Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California on January 16, 1948 · Page 3
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Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California · Page 3

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, January 16, 1948
Page 3
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y •FRIDAY, JA7TOARY 16, 1948 '- DISPATCH DE!MOCRAT..UgIAH, CALP^ORNLN. PAGE THRBTPS 10., 20. 30, 40, 5U Y^ARS AGO 1 ' TEN YEARS AGO c .. i • Jan. 21, 1938'. . ; -Pioneer Oil cSi Burner Company . o^i Ukiah was' robbed Monday hight,',tlie tliief getting away with ;a§o'ut. $150 from the cash box in tlab safe, opened with- a key which , is left in the office after closing hours. ;.;'FQrt Bragg celebrated a half /Jibiiday on .J^anuary 19 with flags flying frpm every store front and many lousiness' houses closed for • the afternoon. The reason was the inilbh heralded Noyo Harbor im, provfiihent . hearing before two .Tj.;: S.' Army engineers. Presenta• tion (Sf the matter was made . tlirpugh a compfehensive report •t'empiled by fhe Fort Bragg Chamber of Commerce and the Califor- ij :,irij^ state Chamber of Commerce. n • 'v C. ii. Dunfan as appointed Ukiah -5 dity treasurer to fill the vacancy I .'created' by the death qf P. W. I :Hsndy.' • S '-Jltepnard Lawson, instructor at '"toe^PinoleviUe Reservation school, wa!^' severely burned Friday when a'ican of aviation gasoline caught fire. ,•• ' •• • •"A' charge of insanity filed • iig'siinst ^John Vealentine (Kanaka Jack) of the-coast section was ^hanged to the status of a county f^rm jiatient by Judge W. D. L. i^eld. The case revived stories that •were told more than 50- years ago, •Valentine was the only survivor, of af; iiiniber schooner, shipwrecked d#the south coast in the early .'days.•'•He swam ashore when the ship dashed to pieces and in con- neption with that swim tolls a sotry ttoiri'vvhich he has never varied. Hei-clalms that V. shark swani be- si^.^;'him almost to the shore, biit ,B ^d' riot': attack him - because his sltiji'is black. ViBoonviUe'relatives were advised tStS'Vv-eek of the death of Mrs. Beit Rankin of Sonoma. - S'lioui's Scrdenti and Jemma Ped- riittoelli of .'WlUits filed an applica- ;tl6i^.';ai';Ub:iah Saturdai^,: for U- ceiise'to'wed.; , . ii^and 'Bi'ooks of Potter- Valley escaped 'with minor injuries 'Sun- 4iay:"eVening .when his' car went (jown. ''a', 500-fpOt grade • into Cdld SjF ^ek'canybh when his lights went oiii:'' ' . -r. • ' •/•i^CFording to the- first; estimate ;]^6n4pcino county suffered a $923,- OCioVlbss in the' recent'storms. brought up 70. head of Jiprses and i Sikes appeared, armed with a big implements and has. a :;orce of revolver; IVIcGimsey made a grab men employed. • - ' for-tljis weapon and having, both W. J, Banker and ivfiss Myrtle Uuns in'chancery was striving v^itji I'll his strength to prevent being Ruddick, both of Ukiah, were quietly wedded Sunday ;evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs.* Volney Van Dyke by Rev. J. E, iMoore. Ralph Ayala, a paroled convict, wr.s arrested by IWarshal Roundtree of WiUlts after robbing a man of $7,^. Albert Dueffy and Mrs. Ed Mc- ANDERSON MEY . PrilLO, Jan. 12—Mr. arid Mrs .'J Charles Price suffered minor in- liries ar)d' (lamagcd iheir auto- r.iobile last week, when the <2ar , they were driving left the Ukiah • road,' overturning and landing, at the' bottom Of;a,SO^fodt embank-- ment, Both Mr. Slid Mrs. Price suSercd bjrujses and Scratches, but •Were'thankful it was no worse. • ! installation of officers was'hiild Saturday night, by the Anderson , Vallejr Grangfi. Following the ih-! sf ^ation ahd regular meeting, cof-', All Thaf Was lek of McFarlahd's Biplane explanation. He was surprised to luarn that the- supposed highwayman were deputy sheriffs, detailed to guard the bridge and prevent the stage robber from passing. George Switzer sold his Fort F^l Of Fort Bragg were.married « ^^^^ ""^li^rris has filed'suit ini ^^^Z^S^A^^T^ Sonoma county the North-! :^'^f"/J^f"„„^X.