Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California on January 23, 1948 · Page 3
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Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California · Page 3

Ukiah, California
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Friday, January 23, 1948
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LFgroAY. JANUARY 23, 1948 PISPATCH DEMOCRAT. UIOAH, CALIFORNIA ^^WWt (Ml 10,-20, 30, 40. 50 YEARS AGO POHER VALLEY \ ' TEN YEARS AGO Jan. 28, 1938 .5 *Irs. C. A. Gowell, member o£ :9ne .61 the pioneer families of Jlilendocino county, died Tuesday imorning at her home in Ukiah. Attorney J. C. Hurley, former district attorney, was discharged ' from ^the general hospital Friday and is how at home. ,The Longyale-Dos Rios highway, destroyed by the December flood, •Wll be rebuilt with federal I 'unds, Recording to Supervisor Duane 'Bittenbender. The highway waS competed in the fall of 1936 at a cost of $381,000 which. was fur' rijshed by the government. VMendocino county's law library, one of the .finest in the state, now ifas- mmp than 5500 volumes, ac^•^•(Sp .rding to account taken by Court * Exporter Hale Prather. The report \{;a ,5, made at' the request of the • TjRiversity of California. An air attack on lambs the last ifew. weeks has caused anxiety ' ampng the Sheepmen of Sanel valley. An eagle, measuring seven feet from tip to tip, was killed on ithe Pratt ranch and two were kill' ^:,oh the Ernest Abert ranch. M'M: Hopper captured one on his r^ijtch. "•(h,^ conditions continuing iieal-has brought one of the finest stands of grass in years and stock- riie'n look ahead to a most favorable season. •;;.In the case of J. R. DeBarde .^gainst the city of Willits, wherein I)|Bai -de sued for $35,000 for in- 'StWesJ he claimed to have received T^hile' at work at the rodeo li'&unids at Willits, Superior Judge l&ld ruled that the city was not yable, and rendered judgment for 'ihie defendant. I ipvertaken by darkness on a re '"iutn irip from the "U," Mrs. Joe \ J^tiusli and Mrs. Frank Wheeler • were ',lost for several hours Sun• :.]|ay: night. When they found that Mey 'Were lost, the women sat d6wn ,on the hillside and waited . to'{be. rescued. .Ten families have moved from Greenwood to Hockport to work il^' the lumber mill which will be• giii- operations there soon. ».A. son was bom Friday eve- niiig to Mr. and Mrs. Herbert 1 nmt '•'•yAm: ick.of Talmage. : TWENTY YEARS AGO • ; Jan. 28, 1928 TheCoVelo Rodeo Association has changed its name and here- fter willbe known as the Ukiah Rbdeo. The change removes ithe last of' the misunderstanding in the minds of some as to where this, annual show is held. There has' been considerable confusion sil}ce the arena was brought from Covelp to Ukiah, and Ukiah and the .TOdeo association have both Buffered. • Wprd was received this week from Sacramento that a permit had. been issued to the Snow Mountain Water & Power Company to sell water to the Potter yalley Irrigation District, which rMeases the contract between the Potter district and'the power company, which has been held in escrow since its execution. • Sheriff R. R. Byrnes was in BoonviUe the first of the week investigating the burglary of the Ferrell hardware store. Jimmie Busch was up from Stanford to visit his parents at the weekend. Rev. R. L. Spicer, pastor of the ; Ukiah Baptist church, handed in ; his resignation Wednesday night I and will leave Ukiah in about a iponth. He goes to Los Angeles as pastor of a downtown church. Sheepkilling dogs are taking a feHeavy toll of sheep on the coast. rMonday two dogs attacked the llpck of the Union Lumber Com, Vany in the Indian Grove pasture ' • iihd kiUed eight head. . Manuel Silva, a Caspar woods -iT barker, was instantly killed Wed- .'