The Sioux County Capital from Orange City, Iowa on October 28, 1971 · Page 9
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The Sioux County Capital from Orange City, Iowa · Page 9

Orange City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 28, 1971
Page 9
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(Continued from page fl|) Mileage ., 51.00 top, Repairs ft Fixtures 78.55 Tter'nan Agency, Ins. Alton Park Prop 183.00 "!!* Manor, Inc., August Care 822.48 vle * tfevatorl PiB» ^^ 85.80 Shop, Oak Grovet Repairs & Fix 60.35 E, ift, Patk Labor 312.13 ''Nursing Home, .August Care 480.50 r. s Pharmacy, August Drugs 32.50 tost Home, August Care & Canteen 450.00 , erv County Home, August Care & Keep 152.12 > ./Conf. on St. Parks, Sub. to Design 25.00 r' lern Bell Tel. Co., Oak Grove: Tel 10.26 Sanborn Drug, Drugs i r.rocery, Oak Grove: Board Exp 4.53 Samani, Dr. Reuben, nl Acres Nursing Home, August Care 341.00 - " K County Treasurer, July & August Care .... 286.25 Druii Store, August Drugs 33.55 , n Gerald, Oak Grove: Yearbook & Exp 20.05 :"' Gerald, Park Custodian: Salary 529.01 S'ten Eva Charlene, Sec'y Salary 56.88 Pharmacy, August Drugs 53.17' Flectrlc Coop Ass'n., Oak Grove: Elec 52.21 Flectric Coop Ass'n., Truck Rental 60.00 Hard Office Equip. Co,, Inc., Notary Seal 11.00 Comptroller, Exp. Sch. For Deaf 22.78 qanltorlum, Medical Care 2.00 r of State, Aug. St. WH Tax 30.07 i. on James H. MD., Annual Checkup 14.00 View Rest Home, August Care & Canteen 340.00 Van, Sadie, C A 10.00 . , 0 uowlng Is a list of claims as allowed by the Board i'.norvlsors of Sioux County, Iowa at their regular meeting Jnn October 12, 1971, and paid from the General, Poor, Biers' Relief, Domestic Animal Fund, Court Expense and [al Health Funds: dated Hosp. Serv. In., Insurance 537.00 Gordon L., Mlge. and Exp. 102.00 sor, The, Supplies 72.00 «oeraDh & Multlgraph Corp. Ribbons 28.45 ,r of State, Sioux County Audit (1970) 2328.87 Pharmacy, Drugs 34 ®'i!! hhfllsen Dr. H. W., Medical . .. 60.00 ' Blacksmith Shop, Co. Home; Repairs 16.10 peter, Foster Care , 100.00 I es, Guy, Rent . 80.00 Gladys, C A 16.00 Lk, Janet, C A 1^.0 Audrey, C A . . . • • J3 « uu Bernlce, R.N., Mlge. and Exp 104.48 Karen, Treasurer Help 310.56 Gerrlt J., Mileage .85_.00 Shepherd's Citations, Inc., Renewal Subscription 48.QO Stevenson, J.B., Blood Alcohol Test............. 15,00 Schatt, Renald, Meeting and Mileage 6,84 Standard Office Equipment Co., Supplies & Machine Rental 158.35 Schroder, Margaret, Co. Home: Labor 158.09 Sioux Valley Hospital, Drugs ' 255.75 Shirk Pharmacy, September Drugs 55.37 State Dept. of Soc. Welfare, ADC, Aid to Disabled, Emergency Relief 3827.54 Sawyer, Mrs..Ruth, Welfare Board Expense 11.00 Swanson Brothers Hardware, Repair on home 8,08 Sjaarda, John, Foster Care 100.00 Schalekamp Drug, Drugs 75.51 25.2S .Medical...... 11.00 Strelt Pharmacy, Drugs 113.02 Transcript of Fees ! John H. Vermeer, J.P. Fees 52.00 Gerrlt Van Engelenhoven, J.P. Fees . 6.00 Thorson Drug, Drugs 14.70 Tommy Dale Memorial Hospital, Care, Medical, Drugs 722.90 Treasurer of State, Sept. State WH Tax 523.68 Trl-State Broadcasting Inc., Radio Advertising (Treas.). 15.00 University Hospitals, Charges Incurred 67.00 Utilities Department, Utilities 105.47 Village Drug, Inc., Drugs, Supplies 206.95 Vogel & Vande Brake, Co. Home: Repairs 17.65 Valley Manor, Nursing Care 71.00 Vorhes, C. E., M.D., Medical 13.00 Vogel & Vande Brake, Jail & Crthse. Repairs .... 