Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 13, 1960 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
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Monday, June 13, 1960
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•n TELEGRAPH Sfffbtg ^^^^^^^^^••••••••••••••1 Established January 15, 1886 Vol. CXXV, No, 128 ALTON. ILL., MONDAY, JUNE 13,1960. 22 PAGES 5c Per Copy SCHOLARSHIP WINNER Work-Relief Proposal If the dty insists on using public assistance clients to per-i form work for the city, they should be made subject to Civil | Service eligibility regulations Councilman Clyde Wiseman sug gested today in expressing his opposition to the proposal. He; ^"•^v* made his stand known in a let- ;*?*««*^ ter to Alton Township Supei-vis- l***i' or Stephen B. Kennedy. He asked that his object! ions be called to the attention of Township Attorney Kenneth Kelly :md the "appropriate slate agencies." Though he has no) examined Illinois statutes on the subject, Wiseman pointed out, he is opposed to the principle of the policy that is to .he the subject of a conference- Wednesday. Kennedy last \vepk said the meeting is slated in the office of Mayor P. \V. Day and is to be attended by representatives of the Illfnois Public Aid Commission. The topic of the conference will be the possible application in Alton of the work-relief program provided by recent slate legislation. Cits conncilmen a week ;ago, sitting as ;i town board, briefly discussed Ihe work program for able-bodied men on relief rolls.; The result \VMS inconclusive on the premise that lull informa- lion on Ihe statutes was lacking. A summary of Wiseman's arguments: lying to Philippines mined to Visit ja By SAM > BUKNO.S AIRES, RaitiDrums On Illinois, Then Eases By THE ASSOCIATKD PKKSS Rain drummed or driz/|pd on Illinois this morning, then eased up.' Accumulations ranged from .05 inch at Rantoul to nearly 1's inches at Rockfnrd during a 24- hour period. Cool weather remained over the northern half, of the state. Tho mercury was expected to remain in the 60s except in southern counties where f\ peak in the Inw 80s WHS forecast. The outlook for Tuesday np peared to be for some sunshine ;md warming temperatures. Th iM-hour rain accumulation al ii a.m. was \A'l inches at Rock, , . . ford. 1.15 at Peoria. 1.0fi at Van"We, a* Net-coos have a 31 eat responsibility lo be I lie kind da|ja , ^ m (h( , Kas( S( Lo , |JS of citizens tliat will r-iu'ourayo the idea in people that this is a( , ca ^ f)( p n j,. H j, 0| anf j .77 a ( our country," Chester K. Slovall told the Elijah P. Lovejoy ^,y 0 ]j np ' JIJN Memorial observance audience which filled available chairs al i. 0 w temperatures early today Argentina'School Sunday ali.nn'.on. ranged from 54 degrees in Chica- Clipster Slovall of St. Louis, speaker at Sunday's annual Klf.jali P. Lbve- joy memorial observance, congratulates Anthony Wagner, this year's winner of the Lovejoy Memorial scholarship. They * are flanked by earlier winners of the scholarship (from left): Miss -Joan White, Miss Joyce Gill, and Vern Tyson.—Staff Photo. Argentine Responsibilities Revolution Qf Negroes Cited Collapses _ . . i APi—President Artnro Frondizi's The evecutive director of the fhe only one who hud coinage R0 lo ^ a ) (1) Possible coniiH-t wmi me govol . nrnf , n , announced today mat.St. Louis Council on Human Re-and a definition of his convicU.b.Constmmon: <J> doubt .r any a vos1 . pO( . kflt ,. f , volt ,„ Astern unions addressed an audience tions." , Reception in Alaska Pleases Eisenhower By MARVIN L. ABROW8M1TH ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) —President Elsen- hower took off today for a three-day visit to the Philippines—still determinpd to go on this weekend to riot- plagued Japan. Thr President, pleased by a'bower stay In Tokyo. Again He warm reception in Alaska, left refused to say whether he was Elmendorf Air Force Base aboard his jet airliner. He scheduled a refueling stop nt Wake Island 7H hourvS later and arrival at Clark Field near Manila, at