Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California on January 30, 1948 · Page 4
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Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California · Page 4

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, January 30, 1948
Page 4
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Tw:Miy 'Thirtyaii8 Cuwo^itly. ,tbe- J?\y¥fl,ty.Tb^y OiuJ»'s yi4yfk towar* accumulating a U 'ltDkloii «£ .jfrnvli for {h»^r,hqs, piti )ll74itlon plun tnkps top rt^ing nmone worthy .causes deit^ading the attcotl0n 61 i^uv citizens. Th$ idea in br^ef is to rai^e, a furiti J'roht'whiOh loans and/or gifts mSPATCH DEMOCRAT. ITKIAH. CALIFORNIA mmxY. JANUARY 30; ; Almost"t«io late onff,learns why ftalj^h Wright, Stan Lance and fund J'rottt'wniOn loans anq/or BiiiS|Hii'b Thatcher were turning down can be.made'to persons n6?dinf{aii:^invttatibns for last: Thursday IpWjft Ne ,ylywc!.d? Were ji^firVpn Honeyrnqpn, hosijltalization and without the m*ansj' • . , • A statcmpnl issued by the clu.sp thib wcfli !.ays, "At tlie present *\m<^,.anfi /until.yur present,.county hosGi^al sctup-is improved, thoi night. It seems the boys have talcen MP -the' art of modeling clothes, their specialties being foundation gai-ments, winter bloomers and other feminine styles. It's difficult' to describe the sliow is no ^place T.xcept privately owned/ithev «„. A„ f^,. ,u„ a. ho..U^ s' fo. ;^t^pfe in; jihan.l«l|i^^^^^^^^^ W m s^C uTw en s,t.rfl .ilS ;AP go.;Naturally,,.i^, ..„ r-L^^r; wAnm nf va}« hospital.^; cannot take too many non-payjag giiests und keep on a s'ccuie footing. ' [ "The-Twenty-Thirty Club' does not bJCpect'to solve the wholci problem,-.but' with the proper support ofHhe'cltizeiis a. great deal can h6 doiit to'help." ' , T6,,miike iHe'j^lving more attrac- Uvo.Uhe'.cIUb is. o.iflering for sale a 1,9,48, QUlSrriobiJc to rpiso money tp carry..pivthi.^ Work'. Any ;.meijiber, of, the club can give • full .infovniatipn as to the scope of the'uhdertaking, and IKo plan to,finance it'. ^ Of jtegiori Auxiliary^ •Mts.: Jonc isnara was hostess to mer)itieriB 'of -the American I ;,egion th ,e^r :>ast Pre ^-ident.s| ParUy, tax TJu ^Sd ^y, iJanuary 27; and tMir ::(irjVji)cetin|g 6| lh,e ^e^r. ,J0uni*g,tH0^evening they made plnas i6r th,fe.inIt ,la.ti .op and inat?!!- atihk'Ot fet jajivvr' Hopland aux^i- .wiy'jn^l^^S.^nd .officers ori Feb. .*iii8^i5j:9r,;i?^i6.'i 'tiie /p^st presidents V-wJll • :<^\ciflit,^,:.:,iylth'^,'^ ,• pr(^|^^t-,pt the dlst.rict 'as the in'- liJi" presidents' Par'ley has VSi^Mti .thejt-HiJY'S •Jldopt- ipir, TMBoUsiV'li.ty. ftnd they I ' :;tHe|pririon);bly .donation, • </• ^i?ry . jwpjsftg? ...S£s • J bv Bemlce.i'a^.S. Aftcr ^the fi^:<i<)tii^^ed, 'rgfresh- yiJ;^ Sj^rved' as a paft 'of , ... 4 .Mti*,:W»9. fruit co»e.iind;cdffi;e wefe the delicacies. , Mi's. V, t ^maence tavil'etla anil Mis. ftiith •Sails will be hostftsses next meeting; ,, T|}flJe'enjoying. 'Mr.'!, isnard's EVersolei fiessey Scott, Esthei- Ge^; *«».. .Pfudciicc. LnViletta, Ruth ""^/vVlitvt Moor^,,Kyra Edwards^ 'fl^fMH^k Sweene;^, - .„,..j6 ':Sndl '6 ^nli /6 -'raas, ' '<^l||^jpjfe;|(ti|ej^ Potfuck Supper they met in th'e Canton Room of the Palace Hotel last Thursday for; their fun program, as each of these lovely creatures insists,'that the, role "of star parforjner .was his. I Anyway it was said the mod-; cling of future styles by male mod-' els proved a hilarious addition to the entertainment. And it was furtlier i-oported that Gypsy Rose Lee or someone resembling lior [ and her act received a good share of the applause. ; ' I After .tiiis the evening setticrt i down to the bl^igo tables and Esther Rkidwine ! and Mrs- Helen Chgney