The Sioux County Capital from Orange City, Iowa on November 11, 1971 · Page 6
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The Sioux County Capital from Orange City, Iowa · Page 6

Orange City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 11, 1971
Page 6
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News of yesterday I.vnn,o™ ind P.nil Kromni.'nrtyk proudly display HIP papers of their third "Rnks :ir.- Imds of fun", was the themo for the bulletin board made and de>•] I-. Junia Hassobropk and I.ynn Patton in th?ir Oth tirade room. NOTICES HERITAGE HOUSE Orange City, Iowa HEWS ******* All the profits from the gas sold at Punt Gambler next Saturday will go to the Coffee House. 10 YEARS AGO The Andrlnga Jewelry closing out sale Is in progress this week. Proprietor Dick Andrlnga plans to retire in Orange City anrl look after real estate Interests. New addition construction at Orange City's Trinity Reformed church is underway with excavation already completed. The building committee met last Thursday with a Stoux City brick company to select the type of face brick to be used In the construction. Welfare assistance payments In Sioux County during the month of October totaled $31,088, It was reported by the Iowa State Dopt. of Social Welfare. Old age assistance payments accounted for $24, 597, aid to dependent children amounted to $5,r>18; aid to the blind totaled $989 and aid to the disabled totaled $584. Three miscellaneous bridal showers were given for Miss Wllma Smlt who is to marry Wm. H. Nibbelink on Nov. 14, at the First Reformed Church. 15 YEARS AGO It is estimated that the Federal Crop Insurance Corp. will pay for corn losses of between $250,000 and $300,000 In Sioux County this year, according to Ed J. Schmidt of Rock Valley. This is entirely separate and different from the approximately $1 million being made In soil bank. Rey. Harley H. Heckman of Tyler, Minn, has accepted the call of the Orange City Gospel church to serve the local congregation as pastor. The American Legion post of Orange City is cooperating in the "Pheasants for Veteran's" this year in a state wide drive to provide pheasant dinners for patients in Veteran's hospitals. "Time Out for Ginger" Is the year's Thanksgiving production to be presented jointly by the Orange City Woman's Club and Delta Psl Omega. Members of the cast are, Roger De Koster, Jean Rickman, Shirley Rowenhorst, Shirlee Vogelaar, Carole Heemstra, Dorothy Krykes, Ed Lancaster, David De Vries, Harold Bunz and Eugene Ha- verdlnk. 20 YEARS AGO The small auditorium downstairs in the city hall has been given the sound treatment and re-decorated, Accoustical panels were cemented to the ceiling and you can hear yourself talk now. 25 YEARS AGO Clarence Peters Is the new athletic director at the College. He will schedule games and direct activities. In addition, he is teaching physical training to the Academy boys. Mr. Peters will also continue to carry mall. At the annual dinner of tho Fire Department two retiring members were honored, Chief Clarence Balkema and first nozzleman John Groen. The former served 23 years and the latter for 20 years. Both recalled the Duvan Music sotre fire which was fought in sub-zero weather. That night arriving home the mon could stand their clothing up as it was frozen. Gerrlt Van Klompenburg will open his new filling station at the north end of Prairie Street on Saturday. John Van Peursem and William Schalekamp loaded out their flock of turkeys this week, with only a few hens left for local consumption. They had about 6,000 turkeys this year, but lost several hundred in an early summer storm. 