land&Liveslock' Co, 'Bk ,of Willit.'? to WL Allcntliorii, Siimoto..'iiimc,, ' ... ; Smnc tosame, ., - ,' . ' Sarrie to sapie. SATIiS.FAC'TtON OF MTGE - . Japies Hiirt ut ul.lo Dudlcj-'Dpr- rrian et ux. . . SUBSTITUTION OF TRUSTEE Stanley AUetaliorp; to ;K^ir<)lben Lewis,fetaJ as liuKioes, under deed i at trii5t,'.in the-place and gtcad of, Meri'do-Cb tltlc'Co. . ' • : NOtlCE INTENDED* SALE Charles Berkley et al dba State Garage, to R F Tutlle. - ' REQ *'OR RECONVEYANCE ,, ' Stanley AUenthqrp to Karolcen 'Lewis et deed of .tru?t, , , , CTIF AMT-TAX, INT, PEN DUE IStali Qf,,^Caiif;,ip,T:,R ;Me%y, tax "Sflg.^Ofvitit $2Q;36; pen $17.47, incpms,*'';*;,;.': Percy I .WhitcOHib, Mtp • atiHiMks. .Tarinea Niiihols, Air, 4nd »IW,'9\. Brtmmer of San Francisco,- Hari 'y Pickle of San Francisco, -B<»D Llcver of Gakland,' Brrtcst 'ltienter of Talmage,:Mr and Mrs.^Yerjnbn LcaitJ: and xjiildron 'of Vklah,-MBii Geneva Christoffei^sori, Lee .i '¥fld Helen Christbfferson;»"Mrs. Mamie Leard, AhSrevr Crafts : and • Mre. P. B. Westovmr.1. Mr. and Mrs. Ray StaiBbroflk entertained Mrs. Gorby, Mrs,' Ilees and Carl, John, Billy, iBbb) ahd Micky Hees at dinnei-j Sunday. . ' Mr, and Mrs, J. R, Adams, Alvin Adams and Juljus Rottluff picnicked at Gravelly valley Sunday, Mr, arid Mrs. Clyde Eddie and .son James drove to Bodega :'Bay Saturday. Mr, iiiKl Mrs, David O'Grady and d.-iughlcr left last wepkfpr their home in Oakland, aftei; 'a visit with Mr, and Mrs. ':Chai'lba Toralin. ^ '• ' !:''':';;-/, Tpd .arid'/.Ray ,Farps >\»btt )ft^3vpf • PetaHiina; were, vi5,iUri'g'Ppt'tci?';rj.£!Ta.- ; tivcs -S ,atUi-da'y',arid''<feun"di ^;J'.•-''•;,':'*'-•;' „ • .The regular Gfangfe; pi3tluclt ',6iji}-' per S^'fls held •at;GrdriBe.- hail'.'Sfert-, urday night';':Jt)urmg-itHe-/buSi'i^^^ aCssion .Mrs!'-Hcrbbrt',,Pitikitej;JWBS prpserit'bd''Wfth'•a'bea'ufiful: cani^U lia vplarit- iri: aiJpK 'ciatipri': 10^,1' 20 years 'bf faithful s'^rv.ld,e'a'"s",>i^f^ tary of the'Grange', On the,'supper corrimittee 'were 'Mr. 'and? Mjcs,; Otto ,Hughi^'s, 'Mr.: -and '^Mrs.'^Chfrlps Waiiace.'Mri'arid Mrs. Hariiy Hbjii- per; Mr.' Am 'Mir. Wriltpr^/HtQ^K Mr, arid 'Mrs. Ray;;!DuiiHEtfny t-M. pnd Mrs. VerdeS-Upton, Mb; 'Beh Able,-and Mrs .'I >&tfer'Hti }bert,;.. -In •'•'Siirid|(y'8.: Oakharid "TrtbUrife w»as 'a-:-pictiire of 'Mr. 'arid .M^p. Keftriijtb Busch'Bnd t \vb 'cKlldre!». portra'jdrtp' the '. gdld .liugh: da^iltt the' • liagearit, held • at , 'Cbloana vtest Satin -aay.' ^i---;;- • ';vV,';-V;!v -7 ^r ',4-; ' Mr,-'and,^Ite .,'Emiri ''^(^tv ?*ett trrtrisacting;:bu8inete inSarttftrRt^ Saliirday.~::•-:,-•' ;V-:v;^';:.ii* ">i:;)' .^Percy-Wlilteomb 'and' Jbhfi'flW^ fbrd ''att €Xided ..'avmeVHHg:bf ;'tyj(Ji !m 'Center off leers <hfeld ;ln'-Ukiah;i:,;i - ;Mi-s. -CharleSfCtittendiSnf^liB^ii', keley is .vlsltinB-ari'ie ;hsin ()bf6t'|i,er brothfir -ln -Ww ,;aiia si ^tfef.ilttp; .Mrs. .TaylprTEddie;- J'" 'i'^^^:'ryi^&; ':; Mrs., BelliB'Moore Of; jPiUisViifg, Kansas;. arH'^ed) at -thiB- '-liiirte .itirtlirik ;-hSinfe' i'tbr -tSi S^tVdbjtMft Visit; Mondtik^Wr^S. ' Mborer-is^M^. -Kietliqkis'iiipthSr, tv- 'U ' • imriori':":Pey ,-biJ' San: iti'M^it^ Was 'tfiiiitlrie PotVbr' tbifttlVflBdaSt Wpek.