Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California on January 23, 1948 · Page 4
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Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California · Page 4

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, January 23, 1948
Page 4
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WOMEN'S • • S Episcopalian Men Cook The Dinner .Popular Redwood Valley girl, who will bo married February 8' at St. Mary'a Catholic church itt Ukiah. Saturday Crub*s Card Party Tops c th : a: th B St 1 h y tt ti. n: H se W cl Ft ul at si sc vi S( Pi ai t C u Q t c -The card' pfirty, glvefi by the Satufday. Aitertidoh GluB at the clybbousd last V/ednesday, has b«!fenrep6rtod a gay aftaif. Probably th'o rdsult of Josephine Mas- seiifeSirtMrs James B) belhg the h0ad of the comftilttSfe and believing thefest of the dommittde when they said thqy, wanted tof sei've cHl'rry i5ie. -fhat was fins. Mrs. Massen^lll woUld" drcfer the cherries frorfJ he* own.hdm* town Just over the Rpektssjjn one of the states Whefb Gtorge Washington red cherries ai'e.^oWn. - . I'h* ts&6 of chdrrles cante, and tb«/ «»'crc Bla6k BlHg^, doUcidus cherries, but npbody, jusf hptjody; cvei' heSrd 6t them beiHg used fof Pespile iht! tiitnot that thd-rest bt thp; ooftimittec pei'petrate<l, that O^otg€ V^a3Hin^t<m cfHo{ii)ed ddWn the cherry pie .tree wltli his shiny, sh8|ti]^. hatchet, Mrs. MassengiU go\ on ll |e pKonp to run. .?(c(wn G^ff,. red eherhes. Aft^r San Francisco and other wholesale markets had been CK- hau8lc (4f Mrs.,- IS^sse^Bill: discovered; }usf like '^haffljiness. in your ow/i back yari},".. that a Jocal frozen |6od locker, had an abundant supply oi red cherries: • . .This bubble ot hrightness seem^ ed to last right through the re'- cpption of the Quests and of,the evening;.wltli many different kinds of gartieslh progress; • There wore 16 Quests from Pdi- ter •Valley, and Earl Pickle, with a; score of 7100, took. the. cake fot the valley, ,an angel food given foj-; the,highe .1t score. . . Mrs. '^Theo-Ford of Xrtclah was awarded'. a ,set of Chinese table mate as - setond high and Mrs. Stanley • Hildreth was presented with i .'garden basket to use for cuttiKg .flowets. Thpre :,wete' two kinds: of pl^* npchle, and 6on Hoover and Uai'- Vey Mc.GonneiL won high scores tor them. • . •. ,'.Al the tables of auction bridge, Mr.s. George W. Davis proved most skillful and-was properly rewarded for her play. .Lattics-top cherry pies made of G.W.n. cherries wore served with whipped cream and coffee- Fruit piuich was also served during the evtmm'g.' The committee responsible for this successful event was made up of Mrs. J;(nies B. Ma .ssengill, chairman, assisted by Mosdames Robert The womfin sat back with ioldiSd hand« and Waitdd to be called to to dlnnei* at th6 anhusl meetlhg of Bplscophlian... congregation.: "oti Thurtdatyj Jdnuaftr 15,, when the men cooked and served the foodf The mdftu wris bakfefl haW With raisin sauce, candied swi^i jjdta- toeii, bakei^ beans, salads bake, cof- fse and Ice cfeam. The chefs, waif'' eta, butlers and bus bw wei'e Messrs, Hlissell Fddte, Henry SpUrr, George Pofcomey, Harold Pauli, Don Ward, "H. Hastings, Jim