^'^sday morning when struck by a limb of a falling tree. The work of installing the new pipe organ at the State Theater, Ukiah, has been completed and a concert will be given by Miss Helen Thomas to commemorate the event. • New directors for the Anderson Valley Apple Show are H. A. Albert, chairman; S. T. McAbee, secretary and treasurer; George Clow, Edwin Hogan and Ma:i Rawles, directors. no opposition at present; Manon Todd has purchased two cars and will start a new jitney service in XJkiah. HIS; motto is "Anywhere, any timei'V / M. J. Fancher, the, Redwood Valley postmaster, has resigned, his resignation to take eKeCt when his successor has beenappointed and qualifies. , William 'Rhodes, who recently purchased the Cochard property and harness business at i'Covelo has sold his Williams Valley ranch to D. C.. Johnson'. f ' , / C. D. Tindall, who has been in the Imperial valley for tQujr years, returned to Mendocino county this week for an extended 'visit. Mr. Tindall has lost his 'wiiCe and daughter since leaving heirei Miss Ada Underhill,"; daughter of Charles Underbill of ^Sherwood valley, is dead as a result of burns received on January ',16 while starting a flre with gasjjliije. The tragedy took place oh her father's ranch, Ave miles from Woodland. The body was brought to! Willits and funeral services were held at Watson's MortuRry; The many friends of W.'M. Cox of the Cox Hardware-vCpmpany are urging him to run i this year for corcjner and public; a'dminis- trator and he is! looking the situation over to see if he finds sufifi- cient encouragement. Albert Johnson, prominent Fort Bragg man, died January • 24 following an operation after an attack of acute appendicitis.' FORTY YEARS AGO Jan. 24. 1908 ( Victor Recomini, indicted, for the armed robbery 6f, Ben iWjaMo of Fort Bragg last Octbber, iwas found guilty as charged and -sentenced by Judge White to 17r. years in Folsom prison. 'Waldo (Was held up at the point :of a pistol and robbed of'$ cash and his watch and chain; W. Logan Dunban of San Francisco and Emma Pearl Nichols of Ukiah were, married Saturday at the home of the bride's mother, Mrs. P. E. Squires. Ralph Kent, 16, the son .of N. W. Kent of the Little River district, was electrocuted Monday morning when a transformer on a power pole near his home burned out, throwing the full .iorce of the main line current onto Mr. Kent's power line. At about 6 o'clock in the morning the boy went to the barn to do his chores and finding the electric light bulb on the floor he picked it up. A few minutes later his father entered the barn and found the boy prostrate on the floor. The cord to which the light was attached was • suspended from a loop of rope from a rafter and this rope had burned off. In his struggles to free himself from tjie current the boy had broken the cord but not until deep burns had been inflicted in the palms of his hands. H. L. Jackson has purchased the Ukiah Drug Store and has engaged W. H. Richardson, who is in charge of the prescription department. District Attorney Duncan, D. S. Cosgrove, M. Powell and George Porterfleld went to Santa Rosa Wednesday and were initiated in­ to the Elks lodge of that cjty. Ukiah Athletic Club will give a boxing contest on February 1 In Marks Opera House. The»: main pvent will be between,Buck Carter' of Talmage and Effnei;, Clark of Ukiah. both fighting ait lis Dounds, i . Henry Bowen will give'up the Palace Hotel at Willits and ai?: Oakland man, a Mr.' Duffy, ha^ taken a lease on the property. J The Ii'vine & Muir Liimbier Company has completed a' telephone line from 'Willits to their new mill at Big Basin on thfeNoyo river. , ' /' Marriage licenses were; Issued this week to Erek Uygard iad Ida Hall of Fort Bragg; J. A. Walker of Iverson and Myrtle West pt .Guerneyville; Milo Guidi'^ ahd Mattie Thompspn of Ukiah ^- J. F- Carigham and Mary Maltzer of Fort Bragg. * FIFTY YEARS AGO Jan. 28, 1898 . A letter dated December 12 from Lee Taylor of Ukiah, now at Henderson Creek, Alaska,; says BOWLING Jan. 15—800 League Ukiah Bowl: Womack, 210, 177, 160; Richardson, 183, 206, 173; Whitton, 159, 143, 115; Bosworth, 169, 140, 153; Thomas, 159, 126, 187. Total—2530, C.S.E.A.: McSparin, 170, 144, 148; Conover, 132, 156, 138; Richter, 161, 172, 197; Edwards, 190, 163, 146; Walden, 215, 185, 136. Total—2453. THIRTY YEARS AGO Jan. 5, 1918 The political pot in Mendocino county is bubbling right merrily I and with the addition of a little fuel it will begin to boil. The air I is filled with candidates and rumors of candidates and the glad- hand and the cheery smile bring back memories of Christmas. Counly Clerk Hale Prather says he expects to have opposition and the Willits News says that Judge Robert Redwine will try for Prather's job. Recorder James Elder will have to fight it out with Albert Hogan of Boonville. A t '^5"' collector Lee Cunningham ^may not have to make a ilght for ?e-elcction and Mrs, Mathews ha.s Pioneer Inn: Clark, 136, 13 ;, V6C: March, 120, 120, 120; Owens, 133, 111, 161; Meyer. 