Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on December 15, 1972 · Page 5
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 5

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, December 15, 1972
Page 5
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r ^adk Mit ion Suzi Fuhrman E.H.S. The Now Generation Suzi has on a cute holiday dress by the Now Generation. It is an acetate and nylon lavender and white print. It buttons down front and ties on the side. Come to McCleary's today to pick out your holiday dress. From the Pepper Staff If the Shoe! Fits- by . LAVINE . SIGNS m WHAT CAUSES A 'PUMP BUMP*? 'Pump Bumps' are those swollen knobby bumps at the back of women's heels. They tend to build up near the point at which the top line of the shoe fits against her heel. Pump bumps range from soft puffs of flesh to very hard callouses. For some women, the bump remains approximately the same size and shape. For other women, the bump swells and becomes painful each time she breaks in another new pair of pumps. Pumps fitted too short cause pump bumps because the top line is too tight. Heavy set women often develop the bumps when they insist on compressing their feet into shoes with unsuitable lasts; the flesh tends to spill over the shoe topline, settle above the heel and form a decided bump. Proper fit is vital to healthy feet. Women in recent years are becoming more knowledgeable and insistent on proper fit. The notion that small feet and tight shoes are a symbol of gentility has been discarded. tdtliewilleShoeStcw DALE & LAVINE SIGNS put Yourself In Our Shoes Have A Merry Christmas Decorating Tree Co-op students are getting into the Christmas Spirit by decorating the tree they purchased. Pictured from left Kathy Kultala, Janet Domino, Marlene Hanson, Rich Knox, John _—. : M — Halverson, Sue Broadie, Chris Photo by Steve Timmons Stroup and Peggy Weir.— Grapplers Will Face Heelan Band Will ,BY DENNIS ST. LAWRENCE The Estherville wrestlingteam will travel to Sioux City Saturday to wrestle Sioux City Heelan in a dual meet. The Midgets are coming off the Algona tournament, in which the team placed seventh. The grapplers only had three place winners. Mike Ryan at 105 placed third as he won one and lost one, Pat Clarken finished in second place as he won two and lost one, Jim Fitzgerald placed fifth by losing his first one and winning his Midgets Travel for The Next 3 Games BY DENNIS ST. LAWRENCE The Midgets are heading into a three game road trip, in which they will travel to Sheldon, Spirit Lake, and the Fairmont Invitational Tournament. The cagers are coming off a 57-48 victory, in which three players hit in double figures. Terry Poulos led the way with 18 points and upped his total points to 53. Bob llartman hit for 17, and brought his total to 64, and Hob Bothwell poured in 11 and is just behind llartman at 62. Estherville will take on Sheldon tonight in a Lakes Conference game with the sophomores starting at G:45 and the varsity at 8:00. The Midgets will then travel to Spirit Lake for another conference game, and the same starting times. Currently the cagers are 2-3 overall and 1-3 in Lakes Conference play. Midget victories were over Humboldt and Storm Lake. Over Christmas vacation the hoopsters will stay in action by playing in the Fairmont Invitational Tournament Dec. 28-29. The tournament consists of four teams, with Montgomery and Luverne playing in the first round, and Estherville and Fairmont playing second. The winners of these games will then play for the championship the next day. The junior varsity team will also play in this tournament, and they will again start with Fairmont. The Midgets will then end their road trip January 5, when they host Emmetsburg. EHS Varsity Madrigal at Roosevelt Aud. BY DOUG RAPP This past week, the Varsity Madrigal under the direction of Mr. Don Brown performed for the members of DEK on Dec. 11. The madrigal also performed at the Roosevelt Auditorium Dec. 13. Songs performed for both events were, " 'Twas the Night Before Christmas," "Sleigh Ride," "Caroling, Caroling," "We Wish You the Merriest" and "White Christmas." Take stock in America Buy U.S. Suvingi Bondt Voc-Ag Students Voc-Ag students work hard on their projects in the EHS shop, under the direction of Mi-. Dennis Epley.