^,^f^^^^^^ we .,t,crn Pacific : for $10,000. 'T^ol^^/^'^Z:"'^ shot. He" soon was master of the V^^>r'\J!!^.^^?lJZ,^\t^^ doughnuts were seWed, .and cards and old-time da'i.cln.g suit is thef outgrowth of an accident at the Fulton railroad crossing, last November when: a. freight train backed over the Morris automobile. The 3-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs.: Morris was-thrown under the radiator. Of i the automobile aind was so' badily burned he died a few days lateif, > ; H. C. Johnson has resigned as mill superintendent, for the Union Lumber Conipany, after being 'on the job for 15 years, and it is understood that -VV. G. Collins of Elk will fill the vacancy. • V/illiam Hendrickspn, well known coast woodsman,, is establishing a camp, on Flinn,- creek for the Albion Iiumber Company, to log timber recently putchas^d frpm Standish & Hickey, ^n estimated .17,000,0"0'0 feat. • , ^TWENTY- XEAni AGO Jaii.'jn,1928 ; The .former horhe of Judge E. -, *"M: '-Whifeey,, 11 miles north of i |k • Willitsi {.•imed to the ground the ni4ht;of January 18.' The Whitney hTsth.e' had been made into a won- deriful show spot and was modern in-every respect, I'he loss is esti- iViated at $4000. f'Ernest Neuhaus, who has conducted the Scales garage at Ukiah, hastaken over the Starke garage. . ;;i'lie Ukiah Male Chorus was organized Monday evening with the meiyibership limited to 75. 'Wiiliam Ford was appoiutefl secretary- treasurer and Thomas Ford will boj in'charge of the .musical library. ..The director is Hugh T. Harvey^ ' Lawrence Saunders, Ukiah pos- tal'r.c'lerk, has on exhibition oranges :r grown on his ranch south of town. His place is on the other sil^e of Butk hill and in a warm belt, -where there is little frost. E. 'W. Hyden has sold his ranch injSanel valley and will make his home in Ukiah. : Willits will hold a county fair next ,fall. The exact date has not tfeen-set, but it will be in Septem- berj"qr October. The organization was completed Monday night and L. M. McQuestion was elected president, J. J. Kellar, vice-presi- j; ^'en't, and C. A. Larson, secretarv- |j Threasurer. .Francis Harmon of Willits was '^ ^ in.stantly killeJ in an automobile ' accident six miles north of that place, oh the state highway Satur- P ^'-y night. He was returning from ^gvale and at. Byan creek his • car left the road and went over the'.grade.. : Contest proceedings, instituted by.'the. heirs to break the will of the late ' Rockwell McMillan of Port Bragg, were dropped last week-by the. attorneys for the heirs wh'en it appeared from the sfate- mdnt of John L. McNabb, attorney for -the estate^ that he was prepared to carry.oh litigations in con- neption with the -contest for as lo^g as 15 years. McNabb stated that he had three other wills in his safe and would produce them onfe offer another and fight the contest througa the highest courts. , THIHTY YEARS AGO Jan. 18, 1918 On January 11, the Ukiah Farm Center held a reception in honor of .the cpunty farm advisor, Charles Myszka. Addresses were made by Prof. Crochon, state superintend- _ent of ifarm advisors, and Prof. Ruebei, his assistant. Miss Ruby'Dawson this week announced^ herself a candidate for city clerk of Ukiah. Work has started on the 10-miie section of ibe state highway be- jHween 'Willits and Armon. The first wjovr miles north of Willits has i'oen sublet (o E. J, Hunt, who • FORTY YEARS .;^G0 Jan. 17, 1908 W. P. Thorrias. and : Ji B. Sanford left this -week :^f6r'Mexico where they, with, sevei 'jar.; others, interested iti the Royal '^^le Mine. They 'wlll go to CSleiico'apd pack in to the mines from there,'»accom- pa'nfed'by'minin'g experitSi- ;Saturdaj' night an atterript .was made to rob the California Northyestern: depot in UkiaJl, but the robbers were interrupted at their work )by the arrival of-'Mr. McGready- ' ••'.'