won first and second places for their' playliig. In a more serious vein, it was reported that there wiil'be a| meeting of 'past"pr6sidents with' another committee • next Wednesday eV'^nlhg at 'the home of Mrs. IWarlc Eglin, president of the club, ^jie'pt'irpb'se oi. tjiif) meeting is to plan a. reception in honor of the district president, ,Hulda Wilson 6t Eetniiima, who is visiting heie in .i'ebi:uary. The' committee will also discuss plans for the district convention'to be held here in Cif<;<lit .fOT this unusual and enjoyable, prograrn goes lo .Mi'fi., A. ti.; Harris a'nd I/Ii's. A. Tracy. KosittQs Club Met Thurs.diay, Jan. 27 "The riiiiniclpal clllb' tyilding Wfls "-b^u,tiiuilif - depbrated with Chinese l.iilief W^d gr^ns fo^ tjie m,c«ting cirtTie Kbswibs fclub Janu- aifjf 22. It was .Voted,to give $15 to the "Marfih of Clhies'' jCor'thfc pfe- verltipn pi i.u)j|W:.c^^^ V Plti,ns, w^re. iriadfe for bversisas bUndliea i^a.t wl)i fee made up at I the lionie. ii Mjcs," Jo^ Elledge next Thursday afternoon'. "Tiie real en-, tertainmeht' of the aftetnobn was the quiz. pjpqfei;ani eondixctpd by Mrs. ;Erhest" Mason ani 'iifrs. Joe EUedge. "the questions were 'on tlje-; gji}3,lejUterature jsn.d miscel- laneb.u? •^Jii.e^^ Moat' of it was Sj ^lbus' but tfiere w^s a .'gtiod comedy skeicji,ln«ud;^d^ the niiscel- la^jBcitJS, said .to be cxc6ptibhally cleyef. ';' '•' ' 5Phe prizes for this part of the Mr. and Mrs. William Rannells of Dunlap, -Iowa, /wMe visitgiies . to Pottej:'Valley last October .18; at the homes of his uncle, Fred .Crow/.and ^wnt, Mrs. Effie Criitingham. They were on their honeymoon and from here went to San Diego. Rannells is an Iowa farmer and his bride iwas a Punlap beauty; o|>eraJtor. ."Chey ware married October 12, i^nd their visit wqa a surprisf to their relatives. • • -• • • '/-l--,:'- ; 'A./,. ... ...... . . Discovery of Gold In California Program Memoriam to departed '\" ^)iv^dly'bt|Sin'W was-tansacled ^ al' the vpbtluc'k supper, given tiy \program went to iUxs. J. J. McNab, ^he Christian Endeavor executive Franli Wegner, and' Mrs. union in the Ukiah Christian j^^^^^j Richardson.' -,- B^rs. ,l |;ift.-Holme?, wag ,,1 .guest •of;-ttie'. 'c-liib. y 6i <'th'e''.af t.ei^QOn.,. f^e- the-';tivities of )!..'• spmCst. -.(ivj&itodkfd •••Was .„.v.^«.~a»«s'ef>n,fea.W-by.''the Calir .,y,f.„,,„y.~^^ - .f'i6rhii'i'.Eed^at.ed:Nows. It is high- 4ea\>or.';is oij-..January :31 and on.j.|jj,hti^g'tije;San Fraiicisco- district tha{^0<iy.'!EH4r«t''wiU be'.'a birthda.v. j„ .tlie next -issue and tlie •.Koshios dinneribi-.tbe -^iprg'ai'iization'at the '• - • • •• • •• • •; tjkiah Chrls'l.ian cJiiirch. The.i ii^ija,s't: prelilden^ ; i,ssu"ed: in-vitations.„to .attend the • ,dihr)&..";-, • ' ' .\ Ti\p;boiTi?ni.ttQe in charge of ^r- :rclng,eme.nts ,iB he'aded by Dan f-Iili' ,_;as''',chttii-i3x ^'6,, with >fornian.'.Hill : !,'kud\ IJpi^aUi, Browning of Lake. ipol-t,' Joyce .En'zler' and Margie • yjnsbivpf-t'fkiah, as.sistant .s. . ' . . •, .Tliere\w .iis a .preliminary dis- cu'ssibii of 'the music i:estival to be, giv^n on'March 7 at the Lake- '•.po ^-t Presljyterian. church. Men' tioh \was \m.'ide of Ralph IWc- , -I Quaid's 'visitations iii the union 'on April 16; He is. the field sec• i^tary.: ••''-•• 'Bpeakfasi^-Club Call Special Meeting There is to be a special meeting of the Breakfast Club (i>fi^i'fu;y. Jit the Mjunicijjal clubljquse, Monday, FAtirv .a»i 'r ^v 'it -^fe ttfr-alX iavAr hers • p.rpspgctiye niembe firid tliey m^.'.i^ecj'usye^ pait•^ of scis^rS'y.i^iih' theni.'Tfe ' everting is' to• Ije '.pp.^tit 'in"mal^liig tlie decoratidn^ i^f the ^t;eJ!iikitas(; iSlub Party, th? • men' are ^iviinig tj' ••:§0f ;^ih ^H0f^^^ 1.0.,, • • ' y Awip^r'jnai(er. of, l?usines5. for tth]^ il^ijyuaa'y'wllV b^ tlj.e replace-; •.