The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on April 1, 1896 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 1, 1896
Page 5
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'fHE EEfUBLKkN, ALOUNA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 1, 1896. THE BOUSE OF THE WOLF BY STANLEY J.WEYMAN. This is a thrilling story of love am adventure in France during the Massa, eve of St. Bartholomew. It; begins it the next week. LOCAL MENTION. The board of supervisors hold thei regular meeting next week. Mr. Barton was buck at his worl with Walker Ilros. last week. It is always something that Taylor 1ms to tell in liis ad. There will be a special meeting o the Eastern Star Tuesday evening next. The May term of district court been adjourned from the 18th to the .25th. L. Ilonm is the new city marsh a and Archie Htitchinson is the nev clerk. W. E. Carty has sold his interest ir the Norton livery business to Gliarlei Johnson. Peter Henderson & Co. are grea seedsmen. They have their ad in this REPUBLICAN. The Wigwam has erected an elegant wind-mill on its premises to illustrate the beauties of its mechanism. Will some Algona boy make the tria for a naval academy cadetship? The examination comes April 15th at Fort Dodge. E. C. Mount & Son have an interest ing show of stones, oies, minerals anc plants in their window in the Open House Block. An impromptu musicale was held at the State Bank barber shop last night .Several of the best male voices in the city took part. A very interesting service was conducted by the Christian Endeavor So . citty at the Congregational churcl. Sunday evening. There will be a special Easter service at the M. E. church Sunday morn ing, the Pastor's subject being the res urrection of the body. A 240-acre tract of wild land in Irvington was sold to aBlackhawk county man last week for $25 dollars an acre. J. J. Eyan made the sale. Livermore Gazette: Miss Mary Homan, who has been visiting at Dennis Zigrang's, went to Algona this week to assist in her uncle's store, John Goeders. The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs W. K. Ferguson died Saturday and the funeral w83 f on Sunday from the residence. Much sympathy with the parents is expressed. Frank Baker, Captain of the Emmetsburg foot ball team, has been writing to our local athletes with the object of securing an Algona organization for this season's sport. The REPUBLICAN'S seed offer, which has been running for a month or mote, is to be withdrawn >(after Saturday, April 4th. Any who wish to take advantage of it will have to order at once. Le'dyard Leader: W. J. Spurbeck, of Algona, has sold the Ledyard creamery managers a complete outfit including an Alpha separator. It is a ''nice clean new plant" and will be handled aright. Miss Grant, of Chicago, arrived in Algona Monday and is already installed as trimmer in Taylor's millinery department. Miss Grant has had ample experience and is a very competent trimmer. Earl and Laura Tennant are to have a tandem bicycle this season. It will be here in a few days and will be the flrst tandem wheel in Algona. The cost is in the neighborhood of $200 and the wheel is said to be a beauty. See what Taylor says. See what the Wigwam says. See what Dingley & Pugh say. Note the timely ad of Woods, and the no less timely announcement of Setchell & Setchell. Bead all the ads and be posted. There will be a union meeting at the Congregational church Sunday evening, The Baptist, Presbyterian, Methodist and Congregational churches unite and Rev. Landis, of the Baptist church, preaches the sermon. The boys are beginning to agitate the question of foot ball. Of course they cannot play on the school grounds for lack of space. As to whether they play elsewhere will no doubt be left to the wishes of the parents of each boy. John Goeders will remove the inside stairway of bis store building and extend the room clear back to the alley. This will give him one of the finest storerooms in Algona, and Algona has the finest in this section, In place of the regular Sundayschool at the Congregational church Sunday '• morning next, there will be a special Easter program by the school in the auditorium at 10 o'clock, to which all are invited. An Easter sermon by Rev. C. E. Sinclair will be the feature of the church service. O, II. Goodrich has just received a line foot lathe for use in his repair shop. It is for iron working chiefly and will be very useful in the repair of bicycles and other machines. Mr. Goodrioh is an expert mechanic and is having a big business, which is sure to grow with tihe increased