Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 11, 1960 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
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Saturday, June 11, 1960
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TELEGRAPH Serving the Alton Community for More Than 124 Years Established January 15, 1836 Vol. CXXV, No, 127 ALTON, ILL., SAftmbAY, JUNE 11, 1980. 18 PAGES de Per Copy M«mbwF<ff ••^^ DEMOPfSTRATORS Nixon Defends Rocke Right to Disagree on P Vice President to Run on Administration Record In contrast to the continuing anti-Ike demonstrations, Chinese civilians carry American and Chinese flags as they stage a friendly demonstration in front of the t. S. Kmlmssy, background, in Tokyo today. (AP Wireplioto.) 150,000 Japanese Stage Tokyo Demonstrations Hold Central Portion Of City for 10 Hours By JAMES CARY TOKYO (AP)—More than 150,000 demonstrators roved unchecked through Tokyo's streets 'Saturday _, .,,,„,.„ .... •, i j • i , • .,,'OU block ol Washington avenue-was revealed today with the night in rowdy, snake-dancmg parades denouncing the submUaion of prellmlnary plans lo the Public Works Depart- United States, Prime Minister NobUSllke Kishi and mont of the city for preliminary consideration. President Eisenhower's visit to Japan. The project calls for develop- They held much of central To- j security for the President. . ment. of a 9',3-acre tract with kyo in their grip for 10 hours.! Changes planned, to insure the; apartments for 168 fam iij es an d Tl^j-i 11 tf\rt »»*» /->»«/Mt*/le* flV»*al1\» /lit* T3l*ACTIf4an4-*C* or»/^\4-«» *»nlt irln y...% 4n n1 '• * . - . Project Planned On Washington A S'2 million apartment and office building project, t'oi 1 the fly JACK BKLI, WASHINGTON (AP)—Vice President Richard M. iNixon said today there is room in the Republican party for those who disagree with some of Hie policies of the Eisenhower administration. In an obvious reference to criticism voiced by Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller of New York. Nixon jlold the Republican National Com- Imittee "it is inevitable and con- jstructivc that we should have dis- i agreement." : But the vice president, who expects to receive the Republican 'presidential nomination, said that once the party platform is adopted and the nominee chosen, Republicans must present a united front. "We have ahead of us the fight be announced, into the death i of our life," Nixon said. "We will;Friday morning of John J. Gin- 1 win if we arc united. We will lose dall. 11, of 518a E. 9th St.. an if we are divided. assistant line foreman at Ow "1 hope we can discuss the is-,''"*-™'""'* l>l<»"1- 'sues and disagree without being Cundall was found fatally ! disagreeable." wounded, lying beside his car 1 man indirect answer to Roeke-:" 1 Pei ' p Marcaietle State Park, feller's call for Nixon lo speak out ! ofr Rr 1on I1CH) ' tlu ' ° UI Hal> 'before the convention .on major i ford Methodist Church, policies, the vice president said !l( ' l>allp(l for » el l' llllt S(K<n he and others now are discussing aflcr cliwi of 1hp woun(l '" lus the issues tor the purpose of de- nhdonwn. apparently from a veloping a platform. Browning automatic shotgun that , ,, , , ,, ... , ...was protruding -from the open Although Rockefeller criticized (|oa| , ' of ,, js ,,„,. Jcmn . , . S1)i , ri| . f Ad<im I>slK11 .,, (1 1(J( , Oindal , s shm[(s ,,. |(| a( ,, u . (( , rt (hf) Inquest In Shooting ~ Pending ~ An is pending, date to some aspects of President Eiseir bower's record, Nixon said he is I proud of that record "Instead of running away from lion of Damon Hall and Hall's it," he said, "f intend to run on; sislcr i, o ii, of Harvey, 111., who it and to build to it." were driving along Rt. 100. The weary crowds finally dis- President's safety, include cancel- persed shortly before midnight, ling of a golf match with Kishi. Early today, Tokyo's broad down-1A news conference also was re- town