Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California on January 16, 1948 · Page 5
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Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California · Page 5

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, January 16, 1948
Page 5
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LFJtlDAy, JANUARY JG, J!)d8 Uktoh's New Year Baby and His Mother 5 DISPATCH DEMOCRAT, UKrAlI. CALIFORNIA : Mrs. Arnd UWUS/ the fo^ Jemnitigs, Jholds in her arn»« her son, Michael Hay Ulvila, the lUrstjchild born in Ukiah aftetjj? o'clock midnight, Secember' 31—the Journal's New Year baby {or J9<8.TJhe young man Ws for his grandparents Mr. and Mrs. John Ulyila of Hedvood Valley and Mr. and Mrs. Ray Jennings of Route l,\Box 604, iJkiah. ;PHILp,..Ian. 10.—Mr, gnd Mrs. Hi3rbe"t i'fiilbi'ook, Jr., have re- tiirhed from Los Angeles, where they speiit ihe holidays. They were guests of Mrs. PhiVbrook's parents, Mr, and Mrs. Klstler of Los Angeles. ' Mr. and Mrs. >f6ian Hickey reported an enjoyable Christmas vacation in, the east. They said that the return home v.'as slow, as they encountered snow in Kan- iORMSENI Mexico Is Exfjed-fed To Agree tp Import of Nationals DAGRAMENTO, Jan, 10. (WNS) —California has plenty of agricul- .., ^ , „. , tural labor, with 'a good surplu.s sas and Nebraska. Mrs. Hickey is existing in the San Joaquin valley the Indian Creek school teacher, fmm which ivorkers are being re- Mrs, Neva Dennison, accom- bruited for the southern California panied by her mother, Mrs. Byde i Ogle' of Boonville, motored to San *prahcisto Thursday; -bridge luncheon was held Wednesday at the home of Mrs. Fred vRjivyles of BoonviUe. The. chickenT 'dWnefn at'^1 o;efbolt''was ifqllowed, ,fey .bridge, With Mrs. iipifiirie TSTwate^^^ scoring high, and /']yf^iS'.-..B.hil Gl.ark, low. Those pres- ^ ehl'wisre Mesdames IWarle Tar- Water, Phil Clark, Cecil Gowan, Albert Ferrell, Neva Dennison, Robert Batterson, Don Vah^Zandt ahd the hostess, Mrs. Fred Rawles. ikvs, .. Dbh yari Zandt Was a ClpVei'daje visitor Thursday, .'ifl's. EUzabeth Gpwan di Phllo, apeoiripahied her son Arthur to Sap Frahcisco Friday, where she will vifeit relatives. Arthur motored down-to visit his wife's parents, BJr, and Mrs. Holmari of San Francisco, and to bring home Msp. Gowan, who has spent two Weeks wlth_lier family. jMr'. and MrsM'rank Guntley of Phiio.spent Thursday 'of this week iji,Santa.ftosa.,They were accom- pa^e'd,- tty .fi-ieh^s frorn' Ukiah Who - met them in Cloverdale. •Tii^'Phllo Ladies' Aid will Hold . the-'-next meeting on Thursday, January 15, at the Philo Methodist chiirch. The board of stewards met Tuesday night at the BoonviUe ciaurch for their monthly meeting. A m'ernisership canvas is being undertaken and all the stewards expressed their willingness to cooperate. The Odd Fellows lodge, at their *toeeting Thursday night, made plans to give a dinner for their members Thurstiay, January 15. Plaiis 'were also being made for a joint installation with the Rebekah ilodge, to be held some time in iJanuary. Musicians Hear About ,ftecorclings Ban About 200 attended the annual dinner of the Santa Rosa Musicians' Union local at Cantati Iiin in Santa Rosa Wednesday night, January 7, on the occasion of the installation of officers. One of .the, speakers was Elmer Hubbard, repre- sentitive of 11 western states, and his talk was all about the recent ban'on recordings and its effect on musicians throughout the country.", Those going from Ukiah were Wes Greeott, Ben Foster, Jerry Pence, James York, Darrell Lynch, Les Miller, Gino Michaletli, Al Ford and Paul Hellman. APPLY FOR WATEH RIGHTS An