117, 126, 125; Vaughn, ISO, 127, 177. Total—2077. Home Marks!: Rhoades, 146, 157, 120; Proft, 105, 109, 109; Giles, 157, 121, 163; Tuttle, 86, 159, 114; Pollnow, 174, 164, 182. Total—2006. January 19, 800 League Foggy's Ser'vice: Bartolomle, 156, 182, 189; Ottoson, 120, 141, 157; Williams, 188, 185, 153; Mosna, 200, 180, 126; Paladini, 164, 194, 174. Douglas Oas:,Ivey, 146, 143, 171; Rawles, 165, 117, 147; Schultz, 193, 164, 183; Gowan, 194, 189, 176; Parducci, 152, 212, 169. Legion: Ray, 147, 145, 172; Ashford, 170, 185, 183; McCandless, 181, 170, 165; Friend, 161, 181, 167; Lochen, 211, 227, 170, V.F.W.: Lavaletti, 115, 150, 133; Openshaw, 185, 146, 166; Harding, 157, 122, 155; Guidi, 167, 181, 112; Baird, 193, 168, 182. Owners of Sheiep Killers Pay Fines The dogs that killed the blue ribbon ewe belonging to Alvin •Whittaker of WiUits cost their owners $10 each and left them under a $90 suspended fine for a period of six months, which will become due and payable if the county dog ordinance is violated by them in that time. In addition they must pay Whittaker $75 for the ewe. The' penalties were ilxed in the court of Justice Foord of WiUits on Thursday of last week. • The ewe belonged to the 'Whittaker boy and was his 4-H project. Poundmaster Homer Cake reports that Al Dory of the Pine Ridge road lost one sheep last week before Dory could shase. the dogs away. City dogs, says Mr. Cake. ELECTRIC METER RENTAL UP With the next public service statement from the city, electric users will find their meter service charge up 50 cents, to one dollar, and a 50-cent meter charge for water users. The "ups" became pffeetive January 17, Spear Fishermen Have Day In Court Fred Tolini of Calpella and Tony Malini of Redwood Valley, arrested by Game Wardens Loots and Heryford, were fined by Justice Foord of WilUts last week, Victor Piffero of Calpella, arrested by Loots and Heryford and $100 c::ch, with a $300 fine and a 10-day jail sentence suspended. The men were charged with spearing fish in Long Valley creek, Victor and Charles Testa and charged with spearing flsh in Forsythe creek, were fined $25 each by Justice 'Van Dyke of Ukiah. According to Heryford, Tony Malini and Victor Testa paid fines about a year ago for possession of doer meat in closed season. Foste^ / mountain Saturday and •Slinday. . • .' ,'• • .! Friday evening Mr. and Mrs. Gepirle Flick . came ovesr frotn l^night's Landing to get Miss pole' to.go back, with them to preach the funeral service .of Mr. Flick's niother'. They brought Miss Cole .t^ck Saturday, and remained yrlih hei: ulftil Sunday attJembon. !' Friday- evening vthe; regulaii monthly potiiick supper,'was held at .thfe church. .FpUowing the meal,.Mr. Addirigton of Lpwer Lake showed beautiful motion pic- tifr^ 'ihd colored slides, of .Eu- rpfife, England and our own cpun- try. Mr. Addington is the pastor in., 'the Lower Lake Methodist, phtirph and closed the' prograiri ;Wltb' a short devotional' service, ph'-;tije. suppeir committe!^ weibe Mfesdames'' Ch'rtstpffersoh', JariiM Shl^tori, James Bii'flo'rd and Peity: Wliitcpmb.'.'."...-';', ',.' i' •" :.. ^ Mond'sy^'. evening •'the, stockholders.' and <emiJloj^e^.,of tha. PPtter ValleSrJ Water'District:'m« at their e^hh'iial dinner and business meetr ing. 'The dirtner was prepared 3rid served by -a copimfttee! frofn tfi?' W.SleiS. 'con-iposed- 'of' M^datoes Vane- Thornton, J. 'J .'.Thqrhtoh, V.ei-des' '.Uptori, '^Frank ' Giibisori; Howard Brooks and .Percy ,'WhIt-^ corhb.' The tables' 'were' decorated :^ith pussywillows in crystal bowli placed on large'"table. iftirrorS-' {h'e woi-kdf'Mr's. J. J .THorhton; Conlirtg from. jLJkiah; to. at meeting, ,were '.Mr.' and: Mrs. George.'W4rd, Charles Matton- and the ' Misses .Martha and Mftry Monon. \- :-- ''?,"••<•: '; . 'A large number of. -Potter friends of the. late Ira ' HarVey went to Uiciah Friday to pay their last reisiJects to a. man who had lived. here many . years and was widely loved and respected. Among those driving down wiere Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Eddie, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Eddie, - Mr. and Mrs. Henry Dickey, Mrs. Minnie Eddie, Mr, and Mrs. Lloyd Hughes, Mr. and. Mrs. Albert Sides,'Mrs. White, Mrs. Harold Marshall, Mrs. Russell Spencer, Mrs. George Bilstein and Clarence Newman. