Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California on January 30, 1948 · Page 2
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Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California · Page 2

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, January 30, 1948
Page 2
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PAfcfi TWO;, iAY, JANUARY 30, 1948 DISPATCH-DEMOCRAT B. A. COBEB rCBLUHEB PablUhed l^laoh FriaAy at UO East Standlny St.j Ukiah, Mendoolno Cotintr, OalUomla SUBSOBIPnON BATES) $2.50 Three Months.. Per Year Six Months 1.50 One Month . Single Copies to Non-Subscribers 10 cents ..$ ;80 .30 i/'ominerolal Advertlatav-Rates: Readers, 300 per line insertion, i^c per'line each subsequent insertion. Reaoers set in 7 point tjrptt, which Is the body of this UeWspaper. THE PRESBYTERIAN CHORCH tCHlilSTIAN'SCIENCE SOCIETY Guest Speaker 6fve ^SbVen Imporf^rft Fadors In TrealMt of Tiibisrculosis Speaking before a group of peo-. pie representing the board of • suparvLsors, grand,jury, 27th,Dis-, trlct P.^T.A. and the Mendodno • County 'Tuberculosis Association, at the Palace Hotel, Sunday, January 25, Dr. Robert S.Quinn outlined a plan for tuberculosis control' in. Mendocino, county. Seven factors were pointed out by Dr^ Qulnn as playing .an important role in controlling "and eradinating tuberculosis; First,' there is the private pjjy- si'clan whdse. responsibility in f)nd. ihg and treating tuberculosis cannot be emphasized enoUgh. A tuberculosis control program must guarantee that patients of private practitioners • are not talcen out of their hands, but are given the Opportunity for correct diagnosis and hospitalization. Secondly, Dr. Qulnn stated that the tuberculosis association, had a vital responsibility in educating the public as to the needs for hospital and clinic facilities, .information on tuberculosis and {he need for efficient health ^depart-'; ment services. In addition to edli-i cational sei-vices the tuberculosis association should make chest x-, ray units available to every com-' munity as part of its oase-flndine program. The association should' by no means flharice direct relief: or treatment for tuberculosis' cases, as this Is the responsibility' of the county government and' would soon banitrupt the associ-' ation. Third, the public itself, when aroused and educati^d to the heeds LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE ' OF TBtraTEE'S SALE The rea^ property described hi a deed of trust recorded in Book 193 at page iB8,'official records of Mendocino County, C^lifprnia, also known as "The Forks Auto Court" will be sold for la\vfui money of the United States at public auction to the highest bidder at 2:00 P;M. on February 20y 1948. Sald;sale will b? conducted bn'the-prfemises described in said deed Of trust. THOMAS F. CLELAND, Trustee; ' 1/30; 2/6,. 13 Richard A/Van dar Las, D. M. Mlniilai Morning worship at 11 o'clock, the minister cond«cting the. service. The'subject will be: 'Taith As a Dynamic'Force." This message was suggested by a small pamphlet; sent by the San Francisco Examiner in which arc seven brief, forceful statements . writ, ten by seven leaders in scientiflc achievement on the subject: "My Faith." One of these' statements. IS by V Robert G."Sproul, '.president of - the University of California. Sunday school at 9:45. Ther vested 'Choip- meets at the manse for a .(brief ireheartal before the service. A nursery for.-small children is maintained^at the manse. for a tuberculosiscontrol program, which would include .hospitalization faciUtles and health departr ment services, can dertiand these from the board of supervisors. If the public wishes to pay for adequate health service, it is up. to them to see that their wish is carried lOut, Dr. Quinn pointed out. Fourth, the. control of communicable diseases according to California law-is invested in the official governing body of the county, j chplr. The guest .speaker highly, commended the board of supervisors UKIAH METHODIST CHURCH Charles G. Undemann, MiBisier smith and Pine 9;45 a .m.