Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 11, 1960 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 11, 1960
Page 3
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SATURDAY, JUNE 11, 1960 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Jto. 1*75 AN ORDINAMCE PROV1D- JNG FOR THE ANNEXA. TION OF CERTAIN PROP- the East line of the Alton Municipal Golf Course prop* erfy thence continuing Southeasterly along mid right-of- way line to the Northwesterly right- of-w«y line Of State Aid Route No. 4; thence Southwesterly along said right-of-way line to the Intersection with the Northerly corporation line of the City of Alton, thence Easterly, Southerly and Easterly along said corporation line to CITY OF ALTON PURSUANT TO ORDER OF THE COUNTY COURT, COUNTY OF MADISON, STATE OF ILLINOIS, ENTERED MAY 24, 1980. WHEREAS, the County Court of the County of Madison in, u ~ . . u • , , «... the State of Illinois, has SUD- ' the P° lnt ° f beginning, Sltuat- mltted to the corporate authorl- «• In the County of Madison ties of the City of Alton, a cer- and State of Illinois, tilled copy of an Order entered to Ihe Clt y of Alton for " nal by said Court on May 24 1960. actlon (a c °Py of SBld Order °* submitting the question of an- lCourt >* attached hereto and ne.xation of the following des-i <lesl 8» a ted Exhibit A); and crlbed property to-wif WHEREAS, the corporate au- Beglnrtlng at t lie NE corner 'horllles of thp City of Alton ot Lot No 13 Block No 2 are desirous of annexing to said Alia Sita Subdivision 8ald ; Clty of Alton theproperty here- inabove described. NOW, THEREFORE: BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF ALTON. ILLINOIS: Section I. That the property described above be and the same is hereby annexed to and made a part of the City of Alton, a Municipal Corporation, in the County of Madison, and State of Illinois. Section -I. That the City Clerk of the City of Alton shall cause a copy line of Seminary Road; !of this Ordinance, together with thence Northerly and Easter- Jan accurate map of the annex- ly along said East line to the led territory, which map shall South line of Agnes Street: |be certified by Ihe City Clerk thence continuing Northeast- jto be true and correct, to be re- erly along the East line of 'corded with the Recorder of Seminary Road, now being j Deeds Office of Madison Coun- also the Westerly Corpora- t ty. Illinois, immediately upon tion line of the City of Alton <the effective date of this Orto the NW corner of the First Idinatice. Addition to Forest Hills Place Section 3, i That this Ordinance shall be effective upon the expiration of Thirty '30> days after its pas-; • sage, unless a referendum there- j _ on is authorized by the Corpor- line of Rotlgers Avenue: ! ate Authorities, or unless a pe-' thence Northerly along .said ; t j, ion for such referendum f s filed in accordance with the Cities and Villages Act of the Stale of Illinois. PASSED this 8th Day of June, , I960. S/ P. W. DAY, ; Mayor. ATTEST: S/ PAUL A. PRICE, City Clerk. ! i Approved as to form : and legality: S, JOHN W. HOEFERT, Corporation Counselor Sita Subdivision, point being also in the West Corporation line of the City ol Alton: thence Northerly along the West line of said subdivision, being also the Westerly Corporation line of the City of Alton, 572.88 feet; thence Westerly parallel to the North line of the Western Military Academy property, 570 feet, more or less, to the Northeasterly right-of-way line of the G.M.&O. R.R.; thence Northwesterly along said right-of-way line to the east Landm to Participate in Canaveral Study Project Dan Landlss, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Landlss, 4043 Alby st., has been Informed that ,hls application for participation In the Canaveral Con- versattons Projects at Cocoa l Beach. Fla., June 23 to July 9, (has been accepted. j '< The Canaveral Conversations! I Is one of the several youth i ;«'mlnar.