20.79 Wlese, Bennard, Marriage Counseling 60.00 Wielenga, Marian, Co. Home: Cobs 3.00 Weide, John Van Der, Foster Care (2 months) 200.00 Walllnga, Luella, Food Stamp Clerk 246.12 Wei, Don R. Vander, Janitor Services 29.67 Wlelenga, Peter R. Bailiff 184.86 Wisslnk, Henry J., Mileage 80.00 Walraven, Alden, Mileage 66.40 Wyk, M. J. Van, Mtg. Expense, Mileage 142.25 Weakley, Dan. V., Blood Alcohol Test 15.00 West Publishing Company, Ct. Library: Books 35.00 1 Zoeller, Darlene C A 50.00 Zeutenhorst, Larry, Mileage '.. . 44.70 Me Record Danny Vermeer and Karla Punt M-OC kindergarten students show the face decoration they made for Halloween from egg cartons and construction paper. The following Is a list of claims as allowed by the Bonn! of Supervisors of Sioux County, Iowa, at their regular meeting held on October 12, 1971, and paid from the Secondary Road Fund: Jgsma, Associated Hospital Services, Blue Cross Insurance Alton, City of, Utilities .... All Wheel Drive Co., Repairs . Al's Repair, Repairs 1,180.60 . . 19.97 . 165.68 10.00 i's sanuauun, o»... Trash Collection e' s Orthopoedlc Brace & Shoe Co., Repair Brace fern Mark Co. Inc., Co. Home: Supplies 35.80 L to Coast Stores, O; City, Co. Home: Supplies . . 20.82 mn, M«morlal Hospital, SNC 372.20 Clerk, Alton, Utilities 5.59 • Clerk, Or. City, Utilities 217.30 feral Telephone Co., Telephone, leased lines . . . 407.34 her, Don C., Mlge. and Expense 85.89 Isel Robert J., Mlge. and Expense, Supp 38.76 mmuntty Hosp. & Health Ctr., Blood Alcohol Test . . 5.00 Ich Mill Pharmacy, Drugs, etc 590.61 'tout, Lester J., Co. Home: Testing 31.33 ema's, Clothing & Supplies {87.35 Ich Oven Bakery, Co. Home: Provisions . . . . i . . 107.19 bayer, John W., Foster Care ns.oo ' Jack E., Mlge. and Expense 128.32 ,ocrat, The, Supplies 13 - a5 iklnson Co., Memorial Hospital, Blood tl..k«1 Taef 10.UU 27.50,, 12.8.0, 1086.32 . 546.90 , 846.60 9.00 .kohol lott Drug Store, Drugs •.-... iden, Wm. Vanden, Yard AVork . . . ieson Oil Company,-Fuel";'? 1 . H^'V i :son, Eldon,' Mtg.- and/M}ge. . ; , . 3oe,-E. M., M.D., Medical . . . . .r and Chambers Co. Supplies „.. .. »° •mers Mut. Coop. Assn., Or. City, Co. , [orae: Feed, etc ••'• •mar's Coop. Society, S. Center, Co. Home: Feed •raer's Mut. Coop. Co., Alton, Co. Home: Feed . mer's Coop. Oil Ann., Or. City, Gas, tires, gg factor Gas . lap'rio A Stamp Program, Food Stamps "^ " " OCRK BB •st National Bank, S. Center, Sept. Fed. WH Tax . . 2655.88 Elect. & Refr., De, Repairs ,o« ™ illnga, Peter, Mileage. . . \M\rr, ml, Julia De, Auditor Help or nn lers, Mrs. Albert, Rent - <n - uu m's Grocery, Groceries • • • rls Janitor Supply Co; Inc., Janitor Supplies Electric, Inc. De, Co. Home: Repairs . .. Norma Vander, Rent in, Louis, Rent Memorial Hospital, Hospltalization .... [land, Ted, Board of Prisoners, Mlge. Exp., Transportation for Prisoners en oo iregtse, Robert R., Mtg. Exp., Mlge • •>°«" in, Judy Van, Auditor Help • 286*03 5, Leona, Auditor Help 170*40 in, Stanley L. De, Mtg. Exp. & Mlge o='nn •ry's Radio & TV, Sheriff: 2-way radio ......... «•"« rs-Van Engelenhoven-Doornink, Insurance ;«"•»•> irden, City of, Utilities vnctn 'arden Community Hospital, Hospitalization ,«,i Public Service, R. Valley, Utilities "75 M Corporation, Supplies , '„. ^ Public Service, Sheldon, Utilities 1431 ix Reporter, Hull, Supplies } • " Booster, The, Notice-Treasurer , M.L., Mileage fl, M, L. and Dorothy, Meeting Expense iter, Clarence, Mileage • ies, Josephine, C A "' Brothers, Supplies n, Kenneth, Foster Care, etc. . al Funeral Home, Ambulance Service •ver, Marian N., Clerk's Help . ., lies, Gertrude, Treasurer Help . , ipenburg, Cheryl Van, Treasurer Help kes Hardware, Janitor Supplies • 'tor's I.G.A., Groceries , •"•' "" K. M., M.D., Medical ..... «•>*., i, Joyce, Foster Parent Mtg. Supplies ..... Harold Vander, Foster Care Tan Home Finding Soc. of Iowa, Foster Care, etc.. er's Co-op Pub. Co., Law Library Books Istedt, Margaret, Mlge., Salary, etc, jtol, Cornle, Yard Work ' Clinic, Medical Super Valu, Provisions, etc. ,.,..