The Sioux County Capital from Orange City, Iowa on November 4, 1971 · Page 4
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The Sioux County Capital from Orange City, Iowa · Page 4

Orange City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 4, 1971
Page 4
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The Orange Peelings ••'/ • Editor-Linda,Berry Assistant Editor-Barb Janssen Layout Editors-Elizabeth Vogel and Linda Berry gel and Linda Berry and Terry Gosiin«, Staff-Phil Binders, Jay Dor* 5 oslln e a - A dVr\j J Xi'^J^yXX%/W%<^**^*^''"V^'^^^^i^ii'">*>j\^ Maurice-Orange City Communlty_School_ EDITORIAL: What is Respect 'Pride and New Officers Orange City, Iowa May 15-19: 1972 Chorus audl- Vol. 22,'No. 5, November 4, It seems that any more extinct. Everybody seems to world, respect is something almost be so wrapped up in his own. thPlr opinions. It has been bout a person, .alntalned. Always so can't the ? respect? M a recent pop meeting Jerrls Van Roekel presented Scott Dunlop, student council president, with a plaque for winning the sectional baseball tournament this summer. Scott, in turn, presented the plaque to the Student bodv. Dutchman Dateline November "-Hartley-football -there 8-Parent-Teacher Conferences (No school) 17-L.orge Thorndike Test for Sophomores 17&l8-All-school play 22-Travel Series 23-Large group pictures 2!>&2G-Thanksgiving vacation 2C&27-All-State Band.Chor- . us, & Orchestra (Des Moines) 30-St.Mary-basketball-there December 1-Community Christmas Sing Y-Teens 4-Floyd valley-basketball- there 7-Style Show 8-Mlxed Chorus KTIV 10-Le Mars Gehlen-basketball-there 11 -Paulllna-basketball-here 14-17-18-Conference neys-Dordt 20-Joint Concert tour- Prejudice" This year's all-school play will be Jane Austen's PRIDE AND PREJUDICE adapted by Helen Jerome. It will be given on November 17 and 18, at 7:30 p.m. The story centers on Mrs. Bennet's attempts to get her three dayghters married. This was a time when a woman s career was matrimony, and one had to be a wife to be success. Jane and Lydla were both content with their positions, but Elizabeth refused to acknowledge her secret liking of Mr. Darcy. "The play Is the story of the duel between Elizabeth and her pride and Darcy and his prejudice. Each gives In before the evening Is over, and pride and prejudice meet half- WAV " The cast is as follows: Mr. Bennet-Randy Lubbers; Mrs. Bennet-Debra Bogaard; Eli- zabeth-LeeAnn De Haan; Lydia-Ellzabeth Vogel; Jane- Lynne Lenderlnk; Mr. Darcy- Kevin Krooze; Mr. Blngley- Grey Vermeet; Mr. Collins- Jim Rowenhorst; Mr. Wickham-John Hubers; Hill-Mark Vellinga; Lady Catherine De Bourgh-Rachel VanderBfoek; Lady Lucas-Miriam Somson; Charoltte Lucas- Roma Rowenhorst; Miss Blngley-Aleda Knight; Mrs. Gardiner-Linda Leslie; Colonel Guy Fltzwil- llam-Dave Hulsart; Amelia- Sandy Raak; Belinda-Kathy Verdoorn; Amanda-Diane Strand; Agatha-Janna Mouw; Captain Denny-Kirk Schott; A young man-Randy De Koter; Second Young man-Scott Dunlop; Maggie-Karen Meylink; Mrs. Lake-Linda Hammerstrom. Parent Teacher Conferences Parent-Teacher conferences will be held November 8 from 8:00 A.M. until 4:00 P.M. Parents may pick up the student's report card and then meet with any teacher they wish. The teachers will be assembled In a large circle In the gymnasium. Coffee will be served and a video tape of students in class of the Junior High, grade school and hi Eh school will be shown. 