The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on April 1, 1896 · Page 4
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 1, 1896
Page 4
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THE HlM»UflLlCA& ALBOtfA, IOWA, 1, 1806, Jtaomi v BY MILTON STARR. SUBSCRIPTION RATES; One Year, in Advance $1.50 Six Months 75 Three Months 4° An Ottmmva man is the latest dis coverer ol' perpetual motion. The wheels, ol:' course, ;ire in his head. The republican legislators of York are, not taking any backward step on the liquor question. The I'aine? bill, which is now aJaw, incorporate? the Sunday closing feature of the ok" law and makes a decided raise in the license' fees. It seems to be agreed by the. press oi the country that Con^ressiuan Cousins knocked the persimmons with the besi speech of the present session of Con gross, it oii'.ht to be conceded, too that Bayard gave the brilliant lowai an uncommon opportunity. At the end of the week 80S delegate.' to the national republican convcntior had been chosen put of the total of 9If who will make up the St. Louis convention. The McKinley managers claim 19" of these, or two less thai half. But others give him only 150 tc 102. There is always much uncertainty up to the very moment when the votes are cast. Manley of Maine givei McKinley 150, Reed 72, Morton 64, Al lison 38, Quay 26, Cullotn 10, contested The big warship Iowa was launched from the Cramp navy yard at Philadelphia on Saturday last, with appropriate and interesting ceremonies. Gov. Drake and members of his family and staff and most of the Iowa congressional delegation, including Senator Allison, were present. The christening was by Miss Mary Lord Drake, the Governor's daughter. The launching was entirely successful. The Iowa cost upwards of $3,000,000, and she is rated the most powerful warship afloat. C. C. Carpenter Camp, Sons of Veterans was installed at Ft. Dodge Wednesday evening. In a letter from ex- Gov. Carpenter read at the installation he said that the statistics of the Union army show that "the average of the two millions of soldiers who, first and last, constituted the Union army, was not more than twenty years." "It was the young men of that generation who saved free government to the world," says Gov. Carpenter. The young men of Fort Dodge have honored themselves in naming their camp. Gov. Carpenter is in poor health and was unable to attend the installation. The REPUBLICAN criticizes Henry Durant's use of English in his book and in doing so says it is ''unconventional." Mr. Durant calls our attention to the fact that there is no such word in the dictionary as unconventional. The tight shoe seems to be on our contemporary.—U. D. M. The word is perhaps not to be found in Webster's spelling book, but a more extended list appearing in the Century dictionary contains it. It is so familiar to the ears of the Algona school children that experiment shows that it is no longer of any use in concealing thought. A friend of ours who still preserves a Webster's dictionary that he bought of Henry Durant says the word is to be found in that book by persons who understand where to look for it. THE FINANCIAL ISSUE. There are apparently two reasons why the financial issue is being given so much attention at present. One is the practical unanimity of republican sentiment on the tariff and the other is the action of the western silver senators calling themselves republicans who antagonized the two emergency bills passed by the house. The action of those senators in voting a free silver rider on the bond bill was not necessarily a challenge to their party associates, but their votes against the consideration of the tariff bill were properly and necessarily considered in that light. It is hardly to be thought of that the republican party is going to allow the government to be held up when it comes into power and deprived of needed revenue to pay expenses except upon condition of allowing the unlimited coinage of 50-ce.nt silver dollars. The vigorous expressions of the leading republicans of the senate virtually reading the silver mounted sena- tsrs out of the party struck the key uote of republican sentiment throughout the whole country, and now the republican state conventions are speaking out with an emphasis on the financial question. There was a struggle in South Dakota last week in which Senator Pettigrew, representing the free coinage element, was overwhelmingly defeated. It is already apparent that Senator Hansborougli will be as badly beaten iu North Dakota and it will appear that there is not a free silver constituency in the whole west outside of states having a product which they wish to dump upon the market at twice its value. (Senator Lodge said in the Massachusetts convention last week: Every right-minded