- Photo by Stevan Miller next two. The wrestlers will return home Dec. 22 when they will wrestle the Storm Lake Tornadoes. Storm Lake also participated in the Algona tournamentand finished one place below the Midgets. The junior varsity will get underway at G;45 with the varsity following at 8:00. The Midgets are currently 0-3 in dual meets and have two seventh place finishes in tournaments. After Christmas vacation the grapplers will host the always- tough Clarion team on Jan. 6. Chorus Will Appear on TV Tuesday BY DOUG RAPP Mr. Don Brown and the high school Varsity Chorus and Madrigal will appear Tuesday, Dec. 19, at 3:30 p.m. on KEYC Channel 12. Songs performed by the 49- member chorus will be, "Angels Hovered Round," "O Come Let Us Sing unto the Lord," "White Christmas," and "O Magnum Myster- ium." The Chorus will also sing, "The Angels to the Shepherds," "Sleep, Little Tiny King," and "Prayer on Christmas Eve." Solist Kim Yule and the chorus will sing a Spanish Christmas song, "Pastores A' Belen." The madrigal will do the arrangement " 'Twas The Night Before Christmas." Lunch Menu MONDAY, Dec. 18 Steamed wiener; saurkraut ; buttered Hmas; carrot stick; cheese sandwich; apple crisp; V2 pint milk. TUESDAY, Dec. 19 Goulash; lettuce salad; peach sauce; chocolate cake; peanut butter sandwich; V2 pint milk. WEDNESDAY, Dec. 20 Roast turkey in brown gravy; mashed potatoes; green beans; pears in gelatin; schoolbakedcin­ namon buns; V2 pint milk. THURSDAY, Dec. 21 Beef burger on bun; buttered corn; fresh fruit; Christmas cake; V2 pint milk. FRIDAY, Dec. 22 Christmas Vacation Classes resume Wed. Jan3,1973 Present Concert Band members are busy learning new tunes for the EHS Winter Band Concert, Sunday, Jan. 28. This year's concert will feature Lawrence Milk andthe Lemon Sisters. Songs that will be played by the concert band members include "Prelude and Fugue in D Minor" by J. S. Bach, "Let It Be" by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, "Hail to the Fleet" by Richard Maltby. "Granite Rock" byF. Bencris- cutto, "Sounds of Sonny and Cher" by Bill Holcombe, "Toboggan" by Sammy Nestico, "He Can Do It" by Peter Udell and Garry Geld. The public is invited to attend. No admission will be charged. Mr. Ben Haigh, EHS band director, said "I think we'll have a good concert. Everyone's worked hard. The instrumentation is good and the music is good. Now we just have to put it all together." Debate Squad Competes The Estherville High School debate team will be competing at the Little National's Tournament at South St. Paul High School today and tomorrow. Sixty high schools will bring about 250 participants to the two-day event. Schools from a 15-state area will be entered in the meet. Those competing in individual speech events are: Mike Thiesen, original oratory; Laura Goeke, girl's extemporaneous speaking; Lilli Lyons, girl's extemp; Scott R o h 1 f, boys' extemp., and Scott Sunde, dramatic interpretation. Debating are Laura Goeke, Scott Sunde, Lilli Lyons, and Mike Thiesen. Instead of the traditional four-man teams, participants will be relying on two-man records. Each two-man team will debate both sides of the topic. In recent debate action the two-man team of Mike Thiesen and Scott Sunde posted an undefeated record at the I.L.C.C. tournament lastSat- urday. Among the team's victims was previously number one ranked Lincoln Central. Outgrowing St. Nick BY SCOTT SUNDE The world outside is white and everyone on the streets seems to have an inner glow about them. Why? Because, as the popular tune goes, "they know that Santa's on his way." But year after year, as I grow older, I get an uneasy feeling that tells me that I am outgrowing, of all people, Santa Claus. Don't get me wrong! I am not one of those anti-Clausians, nor do I believe in all those ugly rumors that I hear. The problem is I just can't get excited about a fat short bald guy in a red elf costume. Plus the fact that I always got more thrill out of the boxes the toys came in than in the toys themselves. I have written the happenings so others will know when their time is up. You know you' re too old for Santa when the U. S. Selective Service sends you a