avenues returned to normal J ported out and the President's two one-story office buildings fronting Washington avenue, one to bo a medical cen- Nixon never referred to Rocke-. H all follnc | Cundall a few feet iy name and made no men- ; f rom || 10 open door of Cundall's lion of the possibility mentioned, cari w liich was parked in a new' meat packer. The property ac- Friday night by party National'pi cl ,j c area, the deputy said, and 1 quired for the development is i Chairman Thurston B. Mortons it appeared that Cundall had in- just north of Temple Israel and!that the New York governor curred the fatal wound when he 1 extends eastward from Wash-!might enter actively the race for;attempted lo remove the shot- MRS. AMERICAS ington avenue, with its south- > the Republican nomination. gun from the car. easterly comer close to the Plaza i Nixon strongly backed the ad-! Cundall died almost immed- ter. Forty-two four-family apart-; Shopping Center. Later today Eisenhower is j speech at Parliament is expected me ' llls W ould be provided. scheduled to take off from Wash-1 to be canceled. ington for Alaska and the first leg ' ' " of his Asian tour. He is due in TODAY'S CHUCKLE According to latest reports from a %vell-to-do Los Angeles suburb, there are so many foreign cars in the neighborhood it has been over two years since anyone was hit above the knees. (sj I960, Oeneral Features Corp / Japan from June 19 to 22. Leftist demonstrators have warned that he faces a hostile and possibly dangerous welcome. "Yankee murderer, go home!" the mob yelled. "Ike, don'f come!" Ten thousand radical students laid siege to Kishi's private residence, sealing him inside. They stoned the home and smeared paint on the fenee. Even as they demanded Kishi appear, White House press secretary James C. Hagerty — whom they mobbed and imprisoned in his car Friday upon arrival in Tokyo— took off from Tachikawa Air Base west of Tokyo to join President Eisenhower's Far Eastern tour party in Alaska, tomorrow. The plans presented lo the city Formed to cany out the pro- i building division show that the jject in Washington Manor Devel- project would have a frontage of about 500 feel along the east- ministration's continuance of the'lately after his plight was dis-1 U2 spy flights over the Soviet Un-j covered. ' ion on the eve of the Paris sum-, John ' J. Cundall was born Mrs. America. Mrs. Murphy won the title Friday night and will represent American homemakers for the next year. (AP Wirephoto.) mil meeting. !May 19, 1U19, in Carlinville. He He noted that the United States i resided in Alton since 1929. i-Ie erlv side of Washington avenue, hud I e arned".n the uast that ag-|was 'educated in Alton public by a 50-foot street t ol8res ' sors som<?timcs " sc "egoliat-jschools and was a World War II I \\ Hshinjiton court. • ttr ' , r , .' '' \ ' . f am tnankful we had a Pros- the Alton VFW post and the Seven more precincts would be .set up for Alton Township,. Two Woman Playing J c? Orphaned Meaclowlark • opmenl Corp. of which Samuel Xanders. Alton attorney, is legal ' adviser. ' bisected Xanders said today that the| be nanicfl - "f am thankful we had a Pres-the Alton VFW project is the biggest of the sort This proposed street, ex-tend- j ld<?1|t wfao pl]( , hr smil . iry of Jho Otli/eri CUlb •ever projected here. Its location'ing eastward Iron: Washington. : Uniled S(aU>s fil . K , , 0 bp sur( Hhat He is survived by his widow is the Vambaketes-Luer tract, would be paved and ,-;ude a pub-: w (ljd not hav( , ,, n intelligence Francos; his father'. John A. in once Ihe home of the late Aug-•he thorough!are and would ex- gap am | ma1 tha1 nj g ht d j d lake California; two stepsons, Mich-increasing the total from 33 to -10, if recommendations outlined usl Luer. bank president and tend to street access al the roar p i at . e ," | 1f . said. "The securiy of;ael and .lames Hurley; two broth-;al a conference bore Friday afternoon are accepted