Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on December 15, 1972 · Page 7
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 7

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, December 15, 1972
Page 7
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Dear Abby ESTHERVILLE DAILY NEWS, FRL, DEC. 15, 1972 Page 7 When the Husband's Away the Wife Shouldn't Play By Abigail Van Buren [« 1*72 br Chicno Trlbune-N. Y. Newt Sin*., Inc.] DEAR ABBY: I am 22 and have two children, 7 and 5. I married the first time when I was 14. I grew up fast because I had to. My first husband and I divorced two years ago because he found somebody else. He married her the day after our divorce was final. I was hurt and swore I'd never marry would use men like they did women. I dated a met John. He's 15 years older than I, and in We fell in love and got married in three months later he got orders to go to a remote for a whole year. John trusts me and I'd never do anything got all the men out of my system before I again, and I lot, and then I the Air Force, months. Two site in Alaska to hurt him. I married him. John said before he left I should go out with the girls and have a good time, that he didn't expect me to stay home for whole year. When I got off work yesterday I asked my mother if she'd sit with my kids so I could go to the N. C. 0. Club on the base for a while. All hell broke loose! She said she wouldn't sit with my kids while I ran around on my husband. Abby, I don't consider this "running around." I just need male companionship—a few drinks, a dance or two and some conversation, or I'll go nuts. I work five days a week and am saving my money so John and I will have something when he gets home. Please give me your thoughts on this matter. LONELY IN TEXAS DEAR LONELY: Married women who "seek male companionship" for drinks, dancing, and conversation are ask- Terrace Park Given to Okoboji A tract of land at Terrace Park on the south shore of Lake West Okoboji, was deeded to the town of West Okoboji last Tuesday, an outright gift by Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Green of Chicago. It includes approximately a quarter of a mile of the finest sand beach in the Iowa Great Lakes area. The deed was accepted by Howard Titterington, West Okoboji Mayor, on behalf of the town. A condition of the deed is that the area be cleared of debris, sanitary and other facilities provided, and that it be dedicated to the use of the public. The parcel of land, known as Terrace Park beach, extends from the west edge of Boys Town, the summer camp of the Father Flannigan Boys* Town home in Omaha, Neb., and west to the east edge of the H. H. Holdcroft property at the entrance to Pocahontas point. Although used to some extent by the public, little effort has been expended in recent years to maintain or improve it. Once each year the Milford Jaycees, mow the grassand dispose of beer cans and other debris. Present in- stal lations, and boat hoists on the west edge of the property will be removed and make the entire area open to public use. Sanitary and other facilities will be installed. This opens to the Surrenders after Hijacking MONTREAL (AP) - A young gunman estranged from his pregnant wife hijacked a Canadian jetliner with 57 other persons aboard Thursday afternoon. He forced the pilot to fly to Montreal, where he let 53 persons off, continued on to Ottawa for a 15-minute stop, and then came back to Montreal, let the other four off and surrendered to his father and a psychiatrist. Police said no one was hurt in the ordeal, which lasted more than 10 hours. They took the hijacker into custody when he left the plane, with his father and Dr. Bruno Cormier. The hijacker, identified as Larry Maxwell Stanford, 21, of Saint John, N.B., cmmand- eered the Quebecair BAC111 in Wabush, Nfld. Police said he carried a .22- caliber rifle which he pointed at a stewardess and waved about to keep 10 other passengers from boarding. The hijacker ordered the plane to Montreal, 625 miles to the southwest, where 52 passengers and a stewardess were allowed to leave during an hour and 15-minute stopover. He then ordered the plane flown to Ottawa, where it remained for 15 minutes. Officials there said the hijacker was ob- Returns Revenue Check KANSAS CITY (AP) - The little municipality of Westwood, Kan., a nearby suburb of 2,304 persons, has voted to return to the federal government its revenue sharing check for almost $37,000. Mayor Joe Dennis announced the decision Thursday night and said, "We're financially stable enough we don't need that money in our budget." A Treasury Department spokesman said Westwood is the first city in the nation to formally reject its revenue sharing check. Westwood's City Council, which presides over the one- mile square municipality, was not unanimous in its action. The vote was 3 to 1. The lone dissenter, Councilman Ray Johnson, said he believed the money is a rebate of federal taxes paid by Westwood residents and ought to be spent locally. However, Councilman George Kiloh was emphatic. "We don't need the money," he said. "If we needed it, that would be a different story." Councilwoman Mrs. Nancy Jeffries said "It must be that the good Lord is taking care of us. We've got so much, and now this." Mayor Dennis said he recommended the action because of Westwood's "peculiar financial situation." Westwood residents pay no city property taxes. Its healthy financial situation is attributed to the fact that about 95 per cent of its annual budget of nearly $700,000 is financed by intangible taxes paid by United Telecommunications., Inc., the nation's second largest telephone utility which is headquartered in the municipality. viously disturbed. "He changed his mind every minute," one said. "The plane went first one way, then the other." At different times the youth said he wanted to go to Vancouver, on the west coast, to Winnipeg, in mid-Canada, and to Ottawa to see his father, who was in Newfoundland. Stewardess Josette Cote finally talked the young man into returning from Ottawa to Montreal and surrendering to a psychiatrist. "Apparently she convinced him he was a sick man and should see a doctor," one official said. The father said young Stanford had been living with him in Labrador