30 YEARS AGO The management of the Doornink Hospital has been taken over by Emma and Rita Schnee. Mrs. J. G. De Jong and daughter, Mrs. Marvin Vander Wei entertained at a cellar, kitchen and linen shower last Wednesday afternoon In the Vander Wei home in honor of Mrs. Clarence Kuiken whose home was destroyed by fire last month while Mr. and Mrs. Kuiken were in the hospital In Rochester having their year old baby's upside down stomach righted. Orange City barber shops will close Wednesday nights until April 1 according to a report brought to the Capital office by Jake Oordt. Most Orange City stores are closed during the week day evenings except Saturday night when only the last customer In the store determines the lateness of the hour of locking up. Mrs. Corlpr's visitors or, Tu'-sdv. wrf" Mrs. George f ',' c 'ir: '.in'] Arlc-nf-, Miss Ma•:i'!:i -rnr.f-nk. Miss Harmka -'•ni'!, -"hf'Uinn. Iowa. ••;••.. r.'ovf rine, Maurice ;•-:<•,rri^-'l Church ami a group '•: Ms voune p^-oplf ha'l i-haref Mrs. Dora HPf-mstra's cal- if-r= v.'-r- Mrs. andMrs.Ran- 1.11 Var. Geldor, Mr. and Mrs, Harr. r>- Jone, Mrs. Petpr Krv-7'- -tn<] Mrs, Mary Bonthuis Mrs. \Vm. Hospers sp°nt a ff-v. fia\s .it thf horn*-' of her 'lausrhtf-r. M-.vs. M irtin \V(;fks, at V^rrniHir.n. S.D. Low I News Mrs. M.iry Hentges visitors were Laura Bebeau, Vermillion, Mrs, Berriing, Remsen, Mrs. Clara Plagge and Anna Northerns. Alton. Mrs. Mihel F.ason, Alton, and hpr daughter of Akron callPfi on Mrs. Jennie Stronks on Thursday p.m. Mr. and Mrs. Russel Van Peursem. Maurice, called on M.trtin Van Peursen on Sun. Mr. Arie Drost received word of the death of his son M.v/nard Drost of Denver. Mrs. Kaarsen. Hawarden, and Mrs. Harry Bos, Alton visited Jessie O'denkamp. Mr. H^nry Bos visited in the home of his daughter and family, Mr. and Mrs. Gt. Kal- denhoven at Sanborn on Tues. District Four of the Iowa State Drug Abuse Authority will moet Tuesday, November 9 at 7:30 P.M. in the Le Mars Court House. Any persons from Woodbury, Plymouth, Ida, Monona, Sioux,Cherokee, and Lyon counties who are interested in formulating a plan to combat drug abuse are welcome to attend. The Sioux County Golf and Country Club will hold a dance with free live music on Saturday, Nov. 13. The dance is for members and their guests. WEDDING LICENSES a stork shower A Y-Teen television show, originating at WOI, Ames may be seen Thursday afternoon. Bob Vis, proprietor of Bob's Cafe has Invited all the Y- Teens to come to his cafe to see the program. Mr. and Mrs. Percy R. Carney of Ames, the new pub- Ushers of the Sioux County Capital and De Volksvrlend arrived from Ames and are getting settled in the Kepp apartments. Colonel and Mrs. Henry Ramaker of Sioux Center have given the college the necessary funds to buy a Consonata organ for the chapel. Mrs. H. H. Rozeboom was hostess Saturday afternoon to for her two 35 YEARS AGO Mr. arid Mrs, Art Kalsbeek ,n.'l family, Mr. and Mrs. G'-mrl K.ilsliff-k an'l family, M -. and Mrs. C. J. Stegink .ind family and Mrs. William KalstifT-k v;erf- Saturday even- in» dinnr-r guests in the John Klasbw-k home in Sioux City. Jo'in K.ilsb"Pk, daughter of the Art Kalslvek's. was home from M;nnpa[iolis for the •.'.•'•ckeml and she along with .If-an Vander Spofl from Dordt College, also joined the fainilv. Mr. and Mrs. Ben VanRoe- kel visited with Mr. Orrit Vender nroek at Maurice on Sunday afternoon, M.". William Van Gelder r.-turned homo on Sunday after IK-inf.'. hospitalized in Sioux City for several days. Sunday afternoon visitors in the- Klrrif-r Vander Zwaaghome were Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Ko»le and family, Mr. and M rs. Jim Berkenpas and family and Mr. and Mrs. Leon Muuw and family. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Vander X.waag and JoLynn were Sunday dinner guests in the home of Mrs. Frank Bomgaars. Mr. Evert Roelfsen observed his 78th birthday on Wednesday. Mr. John Boer and Mr. Pete Xevenbergen. Alton, visited Mr. F.d Sorgdrager and Mr. John Van't Holl on Tuesday. The American Legion gave a program and played games with the residents on Tues. Marriage licenses issued in Sioux County this week are as follows: Bill R. Moore, 22, Anville, Kentucky; Dianne Klelnhesse- link, 19, Sheldon. David Harry, 24,Hawarden, Sherri Lynn Eilts, 18,Ireton. Edwin Post, 24, Rock Valley; Alma Mulder, 22, Sioux Center. Alan Frank De Graaf, 20, Orange City; Barbara Faye Wiese, 19, Orange City. nieces, Mrs. Audley De Graaf and Mrs. Dale Hubers. Delicious St. Nick cookies as advertised in the Capital last week proved a selling combination for Eerkes-Vander Ploeg grocery. On Friday and Saturday the store offered one pound of cookies for 23<? and adltlonal pound for 1?. In this limited period the boys wrapped up 620 pounds of cookies. Little and chubby Shirley Temple Is the heorine of many a heart in this community according to Henry Van Boxtel proprietor of the local theater and he Is tempting this popularity to the limit by Introducing "Heidi*'. It cost the town of Orange City $245.00 to heat the town hall last winter or about twice •as much as the larger homes. This small expense for heating so large a building was made possible by using a mechanical stoker. Thirty five tons of coal at $7.00 per ton were consumed, All kinds of dire predictions about heating so large a building were made but they have proved to be bugaboos. Members of the Orange City fire department will be pleased to learn that they will receive 50"? per hour for the first two hours at a fire and 25<? an hour thereafter. Tills will just about pay for cleaning the suit which couldn't be changed In time to get to a fire of the nose and throat drops necessary after a good session with a blaze In zero weather. Young people of Sherman twp. are presenting a play "Poor Father". In the Maurice Hall, on Friday. The cast includes Frank Vander Maa- ten, Martin Vande Brake, Gilbert Vande Brake, William Vande Brake, Steven Slebers- mn, Norman Eason, Lorene Siege, Lorna Siege, Henrine Vander Maaten, Luclle Sle- bersma, Martha Vande Brake, Edna Siebersma. The play is being coached by Miss Leila Vande Hamm, teacher ofDist. No. 7. District court J. D, Dykstra, d/b/a Dykstra Motor Co. has received Default Judgment against Richard Schoelermann, in the amount of $287.19 plus interest and costs of this action. Edwin Poison has received Default Judment against Kathryn A. Poison In the amount of $6,691.59 with interest at 4% and costs of this action. James F. Lehrman d/b/a Lehrman's Standard Service has received judgment by Default against James Kracke in the sum of $108.29 and costs and interest. The University Society Inc. has received judgment against Myron D. Waterman and Virginia Waterman in the amount of $318.90 plus interest at 5% and costs. Roger Van't Hof d^/aPe kln's Corner Truck Stop received Judgment by Default against Rex Klein in the amount of $96.24 plus interest and costs. Corneal Roozing and Agnes R. Hulst were appointed Conservators of Gertie Roozing by her voluntary Petition. Final Reports have been filed In the following Estates and they are now closed: Estate of Robert Linch, Estate of Jeane Noordhoff, Estate of Ethel F. Dagle, Estate of Henry Tiedemann. Leonard L. Dletz of Hawarden has been charged with Operating a Motor Vehicle While under the Influence of Intoxicants (Second Offense). Dletz appeared In Court with his Attorney, John D. Te Paske, on Nov. 1. Bond was set at $200 and his drivers license was surrendered until Nov. 15, at which time he will again appear before the Court for sentencing. Petition for the Administration of the Estate of H. E. McKenney, late of Rock Valley, was filed. Verne" Me Kin- ney of Inwood was appointed Central T Administrator. Bond was set against J," 1 ' 1 Co In the amount of $30,000.00. and Sandra" 1 ^,, 1 ' fli The Last Will and Testa- tiff aC 6 L IWtei »', ment of John J. Hofmeyer Jr. a promu,!, ltie