Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on December 15, 1972 · Page 4
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 4

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, December 15, 1972
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

Photo Album of the Past— >G3£=£35 :•? THE -.C Mr*, i-ir-i 5. ~tristerssen. Mrs. N. ?.. n Georgia". Aiies. Mrs. tss' Sha-ie: arc Mrs. George '^Martha Hco Mrs. 1_ M 'Ed Countryside ESTHER VTLLE DAILY SEWS, FRL, DEC. 15, 1972 Page 4 First Snowfall Creates Cuddly World 3y SUSAN EEL£ ?'-e firs: tig sccwfali of tbs seasor. :arre iris weefc. leaving world s -aft ar -i c-jesSy are white as a field cf lilies. I r;i:=-d :e sweep off ae sarissseps or p_t —;• Tec-, dowc to rear the beas^cy. I TJ s: stcod there aad »crshi?ped is. Go to Cil -crtLii -3 -r Arizona or Florida if yoc it >2. I woiia:": wan :o nLss this «-orosr. Tic s-xr. the srow plows and the shmeis arid the --raff":.: wiU tear i: aii away aod life will £0 OC iS 'iSOHi- Al_r.EADY THE SOUND of snowmobiles p.r .>:tja:= rs sir. I like srownMfciles ard treir Dtise aoesr .'t bother n». I thirJi ie;> -ti- i operee up a great new Etisstry arc retreatitr. for air pin: of the cctssry, as well as a rrsaars of savz£ lives. 2f •j-ii: take a life, this is set their fault, t-t£t of tareiess hrman beigs. AVE v , : .-xC1ICEDl »o»rsao*rz5ulaas prcrjaes a sotxid barrier? I recce it t whet freight traats coose by the =e. Their ictxxi is nxsfEed sad rentoce. :Ti: al teg the highway in froc: of the tc«o, is less irtezs-e issooad. There ••e tre word "s-ewsd" re satr .e paragraph- Academically Fd criticized. 3ct there are tiroes wtes — or sees* prevails, arc jfce text books Lsrorec. a u/wm COi: T --. NOTHING E get a Iccfc a voice of ATES ME Esore thar to iistazes call ax have the other sec ai the wire asj;: Bv //a/ Bov/e Another Round of the Good Old Days I was a jdc *tit .:»-." ~ . • • afactjt .->:.»« g-tia:' ~"i:*e t.-t ia. ; *T — Wei.. Grarcpa. 1 f.-^..;- r ( -„--••: - aad *e-tt t; ^ae .^.ra- i .tc rii: aoc&st K:«>LS at>:>-t "t;&z r>;it :.t ts.;-s, aestarj r. rirer «: 4 ^r -:-Xi:.t: utrjr x SiSEEer. £ tacit yai izxz to_r-i ^: ?.t 4: niffifrs -as. a tr&vsz. wwrrr? rro; rtfe .i ir i- "£ irit -ri 't .5 z^ziass "•'troths. i*t T_ '• . A phenz^ratr. re rr rx^c i .tier. It trcse gz<*i 06 cays W>JCJ &" wore tirt: ccrsets tr£t nade trj=~ :'eei aii day i^e trt=o ^ere ir, ih»e srir- C£ at. aii£ce5Jr- ia, arc ~et «.tre cigr- irhite caiiars so stirf witr. start.t that tr.eir rje-c.*-S w-ere •:cs-es ^tt: ^rtt. arc :':r :«:_;• «;;. :*:>. pjt if a. were ic apt».t .t rea._>. IMt'St t/f ire rr.<eci- _tiii ftt *a ,~ie ir t-. j& vxz-es, asT£C trfeist a^. tii> .trjg. ar<l trie poor .:tt:e «:.iis stent hs_f ct tteir iatiiriays ra-ui- irg trjt the wee-r's ashes. >o -arrr;-". Zs-is/xs- yet fear old fraod, it ytc gt 'X. t^lire' those tat old days •the goad c--2 days''? Ytyxre lucky ;oow nisragef » live through the»; ALL ROADS CLOSED FOR THE HOLIDAYS One sure way to keep drunks off the road. Wnat - ' " were clos*3 "o' *ic 3i.;" ; the annua 25>. ir.;'-riVv - "i" : it: ' cojii i'.ees s^:-,- 2 VS. i-e-;^ e i . e *• otherv/'.se tj .ea: *'e z\ - j t' We can: .ust c c%--e it»~-i i -it help so^-fe 'ne e~ If you re Cr -> -g &~ -A- t hawe tnree srir-»>.s ' ?