application for the appropri- atioaof 0.12 cubic feet per second of water from the Hutsell creek tributary to Anderson creek, thence to Navarro river, for Chester M. and Dejla E. Gleason, was filed with the state division ot Lwater resources last week. The vater is jvanted for irrigatioi., do- I jjocstic and stockwatering p-irposes. I Citrus crop, James G. Biyant, director of the state department of employment, said tOday. • Xhd as a result of this .surpjus, .Bryant declared -there is. no need -fit the. •i)ii^erit - 'time, .tO :V''import labor ^either from .Pueito,''Rifco or Mexico. He said: "It may be necessary, latei',to luring in soitie type of iinportbd farm labor, and this would be Mexican nationsl. But right now, :every job order tlie department gets from the citrus .industry in being iilled almost; impiefliately." Bryant's statement.; was : made following a "i-ep.orted request ;to GovJernor TVarren for, importation of Puerto Rican labor. _ While the governor is out of the state, one of his secretaries said Warren definitely has declared himself against the importation of Puerto Rlcan laboiy and as far as is known, nothing has developed to; cause tiiebhief executive to eliange his mind. Meanwhile, it was reporte^d.tKat Fay Hunter, chief of the 'fai-m labor service of the federal government, is in Washington,; D^C, attempting to work out. details of an agreement with MexicO; for inv portation of Mexican natiorialj; during the 1948 harvest-seasbh- Bryant said the agreeinent fbr this year is satisfactory, with the U. S. State Department, but that the Mexican government is "^'quibbling" over some of the details. "However," he . said,' "I don't think the Mejcicap government will hold up the asreement, once the Workers are needed." Legion Auxiliary Met In Memorial Building It was decided to donate a, sum of money to the high' school atV letic association for' youth .'recreation at the meeting of the American Legion Auxiliary in 'Veterans' Memorial building' Wedhes(Jay, January'7. Mrs. Lillian DeKeno is president and "had charge of the meeting, which included many plans for the coming year. A membership rejjort sfiowedthe quota of 89 set by the state organization for this area, has been reached with two members ovef. It was decided to give a "tiny tot" mctabership to each daughter born to any member of the organization. The past president's ritual team and drill team, will have chai-ge ot the organization of a new unit in Kopland f'ebruary 2. There is to be a meeting of the drill team on January 13 at 7:30 p .m. \ The meeting closed with a social hour, including refreshments served by KobPita Nix and Margie Sanchez. San Luis Obispo county is the tidewuter terminal I 'or several oil pipe lines; from the San Joaquin valley. Donald' Alfred- >Yokum ,i -vs. Bar^ bara June''Yokuin,'Dismissed. Barbara J. YokUm vs. Donald A. Yokutp.,trial. Plaintiff granted In- terlocutoi'y dectee of div6rce (»nd custody of minor children. Property settleni^nl eorif}rmed. Hattie S. ThurMori vs. Austin N. R&wles et al .Tried aHdsuTsmitted. JAif V'ARY 9, 1946 Probate Estate Alfred Jess.e CJjgUant,'de­ ceased. C. • M. Mannoh 'appointed appraiser. Estate Wtatteo Pallini, deceased. Executor discharged. Estate,Anthoriy Serra, deceased. Administratoi' discharged. Estate Nicolas Pedrana, deceased. Deci 'ee of due notice to cred- Uoi:s. Estate Fred F. Stevens, deceased. Appoiritrnent of C. M.Mannon set aside and, W. S. Van Dyke appointed appraiser. • Estate Jinlrnie: Lohg, defceascd. iUectee no Inheritance tax' due.' Estate 'Wiley English, deceased. Same order. Estate Kate Halllday, deceased. Order that petitioners be authorized to transfer and