about 3:45 satisfied that ftrinte WBnister No- bustike Kishi can make good his "guarantee" of Eisenhower's personal safety in the Japanese capital. p.m. Philippine Time— 2:<!5 a.m. At a news conference, Hagerty ttST Tuesday, predicted only slight changes in Prospects' were for a rousing <*&*& plans for the visit He welcome for Eisenhower in «W V knew of n ° Intention to Manila, where he was stationed as eliminate a 15-mile motorcade an Army officer in 1935-39. froni Emperor HirohitOs downtown residence Sunday. But there was a risk of danger—i Hagerry added there had been no United States request that Jap- municfpal savings would '•*«!»: ;ArSpnt|nH hiu , ,.„„.„„„, a sranl , ha , occupied all available scat- "The young people sitting in' ,??• j b 'V- . h'iV'a six hmlrs or s '° aftr ' r " Slartpd - '"K Places in the school audi- restaurants now." he said, "are richt\Texoect ritv to hire miaf Frondizi told newsmen the bulkitorium to which Ihe ceremonies closely lied to what Love.ioy died itied and producer workers;; ,5> °C Argentina's armed forces had were transferred hec-ause of the for." citv employe bus richl to expect i rallied to his side within a fe\v unfavorable weather. hours after the small-scale rebel- "We ought lo start acting like Brewer, a member of the Alton sometimes Hptising Authority, who also ac- lie was introduced by J. A. :Cod's children. For the respect of the community;. (61 the citv •iclministrition's coal "on last night in San Luis . .. . __ should' be to /.ftr-act the' best- The President confidently an- even though Love.ioy had to die knowlodgod prgam/ational con- - quSfiecl personnel " 'nounced he would leave « 8 for our freedom, it's sometimes: >'>bu«,ons during the year lo Uie \V seman's conclude, P 1 « " " -d this | afternoon on a harder to live to make freedom -ovpo.v Momonal Scholarship \\ i s e in a n s iciiei <OIKIIKII> p ' .. ,, fund from four organizations, with the observation that if an month-long lour of Europe. ,.me. These were the Republican Club, insistence prevails for placing. Before davvn_a spokesman for .Stovall paid^ tribute to^ those {( ^ federated Unity Club, the TODAY'S CHUCKLE Too much temper causes many a man to speak his mind rather than to mind his speech. O; 1360. Geneial Features Corp.) able-bodied men from relief rolls Hie Interior Ministry said loyal persons - both Negro and white. Cound) ' of Chu ,4 women' and " troops had captured. Gen. Mauri- —who have been sacrificing L^ Hearts Club cio Gomez, commander of the 2nd!themselves for progress toward! Mrs Damon ^ ^ ^ Argentina Army,- xrtto reportedly!better understanding among the-^- 0| - ,' h Memorial croup- J_f^__Jl xl_». __l l_ ' vifinnt? i ™ "' on city jobs that they be placed on the Civil Service eligibility lists and be given employment when a vacancy exists. Rockefeller I Feels Nixon the possibility of physical harm to the tj9-yoar.o,d President-on.^— = = -~ — his srhrdulPd Hmval m Tokyo ^^ fom , ^ ^ ^ In Ihe Japanese capital left- „„ said , n rosponge to a ^ es . wing mobs, now perhaps con-i Hon t)mt hp be i ie v es it " a well trolled by, Communists, still are prov(?n faf . r that the demonstra- mtent on trying to prevent or;, ions ,„ Japan arc , ed by ^ wieck Ihe projected Kisenhovver i Communists Nnsi1 - Reports from Tokyo were that The President arrived in sunny (secur )ry plans are being beefed up Anchorage, biggest city in Uie new (and cal) now for deployment of •19th state. Sunday morning after!25000 police—10,000 more than GOVERNOR, PRESIDENT MEET ^^ " onstop ni « ht '^originally planned. 