—Sunday School. We have classes for all ages—children, youth and adult;. , Morning worship aJ. II. Rev. Llndeniann will deliver the fourth, of' his- series' of -sermons on the general theme, "The Mont Significant Words in'the Bible- and Human Speech." His. topic fpr {his service "wUl- bo, "The Most Beau tiful Word." . . -)•'• . -V by .the, vestfed At 6:30i -Intermediate -yeuth Fellowship -in the: educational OR the new hospital > and sanato- I tJhiti Seventh -ahd-'eighth''grdde rium plans. He pointed out that age children invited, tdberculosis .sanatoriiJm should be At 7 :30, 'Senior..Youth Fellow- centrally located so that it ship in church fiarlor. AH ^high would be accessible to individuals school age 'youth, onoveri' are In- throughout the county. This is ex- vlted. ' , . tremely Important- because the Cholrrehearsal'-Wednesday,eve- PStient Will remain for treatment nmg at 7.', the churtih. if he knows his family and friends i , We maintain a' hurseiy Where can come to visit him once in awhile. .The initial cost. of pro- LEGAL NOIICE SUMMONS No. 1S378 . Action brought in the Superior Court of the State of California, in Rnd for the County Of 'Mendocino, and the complaint "filed '• in the office of the Clerk of. said County of Mendocino. - In the SUPKRIOR COURT of the STATE OF : CAMFGRNlA, in and for the COUNTY OF-.MEi*- DbciNO., W. p. AUi^NTHORP,, Plaintiff, vs. i). C. SMITH,'as Adhiinlstrator of theEstateof WILbli^W HENRY FORD,' Deceased, GLADYS FAXON, also knoWn as .GUADYS SMITH, JOHN DOE, RICHARD ROlE, and THE,3f; COMPANY, a Corporation, Defendants. ' , . The, People of the^State of; California Send Greetings To: I D.'C. SMITH, as'Administrator of the Estate of WILLIAM HENRY FORD, Deceased, GLADYS FAXON, also known as GLADYS SMITH, JOHN DOE, RICHARD ROE, and THE X COMPANY, a Corporation, Defendants. YOU ARE HEREBY DIRECTED TO APPEAR and answer the Complaint in the - action entitled as above, brought against you in the Superior Court of the State of California in and for the County of Mendocino, within ten days after-the Service tin yovi bf this Sumhlbns-^if served within this County;-6r .within thirty daj ^s if aerved elsewhere. • And you are nojifled that unless you appear and answer as above^ requited, the said -plaintiff will take judgment for any money or damages demanded in the Complaint, as .arising upon contract;'or will apply "to the Court for-'any other relief -de'raianded in said Complaint. : Given under n\y hand and the Seal of the Superior ;qoUrt :6f the State 6f California, inand for tlie County, of Mendocino,' this lOth day of bciober,.1947. • r W. ;J. BUOAPDUS, tSEALl County Clerk. By CliAIRE SEEILY, 'Deputy Clerk. SPUHR. & BRUiniER, Attorneys for Plaintiff, First National Bank Bldg., Ukiah, California. 1-10 Zinc viUlng treatment of tuberculosis pauents is hign,.,bui sy immediate ho.spitalizati.6h of every tulser^ culosis case the high cost will soon pay great, dividends to the county in lowered mo'rbidlty and mor^ tallty, rates and a far healthier commiinity. Fifth, 'respbrisibillty for a tuberculosis control-pro-am should rest with otie individual, 'a tuberculosis control officer, who should be supreme in establishing policies of the program. The con-; trol officer should be : assistant health officer and should be capable • of supplying specialized trcatmerlt.. of tuberculosis patients. Sixth,.in order to have {iletely• efficient 'coiitrol and eradication p^rogram of aiiy communic-', atile diseases. Dr. Quinn stated it was essential to have a health officer and health nurses to do followup and quarantine. Recalcitrant cases, according to California law, may be quarantined by the health bffider. In fact, thfere is no reason why an active case with a positive sputum should run around the streets any more than a, case of "sniallpbx; If the health officer can get no action thrijligh quarantine, , he may use police force to hospitalize recalcitrant ca^es, . ; Seventii, all cases : of tuberculosis hospitalized by the county should»be admitted by the Social Service Department. Dr. Quinn paid special tribute to-former Wplfare direptor, W. G. Golden, ahdthe-presehtdirectdr/Mr.'Hbw- ard Cheeviers. He pleaded,, hojv- tn^er, that the department ihduld] not make: paupers Of individuals befote they could be 'admitted to tuberculosis sanatorium's. 