Christinas card of glad tidings and asks it's Army to join you. .... you find out they don't make snowsuits for 17-year-olds. .... your mother uses your Christmas stocking to dry the dishes. .... your letter to Santa, filled with all your desires, is censored by the North Pole Committee Against Smut and Violent Literature. .... your biology instructor tells you flying reindeer are mythical beasts. .... you see your Uncle Lester getting into a Claus costume before the family Christmas dinner. .... you, by sitting on his lap, send the department store Santa to emergency surgery for depressed knee-caps. .... your mittens don't have strings or clips on them. (With strings it was always easy to get sympathy Christmas gifts. All you had to do was reach down with one hand and the strings would pull your other hand right into your eye socket, and presto- chango, a self-inflicted wound.) .... the toy section of the Sears and Roebuck catalog isn't on your best seller list. .... falling face first in a snow bank isn't considered top-hole excitement .... you see the department store's Santa's suit has a "Made In Japan" label on it. (And I always thought he was a Polean.) .... you read in "True Confessions" that Santa Claus is alive and well and living in Argentina under an assumed name. .... you see Santa's gifts come in boxes marked "Speigel," and come to the realization that Santa Claus is Jewish. But how could he be Saint Nicholas? .... you forget the "Captain Kangaroo" theme song. And finally, you know your too old when you're too old to fantasize, too young to be senile, and too nostalgic to forget Which puts you, with me, in the twilight zone of Christmas spirit Alas, the innocence of youth! 'oiiiiaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiMiiiiiMiiiiiinHi Holiday Will Begin Thursday The Christmas holidays will begin next Thursday when classes will be dismissed at the regular time. Regular classes will resume Jan. 3. IIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIMIIIII THE PEPPER Edited by Siud*nts of Esthorv/He High School Volume 51; No. 11 ESTHERVILLE DAILY NEWS, FRL, DEC. IS, 1972 Page 5 Letters to Santa from EHS Thanks to the North Pole Postal Service we have a few letters from members of the faculty and student body of E.H.S. These letters seem to sum up the wants of everyone at the high school. Dear Santa, Tis the season to be Jolly so I am hoping you can forget some of the things I have done this past year. I haven't really been such a bad guy, but don't ask the other kids. Take my word for it I try to be good, but you know how it is at EHS and I don't think about you all the time anyway. I don't really want much for Christmas, that you could bring me. If you have any old debate trophies I would like a couple that say National and State Champion on them. Also I would like a siren and flashing red light for my squad car. It would add a lot My friend Snakey Joe says he doesn't need anything right now but call back after the first of the year. Mike Thiesen P.S, Could you bring a hundred pounds of bubble-gum for the sophomores? Dear Santa, I am writing for some people who were too shy to write. You know the introvert type. These people confided in me, so you know it's the truth! Roxann Sampson wants a . . . forget it. She's got it! Theresa Isder dreams of a certain senior boy. Kelly Bosworth wants a car. Everybody knows what Julie Fitzgibbons wants! Eric Brink wants the chemistry test over packet 14. Bob Merrill would like to remember his name when taking Lit. tests. Carolyn Croudy wishes for the return of the 19711972 school year. Teresa Stevens wants a Happy New Year's Eve! Kevin Christensen wants a negative 100 points on his skip day tally. Cathy Reinders wishes for the speedy ending of this semester's algebra class. Kevin Buell wants to learn to whistle like Da >re Brobst Chris Vaubel wants to learn how to play the full court press. Tammy Dahl would like to find a talent scout from the Metropolitan Opera. Brian Guge wants the perfect girl, but she's got to be just like him— perfect! What do 1 want! Vm too shy to tell you. Yours truly, Class of '74 Dear Sante Klaus: I've been goode all yeer. I didn't put tacks on Teecheers chairs and on Halloween I