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Ingels spent Tuesday and Wednesday in San Francisco. Little Jan Williams is spending this week with his grandinother, Mrs. J. J. Thornton. Tuesday was Lona'Wlpf's birthday and because she is confined to her bed with a broken leg her classmates sent her a birthday shower of gifts which were greatly appreciated by the little shut-in. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Vanoven and Mr. and Mrs. Bud Hiatt were visitors at the Vane Thornton home Tuesday. Tom Phillips feceived painful bums while burning pear cuttings Monday. He poured what he thought was dlesel. oil on . the brush, but some gasoline had been mixed with the oil and as soon as he threw the match v>n the.prun- ings the flames burst out at him, burning his face and arms. -Mr. - and Mrs. Edward Deikes and son Gary of Oakland are now living on the Walton ranch. The newcomers are friends of Mr. and Mrs.' Volmer Petersen. Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Rapp are guests at the Petersen home this week. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Dickey, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Shelton, Mr, and Mrs. James Shelton and Mrs. Ella Hughes drove to Willits Monday to attend the funeral of Mrs. Lucy Shelton, wife of Jerry Shelton of Willits. Mrs. Shelton was a sister- in-law of Gene 'Shelton and an aunt of Jimmie Shelton. Mr. and Mrs. A. Roberson of Oakland, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Shelton of San Carlos, all well known Potter people, came up to attend the funeral. Mr. and Mrs. Marago and family spent the weekend on the Mendocino coast. Mrs. Edgar Wnttenberg, Mrs. Clayton Byers and children, and Julius Rottluff drove-to Petaluma Sunday to sec the new homo 'of POTTfcR VAUiJiY, Jah:.'21.— Mr, and Mrs.'.Melvln earner and Mr. and Mrs.Criger and t>v6e6ns of , Willits were, calling, on Mrs. Charles Carher' Sunday afternoon. , . Mr. and Mrs., Ray, Kitchel of Sebastopbl were Sunday guests of Mr. Kltchel"s brother and sister- in-law; Mr. apd Mrss Marlon Kitchel. ;; Lee Gibson celebrated his eighth birthday witha party at the home ot his grandparents, Mr. and MrS. Frank Gibson; Invited guests in- dluded his classmates in the third 4rade,' Beverly and Bob Morris, Nona : and Clifford "Thompson, Connie Irmer, Shirley WpoUey, Ralph; Meyer, ScPttie Nelson and Kenneth Marshall, his brothers Marvin and Dal, his sister Frances and his teacher, Mrs. Westerman.' dames were played, presents bp'eried and enjoyed ahd cake and jello were ;served by Mrs. Gibson. . 'Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Hiighes drbvp,'to Modesto Sunday to visit a" few days with their .son and daughter-in-law, Mr. artd Mrs. ftpbcrt Hughes. Messrs. Lloyd 'Hughes, Clyde Eddie, Orval Frost and Ray Ingels a;ttended the Ukiah Fruit! Growers. iiieeting and dinner in Ukiah Saturday afternoon and evening. Saturday evening Mrs., Ingels enterteiried Mrs/ Hiighes, Birs. Frost and Mrs. Westerman at, din- he has located two good'cliiims liher^; Mrs.Eddie, w Jim-! which pan as high as $160,1n'gpld.| mle and. Kent Nelson, were > at to the pan and says it -wiil be a second Dawson City in time.-Business is good in Dawson,, where a house and lot is worth from' $10,000 to $20,000. Taylor warns'peo­ ple to keep away unless they are prepared to endure the hardships. J. M. White, who left' this county 50 years ago to make, his home in Missouri, returned .to Ukiah this week. He-will dispose of his property, in the east arid locate here again, W. O. Spencer, fonrier principal of the Manchester school,v is a practicing physician in San Francisco. Mr. Spencer and Miss Mabel Wilbur of Mendocino were" married last week. Eri Hugglns has been appointed postmaster of Fort Bragg; t6 sUcV ceed J. J. Morrow. • ' . 