Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on July 8, 1957 · Page 6
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 6

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, July 8, 1957
Page 6
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-Junior Editors Qui* on FAMOUS WOMEN QUESTION: Whose face and whoM jewels launched great ships? ANSWER: In Creek legend, the beautiful face of Queen Helen of Sparta tent a thousand ships to war. In history, the jewels of Spanish Queen Isabella launched three ships that discovered the new world. The Greek legend tells of the war between Sparta «"d Troy that began because a Trojan named Paris stole Helen from her husband, King Menelaus of Sparta. The war lasted • long time and many men were killed. Queen Isabella had taken an interest In an Italian explorer named Columbus who believed that the world was round. Columbus convinced her that he could sail around the ocean to China and bring back great riches for her. The Queen turned over her jewels to pay for the voyage. Columbus never did find a route to China, but he discovered the Western Hemisphere which was to become one of the richest parts of the world. FOR YOU TO DO: Trace on a globe the voyage of Columbus and the voyage of the Greek ships bound for Troy. You won't find Troy en a modern map, but your librarian can help you find where it was In Asia Minor. You will also be able to find many interesting Greek myths in your library about the world a long, long time ago. Send your Junior Editors suggestion to this'newspaper and you may win $10. Tomorrow:' Who carved totem poles? Violet Moore Htgoint, AP Newsfeatures. CARNIVAL By Dick Turner "That Bon Ton dress shopl One more reminder from them and I've • notion to upset their whole bookkeeping system by making a payment!" SIDE GLANCES By Galbroith T.M. IUf. OS, Pit OC III *" W • C 1W> >y NtA Sww, Do I have to wait till all those people go in? I've been doctor. ing with Dr. Brown for 30 yeartl" BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Sn|p , Rub , Rub| If your hostess has a maid who might possibly be within hearing distance, don't start talking on the Timet Herald, Carroll, Iowa Monday, July 8, t»57 It's a shame so many people haver to fight a battle of wits practically unarmed. versation is likely to be resented by the maid. And then your hostess really "servant problem." Such a con- 1 will have a servant problem. TIZZY By Kate Osonn OUT OUt WAY "Nature has been very generous to Natalie—She's double- jointed!" SWEETIE PIE By Nadine Seltzer "Better not show him your driver's license eitherl That expired last year, tool" Color Clues Answer to ACROSS 1 Drab color 4 Sky color 8 Light browns 12 Goddess of Infatuation 13 Operates 14 Region 15 Legal matters 16 Christian denomination 18 Landed properties 20 Bare 21 Falsehood 22 Worthless table bits 24 Sacred bull 26 Sloth 27 Greek letter 30 Is unable 32 Slanted type 34 Take in 35 Testify 38 Moines, Iowa 37 Decades 39 Frees 40 In this place 41 Pronoun 42 Of a religious doctrine 