•••.:•, S;C.' Raymond, an agent'of the district attorney's office in. San Francisco, was in UkiaJi Monday bribus'iness^copnected with graft prosecutions iii tlie bay' city, and some startling developments may soon result, from 'his yisit. It .is said ^tlia't records of, a former Uika'han-.wei^e thoroughly probed. ' WedniBsday% afternoon tnfe stage for Upper Lake reached tlie- point three-fourtiv of a mile east of Riv- e.side when'the driver received,an order to halt. It was a lone highwayman, repeating 'the sarne kind of, a job, at'ithe ^ame old plape, and in the sa'me old Way'that'other robberies have occurred.' , Grbver IWtcGlmsey, on his way to Ukiah Wednesday evening over the • Potter Valley highway, • was startled when he was commanded to' halt, and found hitaself looking into the muzzle of a 30-gauge shotgun. He grabbed the gun barrel and had almost taken it a\yay froni the supposed holdup, who loudly cried for help. In a second Bill FIFTY. YEARS AGO Jan. 21, 1898 -Steve Means was tried in Superior courth this vi^eek for killing Henry Sulen :at Boar Harbor last fBlI. he killed Sulen in self-defense after a quarrel over a small sum of money, which Sulen claimed Means had robbed him of; The case went- to the. jury Tuesday and a verdict of not guilty was soon returned. , , Edward Gambrel and Mrs. Anna McGlashan were rnarried on January 20. The contracting jjarties are highly respected .and have a host of friends in "this vicinity. Word as ^received here- Monday night that John Duncan, the Sun-: set -Telephone Cohipany operator at ,Fish Rock, had tstkeh a. dose', bf 20. drops of aconite by .irtistalce. A doctor as sent fi -opi Point Arena and' Ddncan is out bf; dahger. Dave McKinley, prominent merchant of Talmage,- dlspjosed-bf.'his general merctiandise business last week and is bound for Alaska and the gold mines. Tony McPbak, a. teamater at the asylum,' expects to leave in a'few days'for the'gold' fields.; ... . , ' . ,' : It .is reported that C. I; Mast' of Willits .will • reviv^e : the ., .•#illits. News, wlil^h'-ha^,'faee 'n 'dbfiinct'ifbr some tinle. -Charlie >va3' price edf-' tor and; proprietor of the.'Nei ^s, butsold :;it^-.; -'!i;.-' :-' • -i^:',' : >, 'The U^kiah\E*aMiatiti::^CIub will give tWoVplays;;lii 'MaJphi'^ h&U February' ,4; entitletl, -''Freezing- 'a. Mother -in -law" arid i'-'Oh'-' ftis Last' •Legs;-" ••••'/•. ^•••'ry: '*•; . C. A., Hciith,: former editor ' of the Dispatch, left Tiiasday for'his old horne in Sputh Bendi'-'Washington, and 'Will assume 'the management otnhe WlUapa' Harbor, Pilot inthat,.town., : '„, . . Albert Shatsky of . Fort: Bragg arid Dpi:a .Smith., of Little., fiiyer were married last weat at Little River. ' - • - < Frank Cook, who has been. in the furniture business in Ukiah fbr the past two years, has gone to Healdsburg arid will open a furniture store. : Thomas McCowen-6f Potter Val ley died January 20. He was. the father of Dr. George McCowen Hale McCowen, Mrs. b. A. Carpenter, Mrs. E. F. Hortoh and Mrs. Blanche Landis. were enjoyed. Friday night, Janu-_ fery 10, a social evening will be" iield at Grange hall. There will be a box supper and cards, arid all •Grange members and friends are; cordially invited. A box supper is where all the ladies bring.refresh-] m'eritsfor themselves and partner in an atti-actively decorated box, j having ho name on the outside but with tlie lady's name Inside the, box. 'These boxes are bid on byi tlie men, and, .whoever gets the| box 'Shares the conterits' with the j one-who brought it. Box slippers' are'an old-time custom in America, and it is pleasant that this is being revived. ' ' •. ' . Avon Ray of Philo returned Sat- iUi 'day .from a trip to San Frah- oiscp.where he attfended the meet-.l irig ef the f ifeh and game ccmmis- siori! Last year the Navaifo river was completely closed to troiit fishing, whlch',was a blow to all public -businesses in the valley,, as it cut down on touriSt travel. .Mr. Ray, expects also to. attend; the Los Angeles hieetingthis month, where it. will .ba.decided when the fiih- u:g season win start here, and what the 'restrictions will. be. , kr; and Mrs. George Gowari and ,1 .Pilot arid paEsenger escaped.with Iheir lives when Ihis plane -f . crashed into a tree on the Grace lanch south of Ukiah Thursday afternoon, January 8. Pilot Morgan Ruddick and Garngeman Dell Chase were the occupants. The motpr, in the foreground, was thrown 30 feel by the force of the cbllisicn. The accident was attributed to motor failuie. ' , 'j4r Redwood Valley News REDWOOD. VALLEY, Jan. 10. —A no-hostess luncheon was given at the clubhouse Thursday afternoon by the ladies of the C.S,S.A. and a delightful after- npbn was spent. There was elec- tioji of officers and Mrs. Nets POINT ARENA POINT ARENA, Jan. 13.