Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California on January 9, 1948 · Page 4
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Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California · Page 4

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, January 9, 1948
Page 4
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L. V. Garden dttb L Christmas Party "The second Christinas party if ^6 Long,VeJloy.Garden Clut) was given at Pancho Eclnita DecembciJ' 22, when Anita Marton, hostess q'iid president, enterthmed tl^e members at» dehghtful luncheon. >>.The long table was artistically decorated with a centerpiece of liutch holly, flanlted on either sidB' by^hejrloom candelabriims, ablaze ><flthred candles. At one erjd of m table old St. Nick left his treindeers nnd sleigh, while making W^i'entrance through the top of a red brick chimney. At the othpr ^^"d, a musical Christmas tree re-: Vblved to the tune of Christmas carols. • ILow, chubby candles, encased in ^^lyery frills, Durned at each'plate, casting a soft glow on mdividu- ally.styled place cards portraying theblrth flowers of each guest. " ,JfoUowing luncheon, the group retired to the- spacious living room wKere -beautifully wrapped gifts •^eJ-e piled'high Under the tree. • The"method-of gift distribution' ^J^as unlq^uely devised, affording a; ^teat deal of amusemtiht as each guest atlenipted to match a por-' tib'fi drf a Christmas card, cut jlg- abyr fashion; with the remainder: i^Qaieed on the gift package; , •••^j^ prm tot the.prettiest package Wrjipped'at the least expense went to,Alma Gelger. • , Waify. JWorrlson of Branscomb C^tttwbuteeJ to the success of the patty thrqui^h her rendition oi ifepi'oprfate 50I0S, hter lending the ttdup in singing Christmas carolsy '^Atovching Christmas story was •read by Retha Neblett; inducing- U^bit of snlfHyig and ^ewey eyes, •i 'during the short business session the president was authorized to lake necessary steps'to have (he club Incorporated. ' Plans are under way for a garden contest, with prizes for best efforts in' new gardens, old ^ai'dens, pot or window gardens.i and^ laridscaping. The various divisions were made >in order that *acH member might have'an equal opportunity in competing.' .'.jThe next meeting will be held at the home of Belva Harwood of 'Br|inscomb, .Thursday, January 15. ;-Mrs.: Estella Tally of the New Sti/mg Grove iCreamary w:ill ex- l^bit colored movies of the larl three Frontier Days parades in Wltlits, affording ' an opportunity of reviewing 4he floats entered by •fijife. Ijong'\^alley Garden Clat. -^jriOgr,e,j;sjiy,e Dinner X'/Celebrcit^s New Year .'•;A progressive dinner was one •'^'iihc delightful and different 'itieans ' of ushering in the. New -.V<eai",'and It started off with the sfivving pf relishes and appetizers althe'home of Mr. and Mrs; Mark ' Vdrk, just north ,of town. The soup .doirt'sp was also served-at tlie York "J&ifte; •••>••• •• • • . The'pirty-left the Yorksfor the .ihome.'fif Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Fos- •tbr', wh'fre the Fosters, including Ml?., and Mrs. ArUngtpn Foster, • sefVed the' salad course; Th is was t.Jlvely part of the evoningi With ..tfee- disKing up of snappers and hbise makers With the salad. .