Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on July 9, 1957 · Page 5
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 5

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 9, 1957
Page 5
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Maneuver to Pick Clinton Trial Jurors By RELMAN MORIN | KNOXVILLE, Tenn. i#i —A jam- packed crowd was expected in federal court today to watch opposing lawyers continue their cautious maneuvers toward completing the jury for the. "Clinton trials," a key test in the hattle over segregation in public schools. Three men and a woman were accepted for duly Monday after searching examinations, pivoting on the words, "prejudice," and "mixing the races." The jury will hear the story of the. rioting last autumn in the little town of Clinton, Tenn , when Negro students were enrolled under court-order in the high school, previously all white. It is the first state-supported secondary school in Tennessee where integration was attempted. As a result of the violence, 15 Tennesseans and a Northern segregationist, John Kasper, were in-i dieted for criminal contempt.! They are charged with violating a i federal injunction against inter-: ference with integration. ! The trials, which opened Monday, immediately took on a unique and highly dramatic character. Five, six and sometimes more attorneys from Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama. Louisiana and Maryland crowded together around a table on the right of Federal .Judge Robert L. Taylor —who issued the injunction the government claims was knowingly flouted. Robert [.. Dobbs of Memphis, Atlantic Qcton Lisbon T !m« H«ra!d, Carroll, lewt Tueiday, July 9, 1957 JULY IS JUMBO VALUE MONTH AT WARDS United Stotti Building Na »ol -Airbai« Coiablanc Just a Handy Man Around the House WINSTON-SALEM. N. C, Because a swarm of honey bees settled in the weatherboarding of her home, Mrs. B. M. Nawman i was back to sweeping her floors with a broom today and her husband was in the doghouse. In an attempt to get the bees out, Newman stuck the nozzle of his wife's vacuum cleaner in the hole where the hees entered. Within in minutes, the dead bees had gummed up the motor, ruining the machine. Newman will have to buy a new vacuum to get out of the doghouse. •M BARGAINS IN FAMOUS MANDS... WAHOS SPANISH BASES ALMOST READY .... American lone-range nuclear bom hem will begin "limited operations" out of Spain this fall. In an emergency our Strategic Air Command could move Into Spain today. The three main SAC bases (Seville. Tnrreinn, Saragossa) have had housekeeping crew* for several months. N'ewsmap shows our network of air bases and naval installation. Lifeline of the complex Is the $45 million. 12-inch, American-built fuel pipelinp, Torrejon's 13,400-foot runways are the longest in Europe. Rota is a combined port-naval air station. f( will be ahle to handle three large Forrestal-type carriers simultaneously. At El Ferrol and Cartagena, the Navy is installing underground fuel dumps. State Liquor Store Profits Show a Gain DKS MOINES /P - State liquor store profits being allocated to in! corporaled municipalities for the last half of this calendar year show a considerable increase over the first half distribution. State Comptroller Glenn Sarsfield said Tues- Day. | However, the same was true of the allocations a year ago. he continued. And the total for all of 1957 was somewhat lower than for the calendar year of l9iSf> The allocation ot S per cent of the store gross sales for *h° Vast half of this year amounted to 04.1, compared with $878,058 sent out last .January. PRICES CUT DEEP TO CLEAR AT ONCE Drastic Reductions! SAVINGS FOR THE HOME Ralph Rauches Honored on Their 23rd Anniversary (Tlinen H*rs!