deliver securities as petitioned. Estate Joseph Marshall, deceased. Accounting- continued to January 16. Guardianship Elsie Hughes, incompetent. Accotihtirig continued to December 31. Guardianship Stanley A. Hunt, Incompetent. Fifth account approved; 'bond reduced to $3000. Guardian'and attorneys .alloee^ $25 each. Estate Phoebe M. Stewart, deceased. Accounting continued to I'eb. 13; Guardianship Pauline Virginia Smith, minor. Fourth account approved; attorneys allowed $50. Guardianship Joaquin DaWe, n'inor. First account approved; at­ torneys'allowed $75. Estate Inez Phelps, deceased. Accounting continued: to January 23; ' Estate .Toseph : V^etro, deceased. Accounting cOntiinUed 'to -'March'26. Guardianship Charles Barra, deceased. Release "accepted. Guardian discharged, Estate I4on1^^^|g^|torif^Jecee^ ed: Accountirig'cojffihife'd^w ary;lB.''. • .; ^ . .''• ' Estate No,rJi "0ustafso )ji:^eceased. irirst arid final E6cour (V>''dpproved; distrifeiition prdfired as prayed tor. GUai'dlanship' Mary .White, minor. Accounting •Contlnued'to Der cember 31. :" Guardianship Gordon Sherman, minor. Account on file, accounting dropped. Estate Bernard Zill, deceased. Accounting continued to January is. -• Estate Grace Gray, deceased. Same. Estate, itobert 'Wallcer, deceased. Accounting continued to December 31., Estate Florence ,Hunter, deceased. Final account and petition for di^ribution continued to January 16. Estate Hans Christianfien, deceased. Accounting continued to Jan. 30. Estate j;ames Johnson, deceased. Fiptil sccbunt approved. Distribution pr.dered, i Guardianship Henry Hale, incompetent. First account approved. Estate Tiilie Daum, deceased- Accounting continued to January 23. • Estate Anna Christiansen, deceased'. Final account approved, disU-ibution ordered. Termination life estate William Oppenlander. deceared. .Decreed' William H. Opjoenlander died August 7, 1947.' Estate Wal'/,er W. Hoe, deceased. Q. C. Smith'appointed administrator, bond $1100. W. S. Van Dyke appointed appraiser. Estate Charles Fj-ederickson, deceased. Petition for letters pt ad- .ministratiori with will annexed continued to January J6, Estate C. Devoto, deceased. Petition for letters of administration continued to January 16. Estate Harry Dziniels, deceased. D, C.'Smith appointed administrator; W. S. Van Dyke appointed appraiser; ' ' Estate Ella May •Sllcox, deceased. Gr«eta Schmit appointed ad­ ministratrix, bond $1028. Civil Walter F. Fox vs. Silvia Fox. Default of'defendant entered. Set for trial Janupj-y 16. Richards' vs. Sharey. Trial date of February 10 vacated. Pauline S. Ardsns vs. John E. Ardans. Further proceedings on motion to modify final decree of divorce; Ordered that final decree of divorce be rnodified in that defendant pay plaintiff $150 per month lor support of plaintiff and three minor children and attorney fees in the siun of $50. Margaret Winifred Tharp vs. Marion Francis Tharp. Order to show cause di'opped. Dorothy Marie Sutherland vs. Raymond Lee Sutherland. Dropped. M. E. McDonald, etc., vs. Robert Popkin. Pursuant to stipulatioij motion for change of venue granted and case transferred to San Francisco ccjunty . Victor M. Guehennic et ux vs. Fred Olson et al. Set iortfial.Feb­ ruary 10, notice and Jury walvediji • Beulah G. Hill vs.' Robert HI Hill. Continued to January 23 foi^ trial. M. J. Pellascio vs. Margaret CWr' monlni. Demurrer dropped, to be, restored any time by either partyi H. L. Fischer vs. Ruth Andt-rson et al. Set for trial March 1, notice and jury waived. E. R. Elliott et ux vs. California Lumber Co. et al, Trial and petition to, determine title claimed'by third party continued to January 23.' H. \V. Gibson vs. Myrtle Gifeson. Demurrer to first amended coin-' plaint sustained. Plaintiff given 10 days to amend. Second anienfled complaint being on file defendant given 15 days, to plead, ribticfe waived. Lester C. Riley vs. 