man must know that a free silver bill will never pasr congress. The day of concessions is pa'st. We have been very easy wit! the silver men, but in the last few months they have taken a tariff bill bv the throat, a bill which had no silvei question in it, and strangled it. Hence we must take a firm stand on this question. The convention adopted this resolution: We regard the silver agitation as hurtful to business and destructive oi confidence, and. as has recently beci shown, hoslilo to all tariff legislator designed to give, protection to our industries and revenue to our treasury. The New York resolutions are pro nounced forvhc gold standard, and tin eastern states generally will follow their lead. The question for the national convention to Kettle is whcthei there in a middle ground between six- teeu-to-oue silver monometallism am. the exclusive gold standard. Then might be a big premium offered on thoroughly practical bimetallism that any one country could run under free coinage. The world probably does not contain the intellect capable of devising such a system. WEAVER—POWERS. Mart. Weaver and Miss Alta Powers to be Married To-Morrow Evening. The RKL'ur.LiCAN's prediction of ; few weeks ago of the marriage of deputy county oflicials has come to pas: and there is more to follow. The an nouncement of the marriage of Mart P Weaver to Miss Alta Powers has been made during the week. The ceremony occurs tomorrow evening at eight at the residence of Mrs. Powers, Rev. Sin clair, the Congregational minister, speaking the solemn words which will unite the lives and fortunes of the two young people. This marriage is eminently satisfactory to the REPUBLICAN and to an army of friends, who will hasten to congratulate them. Mart is an Algona boy, a graduate of our high school, and has tbe confidence and good will of everyone. As deputy Clerk and Auditor he has demonstrated his business ability and trustworthiness, and his cheerful and obliging manner has made friends of everyone. The bride whom he has won came from Wisconsin about a year ago and has taught in the Algona public school the past term, handing in her resignation a few days ago. She has been a very successful teacher and is a charming and accomplished young lady. The young people will live at the Powers home until the erection of a residence of their own, which will be begun immediately on the lots opposite the M. B. Chapin residence in the north part of town. BRICK AND TILE. A Movement on Foot to Establish a Factory in Algona. A. J. Iluey. of Dwight, Illinois, has been in town for several days looking up the prospect for the establishment of a brick and tile factory here this spring. Mr. Iluey is an experienced man in this line of manufacture, hav- ng been in the brick and tile business for many years. Since coming here he las made an exhaustive examination of the soils in town and vicinity and he ocates the most satisfactory specimens of clay on Henry Winkle's land a short distance east of the Northwestern depot. This clay he experimented with and was satisfied with it. A meeting of the Commercial Exchange was held in the office of Hay & Rice Monday night, and the business men present were favorable to the project, and subscriptions of shares of stock were decided on. The paper was put in circulation yesterday, and probably the $5,000 required will be easily secured. The subscriptions are conditioned on the clay being found to be all right and are otherwise well guarded. It is understood that Mr. Iluey is to put in $1,000 and that the balance is to be put up by Algona. THE SCHOOL COMMITTEES Chairman Butler Names the Committees for the Year.— Miss Powers Resigns. The regular meeting of the school board was held Monday afternoon at 5 o'clock, when Chairman Butler named the following standing committees: Teachers — Cowles, Swetting, Blossom. Finance—Gilmore Swetting. School house grounds and supplies- Haggard, Cowles. Depot school — Blossom, Swetting, Cowles. The question of accepting a copy of the new Kossuth County Plat Book came up. It appears that Prof. Gilchrist ordered the book for the school. The board concluded that it was immaterial whether the order was given on the strength of the say-so of some member of the the board, and the volume will not be accepted. Subsequently to the meeting the resignation of Miss Alta Powers was received, and now the board will try and find some young lady to take her place. This room has turned out two candidates for matrimony this year already, and the board are getting nervous. Lessons in oil painting and pastel. —MKS. GOODNEK, North Dodge St. WATER MILL FLOUR. '•SnowQueen" (Fancy Patent), 90c per sack. " Family Favorite " (Straight), Soc per sack. "Rock Bottom" (Baker's Patent) Goc per sack. Delivered. Five cents off to those who take at the mill or store. 