'He pointed out 'that, if a man has a thpusaiid-dollars in the 'bank, ,he should.not be made to spend all of; that before -he could-get aid from the, county; tt is more important that the- individual, have that' flnannial back-log when . he is restored to health, so that he will not have to fall, bjick on'the county for further aid. Dr. Quinn stated it etist $1800 to treat'a minimal case of tuberculosis; $3000 for moderately advanced cases, and $5000 for far advanced cases. This cost did not include aid to the family, or rehabilita- ton costs: In closing, Dr. Quinn revealed that insSonoma county, from one- third to one-half - of tiie cost for operating its 98-bed .'sanatorium is born by the,state from tubercu^ loEls subsidy funds. '^d Haghl, chairman of the bofird. of supervisors, stated that the board is taking definite steps toward the h6spital and tuberculosis sanatorium in the next few weeks. R.O. Foster of Talmage, chairman of the public health committee.,, of the Mendocino County (5rand 'Jury, was among those present to hear Dr. Quinn. Besides the talk by the;guests speaker, .board members and guests heard conimittee reports by, Mrs. Robert Froh'n, on the Seal Sale. 'She also pointed but that anyone still wishing to .«!end in •he Seal contribution, may do so. George Dietterla reported on organization; William Bromley gave tha treasurer's report, and Frank Ha'rader case-finding projects. The art director. Miss Sober, and the seven Ukiah high school students who submitted pbsters during the Christmas Seal sale, will be invited gxlests of the association at its annual dinner meeting in the spring. ' small Children may be left in com- peteht care while their parents attend the morning worship. The "Church of the Chimes" iri-^ vitesyoii. ^ _ - . . , BOONViLLB ;lJ4ET *ldDrST CHUACH •: Suri'dsiy'schbol,'lO': .; Worship ^eirvice, 7:30 :plm. Morning service at Philo at vlj.; Beginning ticlobei 5 'th»e "wili i^eaching.service» .every / Sunday at 7:30 p.m.- and at. JPhilp at U a .m. • .W.S.,C.S. meets the second and foii 'rth Thursdays of "each rhdhth, REORGANliED CHURCH bF JEiSUS CHRIST or JCiATTE* DAY SAINTS • . at 744 ..South- Oak. street, Febriiaiy iv't^t ll .a .ni..All ate welcome. •' .,, The subject will be by J. W. Lea. ^Authority From God." •[ , "Who then uncalled, unknown by, thee."--Mat. 7121-^3. .. "Dare ,touch thy Sjiotiise; Thyself below."—Col. 1:18; • "Or count ^m suiininoned wor-, thily."-—John;i3j20.- ' , "Except thy. hand- and Seal he show?"—Heb.'5;W.: • Sunday' school; -10' aan. - CALPELtA .COMMUNITY .CHURCH , 10 a .m.—Sunday, school, Mrs. Benback, supenritencient. HOLY TftlNlW-^I^lScb^AL Riv. B. G. Wilt, yicar Sunday Eeryices;. Holy cothmu- nion,'8 a .m.; Sunday'' school 9:45 aim.;'morning, pljayerv ^.i^^ : FIRST BAPTIST, iJHURCH Corner Smith .aiid Oak S|re«ti 'I^eonard G.''%^b'wn/Pail6r 9:45 a.m.-r-Bib^ff^School... , Mrs./Charl'es .Whit'taWer,'siiper- intendent. You will find 'a class 7;30 p.m.-^vening service; tor eveiy age'group In'our school. 11 a .m.—Morning WbfsHip. ' Wednesday, 7:30 p.rh.i-^Midweek prayer meeting. Hearing aids provided.: . 'A nursery tor shi'all children. CHHlkTiAi*'CHURCH ' bran BoUthaei, Minister 210 North School St. Morning worship. • Sunday School, 9:45 a.m.—MrsJ, L. H.'Fostej'/'sliperlriterifieht. . Christian Endeavbf! at 6.-S0. Separate meetings for' adults, youn^, people and juhiars.. . - ' Evening worship, 7:30 p.m. Prayer Meeting Wedheaday evening at 7i30;.',. ;. . ^Choir practice Thursday eveinhig at 7:30. ''" "If we love one another, God dwelleth in us. and his love is •perfected in us" (I John. 4:12). This is ,th? Golden Text for the Christian Science lessort-sermoh for Sunday, February 1, The subject-is "Love." • The following citations are taken from the sermon: Romans:: "Owe no man any thirig, but to love one another: for. he that loveth another "hath fulfilled the law" (13:8). . , "Science. and ..Health with Key: to the. Scriptures" by Mary Baker' Eddy: .VLove for