21-Hull-Western- basketball-here 23-Christmas vacation begins Three juniors took the National Merit test. Linda Hamerstrom, Dan De Koter, and Mlchele Reeke. The mixed chorus elected their new officers for the year and their selections are as follows: President-Jim Rowenhorst Vice-president-LeeAnn De Haan Secretary-treasurer -Jay Hulzenga Robe Chairman-Deb Bogaai-d Robe Chairman-Judy Lender- Ink . . Duties of the above students this year, will primarily be to help in setting up and running fund raising drives to pay for a large portion of the new choir robes purchased and used last spring. Their major project will be taking orders and selling the beautiful Christmas door wreaths and sprays that have been sold by school organizations in past years. Another project in mind at present Is to sell Plllsbury Bake-Off Cook Books. These would be sold by the girls glee club. Other means of raising funds will be such things as robe fees paid by the students, bake sales, car wash, soup supper, and free will donations at our concerts. Mr. Kline is very pleased to announce that there are 46 boys out for chorus this year. This is most encouraging for our vocal department and should allow M-OC tohave a much stronger boys glee and provide a better balanced mixed chorus. There are 90 members in this year's mixed chorus, and 101 In girls glee. Private and group lessons will be given to any M-OC students desiring this type of training. The schedule of events for vocal music students Is as follows: October 27: "Pops" Concert with band October 23: All-state auditions in LeMars November 26 and 27: All- state in Des Moines December 1: Community sing December 15; Christmas concert with band and Jr. High February 12; Northwest Iowa Choral Festival in Cherokee February 23: M-OC H.S. Choral Concert March: Choral or vocal clinic with guest clinician (exact date not known) April 14 & 15: Solo and ensemble contests April 19: Choral and band concert May 5 & 6: Large group contests tlons May 21: Baccalaureate May 23: Commencement Pep Club At the first meeting of the pep Club new officers were selected and the order stands as follows: President: Twlla Vander Melde Vlce-pres: Diane Strand Sec.-Treas: Carla Pennlngs Representatives: Senior-Jane Lancaster junior-Barb Kromendyk Sophomore-Judy Lenderlnk Freshmen-Kathy Verdoorn These people will be In charge of the activities taken on by each class for the year. The colorful outfit of the Pep Club has also undergone changes. A new white, long sleeved, letter sweater will be the dress of the approximate 90 members. A miniature sport letter, like the athletes earn, will be worn on the pocket of those who work for them. Some ways In which points may be accumulated to total 35 Is as follows: 1) Making posters 2) Organizing and participating In a skit 3) Selling pins 4) Wearing purple pants Some of the activities of the group will be: 1) Decorating for the homecoming dance 2) Selling "Smiley" pins 3) Selling mums-as they have previously done This looks like another busy year for the M-OC Pep Club. Congratulations Saturday, October 23 marked a very exciting day for five M-OC students. All-State auditions were held In LeMars and the following music students were accepted: For the All-State Chorus, Janice Van Roekel, for the All-State Band, Linda Berry and Stan Toenjes (clarinet and saxophone, respectively); for the All-State Orchestra, Debra Bogaard and Darrell Ter Horst (violin and oboe, respectlvley). They will be going to Des Moines during Thanksgiving cacation for the All-State rehearsals and concert, which will be held Saturday evening, November 27. Tim Rowenhorst a "Big Spender," takes a moment to spend a little Him with the Glr? Sorus at Wednesday night's Pops Concert "He walked in the join," while the girls sang the number,. "Big Spender" from the broadway musical,-li, Sweet Charlie." News Release Fifteen students from M-OC will participate in Prospective Teacher • Day activities at Northwestern College on November 2, 1971. The students