••••••• (leliard, Dr. R.H., Foster Care; Medical '"'"'"• Hospital, Hospltalization 5.91 6.46 Bowden, Thayne, Supplies & Repairs 33 A S0 't°, Brower Construction Co., Asphalt *»• '* Central Telephone Co., Telephone Service ......... 1J.°" Coast to Coast Stores, Haw., Supplies & Repairs .. 34.36 Coast to Coast Stores, O.C., Supplies . £. *> Community Oil Co., Diesel Fuel, Gasoline 3W.HJ Coop Gas & Oil Co., S.C., Gasoline, Tires 655.01 Davidson Lumber Co., Piling lino Drake, Roy F., Body & Equip. Repairs ".u^ Evenhuis, Mrs. Gertrude, Electrical Work 531.35 Engelsman Repair, Repairs 977*19 Ericson Oil Co., Gasoline • *' '•" First National Bank, Sept. Fed. WH Tax .. . ...... 3 >™7*R Farmers Coop Assn., Boyden, Diesel Fuel Repairs . . 184.56 Farmers Coop Oil Assn., Alton, Diesel Fuel . . .9.87 Farmer's Coop Oil Assn., O.C., Gasoline, Repairs . . 450.70 Farmers Elevator Co., R.V., Seed . A '•*" Farmers Mutual Coop Co., Alton, Hardware 2.58 Farmers Mutual Coop Co.,, Hos., Lumber d.^w ' Farmers Mutual Coop; Co., O.C., Supplies nOOZ *06 50 Members of the First Reformed Church held a congregational welcome home reception at the Church Wednesday evening in honor of Arlene Schuiteman, missionary to Ethiopia for the past five years, who arrived to spend a years furlough. Arlene showed pictures and told of her work. After the service, a reception was held In the Church parlors and lunch was served by women of the church. Arlene was presented with a gift of money. Dorothy and Dan Vermeer left by plane from Sioux Falls, S.D. Tuesday afternoon to spend the remainder of the week With their sister and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Dave Sikkema, at Garden Grove, Calif. The Wynja relatives drove to Melvln Friday evening to attend the wedding of Robert, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Gene AHena returned home Friday from the Me Kennon hospital, Sioux Falls, S.D., where he had submitted to surgery on his knee. He will have to get around with the aid of crutches for a few weeks. Gene is employed at the Eisma Garage at Ireton. Mrs. Frances De Vries left Thursday to return home to Pella, having spent a few weeks here with her daughter and husband, Rev. and Mrs. Albert Ten Clay while Mrs. Ten Clay was recuperating from recent major surgery. Mrs. Robert Remmer'dehas returned home from Creston, vnere she had assisted her di.ughter, Mrs. Bill Baldwin for a few days. Ced Van Steenwyk and daughter, Janet left by plane Wednesday for Los Angeles, Calif., where they will visit with lelatives for a few days. Tena and Frances Wynja have returned home from a vacation trip to the Ozark mountains and other places of Interest enroute. Johanna Punt, wdw, etal to Elizabeth Gesink L 3, Blk 40, 1st Addn, N Sioux Center $11,500. Kenneth Dean Vander Stouwe &wf to Donald Van Voorst &wf L 44 & Pt 'L 49, Mouw Addn, Sioux Center $1. Malena Faber Miller & hs to Bill D. Miller & wf L 33, Boer Addn, Rock Valley $1. Ray S. Long, sgl to David L. Harry Pt L 7, Blk43, Ames Addn to Clpe $1. John M. Westra, sgl to Nwn College Pt Blk 6; Blks 4 &5; & Pt Streets, Vander Aarde's Addn, Orange City $1. Ivoran D. Noe &wf to James E. Thorson &wf L 7 In Aud Subd & Rplt of Blk 8, Van Ormnn's Addn, Hawarden $1. Bruce C. Nikkei &wf to Wesley Craig Engbers Pt Blk 2 in Aud Sub of Pt SWl NWj 21-97-40, lying btwn Plats of Finch & Douglas, Rock Valley $1. Emil Anderson etal to Gertrude Falcle si L 5 & all L 6, Blk 44, Ames Addn toClpe$l. Henry Bos, wdr, to Gerrit L. Rens L G, Blk 37, South Addn, Orange City $1. Paul Schreuder etal to Donald L. Doorenbos &wf Pt Ls 10, 11 & 12, Blk 8, Boyden$l. Christian Schuver, wdw to Marcel J. Schuver & wf Ej NE| 4-94-43 $1. Maria Blom, sgl, etal to Arnold R. Vande Vegte & wf Pt SW> 22-97-46 $1. Mary Roorda etal to Wilbert Winterfeld &wf Pt L44, Roorda Addn, Rock Valley $2567.50. Darwin E. Bears & wf to Darwin E. Bears & wf Ls 34, 35 & 36 &Pt L 37, Blk 3, Kooiker's Addn, Hull $1. Otto Bouma & wf to Clayton A. Jongetjes &wf L 7, Blk 3, Bouma's Addn, Hull $1. Nadeen Mulhern & hs to Bernard Koster & wf Pt SE-J 36-97-43 $1. Marcel J. Schuver & wf to Christina Schuver E| \\ & Ei SE4- 4-94-43 $1. Ethel Bogaard, Orange City, OWs mobile. Kent E. Sneller, Sioux Center, Ford. Ronald K, De Jong, Orange City, Chevrolet. Arthur Bergsma, Rock Valley, Chevrolet. Lois M.Carsten, Hawarden, Ford. Vogel Paint & WaxCoInc, Orange City, Mercury. F.lmer H. Den Herder, Sioux Center, Ford. K. Russell King, Orange City, Buick. Peter Ver Mulm, Sioux Center, Ford. Gary Gregg, Hawarden, Gremlin. Gerrlt J. Bleeker, Sioux Center, Chevrolet. Mince Toerlng, Hospers, Chevrolet. Jake Harskamp, Sioux Center, Ford. Theo J. Ney, Granvllle, Chevrolet. Lawrence H. Williams, Hawarden, Oldsmobile. Ellen R. De Jager, Orange City, Chevrolet. Richard Dlbbet, Sioux Center, Chevrolet. NEW TRUCKS John Blom, Rock Valley, CMC. Marlin M. Moeller, Hawarden, Ford. Harold Vande Weerd, Alton, Pelerbilt. Jerry L. Rolston, Sheldon, Jeep. Ronald Groeneweg, Hull, Chevrolet. Far Coop Assn, Hull,International. Gerald Nygard, Hawarden, Chevrolet. Wynja, and Twila De Graaf, which took place at the Lutheran Church. .i--j • Hoef Chevrolet-Olds, Ver, Repairs Iowa Public Service Co., Utilities King, Kenneth, Crew: Kim Dorschner, Sept. Labor Knoer Industrial Supply, Oil ................. • Kooiker, Inc., Bridge Repair ..... . ........... '225 BO Lebanon Farm Shop, Supplies, Repairs ........... oJjaa Ethopia to spend a years fur' ...... Members of the Missionary group number two of the First Reformed Church drove to Sheldon Friday afternoon where they were entertained in the home of Mrs. Grace Lobb, a former member of the circle. Gertrude Rozeboom was hostess at a family dinner party held at the Auto Dine Friday evening in observance of her birthday which came that day, and also in honor of her niece, Arlene Schite- man, who arrived from Mrs. John A. Schuiteman, the Arthur and Arvin Shuite- man families and the John Broek family drove to Sheldon Friday evening to help their daughter and sister, Mrs. Bernard Van't Hul celebrate her birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Meyer and children drove to Parker, S.D., Sunday afternoon to visit her sister and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Sneller Lubrication Engineers, Inc., Grease Midwest Paving Co., & Graves, Const. Co., A.C. Resurfacing ' « 03 Telephone Service 25.03 6.00 °«" 36.30 184.64 72.60 15.00 550.65 88.00 40.00 94.91 334.53 321.10 . 