Davis aHd R. G- Witt. Aft^r dinhsi' reports were made bv Warden Russell Foote, con* cernmg the imt)rovements of prop- drtieg. Harold Pauli as treasurer gaVe an accounting of the finances of the past year showing thdm to be considerably better n&W thaii formerly., Mrs.. Norman BUhii btated that the Worten'S Guild htfd been unusuaify active and had sustained a profit. R. G. Witt atfited that, the Suni day s >:;{idDl. was.very active ahd m-* terested during the past ycarf Me Sketched thrdugh a few plans for' the coming year. The, minister's report, showed, ij sizoalble itlcrdase in meihbershlp With a renewed int«feS,tfft things w the ehureh. He outUnea d pM^ gfam for the coming year, center*- irig the act vlties areund wership' ahd student feilow ^hlri and ser' vjce.--' • 1 There :*was an election of Offi? cirs to serVe brt fh6 RlsHOp'S com- hriittee for the cemirtg year,.The^ Were warden, Ge6rge Pofcorney; riarold Pauli, treasurer; Don Ward e^erk; coittmittoetiidft, Henry Spurf, ilarfy AJetcdx^ and-\,tim Oavis. .•, Youthfiil Perlol^irtel^ Open' Grami^er Sctoj P>T> A, Me^tiii^ DESSERT BRIDGE AT. THE FAHRNEY HOME One of the .week's charming hostftsSds Was Mrs..,Horace ^ahr* ney^.^ who., entertained: .Thjirsday, With a ,}unch.eon. dessert bridge at hev home on Stanjiflley.. fne. awards; .tor the winnmg I Scores Were flat bowls, fashioned, into miniature Chinese gardens. .. . ! Mrs., Fahfney's gu6sU Wei'C. Mesdamesit, it Walsh, Ale* Tte- gonin^; James 6. MdsseftgUl, .H. R T'aull, "E tt Bat-fccf, tuthhr •Jordan, derti 'ude Jj. Taft, Guy RedWine, W t) t Held, Delbcrt MUiisftrt' Hugh Haskell aftd Miss fether Redwirie. ; the' akm "Hoi shats" and theit scintillating rhytHm'^ Vkitd gfebtid the audience of the SelemeHtary P.-l'.A. at - thelf att6ffi66fJ rftdetlhi in the gramiViSr school l-ueSdaJ' ftf ternoon, J'anuarir;20. , ..... Mrs. Maurine Eddy, fourth gradife teacher at the llklaB Uiiloii grattif maf, school is the director 6{ iftts big time band of fourth grade pui'^ pils. Their Instruments are wash-" boards, eigar boxes, oatmeal boxes (Used fdr drum*) and toy saso^ phones. - - .. Letthara SVeriSort/ frbm the county Superintendent's oitice^ gave an illustrated lecture on audlO'VisUat edticafion. He u^dd both moving pictures and stills with Ws talk, making cfuite tiear the great fehatiie talfEirig islaee in instruction. If a child is a little slOw abdUt' reading He cfin obtain his objefctive; th)fough seeing arid hdarihg the lessori and carry ofl wlttt his Wot-k uniil.he geiiine khaektff readme with understanding. . Mrs. Baay anaMrk Mildred baVls,-seventli grade td6chei^, had severallinettioyies ahd'«oihe,stlUs as l!ltistratl<m <ft What cart be achieved. Alten 'SicHtii <esdi{ iiid^ Karen Schllder read papers on wKat the pUpllS' al^^; doiti|:aSF « i^eAllt. of. audfc-'VlsUal,^iieatl(Jh, The bUMHesB nidetlng »eld i&f ter the prograni waft Ifl oKargef of Mrs. Fred Stfvens. Sh? gave a brief talk on .plans for improvmif the healtff conditlofi of UklSh M^s. Joe -fd^ rula ifitrodticed.iyfahk, .TIarn?l«t, th^ e^detitiV(> sdbfetarj^ <^ Vliihm- etna tuberculosis association. . Harder tffld tHe advB ))tage», of a loealrhealMv.tlepsrtmehff !)uggest< mg.way^.and