use of wheels. - Improvement is the order of the day at Peterson's. The artist has just in^ stalled an electric retouching machine. It is run by an electric battery which is calculated to give 2,000 revolutions a minute. At this rate negatives will probably be retouched while you wait. One Swanson of odorous record was arrested Thursday night for disturbing the Adventist meeting and was brought before Justice Clarke, who fined him $35 and costs. He is working gut the tax on the streets. It is ; hoped he will give some of his time to studying up on the rights ofrothers and will conclude to live a decent life. The Opera House people were disappointed at last in their efforts to secure i\ night of Keene. 'The Omaha man' ager thought he knew a good thing and declined to cancel his engagement with Keene, flveq for one night. It is to b.e regretted that the plans failed We have top little of Sh^kespsare too ' " " J A. A. Grose was in town Wednesdaj telling about the growth and great pros pects of Hanna. He said the town wa three times as large as it was Monday morning, and he was loading a double box wagon with Stacy flour to supply the inhabitants with bread. Mr. Cros handles flour and other staples and h feels some responsibility. The Opera House orchestra will par ticipate in the Easter service at th Congregational church to be given by the Sunday school at 10 o'clock, am several soloists will have part also. The orchestra will have a ham in the union service to be held in th same church Sunday evening ami oth er musical, features" of :i high orde: may be looked for. Rev. Prof. Miller, a graduate o Heidelberg University, Germany preached at the Episcopal church las Sunday to large audiences. Tie is ac compli'shed in several different Ian guages and a great scholar. He wil remain permanently in Algona. II< was accompanied here by Rev. T. I' 1 Bowen, who is a friend of the Algous church and who very highly recoin mends the new Rector. II. L. Kimball, of Burt, lin.s secnrec Mr. Lund's elevator at the Northwest depot, trading his farm in Burt town ship for it. .Mr. Kimball had an atic tion sale at his place \Vednesdtiy last preparatory to removing to Algona The Monitor says: "The people of Al gona will find Mr. Kimball a man will whom it is a pleasure to do business." The owner takes possession today. He will have the grain and coal business. A telegram announcing the death ol old Mrs. Roan, the widow of "Jimmie 1 Roan, who died some six years ago came to friends here Saturday from hei son Robert, who is the sheriff of Fall county, S. D., and with whom she was making her home. Mrs. Roan wa; about 80 years old. She came here with her husband from Dubuque conn ty in 1850. The remains are expected to reach here today for burial. It rained so hard and so heavy the last of the week that actual water stood in pools in the streets. The mud was a great success and stuck to the wagon wheels. Another heavy shower came yesterday morning, and people whe wish to observe the phenomenon foune that they had to go in the house or get wet. Accompanying the rain was a considerable precipitation indicating that the ice has not all gone out of the clouds yet. The wife of G. E. Hartwell, of River dale township, died the first of the week. She gave birth to twins a few days previously. Mr. and Mrs. Hart we'll lived in Algona till about a year ago, when they moved to the farm. The deceased was a member of the Algona chapter of the Eastern Star, and that order will be represented at the funeral service, which will be at the house today. The remains will be taken to Wisconsin, the funeral party leaving this evening on the 6 o'clock train. Algona baseball people are interested in a new gun that tires balls for batting practice. The device, which is the invention of a professor in Princeton college, discharges a ball every twenty seconds, and twirls and curves to order, besides being capable of regulation at will as to speed. The invention consists of an iron barrel, with a bore the circumference of a base ball. The trial was a complete success. It is intended for practice only, and not for actual base ball. The Upper Des Moines last week did Photographer Peterson an injustice which we are charitable enough to assume was unintended, when it gave out the impression that that artist took the pkotos for the pictures appearing in the Hancock edition of the Mason City Boomerang, which the Garner Signal criticizes so unmercifully. It cannot be known yet how badly Mr. Peterson's views will be handled by the engraver, as none of them have been printed. He