God and man is the true incentive in both healing and teaching. Love inspires'illum­ ines, designates, and leads the way. Eight motives give pinions to thought, and strength and freedom to speech' and action. T.ove IS priestess at the altar oi truth. Wait patiently for divine Liove to move 'upon the waters of mortal mind,, and from the perfect concept",(p. 454). Oak and Chufch streets; reading room open 2^ to '4 p.m. Tuesday, Thursday'and Saturday. REDWOOD VALLEY SERVICE "Sunday school at'10. a.m., Mrs. N61s Nelson, superintendent. The new Sunday school "rooms are being used. • ' iChurch 'services on third Sun- iday of each rrioijth at 11 a.m Elbert Holland will be there with the J'Box of B's" for the school arid a lesson 6n "What Think'Ye of the - Christ?" At' the clubhouse. New Pruning Method Used Demonsfration Held In 4 Sections During Past Week • CATHOLIC CHURCH' SERVICES Perkins aad Bush 'Sts. Fathnr Atlrian Sharkey. Pastor Father Austin Mitchell Father Finnian Carroll St. Mary's Church, Ukiah, Mass each Sunday at '8:30 and 10 ii.m. St. Albert's . Convent Chapel, West Church street. Mass each Sunday lit 7 a.m. . . , .St.-Francis, Hopland, Mass ifiral Sunday at. 0 a.m. Other Sundays, inass'at •10:1'5. " , St. Bridig 'Sj Calpeila. Mass first Sunday at 10:15. No niass second Sunday. Other Sundays at 9 a.m; State Hospital, Talmage. Third Sunday, 9 a.m. .. Indian Rancheriat . St. Joseph's. First Sunday, mass at; 9' aim. St. Dominic's.- Second Sundayl mass at 9 a.m. St. Francis. Second Sunday, mass at 9 a.m; . , .,'. St. 'Patrick's. Fourth -Suriday, niass'^at-'^.-a.m. ' THE cJiuacH Or,CliiftIST Wesley Tottinghaim, EyBngelist i-' •-.Minister-' , "This qhtu-ch, 'acci\rdiiig to the New' Testanierit pattern '(Matt. 16; 18-Rotn. 10;l6 ),':Will .-~be holding services, each Lord's Day'at the Grange hall, South--iState street, 'lunday. iiibrnirig srvices will, be froin '10 a.m; to 12. noon, with Bible study, •Ijord's Supper .and p'fea'chlhg.. • Evangelistic, services will be held, each Lord's Day eve- ing-at 7:30. . ' Serinon subjects this week are, morning, "Return of Christ." 'Evening, • "Christ's.. Second Corning and the Man of Sin." . i;,yTHER^N CHURCH Louis C. Marting, Pastor 4l6 West Smith/F%dne 4G7-W S^rrices' in EpiscopBl.Guild Hall :Divine :worship , each. Sunday morning. Jat. ll o'clock. .. • Sunday school Inimediately f 01- lowinl; the \worship. •^AclUlt-i-eIigioUs;discussl6n group meats 'Wednesday e'venirig'at 7:48 o'clock. Ativbhe is 'welcome to attend. ... , Con .riririatldii 'jn.struCtibh clas-ses are conductexl' tor the", youth on Tuesdays and Fridays at 4 o'clock. V During the past week 138 fruit growers witnessed pruning demonstrations at the Cecil Go'tvan orchard in Andersop vall^, 'Valley Oakes ranch at Kopiand, Ruei SticKney orchard at Ukiah and the Cedric Thornton orchard at Potter Valley, on the use of compressed air operated pruning shears and movable towers for use in pruning. ' Demonstrations were conducted by E. J. Bowles, itinerate assistant farm advisor, and E. F. Sen-, deciduous fruits. University of California, at DaVis, tay 'arraiYgetneht ahd, under, supervision .of Ffed^H; Taylor, iocal assistant larin adv visor. I iln the -use of-this: equipment, shears activated 'by compressted aip replace the conventional'hand' op-l efated tools. .This saves much time," especially with th6 -shearS :'two:vfeet arid longer; also saves 'much, fatigue. Those who'have used .ithej equipment - claim;,lrom ,25 ;to 50%; savlngiln labor/The<tise of lowers .wkas i-also; demonstrated 'by, rfteans; of a -tower on a truck, constructed by the university,- and 'at the- Ruel Stickney- orchard a.ipruj^in^ tower built and uSed^hyMr. Stickney. Towers'also-save much time, ejimiri'ating the '.moving of ;ladders abdut the-.-^tree -sihd-providingt"a firm ''platformrwlth rkicker. or-iex- tension'.bQards-. that canrbt-iox^ tended Jntoithe .centerof vthe tree. jMr."