'Walter Policy. Dismissed; demurrer dropped by stipulation. C. E. Hopper et al vs. WiUi^n^ Lfiinbert et al. Demurrer continued to February 20. Phoenix Construction Co. vs, Darwin F. Halllday, etc. Demurrer dropped. Jean Smith vs. Carol Z. Smith, Plaintiff granted decree of annulment and right to resume name prior to marriage. . , Anna Jefferson Tregoning v8; D. C. Smith et al. Demurrer continued to January 16. ' ~ E. G. Lynch et .ux vs. Charles Rovera. Hearing on.order to show cause and temporary restraining order continued to .lanuary 16. Darlene Piombo, etc., vs. David Piombo. Order to show cause continued to January 23. Mary Jane Sargent vs. Sherman Otto Sargent. Dropped from the calendar. Criminal People vs. William Coyn Oliver, Fine of $500 paid. Case disnlissed. People vs. Cl&ude L. Hubbartll Defendant arraigned, pleaded npt guilty. Set for trial February 24, jury to be drawn on February 13. People vs. Billy Gene Nelson. Defendant arraigned, pleaded not guilty. Set for trial February 18; jury to;be drawn February 6. . People vs. Bruno -Bottani. Afi raignment continued to January 16. People vs. Raymond Henry Harper. Defendant ort-algned, pleaded guilty. Referred to probation officer for report January 16. People vs. Carl M<;ssey. Defendant granted, probation; term of three years. People vs. Ed Paugh; Defendant arraigned on misdemeanor; entered plea of giiilty. Refer.-"d to probation officer for report .Jimu- ary 16. PAGE FIVE Mamiedl In OMakoma Fifty, Years Ago Lively Meeting At Seyen-'Thirty €lub Thei-e was much discussion abput the kind of coping to surround the grounds,of the Presbyterian • church at the meeting of the Sleven-Thirty club Thursday night. (Some said there already is a coping, others, said, there is only a. curia, and ,no one could agree ^n what the coping should be made if thaii were decided upon instead Of a sidewalk. The \ outcome of the discussion was the . appointment of" Robert jordine to get kinds and prices, jnclu<Ung' a cement walk from the pj^perty line of the manse on Dora sttreet to the end of the prop- efty line on Perkins street. This Was suggested with the idea of baying the wor kaccomplished sometime during the coming year. Someone put a ruling before the house! that a word of thanks be sent tq some member for woi'k that had lxs9n accomplished and it was voted i4own because the members all ha\ie a reputation for doing ev- erythtilg they can. Ilj, takes too much time and expense ironi work needed'to say special thanks to in- dividuajl members. At tbe next meeting the club Will r^ume its study of the ancient ^philosophers and their relation tpi religion. Next week Ralph •Wright will have his research on Plato 4n hand for leading the class. Lee Coster bid for a place in that program and he was given Socrates fopr the next study. A giiest book is going to be placed in the vestibule of the churcli and visitors in town may be reiinembered and contacted by the .Si.'ven-Thirly Club. The next party to be given Will be thie Valentine Day one which falls ib'ri the birthday of one of the members and she is going to be hosteiss to the group on that occasion. 