7 ,'• ' Thomas Yoiine, a former aitend-^ ant at the county hospital,- at-;, tempted to murder Maggie 'WickT. off 'Thursday. Young, who is abdiit 55 years old, had betortie infatuated with Miss Wiokoff, who.'iS 18, and had been paying her much attention for the past- year.! Young boards' at the Hawkins House, where the girl. has. b6eh a fre-r' quent visitor. Yesterday Mrs. Haw.; kins sent for Maggie' to come'oyer and write a letter-for her.and th4 girl was in the kitchen -vvitH'Mrs. Hawkins when - Young entered. Young went to his room,. came out with a razor in his hand, and grabbing the girl by the neck sftid, "Take this, Maggie," and drew'the razor across her throat, fie then threatened to kill Mrs. Hawkins but persons attracted' by the girl's, screams took him to jail. The girl was not seriously injured. A daughter has been born to Mr. and Mrs. James McGahan of Yorkville. Frank Guntley is soon to build a store opposite Prather's blacksmith shop at Philo. Clarence St. John, former popular barber at Boonville, now has a chair in Newman's shop at ttealdsburg. Boonville can now boast Philo a Western Union office. SolonsWill Up Salaries Br E«rl»: G. Patera SACKAMENTO, .Jan. 17. <WNS) ^-One of the'iproposals on the ballot at the next ejeetion will be a^e'ndment granting the legislature the ri«ht to? fix is members' sim^„ At present the salary of legislators Is fixed at $J1200_ per year, vvhich mbs't' persons concede is ridiculously low, in view 'of the alripunt' of time , merfi.bers must give to legislative ^Iffatt^;; Various proposals; to,/! increase that salary have been '^defeated. During the wfir, the miembers took things in their, own hands ahd voted an experise-allbwan^e diiripg the legislative session!of^$10 per day. in additioh, members serving on interim committees receive a per diem allowance 'Ht , $15 ior each day of conimittee work, plus travel expenses., ! Highest. amount' 'tp ;lae,' claimed by any senator for 19^7/was $4,993.18 claimed by Seniitor Harold J, Powers of Mpdoci county. Poyr- ers is preslde.nt 'prp tem of the senate and chairman'Pf the rules committee. For these ,reBsons he is required • to iattehd ma!ny coin- irilttee hVeetings between sessions, iln the lower house, Assembly-j HARRIET M'CREATH SUES Hugh and Harriet McCrenth, through. Branson & Bronson, San, Francisco attorneys, are: suing William E. MInshll and his employer at the time, for $53,537 as damages, caused by a collision between Minshil's lumber truck and trailer and McCro&th'S automobile On Januai-y 22, 1947. •* The accident took place about half way between Ukiah and Willits as Oie McCreaths were going north on the Redwood. hlgh\yr.y and the trailer, loaded with lumber spilled its load over the car. Mrs. McCreath suffered a number of severe injuries, the cqip- plaint charges, due to the manhei in which the truck was handled by Mlnshil. The worst of her injuries being a severe brain concussioni fracture of her right knee. arid three ribs. Mr. McCreath is suing for a total of $3527 for damage to his car and money spent for professional carp! for his injured wife. Mrs. McCreath asks for $50,000 gener&l damages. The accidefat complained of in- v<.\ived a truck owned by the Bates Brothers Cortipany of Willite and ^ Anderson Valley News nian Richard McCoHiker' .walked! the collision inyolyed otha- cars nwav 'with thW honor.i! for the ' m the area at the time of the lum: a>vay ' 'with the: jhphprs: .for the .highest.'amotiiiliqi,:,K!e ,';,i6laimed by ihy member, (jrjeith^ with abiil'for JSftfjg.QJT. V?i;v'" '! Mendocino' cd^^ty' swuitdr, BUyt Busch, rfeceived;'Mt »t4Tpf ;$2985-;94 for the year, whilV.'j^'Sj^mblyman Michael Burns, reprsS^iiting Men- docUio, Humboldt .ahd.'Del Norte, collected $2835,43'durihg the year. Gi+rus f-d\r:^^c^(^yir ; CDnteit ;Oi >"ei !j ,-to All ; An added iea^epi the Clover- dfile Citrus Faijr this; year will be an amateur talenf contest,'.with the flhal seieirtions Wing.nipde on the closing night of ithe'; jtkit,,Monday, February 23.. :, •.'';,^V;. : No restrictions . aitej^laced on residence,of cprtte^tafits-and entries are encouraged JEirotn^Sonoma and neighboring! cb'uhtiesC > ! The Mntest Will •be' a- part of the entertainment; '(j'cheduled for the last day Of '''the ::i94'8.' pventij Other feattU^ „in'Qlud^ -a;,.fashion show sponsored -by, the Town ahd Cdiintry - Shop,', a pix!' jrair); of'fstv- Prite ' songs,- by • an < outstahdihg Bftrber phopi Quiapettfr of- Santa Rosa, and,dancihg;tcii,'ttte muslc,'df the" '"WesteiTtiexSi'--pppular 'i .prches- trijj,h:ea:rd over. itattonjKSRO. 