-'Stickney.;-is ^perhaps the, flrst^operator' in, Mendocino-county-'to ;usc this new type of oquip-^ ment. However, much interest was manifest at the demonstrations and further use of mechanical shears and platforms may be expected. For Sale , A field of natural gas near Rio Vista, opened in ii936, forms the icounty's chief mineral product. For Sdlie DWELLING of 2 bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen and bath, 6 modern cabins, elentricaly heated, all located on large lot, clO'se to business district.. Will "produce good income and'provide a home at the same time. Buy for investment. Price $16,000. Terms-mostTeasonable. Ldrkin J. Yourice Preston 'Bldg.,\Ukiah 81t6c Business Opportunities and Real Estate NEVir 3 ROOM HOME—Lot 57x 155 ft.j city water, sswer and electricity,, also storage bldg. Only $5700. terms. 15-ACRE RANCH—Near 101; 4 mi. from Ukaih, including incomplete new home; electricity, well, • pressure system, barn, chicken house; horse,'chickens, plow, harrovr; fenced-$9000. CAFE & GAS STATION—On 101 hiway. Ideal, location, Ifv. qtrs., •good lease. Priced to sell. BAR & CAFE—In town, on 101 hiway. Excellent equipment, gooc!) lease. $17,000, terms. RANCH—1040 acres; 1 6-room home and 1 5-room home, both modern. All equipment for horses, cows, pigs and chickens; 2-car garage, plenty of water, good income as ranch. Also wonderful location for resort. .$35,000, easy terms. O. R. SKAGGS 334 No.-State. •83-W; .83t2c For Sale FOR SALE— At B & B Garage, Calpella, 1 "22" Caterpillar, good . condition; 1 "15" Caterpillar, :good condition; 1 2-way plow, like new; 1 heavy-duty G.E. motor-driven welder mounted on model A Fold truck, dual tires; 1 model A coupe, 1930, good shape. 83t2p FOR SALE—TWO Tokheim computer gas pumps, complete with hose and nozzles; used very lit-! tie. Can see at the State Garage, 028 So. State St., Ukiah. 83t4p FOR SALE — Almost new Occidental gas range, 4 burners, 'griddle, separate broiler and oven. Table-top rnodel. On display at: P. B. Motors. 83t3c MODERN country home and 2 acres level land located 3 miles from Ukiah on paved road, 2 bedrooms, hardwood floors, living room, dining room, kitchen and bath. Electric heat. Unlimited 'water supply. Double garage. Beautiful surroundings. $12,000, terms. Larkin J. Younce Preston Bldg.,. Ukiah 82t6c SAVE MONEY— See Fred Howard. "V" rustic siding, cement work, foundations, moving, wrecking, plumbing, hardware, electric wiring, roofing; painting, paperhahging, pressure puinps, floor sahders by hour or day. Free estimates. Phone 104, evenings 15-J-l. Write Box 163, Talmage.- 1-19-mlp HOLZ GO. SUGGESTS you let our trained farnl, equipment mechanics go over your equipment now, during the quiet season, and put it in top shape for • next season's work. . ' - GaHl|80 for appointment. 59tfc FOR SALE— Good oat hay, not damaged by rain. Gall 76-W, after 5 p.m. , ^83t3p FOR SALE— Royal typewriter in good condition. Edith Beck,'ph. 275. 83t3c FOR SALE —Sporting goods and men's clothing store, KelseyviHe, Lake county, next to post office. Good going business. Reasonable. P.O. BOX 199, -KelseyvilJe. 83t3c FOR SAI.S — Young vineyard horses;.also unbroko mules. .Apply Harry ,E. Lutley, Box 316, •St. Helena, Ctilif. l-15mlp ATTENTION GRAPE GROWERS COME in and see the new combination sled and brush burner. Spinelli's Blacksmith Shop,.407.N. State street. 78tfc IMMEDIATE DELIVERY — Watei; heaters, floor furnaces and ranges for propane-butane. Economical home and fai-m tank gas units. L. P. Gas & Ap .,5liances. Phone n-J.Maspn and Standley streets. 71tfc Wanted to fiuy WILL BUY — House trailer, or trade for good one. Milton . Gro.>is, 226,Norton St., 82t3p WANTED— 1 to,3 tons sheep, cow or horse manure. Malt Gerhart, , Redwood Valley. 83t3p WANTED — Stock sheep dairy ranch. "Have cash buyer. This is the-year to tell. E. H. CROWELL 585 Mendocino Ave. 3588-J .Santa Rosa . l-12mlp READY MARKET for all classes of livestock, any size-lots. Farm Bureau Marketing 'AiSsn, phone Boonville 2591 collect, or Ukiah 1114. 7tfo Employment BOOKKEEPER WANTED — Experienced, man. Ukiah Auto Parts, N. T. Lower. 83t3c MEDICO DRUG CO.— Will have opening for 3 experienced sales girls around Feb.l. Forparticu- lars see Mr.'Roumas, Manager. 