tt was filed for Probate and Qru "-• Record. Myna Hofmnyer was appointed Executrix without bond, $2,BE ment The Last Will and Testa- 84 ment of Lawrence J. Klein late of Alton, was filed for probate. Luella Klein was appointed Executrix, Even if a man could understand a woman ... he still wouldn't believe it. The telephone is a great convenience. PUBLIC AUCTION Located 3 miles east and 2-| north from south black top of Sioux Center, Iowa Wednesday, Nov. 17 SALE TIME: 1:00 P.M. LIVESTOCK Two telephones are twice as great. Multiply your convenience with extension phones. You'll like the total effect. Word has been received of the death of Mr. Gail Hurd of Sioux Falls on Sunday following a heart attack. Mrs. Hurd will be remembered as Margaret Stuart. Her address is 1215 S. Lake Ave., Sioux Falls. 10 Holstein cows from 1st calf to 5th calf in good production, Bred to Angus bull 8 Holstein Hfrs, 600 Ibs., C.H.V. 7 Started calves 3 Mixed calves, 600 Ibs. FEED 250 bales, inside, straw 600 bales, inside, alfalfa 125 bales, grass hay DAIRY EQUIPMENT 4 buckets, Farm Master Farm Master pump Babson Bros, Co, pump Master Bill 8 can cooler 10 milk cans FARM EQUIPMENT 1951 A John Deere 1952 B John Deere John Deere 18' disc 290 John Deere planter Model R John Deere spreader Caswell loader and snow bucket New Idea (trailer type) mower 4 section drag Case side rake flat bed metal box with hoist and rubber tired gear 2 bottom 16" John Deere plow 3 bottom 14" Case plow 2 galvlnized 40 ft. elevators overhead hoist speed jack 2-30 ft. bale elevators, one on wheel transport 2-row John Deere cultivator dump rake John Deere endgate seeder Clinton chain saw steel corn tunnels old gear with steel wheels old steel speader chicken brooder 3 wooden wheels International elec, fencer Johnson gas tank heater feed bunk, hay bunk, 3 water chicken feeders and fountains 2 canvas tarps heat houser, chains, forks, scoops wheels, scyth, pumps, other misc. items. ' tanks CENT IY8TEM central telephone pompany Terms: Cash, Not responsible for accidents MRS. WM. RENSINK, JR. s Cliff Bogaard Darrell Vande Vegte . 'Auctioneers First Natl. Bank Sioux Center, Clerk. Get your set of POTTERY MUGS only •? 7 ' each with a fill of gas and a Mug Tree only with a fill of gas (More lamps have been ordered . . .sorry we ran out.) See us for your car needs. We're always ready to serve yoi With Phillips GO It's performance (hat counts! We give AAA service Phillips Hi-Way Service On Highway 10 - Orange City v '' usfHi 1971 FORD LTD Demo. 4-dooi sedan, power steering,power] brakes, automatic transmission, air conditioning and at| a reduced price. 1970 FORD GALAXIE 500 1970 MAVERICK 1970 VOLKSWAGON wagon 1970 PONTIAC BONNEVILLE •• loaded, clean and sharp. 1970 CHEVROLET IMPALA.pow-j er steering, power brakes, automatic transmission, air| conditioning, 1969 FORD LTD, power steering, automatic transmission, 1969 PONTIAC, 2-door, 6 cyl,| straight stick. 1969 FORD GALAXIE 4-door sedan, power steering, power brakes, air conditioning, 1968 CHRYSLER, loaded 1968 FORD GALAXIE 500, pov/er steering, power brakes, an-1 tomatic transmission, conditioning. 1967 CHRYSLER, loaded 1967 OLDSMOBILE DELTA loaded. . 1966 DODGE 2-door sedan, power steering and air condi- 1966 FORD g MUSTANG V8straight stick. J 1965 PONTIAC, sedan, P° w | steering, power brakes,. tomatic transmission, conditioning. 1965 BUICK SKYLARK, » uc seats, straight stick, PICKUPS 1969 F100 V-8, 20,000 miles 1966 FORD i-ton, straight s W 1969 FORD 3/4-ton, automat* | transmission WE STILL HAVE A FEW MODELS G^-THE SIOUX COUNTY CAPITAL, Thursday, November H, 1971 1970 CHEVROLET miles Ofi f •SWOM ^glr w w^^ ^"^ 1963 FORD GALAXIE Automatic transmission Rons Motor Sale; Hicrhu,*,, in orange^ 1 ' 10 Open evenings by appolntment--see^ iifc.

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