(! N>w» Kr.rvlft) At'RURN - Mr. and Mrs. J doing most of the examination of candidates for :hs jury, came reg- Ralph Ranch were guests of honor . • , uarly to the same option- • al a picnic dinner Sunday, on the " p his pon nr hp f,nH "P ,n * 2nn "If you hold strong feelings on !awn «' 'he home of Mr. and Mrs mixing the races, would that so Lester Schulte, in prejudice you that you could not tn eir 23rd wedding anniversary, give these defendant's a fair trial, was also Mr. Ranch's birthday based on the evidence?" The picnic bad been arranged Then, before accepting or re- a surprise by their nieces, Maxine This manes the total for this year $1,870,102. It was $1,894,287 Req. 31.45 ALUMINUM DOOR CANOPY. for 195fi The division that year 40 inches wide, enameled. was $982,889 in July and $911,398 Sale _ JLjL in .lanuary. The money goes to the mnnici- lin. 60. a hog raiser charged with palities on a population ratio ba -' 2 5«, Off nn .Ml Window Awning* in Stock keeping an unsanitary pig pen, sis. It may be used for whatever R eg , 31.95 PORTABLE WINDOW FAN was given 30 days grace to clean purposes the municipalities wish. 5. vear guarantee all other 0\ Jg gg Gets Time to Clean Unsanitary Pig Pen HOUSTON. Tex '<P~ Ed Frank- Also under stale law. another 5 f a * ns 20,'* off during this sale 1 don't think there is such a per cent of Ihe stores' gross sales Sale observance""of' tnin R » sanitary P>R pen," R"" to taxing districts as a re 24 1 Franklin told Justice "of the Peace placement for property taxes lost ?? 9J H( p} PH0N0 RA DIO. Com V W. C. Reagan. Rul he agreed to through war veterans' exemptions. »• . ' nhonocranh -vAQQ J M make the attempt when the judge The second ha If a local, on 0 f that ^^"XnKpTft 79^ V s offered to postpone his verdict. f " nd for 195< has not - vet been mlce d LW Sale ' .lecling the candidate, the defense and Darlene Mau^of Carroll,.and Fishing Trip in lawyers would huddle, heads close Mrs. Lester Schulte. Guests in together, conferring. eluded: Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Hau It was defense by committee decision, and it took time. On the other side of the room sat the I'.S district attorney, ta .. . . . .. ... . Canada, Minnesota brich and family. Marsha and ' Verna Wittry, Carroll: Joyce Borkowski, Glidden: Richard and MANNING Dean Bauer, Breda; Rev. Jerome an( j sorii Garv. big-shouldeYec! John Calvin*Craw- KoentR. Mr- and Mrs. Vernon Rei- sten5 i efl ,, u i y s for a fishing trip vious fiscal year. made. In addition, a sizable amount of the stores" profits goes into the Reg. 139.95 17-IN. PORTABLE TV. All state general fund annually. In the console and table model «>| AQC fiscal year ended last June 30, TV sets. 21 inch rpduced I | W°° this transfer amounted to 44 mil- 20% for this sal* _ Dalton .MrNuft lion dollars. Hnsvever, the total and Lenny Car- was 5 million dollars in the pre- Raq. 199.95 3 PC. BEDROOM SUITE. BACKYARD BARBECUE 19.95 Quality 12.88 Big 24-inch steel boul -"no burnout" guarantee. Grid adjusts to heat. 1-inch chrome legs. 4.45 FOLD-AWAY GRILL Burns Charcoal, Wood 2.88 Ideal in ramp ,nn picnic Steel grill folds flat into carry case with handle. I'se windhreaker as griddle. ford, with two assistants and an man and f amily. M r . and Mrs. i n Minnesota and Canada •gent of the FBI James O Tool and family, Mr. and Mr . and Mrs Rnbprt McGratn F1RES AlJ TO BOMB Crawford's key question, put to Mrs. L. J. Iimmerman and I fam- nf Omaha spent the weekend with CEDAR RAPIDS i/p—Cyril Neu each candidate, was: "Do you he- ol >'' KirK Schroeder. and Elaine Mr. and Mrs. D R lieve a legal order should be Ratigan all of_ Auburn and Mr. and Mr and Mrs ,, ack \ Va iles. with discharging an obeyed, regardless of your feeling about the wisdom of the court order''" Beautiful blonde set with ! double dresser, panel bed. chest of drawers on sale 139 88 5? A^.itj.. LOSES TOE IN ACTWF.NT (Ttmen B>r»M New* SfrvlPf) INJURES WRIST Bert Krb liv- iTin»<>» ftrmii »«•* 8fni"> McGrath and haus, 20, Cedar