« sponsored by the! 'Board of Christian Education; nf the United Presbyterian! ;Church In the United States of | (America. In this seminar the young men and women will meet scientists and directors of ;thc Canaveral projects to gain ilhcir interpretation of their work; study the affects on the i .communities about, the project itirca of the population boom; land the relevancy of the i Gospel, the church and the Bible to the space age. i The Canaveral Conversations {Participants are 21 boys and girls of high school or college age, from 14 states. Dan, a recent honor graduate of Alton High School, is Walther \onlh Night At Bunker Hill BUNKER MILL - fh* Zftm jLuthern Church Walttttr I Leaguers entertained the 15 new* jly confirmed youth of the con- jgregation and parents Wednet- [day evening, observing the Wai- jther Lenjnie's 8?th anniversary. : Officers for 1960-81 were in! stalled in a candle light ceremony with H devotlohal service at ft* fM& ftmgvft fl* L* (Ml ' ff(w< fffNKiWBB wfll be Mfi, mm AMR «nd Mr*. " ttMrrit\ W* Thomas s. idj, 8i*t mttm director, fcf BUNKttR HILL - Mfe» Rathryn Osy WM honored at a bon voyagt party Thoreday evening at the home ot Mrs. 0. C. Weld- net, Mitt 1 ffey will leave June 18 tor a two' month tour of the Britiih IshM, Nttrwuy, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, Germany, France, Switzerland, and Italy. The tour, which Is sponsored i conducted by the Rev. H. F>y Louisiana State University, Peekmnn. pastor of the Zlon «Mhta of 20 people which in- pastor Lutheran Church. The officers eludes a friend of Miss Dey's, . . _. .. . .,, are: .lernld Borl. president; Dar- Mrs. Alfred Thallman of Wood rell Bnirkrrl. vicr-prosident; Ja-l^'v 6111 ,. ' !nel Buhs. secretary: Jerald The group will salt from Mon- IRpnken. treasurer: and Janet ! Helmkamp, j chairman. . The film Christian growth strip, "Together",) Subdivision; thence Easterly along the North line of said subdivision, being also the Northerly corporate line of the City of Alton, to the Kast OPENING NEW STORE ON ELM ST. Fourth generations and their custom- cuts the ribbon to denote the opening. ers are involved in this picture, taken Joe Rain Jr.» fourth generation repre- „ ._ to symbolize opening of the new Bain sentative of his family still active in the j s P° nsoied by First Presbyterian store at 322 E. Elm St. The store open- store, and Miss Hope Cousley, repre- church, Alton A coffee hour. ed Thursday. Sam Carter (right) who, senting the fourth generation of her ' """ '" u ~ U "' J "' with his wife, (next to left) have been family active in the Telegraph, with customers of Rain's grocery through which the Rain's do business, look on. four generations of the Rain family, Staff Photo. East line to the North line of Section 6, T">N. ROW; thence Westerly along said North line to the Westerly right-of- way line of State Aid Route No. <1; thence Southeasterly along said right-of-way line to the intersection wiih the Easterly extension of the North liup of (lie First Afidi- toin to Fairvicw Subdivision; thence Westerly alonp said Easterly extension to the North line of said Subdivision: thence continuing Westerly along the North line of said Subdivision, and its extension Westerly, to I he West line of Section 6. T5N, R9W; thence South along .said Wesl line to the Southwesterly right-of- way line of the G.M.