1 Doitothea Fraga wielded the gavel in the absence of Dudley George. MI'S. I Harold Roberts was again substi'tiiting for the secretary, a job she says she can't seem to relinquish. Mrs. Albert Tregoning had the figures lor a good balance in thle bank, stating its size would remtfin substantial even after the payniient of a few remaining bills. Gtiests for the evening were Mrsj John Taylor of Grand Rapids, Mlclilgan, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hay- and Mrs. Frankie Buck. Hjosts for the evening were Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jardine and Mr. and JWrij, Alex Tregoning. Tbey I K-M Vs. Outlaws In a tight contest, Kuudsen- Munson squeezed into the first- half championship of the basketball league, 33-30, Wednesday night In the closing minutes of the game. ' The Outlaws lost after leading throughout most of the game. Don Myers broke loose to put the K-M out in front by three points. With two minutes left, Wada, Simpson and Laukkare, sharpshooting forward wall of the Outlaws', laid down a barrage which failed to find the hoop. The situation became so acute that Dietterle and I Pacini, Outlaw guards, took a ! hand, but tliey failed to save the Outlaw's bacon. Bob Mason, K-M center, can be credited for creating the tui-ning point in this game by his steller backboard recoveries and all- around defensive play. Lineups: Knudsen-Muhson Outlaws ^ :;'MT::«nd:Mx$.'B,'d.Humphrey and theirgran.ddaughTer.'J'aeque- •jiln^ tiouisi UumtiliMy.VTtia picture wab taken:'kit-.GoId;.Ray<: Dam, Rcgue River..Oregon, near the Humphre'y home, when they lived in Central Point. Orego;i. January 15, 1948, is the date' of pelebraiion for their golden wedding anniversary, an open housA at their home M 5p| W^lrnit avenue. INSTRUMENTS RECORDED Becemb»ri29,19|7;^ DEEDS Harriet Jackson to Walter Jackson, land in Mendocino. O O Barker et ux to Joseph Kula, land in T22N R16W. .William Johnson et ux to PG&E and PT&T, land in Hastings Sub Add, Ukiah. So Pac Land Co to PG&E, land in lot 1, block 8, Wendling. Clarence Hendricks to tit Calif, land in TUN R16W. Saxon Scott et ux to Calif Pac Title Ins, land in T19N R17W. Pearl Saunders et al to Z J Elliott et al, land in T18N R14W. John Viarengo et ux to Roy Hurt, land in Ukiah.' Roy Hurt et ux to John Viarengo et ux land in Ukiah. Hugh Holloway et ux tp Palmer Johnson et ux, land'in 'Willits. . Turberg- Baechtel et al to Geo NCwhall et ux, land in T22N R-13W. Cleo Mitchll to Clarence Mitchell land in Ukaih. L. J. Gibson et ux to Clarence Mitchell et ux, land in Ukiah. Clarence Dart to Leland Quinliven et ux, land in HaWkins Sub. Ray Nelson et ux to Earl Pickle et ux, land in T17N Rl IW. •Earl Pickle et uxlo Ray Nelson etux, land in T1.7ISf RllW. ESTABLISH-DEATH .Est of John Gavin; dec, died on 3/10/47, miah. CONFIRMING .SALE Est of Luis Evkovlch, deed, D. O. Smith, admin of said estate, to Althea West, landdd in TION RUW. DEEDS OF TRUST George IJi'ewhaU et ux to Mendo Co Title Co, and.Turberg Baechtel et si, land in T22N R12W. Z J Elliott et al to Corp Am, trustee and Bk Am, land In lot 9 of Little Lake Land Go's Tract Nol/: • . Ray Nelson et ux to Mendo Co Title Co, trustee and H R Pickle et ux, land in T17N RllW. Lelaiid Quinliven et ux to Mendo Co Title Co, trustee and Bk Wniits, land in Hawkins Sub. Roy Hurt et ux to Coi'p Am. trustee and Bk Am, land in lot 85 Yokayo rancho. MORTG.A.GES . Jphn Spderstrom to Bk Wilms, equipment used at Long Valley Meat Jrjkt in LaytonviUe Mercantile*store. Bronson Gillogly et ux to Rdwd Enip Prod Cr Assn, crops grown 1948-49-50-51 located on Bicknell Ranch, Pot Val. Clprence Mitchell to L E Crawford, land in Ukiah. Clarence Mitchell to L E Crawford, household furniture located in Ukiah. RECON'VEYANCES Title Ins & Guar Co to William Tattersfield et ux, deed of trust. Mendo Co Title. Co to Clarence Mitchell et ux, deed of trust. Same to Leland Quinliven et ux, deed of truist. Same to sarrie, deed of trust. Same to Laurence Conklin