Rapids, fc^rged ^ ^ BEDR00M SUITE . Mrs. George *mith and sons. Lake M rs . L UVP rne Hockelman. David in the Cedar Rapids city limits Lovely blonde bookcase bed QQ88 City. Mr and Mrs. Ranch were anf j Donald of Tucson. Ariz., visit- Monday A ln-year-old youth, who and double dresser Sale 7 JT were presented with a gift from ec ) during the past week with Mrs. was with Neuhaus, has been the group. . Boekelman's sister, Mrs. Ralph turned over Mo juvenile authori- I McGrath and family. Mr. and Mrs. ties The "bomb" exploded at a Reg. 199.95 2-PIECE LIVING ROOM Leslie Slechta and family of Vail Cedar Rapids intersection, injur- JET. Modern style, long 1 ^Q88 were evening callers in the Mc- in* Mrs Donald Stappich, about wearing metallic weave. MANNING—Mrs ing near Irwin, suffered the loss LAKE VIEW - Glenn Momsen Grath home July 4. of a big toe and part of another received a cracked wrist at the toe, in a power lawn mower ac- try outs for the All Star baseball First public night 25, of Cedar Rapids. Sale school for Most important forest tree of all Refl 2295 UNFINISHED CHEST, ddent'at her home Saturday aft- team on the Babe Ruth League high^ school subjects was_ opened the magnoluw is^tlw .cucumber Fou ' r drawers . reB dy to fin- ^^jjgg ernoon, June 29. Sundav afternoon. at Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1856. tree. Us wood usually is sold as • ^ g a j e 0*0 efore you decide to hold on to your present car, make sure you nderstand this: It will never be worth more than it Is right now. That's why bu owe It to yourself to learn why mid-year Is an especially smart time to go over to Olds. Reg. 34.95 OCCASIONAL TABLES. Step tables, cocktail tables end Q88 tables Choice of blonde or ^ mahogany Sale — - - R.„. 3.29 BABY TRAININ GSEAT. Durable p^-jtic. built in deflect- 1 88 or. Sale I STURDY FOLDING CAMP COT 4.99 Sale-priced' Select hardwood; white canvas cover. Folds flat. Folding c.'trnp stool 77c R»g. 74.50 18-ln. ROTARY MOWER. Gas powered, 18 inch cut. Sale . POWER 88 59 m INNERSPRING LOUNGE 34.95 Quality 24.88 '0% DOWN Adjusts automatically to 4 positions Tuhulm- aluminum frame; bright Vinyl plastic cover. ML N O w ow... with the best months of '67 ahead ... Idsmoblle's "88" offers you more big-car value for surprisingly little more money. All Hand Lawn Mowers REDUCED 25% JUMBO VALUES AT WARDS R«« 2395 CAR SEAT COVERS. Free installation, plastic jet spun. m*% OQ Sale lO haf s more, traditionally top resale value means lowest-cost driving in the long run I R «0. 34.95 REDWOOD PICNIC TABLE. Lightweight California red- ^>l88 wood Complete with two £,*f benches. Seats 10 people..— R»g. 54.95 STEEL LAWN TABLE WITH UMBRELLA. Beautiful white enameled steel, colorful weather re- 4% m OO sistant fi-foot umbrella, com- .Sfl°° plete — 90 R «0. 45.95 ENGLISH BICYCLES ON SALE. 24 inch and 26-inch j§ gg CANISTER CLEANER With Attachments 10% Down on Term* 29.88 Versatile' Powerful 7 * HP motor Uses disposable dust bags. Glides eas- ilv on 4 casters. TAYLOR-TOT WALKER AND STROLLER Rubber Bumpert 9 88 Walker converts to stroller. Handle holds shopping bundles. Big easy-roll ing wheels. size. Boys »nd girls. Sale. 34 1 R* 8 7,95 JUMBO POAM RUBBER PIL LOWS. Get two for the price <^fifi of one in this sale. SAfETY MAKES SfNSf • NAHONAt M*M SAFETY WEEK • JULY 21-27 CLOSE-OUT OF FISHING TACKLE Baitcasting, Fly Rods, Spinning Rods Spinner Reels All fishing Rods All lures, bugs, popeyes, poperoos, brim fli. hairflies, nitwits, plugs, spinners. To Go ot 2 Price BEST PLASTIC HOSE 10-YEAR GUARANTEE Reg. 6.29 - 50-ft. 488 Reinforced plastic - withstands high pressure »j inch m.side diameter. SO-ft , S-vear guarantee 3.44 SALE! STANDARD BATTERIES A-VOLT 10.45 12 volt now 15.45" Guaranteed 30 months. Fit most pop ular cars, 'with trade in BUY ON EASY MONTHLY TERMS AT WARDS

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