will be accompanied by Don Vander Stoep, FTA sponsor. The purpose of this program Is to assist students in the selection of area of teach- ing, a means of exploration and to help them become more knowledgeable on the types of schools available. Prospective Teacher Day Is a state-wide program open to any junior or senior Interested In education, usually members of the Future Teachers Association, and sponsored by the Iowa State Education Association Commission on Teacher Education and Professional Standards In cooperation with twenty-five colleges versifies in Iowa. Anest|. mated 5000 students pectecl tn attend, Including! following from M-OC: s« Dunlop, Stanley Toenjes,B Raak, Brad Van Rooyan.Dil chel Vander ^toep.TwilaVs der Meide, Jane Lai Jan Jasper, Miriam ! Linda Leslie, Karen Me; Debra Bogaard, Linda Bert Barb Janssen, and John I bers. Knic-ier, and Mr. -St.ito: l.-R: Dw- Under the direction of Mrs. Martha Helen Ure.'.so. Nlr ; Lyle Kline, the following music students were acceptedM" . rell Ter Horst, Linda Berry, Stan Toenjes. Janire \ an Rw kci. Krlsti Grlenke, Jay McKinstrey and Pogo enjoy reading books in their class. Pogo Is the lucky one relaxing In his hammock. F.dwin 1.. Mitchell, Admr to Soo County, la 1/2 int in Pt I.s 3 & 4, Blk 15, North Alton $3f,0. the Record DEEDS FILED Richard L. Simonson & wf to City of OC, la Pt W 1 , W|, L 1 in Subd, Plat & Sur of NE\ 33-95-44 (Alley) $1. Mildred M. Simpson etal to Carl A. Jacobs & wf Pt NW\ & W-J NE-S 17-94-47 $1. James H. Bathen & wf to William Beltman & wf Pt Ls 11 & 12, Blk 21, First Addn, Alton $1. John S. Vander Schaaf & wf to City of OC L 38, Blk 42, South Addn, OC $5000. Rodney Vanden Brink & wf to City of OC L 38, Blk 42, .outh Addn, OC $1. Nwn College etal to City of OC Pt Streets, Vander Aarde's Addn, OC $1. Hubert J. Schmitz & wf to Bennie J. Vonk & wf L 2, Blk 40 in Aud Subd & Rplt of Pt OL 5, Irtn $13,000. Edward De Boer & wf to Thomas G. Johnston & wf Pt NEl NW^ 1 1-95-44 $1. Anna M. Krier etal to Soo County, la Pt Ls 3 & 4, Blk 15, North Alton $1400. Edwin L. Mitchell, Admr to Soo County, la 1/6 int in Pt Ls 3 & 4, Blk 15, North Alton $350. 4 THF srrtTTY nnTiwTv NEW CASES FILED Probate 9910 Margaret, aka Magaret M. McDonald, deceased (Trans). Probate 9911 Joe Reuter, deceased. Probate 9912 Joseph Pohlen, deceased. Probate 9913 Eileen & Gregory Vander Vliet, Con- servatorship. Probate 9914 Harold Berding, deceased. Probate 9915 Louis De Boer, deceased. Probate 991C Gladys, aka Gladys M. & as Gladys Marie Ripperda, deceased. DC 13920 John G. Van Voorst, dba Van's Electronics vs Kenneth Winters (Law). NEW AUTOS C. F. Sheel.Hospers, Chevrolet. John H. Hall, Sioux Center, Ford. Dennis L.Haage, Hawarden, Plymouth, Gertrude De Boer, Hull, Chevrolet. Robert Gradert, Hawarden, Chrysler. rrfc,.-.-^.. November 4, 1971 Anna Roetman, Sioux Center, Ford. Henry R. Vande Vegte,Sioux Center, Mercury. Mario R. Green, Hawarden, Ford. Vincent T. Johnson, Hawarden, Plymouth. Nwn St Bk, Orange City, Chevrolet. Marvin J. Hood, Alton, Pon- tlac. Jacob Dibbet, Jr. Sioux Center, Pontiac. Bernard L, Koob, Hawarden, Ford. Linden L. Anderson, Hawarden, Ford. Walter M. Diekevers, Boyden, Chevrolet. Dennis D. Oldenkamp, Sheldon, Chevrolet. •Geneva M. Slager, Hull, Ford. Dan L. Becker, Orange City, Chevrolet. Marvin J. Grotenhuis, Orange City, Mercury. John Hoekstra, Boyden, Buick. Kenneth F. Hansman, Hawarden, Oldsmobile. Garret H. Van Roekel, Sioux Center, Ford, Marvin G. Schuut, Sioux Center, Mercury, Eugene G. Thomsen, Alton, Chevrolet, Ferdinand Schiebout. Maurice, Chevrolet. James L. Mulder. Sioux Center, Chevrolet. Gerrit J. Born, Hull, Buick. William B. Meyn, Boyden, Oldsmobile. Raymond G. De Bey, Hull, Ford. Charles B. Hoeven, Alton, Oldsmobile. Lynn E. McCrory, Ireton, Chevrolet. Thomas A. Schlesser,Maurice, Chevrolet. NEW TRUCKS „..