77tfc Miscellaneous Yelma's Child Care LEAVE your children While you shop, dine or dance. Boarding. Phone 924-W, 404 Clara ; Ave. 80tfc HOLZ CO. has available at their disposal a Pumiping Engineer who will be able to offer any help in your pumping or irrigation problems, no matter how large • or small. ' 59tfc FOR'SALE— Two i/4-h.p. motors. D.C. H. 'E. Brittihgham, Potter Valley.. . 83t3p FOR SALE— Hay vetch, $20 ton. Gall 270-; J, Ukiah. , 83t6p Used Cars Be Sure Your ' , Prunihg Suppiies are in order. They may be tough to get again this year HOLZ CO. bas-Snag'Cut parts, shear handles and bolts in stock now. 59tfc FOR 'SALE— ^Electric brooder,' 300 ,chick''capacity, $5; also 11-tube '.lidio'-in good conditibri, $50. Jbe'Niderost, Helen Ave. 83t3p FOR SALE— Washing machine, Montgomery Ward. Write P.O. Box 567,. Ukiah. . 83t3p MODERN COUNTRY HOME—1- story, Mendocino panaramit type construction, 4 bedroorhs, 2 baths, patio, view window.?, iire- piace, eleotificity or gas heat. Fi'v'e acres, partly laval and wooded, gardens, shiubbery, telephone and unlimited water supply. Tljrea'iniles from Ukiah. $16,000 terms. Larkin J. Younce .Preatort.Bldg.,-Ukiah . 8it6c FOR SALE 5-ACRE FARM—Close to Ukiah 'City limits, Very fine soil, large 'house, plenty of outbuildings, plenty of water. This place ideal for dairy farm, chicken farm or bungalow court—or coiribihation of all three. Price $15,750. NICE LOT—East frontage on Mc- Pealc St., ;H6gan tract. Price $880. 2V6 ACliES-^Hbuse on highway about 9 miles from Ui<iah. 5- rootn house, part unfinished. Good well, good location. Possession can be had irhm'ediately. Frice for quick sale, $3000. 5 ACRES—South of tHtiah,, ideal for country home, Ha.'i-'good well, no improvements, some trees. Price $2000. . BUSINESS LOT-^Fihe location, 145x180 on corner.' PriCe $10,000. FRED A. NASSIE - Real Estate Agency 111 W. Perkins 728 S. State Ukiah . 78tfc FOR SALE—1947, 2.door Ford 6 'sedan. Xiow .mileage, lots of extras. Can be seen at Little Lake Garage,' Willits, or phone Laytonville 39 -R evenings. 80tfc FOR SALE — 1934 podge truck, IMt-ton flatbed, gbod tiiechani- Cal condition,'good rubljerj-^SOS. . 'Ernie's'Harware, 307 So. Main, ' phone .277-J., 83t2o FOR SALE — 1931 Ford cohv., , $175. Phone. 371. 83t3p FOR SALE— Very good 1933 Nash coupe, all tires like new, $250. Redwood Valley Box 169, Fair- banljs. . ... ,. : 83t8p FOR SALE—1942 Studebaker club coujje. Also'extra good Cushrhan scooter. 817 Cypress, ph. 806iW. l-15mlc FOR SALE— 1938 GMC 10-wheel; 1940 Chevrolet cab'over; 1942 Dodge dual drive'" 10-wheel trucks,, with or without Cattle racks; 20-ft. single axle; semi, Wiif" I 'ack. Ukiah Auction Yards, phone 690-W. 83t3c HOME WANTED— For semi-invalid, gentleman. Phone 10-Fr3. , 82t3c FOR A GOOD home-cooked evening meal—serve it in my home. Write Journal Box 1011. 82t3p SEWING — Machine-made buttonholes and alterations. Call after, noon.'402 E. Perkins St. Sltfc The Sport Center '255 North State HAS everything for the athlete, the hunter, the fisherman. , ,. Football shoes, gym shoes, athletic supplies, hunting clothes, shotguns. .22 rifles, air rifUes, ammunition. 46tfc • PHONE 397 For An Types" of ., PAINTING, SHEETROCK FINISHING and TEXTURING H. S. GRAY Painting and Decorating P.O. BOX 608, Ukiah 78tfc FLOOR SANDING and finishing— Old and new. Hardwood aiid linoleum, floors cleaned, waxed and polished. Phones 724, 507-ft, 912-W. Rod Walch, 912-W; Ed Oden'. 507-R, 724. 1/lmlp OPENING MY SHOE REPAIR SHOP at 160 Henry St. FEBRUARY 2 Will be pleased to serve old friends and make new briesi— J. L. Barber. ' • ;83t2p SONOMA MATTRESS WOKKS of Cotati, Calif. Let, us convert that old mattress into a modern innerspring. -Box springs rebuilt. New inherr springsiand bbx springs made'to order. For information call Ukiah Rug Cleaners, vphone 727-W. • 83tfc FOR SALE— '47'Kaiser with heater.^going east reason for selling. Can be seen after 6 p.m. at 827 Cypress. 83t3p PHiLO METHODiST CtttjHC.H Mrs. A.,H. Brown. Superintmdsut Sunday school at 10 a.m. Worship servio'e'ait'li'aim; . p Ladies' Aid, the-first-and third Thursdays. ,' •, HOME MlSSlbNAiflY CHURCH OpJ>b»lt8'Alrjibrt PaBtbr, H. M. Blsliy Sunday school, 10 a.m. Morning, worship, 11 a.m. •Evangelistic service, '7:45 pjti. Tuesday worship, ;7!'46 p;m. Friday worship, 7;'45 p.m. •Everybody 'welcome. Gome 'ahd- worship our God together. The church with'b hearty X^elcome. ASSEMBLY Of GOD.