1 I'To: enter the cbijtes% arnkteuirs should "address Gldverdalel CitxtiS FaiJ^,, Ch4ttber of, Cdiij^&rc'e,' Clo- verSale,:- ckre Of; ijfack"! MUrph:^^^; ,; GreTOttVorches ^B ;bf-UW be^ • engaged'to' pliay v foi: dancifig ^urtdayi.evenii^^v Elebruar^^ ,; : Haye Licenses Vibi ber "shower," and tied up traffic for a time. .' ' / ; Mrs.. McCreath,. the complaint says, has never recovered jifronj her experience and will require'fii-!, tiire medical attention. Mendo-Lake Milk 5 Parley For Ukiah The state department of .aigri'* culture has announced milk hearings at Ukiah, Tuesday, February* 17, for the Mendocino-Lake. areSi to determine whether produceris' are justified in requesting increases in the price of milk !.t0 distributors and consumers; ^ . ,..* The meeting will be at id'ji.m.j in the Supervisors' room ini tht court house, under pro'vislohs ,o|£ ,the California MUk Control Act which directs the departnient, after public hearings; to establish niinirhum wholesale, tind retail prices'in the .respectjiVe rn'ilk mar.-! keting areas. • ''• • ' '•'!.• .' 'The' producers: and distributors thrdttghoiit the state 'contend :they reqiiire ah increase due to higher costs of labor, niaterials and supplies,' . ;• PHILO, Jan. 20—The Saturday night box supper of. the Anderson Valley Grange, for. patrons- and friends, was a success. Those who attended spent the evening playing cards and dancing folk dances. At' midnlghtthe attractive boxes were auctioned off by Bob Housman, and the. person bidding the highest ate with the lady who brought the box;,7A Rift of a handsome pier- cblator Was presented to the new- iyvyeds..Mr. and Mrs. Bill Dlght- mfthi' 8tid members also brought sevferal bther gifts, as well as theh- beet wishes. to the happy co.uple. Members in- charge of the evening were- Hazel Eyles, Virginia Gillilaud and Ruby "Hulbert, Ci'owd.s attended the first league basketball' . game, which was played , by the Anderson Valley high,school A and B, and the girls' teapis,,' against Hopland high school,'Hopland was the victor in all three games. .High ^echpPl instructor, J. Lindsay, ••\»i'aii in San Francisco last weejtend; attending - a homecoming reuniph-'Of the alumni of the San Frantisco State College, Mrs. 'Lindsay .'Was the guest of her parents, Mr, and Mrs. C. R. Johnston of'Berkeley, who motored up for her. They spent the weekend in Los Molinas. Mr. and Mrs. Slim 'McDonald'of H^Ss 'sJTiill, Boonville, are the prp .4i ^.;'^aren,ts of an eight pound, flir^l^iiPfipce daughter, bom Satur- dayijjjjtttiary 17. '' R<j,b^- GiUiland and Clarence Htil ^«tet5left last week for Wood- .lai^di;!,%•; deliver a truck load of •aPPteSifv ... , .jJIihJ-jDvitro of Philo has been Ul ihis:'%ek •with the flu arid has b^'jliSflicted with a .wre. throat. He, IstMprpying. Another victim of the flu is Flbj^^McKinney of Philo, who has beeh>]in.;bed-several days. .. Revival meetings at the; ville Pentecost church' were'^, cotri-. pleted Sunday night and 'Evangelists Edith Stogner, andfAudine Uttle left for Fort Bragg, , where they will hold m^tinga „iiext week. .' ;.' : '• „, Rev. Reld of the Bconville arid Philo Methodist churches iis 'sUU in the Wh?eler Hospital af dlUlpy. Word ;has been i^ceWeld'^jiiht '/hw, riiay be there for sdme,"time,',9iitd it is dbublful if He wiiliwium'. to his pastorate here. Kev.iReid is 7^ years old and has 'sho'vyn. 8' great spirit of willingness!in helpihfeithe people In, the valley. The district superintendent has been notUtled, and unt'i another pastor'is here the laymen of the churphes are holding meetings. Sunday, January 25, the Wildwood Chpii'-of Philo will hold the nibrhing. Service. The evening service In Boonville will be held by mernberij. >', Mrs. Edna Cotton has riiadB'Sev- eral trips to Ukiah In the pliat two weeks to see her mother,'.;Mrs. Debbie Hatch, who has been quite ill with the flu. She is now.'rel^rt- ed out of danger. . Mr. and Mrs. . Joel, ReHly;.