11 Washington. j After three days in the Philip- He said he had rejected advice ; pines thp President will sail that he abandon or postpone his| aboard the cruiser St. Paul from visit to Tokyo. Manila Bay to Formosa for a He is going ahead, he said, be- visit mprc . bnfoi . e going on to « the visit "represents an im-, Tokyo by wav of Okinawa. His portunl phase of a program whose123,000-mile tour also will take paramount objective was, and is, |, im to Korea and America's new- to improve the climate of inter-! ps ( H ( a te, Hawaii, national understanding." . O n arrival in Anchorage for his Alluding then to the hate-propa-,j irst VJsit to Alaska ln 14 yfiarS( ganda campaign in Tokyo, the hp was app i au d e d and cheered at the airport by a crowd of about 4,000 persons. An estimated 30,000 ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Democratic Governor William Egan greeted President Eisenhower shortly after his arrival in Anchorage Sunday. Egan told the President that the prayers of the nation accompanied him on his 23,000-mile trip. It was Ike's tirst visit to Alaska in 1.8 years. (AP Wirephoto.) Outburst Draws Deputy Into Levee Fees Hearing President added: "We should not permit unpleasant incidents and joined the rebels. races. , . 1 presented parents of the Foun- The other rebels fled from the. He said that at times he began Ration's scholarship winner's who strategic sites they captured a^to wonder "whether the people W€ ,,, p ,, ros( , nl . few hours earlier in San Luis, in-^for whom Lovejoy died are wor- seholarshi eluding the local radio station, the i thy of the blood he spilled," from A|ltnonv Wa spokesman said, |the standpoint of moving ahead. Gen. Rodolfo Larcher. the sec-;toward his aims. retary of war, had warned the Proud of People sporadic turmoil, inspired by mis- j others^.tiyned out on. a- tour 1 - r or JiostlJe agents, to dim for Uirough Ihe city of about 47,000 KDWARDSV1LLE - a deputy quest, doss examination involv- struck the counsel table with his f(f ' <1madeby ™ yandand "***** Kinney the concrete and gratifying re- rebels to surrender by dawn or Then, ho said, he recalls many ! lo face an assault by loyal troops \ instances when I'm mighty IVIliat Wl^^oL [from thp s « ITOl 'n di "g area ' Heiproud of what the Negro people S^'hoa^rTntr^'ucrtT'siec'lai P'«iid«lB -Judge MJchael Kin-.i^Mdarv''''^ i Ifl.llOl' OIJVCllV said the rebel force numbered I have done and are doing. |gue sts. and officers of the Me- nci >" (:alled f01 ' services of a.| ever district. .only 300 lo 100 men of an anli- In particular, he said, he oiien NEW YORK (AP) - Gov. Nel- aira ' aft 8™*- : asked Wmself if he himself. IJp .^ Q ressed , a , son A. Rockefeller says that un- Gen. Larcher said the militaiy; would have had he bo dncss to: thc .. jrelnendous waste of o w less Vice President Richard M. '^ Wolllt1 bp Wed in military send his own children to schoo ;tpn(ia) , abm Q| . w[m ^Q|||p 1^11 Nixon discloses new positions on<«™ts, and the civUiails brought through the Little Rock picket (;ou , f| gjvp , his inun|l . v the ex _ »^V«*Vx J M|J defense and foreign polity-, -j; to trial under the "Conintes" plan lines. Ira boost it needs but who must think it's going to make it very' ad °P ted !ast March. .'.._.l^fl 0 ^ ... e _. s " ... Was . "° 'keep knocking at dooi's in their much more difficult for him to """ " "" search for opportunity." The Rev. Grafton Thomas, current chairman of the city's Human Relations , Commission, expressed gratitude to Cannon. ^ been to the great ty Court to maintain order this for special legal services to theithat he understood he was not to! B "^ An •hor-V "° W ° > Winner morning after outbursts during district and conferences lo ex- be interrupted. . , ... ?r was present- cross-examination of Wood River podite the levee-raising program Juc)ge Kinney. turning to Tal-i c^ Haeertv^ who* last of this year's Drainage and Levee District at- in the district. '| ey suggested that perhaps hcjbesieged by a scholarship. torney Harold G. Talley by At- Bat-l/ is co-counsel for a group i should take a short recess to i ra0 b'from which he narrowly es- James Bailey served as rnast- torney Krncrson Baetx as to legaL 0 f a boul. UO taxpayers in the dis-'calm himself. Talloy, however,jc^ped. er of ceremonies. J. L. Cannon, fecs for services to the district 1 1,^-1 objecting to $57,337.30 in renewed his outburst, vvhereup-' "H c || 0 Jim" the President Memorial Foun- ovei ' the past three years. fe ,, s | 01 Ta || ey _ in addition toon liis questioner asked for the'chuckled as he'shook hands attorney for fhe, protect ion of the sheriff if the; The press secretary still de- guests, and officers of the Me- ney cai.ea lor services 01 a ] W ee district. court was not going to restrain cjined £ make Ollblif .' th . ri ., Hi ,.: ^orial. .sheriffs deputy at Baet.'s re- ^^ ^^ ^ a ^ Talk>y . Kinncy Ulen senl thp bai] .