^i^jiit oi^fa,. L^. .Cgstpj,',, cprop^.lent auxUi^a^y.'-Du^ to h^;. bijsbapd's chjjngi?: P|f-res^ence fi'pVn' here, to J^ntai R'ojia, MrL. 'Caster 'will' hb longer b« ah attiv^ raerajle.r of ,tl).e • club. .v5 ?rs. . Chflrteg V. if^wis, presi- a<ehij,, bf. the. Bi 'eiiliCf ast Cl.Ub, Auxili: .if'ty,, .hqs qxpji;«>^j|^ th<j. wish tliiit ^^^if•r^qng: Wljip can* Will at^ei^d tijie .nj^tinft Mpudqy bight, rpmen^l?sr- to take their ..scissors and sil ttieir gobdideps for-promotion, of 'dance.'": .,•,''-' ' HOME fkoM, 9 ^*1 iPAANClSCb • Mri,-, ;|^"?-.iBbPMfe ?.:'l »»-''-3i »t ri;turried: •ffpm 'SaW ' Frfinciscp, AVhijre. ahe and her ohildien, Judy .^!if)^_-.limmy,'yjere guests of her . nAoihc -r, ^irs. A. 'Bbwrhan, lor a. •at the- Club is in tli'iat district.'If is tlie i ,ei;e arti iTiouthpieceof .the Calffornia Fed/,e nepA leratibn of' Wbmeti's Clubs.' . • Ukiah Lodge Members Af Wtllftf Ihstc^lld+lon ' A , big r6presenla .tioh of Ukiu'r: ,M^sons-"cliartei;ed a, bus last Satui;day, January; 24 and went, to the installation bf .pfficei's o^.F.&.'J.A. Lodge 365 i.u WJUits. It started with a dinner of baked ham and all the trimmings prepared and .served by members of ths pastern Star, assisted by Jobs Dai/ghters. Judge Lilburn Gibson w^^ roaster of ' cererhdnios at the fdinner. '- l^Jmer Hbpp§r •was tiie in'stftUing .qfficer and .pi5es<fnited'a fine program for the serious inBtaiiatloii. Miss Heckehdorf sang during the installation, and there were several inspiring ta!ks made by the Variou;s members. ;'• 'ft'fficeirs installed were George j'a 'mijf .spi?,; worshjljpful master; Bd- gar Heckendorf, 'senior warden; "Cha^leS'Z«aWl, warden; yin ;|t&St «rr %h^^^^ deacon; R. C. J. pltMhel! Ijca^uro^^ B. Gusiaijd- i*i*i'|s&rcta.ry; Av ti.^'Archci-, chaplain; •'^.'•D.;-For^,.senior steward; 'oijJnS '>!oltum,,^ stew^ird; A. E.' Staneart, ;rn.QrH'h£il,''at?d, Bart n ^ck .orj. lyfcr."' ^ •''' Di,3co.vei'^' pi; gold m'Califpji;niu a century ago was the cxcvse, a;^id a good one, for the subject and decorations for the celebration of the • Saturday Afternoon Club's 44th anniversary at the clubhouse Saturday, January 24: At this time the past presidents of the club were .honored.- As they arrived they W6re escorted to their special seots of honor .by Miss Betty Farnsworth and Miss Jean-, nette Garzmi, looking lavely • ih their afternoon tea gpwns. Soti- venirs for the past presidents were miniature sand pans with gold nuggets. . The club W"s beautifully decorated with acacia and gold leaves. There was a taole by the fireplace that attracted much favorable comment. It was spread with a lace cloth, gold' leaves, tapers and a big gold .ina white anool food birthday cake made and decorated by blie ul the membei-s. .•There was a short, business mect- ini? at whuh Mrs-. Richard .Rittglif was elected to'membershiiP.. Then •the meeting was turned Mrs. Nelmes .Smith, who read a poem appropriate to the Pccaaton, and introduced her entertainers, the first ot wlinm was William Martinez. He gave two fitting readings,' "The Luck of P.oanng Camp" by firct Hnrte, anrt "Plain Language by Truthful James" by 'Mark Twain. • y Gone Corbott was the next on the program' with some hearty -s'jngs ol that day such as "Oh Su­ sanna,", "Sweet Betsy from Pike," and "Oh, My Darlmg Cl^mep^ne." Jfte wji?, uccpmpanj^d on thei piano >by Mra.