did not take the Hancock county views After all, the Bancroft Register had occasion to correct the REPUBLICAN in the matter of the resignation of Mr. Pettibone as assignee in the Sundstrom business, as the records of the district court show the resignation and the appointment of Mr. Callanan. But on Saturday Judge Quarton vacated the previous order and appointment and reinstated Mr. Pettibone as assignee, the occasion for such action being the rapid improvement of Mr. Pettibone's health. Next time the REPUBLICAN is corrected by the Register we shall be perhaps a trifle less hasty in assuming that it knows all about it. J. B. Winkel had a runaway down in the timber last Thursday that waked ;he echoes. He was driving in on the timber road this side of the Thompson lill, and happening to get off the wagon for a moment his team took fright and with a snort took a blue streak down the road. The wagon was smashed, three wheels collapsing, and when found the tongue was headed west and the body of the wagon last. Mr, Winkel had on an old sewing machine and a new one, and the new machine was made into kindling wood, while the old one was miraculously preserved intact, Wm. Harsh, a young farmer near Bancroft, was in Algona yesterday, making an effort to get out of serious /rouble in being compelled to pay dou^ )le rent on a place he rented through G. W. Skinner, The latter rented of Joseph Bradt for $300 and sublet to Jarsh for $250. Skinner compelled 3arsh to make prompt payment of the i-ent, and the»i,true to the namebedis- races, be skinned out of the state. In due time Bradt called for his $300, and will get it through sheriff sale. While the grand jury was in session Skinner >retended to be on the point of settlement of his stealings, but Just as soon as the jury adjourned he was himself again. This is not the flrst time the REPUBLICAN has had to mention Skinner's scoundrelly work. Young Harsh s a hardworking man and too honest nd unsuspecting to deal with such fel- ows as Skinner. A gentleman of previous good record lls our attention to what he evident- regards a very funny coincidence hat he noticed in the real estate trans- ers last week. lie says that Mrs. —— widow, deeded to Mr. — widower, a tract of land for $ ,and VJr. -, widower, gave Mrs. , ridow, a mortgage for the amount of he consideration. We do not attach ny importance to this transaction. If he mortgage, had been on , wid- r. of course be might at any mom' be fQi'eclogsd, together witU »U ap- purtenances thereto belonging, and the party of the second would have him to hold forever, as we understand it, free from all incumbrance, and he woule have to warrant and defend himsel against all adverse claims, and pay any reasonable fee of the justice of the peace. But such is not the situation at all. and the speculations are irrelevant, immaterial, inconsequential, obnoxious [See Web. p. 507] and absurd, Ladies shirt waists in India Linen Parisian design, beautifully dainty ir coloring at Setchell & Setchell's. Lessons in oil painting and pastel —Mas. GOODNKII, North Dodge St. For Seeders, Harrows and Cultivators cnll at the Wigwam. Ladies umbrella underskirts, underwear of all kinds at Setchell & Setchell's. PERSONAL MENTION. Miss Stella Cleary went to Chicago Monday ami will bo absent for some time. She may remain in that city as one of the attendants of the Adventist mission or she may go to Battle Creek, where she was formerly employed in the Sanitnriurn. Mark Sarchott left on Saturday foi Sai ta Clara. California, where ho has a brother. 'Mark has been afflicted with lung and stomach troubles foi some time, and goes to the coast in the hope of relief. Lieut, jpaugherty has been in town the past few days. It is not definitely known whether his visit is of busines significance or of importance to some of Algona'a fair sex. Mrs. S. S. Sessions and daughter is in Sioux City for a two week's visit with her parents. "Sesh" is batching in the meantime and. says he enjoys it. Geo. Kraft, of the firm of Kraft Bros, was here last week Assisting his brother in the work of opening up their store. Miss Helen Starr is spending her vacation in Des Moines, where she is a guest in the W. W. Wheeler family. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Hay entertained the Tuesday Club last evening, the topic of discourse being music. J. T.