- of Philo reported an interesting •ye- catiori in Florida and Mig»l «fiii )pi, having just returned. .They- spent Christmas with their son and laftj- ily, Mr. arid ^rs; Stenjejf -itfillly in Mississippi^ at .Keeslef!, Field, which is wber'e Stanley .is sthtibn- ,ed. They made the trip by 'train and visited FloridBj,Louisiana jiii 'd other!; southern states, .returhrh'g the southern route. They repilr^' ideal \Veather, but said iriuch dahi- age was done by the early Avinter floods in Florida and Mississippi. Wliole fields and agricultural aiieijs were laid waste. They also'to'^red ' the French quarter in New. Orleans and took'in the ihteresttng sights in Los Angeles and sdnie of the larger cities. ,' .':, ' • ,THb state depiirtihent of motor vehi61i?s last week annPimced action taikeh' on thefblltrtvirig drivers' Ucehiies held hy four Ultiah resi-, ^. . dents; for vioWtloris during; De- and other plans concerning €!QX Attended PodgeParl^ Met Vyi+h Factijry Ekecutiyies +0 Hear Sales Plans 'W.' G. Cox of Cox Motors attended, the meeting of the Dodge ifield .orgahiatipii at Son .lYahclsCo last week; which included the fac- tp ,Ty, executive staff from Detroit, and where advertising, merchari- cember: Revpcation, Gerald. Lincoln, general delivery, unlaWfuUy taking a vehicle. Stispensions, John Borgman, 217 East Perkins Street; Claude A. Smith, gerieral delivery; { Frank L. 'Wliite, general delivery. All suspensions for driving while intoxicated, second offense or more. Mendocino county violations during the month totaled eight. MOTORED TO MODESTO Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Miller drove down to San Francisco last week, arid from there they went to Modesto to transabt some business at the new stete hospital. HAS SIX DAY LEAVE AT HOME Sergeant Richard L.DeKeno, whols stationed .with the 2nd'Ar­ my Band at Ft. Ma.')on,' home on a six day leave. His parerits are Mr. and Mrs. M. L. X)eKeno. Mr.' and Mrs. George Eobson. Last Tuesday night Mrs. 'Vernon Clark was hostess at a shower for her mother, Mrs. Nonrian-Wool- ley.-Many gifts were received by the horioree and the guests - enjoyed cards, fPHoWed -by a delicious t«freshment service. Mrs. WooUey was again the: honored giiest at a ''Shower Sunday night at the home pf-Mrs. Knoles Emerson. Mrs. Enaefsbn's guests included MesdameS "Norman Woolley, Vernon Clark, Carl Anderson, Gertrude Vann, Mary White, Frances Hudson, Dell Prager, Louise Norton, Lee Peregrina, Rose Diaz, LiU Chase, Helen Owens, Myra Smith, Martha Day and Lorna Nelson. Friday evening the students,of the high school sponsored, a mo- tion^ipicture, a dance and a cake and pie sale. The young people were v/ell rewarded both socially and financially for their work. Wilhurn Drown made a business trip to Williams last Wednesday. David' and Connie Turner spent last weekend with their grandparents in Lake county. Cards from Mr. and Mrs. Foster Guntly from New Mexico and Arizona tell of nn interesting trip. the completely new lines of trucks which are being introduced this month; were discussed. Dealers were told that the new line of Dodge "Job-Rated" trucks has been expanded to include 248 ba'sic chassis models, ranging from 4250 to 23,000 pounds gross vehicle weight and up to 40,000 pounds gross tl-ain weight. It covers 97 per cent of all hauling and delivery requirements. The continuing program of training dealers and salesmen to better qualify them to serve truck users in the selection of the right trucks and special equipment to meet specific hauling needs was outlined by tiie speakers. The largest advertising release in Dodge truck history will be made to introduce the new trucks, the dealers were' told. Media includes newspaper,s, magazines, vocational publications and poster boards. <pdppdered Coast Season Flea 5!i66iji !i «5ts of the Mendocino Coast Eis^'i ^^a Game Club; covering ,ej(Ssi ^i ^rtlons of the Navarro rlvw, ii ^re under study last week 6y' i !hlb :-ypaUfornla Fish and Gawe Cohimissibri. - • - ' , ,: Adi ^tl'wBl r^uest^ and suggesr tibris.'pi:,sportsmen in, thfe -same area will'be aired befofre the'com- miiaslon ,at the next riiepthig, Janu­ ary/^b^'^ 31, - in' -Iios Aihgeiesj. according to'President Lei^ F. Paine. : Maiii issue,' 'the , controversial pro)5t>sai." for Mdy 31 .ppjenlng;, of. the! trout, season In northerly ,t!al\- for'iUa;.;is,opposed • by mbre than 100'• civic leaders; sportsmen's aseociatipns, and indl'vidual' spbrts- .jriein.'' ''.'', ". '!! T5ie cpmrtiission is! set an •-'iperilng date soon'.' -•>.'• Now Associated With Dr. Morris Dr. V. Todorovic, graduate vet- !erinary surgeon of Fort Collins, Colorado, is now associated with Dr. E. C. Morris in the Ukiah Veterinarian.Hospitel. He has had 20 years' experience in treatment of animals, large and sriiall, and coriies with high recommend.ations. Dr. Morris, suffering complications arising from a kick by a horse last November, has been confined to the Ukiah General Hospitel since Friday night of last week. His condition is improving. Corns or Warts Removed from feef or Honds No Relief — No Charge B. ARTHUR GIBSON 120 South 2nd Street San JoM Califomitf D^portnient Turns puf Fpr IFhre^ $rtioll Fires . 