&O. RR; thence Southeasterly along said right-of-way line, being also the Northerly corpora- line of the City of Alton, to New Pastor Honored At Graftoii Medora Church Society Meets MEDORA The Helping for Denver, Colo., after a visit here with his mother. Mrs. Anna Carr, and other relatives. Mrs, Can accompanied them on their return for a visit. Bill Flicker, youngest son of honoring Dan, will be held after each church service Sunday morning, June 12. J85th Anniversary of ArmyEngiiieersJune16 VICKSBURC, Miss. (Special) New Pastor Honored At finnker Hill BUNKER HILL — Eighty members and friends vvre present at a potluck supper Thursday evening at the Congregational Church given in honor of new pastor, the Kev. William Fairbank. Following the supper the Rev. Fait-bank was honored with a pmitry shower. He will assume his duties Sunday. The Rev. Fairbank was ordained June a at the Firs! CongregHtioiiHl Church in Glen Ellyn, III. was a feature of the evening. Auxiliary to Meet treal, Canada aboard the White Empress on June 21, and plan to return by air on Aug. 18. The Port of Milwaukee now can handle about 10 million tons of shipping a year since the op- I BUNKER HfLL - The Amer- enlng of the St. Lawrence Sea; icn Lncglon Auxiliary will meet j way In 1950. : A distributing clerk in the 'New York City Post Office -On June 16, Corps of New . Y °'* ^i.y Office is required to bundle a minimum ers flags will be flying beneath the flag of the United States! of 16 letters a minute. Hand Society of the Baptist Mj ._ anf| ' • ' above lh«- city hall* of about •fhltrr'h mpi Thiir«Hn\- tvith *;^ !.„.. entered Carlinvillr Area Ho.-i- GRAFTON — Approximately .Mis. Viola Peek at the home "-, V TI "") i """ ,nn'H of Ihe Mississippi River _'60 members of the Methodist of her son, Gene Peek, at God- j! "lursrtay evening to un '| Cmllmission anf| Lower Missis- •Church attended the reception frey. A pot-luck dinner WHS ael ' K " mim "' - SUI « 1 '''. V - sj(J(ji Va | Iey Division from Wednesday evening at the An- served at noon. Visitors were Alr ' alld Ml ' s - Hem '- v Frickeri jHannibal. Mo., to the Gulf of in ncx honoring the new pastor, the ihe Rev. and Mrs. W. M. Mrs ' Alan Flk ' kei ' and daugh -1Mexico, La., in a salute in com- "I-argest" Tunnel Largest vehicular tunnel the world is part of the San Rev. and Mrs. K. Taylor and Greer, Mrs. Robert Cunnlng- ters. were in Litchfield W<?d- memoration of the 185th Anni- worldfe fastest tan! Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge, daughter. , lam M ,. s Kl . anccs j~ nes " B ~ d nrsday ovcnlng to visit Juniui ' i^ SA , y O f the establishment of It is a bore through Yerba Bill Stephens R ave the address M| , s G( . np Peek Main*, who is a patient in the ,, ht> <, Qf En ineers y s . Buena Island. 76 feet wide. 58 of welcome and Mrs. \V. Smith Mrs Bess c ai . tp ,. r)rPs jdecl Litchfield hospital following... ' ' feet high and 540 feet long. This and Mrs. W. Kelley were in and devot '[ ons were bv " M rs «n appendectomy, is not the longest tunnel in the i charge of the refreshments Mamje Rjc . c flnd fl bjb)e W0 _ OES Meeting by Mrs. Carter. GRAFTON - The Graf t on. Ladles' Aid Meet* putedly thp o | des | Protestant Corps of Engineers' Apprecla- Chapter of the Order of Eastern MKDORA- The Ladies' Aid ch urch still used as a place of ! I Ion Day" by proclamation Star honored the men of the society of Summerville Pres- worship in North America. ifrom their mayors. chapter at the meeting Thurs- . by terian Church met Thursday - —-- day evening at the Masonic Tern- a rt e rnoon at the home of Mrs. mam SUNTAN LOTION OPEN SUNDAY 8:30 A.M,-9:30 P.M. FREE PARKING-Wtde* Bank Parking Lot These cities, as well as many Old Swede's Church, built in otners in the valley, are ob- 1698 in Wilmington,., Del., te re- ^rving that day as "U. S. Army l "i,- „ H. E. Challacombe, with Mrs. The followmg men served as Floi . e11CP Warne| . and Ml ,_ officers: Louis Lock, secretary: r., . , , ,-, , , Forrest Duncan, treasurer: W. D ^ M ^* as co - h °' il «'**; Weiland, marshal: F. Pivoda, ^^'To^ "** M^, " chaplain; Fred Graham, ward- Mrs " D A ' Plogger ' Mrs - Flor - and Avery Gisy. associate patron. ;devotions were by Mrs. D. W. Rowan Atterbury of Alton was Voorhee - s ' wnich was a guest of honor. As Forrest Dun- of the Psalms. >lrs. HavS Kites THE ORIGINAL BOX STORAGE PLAN IN THIS