means of estfbliSjh Ing ope Jrt Ultlah, , . They.:oio«ed the n^eetlpig askinfi for, more cooperation from ^he parent* • itt, the operation:.of ll ^ie. Sa>; Urday fnoyies atj.tfie high. s?1iool? THp ,firogram inoludjs.stimulating advcnlutfe. ..atprles, , cartoons and Dhf super'duper .iriple-A picture^ file i'Rft Avi feels it 'merits' the patrOnfige ojf.fhq pcoplq, , ; Devotions Dramdtized . By Mdtftodlit Wdme^h ; TJic Women's Soqiety of Christian Service met m the social hall df. the Methodist, church Thursday vtrithMrs. Verne Boulware. presiding jtt the absence of the prestaenl, Mcs.W. p. tc. Held gave a splendid resume of the home and for- eignwork of the organization.,, 'Hio devotions were. given.,in theifam,of dramatic-worship ser* vice on the stage with an altar softly lighted with candies- A small WorlQ ..was: in ,the center* withi .a lighten Cross shinihg. down .on -li and the theme of the coming jear, "That Thy Way, May Be Known^" was dramatized, bjr four women presented by Mrs. Robert .Frohn, who IS Spiritual Life chairman of the organization. The women who took the parts were Mrs.. M. E. McDonald, main . reader} Mrs,. J. Thomas. Franltlin V: O' F C s E C 'I c o F C p I c c a t! O O a S •-e 3 1> a V 0 P VI o C S c d I J. Guter, Mrs, Froh'n7Lloyd ~Bitt6nljendei-,''L7 L.I accompanied at the piano by itrs Whitmore, E. J. James, A. J. Mc- Harold Kirk, dill, Rbboit Jnrdine and Al Tie- Mrs. Kirk sang a Song titled (joing I "Thy Way Be Known," which prc- I ceded the program, accompanied by Strs;. J'raftklin. All ih all it Was a very pretty prqgr^li^, Wdll received.'.". ,'• ' , . . :^ /' CHairmisn of the different; circles gave; their, ihonthly rdiiorts— A-^B by Mrs. !>Ie}lie.Read; p: by Itfi-S. Albert, Green and by^'Slrs. CarlHirid?, RepriWa oft ^rs ^refe Of the.; epnyehtiwt .and. ,h9ij4?{>Srty' ^^^^^ be' given at';' Hobq 'rg's, w6fa made, "rtiere were seVe'n guest's prdsent. The executive cojnmlttee WaS hostess, ^t the party, with.- Kirs. ,A. E. Greeni ChairiHahi aided by MrS. V. Boulw ;&ei Mrs/j. J. ^G^^ a;id_ Mrs; ?arviilc f^elson. 'fhej^ served a bBautifuf tea With open face sandwiches spread on a la(;e fable cIOtR WlfK a 16w vase c<?nterpiece built lip with Wblots Snd white harci^Us' with ilgtrted, canoes in low stands. k/ ..' i'.- Wiliits and Loytonville Plan Summer l*rogr9jn; ' Fifteen .^couts. and.qub;spouts of WilHts and Laytonville . met Tuesday, night at' White Hoiise Lodge north of lUaytonville and made plans for scouting in the northern Mendocinp .county area; Distwot; Chairman' Gedrge Pet^r-; son conddcted the. rtidetlltf^ ahd'it Was decided that 'feach trodp ^-^yo^iia: have its; oWnifamily nfghtilnFSbj ruary, with programs, presented to thesponsoring bodies:': 1 Scouts'will eoncehttfate efforts this,year-towai'd:Lpa ;r **<''P*'!'"fe''^" the Frontier Days celebration, the county fairs and cfcufibfl '^wide Scout-o-Round, fd Be held in Santa ROsa m Aprili- A den motffdrs' handicraft'train­ ing prograpi was- also organized.' Fim '48 Me^tihg Ukiah Gat^nCllOf At the Vbl^ayo Heighte fiome d| Mrs.' Artiiuij' Braclleyj overl6oK"' our lovely valley, the...tJklah & dcn Club held its first meeting o^ the year, Wednesday 'afternoon; January 14, 'with