|^ SSSlTS, l£SSi population. Inside Musts EDITORIAL . . . PAGE 4 SOCIAL PAGE 10 SPORTS PAGE IB RADIO & TV . . PAGE 17 COMICS PAGE 18 CLASSIFIED . . PAGE 19 OBITUARY . . . PAGE 19 MARKETS .... PAGE 19 if for the sheriff. I ing from Judge Kinney that any : further demonstrations or out-j The questioning counsel re: bursts "from-either side;" would;quested thut tlic court reporter • draw an automatic $100 fine enter in the record some names' be elected." Without such discussion, Rockefeller says, Nixon would have a far harder time carrying New York state. As he prodded Nixon again lo speak out on major issues, Rockefeller still insisted he is not a presidential candidate himself. HP said Sunday night he will support 6,000 Spectators Watch Motor Boat Races Sunday ¥ i* • r§ri I ifc " contem Pt of court. The warn-j Talley called him during Ihe in-: Let lists 1 ake lin8 was diredod to T;illoy Crass-examination of New Stand extended through this morning, :w1th a deputy sheriff present terim. Talley; Tallcy also angrily pointed his finger at Buetz and threatened, to "get" him. Attempts to re-1 8,000 Attend Weekend HorseShowPerformances whom he succeeded, for Ihe fine start he had given the commis- TOKYO iAPi Some leftist during the last hour and a half!strain Talley were made by his before court re.e.essed for lunch;personal attorneys, V. M. Ja- jcoby of Alton and Frank Rain of sion 's program. But he added: groups appeared today to be back-; hu , the "work cannot all heiintr awiiv from niasRivp nimnrti.. ' .. . at noon. The first questions info 300 beiing away from n^sive ^^.^^•^K'^rZ is- demonstrations on the day Presi. ...^ ' .',. ... ... By HAROLD BRAND injured and competed in later''hat the "work cannol all Telegraph Outdoor Kditor events. f)onf% h . v means of the commis- demonstrations on the day About fi.OOO to 7.000 spectators There ucrf !:'.'! t-ntrjes in allj s i°n. ft must be done by ci1i/ens dent Eisenhower ajrives in Tokyo. Ni'xon Tl Nixoirwins the Re'pubJi- > visited Ihe regatta on Alton Lake classes but several drivers rani° Mh '' ( ' u - v; " _ But the hard-core Communisf par-, west of Clifton Terrace Sunday: in more than one event. There) Dr All red Ku.Mi/li of Hie ty leadership was i i-stimated H. CBud) Was little wind but the waters I Southci ' n Illinois University so- threatening violence. cluded conferences with the dis- Ste%'ens, can nomination. The New York governor spoke, afternoon, ^'" . h[lret flnwu ald illc i^i:\v AVtr* &u\rruiwi ni7Ui\^ »*• ' — • i • i ^ i • i mi i i < * . —. . uii: uiniiiLi out during two tension uitemew Bunyan, rhainnan of the Alton, were made choppy from thei^al sc.ences department paid The headquarters of the Red-, t , onff!1 . f , nf . ei . show anw-arances totaling nearly'All-America committee, sponger i speedboats' which jumped and t"bute lo Lovejoy bnctly. tinged Sohyo labor federation said | u three hours ' of the event A series of 12 races skimmed over the uneven sur- He expressed regret that many most mnnlwrs felt they should; Tul , in i Stevens' claim for fees against the district do not show any such , • da ' CS '" East St. Louis. Deputy S h (>r i f f William Thompson then arrived, and was directed by Judge Kinney to sit in a jury box sent next to the witness stand. Thompson was later relieved by Depuly Clyde Tisdel Jr. of Bethalto. Later, ATI estimated 8,000 persons attended performances of the Alton Police Youth Camp Horse Show, Saturday and Sunday evenings, in spite of inclement weather. Approximately 5,000 were at the Saturday perfor- ing movies. Howdy, who was not yet introduced, appeared as a drunk and did the