Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on December 15, 1972 · Page 10
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 10

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, December 15, 1972
Page 10
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It's Era of Tight End in Pro Football As Re g"i*»- season Ends •»•» —. ~.««. •»» J«> By MURRAY OM1KRMAN SAN FRANCISCO —t NEA —A case can bo made for the tight end as thr prototype e: all a professional fool ball player should be. Because blocking is one oi his vital functions, and hi> frequent target is a '.'.".VpotirV: linebacker. In has n 1" physical Anvuhen betwooi 6-3 and 6-5 'and 23.'. | f . ^ pounds is in the riph: rangi though yon can get b> will less weigh! if ypi: con: ponsating sivengtl. Because the sprea«3 ?orw drfenyes has made hin. ;. p r i m r ; passing target especiaih oi. th:r>-; do?" clinch sitiK>tie>nv he mi*! b. agile pn .->ug! i. sc ;i )ir~. the crack.- iv" ;'\ ro;v an., h.ivt tin hand c-o.- '-.•';pr''~a te crab iiassc- a' nr.-- ancd Recalls; ;hn> ; sr .nii rr >r>i defense; h;-'' : S*M''', of th: long bomb v thr o«t?'dc "c reivers, especial:.' 1 v.i!! tn< doithk rones f e>fhe- side ,->; the field the tiph: end shouli: nr^ 1 hnvt **M sjieec te o> deer' dcuT tlif' niiddi;- Becausi" o. thi comb: na'ia:'. :.: adi'. the-r factc~s \T' . na\' ha\'e -anx-' s»ars lik: ^<\. Kwahck c: Sar. P^anris."' sn, 4 Charlie Sanger:- «•• Pff-oi: nlsyiiii. fh: posit inr. A trem?ndoi:.- numbe: o: other nr-rd tich! end talent.- a.-; or disnla it thi V'-- tinna Football l-eagix To., •\ lis: would have- lo inchid; Raymonc Cheste: Oakland Aid; A1orn Cleveland Bo' Tiir-kia Nov YoW. Giants Bo! Trump'- Cmonnai, .lin. Mitchei, Atlanta Ton. Mitchei. Baltimore a n a Richard Caste- Nev York ,iet- Denver has a rookie. Rile> (Moms, who'll he right with then', in another year Still active also, and still effective as starters, are five mer who've been all-prc at the position and who average 10 years of experience in mo football Mike Ditka. Dallas: .lackic Smith. S: Louis: .Jern Smiti.. Washington, .lohn Mackey. San Diego, and Willie Frazier. Kansas City. The remarkable aspect of such prominence is that the tight end is strictly a modern phenomenon, traceable lo a dozen years back. The powerful post-World War II Cleveland Browns didn't have a tight end. Starting ends Mac Speedie and Dante Lavelli -were greyhound types, and Dub Jones, who came out of the backfield to catch passes, was also in the wide receiver mold Tne need to stimulate more running against the 4-3 defense and still spin e couple oi receivers u- the outside produced the biocKing Type of tight end who wouic pioneer tne specie;. Tnt origma. moatd was Cltttelt €htty TEP KVSALfCfC by MURRAY OlPettMAN Dolphins Slated To Go Unbeaten NEW YORK (AP) - Steve Spurrier was perhaps college football's greatest all-time clutch quarterback. When the final card fell, No. 11 from Florida was almost always held the ace. It won him the Heisman Trophy in 1966. Spurrier, in first legitimate pro opportunity after five seasons on the sideline telephone, can make the San Francisco 49ers look both happy and silly Saturday afternoon. My choice is for the 49ers to nudge Minnesota 17-14 in a somewhat-brutal Candlestick Park matchup, taking the National Conference West title and the final NFL playoff berth. A 49er triumph wipes out the hopes of Atlanta and Los Angeles, but a San Francisco loss will toss title chances down the line with the Falcons getting the next try at glory. With a 7-and-5 frown from last week's upsetting results, Jim F«rre», Editor we turn for the 14th and final regular season week with a .745 percentage on 85 correct selections and 29 -rong. Here's the other 12 calls this week: DOLPHINS 21, COLTS 17- Miami celebrates the first 14-0 NFL season in history in Saturday's other NFL offering, but not before its