- Clair Hollld'ay-'V «••' 'Mrs. Nelmes Smith then gave a good accbunt of the history of the discovery of gojd. A ceremony of seating th^e guests; placing one past president at eScli of the sm^ll tabl^, foK lowed the. Ijprmal program. The tables were attractively' sft .with gold place mats, and a'candid m the center of each tpb^e. Each, guests was .served an individual^ cali;e with an unlighted candlg. Just bjBlore eating everyone'was asked to stand and pay tribute to the departed members of the club, and as the mernoriam was reS '-l, each guest lighted the ca'ndle on her cake. It was an imprcjsive and serious.m.oroent in a jovful aftei-- -noon.'malcnog it .ciuite complete. The past. p.rCsjdcn.iK attondmfi wel-e- Mis& Florence O'.ve.ns.'Mes- d.^mot .W."D. L. Held. Olive Biisch, Lovena B. Stout,• Ida L. Brown,, Louise Bernhard, M. A. E.'ilm, E. Ci'Puidy, Lon.Gib.wm. J. H, Hansen) .T-. M. Brazier. W-illiara Brom- tej'/V.'C. .MeCliire, W. L. Hol'i- hauser, R. R. Byincs, Louis Hoffman, R. R. Ingels, Guy Redwine, A. A. Smith, J. A. Jamison,' and .Miss Grace Toles» • The hostess committee included Mrs. J..D.'Branson, chairman, Mesdames T. Gouge, R.' O. Foster, H. Slngley, W. Craw lord, F. Wja,son, 'firoaddus and Miss Daisy Rogers, beautiful in their iorinal afternoon attire. •lifrs. Ella Leonard Visits Sister Her<^ ' ' Mrs. JlUa' fcepnard ,oJ; .-Ashland, 6regon, has been in tfttaih since JantA£Cry.v 13,''8t -..^e. .homei; ofv sister, Mris.Mai^y Wlll'iams otTotA street, who vva,S:53 years',Pt age on Febjgtiary 22, and hai been ill. MrS.;Leonard was Ell^ Hpllings- , V/ortIi a.hd .was liprn iniykiah-.^lid lived here until "i-SOS. She is _th<5 wife ot .Poncy • Leonard,.,a .bla'ckr smith, •who was associated., ^iih Tom Chatiton and later witKj.his son, the, late Lou,;.Charltpn,.,ln.'it'h.f blacks'mithing business in ^ali Ml. still engaged atj|3is .trade and is.shoemg horses at.Ashi la'nd • ••••' • vMrs., Leonard 1? the ountj:.of Louella. Wiilia 'nitJ, Mr^. .Edna Smith, Mrs Karl HplzHauser, vail of 'Uklah, and Mrs. Alma Rawles o^ Redwood Valley. She is,,Fred Orr's great-aunt. She hast,done corsiderable- .writing,. uppn, var,ied topics, and still contributes to, Asfi'. land papers., -i.... ; MIDWINTER FROLIC FOR BREAKFAST CLUB The Breakfast Club has taken •p'vA?' .^Ijthworth's • inn'^ fpr.-itheir mmd-wjnter djnntjf.dancei Tii^- dBy ;'Fiebruary lO £lt'7:30-p.m;at, is to be a scmi-formal aflfair.and the" motif of decorations '^nd games wjll be .'Valentine.. Nine^ty tickets have been printed and these will be sold tp members only, until the last day in January, after that any tickets left will be sold,to friends of the n:i,emb,ers vvha would like to go. Oliver Pacini's Riflfs V<ill ftur^ nish the music for the dancing; Wives of the club members .haVe agreed to take chargo of-the dect orations. Attention is called to the fact that several carc^ table? will be set up for those who prefer games. '. JOBS DAUGHTERS WICL NOT M^ET . The me^eting of Jojas Daught«rf) that was tohave taken place Mon-day night has been postpoiied on accbunt of the health measure to prevent the spread; of typhoid fevey.'Plans -were to have. b?en made for a dinner dance 'for Val-,' enlirie's day, but this, too, 6e-. comes uncertain. Thg girls feel confldent that all of those typhus shots they have tpken at higl^ school the past few days will clear tlie way for everyone's' noi'mal activities to be renewed, and that upon the arnval of Valentine's day. the dance will blosspm into teallty. MRS. BERT A. RAINS HAS DINNER PARTY Mrs. Bert A. Rams was hostess at a dinner parly January 19 in honor of Mrs. A. Garaventa's bfrtl^.' c\uy. After dinner *an enjoyable evemna was spent playing-cards.' Those'with high scores were Mifs. Edith.Caya, Mrs. Mary Garaftentav and Walter Caya. Guests joining the hosts in wishing Mrs. Ciara- venfa many returns of the da:* were Messrs. and Mesdaraes Henry '.Smith, Walter Caya,' Floyd Ross and Joseph Figone, Arnold and Robert Rains. - Lee Grabel, Sleiglit-of-Haiid Artist, in P.