12 Ibs sacks Buckwheat Flour, 30 cents 24 Ibs sacks BuckwheatFlour, 55 cents Try our flour and convince yourselves that Algona and Kossuth county are not dependent on any foreign country for bread. JONES & STACY. Everybody smokes Sportinan's Game cigars because it is the best 5-cent cigar in to wo. * CITT FINANCES SHOWN UP. Complete Showing of the Past 12 Months and a Report of Outstanding Debts. What the City Receives and What It Spends— Receipts and Expenditures Compared for 2 Years—Receipts Increasing, Expenses Diminishing. At the February meeting of the city council a report was made by the treasurer which was subsequently found to be a very imperfect showing ol: the finances for the year, as some $700 received by (he clerk had not at that time been turned over. For the reason stated, and pending the complete showing of the city finances by the appropriate committee, it was not intended nor expected that the report of the treasurei would be published. The UUI.'UIH.JC has taken great pains to throw light upon the city finances, for the reason that for some years no public exposition has been obtainable. Last yeai the llKi'ur.LiuAX undertook a private investigation and with the aid of some of the council'.nen perfected and published a showing which has been a valuable aid to the finance committee in making their present report. And knowing that the report as made last month would only mislead the tax pay- ets of the city, the. REPUBLICAN preferred to await the fuller statement which it is now enabled to give. The reports of the clerk, treasurer am- finance committee here given cove'' every thing and will give the new clerk a starting point which, with better book keeping than we have had, will enable him at any time to give the public any desired information. THE CJYEHK'S KEPOKT. To the mayor and city council of Algona, Iowa: I beg to submit herewith my report of moneys collected by me since the date of March 1,1895, to this date: Collected on •water rents and taps and turned in to the city treasurer as per rccipts attached ?1,976.10 Collected on licenses issued and turned in to the city treasurer as per receipts attached 2SS.50 Collected on sale of city building and turned in to city treasurer per receipts attached 300.00 Collected from other sources and turned in as per receipts 32.40 Collected on lines assessed by the mayor and turned in as per receipts of treasurer in mayor's docket 91.50 83,088.59 Dated March 25,1900. Respectfully submitted, CHAS. A. COHENOUR, City Clerk. TREASURER'S REPORT. ^ To the honorable council of tho city qf Algona, la. I beg leave to submit the {plowing financial report of the city of 'Kl- jona for the year ending March 1, lS9Gi CITY FUND. Dash on hand March 1,1S95 §1,188,00 Jec'd from county treas. taxes— 3,305"94 tec'd from mayor, lines 9.1 50 lec'd from justice, iines 85 00 lec'd from billiard hall licenses.. 175 00 lec'd from other licenses 113 50 iec'd from city marshal 1 50 Joc'd from street com. (repairing sidewalks) 10 26 lec'd'from sale of sewer pipe and Umber 3249 Rec'd from sale of city lot 300 00 ?5,309 25 Paid warrants '.. 4,845 22 Paid interest on same 8 15 ash on hand 515 88 §5,309 25 WATER FUND. lash on hand March 1,1895 8 265 73 Rec'd from county treas. taxes— 3,358 54 Rec'd from water rents 2,039 95 Refund warrant, No. 1093 55 00 85,719 22 Paid warrants 82,789 00 Paid interest on same 604 50 Paid interest on bonds 50000 Cash on hand 1,705 12 85,719 22 Respectfully submitted, G. F. PEEK, City Treasurer. REPORT OF FINANCE COMMITTEE. Report of finance committee on expenditures for year ending March 1, 1896, and also for year ending March 1,1895: 1895-06 1894-95 Lighting 8 23737 8 29489 Running ex. water wks. 1,300 95 1,740 53 Streets and alleys 963 93 1,275 38 New well & ex. mains.. 1,371 81 9,995 50 City govt 01050 89281 Interest paid 1,104 50 505 00 Police and prisoners— 457 55 City building 1,041 35 Fire department 208 03 87,201 99 814,704 91 Bonds and warrants outstanding and bearing interest Mar. 1—820,007 50 Other warrants outstanding same date 709 70 WaiTonts re-issued during year '95-90 4.010 70 New warrants issued 0,703 09 .