Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on July 8, 1957 · Page 5
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 5

Carroll, Iowa
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Monday, July 8, 1957
Page 5
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i r' •" i Admires People, Culture— Mrs. Howard Do/en Recalls Experiences in Japan * V \ V,' RECOLLECTIONS OF JAPAN . . . Mrs. Howard B. Dolen explains the legend of the Japanese God of,Prosperity to her daughters Kevin (left) and Erin (right). Behind them is a Japanese umbrella used for wall decoration in the Dolen home. Mrs. Dolen and Kevin lived in Japan while Mr. Dolen was stationed there with the military police. Erin was born after they returned to America. (Staff Photo) Six months in Japan were long enough for Mrs. Howard B. Dolen to decide she would not lite to live there permanently. At the same time, they also were long enough for her to develop a great fondness for the Japanese people and admiration for their Oriental culture. The Dolen home at 914 North Adams Street contains many evidences of life in Japan, artistically arranged In a. setting if modern American furniture. A large round coffee table, handmade of Japanese cherry wood with mother of pearl inlay, has been placed in the living room among pieces,, of more typically western design. On the coffee table is a carved cherry-wood candy dish made in the shape of a fish, which is a sacred symbol of the Japanese, along with a figure if the fat-bellied god of prosperity. According to legend, if you rub the protruding abdomen of the god of prosperity while making a wish, the wish will come true. A dark green Japanese umbrella, about four feet in diameter, is displayed on a wall in the den adjoining the living room. Grouped around the umbrella are four Japanese hand prints on parchment while in the living room are two additional prints on Japanese rice paper. Marten Furs or speakers on important issues of the flay- America i personnel seldom attended Japanese movies, because of the high incidence of tuberculosis, but had movies of their own on the military base. Japanese shops and stores were interesting. Mrs. Dolen particularly liked to shop in arcades under the famous Imperial Hotel and another hotel in Tokyo (where merchandise was good and "they had American as well as Japanese rest rooms;" Mrs. Dolen said she felt sorry for the people of Japan. "They used to bother me," she said. "They didn't have enough to eat. Many of them lived in the back of little shops where there was no heat except charcoal burners. Their hands were blue with cold." riendly People Timet Herald, Carroll, Iowa Monday, July 8, 1957 Fry the onions, celery and parsley in shortening until partly done. Add the tomato paste and fry down until very thick. Add the tomato sauce and water. Then add the meat balls to the sauce dachshund one year old this month. Mrs. Dolen also likes to refinlsh furniture and while in Japan look [ an d le'f simmerT4" hours"" Season lessons in art. The Dolen home is W uh salt, pepper, sugar and filled with good books and record- j cheese. Serve with cooked spagh- ings of good music. i e tti. Mr. and Mr3. Dolen both are affiliated with Trinity Episcopal Church. Mr. Dolen belongs to the Army Reserve which, after covering his Southwest Iowa sales territory, takes about all the time he can spare. Mrs. Dolen is a member of Trinity Guild, Toastmistress Club, the St. Anthony Hospital Auxiliary and the local chapter of Beta Sigma Phi sorority. While in Japan she learned a few Japanese recipes, one of Fact 'AT Fancy By GLADYS HOLLAND CANTALOUPE .... once considered a luxury food because of Its short season is now available most ot the year but still reaches its peak during the summer months. * * * • Trio from Burke, So. Dakota, Visits Family at Vail (Times Herald New* Service) WESTSIDE — Friday evening visitors in the home of Mr. and Mrs. William Meggers and family were Mr. and Mrs. Ot Gruhn and Mrs. Tresa Gruhn of Burke, S. D. Mrs. Pauline Gehlsen and Ralph were hosts at a family picnic on July 4th at their home. Those attending were Mr. and Mrs. Henry Staffers and family of Arcadia, Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Joens of Manning, Mr. Reynold Gehlsen of Denison, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Meyers and family and Mr. and Mrs. Louie Gehlsen and family. Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Dohse, Raspberry Dessert IVt cups vanilla wafers, crumbled or rolled V* cup melted butter 2 tbs. sugar 4 egg whites, beaten stiff Vi cup sugar 2 cups sweetened red raspber ries Va cup cream, whipped Mix the wafer crumbs, sugar and butter. Press against the bot- . , , torn and sides of a square pan. u^ZiJZTL™,*. „r which is « iven below ? long . Wllh | Cover with a meringue made of !!li e ^^« t 2 , AJ^^ lC -l^i l, i a , ,B ^?- f i »ome of her American favorites. eg g whites and sugar. Bake 20 Suklyaki (minutes at 325 degrees. Cool. 2 lbs. beef fillet or any tender i When ready to serve spread with | flour • • the raspberries and whipped cream. floured pie pan. Bake 30 minuter at 350 degrees. Top with. idji' cream and serve, ' \ Applesauce Cake Mi cup butter 1 cup sugar 1 cup unsweetened applesauea 2 cups flour 1 tsp. soda 1 tsp. cinnamon • > tsp. powdered cloves 1 cup raisins and nuts . Cream the butter and gugw. Add the applesauce; then add tht flour sifted with soda and spices. ("Finally add raisins and nuts. Bak« 40 minutes at 350 degrees their friendliness and sense of hu mor The Japanese people are some Date Cookies 1 cup shortening 2 cups brown sugar (packed) 3 eggs Ms cup water 1 tsp. vanilla 3Vi cups plus 2 to 3 tbs. sifted what like) children," she said, j beef, cut thin as paper in 1 x 2 "They are used to being told what | 2 tbs. butter or shortening to do. They don't hate Americans —they loved General MacArthur —but stiUlthey don't like the idea of their crjuntry being occupied by foreign troops. Would you?" "I suppose It's necessary," she added, "as protection against Russia." Japan is seriously overcrowded, Mrs. Dolen said. More than 80,- VITAMINS ABOUND ... . In cantaloupe which is a rich source j Craig and Marsha, Mr and Mrs of Vitamin A and offers excellent Vernon Jensen and Gordon attend supplies of Vitamin B along with! ed a family party Thursday even- with Lois Rowedder, all of Sacramento. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Elias, were dinner guests Thursday in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Evers and family of Arion. Other guests were Mr. and Mrs. Aro Case and Maurice. Thursday noon picnic dinner guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Gottsch were Mr. and Mrs. Carl Von Glon and family .of" Breda, Joyce Cossart of Hastings, Neb. and Mr. and Mrs. Arlo Gottsch and family. 000,000 people live in an area the A brass ash tray decorated with j s i ze 0 { Nfevada. They need the the replica of a Japanese house buildings Occupied by foreign mil- and a pair of dresser lamps are! itary personnel. Before the war, i cubes and spinach other Nipponese furnishings in the "Dolen home along with a complete set of Sone chinaware. Not to be classified with home decorations but highly prized by Mrs. Dolen is her set of Marten furs purchased in Japan. they used to migrate to Manchur ia but now that country is closed to them and they huddle on their own smal islands. Mr. and! Mrs. Dolen both are natives of Lincoln, Neb., where Mr. Dolen was graduated from the virtually every health-giving mineral and nutrient proclaimed by nutritionists. * * * BEST OF ALL .... the cantaloupe is low in calories — only 37 in the usual serving of half a melon. It's good in its natural state or when combined with other foods to make delicious appetizers, salads, or desserts. V * * CHICKEN SALAD .... is better when served on cantaloupe. Cut the cantaloupe in crosswise slices about 1V4 inches thick. Remove seeds. Do not peel but loosen around the edges of the rind for easier eating. Place on lettuce and heap chicken salad in the center of each ring. * * * CANTALOUPE BALLS .... with fresh mint leaves are recommended for appetizer or dessert. Add a little sugar, lemon juice, and chopped fresh mint leaves. Use whole mint'leaves for garnishing. * * * AMBROSIA .... lives up to its name when made with