9.74 19.15 32.00 „. lou.uu «•»« » • n q3 ' 50 153*04 ' Mutual Telephone Co Maurice, Town of, Utilities Mans, Arle, Moving Fence & Seeding . . Maurice Oil Co., Diesel Fuel Merit Motor Co., Repairs Mid-Continent Equip. Co., Repairs . . . Midwest Culvert Co., Corrugated Pipe Minnesota Mining & Mfg. Co., Signs . . Mouw Motor Co., Repairs °°«' 0(J Kw S e a 2n B^lephon;; TeWhone- servicV.' '. \'w Nelslus Motor Co., Repairs • Northside Body Shop, Repairs . . . fi °« Nyhof Lawn Equipment Center, Repairs "19225 Pecaut Equipment Co., Supplies - • Perkins Corner Truck Stop, Oil • Phillips "66" Hlway Service, Repairs '149 45 Punt-Cambier Motor Co., Repairs • g Roelof's Store, Supplies ' g Roon Hardware, De, Supplies • Sioux Electric Coop Assn., Utilities °-° Schlueter, Donald, Crew „.. 08 Herbert B. Day, Sept. Labor • Sioux Center, City of, Utilities .•••••• J^ Sibley Concrete Products, Concrete Pipe "." Sleg-Sioux City Co., Supplies, Repairs 1«.75 Sioux Center Auto Parts, Repairs "•£ Sioux City iron Co., Tools . 3 ' 80 Slouxland Implement Co., Tools • Soo Lumber Co., Supplies 3SSS SE-aS&.'ffiS j».; A.': : •.•/.-.•.•*- SSA S S:; SS SSS1.W':::: gfe Sterling Spring Service, Repairs ... • Treasurer, State of Iowa, Diesel Fuel Tax Treasurer of State, Sept. State WH Tax.... T & W Tire Service, Inc., Repairs Van's Used Trucks & Parts, Repairs vneel & Vande Brake, Supplies .,,...,..... vogei « v* w ^ CQ ^ Hlehway p a i ntlng( supplies lough. After the dinner, the evening was spent socially in the Rozeboom home. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Vander Schaaf left Wednesday morning to return home to Elgin, 111. having spent a few days with the relatives here. Gene, son of Mr. and Mrs. Roland Bartels was seriously injured in the football game played here Friday evening and rushed to the St. Lukes hospital, Sioux City, where he had surgery that same evening for the removal of one of his kidneys. His father, Roland Bartels, is a patient in the same hospital, after being seriously injured two weeks ago, when he fell into a silo pit and fractured both of his feet. Mrs. John De Haau, who has been employed at ( aseys bakery for many years, left the past week to make her home in Artesia, Calif. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Ver Hosf from Lakewood, Calif., spent the weekend with family and friends here, and were house, guests of Mrs. Frank Van Seek. Mr. and Mrs. Bill J. Vermeer, Jerry and Wade spent the weekend with the children, Mr. and Mrs. Jan Schuiteman, at Ames, and on Sunday drove to Pella to visit in the Rev. Henry Vermeer home. Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Vos returned home Monday evening, having spent the weekend With the Bill Brower family In Denver, Colo. Going with them was Mrs. Carl Ver Steeg.who spent the weekend with her 'son, John, who is employed at the Day Care center In Denver. NEW CASES FILED Probate 9899 G. G., aka Gerrit G. Vermeer, deceased Probate 9900 Albert Ramaker, deceased Probate 9901 Fred, aka Frederick Ronsiek, deceased (Trans) Probate 9902 Marion J. Mouw, deceased Probate 9903 Beth Ann Schouten, minor, Conserva- torshlp Probate 9904 James Bynes, minor, Guardianship Probate 9905 Theodore De Vries, Conservatorship Probate 9906 Roy E. Swanson, deceased Probate 9907 Leo Hevern, Conservatorsip Probate 9908 Mike Westra, deceased Probate 9909 James Ver Burg, deceased DC 13918 Glenn Hodgson vs Uniroyal, Inc. (Law) DC 13919 Clarence T. Mll- ier, dba Comm Oil Co vs Ted K loima (Law) NEW AUTOS local Hem Helen Rozeboom returned from Ottumwa after spending a