+< „„„ •••» * * Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Den Herder left Thursday morning to spend a few days with the children, the Warren Vande 'Berg family Mich. in Marquette, Mr. and Mrs. Larry Weg and family have moved to Freeman, S. D., where he has found employment In the creamery. He had been work- Ing on the Hein Vander Schaaf farm. Rev. and Mrs. Tom Vanden Heuvel and two children from Holland, Mich, arrived Tusday and are spending until Friday with the Rev. Henry Vanden Heuvel family. The men are brothers. They came with Rev, and Mrs. Peter De Jong, from Dutton, Mich., who are visiting the Rev. Vander Ark family. The women are sisters. John A. De Zeeuw remains under care in the local hospital where he has been a patient for the past six weeks, after having had his leg amputated. Rev. Albert Ten Clay, pastor of the Central Reformed Church for five years, has received a call to become field secretary of the Synod, a post now held by Rev. Ger- rlt Dokter, from Orange City. Mrs. Art Van Beek returned home Tuesday having spent a few days with her daughter, Myrna, who teaches in Jeni- sen, Mich. She traveled with Mrs. Hannah Alberda, Mrs. Jim Veltkamp and Mrs. Henry Krommendyk, who all visited relatives in Michigan. Mrs. Jess Wells returned home Monday evening having spent a week in Valley, Nebr., with her children, Rev. and Mrs. Knight Wells, while Mrs. Wells was under care in the hospital in Omaha, Nebr. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Herweyer left Friday to return home to Grand Rapids, Mich..having spent a weeks visit with the relatives in the area. They were house guests of the Don Brommer family. Rev. and Mrs. Jim Van Roekel from Waupun,- Wls., spent the week end with his mother, Mrs. John G. Van Roekel, and also visited their daughter, a student at Northwestern college, Orange City. Children and grandchildren of Mr. and Mrs. Marinus Vande Griend were home for dinner Sunday, to help their father celebrate his 81st birthday. Afeiw Rock Valley Elevator, Rock Valley, Ford. Hellmuth B.Schwiesow.Ha- warden, Ford. Peter S. Westra, Rock Valley, Chevrolet, Dethmer Mfg. Co., Boyden, Chevrolet, C. T. Youngkin, Hawarden, Chevrolet. Rev, and Mrs, B. J. Haan left Monday to visit the children, the BUI Ludwig family in Grand Rapids for a few days and then plan to go on to Pittsburg Penn., to visit their daughter, Katie, who teaches there. Rev. Haan also has a speaking engagement to fill while in Pittsburg. Dan and Dorothy Vermeer returned home via air Tuesday, having spent a week's visit with their sister and husband, Mr, and Mrs. Dave Sikkema at Garden Grove, Calif, Rev. Richard Veenema from Pella, a former pastor of the Bethel Christian Ref. Church here, spent a few days here with friends the past week. He came to be guest speaker at the ai nal Reformation day service neld at the Dordt college auditorium Friday evening. Mr. and Mrs, Martin Dek- Wnga and family spent the weekend with friends in their former home town of New Holland, S. D, Drekkinga judged a speech contest held at the Dakota Chrltlan High school, where he was formerly principal, Mr. and Mrs, Kenneth Den Herder have returned home from a two weeks vacation spent in Canada, Mr, and Mrs. Marvin Vermeer and children left for Muscatine Friday morning to spend the week end with her sister and husband, Mr, and Mrs. Gil Dietz. Enroute home on Monday, they visited with Mr, and Mrs, John KoerseU man and Mr, and Mrs, Jan Schuiteman at Ames. Mr, and Mrs. Gerrit Van Putten have returned home from a weeks vacation spent in the Ozarks. Sunday evening coffee guests in the home of Mr, and Mrs. Arnie Van Gelder were Mr. and Mrs. George Vande Kamp, Jr., and family Mr, and Mrs, Merlyn Plender and family and Mr, and Mrs, Ron Noteboom and family. Some of us mrjke progress and some of us just moke mistakes. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kroon and children are spending a two week vacation in Phoenix, Ariz. Phil and Lee Vermeer attended home coming activities at the University at Ames the past week end. Weekend guests in the home of Mr, and Mrs, Ben Wlese were Mr, and Mrs. Ben Wlese of Wilmot, S.D, and Mrs, Bert Ver Wey of Sioux Falls. Additional dinner guests on Saturday evening were Mr, and Mrs. John Ver Wey and family of Sioux Falls and Rev, and Mrs, Dave Draewell and Kim >of Sioux Falls, All were here for the wedding of BarbWiese and Allan De Graaf which was Saturday, Mr, and Mrs, Dale Wurpts and family were visitors on Sunday afternoon in the home of Mr. and Mrs, Albert Wurpts and family in Ellsworth, Minn, Mr, and Mrs. Bernard Scholten of Muskegon, Mich., arrived on Satuday and are house guests of Miss Anna Scholten, Faculty Dames met on Monday evening at the home of Dr, and Mrs, Lars Granberg for their regular monthly meeting. Dr. and Mrs. Henry Fisher of Marion, Ind.. were recent visitors in the honif of their mother, Mrs. J.J. Van Her Schaaf. Wnile here Mrs. F'is- her accompanied her mother to the HOth anniversary oi tin- First Reformed Church in Denver, Colo. Rev. J.J. Van Der Schaaf was the first pastor there and also served with the work The Fishers also visited with South Dakota and Minnesota relatives. Guests In the home of Mrs. Henry Kramer, Sr,, last Thursday evening to help her celebrate her 75th birthday were Mr. and Mrs, Clarence Cleveringa, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kramer, Jr., and Mr and Mrs., S.teve Kraiwr. The self-invited guests brought along a delicious lunch, Mr. and Mrs. Gerrlt Wabeke called on Mr. Bas Muilenburg at his home in Ireton. on Sunday afternoon. Jerry Vogel left on Monday for Fort Hood, Tex., after spending his leave with his parents, the John Vogel's. Jerry had just returned home from Viet Nam, Mr. and Mrs,HermanM •and Col. and Mrs. Win.E from Santa Rosa, Cal,, turned last week after afl with !.(. and Mrs. nines at McQuire Air W Base in New Jersey, also visited Wllllamsbiir! and other points of w The Eyres spent a ' in the Moret home returning to their hi Cal. The Mowing couples' joyed a Halloween W1 Saturday evening: « r ' Mrs. Rod Vander <_ and Mrs. Vern Van Mr. and Mrs, Norn* der. Mr. and Mrs. E« Roekel, Mr. and M«.« F.shuis, Mr. and MR Vander Stoep, Mr- Roger Droog, Mr, Arnie Van Gelder, Mrs Be rule Fed* and Mrs. George jag Tr Mr and Mrs, » wi j i ,, m i * . i r ? Mr and "^ * Sover/Mr, andMg lanKlelnhPSsllnkarfW' Mrs. Merlvn f her Lynne spent the the home and Mrs, M Puese returned vrt» Sunday for a few* 5 ' Mrs. Marion Mrs, Martha Moore from Columbus Junction, la,, and her daughters Alice and Joyce who attend West mar and Dordt Mr. an> College were weekend guests nesslink, of Mr, and Mrs, George Vogel, Mr, and Mrs, Abe Schiebout and Denise were Sunday afternoon callers in the home of Mr, and Mrs, Harold Vander Ziel at Edgerton and were Sunday supper guests in the Hnery Schiebout home at Edgerton. Mr, Clifford Dean Wassenaar of Lakewood, Calif,, formerly from Orange City has been admitted to the Long Beach Community hospital for medical treatment, observation and tests, He will be hospitalized for some time and would like to hear from his relatives and friends, His address is Room 513 W, Long Beach Community Hospital, 1720 Terminal Ave,, Long Beach, Calif, 90804,

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