following to Clint: broke a bottle over his head, broke a chair over his back, shot him with an arrow, stabbed him with a knife, three hours. Later, asked by newsmen what by the St. Louis Outboard Rache thinks ol Nixon's chances of i ing Assn. were inteirupted brief- election in present circumstances.'l.v in the eighth speed elasn by he said: "You can't tell, because j heavy rainfall. The judges and you don't know where he stands," i scorfkeepere were unable to read On the first program, NBC's'the numbers on the boats be- Talley interrupted during i Talley made re-|- n — e ; iaet/ s fee in thei mi i Clark Bridge case. Judge ~'~ l Tclcv ' slui1 mance and about :i,000 were in {and buried a hatchet in his head attendance at the Sunday Know., a , nt bei d Previous lo .Sundays show thejp ut tom , * 5 ^' Alton area received over an inch (of rain, which field down the at- and movie star two not demonstrate at the airport it face. Competition was clos the asked. the shows. He and his stand-in, Clyde Howdy, showed the audience some of the tricks in mak- the $1,500 prize money. "Meet the Press," he said because of the poor visibility. ; Nearly 75 spectator era It were stood by his statement of Dec. 26 ; Although most of the crowd anchored near the rctangular! thf> discouragement the Negro that he would no. be a candidate left during the rain, the faster race course. Ambulances wern imusl lco1 wnen he "walks HIP for the nomination. classes were run shortly alter, provided by the Burke Funeral ' stl ' ec< , of thl ' cit >' HIKl ''-'nnol find "You will not under any cir-,when some boate reached an us-1Home and MOITOW Quinn Mor-' a -'™ , cumstances behveen now and theitimated 75 to SO miles an hour, tuar.v IXvo representatives of Ur '^ne/li ha.s guided Me said he felt Lovejoy would i 1 ' 011 saitl ft would refrain from have been sensitive, indeed, to SU(;n a(; t* °f violencf as it staged against White House press secretary James (V Hagerty last Kri- day. Japanese security officials went the i ahead with plans to mobilize 25,convention declare yourself as a, The youngest pilot was Steven j the Consei-vation"" fJepartment i Hunian Kelations Commission in 000 police to protect Eisenhower candidate for the Republican nonv Peterson, 23 years old. Homertwere present and the Coast! a « urv «y of racial diseriraina.jshould mobi action develop when ination," said a questioner. "Is I Kincaid and Jack Kugler became i Guard Auxiljaiy kept plcasui'e i ^ conditions in Alton, a report! n*: arrives June 19 **" 'members of the associations {craft from running across the wllldl ( ' Ited Ulfcrio1 ' opportuni- A lokyo police that correct?' "That is correct," RockefellerIhelldivers club when they were answered. tossed overboard. Neither was Woman, 71, Lies Helpless In Yard All Day, Night GREENFIELD—A 71-year-old rollton. She remains a patient race course. Comni. John Olmstead of the Alton Motorboat Club, host to the regatta, and numerous other members cooperated in making the regatta a success. Using h for hydro and i for ,1-unnabout, the winners of each ciass are in the order named: ties for Negro employment w i t ii relation to the population ratio. He took occasion to remark that "The days of the crusading journalist seem gone forever. They are devoted to the status quo.' pressed confidence official ex the force' would be able to cope with any mob action, but added: "No amount of security can guarantee there will be no incident from an individual terrorist." Police announced unprecedented! uoman, who lay helpless in the a , die hospital yard of her home throughout MU(j shoit Sunday and Sunday night, alter tailing and breaking a leg, told s> told Kenneth a neighbor who found Mayor P. W. Pay, in vselcoin-; securit >' measures. i»g the audience on hehal/ ofj The car that will cairy Eisen- jthe city, expressed regret that! how er and Emperor Hirohito on B-r, Robert FalU. Harold Rose! "racial, religious, and even po-!the 11-mile trip (rom the airport and Roger Wieinann: D-r stock. jiuk-al prejudices must all exist."