$32,455 09 Warrants paid and cancelled during tho 812,310 02 lionds and warrants outstanding 20,139 07 832.455 09 BONDS AND WARRANTS OUTSTANDING. Bonds and warrants outstanding March 1,1896: Bonds at 5 per cent §10,000 00 Warrants First National Bank 2,758 35 Algoua State Bank 2,757 35 Kossnth County State Bank 2.000 00 L K Garh'cld 500 oo ,]' W Wiidsworth 1,000 00 Mrs A A Ilolmau 500 00 L II Smith 500 00 Other warrants 123 27 820,139 07 ( WM. K. FERGUSON, Finance Committee - F. H. VESPKK, ( P. L. SI.AGLK. "My baby had croup and was saved by uiloh's Cure," writes Mrs. J. B. Martin Shilo , of Huutsville, Ala. iold by Frank Diugley. NORMAL BILL IS IN DOUBT. No Vote Has Yet Been Taken on the Motion in the House to Reconsider. The Bill Seems to Have a Majority in the House and a Good Standing in the Senate—Hopeful of Success. The DCS Moines Register of Sunday morning stated tljat the Normal school bill had been considered the day previous and defeated, but such was not the fact. The bill failed of passage when it was brought up on special order, but a motion to reconsider was at once filed, and a motion to lay it on the table was lost. It has not been called up since. The next work will be to get it through the senate, and the prospect for success in that branch seems good. In ease, it wins there the friends ot! tho bill .in the house will try and get its friends together for a second trial of strength. " The first vote stood 45 to 4!) but Speaker Byer.s and Wilson of Clinton voted no for the purpose of securing a reconsideration. The real strength of the bill at that time was 47 to 47,'while three friends of the bill were absent, and two who it is hoped will eventually support the bill did not vote. The difficulty will be to get a vote when the frierids of the bill are all on hand. The latter are still hopeful of tho success. The near approach of adjournment is, however, against the bil'l. MR. CORDNER AT NASHUA Never Before Was That Community So Moved on the Subject of Religion. The Nashua Post says regarding the meetings conducted iu that place by Rev. II. Cordner, who is to be in Algona April 21st: The revival services are still in progress and without any lessening of interest. On the contrary "What shall I do to be saved?" seems to be tbe one permanent question in the minds of the people generally. Never before has the community been so stirred up on the subject religion, never before have ao many persons, in so short a time made public declaration of a purpose to serve God. The results of this movement on the part of the churches cannot be tabulated. Saving the lowest ground, the benefits to our town in a business point of view will be immense, industry willbepromoted,debts cancelled, differences adjusted, and homes blest with peace and joy. Economically, morally, and religiously,none can afford to be indifferent to the good work being done. A few days more and of necessity, this special effort must close. There is much yet to be accomplished. If it is done it must be done now. Fates are trembling in' the balance. By his tender, earnest manner the Euangelist has the sympathy of all. His address on last Sunday afternoon to men only, will never be forgotten by ;hose who "heard him. He will undoubtedly close his labor here on next Sunday night. Wednesday was a day of fasting and prayer. Business places and saloons were closed from three to ive. Sunday afternoon there will be a 'young peoples'rally." It is said that upwards of 200 persons have united with the Nashua churches as a result of Mr. Cordner's meetings. Goeders' spring opening has been a first class attraction this week. MONEY. I am loaning money on farm lands at six per cent interest. Only a small charge will be made for procuring this cheap money. The borrower can have the privilege of paying off all or any part of his mortgage at the time of paying interest. J. J. RYAN, Ofitco over the postolfice, Algona, la. (First mortgages MONEY TO LOAN ON ] 2nd mortgages, (Collateral. GEO. C. CALL. FARM LOANS AT SIX PER CENT. And the expenses of making the loan can be paid at the option of the borrower. Interest payable annually, unless otherwise preferred. This loan can be paid in whole or in part at any interest date. HOXIE & BRUNSON. MONEY TO LOAN! On improved farms. Farm Lands and Town Property bought and sold on commission. E. C. MOUNT & SON. Opera House Block, Algona, Iowa. PORK BARRELS. The best hand made white oak full bound pork barrels, holdingSOO pounds, $1.75 and $2.00. These barrels are usually sold for $2.00 and $2.25. SJPUUBECK & LA.SIBEHT. Dr. Kay's Lung Balm cures every kind of cough. Pleasant aud safe for all ages. See ad. Algona Kesicleiice Lots For Sale! I have some nicely located, most any size except the "too small," unsatisfactory 4x8 rods size. My lots are 5 rods wide by 10,11,12, 13 to 14rods deep. Some on sidewalk already graded and set to shade and fruit trees. Parties intending to build soon can get low prices and easy terms on these lots. J. E, STACY. WANTED—To buy a good house and lot in Algona on monthly payments. Address lock box 120, Algona. Don't Tobacco Spit or Smoke Your Life Away. Is tho truthful, startling title of a book about No-To-Bac, the harmless, guaranteed tobacco habit euro that braces up ni- cotlnlzed nerves, eliminates the nicotine poison, makes weak men gain strength, vigor and manhood. You run «p physical or financial risk, as No-To-Bac