'Three; alattns'. during the past We^ic prpyided fire drills for, the departmeht; wlUi little dairiagc, begirinlrii Thur&ilay with the Rlva gairage on: East Clay whire an oil smUdgepot hedtei- caUsed the secohd visit of the equipmerit there in recent weeks. That' night at 8:20 the Clair Lynch home at 301 Ford street had difficulty with electrical equipment, and the department rolled. Saturday morning at 8:38 an overheated stove and chimney flre at the Ukiah Auto Parts, in the former Purity Store location, called the boys out in the chill and frosty. Home Market Has Meat-a TOLMANS HAVE HOUSE GUES Mr. and Mrs, Frank Tolman were hosts to their daughter, Mrs. Claude Van Dyck and Miss Lenore Yan Dyck of Stockton over the weekend. They were guests at the Geyserville Grange installation dinner, Sunday, January 18. Miss Van Dyck came over to ses her grandparents before Joaving for New York, where she will be employed in a publishing house. Mrs. Elizabeth Lambert, a native of Ukiah now, living in Santa Rosa, is at the.home of her daughter, Mrs. George Evans, this week. : Something new with which, to bombat the high cost of:UvlHjt:is being offered by. Herb Thatcher through his Home Market .Medt Club; ^ . • '. • •• . . ';-'•;!',!•.:•••'.•• ! By this'plan^ customers arej sold riieat at. cost, Sotmds jTahtasiic, itmt accor<ling to'Mr. ThateHer jtl^e pl^ has 'worked out ,vety, satisfacfdrliy in b ?y, distii'i,ct. eitfes^ ' , It 'goes '.like' ,this;' ,Ea'c,h , f»iftlly pays per week as, a rnenlbfc'- ship fee;, That'^ ' all; 'drid iit-''<^- titles that' family to air. th|' jirv ^t they Wdrit' at" actual ,';cc«t;;',');)t^ rtxejnhership, f& is .'c^lmijited .'ib , take cave it lhe!<5vprl«Bd'af tlife iriarkiq't,, which; is all 'Thatchist .-ljs BSkihg; urif!1, arid |f j nieai-.pticp ijegih ,!.to' seek" ri'drtnal ley?I's'^^ln the b ^y; district the' ,4vi!r4ge .ftiali:- kei'- already ha .j frpiri'2wS!''tp' 2|"& such,euStpri)e'rS',,':!*;!' '.'.S; ;:,!'.•'• ' By.'tJjls-JlanV -tfcii' ciist «iA ^:..'iin buy the best of ev^bithin^_'lH;:Oj^ Trie,ai lilies, at' ^tua'l, c6st 'tii .'ih^ dealer ;and ;.'at» a swin^ oi^'tfb^ $?.50 to $8 per week to.! the* average family. ! -. Red Bluff Bull Sale to Boost Dimes March A registered .Hereford 'biiil W 'eighing 1700 pounds..will' be aucUbned at the Red ]^iufI''BulI Sale on February 6 'for the'bene- fit of the March of Dimes, The auction is just one of the highlighte of the seventh .annual sale, to be held February 5, 8, 7, when bver 280 head of top range buUs, 16 Shorthorn bulls arid:65 heifers, guaranteed to be ' with calf, will be sold. Calpella Boys Editors San Jose State Paper Phil Robertson of Calpella' has been named associate editor of,the Spartan rDaily, San Jose' Stete College paper, for- the/'A^'nter quarter. ' ••',•' Hal Snotik, alFO otiCajpella; will serve as <me of the day editors, 'other staff ,'member!^^ include P4ul Von Haffton: of Palo Alto' vl'ho spent last summeij-Sh> Ukiah and covered seasonal sporti) for !'',htt Redwood Journal. , •U{({tliMmlM Rom where I sit ...-^ JoeMa^fc: From Sheepskin to Sheep Tliere aren't too many college graduates in our town. Good honest thinking, yes...but most folks went from high school into farming. No harm in that! But I admire veterans like Dick Newcorab... who's 23, but goini; to college under the G.I. Bill of Rights, Intends to be a sheep farmer—'out a better- informed, more scicntiHc farmer, with more know-how! And Veterans like Dick aren't let- tins anything interfere. What little relaxation they allow themselrea is in the form of needed exercloe, or books, or conversation and an occasional glass of beer with friends. Seems as if, just by having thair education postponed, they've put a higher value on it... and on things like teqperanca (that glasa of beer, for instance), underBt «n<^- ing, and good citisenship. And from where I sit, -when Dick gets his sheepskin—he won't have loat much time. He'll be an even better farmer than his Dad. (Exactly what Dad wanted 1) Copyrigirt, 1948, VniicJ Sttitfr^f^}^;.'i;iF?J'Ii^SiiiB

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