cantaloupe balls, fresh-orange sections, sliced bananas, sugar, lemon juice, and coconut. Serve in sherbet glasses. ing in the home of Mr. and Mrs Frank Koepke of Arcadia. Others attending were Mr. and Mrs. Louie Bauer and Betty of Carroll, Mrs. Amelia Lussman of Arcadia and Robert Koepke. Tuesday evening visitors in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard C. Kock were Mr. and Mrs. Tom Armstrong and family of Vail and home is created by other articles purchased in this country but imported from Japan. Among these are bamboo drapes used throughout IHfe house for 'utilitarian as well as artistic effect. Mrs. Dolen has found bamboo window hangings essentially practical for one who has moved frequently and lived in many, different types of homes. Mrs. Dolen and daughter, Kevin, went to Japan in October, (Time* Herald Newi Service) ] 1953, to join Mr. Dolen, who Was SCRANTON - The Congenial i stationed in Tokyo as a lieutenant Club held a party Monday at the j of military police. They lived in a U.S. government house which Mrs. S. Dillavou Of Burbank, Calif., Honored at Scranton Oriental atmosphere in t h e j State Unjversity. He served in ' ' the navy during World War II. Returning to! the university for his degree af|er the war, he and Mrs. Dolen weije married in 1949 shortly before his graduation. As a university student he was a member of the R.p.T.C. and was called to service with the army in the Korean Wari It was then that Mrs. Dolen joined him in Japan. Kevin was two years old when 2 tbs. suet 8 onions (medium) 8 mushrooms 2 cups beef or chicken soup I cup carrots, potatoes, bean sprouts, or other vegetables Few leaves of spinach for color 1 cup shoyu sauce Pepper, sugar and salt Put the fat in a skillet, add suet and cook for several minutes. Add mushrooms, onions, potatoes or other vegetables cut in Vi-inch Finally, add the soup and shoyu sauce, pepper, sugar and salt. (Soy sauce may be used in place of shoyu sauce). Simmer until the vegetables are slightly soft, lay slices of meat on top, and cook until tender. Serve j with bowls of rice and salad Meringue Pie 4 egg whites, beaten 1 cup sugar \\ cup salt Gradually add salt and sugar to the beaten egg whites. Fold in: 1 tsp. vanilla 1 tsp. baking powder 1 cup graham cracker crumbs Vi cup nuts Vi cup coconut Put in a Jarge greased and Vi tsp. salt 1 tsp. soda % tsp. cinnamon Heat the oven to 375 degrees. Mix thoroughly the shortening, brown sugar and eggs. Stir in the water and vanilla. Sift and stir in the flour, soda, salt and cinnamon. Drop by teapoons onto an ungreased baking sheet. Place >tt teaspoon of filling on each lump of dough, cover with Vi teaspoon of dough. Bake 10 to 12 minutes. This recipe makes 5 or 8 dozen cookies. home of Mrs. Warren Duff in hon or of Mrs. Stephen Dillavou of Burbank, Calif. Mrs. Dillavou is a former member of the club. She is visiting at the home of Mrs. Warren Duff for a time. Lee McDonald, son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul McDonald of Ames, spent a few days at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Don Eason. Mrs. Lester Donelson returned Wednesday from Cedar Rapids, they went to Japan and Erin, their secrjnd daughter, was born after thejf returned to America. The girls are now respectively 6 and 3 yejars of age. Back ir| America after Mr, Do- combined features of Japanese j l«r« retufn from the Korean War, ! they lived for a short time in Lin- architecture with American conveniences. At first Mrs. Dolen employed a Japapese maid to help with her housekeeping, but coin, wh«)re he began his career with the Continental Oil Company. 1 After two months he was sent to Pork and Mushrrom Casserole 1 2 cups cook*"i pork, cubed 1 '4-oz. can button mushrooms 1 can condensed cream of mushroom soup Vi can milk Chinese noodles (or potato chips) Combine the pork and mushrooms, add the mushroom soup mixed with milk. Season and place in individual casseroles. Top with Chinese noodles or crushed potato chips. Bake in a 350-degree oven until heated through. EXTRA FASTCO FRESH CREAMERY BUTTER Lb. 59c Mr and Mrs. David Musfeldt and where ' she visiteci at the KenFnetl J Return to Davis, California, After Visiting in Dedham (Timet Herald Newt Service) DEDHAM - Mr. and Mrs. Glen Watkins and Sue Ann Walgenback, who have been spending the past 10 days in the home of Sue Ann's parents, left Wednesday for their homes in Davis, Calif. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Rick of Jamesville, Wis. came Saturday for a visit at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Leo Barrett. They also attended the annual Dedham picnic Sunday. They left for their home Wednesday morning. Mrs. Rick is the former Gladys #eigler of Dedham.. Other guests Saturday in the Barrett home were Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Briggs of Albla, Iowa. family. The occasion was the 4th birthday of Becky. Mr. and Mrs. David Freese were hosts at a dinner party in their home, Thursday evening. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Pingel, Shamon, Kevin Brent, and Shayla all of Peterson, Mrs. Ned B. Poole and daughters, Rickie and Rinda, Coulterville, Calif.; Mrs. Berneice Cibb, of Storm Lake Mr. and Mrs. Jack Sharp, Bonnie Jo and Rae, Storm Lake; Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Freese and Mr, and Mrs. Glenn Freese, Kevin and Beth. Tuesday evening dinner guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Elias were Mr. and Mrs. Otto Evers of Denison, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Evers and family of Arion, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Baer and family of Schleswig, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Baer and family of San Maeteo, Calif., and Marlene Beilenberg of Schleswig. Mrs. Glenn Lenz and infant son, Rodney Dean, returned to their home Wednesday from the Memorial Hospital in Denison. Rodney Dean has a brother Russell. Mr. and Mrs. Ira Rowedder and Irene attended a family picnic Thursday in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Grundmeier of Carroll. Others attending were Mr. and Mrs. Glen Rowedder and family, Manilla; Mr. and Mrs. Louis Popp, Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Rowedder and family, Mr. and Mrs. Dean Stribe, Manning; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stuhr, Arcadia; Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Rowedder and family, Carroll, and Mr. and Mrs. Daryl Stuhr and family of Woodward. Mr. and Mrs. Daryl Stuhr just returned from a two-week trip to California where they visited Mr, and Mrs. Allen Wagner and family and also Donelspn home. Beverly Donelson accompanied her home. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kroesen and later dismissed the maid and did 1 Council Bluffs and in 1956 was her own work in order to save money for sight-seeing and souvenirs. Plagued by Asthma Like many Americans in Tokyo, Mrs. Dolen was plagued by asthma during the time she was there. Practically the only form of heat in Japan is charcoal burned in a native urn called "haba- children, Joan and James, ofj ch j» w hich combines with atmos- Buena Vista, Calif., spent a week! pheric conditions and industrial visiting at the home of Mr. and \ p i ants to create a dens e and pun- Mrs. Merle Kroesen. They left| gent " smog ." Many Americans Monday for Bellevue and Daven-, developed serious respiratory ail- port to visit but plan to stop in Scranton on their way home to California. Mr. and Mrs. Dick Clopton and ments and children were victims of frequent colds. All food consumed by U.S. army personnel had to be bought at the children of Texas are visiting at j government commissary or gov the Leo Kepple home weeks. for two ernment • inspected hot houses where fruits and vegetables were Mr. and Mrs. Ray Connors and approved as clean and safe. "In- children of Omaha visited at the j digenous" meat sometimes was transferred to Cawoll. The family lived in iWestside until housing was found for them here in October, 1956.1 This spring they moved to their present residence in the former Lj E. Sweany home on North Adams Street. Trained as Beautician Mrs. Dolen was trained as a beautician and worked at her trade in Lincoln. She also studied nursing (\>r a while, but left nursing school before completing