•;j)arhe''mei'rymakers really settled i^ovn at Mrs. Ruth Kington's and l^lss Hattle Rowland for the se'ri- otriiipart'ot '.the evenmg. That is, thp, Dkitreb.' The menu included bisilced'vfaahi, sweet potatoes and alii ;.the; Attendant dishes for this ^^repownied' southern food, incUid I JMrJtiat-buttered rolls. ' It was'well on toward midnight .Wlneui. the party .reached Mr. and Urs. •Warner Holzhauser's on „^lay ^tteet. Here they w^e served • jpniB [jpii;in,c.hlflpn pie with whipped cream and coffee, and here was ;.';^h»;p they sjiv the,New year in ^^th .more loud clacking noise • m^Jcers and nuich fioQd f^n. FRIDAY, JANUARY 9, •eURNHAM-KNt ^HTEN JO BE MARRIED ,. Ji;ivita(,i9ns have been , Ijhife lyeiilding of Mrs. Afltue Pliz^- teth B'ii^ihsm ,^hd' Leslie'.Gjlhei;t Jtn|lghi,en ,pi> Jahuai^ M at ii^O p^nr at 'Uki^ MetUodUti churqh.' ;i;he brifJa to be .is a daughter if .th.e pipne^er Smith fam.ily ,of inpma county, felif ?tarl4d ^he ady Lawn'Nursery at"345 Ndir^ itfi operated \t .until r.e- Jtly, ;>yhen "she sold it 'lo Mrs. fejjte .'.Thatcher.' She is' ;Ct<n;rhtiy -^j^i,^'^^ „i ,Y r' Ti,^;;^.!,,'.:. •the j4 ?iil»)ayecl at JT.-C. Perihey^s: • ;,;;Mr'.Knjghteiiis the .$q?i',af ghiih,t^ iam\\jr, of Pot*,er Valley T^e jcpuple" plan"ib jipake ttieir hoaife ^^t tl^e Shady LaSy.n ^?irm. MARCIA HULi IS • " YEARS OLD 50tl;i Ai^iiyersary Of Coast Couple A marriage that occurred in the state ef ' Montana In Decemberi 1897, was celebrated December gO at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Rivers, who live on the Pudding Creek road near Fort Bragg, When several hundred friends, visited them in their home during, the day — friends who came bearing gifts and remainipg to extend their congratulatiops. • Mr. and Mrs. Rivers .came to California In 1901 and landed at Mendocino City from the steamer Point Arena. By stagecoach they preceded to Fort Bragg where they have .made their home for the pa .st 46 years. In 1935 Mr. Rivers retiradfrom the lumber business, m which he had engaged from almost ^he first, day of his residence on the coast.' iie then ti^rn'ed h'S attention to' .^fte chicken .business on tuddlng creek for the next ilve years, when he retired from that undertaking. ' F4ve of jheir sijt children now living atten(^ed the golden anniversary of their tiarehts' .^tredc^lng, and with them were nli^e grancl- qhU^ten* The children present were Haryey Rtvers, HarpJd Wy-' ers, Ellen Davis and ^mbie Stitmp, all of Fort Bragg, anijl Se\ei>\Ru8-. sell of Igfui Francisco, who served a smortfasbqrd to the old friends of .their parents, who spent several hours.recalling bygones. Despite their ages, Mr. and Mrs. Rivers are in good ih^alth and f\ an abundance of interests m which to keep -themselves employed. Mis$ Rose ,ReSin,ick Enferlainer' Is Blind .The .Saturday A^fternpon Club is schedule^ have' ^isp Jtpse Resr nick, a .bUpd efiteiitainer {rajn^ gan Eranciscoi ior .their ^ijieetlnp Saturday, Jaauary-10. Miss -Resniak ^has aippeared he- fore the public of Uklah preyiovs- iy and has rec^iyed mMch' praise for her iihe program. She will be introduced by Mrs. R. R. Byrnes. Mi's. Ralph Hogan wlU be chairman of - the hostess committee.. . Gopdwins Ente.rtain Family ot -Christmas , Mr. .find ;Mrs. L.. F. .99pdwi» .ep- tertained members of th^(r ^pmlly for the Christmas iioUdays including Mr. .?ind lyirs. Kietth -,QQpdw,in of. :c*apa, jftcv.. and Mrs. A'. ' G. Benning-and -their baby Ctopie of WiUitsi Mr; and -Mrs. vRoy Qoqd- win of Ukiah and Mrs. Jwne Roy of Canyonville, -Oregoti. Mrs. •iloy left Sunday i'or C^regon. The (Jiopd- wms also had ,their gr^dspn a^d his" "wife, Mr. phy "Mts. Kphny Baker pf Napo, for a few days. Dance