Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 10, 1960 · Page 21
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 21

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, June 10, 1960
Page 21
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FRIDAY, JUNE 10,1960 MISC. FOR SALE ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH I) APFUAMCM FCTRlC STOVE — same at new. m. HO 2-3««8. 12.00 DOWN Auto. WASHEIR CONSOLE STBREO MANY MONTHS TO PAY SCHWARTZ ea TOH BR . 1C' t6ft air conditioner for taie. rea- loeaile. 530 Bowman, Ea*t Alton. . , . TTtON AlR CONDITIONER — Floor MOO S.T.U., IIM.M. 8 8H B. STORES roadway. HO 2-9229 TRANSFERRED OUT OF TOWN TAKE OVER PAYMENTS 3 Reemi of Furniture EXCELLENT CONDITION g.pc. Living Room 10-Pc. Bedroom e-Pc. Kitchen, including Befrmratof * oat Range M7B NO DOWN PAYMENT $5.00 A WEEK Ask for Lot Mo. 8215 SCHWARTZ FURNITURE CO, 23 w. Fergu«on Ave. CL 4-0101 MISC. FOR SALE tfei&vrardfr strrt PH1LCO 17" TV—Cabinet modSTTf* Prnlrle ± Bethalto. Saturday 17 and l" »» and Monday Spat Ir 1 TV sets .... i J. 4 E. FURNITU ilals mo. *2*_? a .?!j?™? dwa .>; USED TV 1 *. «n «ize». Hifso and'up. j^one _PU <-W81 USED TVg—CaiS orTefmir Harder TV Service, imo Lanudon no SEWING Rent A bewinq Machine Mwr mo. Rental may aoply toward . payment on new machi RAL SE AL SEWING SUPPLY e«t Broadway Pnone HO im. c6 2*214 IEWING MACM. GUARANTEED AUTOMOTIVE 1951 CHBV.-4 dow. Radio, h««t«r, automatic «hin. New urn. Perfect condition, No cash needed $17 mo. E. Swwiney . HO 8-1287. fef — condition, tro MM4 ___ ___ 195J CHEVROLET " "JSuxe! Good tires, motor and Body above average. $350. HO 2-0473. AUTOMOTIVE AUTOMOTIVE IMS MBJtCUKY Monterey jajfoB; 3 seeM&tw MDI ci Prtvate eyier. .few. CL 44 1986 PLYMOUTH «• Pullv eqolfVM. CM ter^S p.ra IBM ~~ mi 4- af- "•."tf-W I art nil •M CHEVROLET V-S Radio, heat- _8f. WW). .tU 5-4974. _ 55" OE""Sof6~Sp6rt«man T«Ydf op. Will trade. DUjM27I. __ iSss DE SSf5 HARDfoT"—~ladw and heater, new Hre»: Wjck ,?"2 white leather interior. Excellent condition. HO a-1883. FOR SALE—l94ri Chevrolet Pickup, $100.00 and 20 ft. pontoon boat. J22SOO Orson Blayloffti Shtpmnn. tn. piwrw ins. insz Pofcb « cyfini^ef" T«i »on!i speed axle, rtoort condition I2SO. /""I A TCMM i. L. ^- /iron. iftSi 6 RY jon"pfcfc-u(), '1„ overload*. KXCgltcnt. HO 9-52, iSff FREE ESTIMATES CENTRAL SEWING SUPPLY i4 Wen Broadway Phone HO 25214 Bapttt SWvlce. Pens Supplies For 426 Makes of Sewing Machines 83 SREDS-PLAMH-FLOWERi BEAUTIFUL African Violets, colors, selling out. 202 Henry. "Si CLARK SEED BEANS—State Test 82. $2.50 bushed. Bin run 2-3571. FRontler PLANTS—Tomatoes. 