-% home, your chances c ; v = . - g a* it: tiphed seven times t-^z :'i"-tr: tossed into the orur>. ta*" * - ' z : :Z *, how many t .mes' Sc. " ~ b*~i <•..-. - v • ai! to the hour Defce ,z-. gt - 1~- : i-- • enough. Jet a sober fnencc-- ,e .:_ ~z~~ • f z>j re -> D: 3f-r>.-"g. 'e~e _ c*: r *r s's;- "-e^e A a)#.a/s oe ice ".a'y •2'' .e r s *'<z a'e it *eet, .<-..,' z stance D^";t ^e-r a-y z~z- iz' ge* : t-i-e '.t' 2s. season t-S' sea e* *"c*s "-a" *>e 'i.^ a *a' t/e"- r e-' fa'ce " c»e rg " -a' -i'.. ..^?S*J #> „A 'e'-*~c>e r -.'.e*at" - Detrr-t^- -'•-'^~"" s I*. . :-Z- **±5^ NationaJ Automobile Dealers Association taxi. Whatever you do. sust at One in a series presented by M.Ai).A_ that newspaper, and the new car dealers of oiff community ••Is this Mir" Stssan cis^ie?" I carr'tget exciied abexn women 's lib. How picfey can I get? ONE OF VY' CKRBTMA5 boofcs mect :.Ti .s the E.-ssiar. pcet. Yevgeny Yevtusrenko, «horr. I wotid ISse to teow more. He saia* rece-ixiy while touring ne United States that a poets is l &e an kicle. "Every pee IT is different.' - be said, "it oepends on the circsicistacees, ScEsenraes yoo'ii fmd one iace as icicle Ivasg on the saow. The icicle will disappear if yoc bosd it is your hard, bet yxxi will remember it." Tbe poet is free to wrxae, ixrt asx » publish, as he is isder eareoe c «5or- shir by the Scniec 'Asiie here be criticized the ••Header Digest" naessaliry at ooe of the college girls who hxerviewed hiia. Bat he sa^ that Asericaas are the besx listeners to pcetry Et the world. "I believe ir. hrrrsj- cats-: seoce, and I believe in ss:c aod good people," be tola his a tidier-re. "*?-IEX I EN'CC^."STEH persoGS lace this poet who has suffered so much and still believes in kind and good people, it strengthens my own faith in humanity. I think I have a kind of built-in, maybe congenital faith in humanity, and I tend to exaggerate man's goodness and minimize his badness. To me the great tragedy of life is the senseless hurting of each other that we human beings do. If there is God in us, then, too, there is Devil. CAE OF OUR LOCAL women's clubs is going to name Blue Earth's Woman of 1973 in a short time. If your town or city doesn't name an outstanding woman of the year — or an outstanding man of the year- why don't you start doing so? It is one way of recognizing these men and women who contribute to the good life of your community. My trouble is that I can think of so many wonderful persons going about quietly doing good for others, I have difficulty in choosing ooe. But it is fun and it is exciting. LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Letters to the editor are welcome. They should be brief, legible, written on one side of the paper and inckoe signature, address and telephone number. Daily News reserves right to edit contents. SGT. STRIPES ... FOREVER by Bill Howrilla i z-osr =cz*x> v.r Mwe s ! f TV. ^2E«L? ^ . r 'HOST'S A. UjSfOfj&JA. THE BORN LOSER by Art Sanson* WIKTHROP by Dick CovolK TO SHOW IDSsmFHCATiCK'. THE BADGE GUYS rr iF 1CU ViJST tfSAX 3rSQt -i : S£S ON ^5*3fN'^NT5, USB tfXB senses by Bowen & Schwarz WHS-N " ORDERS? TO ffvfR-.TJ?AT£ THE NJGKT CLUB. CARNIVAL by Dkk Turner SIDE GLANCES by Gill Fox i \ "Time's up, Mrs, Van Gas . . .. shut up and com* back naxt w«*k!" "Wmdmr* a nice person, but she's the hardest woman to interrupt I ever saw!"

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