et ux, deed of trust. PARTIAL RECONVEYANCES Corp Am to Roy Hurt et ux, deed of trust. Corp .Am to Hugh Holloway, deed of trust. BOND OF OFFICIAL St Calif to Guido Benassini, appointed member C- Bd Supervisors; bond $5000.' AMOUNT OF TAX DUE St CaJif vs Peter Murray et al, tax $130, interest $7.15, penalties $13, total $150.15. PECEMBER 30, 1347 NOTARY BOND , St Palif- to-Theo IWarkham,. appointed Notary Public for Co of Mendocino. Earle Adams Made Py^hi^ji) Secretary M: Earle Adamsj former publisher of the Healdsburg Tribune and Enterprise, has been appointed grand secretary of the Grand Domain of California for the Knights of Pythias, a full-time position. He succeeds Dr. Rulus Knight, of Pomona, resigned. Headquarters for the Grand Lodge office are in San Francisco, and Mrs. Adams has joined her husband there. Adams has been a member ot the Knights of Pythias Friendship Lodge of Healdsburg for 25 years, and a member of the Grand Lodge for 15 years. In. 1933 he served a term as grand trustee, and has been a member of the finance committee of the grand lodge foi- many yeAts. He was also district deputy grand chancellor for the counties of Marin, Sonoma, Mendocino and Lake, which he resigned to become grand secretary. The appointment runs until the end of the lodge year in May, when election • of officers will then be yield. Besides maintaining the office in San Francisco, this pCsitpin will require Adams to travel over the entire state as part of his official duties. ID. Myers F... R. Sanchezz Bi Knudsen B. Mason .... A. Porno ... J. Myers . .....F- W.Wads C j< A. Laukkare G . ^ R.Pacini G G. Dietterle Hussies-Kittsns "The State Street Hussies thoroughly walloped the Cuddling Kittens, 45-21, in the opening round of the girls' division Thursday night. Using only five players, the Hussies packed too ^any* guns in the foi-m of Beverly Caya, Evelyn Ringstrom and Lorraine Bartolomei, to be seriously handicapped by their lock ot reserves. Ringstrom appeared as the most capable ball handler on the floor by constantly recovering frpm the backboard and passing her teammates into scoring position, and tanked her own shots from every angle of the court. Bev Caya, center, .sank shot after shot to net 16 points and become the leading scorer of the league. Lorraine Bartolomei, Diane Hooker and Kathyrne Parker played an alert defensive gfime. The Kittens battled furiously to stem the tide of defeat, but their efforts were directed entirely to offensive action. Rubye Salisbury, Luddy Standley and Pat Ornbaun led the attack for the losers. Loneups: Hussies Kittens Miscellaneous Shower l^or Mrs. Frank Milone HOME FROM SEATTLE Dr. and Mr.s. E. L. Lochen have just retun.ed home from Seattle where Dr. Lochen had a 2-week refresher course in som-o work pertaining to his work on the staff of the Mendocino .State Hospital. served cake and coffee upon completion of the club's business. C:HAS. KASCH Altoruey and Counselor at Law Odd Fellows Building North State St. Ukiah, Calif. . The Catholic GuiW Hall in :Hopland was beautifully decorated for the miscellaneous shower given Saturday atte.'noon for the newly wed Mrs. Frank Milone with Mrs. Jumes Milone as hostess. Assisting Mrs. Milone with the gifts were the three pretty Ronco sisters, Geori;j.a, Mary and Jean. Those present ttl enjoy, the delightful affair and those who were unable to attend but sent gifts were Mesdumes Fay Pachelti, Bess Zunoline, Bessie Duncan, R. E. Shimmin, Bernice Swearinger, Anna Mueller, Herbert - Dawe, Ruby Heitz, J. L. Hughes, Betty Keiffer, Edna Grant, Frank Harmon, Mary Castiaux, Philip Lynch, Mary Poreii.n, Edna Hurp, A. W. McNulty, Frank Ponzio, George