-^Mr. and Mrs. Ben Mehtlan and family of Fort Bragg were visiting friends and relatives near Point Arena. Mr. and Mrs. Ao Stornetta returned ifrom San Francisco, where Ao has been hospitalized. Mr. and Mrs. Tony Greco motored to Fort Bragg Friday where they had business to attend. Mr. and Mrs. James P. Blaggi made a business-trip to Ukiah, Monday. .' .-. . . ^. Ernie Titus, Herb Peterson and Jack McKerlie went to San Francisco in Peterson's new car to attend a fishing convention. They left the middle of the week and were back here Saturday morning. Grace and Everett McMillen returned home Wednesday after an extended hunting trip at Knights Landing, near Sacramentp. Miss Dorothy Munton of Anchor, Bay is staying in Point Arena with the Henry Beebes. Last week the Eureka Hill sawmill -was drenched withrain until it was impossible to take a' trutk to the mill; Friday the Point Arena basketball team went to Fort Bragg where the A team was defeated, 29-37, and the B team 6-34, Many salmon fishermen froin the bay area were in Point Arena at the weekend. Mr. and Mrs. Eklund of Point Arena spent the weekend in San Francisco. Lou Walker is working in My- Isnd's service station, replacing Robbie Robertson, who is recovering from his accident of Christmas day. SUFFERED HEMORRHAGE Mike Saraba, employed at the Lido Hotel for the past 12 years, was taken to a local hospital Saturday morning by the city ambulance. He suffered a hctriorrhage and reports Sunday say he is im- prbvinfi under lieiifmenl. eHfOODVALLEy REDWOOD VALLEY, JaYi. ti —The P.-T.A. will meet Friday evening at 8 o'clock at the school All members are urged to attend The program chairman announces that John W. Taylor, county superintendent of , schools, will give a talk. Some time in February it is expected a demonstration will be given on deep freezing. Mr. Austin, who has ; been foreman on the Sibbett ranch, has bought property on the Redwood highway from Earl Friend, juSt south of Forsythe bridge, and will move there a;: soon as the Friends have complc-ved the building, they have started south of the place they sold. The Friends will build a modem home later and Mr. Austin will build more roortis on his house. C. Thompson has returned from Oaldand where he underwent surgery on his nose and eye at the veterans' hospital. He was there about two weeks and is now getting along fine and hopes to be about his-usual duties soon. UNEMPLOYMENT PAYMENTS SACRAMENTO, Jan. 6. (WNS) —Here .fire the unemployment insurance figures for Ukiah for tl week ending D ecember 25, as announced by the California Department of Employment; Claims filed 650, claims paid 327, new claims filed 32, new veteran claims filed 35, veteran claims paid 195. GETS FORT BRAGG CONTRACT Contract for building a truck shelter and gasoline and oil house at Fort Bragg for the use of state highway maintenance equipment was awarded last w^ek by the state department of public works to Deed & Tuttle of Redwood Valley, who bid $9032. IT PAYS TO TRADE IN UHIAH area; Triey first, visited Mr. arid Mrs. W. ^W. Champlain and son aiid daught«r-:in-iav<r of .Vallejb, ari^, theri.visited-telativea in Ber*. keiey. Thujrsday,'thpy • were 'guests of-Mrs'. Gowari^s'" ,.brbther-in-law a'ridslsteri.Dr. arid Mrs. W. Hob- irison -oiQaWan.d;. Friday they vl?- it^d - George, Bpath' of-San .Frpih- 'c'isco 'arid :tKen' tnbtorfed horne.'