At I^alHiiage To Benefit (Church Five hi<ndred tickets have been printed for the big dance at Tal- mfige State Hospital • auditorium January 17, with Greeott's orchestra tp play for it.. This d^mce is to be for the benefit of the Catholic league, who recently had the Catholic church redecorated, and the receipts of the dance are to go for jjaymeni of work done. ^rs. jPeter Fxati is tiie chairman of the committee 0 'ii arrangements and is being assiitjii;! by jV[,rs. Tpriy ,BahoIpmei' and' IVtrp; .Howard Chefevers! " ' " Thea Christmas Cam« ' Christmas -yvas Jaie ^ettipg to the Hopiand Rancherial"^"fau'i it wa,s just as-jvelcpme §s if the.^ate had _lpeen''tte'cer?i^^ ;25i The In- dif^ns 'appemi^ed'In the big' room jvHe^re %e';,tree y^s ail i^ecprated ari^-hi. ti\o jCer ^ter of 'a lar^e-sijje^ stack of gif tv 'candiis, huts/ and frvit. ' •'" ^ ' "'"•' ^••'•• Tjie prp.grjim had tha ..singing :ot Chr stmiis'carQli an^ hy^ris Iwith i^Ufneryus' impromptu, .humbers. 9,^6'of, ,the ;?ii?tiiigvisb?id' eii^sU .pTe'seht y^s sifter' JVIary Cafmel, 'g.Pi, '.pr^hi?ipfil ,6i St. iJa^es sc'jiiooi in'Spn Fiah^!';c9' " '.Slfit'er Mary .was visiting ,h*'' sister, Sister M. Ruflna and -vi'a's ^elightef at (;ehd"the ..p^i-ty and help'.dlsiiribYtiO the, ItifU." , Mai;c;ia Hull was jthr,ee years ' old December 30 and' her wother, Mrs. Harold Hull, invited the children In to help Martla celebrate on'riqcember 31. • '• The tj\b!e was very pretty In pink decgratiohs and favors. Those to enjoy the afternoon with Marcia were Tunis and Susan Spencer, Margaret McNeil, Susan Williams, Nihi He'genveld, .Gary Shimmln, David Branson, Kenneth Hansen, Curtis Bradley, Timmy Cassell and Billy Cleland. Young iC .ouple Xell -of ^eW"Year Eve Betrothal Miss Margery Jones and Carl^pn Gibbs have £\nnouncMd their engagement, which took place Niew Year eye. Miss Jones is the daughter .of Mr. arid Mrs. E. M. Jones of 533 North Stl^te street and is a student n^^rse in training at St. Luke's,Hospital'in San Francisco. Mr. Gibbs IS the son of Mr. an?l. Mrg. Forrest Gibbs pf Snviffhi jtp^et • and is emplpyed hy the' IJ'oster &-Kleiner Cempany. The-young couple have known eaohpther ever since they .entered high school. here. There ?re no plans for an immediate wedding as Miss Jones ha.-! two years more before flnlshbig her nurse's training. little Miss Rogers Has Bir+hdoy Party . The very young set was roVally entertained at the home of .Miss Harriet 'Jean: Rogers on 'New Year day, the occasion of her sixth birthday.The hostess is theidaugh- ter of- Mr. • a«d Mrs: 'Laurenfte Rogers and-lives on Apple avenue, The afternoon was sper^t in listening .to 'stprybpbk records; playing pui'the tall "on the donkey an^ ill informal discussiens oi the latest qu'rreh't 716ws. Thqn Harriet o^pened her gifts.- Mrs. LaWrence had the table decorated with a birthday cloth, napkins, and with boxes of animal crackers as favprs at. eacn .place. She sery^4 punch and ice cream .with hirthday,cake. After the children had been s.prved, the mothers who brought them were served refreshments. Those present to wish Harriet many happy returns of the day were; Daphne Rawles, Janet Rawles, Evelyn Longstaff, Carla Daubpneck, VirglnlilBechtolj Gary Gadd, David Giles; Becky Morse, David Morse, I^arry Rogers, Shirley and'Barbara Simpson, accompanied by the following mothers: Mrs. Travis Simpspn, Mrs. Dallas Mprsc, Mrs. Jess Rawle?, Mrs. Art Longstaff and Mrs. Carl Daubeneck. " ' Yaung Adult Meet