MrS. Gfemfgis Dletterle pt-eSldiHg. As part o£ the business meeting; plans for future activities Of the club Were discussed, I'he reci,uesl of Mr, Sutterlcy of the chamber, of commerce, .that the club undertake the decoration. of tables for the chamber of commerce annual dinner on January 24; was dls^ cussed,' and the club voled to = ac-^ cept charge of table dfecorfitldns for this event. , . The'them^ for thifi program.of th^: pJterrioon; was - ''Chre of Housi Pifints," Mrs. Harold tiollida:^ spoke on culture. o£ African /ioli^b^i plants,of which she 'displayed; Mtts., Theo JTord brouglit mady varieties of potted ivy,- and:- fei^- plajfted tMt 6^ ahd ctoife. Two beautifuWdrrarig^ dist^ ttai'- dehs w^e thfe cbHtrlbStion of Ml-S.' Werner HffllzhailteF ttf li,vebi"fta joyabft &fogi-aifi. " Etaioi r^Jdy, of 'ifi ^^tc^ac^;; will ^ tfr6 shaker St 'the ev«^ ftieetUig'of the ilUb'al: inUrtfcl- pal clubhouse ort thufsdajr' feVe-" Jiing, Jaftl«W22, ;at ' t-SO. iii. initdy's sutijeSt Svill 'te '"'t'el'fen- nials." Elks' DrrrnerrDance ' Dficlared Big Sudcess No lull on the social horlzdn of Ukiah with tho Elk? dinner dance off to a good start at .6:30 .p.m. Saturday v/Jth about 125 guests seated around the table. Waiter Sanddili was MC for the evenin;?. Ornittmg n Word by word description, suffice It to say he,evoked- a good margin of laughs and good risponie. from his calls, for, "spUech.'.' Snndclin had overyone: stand and tell his name and,introduce his guests. This introduction revealed the prpscncq of W.,L. Wllibee ot Salt Lake City, who has been an Elk lor 43 years. Mr. and Mrs Clyde dood of San Rafael, brolh- orhi-law and sister of Sandelm, were there. The dinner, was fun before tho dancd and the dancing lasted until ?, late hour. A. C. Alger is to be complimented on his part in mak ing, the evening a success. He has been in bed fpr more than a week with the flu but he .did not let it deter him in pronioting tho dinner dnrtce. Jadk Mitchell is taking the bows for the diideildnt dinpar he pi'e- pared and served for the occasion. All, in all,it was Such a sucoesss it is hoped tliat it,will become a regu- \ar part of Elks activities. MRS. DAVIS GUILD Hostess . Mrs. Ida Davis will entertain ladies of the Episcopal Guild at her home on 202 .North Barnes street Friday, January 23. She will be assisted by Mrs. Harry Mercer, of 4.h(! hiwtcsB committee, Four Generations At Dinner' For Mrs. Roller M)-. and Mrs. Charles NdlsOn of East Perkins street were hosts at dinner on January 10, h'dJioring the birtliday 6f Mrs. Tiiry Roller of Taimagd, WHO.was 87 years old. Guests were Mrs. Maude Kestefr My Daughter, M'Alla, Story Tofd At Meet Mrs A E CJreen ^^as th?^ leacf- er of Circle U at ttidii' mdetltlg at" the home of Mrs, Charles ti,%ixi- demann last Wednesday. Mn.M. E McDona'ld gaVe t re^Um^ tl ?e stoi-y. of a miSsiofiary iA. Africa, Louisf! A. StInc'lorf. The' ^toiy IS carted, "i(i.y Dfiuihter, M'Alla," and tJls how the natiVe , ihtld was given to Miss Stihdtorf for adqptiohj With some df the heartaches and comBdldS,"ti'ut jiiostfy .of tl ^e advantage? arid ;fiH6.fe6Uirg^de-i nved from fhejr mutual ^'aln, ' ~ • Mrs. Sarah Frances l^ydeif gave an equally .fide resiftne of the feeding of tlid chltdretl In &lrdpe. It, was. so filled With heartrending revelations, wjiich Mrs. Rydifer summed up in dnd sentence, "^e children don't dVen wave to tratris as they go by.'' Mrs. R. J. Crill allid Mrs. Alta ColImS Wefe hds'tesses to receive the guests and serve the dainty re- freshn^ents. ,. , ^ P.