AREA! *i*h, 'for ftoro** i. our CoM M«fh Prt* VavlH. Put cwy 90/nwHt you wild (tvctpt fur pit«t») in riw box, «•» • *tot ttor*** «*»* •* S3.ff with • mvtimvm valuation of $360.00. All fern*** Mt*t bt elooMd ot our roavlfr d clMrfOi. ftormoH ort prtutd htfoto wl^ory. "Dry CU«ning Th«t $«titfie»" Milton Cleaners MM MMw Iw4 HMM HO can sang "True Lo\'e" each fath- Medora -Notes er was escorted to the East and MKDORA S-Sgt. and Mrs. presented with » gift. Refresh- p au l Carr will leave Sunday ments were served by Mrs. F. ..... - ._ Pivoda. Mrs. W. Heafncr. Mrs. Mrs. Sherman He.jner. M. Hall. Mrs. E. Katrick, Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Forbes Katherine Lut/. and Mrs; Mary returned to St. Louis Thursday Price. following several days visit at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Forbes and other relatives. GRAFTON — Funeral services —-.-._for Mrs. Maude Hays were con ducted Wednesday afternoon at the Baptist Church by the Rev. R. Gibbs. She is survived by five daughters, Mrs. R. Hecht. Godfrey. Mrs. H. Bradshaw. Peoria. Mrs. J. Couch, Forest Homes; Mrs. W. Gorman and Mrs. R. Flowers. Gralton; four sons, Freeman, William. Raymond and Duani' of Graf ton and one brother. Walter Banlield of Grafton. (jrafton GRAFTON — Rev. ajid Mrs. Norman Hayes and Donald Reeves left Thursday for Chi cago where they will attend the ! Young Peoples Pentecostal Fel lowship meeting at the YMCA. Rev. Hays was guest speaker al the banquet today. Margaret Hoplcy. daughter ol Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Hopley. was slightly injured Wednesday afternoon when the bicycle she was i riding was struck by an automobile on Rt. 11X1 west of Grafton. ' She was taken to the office of Ihe local doctor for .a check up and was released. Miss Rose Wardem and Mrs George Paddock returned home Wednesday following a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Ray Wardein at Cartersville and Mrs. Joe Hill at Tilden. Mrs. Warren Hem pel entertained members of her card club at her home Wednesday evening.; Two tables were occupied at pinochle ai>d prizes were won by Mrs. W. Rowling, Mrs. W. Brainerd and Mrs. L. Jones. Mrs. Rowling was a guest of the club. Others present were: Mrs. W. Allen, Mrs. Sid Carey, Mrs. V. Arnold and Mrs. M. Legate. At the close of the meeting Mrs. Hemple served refreshments Misset, Joyce Greer and Connie Coatney of Alton are guests thia week of Mr. and Mrs. M T Freiman. Mr. and Mrs Gerald Nairn and son Jerry ajid Mrs Edith Nairn and daughters. Virginia. Dori.i and Berneda. were guests Thursday evening of Mr and Mr&. Eugene Slaten in Alton. Dr and Mrs. Andrew Barone ol Lima Ohio, arrived Thursday for a visit at the home ol Mr and Mrs Leonard Richey and other relatives Mr». Eliiabfth L'tt has returned honu tioni Jerseyville uheie the guest of Mr. and Remember . . . If you SAVE by the 15th of the month-You will EARN from the 1st CUT FLOWERS Floral Arrintiminti > Member Florist's Telegraph Delivery Association LEO WILLIS, SR. LEO WILLIS, J|{. Alton Floral Phone HO 2-4III Evenings HO 6-8017 200 W. Third St, HO 8-42M Harry .1. Stcck The Steck-Stewart Agency was organized to provide better ,«erv- ice on insurance matters for the public. STECK.STEWART A CO. Ml nee 1905 Richard C. Stewart J. >I. (Jack) Delaney IN PERSON! EACH NIGHT! Ota/ 2-00M SAVINGS A LOAN iAs social ion Temporarily Located at 417 E. Broadway, Alton, III. OPEN HOUSE SATURDAY and SUNDAY, JUNE 11 and 12 FEITURIN6: it SAFITY ICONOMY SPUD * COMFORT it STYLING "ONLY CESSNA OFFERS SO MUCH FOR SO LITTLE' 1 EVERYONE WELCOME - FREE REFRESHMENTS Walston Aviation Inc. Civic Memorial Airport, East Alton CL 9-6437 Star of Warner Bros. "Cheyenne" TV Series CLINT WALKER At The ALTON POLICE EIGHTH YOUTH CAMP ANNUAL JUNE 11-12 7 P.M. PUBLIC SCHOOL STADIUM-WMl Jr, Hlth Still SlrMl-AIIti, Illinois

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