her course. She savs that dogs are her hobby and she hopes to raise them some day. At present the family has only] one dog, a pedigreed Spaghetti and Meat Balls 1 lb. ground meat 2 cups thoroughly wet, drained bread 3 eggs Vi cup parmesan cheese Garlic, chopped fine 1 onion (small), chopped fine Parsley, chopped fine Salt and pepper. Mix all together thoroughly .and roll into small balls. Fry in deep fat until well browned. Mean-1 while, make the following sauce: Sauce 1 cup chopped onions Vi cup chopped celery and parsley 1 can tomato paste 2 cans tomato sauce 3 cans water 1 tbs. sugar Salt and pepper Parmesan cheese Ma Brown Strawberry Preserves Cheerios 12-oz. Jar 10Vi-oz, Pkg. 4 '« 89c 2 >« 43c KORDITE FREEZER SUPPLIES Everything You Naed for Freezing FRUITS — VEGETABLES — POULTRY LEAN FRESH Pork Steak Ground Beef Lb 49c 3 Lb. 89c home of Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Hutchison last week. Omaha Family In Lanesboro for Week's Vacation (Timet Herald News Service) LANESBORO - Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Anderson and daughters of Omaha are vacationing this week in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Jenkins and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Anderson and with friends, here. Mrs. Muriel Blomquist and daughters, Karen and Ingrid, of Guthrie Center were dinner guests Sunday in the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Troxel. Mrs. Howard • Twogoo4 accompanied Charles Twogood to Ft. Dodge Tuesday where they called in the Burdette Lowrey home and visited Laura J. Scott, who is" in a nursing home there. *Mrs. Jack Wegner was released from McVay Hospital in Lake City Wednesday after being admitted as a medical patient. HIGH LACE BOOT FOR SMALL GRAIN HARVEST WORK insole Keep grain out of your shoes. This Star Brand High Lace Boot is a favorite for oats and bean harvest. Soft, easy ft* 1*1 on the feet, with soft inner cushion beneath the Zp | A »yD ArWnd tht Carroll area, •Utpit". •veryhody buy» work"iho«» if puHy'i. This Star Brand 8-lnch boot feels like a 6llpper, yet wears like iron. Has built-in steel shank arch support, cowhide leathers uppers, and sweat resistant leather insole. Other Star Brand Work Shoes From $6.95 DUFFY'S BOOTERY used but only if U.S. inspected Milk from Japanese herds was unsafe, but pasteurized milk was shipped into the commissary from the United States. Citrus. fruits were scarce and "terrifically high" in price. \ Mrs. Dolen found life a little lonely in Japan in spite of two or- j ganizations which provided contacts and entertainment. One was' the M.P. Wives who held monthly j luncheon meetings and the other | was a Tokyo chapter of the Beta Sigma Phi sorority. Special Events Special events were arranged for the M.P. Wives luncheons, such as a Japanese fur show and a tea-drinking demonstration with music on native stringed instruments. At Christmas a famous Japanese choir sang Christmas music of all nations. Parties, with Japanese food, were held whenever I a new wife arrived to join the group. The Tokyo BSP chapter — Mrs. Dolen joined the sorority while she was there — was , composed mostly of Wives of military personnel and young women employed In civil service. The sorority also arranged interesting programs with Japanese entertainers Croutt Cartage Ce. tiarrtll - Fh, liu No. 1 specialist in local and long distance moving! mm VAKUNtl.M Courtsout convenftnt Cirrltr WANTED 9 GOOD USED BABY B E D Si RECENTLY one Daily Times Herald Subscriber advertised a used baby bed and sold it the first call, and said she could have sold at least nine more Baby Beds. That means at least.nine more readers of The Daily Times Herald want to buy a good usecl. baby bed. IF YOUR BABY HAS OUTGROWN THE BED, HIGH CHAIR - PLAY PEN Get Cash for TIMES HERALD it With a WANT AD Why not turn that baby bed or other used baby furniture or toys into cash. Extra cash will come in handy for your vacation. People want to buy bicycles, tricycles, coaster wagons, too. Advertise them now while the demand,is good. * Just Phone 3573 And give your ad ta the Ad Taker.

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