-T.A. To llli/$tra ^6 ' Audio-Visual Training Audlo-iVlsual training wDl bo illustrated'at th'Sf meeting df eU- i-ltotary ^.-¥.A lA^ the SchfM auditorium Tuesday, 'Jami.ary 20, at 2:30 p.m: ¥h6 lectuTS .Wlj' bd given by Leonard Svfensor. ot the cOunty Superintendents OiTice and he will use stUderitS of the 4tB and 5th grades to, illustrate the methdd. A business mdetihg will follSW this part of the program^ aitfei- which niothdrii of Sth-'gf«aferS Wlft sdrvd rdfreshmetits. • • Ukiah t.P!^:C:\%^ - JP6<t^ br<^^n«n{ 1>li4ii ¥eM ^mki wettt tdf ^anta lioila fitof HMm^) tA Bttdiid thg W tm^\ ^n^'aild eonrereiice bt ttie Ked^' w«6d tiAtii^ diSiMct df fiusiiiiBifai; aM Professional Wdmtf^'S <01(lM> thit ojEneH^'-oiriib.dldfadr'ttt tiir<(f Oetfldehtal Hotel. 'p>ey wene; Mrtf< IiOtiis« 0 «rnharai Mrs; Marte-l^-r Un, Mrs George Butler Md tSrii; Jjimes BradShaW, ,^ • Kulda 'Wil.spn of , IfetJiluma. lop^ned thd meeting and cal,le^; for the,. rOROrts, ,and • dlsejtissipn ^af to program. Mrs Leila Putts, ,?tate imembetship--chairmpnf-Mrged t ^je ;Wom6n tt> get busy with the.^merat' bership drive/- Ther^^were .msp^-; memessage^j ^J teresting entertainment at tKe: banquet . ^ ,1 , Brealcfaat on Sunday .morning:; 'was' at. 9:; .o'clock,vandv .fhife- 'w'lte' followed, by'^thdi transaettoft.'ot,the: business before thefhqu'sd.-"It..waS decided tajhsve the~-spr(iife Mftet-«;, ing.lhUklah. . , f Amioiinceftt^nt Of , iVeddifi^ Plaits . Mr." and Mrs.;A-'. G^,.Luctb ^,3i • of i Redwood Valley'have'issuoa itiW- t^tions ::to the, wedding. of tfipir daughter, Norma, to .jTopep'h Fra?- sin^llo FebrUary^ 6 ^ St, Mary's Catholic ohuroh.w'Ukiaht It >ls to-be a memorable affair with-V full liBt of ^ brJi^ai attendahts; Many parties "and , shoWers ftav&-: bfiien planned for the hwd ^e tibe, afi ^Ai as for the young cdjipie. —,—'. ' ' \ — East #rYi <Star Initiettdd ivy Shdrd Monday • Iva Shore was initiated into the HlAfg^ey Chat>t«if of ttteF Ot^dr 6f -Eaium Star at tneir mvMids Monday, January 19, with Thelma Boulware, Worthy AiStfet), tSJftfer- riflg thede'gfe* of the ©raet.. , Qtm Tbsietf demiy g^and ids:- troh of the llijts distrldtr goVe i short .talk. At the coneltision of the initiation, MargSlret Byrnes, the crystal-elear' soprano • voice, sa ^e b«<titift »r i The hosts for the everting w^i^e Mr. and Ifr9< \yllllam ;^romi8yr 3ar, and Mirs, Wilbam'Hildrt'th, Mr, and Mrs. Frank'Wiison, Mrs. Stanley;Watson,, MrsiCjawar, ind !Hale jrfeGoWen. 'fali«ajge;^r]E)^e^ Huge.Siiccess r, 'ih^.&kiuni at I 'aimage ^hdspiifii a |iaif6i 'ita given by. the, cathoifc tidi*,J5ofcl6ty hktt bfeen, aotl&lmed a' Kuap' KUcaess with peOfjle there fi^om gUover thecountry,:;HO{iland, LakepOTt,.Chicago bnd other plac- ei. It was thought tickets had been Sold; in-advance to everyone who Was i^oing but there was a big tfcket'sale at thed'oor. 