didn't eveen throw eggs at Kjars. Please don't bring me any dollies this yeer, I'm a bigg softmoren now. I eveen half my license. A 350 HHHHonda withtrianing wheels is what I want, insteed. With aRupp snownmobUe and a light blue Corvettee, thrown in. To proof Vm not selphflah, the «teners would each like aneelektrick rattle and teething ring with in- struksion sheet included. Love, Kathy Softmore P.S. Have a boy sent with the Kjar. PEACE ON EARTH AND GOOD WILL TOWARD PEOPLE To: Scott Sunde Re: Why I Can't Write A Letter to Santa (Chauvinist) Claus Take no offense, Scott, it isn't because of you that I can't write that letter to Santa. After all, you've helped to integrate the home-ec department by enrolling in the chefs cooking class. It's hardly a sacrifice to give up shce- duled mods to cook and eat your own homemade blueberry pie, but I do appreciate what it does to equate the image of persons regardless of sex. ft isn't your fault Scott, that Santa is the benefactor of those who prove worthy of his gifts by acting like good little "girls" and "boys" in artificial sexist roles passed down for generations and generations from an age when it was a man's world, women had their place, and children were to be seen but not heard. Chauvinist Claus, the heroic "spirit" of Christmas, is an obese bewhiskered male, pampered by Mrs. Claus andthe anonymous elves and is hardly generous in sharing the glory of the occasion with those who are behind the scenes. Only those with brawn, the reindeer, are recognized by name for their achievements. We know absolutely nothing about Mrs. Claus—she has not even been given her own identity by having a first name! Santa, the stifler of individualism, sowing seeds of fear among the innocent who weakly tremble at the thought of not pleasing their elders and finding an empty stocking on Christmas morning— this Santa has nothing to do with you, Scott. I wouldn't condemn you as a person for requesting letters to Santa for the Pepper. I wouldn't condemn an unfortunate victim of circumstance. It's the elves and deer— not you or the Pepper staff—who distribute Santa's rewards to the meritorious models of becoming behavior. The stereotypes are clear: tool kits, racing cars, and sports equipment for the boys; pretty dolls, tea sets, and play make-up for the girls. Even the adults are caught in this trap: a man is given pipe tobacco, leather gloves, or a warm wool plaid shirt to enhance his rugged outdoors image; and a woman receives perfume and lingerie to accent her femininity. So, you see, I cannot sit down and type a letter to Santa. I could not ask him for anything in the whole world. There is nothing he can give me that I can 't get on my own. But, before I close, if you don't mind, could I have a copy of the Claus' address at your earliest convenience? I think Til rush Mrs. Claus a year's subscription to "Ms. Magazine." Equally, Ms. Janice Mitchell Christmas Fantasies Times Ten BY BRENDA MARSHALL Commercialism is running at its peak this year! Everyone is filled with greed—what a way to spend the Christmas season. Being of kind and generous nature, filled with the true meaning of Christmas, I asked some EHS friends what they wantedten of for Christmas. Kim Yule: Skiis. Gabrielle Peton; Til never tell. Debbie Christensen: Ten bottles of milk-of-mag for my dearest friends to give them some get-up-and-go! Mike Berry: Clothes, decoys, anything. Toni Hoppe: Ten $1,000 bills! Debbie Swanson: Ten wishes. Jeff Fain: Ten more inches of snow! Tim Danielson: Ten girls, because I need girls. Julie Henely: Persian rugs. Ms. Wheeler: Ten Superman costumes and ten Supermen to go with them. Mr. Don Brown: Ten good bases; actually I'd settle for one. Lin Casterton: Dollars. Mark Moe: A's. Mrs. Uknes: Dollars? Brenda Marshall: Ten weeks crossing the US. As Christmas comes upon us, let us all be joyous with whatever we receive, because in this day and age, "it is better to receive than to give!!!" SNOWMOBILE INSURANCE It's th$ Stmt Goad Dnlaa Your St§t§ Farm Car /ataraaea SEE ME FOR COMPLETE DETAILS Leo Lenz 809 1st Ave. North Estherville, Iowa Phone 362-3194 SMo Form It All You Hoof To Kaow About toiui tun MM I

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