hottest rival puts a scare the Orange Bowl's 80,000. STEELERS 24, CHARGERS 1— Finally se-ing up the NFC Central for Pittsburgh. FALCONS 17, CHIEFS 10- Just in case San Francisco stumbles, Atlanta will be hungry to step in. RAMS 20, LIONS 10-Just in' case the 49ers and Falcons stumble, the Rams will happily enter the playoff castle through the servants' entrance. BROWNS 27, JETS 17- Cleveland needs this one since, , coupled with a San Diego upset of Pittsburgh, it could wrest the NFC Central title for the Browns. REDSKINS 28, BILLS 7- Washington marks time, tuning up against Buffalo for their playoff battle with Green Bay on Christmas Eve. RAIDERS 34, BEARS 10- Same story here, Oakland waiting to see whether it'll be playing at Pittsburgh or Cleveland in the playoffs. PACKERS 27, NEW ORLEANS 14-Ditto. COWBOYS 27, GIANTS 14- Dailas, unlike the Redskins, Raiders and Packers, can't afford to fall asleep. Bob Grems Named 'Laker of the Week' Bob Grems, a 6' 3" 190-pound freshman from Estherville, has been named by ILCC Coach Ben Hix as "Laker of the Week." Grems, Lakes all - conference pick at forward for the Esther- Ron Kramer of the Green Bay Packers, a 250-pound steamroller who blew out tacklers for the famed Lombardi sweeps run by Paul Hornung. but also a terrific- athlete who averaged 35 catches a season. He was the first •'animal" tight end developed. The first man actually drafted to play tight end in the pros was Monty Stickles, a first round choice plucked out of Notre Dame by the San Francisco 49ers in 1960. He was 6-3 and 240 and a contact player, though he also reached a career high of 43 catches in his second pro season. •'They gave me a job." remembers Monty, who is now a dulcet-toned sportscaster ir. the Bay area. "1 didn't have to beat anybody out. Thev bad Hueh McEl'hennv anc (.•wens, wno were both big, playing as receivers, but they weren't tight end types, the guy who could deliver a tough block on the linebacker or double on the end." A year later came Mike Ditka of the Chicago Bears, who showed for the first time that the tight end could become a team's primary receiver. Mike learned to "cheat" a little and split out a few yards from the tackle to give himself some more maneuvering room, and in 1964 he caught the remarkable total of 75 passes, the greatest single season a tight end ever had. When Mike faded a little because of injury (although he's now in his 12th season, as a messenger end for the Cowboys), John Mackey came along to star for the Colts and get himself voted as the finest tight end in the first 50 years of pro football. (At the age of 29, he lost his starting job on the Colts to Tom Mitchell and moved to San Diego.) The species keeps proliferating because now every team wants two tight ends so they can use them simultaneously in short yardage situations. "The requirements, t h o u g h," says Stickles, "have changed drastically. When I first started there were a lot of clumsy guys who later became tackles. Now they still want the size, but you need much more speed." Last year, the top two receivers in the National Football Conference were Bob Tucker of the Giants and Ted Kwalick of the 49ers. They're not the type of guys a quarterback can miss. (NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN.) Bob Grems Sports in Brief Sriowm obi ling Ti.-' U KODO J! hacv Asbuciatio: wil; ujjt-a us j,econd annual ioiva Great i^>i\e; Siiutvinooije :ace prograni &aiurtki.-. he:. It. tvitr IT ciasses o! competition sciieo UJt'C. facilities ai u* iracK, according to tat asjjociautia, navy oeer inipj ov*t uvea uit past >ear. ei.- ciuaute widening oi the iracri i< nandie more niactiuies per ilea; arid auaiuunai lignting. Tnv tract, is n-'caled one mi:e uurta of Mdi- forc. ScVe-a race:- are sciie-auieo lor Uie Seiiua ad or Saiuroa.vs.. Lisa--. ru.e» aili ut ii, eilce: lo: raies iui^ seaboa. lit : s '..MO L IO.!: i^ace AssoclaiiUa a at-ji-profu organization, maoe u,. o.' s:i(j»v:;iuvae Lch*. i; ta». io»*ii: '.j;ea'. ^a:.c'; liegi^a. Wrestling Leads '. viiL'vs'.';.. tjn:.. ~r ie'; - aurapio: </ jrj,-,, t-icbU.