> Chrischilles and wife came home from a visit to friends in Lansing the last part of the week. Mrs. A. J.'Dray ton, of Dysart, Iowa, is visiting with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. D. Rowe. Mrs. Bertha Reaver and children, of Knoxville, are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hoxie. Miss Ella Durant was home from Spencer a few days, returning Monday evening. Dr. W. Lowder, of Ledyard, was a visitor in Algona Friday last. Judge Quarton holds court at Esthef- ville this week. Chase & Sanborn s famous Boston Coffees and Seal Brand Tea for sale only by Walker Bros.—18tf —Dealer: in- Jewelry, Silverware, Watches and Clocks,- Finest Line and Largest Stock. Rermlr- X ihg a Specialty. We employ only corns' potent workmen. Call at our n«w quarters in tho Cowles' Block. E, G, BOWYEB, - A10I3, Iowa. Doxsee & Foster, ABSTRACTS OF TITLE, REAL ESTATE, LOANS, AND INSURANCE. State street. AtGONA, IOWA. NOTICE OF ASSIGNMENT, Notice is hereby given thatW. J. Lang did on the 28th day of Fob. A. D. 1896. convey to me as assignee, for the benefit of his creditors, all of Ills stock of saddlery and harness goods, controlled by Milton Walters in his store room on State St., Algona, Iowa, and that I now have possession of «ald stock us assignee. All persons having claims against W.J. Lang will present them to me for allowance, as is provided by statute In such cases, within 00 days from the date hereof. B. W. HAGGAltD, Assignee. GEO, H. CLOUD, Attorney. t28 ORIGINAL NOTICE, In the District Court of Iowa, in and for . Kossuth County, May Term, 1808.-M. Stephens, plaintiff, vs, Fred Buerka, Mary Buerka and John Uaun, defendants. To Fred Buerka and Mary Buerka, defendants: You are hereby notified that a petition is now on file in the office of the clerk of the District Court of tho State of Iowa in and for Kossuth county, claiming of you seven hundred dollars [^700.00] as money justly due, with Interest at 8 per cent, per annum from tho flrst day of February,. A. D, 189C, with attorney fee and costs, on two certain promissory notes of two hundred and eighty dollars t?26o 00] each, dated May 5th, 1804, due December 1st, 1804, and December 1st, 1905, respectively; also the foreclosure of a'certain mortgage given to secure said notes on the north half of the northwest quarter, and the northwest quarter of the northeast quarter, all In section Twentythree township ninety-nine range twenty- seven, west of tho 5th p. m., claiming; also general equitublo relief, no personal judg> ment being asked against Mary Buerka. And, unless you appear thereto and defend sefore noon of the second day of the next term, being the May term of said court, which will commence at Algona, Iowa, May 18, A. D. 1800, default will be entered against ron, and judgment and decree rendered hereoti as provided by law, Dated this 14th day of March, A. D. 1898. E. V. BWETTING, 25-28 Plaintiff's Attorney. SHERIFFS SALE. Notice is hereby given, that by virtue of pecial execution, to me directed by the jlerk of the District Court of Kossutli county, Io\va, against the goods, chattels, ands, tenements, etc., of G. W. Skinner and Wm. Harsh defendants, in favor of Jpsepu Bradt plaintiff, I will offer at pubic sale, to the highest and best bidder, for sash, at the door of the Phoenix House, in ,he town of Bancroft, county of Kossuth, :o\vu, ou the llth day of April 1890, be- ween the hours of 9 o'clock, a. m. aud 4 )'clock p. in., on said day, all of said G. W. Sljinnerand Win. Harsh's right, title and interest in and to the .following des- irlbed personal property situated in Kos- qth county, tovyit: Four stacks of flax ocated on n>hf se qr 33, about 33 bushels of hreshed flax located QU the u hf so qr of 3, U stacks of hay located on the uw qr f 33, about 15 acres of corn all in twp No. 8-39. Sale to commence at the hour of 3 'clock, u. m., of said day. Witness my band tbis 30 day of March, 1896, C. 0. SAMSON, Sheriff, THE ONLY EIGHT HAND CUT BINDER MADE. ABSOLUTELY THE LIGHTEST DRAFT BINDER ON EARTH. CALL AND SEE SAMPLE AT If you think of buying a binder this year send me a postal card with your name and postoffice plainly written on it, and I will mail you one of the new catalogues printed in any languagr you. may desire. ....Wilfrid P. Jones THIS We Handle the Barlow Corn Planter, It lias a glass in the back of the shoe, so you can see the corn drop. We also handle the Brown Corn Planters, Corn Plows, STANDARD MOWERS at Reduced Prices, Steel Frame Disc Harrows, Ball Bearings. Don'n Buy until you see these Goods and get our Prices. Have you seen our , . , Self Sealing Oil Cans ? TJiey are the best. tadon SHEI.LEY & Marble and OF ALI Factory on State Stl office. F, L. Manufactuij Harness an( ALGg Christotiscn'sol, House.

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