Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on July 6, 1957 · Page 6
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 6

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 6, 1957
Page 6
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-Junior Editors Qiifx on- BIBLE QUIZ •MKfi f RIENDS refer to his! have my secretar y loolc that | up" is correct. secretary as "my girl." Her job "I'll have my girl look that up" should be given its proper title,' is not correct, QUESTION: What price was set on Jesus' head? ANSWER: Judas, the disciple who betrayed Christ, lived iust long enough to regret his action. As one of the twelve Disciples, Judas held the purse strings of the group, acting as sort of a treasurer for their meager funds. He was said to believe that Christ would become a great king and that he would need a treasurer to keep his riches. Later Judas became aware that Christ did not want to be an earthly king and cared not a whit for treasures of gold and silver. Acting on an evil impulse, Judas agreed to betray Christ for the 30 pieces of silver offered by the Priests—worth about $20 today, and sufficient then only to buy a slave. Soon after he realized what his action meant to himself and the other disciples. He rushed to the temple and threw down the leather pouch and its money. But it was too late. He. then went off and hanged himself. Later the lllgotten money was used to buy a field that had b#- longed to a Potter. The field was called Potters Field and was used to bury those who had no family or friends. FOR YOU TO DO: Color the picture above, showing Judas fling Ing down the betrayal money he had taken. You may win $10 by sending a usable idea for Junior Editors to this paper. Monday: Whose face and whose beads launched fleets? Violet Moore Higgins, AP Newsfeatures. CARNIVAL By Dick Turner A man shouldn't Timet HeraM, aatreM, lewi Saturday, July b, 1957 L.ITTUE UY7L One of the surest ways to wipe out a beautiful friendship is to sponge on It. "At least it keeps them out of Joints—although it seems to be driving her father Into theml" SIDE GLANCES By Galbrairh T.M. B., U.I *u. OK. It 1M? b, NEA S..>«. |i*v "Glrlsl Now your troubles are over—with this new lipstick you can be glamorous by day and bewitching by nightl" TIZZY "I'd tell Henry I ridicul never want to see him again but it would sound us—considering he lives next doorl" SWEETIE PIE By Nadine Seltzer hultz wants to eat out tonight!" Commonwealth Answer to Previous Pu«le ACROSS 1 Commonwealth, Puerto 5,8 is its capital 12 Cupid 13 Bind 14 Essential being 15 Genus of leaping amphibians 16 Native metal 17 Caterpillar hair 18 Corrects 20 Leather thong 21 Aeriform fuel 22 Mimic 23 Worried 26 Began 30 Era 31 High card 32 Chemical sufttx 33 Narrow inlet 34 Wife of Aegir (myth.) 35 Female saint (ab.) 36 It was given the right to choose its chief executive by vote in 194? 30 Established 41 Yugoslav city 42 Number 43 Characteristic 46 Paused 50 Rave 51 River (Sp.) 53 Go by aircraft 54 Grafted (her.) 55 Hops' kiln 56 New Mexico pueblo 7 Bound 8 Possessive pronoun 9 Gaelic DOWN 1 Uncommon 2 Mohammedan priest 3 Ice cream container 4 Citrus fruit 5 Opposed to lee 6 Ventilate 7 Born 8 Joker 9 Employer 0 Thin man's dog 1 Kind of tide 9 Father !0 Mineral spring $2 Solar disk 3 Fish 24 Exchange premium 25 Harvest 26 Cicatrix 27 Cast 28 Royal Italian family name 29 Act 31 Brazilian macaws 37 It is a commonwealth of the States 38 Ignited 39 Honey maker 40 Handled 42 Horses' gaits 43 Allowance for waste 44 Hindu queen 45 Poker stake 47 Rip 48 Love god 49 Medicinal quantity 51 French king 52 Devotee OUT OUt WAV* BY J. R. WILLIAMS I OUR BOARDING HOUSl . • « wit* , , « MAJOR HOOf»H CAAT ^ / uee~ itf-runt^W CARP F(?OM 4 WAtfel -» NOWj M ^mrfoRBSi *-w5\ CAVIAR-SOTT Of SqS X « IRSDSX W. A SsrSotVlW* L ^ 15 A HUNGRY! kfcWW £M r TW Tirlrv DS7 & FULL OF m X • HOW A ., EPICURUS HIMSELF-*— <PMES f * X CAN X T QUITE-' CLASSIFY THE: SPECIES/ ITOPSETJ A COAT W3PTAT4/ LID/ PINE 35 /ft w ie»r itf nt* »»_-«*• T * *«« OA •«. 0« (SASP (A IAOT, DOVJNJ THEY 60- BUGS BUNNY Range GVJTZ <5ROCERV PRISCILLA'S POP Business Failure BY AL VERMEER ALLEY OOP Hold Itl BY V. T. HAMLIN ! it: MCOvlkN COUNTERPART MORTY MEEKLE It's a Hardship AW, PLEA5E GET A ' FREEZER NOW,WINTHROP,WE DON'T NEED ONE |f 1»» by HU 8«'»lM. Int. T.M. »t t U.8 P»l. CH'|jg BY DICK CAVALL! 1 FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Be Patient! BY MERRILL BLOSSER |THESE ARE WELL DOME? IU-TRY I AGAIN IN A FEW MINUTES/ THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE r Giving Up BY WILSON SCRUr-,8 <lOt/RE MOT SERIOUS ABOUT SELLING MDUR EQUIPMENT, ARE SOU, D0U6? if 8 1 BJST JfJBjBBJH RBB7 ^5* J- LATER... CAPTAIN EASY Underworld Cier? BY LESLIE TURNER RECOGNITION ANP -WWRTMIIITYI Ul» A 6I6.6H0T IN HI* FIBlP- y |T » r A P0551BLSI,

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