!*" the palact- will bt Car) Peterson. Emmc-t Homield. .Municipal Band and St., by 13 truck. accompanied loaded with . Matt Woelfle: \-h. Jack Kugler, James Church choir both piovid- polit^mcn. 5J motorcycle- police Ralph Humminghaus, Richard ed musical selections on the proClowes: C racing b, Homer Kin- gvam. The Rev. Herbert Schulze radio cars and patrol cars sidecar motorcycles, 4 persons who found her at 6:30. her when be went to her homtjcaid, Jim Uiiffift, Eston John- of B«va Lutheran Church pro Foot police will be spread all _ _ .« Jo ., *h»* "u «;« naih. with n tractor this morning to son: B-r. Johnny Wood*, Hem- nounced the invocation and ben- along the route, with orders to a.m. ing- that "it was n»th- work in a garden at her home,. mingiuus. Bob Mcfarlan'd: C.ediction .1. . t l_^J £_ II —.-j. _!. T .. — . .. __ . * Look what the boys did dur- tu « l ihe nad fajten at 7 a - m ing the wai, they Jay out longer j She said sb* had gone , than this after being hurt a tot|" rt <' the vard to fe<d chickens. worse," Miss Evalee Short, whol™* Bearing mbber boots and resides alone on a farm eight ! slipped. She also was wearing heavj Jacket and a scarf wet during miles northwest ol Greenfield, told J. Russell Shields, Green-l'^t these rieid mortician. She was takea iin teimutant rams. tirst to Pr. E. G. deQuevado.; Other Uian the leg Greenfield physician, then to: she wa* reported in good eooeU- Boyd S«eraori»J iiocjpital, Cw>|tion at th* hospital. sei-vice i, deny Kerns, Kenneth; RichaitJ A. Johmou, president Nichols, Joe Benoist; A-r, Hem- of Ui« fco^ejoy Parent-Teacher mmyhau*. Kugler, Lee St. Clafr; Aswi.. presented the Lovejoy and F-r, Griffin, Hemmujg-i memorial wreath. take strong action against any attempt at interference. Mobile unite also will patrol along the route, and guards will be in- huau, Johnson; C service Rusty Kerns; Sdieckelkoff, B-li. KiAcaid. Hemminghaub: C racing i, Kio>l to<luv caid, Waller Courtois, Paulnntr D and y-h, Gtutin, creased at the U.S. Embassy. •••"•^^""^•"•••••^••w A dress rehearsal of the seeuit- DATA AT THE DAM ^' ™w™ «as heU Sunday. Police sources said the Com| muuist party had seized control of the campaign against the Eisen- i bower visit and the U.S-Japan 'Mutual Security Treaty. section. in Howdy's After the battle Clint introduced Howdy and then the two showed how snow and dust storms are produced, and how bullets ricochet off of rocks. Clint, like most cowboy movie stars, has taken up singing and sang a medley of six songs ac- thc High 83 . low belu.i TV STAR AND FAUILI AT HORSE SHOW Ciusyeuue Clint Walker, his wile, Hermau T. Bmiyau, master of cereiuou- Verua Lucille, and hie daughter, Val- ie». Walker, a former ^Itojiiak erie, uere Uitroducwl at the 41ton featured attra^tloa at the hor«t» Police Youth Camp Han* Shaw by —Staff Photo. 1 ^ companied by Howdy on guitar. Youth camp president Sgt. Edward Voumard presented a plaque to Walker, which stated that the board of directors of the youth camp had named the camp lodge dint Walker Lodge, in honor of Clint, who has devoted much time in making appearances for the benefit of the camp. Walker's wife and daughter were present for both shows and were presented with bouquets, of roses. Sunday afternoon a parade and the dedication of a park were held in Harttord in tee height of the rain storm. CJint, loyal to the town where lie was born, rode 15 blocks on a lire truck during the rain, and then stood on a platform while Hart/ord officials dedicated a park in Us honor. Saturday night hoi-semen had some trouble with the wet grass at the school stadium, but Sun day night the grass was too wet and the horse show events had to be held on the cinder track Twenty events were held, ten each night, wttb haramfln from Missouri and Illinois competing for money and trophies. The police youth camp board of directors will mart Thursday night atid make a fityl report as to hew much money WAI tefr- eo in tar to* tomtit «| the youth

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