Wfi>d!).e$day Eye The Baptist church Young Adult Conference will be held in Ukiah Wednesday evening at-7:30 o'clock for the youth of the Clear Lake District Assomation. Rev. Joseph .John Hanson, .director of .the departn)ent^:0f 'adult work and family relations, will be here as leaderof the conference, to which-churches of .th.e association are sendmg representatives .Rev. ;.Hanson> is visiting centrally located churches such aS, UJsaah, Napa,- Fresno,: VisaUa, Modesto, RedBJuff and Sacramento. Rev. Ben Field, director of the department of religious education. Will also be a spealcer at .the-conference. "• •irhe .evening program,will (include jnusic, motion picture?, -pro.{^ram planning, apd ..wiU close with reire-shments. . -. •With the Baptist church ire- served for this • conference, the mid-v/eek prayer meeiing; will,^be held that' evenmg af the .Oryille Coleman homec'-^l?' Dora-ayenttej I rMiss atoy.ce > Whiteside, 4HUght«!r of l^r. and Mrs. J. £. Wbiie^d^ of C^entrai House dlsi^,ct at;Gric|r, ley, ,»nd/,J^rank Iklct^^'spniot tef,^ 8hd .Mirs. .itqhn' ^cI<tifC.:.ot -IV)ti^ Valley, pf 'G.Hdlejr jy«re jmrrted Spcred Jf |eairt5 :Catof>8oi,q:pj}t<*, G4<»fy, at 6;il0p.m, ^ith^tey, .Dc^ oe^pber ,21 >vil|i ^tisv. rather. James ^ptFIanai^n ^offici^i]^^, using theidR>iMJ^.,-r|h?'j «efen ><>;P'; f .The-ibtlde, ;^iyen >in;inarrliige';by ijici; father, wore ti white i?ice'deci­ ding gown;; jnade/ with .a^vtlght* fliung^bodice^,shoi4 .sleeves and.n ^uU skirt with alight tram, ^ier finger-tip iveil-'i'was also at -Ipce vidth «;aHpp?d „e^ges ^qpd .iy,^d i|p her hair with a tiare of orange blpssoms. Her gloves' were, long sathi' flnger-tlps. ' j\s .son;)ethwig.pld she carried a lace .h «i»id^«rohief iWhlch belonged to her great grfiad^jiPther. ' Her bquguet ,^yas an ptchld encircied by •white gardenias. ' ^. The l^ride's 5l1^teudat^ts ^^ere the grppm's-s^s'ters, Mrs. Elowyh Os- boump'ttfid IM^rs.f'Bqjorfis Francis, fcplh' of' Grldley. Mrs. Osfcollme. wore pink net wit\i a'taffeta bodice and rMrs."Francis wore shell plhk marquisette brocdded with Mvhite flowers. Both cammed colonial bouquets of "'deep pink carnations and eaeh.wore ahalo of pinklahd.white feathers and pink satin ''fingertip gloves. . The -groom's attendant was 'his brother, Raymond MoNiff of Potter Valley. Ushers were JQe>Whltesi4e, Jr., Daniel .Osboume- and Simon' Francjs.. . . . , . • . Charles McNiff, A • younger Iffother:. assisted father .p'F^^na- gan the candldight ,Qe^eTnony. The church was decorate'with silvered evergreens and ^ilvei-ed tojjon , berr^es. Basl^et^ of jvhife chrysanthemums were at the si^es of th^:;fl^tar. Mrs. : Todd .played the wedding marches and Marilyn'Syden- stricker isang "Ave Maria" and "Always," " After the ,ceremony the a;ecep-r t^on w^s hel^ ,of Memorial ^all. Here the bride and 'groom opened ^heir. many ,gi^ ah^ displayed them on long tables" ; • -A 3-tlfsre^ yte^lding c£(kei\cut by the' bride arjd groom, was, served wlttf punch. -JThe' 'Bridi slipped awfiy and dpniiecl her going-^way sijlt of gray "with black accessories. They left' lor their -honeymoon, destination .unknown;'They -will make 'Hheir' h6me pn -Virginia jjjjeigf,jnGHdle^:upo^^ BallopBi^ Diecoff^te Bowen Jfeiyie, Make GA ^d Welcidme fpr Nipi^v ROMERS kSeEIVE CALL FROM TQKia Mr. and Mrs. Alleibaugli of Lay- tonVilie spent several "dsiys of the past week with A.llebaus(vs mother, Mi's. 