by tlie 1 "/ tlle "Pi'Uniont Iran, said ' f]lo Amei-ir-an people counts first." :ers .Lloyd of Alton and Dean of'counly Hoard of Supervisors. ' By HAROLD BRAND lllrtcl ' s Nixon jibed Ht the contention|San Jose, Calif.; two sisters,: The conference, in City Hall,,some cMensions and alterations: ' l<cles ' 8 P h Outdoor Edttw Fronting Washington avenue of Son. John F. Kennedy (D-.Massi Uhe Misses Kli/abcth and Esther'arranged by Supervisor Stephen! to present precincts which they . whos wno in racin g cil 'lo both sides of the new street, leading candidate for the Demo- of Alton. ij-j. Kennedy, was attended byjadjoin. ^ les wil1 . bn ^presented in the • *|-k would be ollicf buildings, one cratic nomination, that Kisenhow- Friends may call at the (ienl'the county clerk. Miss Eulalia ; In the prclminary study an c (.;« J1-Ampl 'i<-'a Regatta set to be«•** 1'52 feel in lenglh, the other liOJ^r might have saved the Paris funeral home after 2 p.m. Sun-1 Hot/, and'her deputy in charge for was made to'work'out ad-if" a( . l p>m ' Sunda y on ^lon feel. The building designed as a conference bv e.vnrexsinL' recn-ctlriav. Services will be at 10 a.m.inf rr.<rkir;iiirm ami Plneiinn mtit.i inutmunu ihui u ,m !->„!„„• .,n ™o_ Lake just west of Clifton Terrace. FORT LALDEKDALE, Fla. — The new Mrs. America of 1961, Mrs. George E. Murphy (left), ol.Keutlaud, Irid., gets a close hug from Mrs. Margaret Priebe of Des Moines, Iowa, (lie retiring ' \ 7 More Precincts Noted Boat Planned for Alton AppearHere medical structure would include a pharmacy. conference by expressing regret;day. Services will be at 10 a.m.|of registration and election mat-jjustments that will bring all pre- over the U2 incident to Soviet I Monday at Ihe funeral home, with i tens. eincls into accord with the statute Francis Bechtold, Parking would be provided al on said he is certain Khrushchev : Park. The Mil- to find out what to feed them." tnc ,. oar o , ea( . h o|(he buiIdjnKS J^ould have wrecked the confer- pastor of Premier Nikila Khrushchev. Nix-'burial in Valhalla Memorial Both Alton Township and City Mrs. Anchorage, .Spring Addition, Godfrey, is «»<' M>'*- Bechlold. "and no one; The apar(mont development "to We in any event. pinch-hiriiiiK for a mother mea- ( '? uld to " mc Fmally ' ' called ! the rear ol the oft ice structures. Only 300 police guards were . dowlark sho 1 , n . oaled tod Ho ,.<*'™' *£' ™"; m> . s °" *^J! would .afford 210 parking spaces, present to deal with the ugly !thl , n „,„,„, w ,,. ^ ^ on^^tv s±, Mrs. B±, ^ *"> ">'' «« P"*"" -as Akahata (Red Klie) the Taua a dil<t ° f Pablum a " d nBS yolkl «""' ^ had f«l «BK volk aiul !rei f l1edl >' at ' ( ' uirwl lasl U'"^ Akahata (Red Hag), the Japa- untj , Kl . i(l:iv sh( , , vpol , rfl . Nott , ^^ ^^ .^ ^. ^ bflby; and xomng uf the tract for apart- "-vo arc dead. canaries, so I tried it - but'" 16 "' usa » c ' vras !> lo virled tor in nal political crisis over ICishi and, A ,^' ek a ^ 0 in tll ;\>, : "' d "'' llur nith pablum instcad ° r bl ' ead ' ! 'oli ^ ( ' cn1ly -' Mm '- 1( " 1 "°» '''"V .!neighbors. Mr. and Mrs. Lester "Those babies loved it! When j! /om "k Church, will officiate. nese Conununist stepped up Japan's boiling inter-i Walker to Arrive Here Toclav for Police Benefit » Clint Walker was tu arrive in Alton policemen, during Rev. E. J. Vance,iof Alton were represented in the P'irst Presbyterian j meeting, because it will be up !to Alton to adopt the same precincts as the county board sets provision setting a maximum of 800 voters a precinct, said Kennedy. Milton area will have Lake Some current world's champions in their various speed classes who will compete include Fred Goehl, Arlen Crouch, and Jim for UK- township. .••v.utJi^vij' . JTA1ILV/1I «l CU. >V 111 IIUVI^ C" U I T-x- i n two more precincts than when it| Schoo /' h - Dlt>k p ond,-current ov- was part of Wood River Town-i e !' a11 high iwint " ational chani ship. One over-crowded precinct i pl0 "', ulso wi " bc anlon S " them avni-iH Rivo,- Nr, in. nn i well-known pilots competin; Present in addition to tin- coun-!there (Wood River No. 10) ap-!