City about six weeks, working part of the time for a lumber company. The young man's wife said in St. John that he left her in September and she last heard from him more than a month ago. The couple has one son, nearly a year old, and she is expecting their second child early next month. public one of the finest natural sand beaches in the country. The donor, Joseph E, Green, prominent Chicago attorney, is the son of the late Dr. and Mrs. H. O. Green, Spencer, who developed Terrace Park from a series of sand hills, into one of the most beautiful areas in the country. Many of the trees were planted by their own hands. On the land to the south, they set out thousands of lilacs, which flourished until April 30, 1936, when they were destroyed by a tornado. The Casino ballroom, at the site of the present boys' town camp was one of the most beautiful and popular night spots in northwest Iowa. The Casino failed to make a "come back" after the tornado and following the death of Dr.. Green, that part of the property was given to the Catholic Church. The La Sallentte seminary for training young priests was established in the remodeled Casino building. Still later, the Church turned it over to Father Flannigan's home and it has continued as a summer camp since. CHANGE OF HOURS EFFECTIVE SUNDAY, DECEMBER 17th For Your Shopping Convenience Harold's Red Owl Will Be . . . OPEN SUNDAYS 9:00 PI . to 6:00 p.* Open Monday Thru Saturday 7:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M OUR ADVERTISED SPECIALS WILL ALSO BE GOOD ON SUNDAYS! HAROLD'S RED OWL^ ESTHERVILLE, IOWA ing for trouble. Why tempt fate? Keep busy with the girls until Johnny comes marching home. DEAR ABBY: After 20 years of marriage, I discovered last year that my husband was. having an affair. I went into a rage. Since then he hasn't left the house, except for work and chores. He spends all his evenings and spare time at home, but our relationship is miserable. There is absolutely no physical contact, and our conversation deals only with superficial things. Any overture I make, he rejects. He has never said he wants a divorce. I am at my wit's ends. Should I allow him the freedom of an affair to improve the atmosphere at home? I'd appreciate it if you would print this with your reaction. Maybe it will help to start a discussion, which otherwise seems impossible. Thank you. DEAD INSIDE DEAR DEAD: You are being blackmailed! Your husband is saying, "Either you let me come and go as I please with no questions asked, or I'll just sit around like a zombie and sulk in my martyrdom." There is a third choice. If he refuses to cooperate and be a husband, you'd be ahead to sweep up the debris, while you're still young enough to make a life of your own. DEAR ABBY: Last week my husband and I had a guest over for dinner. My husband loves to hunt, so we served a venison roast, which our guest said was delicious —until she heard it was DEER MEAT—then she flew into a rage! She went on and on about how cruel and inhuman it was to kill defenseless animals just for the sport of it, and that people who destroyed wildlife were sick and depraved! We were stunned. Both my husband and I tried to explain that wildlife cannot be stockpiled, and if hunting were outlawed, the wildlife would overpopulate and would die of starvation. She said she didn't believe a word of it—that Nature would provide. Abby, how can you educate people like that? HUNTER'S WIFE DEAR WIFE: You can't. But if they want the facts, they can write to the Bureau of Sports, Fisheries and Wildlife, U. S. Department of Interior, Washington, D. C. 20240. Or they can do a little "hunting" on their own in their public libraries. DEAR ABBY: After 12 years of a more or less happy marriage—mostly less—my husband ran off with our cook. I miss her terribly and cannot seem to replace her. With your vast knowledge and experience in matters of this kind, will you please advise me how to get her back, leaving my husband where he is? Don't tell me to have somebody bump him off because I don't have that kind of money. FAY IN DAGUSCAHONDA, PA. DEAR FAY: Place an ad in the classified section of your local newspaper, and make her an offer she can't refuse. DEAR ABBY: Billy and I live next door to his parents, and that's my problem. You see, they own a couple acres of land, and they are letting us park our trailer on it free. In a way, it's helping us because Billy is going to college and we can't afford to live anywhere else. Billy's mother is constantly over here checking up on my housekeeping. I have absolutely NO privacy, Abby. She barges in constantly. Also, she keeps bringing cakes and cookies and pies here for Billy when she knows I've been trying to keep him on a diet. [He is 60 pounds overweight.] She keeps telling me I am starving him to death, but I'm not. Billy's will power isn't worth a bean. He is gaining and I am losing. I went from 130 pounds to 105 in three months, and I'm 5 feet 7. Please help me before I lose my mind. NERVOUS WRECK DEAR WRECK: Tell that tower of JeUo you are married to he had better tell his mother to respect yow privacy. And if things don't improve, insist on parking your trailer somewhere else. In your present setup, your marriage isn't worth a bean. Problems? Trust Abby. For a personal reply, write to ABBY, BOX 69700, L. A., CALIF. 90069 and enclose a stamped, addressed envelope. The Complefe Line of BARWICK CARPET Now Available At BLASS SKELGAS & APPLIANCES fashioned by mill's Mnirri of dm- CK'fn f WHEN THE CARPET IS BARWICK'S CONTINUOUS FILAMENT NYLON IT MATTERS NOT! When the thundering herds of little feet or swinging partygoers come by, what's the difference? Barwick's nationally-advertised 100% nylon is made for active wear. It's a dense pile that resists dirt and shrugs off spills and stains like magic... it won't pill, shed or fuzz's moth and mildew prooi, even non-allergenic! The rich colors are 'locked-in'... can't clean out or fade out! Come see this amazing new carpeting, put it in your home. ..and then bring on the elephants' OTHER CARPETS ON SALE! SAVE UP TO $400 Per Sq. Yard $ 99 sq. yd. 12 and 15' widths BLASS SKELGAS & APPLIANCES, INC. 119 South 6th Street — Estherville, Iowa — Phone 362-2345

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