'I't'i-iT Perejjrcna. Mr. and Mrfi. A. L. Romer \yeie notIfi«i by the local operatpr to stand by for' a call' frbni"Tokyo, Japan, time set 3:10 Friday afternoon., When it came through -it was Sam aiainkctuhip, 'who used to work fpr the Rbh\ers; I^e was extending New' Year greetings to his old friends it was reported by the Rpmer.i and Miss Phyllis .Patterson, who tftlked to BtenkehshiP. that he coiild be .heard as distinctly as if he had been' in the room with them, GQQO FISH STORY FAQKED IM IGE Dr. and Mrs. Bryan Doster of Lodi have been' guests of Mrs. Lizzie McKesson over the I>Iew Yeai'.' The'bosters' brought Mrs. Me^esjion ,^nd'.Mrs. M. S.'Bart- iett honie from Lodi where they had enjoyed the Christmas holi- "days'with'their children.' • •' While "in Ukiah Dr.' Doster -took off'for the fishing stream's -and Came'home with a 7-pound'steet head, 2'" feet and 3 .inches-long, whl'eh he taught in the-ftuisi'an river; close to' Guern^yville. Re jy_ss.tbat proud, he. had' it packed ice atvd took ],t hoijrtevto ferbve ills fish,stdry./ • ''•;•''' ' y/iBselskys Entii^,rtain Son Djjririg f^pllda^^ • Mr. and Mrs; Joe-'^eselsky haye had as their housegu'ests 'during the boliclays their oldest son anH wife, Mr.' and Mrs. Willard Wesel-^ sky of Nevada City. vV/'iUai'd" has been a member of the forestry sarvice, but has passed his examinations that promote him to the rank of ranger. He is building a new home in Nevad^ ,<yity,'yo^ng most of the ,wprk himself, as he is s^sc a carpenter. other guests at the 'Weselsky home were Mrs. Loreh de Ve'e and her .dau^ters," p,9.hna ^hd Dolores of ^ar'berville,' with their guest, Joaniie Chiistenseh.' A. G. Hammond, WiUits publisher, retired, and Trpy Maness, publisher of the WUlits News, were visitors to Ukiah Friday to get Mr. Maness acquainted with the court house personnel and the newspaper rraternity. Colored ^balloons huggipg r.t ^el ceihng of the home oi '*l ^r.;;ah(l; Mrs. Rpss B.pweri of Parlc' ayeniii©,; Ukiah, made a gay reception jforj guests St their. Hew- 'Ye^r' eyei 'cefeshratipn, which wps in'{C'thah-j ner pf speaking lor their daughter, Mary, who is at home from f'jiciflCj Union .College at S^t. Helena. '' • : Cues ts were greeted - and showp into the dining roorn where .they were -ser |Ved with i,ra\t cups, cookies, n^ts and mmts, apd the ladies \vere giv^n corsages pf sUr ver spra.vs with New 'Year greet- lOgs. ' . ^ '. An exciting and. pleasurable .part of the evening was •t^le ftsh- .poitld .(a fake, so iar as flsh were concerned — but .fishing?) where the nqen took a mimatui^e -fishpole and Jfished for numbers that mat ^ihed ,pnes m the silver^pi:ay greetings held .by.the ladies. ,' ' ••With.ithe -numbers in the fish pond were rolls of paper, out of which-the men .had: to fashion ihats with -that jiew,iook for their part? ners. •:Alvin Barber won ithe. prize ior Mrs. Gordon McGrellis. After the ladies were dressed .up in their hats''they forined a parade of "-Jfi^ts find '-hJov ^es' weije m^^e'It^ them as they' mbved through'ths taue ^^9fjight- 5fhi,s was .^iiite an event'aiil;''more than likely will result in a showing to movie .spotters, lo'i.fcihg ior'-faahipn .hats with ^ew ,f >ices:' - ..• • iProgram with readings, songs, duets, • games;' and, - community singing .kppt .the crowd happy until midnight when they really' peached fori;the bajiophs.ahd yreh' cotttJed thfe .rieW year •; in 'grand 'Style;';' ;i-:'.''