-i'feobhViUe M. D. I/ancasibr Sunday services: Stinday School at 10 a.m.;'momirfg ivbi-iship at U o'clock; evonirig evangelistic at 7:45; Wednesday Bible study at 7:45 p.m. UKIAH GOSPEL TAB^RNACLE ASSEMBLY OJ? GOD 'Stnith and -BaraeB 7St». - 'J.'R. Edgar ,"'PBstbr- Siihday Schcol—^9:45 a.m. : Morning services—11 a.m. •Children's-Church—6:30 f.m., '.Christ's Ambh^a'dors—6:30 Evening Revival Hour — 7:45 p.m. ,. , Tuesday Bible Study, Questions and Prayer—:7:15;j>.m. , P'riday Cottage -Prayer Meeting —7!45 p.m;. CHURCH OF 'J*3US CHRIST •br LATTER-DAY SAINTS Stelert Hall .Sunday' school; ip a.m. SacrMnent meeting, 11 a jn.; con- lUcfed by C. A. Call, branch presi- lent. Fireside chat at 7'.30 p;m. 'Prirtiary. Thtirsday at 3:30 p.m. Relief Sbciefy, Thursday at 2:30 j.m. • . ' ' SEVENTH-DA'ir AitJ-^ENTIST Corner-Bush '& Hfnry Sabbath (Satiirday) .''services: UiSO.a.m.r^Sabbath Bbhool; 11 a.m. —Ihsplrlhg, enlighteuin'g Bible sermon. , • ; Wednesday .'evening iBt 7:30— Bible study and "prayer .Servicei hour begins. The" Wednesday riigh.t Uprayer service htiiir will bte 'giVen oVer to a 'Bible lecture by' the pastor. GUES'Ta IN UKIAH Mrs. Arzelle Williams and her son, Tommie McFarland of Los Angeles are guests of Mrs. Williams' sister, Mrs. Paul Hansen. PUMPS •WE can supply pumps from the largest deep-weir turbine to the siiiallest pressure system, arid ha'ire competent engineers to figure your job. WE represent two of the most respected names' in the pumping business; • BYRON JACKSON ' ' Irrigation Pumps and ; .. • JACUZZI - Pressiire systems : Bring your pumping probleins ' • tc> us. UKIAH "FARMERS CLUB 1 .... Call 730 4Ufc FOR SAVE—2 Jiorses, work single or double. Priced reasonably. Journal Box 1009. . 82t3c FOR SALE — No. 1 rooted St. George. Italian Swiss Colony, "A,'?ti, Calif. Phone Cloverd?le 2iO-F-^2. . l-8/2mc Ready-Cut Homes $555 complete. 18x20 ft., cottage, cabin, garage;'erect in 3 days. All new materials, doors, win- doV/s, roofs,. fioors, . nails, etc., all cut to fit. Plans and instructions furnished. Intimedjate delivery.'Sample building now being erected 2 miles south of Ukiah, left side of highway. Ph. Ed Sands, Ukiah 334-J. 739 No. Oak. Ukaih deUvery. $1750. 70tfc FOR SALE— Some assorted plow shares. 1 horse dra'wn cart, newly painted. 1 Morgan stock hbrse, gentle but spirited, with complete tack. Spinelli's Blacksmith Shop 407 N. State St. 78tfc CAFE CHECKS— Now in stock at Redwood Journal office. Get yOur supply there. 76tfx LIGHTING FIXTURES— We have in stock and maintain the largest and most complete line of lighting fixtures in Mendocino arid Lake counties. , ROBERT L. BECKER 731 So. State St. ' Ukiah, Calif. 104tfc HOLZ CO. Used Equipment Dept. offers some very .fine savings in 'wheel tractors—"Track Layers.'' Tractor-drawn and Horse-drawn Discs, Harrows and Plows 59tfo FOR SALE, $8000 -^15 acres, large garage, barn, cbrrals, large 2- ropm modern house. Also '4- •rbbin modern home, "garage, ,3 acres of walnuts. 3 'wells, "pfessure system, lieautifully , situated on Hiway 20, $18,000. e40 acres grazing land, springs, $8000. W. F. Reynolds,* Upper. •I/ake. . ^ 81t8p FOR SALE — Sorosis wood and gas range, converted to an oil iWith a crusty oil burner. Hot \Water coil' in goOd condition. •Phone 3 -R -4, C. Forbes. 82t3p FOR SALE — .House trailer. Big Oaks Auto Court. 82t3p BOOK MATCHES — Personal or for business. Order from the Redwood Journal. 20tfi.- STOOL 'OOVERS —We are riianli- facturing stool covers for bars and sbiall rooms. Made of the highest grade leatherette atid guaranteed top-grade workmanship—at reasonable prices. Any color desired; eyery stool cover made to your. Individual order. Contact CALIFORNIA CO"VER CO., 636 First St., Santa.Rosa, Calif., phone 3934. . 77tl0p OWNERS— Sta GARAGE pair order books Redwobd. J ournal. iiidard rein stbck at 35tfx FOR SALE — House trailer. Big Oaks -Auto Court. 