'Lafi^dlS for'thfe affaif go tO-Mfs- I'eter Frati, chalmiart of the com- nlittetf ;of arrahgtments,: and her cb'Workeri Mrrf. Donald BUohan- afi, Mrs.,;M. S O U BB,- Mi«s Pd«'?l- OOe J6hnsdn, Mrs. Arch Moyer, Mrs. Howard Chedver ahd Mrs. TiDisy Bart;olomei. The women were vfery grateful to the men Who help- 1 at the tieket wmdow and on e dance reception committee Saturday night. They wei'e Peter I^^tiy, Arch ,M9yeT,- Tony, fiaitolo- 'thel ana Adriail Etter. Gift ShoW^ For Engaged Couple '•fhfrfe *erfe' pvif 100 ^ue^ts ii the Mm *'6Wer given lA hortdir pjl MlSs !«Ana L^lccHd!!! *h« Jo^ s^f* ttiaimtio Redwood VaK ley CfrtftTge Mai! ItieSdayr JaHtiarjr 26. the yiftini 'VbtilSle *rin b& ttar-*' riea #ebifttajy », 'The hall was beautiful, aecorat-' with Mite Widdtefe bells 6tid' a -.iWt'.hote Sug^istlhg 4W &.Hjw6¥ y«re -sUMte UttUrellas cKJVerfy bal»' liAcdd it; sHfeld tHOse beneath fi'oni tiie ot ti\k wHlte' si^riiudin^ cJin tifisp^dedf frotn the celling Gr ^a fdllagd diid WMte Illfds tvere^ in urns'6fi fltHi^ ^idd of iit^-te'- ciptiiii hall dbor.* - ' AMgs weAdbii belf hunfe dbove' the tabW i>iied High <vlfh'glfts, Shd streamer^ ^hahglnjj! 'b:6tn thd b»I' fdste'ned to either ^d^ o( ll\e.iabte formal a "bfetty If^^ toir tB-s" bi -14^, and 'irootft oS tiiej^ tiberiS'^f tHetr-'^lftrf, "\ ' . 'i'Sfe fSbl^ wore plftc 'ed M the sftapir 'of ft Tj- antf the bnae and a~^'6f.a 0, and the bride- arid „ osJftt-to-fee sat '&t tte diirVe of the llMth their rdldttve, on cither slde-.fef tHto, the grbrtdijarents JiBViftfe ,the =honDr, seats beSideKthe t6umi 'GlQfii f'acmi played soft mUsic ahd ]i*st bei ^i'e th& dpeMbp of the gjftS'iSiip then*-exciting contsnt-s lAveSjieJited,, Mrs. .Vaigmia 'Lo- c^tell|t,iang "I Love V6.ii Truly " ;-J Rel^i&hments -i- wei'e i^-ved ''and! the r ^/iainder'-of'the eventhg was. pld'a-^tly spdnt In dahcin^ Hos- tfesSes'.rtor this delightful party were "Airs' Josepl)ine Lane, Mrs linen 'Lihdldy, Mrs Elefinor Tlan- .Sbfirf, mk dlU,^. Ctomw^l and iMrcOCTOise Simomti^ FRIDAY, JANUARY 2',, IMS ribhored at Bcidal Shower In Redwood~Vdll<}y Mffs vforma LueeHMi aria Josaph Fratsinelle were libhored ai ;ai >re.Aupfi«IiIloW«r eiVehihCfande hall in Redwood Valley. Jahii- ax^,iOi iiif.niM way .table of gifts looked before ihey wew opeiwdL -'-Journal photo JRaiise Futids For March of Dimes With So little time left between now ahd February H, when Lent begins, mephbers of. the Hppland Gjarden Club are devoting their tune to raising funds fpr the March of- Dimes. Their mam project is a card party to be given in Guild hall Thursday, January, 22. Games played, will bR bridge, pedro and pinochle witn Awards: made for the varying scores. Somo;unusual and some exceptionally beautiful things have been given for the party. The committee in charge of disposing of the tickets and making all arrangements includes Mrs. A V/> Hibbs, chairman,, .who is assisted by Mrs. Frank Kay, Mrs. M Metzlei-, ana Mrs. R. Rosasco. UKIAH VOUNG AT YOUTH CONVENTION , ftlffe Ee^i^'ood fifh{>ire Bistrict GdiljrVfttfori of Bjetfedist 1?puth FellBj ^rhlp Was' Jield 1ft l^dTtUfta, rtafrflng If^riiay and ejidiilg Sunday 'S^draf Ideal pebpte affteided HaWy' SaUlsbd'rty took a c6uple hoiifs ot hU tlVne^and'fltw Mrs. Satirsb^y and JDevdnrfa Jtines do^«( on triikjr. Wfillacfe Mitthell, f >PWW ^efefe arid fJaVid Sprdckel- teh >ent a ?lWn on the Bus the ^vAi c|*y. Aligs btftty Lou fioul- w^re Iteft Saturday. Mr: and Mrs. Higgins - Entertain At Luncheon Mr.