^; :,'-;/'••'.' Ky^ffiet, p,i ^in,er <p}y,ejrx To Usher In New Year • Another party that w^s reported as n delightful affair of New 'Vrear's Kve jvas the butlEet'.dinner at the home of Mr. and Mrs. William M^ek. They had as their ^ests Mr. and Mrs. Stuart'tlbxie'and M.r. and ^IWrs. Jerry^oster of ,(?len Ellen; Mr. and "Mrs. 'Iryip Biirke, Mr. ^iid .Mrjsi Arthur Chciiqh, :Mr. and Mrs. xilarence Tv^riier, lilr. and ivirs. George Kjneeland, ^ejjy-y Wadn", Roy and Bob 'Meek, Mi-, and W (rs. Eddib Bean of V^ihits. Miss Alice GoLidge entertained Miss borina Riidd of Eui;^a for a week of the Yuietide .hpi'idays. Miss Goudge is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Gpu^ge of 711 North Spring street. Miss Goudgs and j ^iss B4dd vyere snhool chums when the .Qo'udge ifan^ily lived in SiWf>!^' _• Joint InstaUatian Se ]tfi9rJ [m.l348 January 13' is the ;tinal dttte set for the installatioA .pf officers of ithe Od4'JreHowp,Lodge.apd I^liek-' ahs, piaqe is .Odd JFtrtlqws MeH^t •7;80 pan. ^^he. instftUation v»U be, mpdevhy-Mrs". Veda Opllier .of WU,its, d#rict 4sputy ptesij^ent of Rebekahs, and by Joiin .Secrist,: .district .jdeputy,^r^d .mqst<|r--6x Odd jFeilPWs. • Dinner at. Grange hall .;will -precede-the lAstaiiatipni -arTsngementsI lonwhich are 'being-made hy How"-; ard-Tuttle and'^Mrai-'Evelyn dCooh. B^rvations . must be • jnade' by January d. .It is .-requcisted that members -be reminded -that they may bring guests as' -this is-.a .no- host affai'i^, but Mrs.5Cooh-must he notified -at telephone 'number aaej. ' There will' be one riitire meating •just "prior to 'the installatio'h and that is on the night of January il2, ih the Odd Fellows hall 'at-.7.:30 p'.ni;; A-t that .time' Mrs. Evelyn Koch, the presiding lioble grand, v/ill call for all' the yeai-ly reports. It is hoped that a good representation jy^l jfie .ph hand hc^hc^ .h.usi- ness \s ',expecteid *tp be transacteli. ,|^n,i<9 .l?t,ei :t ,^,fnt.§,rt .ciin .Relotiyes iQhristmas Mr. and .Mi#. L^? l^^]!^^!^ '9f>^ -ilert^ingd^pt^utpero\il?•;h'oji in .their ;hQihei =ptaEtii :ig. with ;the (ecept^ ;ito...^nd;iJ^^ •jleil!;^.-^;^ Saht?i-CrM? pii "1 ,'^ednejS- daj'- of 'la^t VM^V- '••'^^^'••C^^^'.^Pk loWfi^ hy'* Mpi'-arid 'I|to^. Aith'ur; Faueott-and ;?4i*^; Mai^iVie Apple' of W4«ters,'Y ^p ..(^upty;. . ; Theinejit guegt .ft -the JCnighten hpme -WJBiS .jfeftit. ::g5|u;ddftqghtc!r, j Miss jRose ;KnJi«hten, ,a s,t\idpnt at -the Santa Rosp .Jvinlcyp GhWege. piu -spoiled the Christmas for Miss Knighten, her father, Altpn -Knighten, and her grandijtiqther, who were in bed on .Ghrigtni^s day. Vacation In Texas J i!Ir .'_{^tid .Mrs. .R^ber^t JFrj^hh.hfW \\vafii hdc^e ^rpm'.a^^ajipy Ki^Ur dp,y .yj^'it ,w\t|h l^j. Prphh^ iho^h" .er, .Mrs. Eya Kingi'ajj^ qthW X^ei^- Uyes in jworth, JE^Jtas. Qn the way liome .t^ie. Frbhng vCin- fpuntered sr\ow :^Qr'abput 70 miies .oh the highway ^eai' Tucsjip, jAri- z 'tina.' They "stbjjpcd "in" pjilm J^prhigs tor the li(ew Year •^iiii Yiicnds. Dessert Bridge * At SatiiTJ^y Club /, Looldng forVi^ard to Januai -y 14,1 one notes on .ihe calend&r the dessert bridge at the Saturday Afternoon Clul?, ,yhich is belnfi ^iven )by the "members to raise funds jfor the various activities of the .bcgani^^ton. . : A capable comtpitt«e is arrange ing the affair .with Mrs. ftobert Frphh in'ct^arge pf . the sale of tickets, l^rs.: IJoyd jsittenhen^ler in ch^ge decorations,'Mrs. t, Li. WMmiore, supplies and details, Mrf. JE. J. 4an!\es assisted by-Mrfe. ^ J MCGAH i? maliihg tile tallies ! Sn^ Airs. Robert ^ar ^ine, assisted I by Mrs. Al Tre'gonfhg, ls"'in charge f ofthei-efresl^ments.