Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on December 14, 1972 · Page 3
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 3

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 14, 1972
Page 3
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ESTHERVILLE DAILY NEWS, THURS., DEC. 14, 1972 Page 3 Junior High Debaters Estherville Junior High debaters, from left, Jeff Johnson, Mary Kiefer, Barb Jacobson and John Reese display the trophy they recently won at the LuVerne, Minn., debate tournament. The four-member team had an undefeated record of 6-0 and high speaker points of 69. The debaters travel to Laurens Saturday to compete in the district tournament.— Photo by Jim Ferree Ninth Grade Debaters The ninth grade debaters pose with debating coach Miss Helen Johnson, Tim Berry, Kathy O'Brien and Barb Johnson. Second Wissink during a recent debating practice. The debaters tra- row: Barbara King, Steve McAdams, Greg Currell, Mary vei to Laurens Saturday where they will participate in the Kiefer, Wendy Buell, Barb Howard and John Reese, district tournament. Front from left are: Miss Wissink, Jeff Dear Abby Wants to Fix Her Clock By Abigail Van Buren [S> 1972 by Chicago Trlbune-N. Y. News Synd., Inc3 DEAR ABBY: I have always been a "night person." I seem to function much better during the night, and I sleep much better during the daylight hours. If I get up before noon, I am completely exhausted all day. And if I try to go to sleep before 2 a.m., I toss and turn, and don't fall asleep until daybreak. What gripes me is that nobody believes there are really "night people." My biggest problem is my husband. He just hates to have me sleep until noon and says it is just plain laziness. You can't imagine how much this has complicated my life, Abby. Is there a way I can change myself into a day person? NIGHT PERSON DEAR NIGHT: Yes. Drag yourself out of bed in the morning and pitch into those chores you formerly tackled after noon. I promise you that nobody will have to rock you to sleep at midnight. At first, you may encounter some difficulty in resetting your biological clock, but it can be done. The key word is "motivation." DEAR ABBY: We are a married couple in our mid-40s, with four teen-aged children, all living at home. My husband's brother, Al, is 38 and divorced. Al has been living with a young divorced woman for the last two years. They make no secret of it. On two occasions they came to visit us and I put her in the guest room and Al in a room with one of the boys. Al didn't like it, but I made it plain that what he did away from my home was none of my business, but I was not letting him share a bedroom with his girl friend in my home before my teen-aged children. My husband says the kids are wise and I am being stupid and hypocritical. Maybe I am, but I wouldn't let any of my own children sleep with a sweetheart under my roof, and nobody else is going to do it either. And if they don't like it, they can check into a motel. I am not saying my own children won't one day decide on a living arrangement like their uncle and his girl friend have now, but when they are self-supporting and out of my house, that's up to them, but I have a right to set the standards in my own home. Am I right or not? K. DEAR K.: Right ... and right on! DEAR ABBY: You advised BETTY THE BOOKKEEPER who was being pinched and pawed by an old geezer in the office to tell the boss if Casanova got out of line again. Well, I had the same problem where I worked and after putting up with an old geezer's advances for a year, I finally told my boss. Somebody was promptly fired, all right. I was! Casanova said I was imagining things—that he never touched me. It was my word against his, and I was told I had to have proof. Abby, where could I get "proof" of such actions? He never molested me in the presence of witnesses. It was suggested that I was mentally "off" and they gave me my notice. And after 15 years with this company. I lost retirement and pension benefits, which meant a lot to me—at age 52. I'm sure the same situation exists in plenty of other offices. So please tell other victims in a spot like this to alert a few coworkers to keep their eyes open, because without witnesses, they'll be accused of having hallucinations. V. E. IN WEST VA. DEAR V. E.: Thanks for the suggestion. The office Casanovas will cuss you out, but their victims will bless you. DEAR ABBY: This is for the woman who said she had to wait for romance until after Johnny Carson. Well, she's lucky. At least Johnny Carson is on almost every night. I've been rrarried a year and my husband never seems to want anything. Don't tell me to send him to a doctor. He says he's all right, he's just too tired. He never was too tired before we were married. Sign me . . . LOVELESS IN WEST VA. DEAR ABBY: Re that woman who found a library book on which she owed a $60.50 fine [it was three and a half years overdue!]: She was foolish to worry about it. All she had to do was bring it back and explain the circumstances. I doubt if there is a librarian in the country who would have charged her more than the cost of the book—if that. MODERN LIBRARY Problems? Trust Abby. For a personal reply, write to ABBY, BOX 69700, L. A., CALIF. 90069 and enclose a •tamped, addressed envelope. STEAKS SEAFOOD The Creamery Open Every Nite FAMILY STYLE DINNER ALL YOU CAN EAT Thurs., - Chicken, 5 to 11 p.m. Friday, — Fish, 5 to 11 p.m. Sunday Dinners - 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. FRIDAY EVENING JOE SCHULTZ & THE JOURNEYMEN SATURDAY EVENING THE CLOVER SUNDAY EVENING THE GOLDEN TROUBADOURS WEDNESDAY NITE - DECEMBER 20 LUDEFISK SUPPER SET-UPS Hwy. 4—Dunnell, Minn. 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