45 Unnatural 49 Made operative 51 Australian ostrich 52 Always 53 Center of an apple 54 Tear 55 Soap-making • frame 56 Sea eagles 57 Female saint (ab.) DOWN 1 Venture 2 Shoshonean Indians' 3 Young birds 4 Animal 5 Moon 6 Concord 7 Superlative suffix 8 Pastries 9 Operatic solo 10 Close 11 Went lower 17 Perceptive 19 French river 23 Incursions 24 Sour 25 Window glass TIRIAIl N Tl'-IBTP BlNlTlfel tlWr Previous 5 Puzzle EM N ME BID WE&m 26 Complete 27 Monasteries 28 Female deer 29 Chills 31 Belgian seaport 33 Spring month 38 Wise old man 40 Filaments 41 Conceals 42 Prayers 43 Rant 44 French islands 46 Sea bird 47 Give forth 48 Deceive 50 Playing card DEDUCE 1 iTr; EDGAR MARTIN Wit C*WT «OD -TOMA TVVt WWSHSERW WTTrXE. S^Wc T\t>tfE\ mm 1 7-8 §Y I *. WILLIAMS I OUR BOARDING HOUS1. . ... .with . , , MAJOR HOOPLH POM'T LOOK WOW, MR. COMEbfAM, BUT I'M UP HERB.' WHEN I SAW YOU SNEAK AROUNP THE SACK OP THE HOUSE WHILE I WAS SPRINKLING I KNEW SOU WERE UP . TO ONE OF SOUR GAiSS, SO I CAME IN THE SIPE POOR WHEN VOU SHUT OFF THE WATER— ANY" TIME vou CARE TO LET SO OP THE HOSE, I'LL COOL OFF VOUft HOT SENSE OF HUMOR..' mat b X ''fc'Aw. l-^.^^ipaa ^•.V;ii<i!''!;'''''' ••• WHV MOTHERS SET 6RAY r, .Vl.H'JIfc""'* 1 TM •., 1)1 fu on. m.* t >IH>k,M>MMn.>« » «* , _ . rftte ORDiMAgy ^TICFT VBP/ JUM I H^N.'ttJW ULbbbbU IHb 1 WOULD 6Q TO TEfJ KttftauiL .wm "OFTHE JLKMUR\ ^EEPAND WFMIW&S. ^-J...J5..2«J BAR ^ vJOliLD PD^CTUPe/CHOW CALLj , ATTUNED TO 6NMSET BIRD CWCctRt^WHO WANT* THE j JARRING -DISCORD OF THE crry WTH \X6 Piewr FOR PELF AND FAME ?««*' 30\IS,I C0DLD V4RITBA . ^NNST/ t§ FEW FISH "'•LLJOMPMID "THE RAFT- FORTUNE NEVES i HAS CALLED A SlSMAt-y FOR HIM.' A SENrrLeV . SREEZ& MIL MPT HIM BACK: Utnc TM. **t, U.S. PtL «n\ BUGS BUNNY The Genius PRISCILLA'S POP Try to Remember I <5AID^| ^TMAT SURE *-l WAS A FUNNY DREAM, WASN'T IT? BY AL VERIER DREAM? 1 DON'T KNOW • ANVTMINQ ABOUT kyOLIR DREAM/ ALLEY OOP Now He Knows pliKfrV7TM A V. T. HAMLIN MORTY MEEKLE Disarmament FORWARD, MEN/OW/ I'M HIT/-' BRRST/ RRRR- RRT/ I WANT A VOLUNTEER TO...HEy/ WAIT A MINUTE/, ^» D 'll 1 '. 14,. BY DICK CAVALLI VOl CANT J, ^Cs > LEAVE s ^ FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Special RI<&HTO/THEOLD ONES WERE <ser- TINS A BIT UNSIGHTLY/ BY MERRILL .BLOSSER , MM^A.'SINCE THEY ARE STILL NOT ALL |NSTALLED,MAY8E V TDU , LL DO ME AMD 'SS OR/ (PERHAPS/ THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE Help Needed BY WILSON SCRUGGS VBS/ ICAUT TALK OVER \f1lL BE THE PHONE. MAVICAa<EXPBCTINS ON SOU THIS EVENING? L >>OU. ' IHAOTDSEEVDU. 0OU6 jYES ( MI!S.SCOTT-eiVINGijP ^ IM6ISTS HE IS SONS TO <EMILV AFTER ROUND 6IVEUPMISW?T.CAWVO0 VT WWAGAIW/ IMAGINE ANYTHING WORSE? CAPTAIN EASY Ted Gets • Fill-In A* He DIBP HE tMHMP S0MiTHl«6 ABOUT "MAKKUW" VJ0T TROSTINfi HIM AFTER "All, THB5P VpARS"' BY LESLIE TURNER t CAN WO UP STAN<J'*HIST0RV FR0W Oft NVBR.J JAAVBBHK WJBW, AWAWey THAT WAM6 THBKB jf Ill CALL HOME TONIGHT 1 T0 K$>K i win J l "<«'|"-".«li<.nl , .3;»/<»- 4' J. 1 S

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