- : 'I Atr^.^ Frohp m"ay be reached at telephone .47fl-M' for reservations j ^ot'thia party, '^hich is expected ; to he pne "^of the neceat of the month. Bac/ges {^resented At - C^jmpfir.e Girls' bi^eet The girls • of the Odako, Campfire .'.Group .' had'.their ' annual Christmas .ceremonial at -the -EpiS' ^, copal -Guild Hall during the last | wfeek' of S'.-hool 'befnre :Ghrlst«nas •vacation. iJ'hey had as-their theme,-. "Nht whi /t< We give but -what we share."'' .• i-- ••; '•^'e-girls who are earning their Trail' Seekers' badges had a nice part^of the program and invited sponsors, Mrs. Jack Sirtipson and her children, Gregg and Victoria,; and'Mrs.Ai J. 'Whitney and Betty. Ann Whitney. The Trail Seekers are Nancy Brown, PhylUs Williams, Rhodean Colette, »Diane Toland, Barbara Shnfm, Angie Riva, Shirley Richwine, Mary'Viarengo and Shirley Glnochlo. The Woodgatherers' badges .will soon be presented to Claudia Im- yralle and' Marlis De Wall, who were -hostesses 'la charge of .the reception of guests at the meeting- Their special guests -were .their n^others; Mrs. P'reston Johnson'dnd Mrs. A.'Book and sonvStephen, Book "lionor Beads were' presented to each of the girls for special work they had accomplished during a specifl^ed time. The badge for 10 hoiirs/ of voluntary ; service . ,to G^mpflre viras igiven <to itanet-iMc- Uonald, Mary Herylord and -Mar- lenSikora. ' • ^National honor for securing, new msihhers •Was awarded ^Eloise ^purr, -^fietty George; Mary Hery ford; JiJ &riis -De -Wall.; A special hof ^or - for securing a new -sponsor Vfks a Warded •MarlenSikora.;^' 'GaVnp :hr6 pencils and song books were ' pi'eiented' to all the gurls. Marlis De'-'Wall received-first Prize fpT selling-ihost 6hristmas cards. Janel SvfeDpnald presented Mrs. Paul.Slkora with the guardian.phi. " Thp^ide cream and' cookies .were fjbepared ahd 'served-by -the gWs c«E the group.'3?he girls have prepared a letter of "thanks to the ladles of the Episcopal .Guild jfor use of Guild K^»il'>for their meeting^. ' ) 'Bom, Died at'Lakeport Charles Lee Faught, a native of Ukiajh an^ the son of the'late Mr. arid Mrs. Thqmas J"; -PauiEht, died in hU sleep at his home in Lakeport -last week" He was 76, ,.3!he F^au^ht .family moved. -from HJiH?h tp LftJtf qpwty »n .ift?l and established their home in Scotts valleyion .what „is .noy? iyiown as the -Proctor ra^oh, where -the children grew jto ,mat \u:ity;. , iFor 15 years , deceased owned •Eaught'5 Gluhropipi, now kncwn .as •the Gelpr Lake Gli^b.. Wd ^at the .time of his d^ath - was .eipployed as sealer of weights and measures in Lake .CQunty, He, is suryiyed by :his wii'a, • Mrs. Mabel Watkins Paught, and'two daughters. W .r.ig.h.ts Retyrn Home From Trip Into Mrs. Marvin '-ee Smitli, November Bride Congratulations To Harold Dunns • Congratulations are being extended the recently married Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. Dunn at Lheir new home on Helen avenue. They were married in Reno December 31 at'the first Methodist church. ; Mrs. Dunn was Irma Stahl and IS well 'known in Ukush. She is the sister of Mrs. Charles Pelas- cini of 116 Clara avenue and is a member of the wel-known Schaaf family of Manchester. Her fathA- is John Schaaf and she has a brother, Howard Schaaf of Ukiah. Dunn is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Burt Dunn and grew up in Ukiah, attending both gram'tnar and high .school here. He is employed at Rirhcudson's MeAt Market KEIGHBOR