},, 'ty clerk and supeivisor wereipeared to have almost ^,000 re-! ' liament and the American embassy were a sea of red flags. Tlie surging mob sang songs and lis ;| tened to Socialist members of Parliament and representatives of. " l ( ' ;tll(1(1 H " " 10 veterinarian Japan's leftist Anti-Nuclear Bomb| Council The situation around Kishi's home looked serious, but police said they had no plans for reinforcements. They threw up a bar-, ...., ricade behind Kishi's gale. ** The students cut all roads into the area, claiming they were de-J termined to prevent the Premier; from keeping an appointment with i Hagerty — an appointment Kishi denied having. j The mob roared uud chanted for Kishi to come out. Like all other leftist elements in Japan 'and some conservatives — they want the Premier to resign and dissolve Parliament to void the new U. S. — Japan security alliance before it becomes law June 19. • Hagerty was closeted earlier in the day with Foreign Ministry officials reportedly making drastic revisions in Eisenhower's Japanese schedule June !$-:&, with the emphasis on providing more Bechtold found a ( . am e up u. them and say. 'It's Public. Works Director Thomas' tovvn lotl;i . v about - ''' m Hl ' "'•"Damping season, act as counsel- I meadow-lark nest of five eggs, .„-,„,. i,, ,,<„ babies' they started.* 1 . Oil fin Jr. said todav thati a ) J l M ' a) a( bo(h iwformances of ors and directors during the pe- '.ipwrlpd luil still warm. She took- 0 iK>nIi« their mouths 'wide 1 thp immediate concern of the :tho Allon Policv Bnlu ' ni " orsc riod when ( ' hildre » attend - This home and kept them warm ,',, „„,„ ,„„, an ,vc,lr () ,,,)er. «''Xv as fo approval of the oro^Sliov tonight and Sunday in lho|year's camping season will_ be- W. Hoefcrl; and City Manager G.'.nak. the 'ompeting in set to run at 20 min- Assessor James P. Gorman, who' gislered voters, said Kennedy. ; ute mtei ' val>s - hud maps and property-owner I and (his condition will now be Oilier wdl-Jcnowti pilots who listings of neewly annexed ar-jrelieved. 'are considered stiff competition eas of the city and township; Next st. p plunnul. said Ki-nne-' "'dude John Dortch, Ralph Deputy City Clerk, Mike Waide,|dy, is a second conference some- " (1 liius. Eston Johnson who represented Town Clark]time next week to formalize what| alld Jil n Warren. It's pilots such Paul Price; City Counselor J. was outlined them \vilh an eyeclrupper. with a night light. Thursday -They were awliilly ugly as fo approval of the pro- is whether it would infringei A)to " . , .1 | « ' »" d "'" thioufih Aug morning, three of the eggs hatch- ri . a ||j ,.„»,,. -n,,,y were just start- on the city's major sireel plan Statl yesterday for me latter who make a cham- sur- P ion ea '' n Ins letters. All the W. Watt, who remained for partjveys which will afford legal de- ni(1 " arc semi-pro U r professional inii to g<M ln//.y. Tlie neighbors which all canii' lo see them includes the mtich-dis- Inside Must* 4 8OCUI ..... P4QK I WOJMt ..... f 4UE 11 COMICS ..... FACE 13 K.UUO 4 TV . . f».%Cit: U 14 School Stadium on._ street Both pei i fonnanc(>N : l!l. The first three weeks will of the conference, lasting almost scriptions ol the p r e c i n c 11drivers. Dortch presented a 30- are slated for 7 p.m. be held for boys and Ihe last j three hours. j changes. jminute discussion on the Sun- cussofl rnion siiv>i .-i. • ' rilis ' ll( ' l ' lll)< " 1 - \Valki-r ap-week will be for girls. Kennedy said today that alii Scivices of a surveyor, asjday Regatta on television Fias a cross tow r 'l - PI1Mon pear.