Pore, Rose Damiano, Louise Search, R. Buckman, May Cox, Lucile Lee, George Rozako, Marguerite Hubenschmidl, Peggy Smith, Elizabeth Kay, Dpn Pardee, Glen Proctor, Harlan Nichols, Percy Hopper, Rose Cqlliris, Georgina Williams, Dora Goodman, Marguerite Hutzel, .tames Mildne, Lois Lafranchi, Alice Williamson, El!u Dawe, Ella Beallie, Ernest Harp, Ada Osborne, Ruby Lamastos, Leila Hopper, Charles Labelle, Betty McNeill, .loan , Manning, Allen Cooper, Eugene Nichols, Goldie Cooper,' Frank Scheiber, Eleanor Rosettl, George Lidell, Mary-Buckman, Marie 'Basley, William Field, WilUam, John Rosettl, Ada Dooley, Misses June Heitz, Louise and Phyllis Crawford, Delia Milone, Lillian, and Judy proctor, and Bobbie Jean Lynch and Messrs Robert Rosetti, Charles Ro- selti and Richard Metzler. L. Bartolomei,F|F.. E. Ringstrom ..F|F B. Caya C\C.. D.. Hooker G|G. . K. Parker G|G^ P. Ornbaun . L. Standley R. Salisbury S. Call W. Webb |G .. D. Catenacc |P P. O'Day |G K. Hooker FRANK HARADER IS SPEAKER AT V.F.W. Frank Harader, representing the tuberculosis seal drive, was" one of the speakers at the meeting of Veterans of Foreign Wars Auxiliary Thursday night, when they met at the Veterans Memorial tuilding. Prudence Laviletta presided at the meeting. Tommie Mocft-e wu.s elected conductress for the unex­ pired term. Refreshments wore served by Sarah Mason, Tommie Moore, Hazel Whitmore, Mrs. M. Morey and Lila Laney. Monthly Dinner At Methodist Church The Young Adult Group of the Methodist church III have a regular meeting on Friday, sluitin;^ I wilh a pot luck dinner and including an election of officers. The program is being planned by Harold Lawrence, lU'ogram chairman, and the reception and dinner arc being taken care of by Mrs. Leonard Nix, hostess chairman. ALCOTT BURIED HERE Fire Damages State Hospital Dormitory Fire on Ward 14 of the Mendocino State Hospital on Saturday night of last week did an estimated $1500 damiif^e to the dormitory, burning the window casings, cur tains, linoleum and damuging the plaster. Income Tax Report And TiilFarnier; EDITOR'S. NO-TE: TWA »J'e ilnal of two articles prepared H^' collector of internal • .Tevonue. James G. Sdylh of the Firtl CsUforaia District, outlining' in-, come Ux requirements for farmers. ' The Information Retui'ns, 1090 and 1099, must be llled by persOi^f^, classifle,d as farmers, With Uie Processing Division ih Kansas Oity, Missouri, by S'ebruary ,1^ 1948. The full address is print** on ,th^ forms. . . ' • These' are Information Returns. The Foi-m 1090 shows the nuw" ber of eVnployees and the, amoiitj.t of wages paid all •employees duiw ing the year. Form 1099 shows the name, ad- dres's and the amount of waB«^ paid eiach individualjemploye. 0'»§ 1099 must be filed for every employee paid $500 in cash Or Jl4 equivalent during the yetii*. «»" A copy of the: 1090, filed VN|^ the Form 1096, should be giv*«» each employee.' r ^ This will enable each eWvplaJ!* to determine his wages for tWe year so that he can accurat^jg compute his income tax. .'i*' Farm, labor has no deductlBWS for income tax from their wa^M^ They are requll-ed to prepare and (He Estimated Declarations,' same as business and profcssionnl men. : - ' \ Farm labor must use Form l04O to prepare theiB final income tax returns. They may use the short form, and determine their tax from the table, provided they earn, if single, less than $5000 annually. » Married couples, r.esidlng in''51 community property state, may determine their tax from the table, if their earnings are less than $10,000 annualy, and separate returns are filed. .', Single , persons earning more than $5000 annually, and married couples earning more than $I0,0'dd annually will be allowed $500 "m lieu of listing actual personal de-: ductions, but must show the tax: computation. January 15 is the deadline to make the final quarterly .installment on Estimated Declarations filed by business and professional men before March 15, 1947. Deputy collectors of it .ternal revenue are now visiting rural communities to assist and advise furmc -is in preparing tax return |5. Visit the deputy collector wlien he is in your community for help witi' rjiir tax return. " Marauding Dogs Take Toll of Two Ranches A blue ribbon ewe belonging tp the son of Alvin Whitlaker of Willits WHS crippled by dogs said,to. belong to Dick Waidell and Walter Coxon, Poundmasler Homer Cake reports, and which were destroyed by Cake. • ': The owe was a yeurlirig atid was the boy's 4-H "iJi -oject, haViiig taken prizes at the Ukiah arid Boonville fairs, and was valued at at $200. She was so badly chewed she may have to be de.stioycd. • Cake also reports seven sheep killed and 16 injured in a raid on a Gualala ranch by six dogs, three of which he killed. ' Grammar School Group Has Fun At Taffy-Pull The intermediate youth fellowship of the Methodist church had their regular meeting Sunday, with Carol Mitchell in the chair. Alter the. business of the day was l)n- ished the 7th and 8lh graders went on their pilgrimage which ended at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Hinds at '535 South Spring street. Much pleasure was derived from the old-fashioned t.iffy pull in the Hinds' kitchen. ' JOB'S DAUGHTERS FOOD SALE A food sale will bp in progress iron) 10 to 12 o'clocft Saturday morning in front of the J. C. Pcn-t ncy st';vc, conducted by the local chapter of Job's Daughters, with pies, cakes and cookies on .saie. IT PAYS TO TRADE IN UKIAH Mrs. E. L. Albertson returned January 7 from several dny.'; in San Francisco. Advttt{lement I The body of.Ernest L. Alcott of Santa Rosa was brought to Ukiah Saturday for .burial, following services at the Welti Funeral Parlors at Santa He died January 8. From where I sit... Joe, MarshV Who Are We, Anyway? QUICK RELIEF FROM Symptoms of Distress Arising (rom STOMACH ULCERS DUE TO EXCESS ACID FreeBookTellsofHomeTreatinentthat Must Help or It Will Cost You 'Nothing Over three railtlun lioitlciof tho WILLAHU TllKATMs^«• ljuve beou sold forj-cllcf of symptoniKnrdlNire .sFat -l^inK from Stomach and Duodcnil Ulcers due to Exnse Acid- Poor DIsittlon, Sour ur UpMt Stomach, Gas»iil8tt. Heartburn. 5!eop{«sEne», etc., duu to Eicftss AcId .SuId on Ifi dayn' trJaM Ask tor "Wlilard'« Meiisto" wUlch fully csiilatns this trcuilneiu — frao —al MEDICO DRUG COMPANY - MORRIS DRUG CO. .Subject came up at Bill Webster's, the other day, as we were cliattinu over beer and pretzels. Just will) are the folks who nialie up ourtown? Wliere'd llieycome from 1 Well, Doc Hollistw's .Scolcli- English ancestry; Will DudIoy'.s folks were mining: stock from Pennsylvania; Skip Powell's family were brewers back in Hollaml. (iuvsx our bloodstreaih'.s ^ot u bit of eve,ry country of the (jlolie— and every section of America. We've still got differences in taste and background—whether Uiey apply U> music, history, or liecr. Only those differences don't ntatlcr — because we're self-respectin« peo|)le, in u free, united land. And from wlierc I sit, that's what malics oi :r townn ami ciMes — our America — .40 KtroiiK, J >r07 j ^re .'^sivi^, tolerant. ()ui' eliaini )ioii- sliip of inilividuul liberties has brouKhL ii.s ]i «)|jle from all faiths, all lands—to prove that reKpcct for om' aM0tliei ''.s risllt.s i;; the Kreutest hond hnmanily can ItnowJ

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