^A. fi^^ at High School SHE IS COUNTY'5' OLDfeST, RESIDENT Mr.". Alice. D. Fritts celebrated: :her 97th. birthday on "January 24. She claims the honor of being the oldest'resident ot Lake county; where she has lived for the past 40 years, m the town of Finley. • Mrs. Fritts is -the mother, of Mrs. S. S. Blankenship of Ukiah. Mr. and Mrs. Blankenship, their son-m-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Rpmer and their children with Mrs. Ida Romer motored to (Finley to pay tribute to, Mrs. Fntts on Sunday atfernoon They went lad^n with gifts and flowers, making special mention of a bouquet of violets picked Ifiom their owp garden. Mrs. Fritis received many cards and m,essagcs, but two of the most treasured were from her grandson, Jewell.A. Blankenship in Japan and her granddaughter, Mrs; Pen Sharp,.alsq of Jaiian. ,;(itrs.'TX )tt5^h08 e^ght daufehtors from' the ages of 57 to 81, all of whom are living and active in the same clubs and organizations, of v/hich %he has 'b.j,",;-/ a member, mamly the Methodist church, Daughters of the American:Revolution, and W,C.T,U..., Mrs. Fritts now makes her home With her son and daughter, Martin A. Fritts and Miss Olive A. Fritts, pf Finl.qy. CAJ^A ^AiJBi^K^K IS HOhipR^yEST January was a very import- an^.di|^'for C.arlii 6'aubcneck, for shp was 'thp 'guest at lionbr at a iunobjeon"p.:^sij^> given in honor of her 0th birthday, by her mother, Mrs'./Carl D^iub'enebk. • . It Htr'^s a busi'ness day a^; all of 'tije . iquni'' 't0esia' ^were in 'achPftl tijdt- day' with" their first. I grad^;sty,,.,5,ut Mfs. Daiiijeneck cailed\f^i' .Chilireri at; school, se^vpjl^-thjm' .lUnpfiepn- j^nd 'rettirn- ed, tijem to sc,hobi p'p, tiipe.' The gugsts: tp. wish. Carla, many happy "birtWays were Judy hnd Fann^jBavis,'Harriett Rogers, Vir- ginisi. Beihtei, Catii^rinb Henrich, Shi.jU'iey Si.mpsbh,^ Betty Kinman and i^vblyn Longstail. Elmer Purdy Tells Hov/ To Grow Perennials perennials and perennial borders was the subject of Elmer Purdy's talk before the Ul:iah Garden Club at their meeting at Munici^ pal clubhouse Thursday evening. , , He had many fine sugi^estipns (o i offer regarding the planting ^nd 'care of perennials. He mentioned that too many people crowd tlieir plants, forgetting the need.of the plants to breathe the air and feel the sunlight. • Then be called attention .to a need for conformaUon of bordprs, of the proper soil, preparation tcyc the plfli.nls, flnd he advised the usje of plants that attain various iielghts. He .went into 'color harmony as a vital' part of all ga.r- dening. . ' Pie had a list of ttie perqnniijls tiiat grow well in Ukiah and a mimeographed'copy is beifig niadp so that those •who wish to may have a copy Purdy's prpgram was gi;catly enjoyed by th.a^e present. Th.c clufc was gay witli bouquets of Oregon grape and acacia ammBed ^y Mrs* Werner Holzhauser. There are two meetings of iip- I portonc.e in the near fii.ture, 'one ,an afternoon meeting with ;(i/trs. I Vernon Ruddick of Talmage, February i.i, when Mrs. Martha Ph!l'•tip's bf Petaluma Will L;e the guest snealcer. She will discuss plants and ferns, for shady, pl'Jces. ' I Thuisaay, J*ebruary 20, the meeting will be in the ^venin^ at Municipal clubhouse. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Von Grafei?.6f Santa' Rosa will show some of their choice camellias •r,nd tell about growing and cai'ing for them. Dosnglqs Crqne Has , Sixth Birthday Party Bougals Crane was honor guest Saturday at a party given by his mother, Mi-s. Frank Crane, on the occasion of his sixth birthday. He and 18 pf his-friends were treated to rPiPVi ^s in tlie afternoon at ihe Ukiah grammar school. The npjjit' part of the pgrty took plflcp at tVie 'MW'*^ pafp. where P.o.uglas atndbif; friends Ixad the privilege of ordering anything they wanted to eat.' Spnie of them wanted ijiilk shakes, two times .ajTOUnd., but np jTiatter what it was i.t w^iVtheirs tjpon order. Mrs. ^^"^ i'Ti.ade circus 'cppHles, all gaily, iced in cplor,| as .sbUye'nirs and these went over big. M;rs. Oranp was assisted' In calling for arid dSiveWng the chu- dreh by Mrs. James B. Masfiien- gilL Mrs. Ralph Rains and'Mrs. Fred^'Welsh. ' "The. gilests who were there to enjoy the aftei-nobn with 'Douglas and ivatch him open his many b'eautlful gifts '\yefe Igor Zbitnplf, Bryan' Spnnifield, ichard Rains,' Margaret and Carol Mc'Connell, Wichael Ray, Nancy Massengill, Carol' MeyeV; Jimmy Larson, Rbnnie"'Kessinger, Mafjorie' and •Margaret Frohn, Barbara. Welsh, Wesley Nissen, Hammond Baldwin. Those who were- ill and could not CoHie were Patty Matthews, Wanda i'rt'ese, Marilyn Watkins, .'Lany Brown, Merlin Swyer, Prbvian Frassinerio, • GeoVgia and^ Sandra Sbward. • • INFORMAL TEA FOR MRS. JOHN TAYLOR Mrs. Hugh A. Haskell was hostess at an informal tee, fgtVSn in, honor of Mrs. Ji;^ Taylpsr- of Grand Rapids, -Mi,chiianj; •iyhp is visiting her song, . ^Bo,b,ert... and Jardine. '. l^s, jiasJEiil's gu^ests^ were M.r?. Taylor, ,.Mre. Jaijjes Jardine, Mrs.,Frank ?.ij ?lan, Mr?. Frank •B;r ^nn9n ,.'ftit;s, Al?s "Tregpning, Mrs. lyiarg?? et . §e^lsi, Mrs., ftenry Spurr and J^iis. Jtams^ Mas?,engill. ' .,,, ,.i,,', , S.qndelin-H^miH'on " Valentine Weddjfig Invitations, h .avp tieen, 'received from Mr. ^nd'.Mrs... I^ph Scptt Ha 'railtqn of B.epd, pri;^br^_ to t^e rncuTiage of their daughter Say Ifl Fr^mklin Waiter .^aijilfliin, gn^.^eb- ruary 14 at Trinity.'!:EpiScp5ftl chiirch. ' , Siijindel .in is pe ^^ha ^sj'.bott^i' ^nown as., ','Tprry," ^ p ^^ujUir. ipem- ber of Uki ^'s. ypUpi'^r i^j^ ''iPfi son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter San.- delin. . ,, •Total diis^iJ?ut(,bn of ,,fl.v|it^ mil.k for the Me.hdPcinb-l^ike tftarket'-' in'g area.'for October w.a?. 2133 gal- loi:.s, the, CiJWo .Wl'»-Pi;pP .'J »d .^ive- stppk reporting iery ice. ^'nhojiinces. An in,cre.9^e pf.9,.22 per cfent over the seme .month in 1948.fwaViiidi- ca.tpd. Avjera'ge\d9J[ly.,.cpns^Jnptfbn of miik'fat .\yas 833 jiPun ^S '^i? the ai;ea; . ,,' '" ; ""' FLAMEPBOOF'^ COMTHAQTS . Fire Chief Ar Bechtol suggests that ("esidents ' Pf the .city :WhO; have flaraeproofirig jobs to .be done contfict the fii'C de-partnient before contractuig with any of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gil ley and the agents wh.o visit liiem. A?"'yet, tlielr daughter Lpuise werii guests; Bechtol says, none of the flai,ne- df tL ...-ir parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.; proofing concerns ha.v.e been ap- J.BrOaddus last weekend. Il^roved by the state fire marshal. Roy^l Ar^h Degree G6nf erred On Two ,. ,:5-he R^y^il Arch, degret^was'con­ ferred 6n Slanted liiribe an^ Bill Rlqter T'^^uy^jTarUary 20,'at th.e: meetfng of Royal Xrch Chapter No. 53. , Xl?e woi;k was carried out by blck Maputii. high pi^lcst, assisted junior past - high pnest, Nelson Brbjvh' of. Sebastbpol, arid high priest, Dick Robinson of Saiita Rbjs?. • ' , There wci'e about40.present for the halian'''dlnnel-- .'and .iriitiution thatyfolto^ed, wit^i representatives frbtn ^anl 'a Rosa, Se'bastbpol, Kandas ^eity and Mame. - ' The men announced' a joint in- I staUatlpn'With the Knights..Temp-. EiaV'at Rtasiihic TeiViple; Februairy S, staVting with a dlnnui' at 6:30i .The iniitairatTon is open to,mem., hers of 'the two orders only. POM© SHR^h^E CLUB AT PIONEER WN ,. Approximate-iSp mem.bers bf 'the vPomo - Shrinpii Club, from Mendocjnp end .I-^jte counties-., gathered at the Pioneer 'Inn iii Potter Valley Thursaay evening for th^ir regular monthly meeting and to participate in a most delicipus turkey ri-iiner prepared by those famous Potter Valley ladies who always /nore than live up to their-: repi,itat !0 ,n as being some of the. finest' .JOPICS UV the "world. . , , . The assembla^ wa? enlivened by the music-otjOlryer Pacini and Ins accordion ai^d thp proper application-of camel's milk. This w'as thp 'first time . the • Shrmers- had visited the 'new Pwneei :Imi: and they were.great­ ly impressed by thp .new building and appointments installed by- the, owners, Stan Nqrton and I^nowl|es Bmerspn,. whq .proved to. 'be dc- lightfwjhp ^tsa? usual... Episcopal Guild , . i ,Mpit lias+Friday ' 'Jhere, was ? fiije meetuj^ of the' .women of -.Ep^b^opal 'Quild at Guild hall Friday night, when Mrs, Idg Davis anijl^irs. Harry M^r9er 'w^e, hostess^. ;:,.„,;, . , , • G. Wiitt :ire^j,«wed hife'vjsitto ,«iJ ^e ;..^J^.bitibi^,,(?t '','Hsu8Y',edUp ti.ofi a| i| IS h«Ing iised in church •|j«tru(;%rt iA; the. Sunday school ip^olh^r .ti .nit'iV''a ^6 ''c|5urcK:. He aSip aayig adcofiht'of [ih'e ffghr bp'p visit ''frbm'Neu?^: 'tte': is: .Expected in 'Ukiah sooni;^ ^: %rs. '|l'; G; - -Witt - cbhtilwed tW mi ^itMtijbnS WhiJjh' she has bejin ^eadlfag ^'as 'l^j^oti ^inaji, ^ ; Party for Miqis oil Wives • Mr?,, -p. K,. Barker -.^^as,' hostess, •thiit!Hj .ax, •%'.h ?,^biesi|." 'fif t fthe. ffontljly bydjst, 9lijb ,;,mags, u>,.of t.he -%i.v«s. pf M^flphs; Ajy'ards .fbi- J^radJigy, #r ^,..,fB^ "The time for our annual benefit show has arrived," Mrs, Fred Stevens says,'!'and thii; year we have obtained Lee Grabel for the night of February 5j 8 p.m. is the' time, Ukinh high school auditorium is the plScp.'^.We hope to raise enough money to fill out our needs and we hope you will remember, we arc establishing our ticket sales booths iii fi-ont of J. C. Pcnnoy's store, beginning January 29, and staying to the date of the show.'! , GrabeVis a prestidigitatoi'. He is an illusionist. He is a magician. He has a fine reputation throughout the country for his performances In his progiam scheduled lor lb* high school auditoiium, he will have many of the same selections hp presented for two seasons at the World's Fair, Treasure Island. News digests.quote Eugar Bergen as having said, "Some of tlie best, magic I've ever encountered" when he saw Grabel's show at the PJaz'3 'The^iter jn, Palm Springs, • .He IS quoted as saying, "Do not bcheve all you see," as there are things innumerable in heaven and ,earthiy,o,u had .not dreamed of in your 'philosophy. , ...It,.is, said Qrabel is intensely interested in magjc m qonnection with psychiatry, and the effect magic offers in the cure of mentally. sick, patipnts. Magic that baffle? .the doctor may win the confidence, of the baffled patient. . idtxgifi^is a oroad term which Girabel,.£ees ir^ all its aspects and appUcationi, .says Mrs. .Stevensj and'-.she.Jiopes everyone will take .advantage of tiifi opportunity the, grammnr. school P.-T.A. oilers to see him on the stage of the, Ukistli iiigh .school ^uiditorium. He: ,wili'..8^v,e a sho,'w.,fpr; -the pupils .in the jrioming and the one, at 8, p.m„ February 5, for everyone. \: • Mrs. Stevens concludes her.rc-i marks: with, the request to buy your t|ckets- frpm the booths inj front ol Penney's-department stor^ on. School, street. , ^ Tj-T'^ e —rj 5 : Four Generations Met , AfHaiebf Lee White .. Mr. a &a Mts. W.'L. Weatherbec at Salfljtajt,*' City;-Utah, oiidMrs. C^theripe Kricker of. Novato were recent visitors In tire home of Mr. land. Mrs. Lee White, to .get a.c- j ^quaintetl with, their