-'.; ,V "-'4:, --^P r,:^:!;^•'^;;^^ .' S ,pbrife :-Bc^bh'J,'tiyto: i;^^^^ Val )ey4 «iBt, ,WeJBk;i«b-«a(^ :pf.'a.H6W''Ply?ribjafH''::j^^ f cirb. ; re.tu 'rning,.'!Thi:''}ll9 ' i'j3eib;iilip}' s 't '^dieiS • In --$in -'ffranelSTOi r • j -'-4^; ,- Mr.- raiid; .&!j'?/i.l&&iii'"p|a^|i^ hfivp :-it ^Ji^;. d <jlis ^er!ii(Si»*5;a «k^ Clieyrol4t ,^^dan ;y '•i':'--'; -/liw'./A 'sV' at 'tile- .ing6!lis''r £ii^\^'.V?'|yi^^P^ ' .^harles: AV^jlaee,'. ¥red:,'.'^yiM«^ '.arid - .MeadbTObs:,;.iieriniSJji^i'^^^ JNpiTrian,' '^p(^^msi^''^&^'J^'^n\xx' inah 'atjeridedythe d,innei^^ Of ;the Meridqcirio .'b'^aripK;"or.''itlip CKA.': lieid , ?a ./.tJkijiiv:.; milifey everiirig; at _the Salace^Sptii}', ;!;;Jj.': Legioii^P^'#{iifi 1: Your Waste i^p|r Save all of ybu'r ;W £|8te';p,faper, tie it ii)lo handy bud|es '^and.-h6i ^'lt until the waste .i>aper--driypj.vm February,.', '' ;' . ,' I.*wis White Post,; ;Aflbrii9h Lekion. is beginning ,T. sli'Blafn&i wiiMe paper driyo tp ",furlHei '..''fitiB bioiHl program lh'rbijgh"-tlic!yeisrs, The Americanism .,coiyi(nittpp-':>^S heud-ing this .up under^,tfie.ich5j -iirr manshtp of Brtsar '-rPuttbh,; Ben Cpber arid Le'ri MicHiteraorirS 's commitleemen, • ' , , ' ' . These 'Waste 'ptiper "drives'-WJjl be 'held- about 'every \ivib "rtib'nt^^s providing ' the -corritriuriiiy ''^y spbnse tb the '•fir .st'ap'tJea'i lustifibi. 'By•'^l^^lng ypilr~wa8t-c papsir; t'o' tffe localTjegibfriiobt .cVery hbiife^hbld 'r er rfeitjiovfeij * -fiHj-ha«)a,fd 'iihdi 'at the 'Same 'time,;-hlakos 'a'Wbrtllft' contribution vtb the -ivery 'bpst AmdrtCan ibflort. - . a,, Sonoma j cpupty ,:aiccpunts:, yipr 'rfbfc than,'pnei-fbbrth pfthe-siisty^ !''eilg,-prodU5Uon>:: -a , "i;' 'i^'M' Arfe You "Hobby^ppyt^ •:;,-_ w • ',,,1,: , Wasn 't 'long Wf»rfr-tH<Sy *er« v/BftyXng side hy aide b'ri'Ed'a' belttiKt shaririga'cbninlbri iht«j^ut. th'sti'^d of ttc'eplAg MM spah, SIdV Hob^ lirpuifht them more (ogettv^r.' . -From where 1 sit.ra ,hH'»bilin(l'(i Uo'ijby can often be a wife's a|;w^«lj. In, fact," I've-got the missris interested in tying trout-flie?—and, along with that mello.'W' glM?' of beer, it makes the evenings gaby mighty pleasaritfy. Funny thing, abi )ut^:hobbit'i 4.. When. iSd Carey started makldg a ihfiael fef t{|e"FlyIhgCIbna,""It ii>«s pnjy, to rest his «yes from reading. But /,no'w 'ihe * apQiids 'every' spare nioraent, )ihip' moiitelliii]^! : "Soine wives might have rc-iented a ^UBh ^sd suddenly shnttinK him- S6lf ,ln the attic every night. But not Ed's Trudcncc. When she found him working late, she brought him up some beer and crafckers... showed a real interest in'hi.i ho'aby ... until finally Ed had her helping with the rigging. Qa/ifright, I'MIl, I'nilril Suites Hmrnt Foimihlion

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