- ' ' . ;',*Hfe'ATide'rson'Valley, lii 'gh s'pHool ,\fea^ Vdefe ^t'ed in 'thfelr. iiaasketbaU ;galne'.',vtfith Potter '/Valley.', th'ls '\ye 'elc.",The.ganie'.took .place 'Jri Pottpr:,.Valley,;'arid, gariies weire ^fiiyed.' by the A .tpam, the B. teairi arid, tlie Girls.' tepm. Although 'the Bcpring was 'good, - they , lost all three-games.'. • ',; ' ," > ' V Bev,:,W. ^.;Il&id^ pastor bf the jjlcthbdist'churcheis,'' -Was taken jU •last.w'eek and -is iribw, hv the' GK- 'rby • hbspijjai.:' Services \yere • conducted • 'Sunday • mornirig by tlie -Wildwood • CHbir and wi^bers. of the Pitiiibchtu-ch; andSundaX: eve- ijirig by the menjbers -of' tlie. Boon,ville chiirqh. It'is hoped tliat Rev. Eeid's illness is not of a serious Hajure, and that he will soon be back.' .. • . . • ' Mi", and Mrs. Robert Housman returned this week from a pleasant Visit in the bay area..It has been reported that the Hanson; Hardware, south of Boonville, will be leased by B. E. Mcintosh arid Howard 'Winsor, from north of Boonville. This store has •been riewly completed, and is owned by Bill Hanson of Boonville. James Gowari suffered a severe leg injury Saturday afternoon, when he was chopping a Ipg and a piece bf steel from the wedge lodged in his leg. Although he was alone, Jim managed to get in the truck and drive to Arthur Gowans where first aid was applied and he was then taken to Dr. Powell in Boonville. The blefeding was too severe to remove the steel, so tetanus shbts were administered, and Jim is now at hPriie. The Ronald Wallach property near the.high school was purchased a short while ago by Mr. &nd Mrs. Ed Slater of Los Angeles, for approximately $12,000. There are s.bout 37 -acres in this property, and two houses, a "large one and a smaller dwelling. The Slaters. are thinking of renovating these, and making apartments of them. Old-time residents will Remember Mrs. Slater as the former Frankie Hartley, who spent her girlhpod here. Mrs. Slater is a sister of Mrs.- Birdie Fields and Miss Acia Hartley of Boonville. Mr. and Mrs. F. McClure, who recently purchased the DeRosier home in Boonville, are planning to build another house, which they will rent. They already have the lumber and expect to commence EORstructlon sooru Dr. Powell gave an iriteresting talk on "Wiiat Causes Children's Death," at the Unity Club meeting Saturday. The meeting was held at the Indian Creek clubhouse, and the members attending enjoyed the lecture. Refreshments of apple pie and coffee followed the meeting, and Dr. Powell was presented with a handmade nutmeg bowl. The next meeting will be held at 8 {;.m., February 14, and will be a tird party. Tne public is invitfed to attend this, and a small admission fee will be charged. Robert Harvey, of Ijomita Park, who was in the plane accident with Homer Mannix last August, was in the valley on January 10, visiting the Mannix's. Although his leg is in a cast, as a result of the accident, he still likes to fly, and is getting around vei-y well. Frank Gowan of Berkeley, who \^{\s recently run over by tm nuto- Nelson was ''re-elected president; sp-n"G «*gTr"reTuh;Slhi7'w «ki?^^ Simmons, vice president; several days'spentln the bay Mrs. T. M. Jameson, secretary. ,r..- -1 and Mrs. T. Gullickson, treasurer. Several visitors were v/elcomed by. the members, arid those who participated- in the occasion were Mesdames N. Nelson, Jonck, Dennis, Hansohn, Simmons, Watspn, Y'arbrough, Gillette,: Burke, Ledford, Powell, Williams, Ford, Gullickson, Turula, Rawles, Lucchessi, Goudge, Benback, A. Simmons and Luveirne Kistler. Mrs. N. Nelson and Mrs. T. Gullickson '><'ill entertain at the next meeting which will be January 22. Elbert Holland,of Ukiah will be at the .clubhouse Sunday ir.orning, January 18,, for church service. The hour i* 11 o'clock and all ate cordially invited to attend. •:Mrs. Don Frazier had the unpleasant experience of having three-fingers crushed in 'the car door i last Friday. X-rays found that two of these were broken and one. badly mashed. She has been going to the Willits hospital every day for treatment and dressing by Dr. Bahcock. The Farm Bureau meeting was held Friday evening, with a good attendance. Farm Advisor R. D. Foote