-and Mrs. Waler - Hjggins V/ere several business associates Friday, having luncheon at the Palace,Hotel, then going lo the'Higgins home at 308 Jones street for an afternoon's discussion of their business problems. Among those present were.Mr. and Mrs. Reed Hanback of Serkeley, Mi-, and Mrs. Ray Foster of Talnjagf'. Slgrund Bakke of Upper Lake, Mrs. Verna Corbett of WiUits and Mrs. Minnie Birch and Hugh GraflSkog Of Fort.Bfagg. . Mr. and Mr^; Erwm Ransdell have had ah enjoyable time over m, weekend irt Bodega Bay The> were visiting their daughter, Mrs. RSy M,'jC&tre. Club Entertained By VelvaHarwood Members of the Long Valley Garden Club met at the" home of Belva Harwood at Branscomb, Thursday, Ji>nuary 15. Refreshments were served by the hostess followed by a talk on Japanese floral arrangements, with demon-' strations, by Mrs. Mary Morrison. Colored slides of the Frontier Days parade showing various views of the float entered by the club were shown by •William Bush ol Branscomb. Bush also showed I a number ot specimen flowers, I some grown locally and others | fi-om the bay region. I The next meeting of the club : wil bo at the Laylonville Inn, ' Thursday, January 29, with Mrs.! Alice McKnight as hostess. * BIRTHS The percentage of'boy bubies has increased.during January, according to the records ot Uldah General Hospital, with the first baby of the • year starting me record. To date six boys hav^; bedn- born since January 5. January 8-^Paul Michael to Mr. and Mrs. Harold Taylor of Ukiah. January S-rVida Drenie to Mr. ahd Mrs. GeOfgd TUso. , January 5—The^resa Ellen to Mr. and Mri. Johri Ashf ord of fted' wood Valley, January Y-^'-Sharort td Mr. and MrS: Kenneth Dillon of Ukiah. January 8-^ohn Peter to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Suergler. January 8—Nita Melissa to Mr. ahd Mrs. Silas Benjamm Turner. January 9—Sharon Dlaile to Mr. and Mrs. Donald Jacobs. , January 11— Gary William td Mr. and Mrs. Don f. Meyer. January 12—Mlchele piahe td Mr, and Mrs. Robert King. January 14 —^Ralph Jamds tO Mr. find Mrs. Ernest DeSfochds. jfltsUfiry ii^Hetim lM§ Mfi and Mrs. Arlld LriWrdhee; • ' J &nuary lel -^Trudy iaurdfie to Mr. and Mrs. HSnby AffitAiVmd/ Jdrtliary 17—Jfiiittt* Reftee to Mf. and MfS. Sverdtt Mcdrtfifjr.' ' January IT^Tretha Dawft ta Mr. and Mi's. Mflburh M. MOSSey. itttmm is^om WH I IMH I« Mr. and Mrs. THOrdrt W. FfaVSU,* |1 PAST PRESIDENTS HONORED BV CLUB Clever invitations embossed in gold were sent out by the Saturday. -Afternoon Club announcing their party to be given Saturday afternoon in honor of the past presidents of the organization. The date of the party is the same as the centennial celebration for the finding of gold in California and the program has been planned m accordance with this idea. Eaqle Auxiliary Will Raise Funds for Projects Members of Eagles Auxiliary met,in Elks hall Thursday, January 15, at 8 p.m. and discussed plans for raising funds for the various projects in formation. More