-il al a number of points. The eanip will accommodate the seven new precincts propos-jwell us attorney, will be neededlday. '".' ' "' ' " '°" ' Net pjucuttdK from the show, :'J children per week, but with ed apply to the Milton area an-jso that an adequate report andi The Ail-American Regatta OOB)- iriinate plan for this i-iuss- arUciiisinu. sale of programs.. moa facilities tlie policemen hopeinexed to the city and township recommendation may be offered mittee, headed by H. T, (Budi „."" °' Jen ' ns is P'»>*w aciuxs | H , uks am | pi,.| U1V j. W ill go for the.lo bring the total • up to itt a ltt«t December. ' to the county (ward at its recess- Bunyun of WOKZ, and'Harold Washington avenue as a sub- j,, lim ,vcmenl »f tacilities at the i week. In the future the police- 1 Otht ' r la ^-'' annexed ureas, heed rnetuing on precinct adjust- Harvey of the Alton Banking &, way. with interchange tratlir ar- youth Camp, purchase of new men hope to hold the camping i said, will bc provided for by men Is in July. "Trust r-n i* «ff^.. l «J.™^/« =.. I'angfinentK, and opening of a equipment, and supijort of the season from the time school is north-south street east of Wash- camp during the ramping -sea-'out in June until the time it ington avenue to provide a con- son. resumes again in September neetion to the "berin" or Hiver- frpnt highway by way of P.'aht Knd place Xunders sajd iodu> thai plans _^ tor the apartment project have "~~~ • ^crhani C. Kriifger, presiilent, been drawn with cognizance of c fl , an anliahtenino Jniiahl ''Ilinuih Lite Underwriters Assn., the erowtown street plans of ^^^^^^^m^M^ I ^.T^ ! ! I"?... will be speaker at u joint meet- the i-ity. and the aim is to so arrange il that it will interfere In no way with the city's long range plans Study ol the prdiuunai> layout for the Washington Manor Development will be undertaken next week, it vvat indieated : NO DARK FOR LARK TUk tiny sunivor ol lhi«e wwty • hatched tuettdoularkh U fed by t»y«dvouu»ir, by w«. Vrwvb itox&told. MU-*»lwUi^ uddttiott, OtMWr^y. flu» ulMbt- ttgbt, MWII jiwl uad»r aer kaiid, M»rved to wwm the and. l»t*r, the hft Ui*.~8t*tt Photo. Dtlve through tlie inspection laneb Saturday and Monday. Join the Circle of Safety. THE U-2 IISCIDEM For an enlightening insight into America'* anxiety over the U-2 incident, be sure to read Sam Lubell's new "The People Speak" report tn a special three- part series. Lubell's unique "one-man" method of fingering the pulse oi the nation's thinking has proved remarkably accurate, in predicting the outcome of every major election since 1952. Be sure to read "The People Speak" series in the Telegraph . . . in the ToDiscussMigrepi'cscntation In Sale of Insurance ing ul the Alton Assn. of Life Undcru filers and the Greater Alton Assn. of Commerce, BVi- day noon, at UK- Stratford Hotel. Krueger's appearance in Alton is at the request of the local L'wierw rilcr.s tu help combat uiisreprcseiilaiioii m insurance selling. The pioulenis, ul nusrepreseu- lution ujid unelliicul practices in iiteiurancc .st'lling buvc plagued til' GAAC for some liniL' a spukesman said. GAAt' officials have discussed ihe problem with local insurance members oJ the Life Underwriter* urgii^ aji Trust Co., is offering H.500 in cash prizes. 'I'lu- Aito» cy Corps, ambulancw „_.. Burke Funeral Home, and Wtor- row Quinn Mortuary wjji st ai yi uy (or n m"vgfnffUm, fhj PUnoii: state police, the Coajt Guard «nci the Ulinois Comervation Depart fment also wW be-wDrwented in what is believed may be one of the biggest racing events run here in recent ypart. Some of toe pilots have reach ed {0 wites au bom- in events ami hppe to do so agate Sunday. The rain date log the regatta fe jiuie 19. But the vaces wUl not be .postponed (tram Sunday unless pece IK a downpour of 1^1 all laftenwoij. AU eveottt will be a public address Altflft Mfttwfamt flhih hoe* to the regatta, by tlie Altou AU-Ajuerica Regatta cwjuuitte*. Record crowds are aaliciijated by vetei-an boat ing tuns. president of his group has been 'f lie Public i-> invited and may i RK er st»e below si^nl on this pi-obleni. call GAAC tor res«||aUo»is.

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