spoke on pastui-e and range management. Hanby Ford on government help for fertilizers, soil conservation, cover cropping, etc. The bureati is trying to secure better marketing conditions for the grape growers. Ux\ and Mrs. Roy Williams, will soon have under construction two 3-room cottagas on their land west of the store which joins the clubhouse. They will be built of concrete and Ben Harris of Lakeport will have charge of the concrete work and lEmil Fiske the carpenter work. Friends of Mrs. Bob Muir will regret to hear of her recent ill- nejss. Mrs. Muir was taken ill just before. Christmas, but is gradually recovering. Her son and daughter- in-law, John and Hazel Muir, have been spending the weekends at the Muir home in Santa Cruz. Mr. and Mrs. Chet Tigard of Forest Knoll motored to the valley Sunday tOj, spend the day with Mrs. Tigard's parents, Mr. and MIS . J . Ledford. On their return ho .T.'' they were accompanied by their sons, Cliet and Jimmy, who on the clubhouse. The work was done by A. Turula and R. iJ. Simmons. The building has needed re- shingling for a long time. This with the addition is a splendid improvement. The new Sunday school classrooms have been in use since before Christmas. Kay Rawles and Beverly Hansohn enjoyed' the weekend at Lytton with Kay's grandmother, Mrs. Agnes HoUingsworth. Visiting at the Earl Lindley home are Mr.. I,indleys' mother and Mrs. Landley's mother from Humboldt county. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Woodson Sharon were in San Francisco Thursday. The rain the prast week has boosted the season's record considerably. It has been. a gentle, w.arm rain. The rainfall as reported by T. M. Jameson up to date is 13.75 inches. At the same date last year the total was 10.12 inches, from December 31 to Janu- aiy 2, 1.89 niches. Miss Ethel Hargreaves, who has been visiting relatives' in Pasadena and Oakland and friends at Dinuba, has gowe to Sacramento to be with her nephew, George Kargreavcs, and his little son. Word has been received from Mrs. Minnie Belveal of Santa Rosa that^hei; brotherlii;-Iaw, J. F. Alden,' passed away Wednesday in Santa Rosa. Funeral services were Friday afternoon, with interment in a Pelaluma cemetery. lAr Potter Valley News Dr. Green's Sister Is Reported Captured By China Reds Although it is n t authentic, whether she had been captured, or merely delayed by transportation difficulties, a radio broadcast stated that Gertrude Green has been captured by Communists near 'Vencheng' on the Peiping- Hankow railroad. Miss Green is the sister of Cr. Ruth Green of the staff at Mendocino State Hospital at Talmage. A wire from Seventh-Day Adventist headquarters in Washington, • POTTER iVALLEY, Jan. 13— Phoebe* Hopper left last week for PPrtland where she is a student at the Multnomah Bible School. .The W.S.C.S. met last Thursday m the church parlors when installation candle lighting exorcises were conducted by Mrs. Lawrence Bufford. Following the meeting the tea service was presided over by Mesdames W. T. Eddie, Carl Anderson, Gene Shelton and Herbert Pickle. The Wednesday Bible class for children has been resumed after a fortnight vacation. Mr. and Mrs. Emerson Brooks and Clifford spent the weekend in Santa Rosa visiting relatives and fi -iends. They callpd on Mr. and Mrs. George Haswell, .lormer Potter residents. Mrs. C. T. Smalley left Monday to attend a P.-T.A. conference in San Francisco. She was accompanied by her daughter, Mrs. O'Brien, and small daughter. Mrs. E. A. Spotswood received word from Mrs. Cordie Hannah, state superintendent of Juvenile Granges, that the local Juvenile Grange was getting a plaque as first award in achievement in the stute. Another seal to be put on the certificate received last year Viras also received by Mrs. Spotswood, matron of the Potter ju­ venilis. Mrs. Lawrence BulTord left Tuesday to visit her daughter in Arizona. Mr. and Mrs. Foster Guntly Isit Sunday for an extended trip through the southern states. Mr. and - Mrs. James Sheltori were business visitors to San Francisco Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Harrison of San Franciaco spent the weekend at their ranch here Mr. and Mrs. Cedric Thornt n and sons and Mrs. J. J. Thornton were business visitors to San Francisco the first of the week. Helen C.hvistoJTerson and Wayne .Vnrnum returned last week from a trip to-Oregon where they were guests of Wayne's parents. Ernest Richter and Jack O'Brien of Talmage were Thursday dinner guests at the home of Ernest's sister, Mrs. Spotswood. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hopper came over from their Woodland home to spend, the weekend v.rith relatives. Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Reed and D.C., in answer to Dr. Green's inquiry about her sister, said that 1 children of Elk Grove have moved the only information available was that the four from the mission had been taken prisoners by the Communists. Miss Groen is a graduate nurse, receiving her training at Melrose Sanitarium and Hospital, Melrose, Massachusetts. She has been su- parvising the hospital and training I Chinese students enrolled in the had been spending the Christmas; Adventist hospital in Yencheng. vacation with their grandparents. China. Mr. and Mrs. A. Powell and two daughters have moved into the Babcock cottage. Mr. Powell is distributor for Wear-Ever in Ukiah and neighboring communities. Before coming to this area they were in Williams a short while. They are formerly from the east coast and 'Washington, D.C. Mr. aftd Mrs. J. Sahlmann of San Francisco were with the F. Schoenleitners Saturday and Sunday. Saturday evening Mr. and Mrs. Schoenleitner, with'the Sahl- manns, Mr. and Mrs. R. Haslem and Mr. and* Mrs. E. Kern, enjoyed the evening with Mrs. Martha Brown at her home. Mr. Sahl­ mann, Mr. and Mrs. Haslem and Mrs. Brown, who are all musical, entertained the group with an ensemble of the piano, violin and guitar, as well as singing. Refreshments of cake and coffee were served at a late hour. The Improvement Club, with the aid of the Sunday school and C.S.S.A., has had a new roof put mobile, is now out • of the hospital and at his home in Berkeley. One leg was broken and other injuries suffered, but everyone will be glad to hear he is improving. Mrs. Elizabeth Gowan is visitin? h«r iions in Oaklan'l and Berkeley this week. She motored down with lier son Arthur, Other news sourcbs state that the group was identified as Dr. and Mrs. Raymond Wesley McMullen and their son Ronald, formerly of Loma Linda, California, and Miss Gertrude Green, former superintendent of nurses in a Portland, Oregon, sanitarium. It is understood they had been on a mission to Hankow and were returning to Yencheng when their capture was effected. MENDOCII^O CO. PUBLICITY W. F. 'Whitney of Willits, secretary of the ^Mendocino County Chamber of Commerce, reports that Mendocino county folders are now bfiing distributed by the Fine Arts and California Departi-nent of the Pasadena Free Public Library. By this new arrangement it is hoped that many Southern Californians will read and learn about the Redwood Empire and Mendocino county. MOTOR TO YUMA. ARIZONA Mr. and Mrs. Lee Caster left Saturday on a motor trip that will take them to Los Angeles for their .first stop. From tliere they are going on to San Diego and Yuma, Arizann. They will he gone for about 10 days. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Thatcher will accompany them as far as Los Angeler. and will return by train after a ivw il;i>'.'i ill lh(; sdulhci-ii .s;m, (0 the Bennett ranch. Among Potter shoppers in Santa Rosa Saturday were Mesdames Harry Hopper, Otto Hughes;>Chase, Virgil Norman and Joan Norman. Mr. and Mrs. Bronson Gillogly and Phyllis were in San Francisco over the weekend. The regular P.