-;; o: Ida: ji>. ^ iU ,... :/ C0;.ei:-: ,1.,:,' ; j. us-. :„.... • , i 7 IV. Id'.', v. resuers dropped Hi fir*: Qua; meet of the sea- boa ivner. tiif\ were downed by trii Iviorriingsidt JY grapplers y-d-ia at .bioeu Citv Wednesday. i I a— .\a conies'.. 3 id..-- drr: Vount 'Morningside) plane: -,::ii: bake;, 4:03. Ibi- aaii'j.' Tnomai '.Morning- sio'.- • >'U' Jo; forieiu i-3d — Hoi- Baxter '.Morning- si cie ue'.aM'.'iiec Lrk Paaison, lot- - die. Larrivnoi .Morn­ ings-IOC [.aiae: !/.<! debt. -:39. 10> i.oii'.v 1 'J.'.'I.'.'u. 1 Ioiva i-aKes no: o; Sorlti:. }:>'— C.ur: Maitiio: '.Morning- siOi- d.-viiior »T : : anr Boever, !." H... l/.'ust '.Mornirig- i-idt '-.'t-r mv fc:»c buvtuieil, Vs> : - ifjic-yii".- (Murn- ixigs is-.- ;.aaa-.-'_ Briai. Mwifin, d.-. .. Mvrningsidv.' 'a t> d.iae: i-ipt... ir-k. V. . Ivdjrajf^SiU.- zi\: »o- '.iiii!.. Jd. Ion a JOHN PARSONS INS. 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STOCK REDUCTION SALE 10 to 50% Our Regular Prices ARCTIC CAT SNOWMOBILES - LYNX, PUMA , PANTHER, CHEETAH AND EL TIGRE' HARLEY-DAVIDSON SNOWMOBILES - & 440 cc SNOWMOBILE TRAILERS SNOW APPAREL FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY: SUITS, ONE AND TWO PIECE HELMETS - BOOTS MITTENS & GLOVES FACE MASKS - SOCKS SWEATERS - KNIT PANTS GOGGLES - VARI SHIELDS WE MUST REDUCE OUR INVENTORY PRIOR TO MOVING TO OUR NEW SPORTS CENTER JUST OFF HIGHWAY 71 AT THE PLAZA IN OKOBOJI COME ON OVER WHILE THE SELECTION IS COMPLETE LAKELAND SPORTS Lake Park, Iowa ville Midgets, was picked for his outstanding play in the Lakers* first four games of the young season. "Bob has done an outstanding job up to this point in the season," stated Hix. "He has adopted very well to the junior college style of play and is currently averaging 21 points a game." Grems is currently ranked 11th In the Iowa Juco scoring race and is averaging around 12 rebounds per game. "Bob is a good team player and works hard on both ends of the court/' noted'the ILCC mentor. "He is one reason why we own a 3-1 record going into the Laker Invitational Basketball Tournament this weekend. &i that tournament, the Lakers will clash with Iowa Western of Clarinda tonight at 9:00 immediately following the Anoka-Ramsey vs. Worthington contest beginning at 7:00. By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS NFL American Conference East W. L. T Pet. Pts. Op. x-Miami 13 0 0 1.000 369 171 NY Jets 7 6 0 .538 347 298 Balti 5 8 0 .385 235 236 Buffalo 3 9 1 .280 233 360 N Eng 3 100 .231 171 401 Central y-Pitts 10 3 0 .769 319 173 y-Cleve 9 4 0 .692 242 239 Cinci 7 6 0 .538 238 212 Houston 1 12 0 .077 147 319 West r-Oak 9 3 1 .731 337 227 KC 7 6 0 .538 270 240 S Diego 4 8 1 .346 262 320 Denver 4 9 0 .308 280 326 National Conference East x-Wash 11 2 0 .846 319 194 y-Dallas 10 3 0 .769 316 217 NY Gnts 7 6 0 .538 308 244 St. Louis 3 9 11 .280 169 280 Philadel 2 10 1 .192 122 328 Central x-G Bay 9 4 0 .692 274 206 Detroit 7 5 1 .577 305 273 Minn 7 6 0 .538 284 232 Chicago 4 8 1 .346 204 247 San Fr 7 5 1 .577 333 232 Atlanta 7 6 0 .538 255 257 L.A. 6 6 1 .500 274 252 New Orl 2 10 1 .192 195 331 x-Clinched division title y-Clinched playoff berth Monday's Game Oakland 24, New York Jets 16 Only game scheduled Saturday's Games Baltimore at Miami Minnesota at San Francisco Only games scheduled Sunday's Games Cincinnati at Houston -mitmii"kt Washingtbn " " Chicago at Oakland Cleveland at New York Jets Detroit at Los Angeles Green Bay at New Orleans Kansas City at Atlanta New England at Denver New York Giants at Dallas Philadelphia at St. Louis Pittsburgh at San Diego Only games scheduled Heat Alone Cant Keep You COZY! 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