is sold by F. W. DINGLEY under a guarantee to cure or money refunded. Book free. Address Sterling Remedy Co., Ne\y York or Chicago. A Distinction and a Difference. Our Shirt'Waista are distinctly different from Shirt Waists as you commonly meet them—a trifle finer, a little neater, a slight difference in the form, sleeves hang a little better, collar fits a little better. All of these differences are in our favor. Each a trifle in itself, make a big difference in the waist, however. Narrow cuffs, detached collars. WE ARE LEADEES IN MADE GOODS FOE LADIES ., T 0 e With all the latest improvements in a 20-year Boss case, only.. $6.00 Our line of Watches are all new stock, and of the latest patterns. It will pay you to look the line over before you buy. Dingley & Pugh, dp-to-Date Jewelers, The most complete line ever shown in: Millinery, and Ladies' and Children's Furnishings. Fancy Trimmings, Buttons and Gimps. Fancy Collars and Belts—all Newest Styles. Fancy White Goods. All to please both the artistic and economic sense. Look for notice of Spring Millinery Opening next week. Setchell & Setchell. TO EXTEND THE TALK LINES A Southward Extension Will Be Made As Soon As the Frost Goes. LuVerne, Livermore, Renwick, Humboldt, Fort Dodge andDes Moines to be Connected, Arrangements are all made for extending tbe "Western Electric Telephone Company's lines from Algona south to Livermore, Humboldt, Bode, Renwick and intervening points. At Humboldt a connection will be made with the Iowa Union telephone line, which covers central Iowa generally and includes Des Moines in its circuit;. The Western Electric has been putting in what are called "bridging" telephones to facilitate long-distance communication, and the system is now about supplied with the new instruments. By means of them Mason City and Spencer can talk with perfect ease, whereas heretofore messages have had to be repeated, and conversation between Algona and Spencer was carried on under difficulties, due to the resistance of intervening phones. The same advantage will be realized with Germania, Swea City and other stations on cross lines of the road. It must be said that the managers of the Western Electric are giving the public a very efficient service, and the fact that the lines are well patronized is evidence that the facilities afforded are appreciated. At Algona, at least, the business done is very large, in fact »bout all that can be done, and the tendency will be, of course, towards an increase. The enterprise has already proved a great succesjs. There has been some talk of the organizing of an opposition telepbpno company at West Bend, with a capital of$i5,0()0, to connect Rodman, Emmetsburg, Cylinder, Whitteraore, Algona, Hobart, Ottosen, Bode, Livermore, Arnold,Humboldt, Bradgateand Rolfe, It is improbable that any such organization will get beyond the stage of discussion. Money is not laying around in $25,000 piles for investment io telephone competition such as this would meet. DEATH OF B. LAMOREUX, Buffalo Township Loses a Valuable Citizen. B. L. Lamoreux, of Buffalo township, died Sunday morning, March 22, after an illness extending through most of the winter, and the funeral was on Tuesday, Rev. Greenshield conducting the services, and the interment being in the Buffalo cemetery. Mr. Lamoreux was taken with tyhoid fever last Christmas. He was 47 years of age, and was born in Pennsylvania. He came to Kossuth county about fourteen years ago from Grundy county, along with two brothers, Will and Reuben, and the Shaffers and thelsen- bergers, his wife being a daughter of Henry Isenberger, now of Burt. Of those who came from Grundy three have died, Will Isenberger being the first, and Joshua Shaffer dying last year. AH were men in the prime of life, industrious, thrifty and prosperous, all were of the highest character, and respected and loved by their neighbors. The latest to go leaves a wife and five children. The sympathy of the community will be with them in theii deep grief. W. H. M. S. The Womans' Home Missionary Society qf the M. E. church will give v 'an Old Time Social" in the church next Thursday evening. Supper will be served from 6 to 8 o'clock. The pryce for ye feaste is one dyme and five pennies. Coma. PRUDENCE CHAPTER MEETING. Special meeting of Prudence Lodge No, 205, A. F. aud A. M., Thursday evening, April 2,1396. Work on third degree. Visiting brethren invited. By order of W- M. F. M. TA.Yi.Oit, Secretary. G. A. R. ENCAMPMENT. For the Grand Army of tho Republic Encampment, to be held at Cedar Rapids April 2Sth to 30th, excursion tickets will be sold by the Chicago, Milwaukee & St- Paul R'y at one fare for the round trip. See that good substantial lot of working shoes for men wnd boys at

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