Will be divulged later when ideas have been rounded out. Refreshments were served from prettily decorated tables by Mrs. Tillie Chase, Mrs. Amelia Massi and Mrs., Ems Giannecchim. TO SANTA RdSA ON BUSINESS Mrs. Kenneth Famsworth and Miss Betty Famsworth spent Saturday in Santa Rosa. * I AGREE's the ^ finest tasting ever brewed'"' CHAS. KASGH Attorney arid Counselor at La-W Odd Fellows Building North State St, Ukiah. C^Iii. of Cioyerdale, W. C, prant, Mr. ^JtlSlTOHS LIKE OUR COUNTRY RefinjlfOranl; and their ; Mr. artd Mrs. Jd"Hn' % feiofcards chiJdren.^Couglas, Glenda and | a„ived Jfrom Chicago, Frances Graiii. here were four generations to honor Mrs. Roller, with 6duglas, Glenda and i*rances (Sraht being the great nieces. William Davis of Talmage, aviation chief ordnanceriian, U.S.N., is serving with the Heavy Patrol Squadron at the naval air station, lAg.nna, Cuiim, M ,-iri .1nas Isl'itids', s around Christmas time to visit Mr. and ^rs. Alien (J. Ryan, fhey like the place so well they will spend the rest of the \Vinter hdre. ^hey have spei-lt much time seeing the siir- rounding country.,Saturday found them in Point Ai-cna; Sunday after church they drove about and found a river, with fish in it, which rather gave Mr. Richards an idea cibdut fishinfl on Monday. Tho Lar^ens Ent«rrtoin SriSith RfV «5 ^ffshi*i'rA^rt ' Mn and Mr?. L; Ay LarSe;t were hosts to<j,«r.;awl;Mj ;s. ^jaek.Worjc- taan ol BlVer Bar. Lodge,, Wat Thursday. Wlec guests, th«f worjc- fnafts-) who live on the Stnlth river ine&r ,Cre8adh( City, and brotfgbt a,17-T>oifftd steeliiead With tbdm. I They were Oil, tliefaf w«y to Pet*f iluma Whei'6 Mrs. Wdrkman is' a jmember Of the esecutiV^ bOnrd of itlidiiRddWpod Empii ^e Assodition imeefing: there this ijist .,weekend. &AN FRAMGISCO'S Powell Strdaf U SIM in thd Hub>-^.BUt,6ut ol^ ^ the Hub-bub ^ .. Choice of 6vitsid ?-InSi(ie ftooms —: WITH BATH ;— • Single $2.00 — Double S2.S0 ' —J WITHOUT BATH i— Single Sl.SO — Double $2.00 Lem Shtbley Jtriii^eVf't«,-H4«. Gafiftrrnld'i tatty groWlH arid oriM ^i/ny MAtrnkd'-fraiii fhU ifnt- And haro wot wW.Ai «B0l *(i to' MMrfe flttn«r«1ori, turn th. wh.«l> , Sult.r't Mwmllt o •moll, vtoodtn Mtf t% drhM tilt uprl^fif Kiw tHrougli (uaoYpllW I6gi.' tinSfMtd titdlani wd1%b«d 4h. taw go up and imin today rn flUrhtiiH iimta dboVa' d«liMne^, olmtf lh« Mtoli.f:rmfi«, f aMMr M Yubd tWMt, r<K]H< Gb» and hfiO^ltMcfri.'. ptmtt oi a tM of Si million d6lldn; Hfr< battoriM of §laM tt«.i woter whtMV wllf tptn says L ESLIE B ROOKS "ROAAANCE OH THE HIOI^ S^AS* A Vforntr Broi. Picfvr. ^hy does ACME stand out as one of the world's most notahU beers ? Becattse only the finete itigfediettts go into its fnakid'g ... malt With a priceless pcfdii'- grce.. ."Matched WattWdf Pilsen... yeast with a heritage .prize winning hopsfroib Acme's own Hop JK^airch. up to V)A7 PAe«;«ie 6AS , A- 1 .. - being ,-„. nu-x.n.vj: u^f^i Ly ii',ifoa;iu„„orw;i/br ;-„a wofof lo :,.,„.,,.• rv..-.;,;,„.,„. ni, r.„w plant will o cap.ic.)/ of I3J,0JC .',(- U sihetluM lo bt 1.1 npcrofiori .»um.iic/. ACME BREWERIES • Son Francisco, tot An«afM Distributed by Uldah Ice & Soda Works 200 C.'ara Ave., Ukiah ^

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