week with her sister-in-law while her brother had surgery. Mrs. Etta Borgman has returned from a month's vacation trip to New Jersey. Mr. and Mrs. AlvinWlssink and daughter from River Falls, Wisconsin were weekend guests in the Marvin Wissink home at Hull. They were also guests in the Ray Van Pelt home on Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Muilenburg spent the weekend visiting with their son, Ronald, at Webster City. Mr. Otto Mouw, Mrs. John Hofmeyer, MY.'" aha 1 ' Mrs. Henry" Mouw, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Mouw, Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Mouw and Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Mouw from Sheldon will be going to Vinton, Iowa this weekend to help the Ted Rowerdink's celebrate their 45th anniversary. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Van Pelt and Ginny have returned after a week in the Ozarks. They reported the weather was fine and the scenery very beautiful. i ...... 39.28' 896,15 231,72 150,00 Arlene Schuiteman, who is home from Ethophia, left by bus Thursday morning to visit her sister and husband, Rev. and Mrs. Wilmer Ver Meer at Hollandale, Minn., and from there will go on to New York to attend a mission board meeting, and will also visit another sister and her husband, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Ten Brink in Holland, Mich. She will also be speaking at some of her supporting churches In Indiana. Mrs. Neal Van Seek entertained a a coffee party held at her home Tuesday afternoon for her sister, Mrs. Henry Vander Schaaf, from Elgin, 111., who with her husband, spent a few days with family and friends here the early part of the week. Mr. and Mrs. Amos Vander Wilt drove to Alton Sunday afternoon to attend Memorial services held for Captain Jim Newendorp, a member of the Air Force, who lost his life In Viet Nam. Lawrence Van Wyk, Orange Cltv, Ford. Pirilip E. Ver Meer, Sioux Center, Chevrolet. Floyd E. Achterhof, Sioux Center, Chevrolet. Gertrude E. Wlssink, Sioux Center, Chevrolet. Leonard D. De Groot, Boyden, Plymouth. Harvev G. Nibbellnk, Sioux Center, Chevrolet. Wieferd L. Kooiker, Boyden, Chevrolet. Peter E. Blom, Orange City, Ford. George A, Heynen, Hull Plymouth. Henry Vander Schaaf, Sioux Center, Lincoln. Clarence Kiel, Orange City, Pontlac. Ralph C. Jojies, Hawarden, Ford. Wilmer Miersma, Hull, Ford. Clarence Norciling, Hawarden, Ford. Henry F. Schmidt, Sheldon, Pontiac. Jerry Brink, Sheldon, Chevrolet. Sunday afternoon visitors In the home of Mr. and Mrs. John H. Nibbellnk were Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. John Kooima and family from Rock Valley and Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Nibbellnk and baby. Sunday evening after church guests In the Bernie Fedders home were Mr. and Mrs. Merlyn Plender and family, Mr. and Mrs. Ron Noteboom and family, Mr. and Mrs. Elwin Van Roekel and family and Mr. and Mrs. George Vande Kamp, Jr. and family. Mrs. Ken Wlersma and girls from Independence, Iowa were weekend visitors In the Delbert Popma home. Mr. and Mrs. Bastian Mulder have returned home from a two week California vacation trip. Mr. and Mrs. Marlin French and family from Waterbury, Nebr. were Sunday visitors In the home of Mrs. Battle Vande Brake. of Supervisors o on October 12th, 1971, and paid from the Bang's Teachers' Institute, State Institution 4850 g°' 73 75 ' 00 628 ' 00 " 7 ' 00 44 ' 00 ' Tl( "I ' Verne ' Mileage llnk, Willis H,, Meeting Expense Parrott & Sons Co., Supplies . , pell, Edwin L., Attorney Fees , . Nursing Home, care and Keep al Food, Hawarden, Groc Pjnal Food, Orange City, Groc hwestern College, Work Study Billing onal Assn, of Counties, Co. Member mice Fee .. , . , er 's Inc., Supplies ................. " Systems Company, Office Supplies . . . . .... • 'Poedlc Assoc. Ltd., Co. Home Patient: X-rays .. ".Jerome, Mlge, and Expense ........... • • • n's Grocery, Groceries ....... . . • • Jeter, D.p'.S,, Co, Home: Dental Work * G.W. FoocJ/Co, Home; provisions ......... t Acres, Nursing Care ....... ..... . « « • • 44 60 Drug, Drugs , , ...... , ............... 19 6,50 r rancene, Recorder Help ,.,.••«••••" « 2 oo 330 34 100,00 .... ...... ' 131,00 ,70 30,20 134!00 , 6.00 72.00 Mental Health Funds: Acme Holder Company, The, Park Supplies Alton City of, Alton Park: Elec. & Water Associated^Hospitals Service, Inc., Blue Cross Insurance * Bang's Disease Eradication: Dr. D.D. Hall, Inspections t«ffftt« Iowa Public Service Co., Winterfeld Area; . Electricity • • * Reiser, Ray, Oak Grove: Remove Stumps Kiernan, John D., Alton Park: Labor Lakeview Manor, Sept. Care Lynott, Robert E. Ill, Oak Grove: Labor Mapes Nursing Home, Sept. Nursing Care Miller's Pharmacy, Sept. Drugs , Millie's Rest Home, Sept, Care ....,.,,«..».» Montgomery County Home, Sept, Care, etc, , ,..., McGraw-Hill Book Co., Books , , .,,,.,.. Portable Fogger, etc. 16.60 41.24 24.60 Northwest implement Co,, Mower Blades 175.00 68.85 822.48 343.46 475,80 16,20 310,00 196,80 34,80 37.50 Napel Brothers, Ten, Portable Fogger, etc.,,,,... - ••»» National Wildlife Federation, Subscription Renewals .. 17.00 27,60 Oak Grove: , 5,50 29,00 26,00 »,,,,,. Home Call.,,,..... Park Supplies,,.,,. ,,,.,.•»»»»«•••• Expense , . . . , . . - —.. W«W j »...-_.— T _-_.. , m r - ill D Q " Rf L " Manual (Treasurer) Herbert, Foster Care *». K »ymond, Co, Home: Labor . . . ,»««••• f {• Rachel Van, Nurse's Help Alice van, Mtg,, Mlge, and Expense ,. Towel & Linen Supply, Towel Service ter News, Board proceedings ,,., < Council on Alcoholism, Treatment 184.31 72.42 10^25 ',.104',67 180,15 , 7,50 63.99 63,36 , 9.00 29.15 .6,7 Repair ..... Stores. Hol Xve 0 n S Tumon"& Maintenance.,, Haven, *u«^__ ^^ r _ fnvtt . Mower Repairs ,,, .v.v 19 0,00 Northwestern Bell Telephone Co., Telephone ..,,.....»«•«»»•«•••*•••*'•• Pals Dr. Peter, Medical Expense Pleasant Acres Nursing Home, Sept. Care,,,.,.,.. Plymouth County Treasurer, Sept, Care,, Rest Haven Manor, Inc., July, Aug, & Sept, Care Rexall Drug, Sept. Drugs ,....,..,..,,..»>••• Rodney's Studio, Oak Grove: Park Expenses , Santema, Pete, Oak Grove: Septic Tank Service 25,00 Schlefen Charlene, Co. Cons: Secretary Expense ,., Schiefen, Gerald, Co. Cons: Park Custodian Salary, etc, ,.,,,,.,.«• Scholten, Gerrit L., Alton Park: Labor .,. , Shirk Pharmacy, Sept. Drugs ,.,,,,..,, Silver Burdett Company, Books , .,.....•••««>•> °. QU Sioux Electric Cooperative Ass'n., Oak Grove: Electricity . . , •. •«» • •« • „,„'on Sloan Nursing Home, June, July & August Care .... * S ™'W Swanson Bros. Hardware, Repairs £*•*» Treasurer of State, Sept. State W.H, Tax ,,,...,,.. "«»• Westslde Nursing Home, August & Sept. Care wo.w Wide-View Rest Home, Sept, Care & Canteens t>uu.yu 22,41 . 5,00 333.00 104,55 1104,00 33,40 28.38 56.88 705,49 109,02 122,51 "I DON'T HAVE THE HEART OT TELL THOSE . CITY BOYS THEY BUILT THEIR DUCK BUNP ON MY FEEDLOT POLLUTION CONTROL POND. 11 COUNTY CAPITAL, Thursday, October 28, \.v

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