82t3p FOR SALE — 5-room home in Ukiah. Address R. Hoag, 1551 45th Ave., San Francisco. 81t6p ST. GEORGE ROO"fEb VINES for sale. Inquire C. Mondavi & • Sons, St. Helena, Calif., phone 338. 82t4c FOR SALE— Man's overcoat, like new, '$10. 719 So. State St. 82t3c FOR SALE— Small 'i-lding horse, 4 years old, with saddle and bridle. Gentle and cheap. Call "964-R. 82t3c FOR SALE—-1936 Pontiac coupe, $425; 1937 cab-over-engine 10- wlieel job, $1000. See Dan Cohen, phone 769. or 933 --W. ,7etfc ROOMS FOR RENT— Gentlemen .preferred. .418 W. Mill. Phone 1133-J after 3. p.m. . .82t3c FOR SALE -- 1929 Nash coupe, $100; good tires and motor. 315 W. Standley. 82t3p FOR SALE— 1935 Chevrolet coupe, motor bverhauled, clean. Can be seen at Leroy Mobile Service; i State arid Scott. 82t3p FOR SALE— 1942 DeSoto sedan, good buy. See Dan Cohen, ph. 679-or, 933-W. 78tfc FOR SALE — 1941 Studebaker Coinmarider Deluxe; has radio, heater, good condition; $50' less than book. Call 13-R-l, Ukiah- Vdtfc FOR SALE — 1934 Ford pickup, mechanically good, 650-16 tires. Price $375. Call L. R. Perry, 194;w after 5 p.m: or Sat. and Sun. 82t3p FOR SALE—1946 Chevrolet panel, low niileage, reasonable. Phone 400, 58tfc Truck Headquarters Bargains Galore 1942 3-ton Dodge," new motor, 5- speedtransmissior, 603 Brownie, 900X20 tir«3,' 10-hble Budd. Very clean condition. 1942 Fords arid' Chevrolets, 'l>/4- ton 2-speed axle, smoe with -hoist flatbeds. Lumber trucks,'semi-trailers, pickups, diesels, stakes. Many to choose from. All these trucks .are priced to sell. No reasonable offer refused. Coast Motor Sales 755 Third St. ' Petaluma. Calif. 12/291mc To rod ay Kennels Cocker Spaniels dt Stud Taraday's Beau Bingo Taraday's Copper Gleam II, Both sired by intematibnal champions. •> The Foi-ks, 3 mi. north of Ukiah — 83t3p • Radio Repairing ONE^DAY service' on all. types'•of • home or auto radios. > PAUL O. NITSCH State & Clay. Ph. 47-J. 75tfc RAISE YOURSELF A TINE SADDLE HORSE— Breed youir saddle mare to Vee-Teai, reg. 'Arabian stallion, son of world-iahious Antez. Stud fee :$50. WUl <plck up and return free, one mare anywhere within 50 mUes, twb mares anywhere within 100 miles.-ALSO LET YOUR WORK MARElS REPLACE THEMSELVES—Breed them to Cariso II, jet black reg. Perchbron stallion, sire of outstanding cblts. Same rate. Munson Reg. -Stock Farm, phone 149-Y-14, Bald HiU. Ranch, Fort Bragg, .Calif. 79tfc Specializing ELECTROLUX CLEANER Repairs Expert Service Biftce 1933 SHILTON'S 3980 Redwood HighWay South. Santa fiosa Hibne"4033 -W '4 . 'if . SEPTIC TANKS & s CESSPOOLS •pumped. Modern equipment No mileage charge.. Phone Upper Lake 52 between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m., or write P.O. Box 220, Upper Lake. A. E. SILVA '5btfc LEAVING TOWN?— Have to sell? List with StrOut. 44tfc FOR SALE— Used 1946 International K-5 in excellent condition, Only 11,000 miles; flatbed. Phone 462-W. 83t3c Tor Rent FOR SALE -^flO acres river bottom land, 50 acres level land checked for irrigation, planted to alfalfa ladino, balance in wheat. Concrete dam, underground pipe. Tractor, power • mower and rake. 4 -i .oom house. E. Babcoclc, • Redwood Vallev, 25-Y-12. 82l3p FOR RENT— S-room modern furnished apurtment, 2 beds. 520 So. State St. 'l-15mlc ROOMS FOR RENT— Men only!' 406 W..Henry. 8 Itf c FOR 'SENT — Front room, with steam heat. Gentleman only. Phone 80 -R. . 78tfc FOR LEASE ON SHARES — 35 acres of vineyard. Write Marion Fischer, Box 671, Lakopoit, or call plione 128-R, 82t3c ROOFING AND INSULATION our specialty. Johns-Manville products; no job too biig, hone too small. Herman Ruhkel. Ph. 102. ALL MAKES of washing machines repaired: wringer rolls, belts, parts. 'Wright's Electric, 289 N. Main. Phone 693-W. ;30tfc A. G. Kossinger ^ . VVELL DRfLONG 581 No. Dora. Ph. e27 -R. 2dtfo ARCHITECTURAL DRAFTING— John Wilson. 610 McPeak St. -SOtfe Trespass Notices PROTECT your property with durable signs, printed cr^ sign cloth. Prices: 6, $2.50; 12, $3.00; 25, $4.00; 50, $5.50; 100, $8.50. On mail orders, include state sales tax arid postage. Redvs";od Journal. 32tfx JOURNAL CLASSIFIEDS PAY 4V

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