-T.A. was held Friday afternoon in the grammar school auditorium. Following the business session Mrs. Joseph Wilson presented Mrs. Stevens of Ukiah, who gave .an interesting talk. A picture, "Frozen Foods and Vegetables" was shown by Richard Simpson. On the hostess committee were Mesdames Don Hulbert, Richard Diaz, and Smith. Saturday night in the auditorium of the grammar school Mr. and Mrs. Foster Gunlly entertained in honor of their young daughter Saralu. Games and dancing furnished entertainment. Birtiiday cake and ice cream were sei-ved to Gordon Kunter, Frank Wilson, Lee Simpson, Phil Bonham, Glen and Don Farnsworth, Mary Lou Owens, Joan Cunnington, Donna Brown, Kent Nelson, Jerry Lowe, Jim Eddie, Barbara Hook, Charles McNiff, Jane Bpvans and Lona Wipf. Those classmates unable to RHEUMATISM CURE NO CURE — NO CHARGE B. ARTHUR GIBSON 120 South 2nd St. SAN JOSE, CALIF. attend were Janet Billstein, Bstty Potts, Dorothy'and John James, Clifford Brook, Verdes Upton and Phyllis Gillogly. Mr. and Mr.s., Lawrence Clark assisted Mr. and Mrs. Guntly.. Monday evening, after choral practice, Mrs. Lester Hulbert was the surprised recipient of a shower of baby things to be used for the little stranger the Hulberts have taken into their home. Guests bf the evening were Mesdames Mer^e Cook, Clarence Harvey, Marion Kitchel, Dyton Bonham, George BilstBin, Don. Farnsworth, Don Hulbert, Ray Dunham, Geneva Christofferson, Marvin Holman, Lester Hulbert and Lawrence Clark, at whose home the delight-^ Lul affair took place. '.' Charles Wallace, Fred Mooney, Edgar Wattenberg, Mrs. Hees and Mrs. Westerman attended the memorial services in Ukiah Sunday tor Charles Fulkerson. Mrs. Fanny Sloper has purchased the home of Mrs. Myrtle Gavin in town and will move as soon as scpme decorating' has been done; Saturday evening Joann Norman entertained a group of high school friends at her home in honor bf Zeta Stainbrook's 15th birthday. Cake and ice cream were seirved and games were played during the, evening. Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Leard and cliildron and Mrs. E. A. Spotswood were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Pickle. Potter people who attended the cc'iicert at the Methodist churcli Sunday afternoon included Mes-; dames Lawrence Clark, Dytpri , Bonham, Geneva Christoffersoti, • James Shelton, Vernon Clark, Marvin Holman, Knight Nelson, Kystad, Fern Hees and MesBrs. Fred Mooney and Don Clark. Lona Wipf is confined to her home with a broken leg which h;.ppened Sunday when she' was thrown from her bicycle. Mrs. Wipf was on the bicycle with Lona and was bruised and shaken, but no bones were broken. Dr. Cle- i.and was called to attend them.. Lona will be in bed at least two months and will be greatly missed by her classmates in the seventh grade. Mrs. Knoles Emerson is taking care of the store's books while Mrs. Wipf is with Lona. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Pauli, Mr. and Mrs. James Mitchell and Mr. and Mis. Orville were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Pauli. Mr.' and Mrs. Francis Sanchez and Jack Mitchell were visiting Potter friends recently. The Lake-Mendocino Methodist Ministers Association met in the local church Monday with Miss Cole as hostess. A committee from the W.S.C.S. served them luncheon- ur 1 o'clock. On the committee were Mesdames Lawrence Buff rd, James Nichols, Percy Whitcomb and Herbert Pickle. Mrs. Ray Stainbrook, Mrs. Ed- n.und Sack and Mrs. Bert Whit- laker are convalescing from serious attacks of flu. Fred Taylor, assistant farm advisor, gave a talk on achievement and awards for 4-H Club work, at the regular meeting of the Potter Valley 4-H Club on Thursday evening, January 8. A special film on club work and summer camps was also shown during the evening. There ' were about 40 members and parents present. Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Lingle, members of the state hospital personnel for the past .sevcii years, have bought a farm near Sebastopol and will make thtir home there. Golden State Hotel SAN FRANCISCO'S Powell Street at Ellis In the Hub — But Out of the Hub-bub Choice of Outside-Inside Rooms —: WITH BATH :— Single 52.00 — Double $2.50 —: WITHOUT BATH :— Single $1.50 — Double $2.00 Lem Shibley

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