new great 'granddaughter and granddaughter, victoria Lpe, recent arnval at, the White hbiYie.. . ' .,1^,e. Weatnerbees are gj-andpar- 'erits arid:MrB. Kricker the mother of Mrs. White. Camp Fire news shows the girls of Odako busy at their club house in the garden ot Mrs. Paul Sikpi-n, Mrs. Sikora entertained the girls at their meeting on January 14, by showing them her foreign dolls, of which she has a superior collection. She was dressed m a C'zecho-Slovakian costume and her daughter, Marlen was dressed as a Slav. Eloise Spurr wore an Algerian costume. After the entertaining talk on doUs the girls :sang, then Mi's. A. J. Whitney served a cake which she had baked for the girls. On January 21, the voted to send $5 to the Camp Fire building fund in New York City. They talked about the newspaper they had started plans for, the pi-e- vious Wednesday. Then they elected officers. They were Marlen.Si­ kora, president, Rhodean Collpti--?, vice president. Mary Viairehgo, secretary-treasurer, - and Ahgie'-%» Riva v/as narned seregarit-at-arms. -f' Betty George read some of th(t articles for the newspaper and they closed the day with songs. ;. • , The Sunshine Bluebirds, a group .il of - th.ird 'graders in Camp Fi;:e "Ty work,' have'been meeting for aibPtit a year, with •this as their first public bearing. 'Phey report-that at theii: meeting in the Municipal clubhouse last Friday they, had their first election of officers. 'They wer;e Michelle Sikora,. president, Emily, 'furula, secretary and Judy Webbil treasurer. The leaders' for this" group; are' Mrs. P. • Carpenter and 'Mrs. jpobert Erohn. • - - • ••, CHAS. KASCH Altorney and Couiiselor at La^ | Odd Fellows Bunahfg'"''' BTprtJi^tote St. *^t][Ictaiii:CBUt/ Golden Skittt Hdtel i SAN PRANCISCO^S';;;^' 'In the Huh~ But Outjofc /the Hubrbub- .. Choice'bf Outside-Inside Rooms —: WITH BATH I--.; Single $2.00 -r- Double $2.5P : —: WITHOUT BATH :^ Singla $1,50 Doubl.e $2.00 Lem Shibley 'A J ^r. iJind.. Mcs.„ ,Irving Braziei' wef ^..d .eH(?|it#d.-.tfl, h»y.e,; as callers l?^st weekj IJr. ,,ahd Mrs. David iy«in..!?? l^m<. .-iJ^W. •'^9^tf- w» Rl«;in Ellien.Funer, ,t^e 4 ,i?ugh- tsr ,(jf J «,;.and, j(lH^-j|0i^i?:S^n9r oi;U %ai ,^lt:hed be^ '$ey^i-y0'§. •stogp, Mj-s. ,..g)eiii.,.li|d ii {5^^ het ;2 -•^e ,KlPins'.alsp pa led, on Mr., ^gd Mrs.' Marit' p^'pe' ...''.,''; '.',: , . VISIT- THEli-.jCdA^'f^^N^I? , Mr, and-Mrs, AtTregP'nang ha;Vu gone .to,,their,;ra|<c.ii home nc .-iV Fort Bragg for'the weekend; .Th:.-.,' w,ill.,b,e^ j,bin'g '4 ,'by:;.iir., qpd Mi;:;. Hugh Haskell for late,, ^tujd.ty and Sunday. " ,' Think back to th<3 home or homfrs you have livpd in, ^. i^' • t )te''past fcH'^earS. Rcme house-wiring from lights that blinked when the .refrigerator •went on,, or the •wires, you strung.^Iong the floor to connect a lamp or clock; or th .c fus«s that blew out when you connected the iron?. J^y spendjngyer^, little extr^ money on APliQ>lJA 'rE •'^i55lipprV ..aljl these things coiijd l>aye been aypidej^. Give Adequate Wiring the place it shouMhaye jp yoyy:..home. flaa a|head for the many new home ^pjjiJiAfices.fprbctti^r lighting, for teleyisipn, by wiring ahead/or ifto.dera El.ectriliving. Carefully check, over wiring,plaps when you remodel QCrbuil .d and make^sute the touse-'living "1, Plenty of piujg-in outlets ' 2. Plenty of lighi: switches properly placed . ^. ^ires that are large enough (at least number 12 wire) to supply full power to all the appliances that will be used during the lifetime of your home. ; , - . Set,your electrical cotitractor or PACIFIC GAS AMD ELECTRIC COMPANY 1 £ \ V V s a u e h a P F ti a c is \ ti ti V I: s 1 e \ ii V

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