GROUP Pl^YS CARDS For several years a group of neighbors have been playing cards on.the first Friday evening in the hionth. Friday, January 2, was the night for Mrs. Mark Eglm to entertain the ladies. Those to enjoy Mrs. Eglin's hospitality were: Me^dames Arthur Tracy, Robert -McGarvey, L. H. Foster, Louise Bernhard,; George Merk, Stella Red arid W. D. L. Held. Young Couple Elops Although the young; couple guarded their secret, so well no one found out they w6re married until New Year eve, when the bride's, pai^ents, Mr. and Mrs. Waldo Perkins, -were informed that their daughter, Barbara Lee, had eloped with Marvin -ti-Smi^h, going to Reno, where they were married on Nccmber 8, 1947. The your.fe couple was to have been J'larried in February with a formal ceremony, but tliey decided they .'.vouiii rather married quietly. The bride's mother i;e- called how lovely her young daughter looked in a brown tailored suit with brown accessories, to which a cprsage of. green and brown orchids was added. ..The Perccins recently came here from Oakland when they purchased the House of Gamer. .Oakland was vjhero Mrs. Smith gr£|du- ated from high school. Mr. and Mrs. To I man, Entertain Relatives Mr. and Mrs. C. L, Lawrence left Wednesday for their home in Terrebonne, Oregon, .after several ^ . | days visit with their pareats, -Mr. ^ and Mrs. Frank J. .Tolman of >B'l^' Dora avenue.; The Lawrences ihav^e ' been in Los Angeles cpnsultihg with the owners joftfae-rantih-on ' , which they live in Oregon. Ml-. Bfljrs.A. C. 'VS^right of 305' Fpr 'd street are home from a -trip thrpugh Texas and into i^e^- icp, accoihpar^ied ,hy Mr. and Mrs. J. N/-fealientihe of Lpdij ^lifelong friends. ' ' Le^vin| December 1st,'th^ party in,,i ^h6ir tray.4lin^ visited ,the Mp- 'jave ahd Eloulder dam,'.the .Grand ,Cahyoh:and 'Painted Desert; Spent a jfew'dlays; in New .drleah?, saw !Ho\tetcm 'phd San ijihtonio,'Texas, 'an(^ >,visitad -the prange.-growing section of .that state,'arpiind Pharr, in -the southern portipn. ^ter visiting Mexi<;o :they re- .turried by va'y Pf the Carlsbad .CajVerns, Palm Spring? .and Los ASigeles, arri^ving'at Ukiah oh Friday o/'last \yeefc. • New Management e The Lido restaurant and bar is under new management — Robert Satterwhite and E. 'G. GaUi having •leased''the property and buai- hess'from 'Pete Gain, --who has operated it for :some'. years. Mr. Gain is well known here, having worked for his brother Pete ifor ithe past -IB months. He is the father-in-law of Mr. Satterwhite, -who .comes itom Amarillo, ^exas, with .his .yi'i^e and -son. ^tike, the bf.rten4er, will remain ,\vi 'th 4he new flipn^gtanent. ,fei \Rrs .vyili ;be a specialty. TBE COST OF m9 AND EIECTRIPITY , It takes a lot of shopping arouad today to find a pre-war bargain. Practically every,thing in the line of home necessities, for example, has climbed steadily upward in price since 193?. However, theije 18 one exception...the cost of gas and electric service has gone dow^n aind down,in price. "Year in and year put your dependable gas and electric service his helped you run your home -with niqney-paving and labor-saving ap- pysihces at r^tes far beloV the na- Jtjqnal ayerage. And rioinatter hoiv mudii otlier item? in the cost of living hJay go up during this New Year, you can be sure that cost pf gas and electricity will remain the biggest bargain in the home. PACIFJ« GAS ANP ELECTRIC COMI> ANY 3XW-UB '''«)!

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