25c"aoz. $1.65 hundred. Also cabbage, peppers, broccoli, brussell sprouts, caull- 6 Lampert. — mi rnfictd sn.ns. .303 sporters. Argentine Mausers. Garands. Spnnsflctdn. 7mm Remington rolllnB olock rifles, bayonets, swords. Colt derringers. Brandt Bethalto We'r" " Power seat S« IfllO K. SdWy. HO 3-3534 1957 FORD — 4 door. V-8. blach custom. aiitomatlo drive, rtdlo. heater, whl e walls, safety dasft. low mileage and privately owned Perfect operating condition. HO 5-7050. excellent condition throunnntit. HO] 5-7678 evenings, i f WA"66N—Sew "clutch. iSO Tip- 7!Wi 795 19SS 8 FT. FOJi Mi or «t ton. CL 4-44W. fits Mn tfONTHLV" PAYMENTS 1859 Ford 2 door 195$ Mercury hardtop 1859 Pontlnc 4 door 1936 Dodge 4 door 195S Nash 4 door 18p Ford 2 door r IBM Ford i doer 1996 Vauxhal! 4 door IMS Renault IBM Ford 4 doer •>••••• 1955 Font Station Waeen I9S5 Chevrolet Bel Air 2 door. I9SS Mercury 4 door 1953 Studebaker 2 door 1952 Oldwnoblle 2 door , ing part*. NORStDB BICYCLE. Ml 4 tatB. 1957 CADILLAC SED^N and used, l*wjf- . RStD HO 5-71 38, __ _ 5 SMALt Harley Davidson motorcycles for snlo $125 and up. HO 2-985 l_ _ __ FOR ~9 Ale -i. "toy's 28" Bicycle, good condition. Spencer. Be- thnlto. AUTOMOTIVE is ccLES * FOR 115. SALR-tOlrt'8 St-mefi HO 8-M37 aftar 9. "Weyefe. ___ ffARLEY DAVIDSON"" (Popper) — Good condition. JH 28. HjOZ-M. __ SAtn — "Motofette mileage: ncctstnrle*. tlon. CL 4-02D5 LAY'S MOTTji^v • w>~ »*•.•.'» Matchless Indian Dealer, now Open Used Motorcycles. Repair Work 216 McArthur, Cottage Hill* You Cant Beat A ROBERTS DEAL _ _ _ T959 HARtEY BAVtDSbN 74 FLH for Sfile. HO 5-1016. DEVILLE Beautiful Olympic white, a lovely, gray Interior equipped with power, steering, automatic transmission. 6 wuv power seat, autrontc eye. trie- tor'y Installed air romlltlonlng. Specially priced Sznn.* LEE KLEIN CADILLAC 1610 E. Bdwy. HO 5-3534 «•VEGETABLES '* FRUIT 54 Chevrolet, black with white top. HO 2-8441 r.' tM/^u V-r'ntTav" ronaole TV' new 21-INCH , c r° sl |K nco ;!? OI ? 2 3 l0 7 ne _PlctureJ«be._ WOCL 4-2307 them yourself. Bring containers, i 3300 East Broadway. 25c q»arl._ Daniel Jenkins, Bunker \-~~- ~r~nTLf AC~s'fMiaTr— Full po\v '-.-.. -. .- - ; er' TOP condition. $1495 Can tv FRESH ASPARAGUS 1 geen at 423 George. Alton. growers on tsa-> —i—r-=r .••:: one block off Pearl:' .'9S 795 595 295 iftso Ford"4"door*.'.'".'. .'.'.'.'.'.'. ..$195 1954 International plck-np $495 1947 Internatfonal Dump ••••• i &x CARTER WOOD RIVER MOTOR 220 St. Louis Ave., East Alton CL^ 4-3421 | SECOND'CAR SPECIACs" : 2—inr>3 Chevroiets. One Bel Air 4| rioor with Powergllde. the other HJ a 210 2 door with straight stick. Roih very sharp. 1(151 Chevrolet 2 door. Standard] shift . i 1W2 Olds 4 door. Hydramatlc and! the works • Oilier makes and models of all ; kinds priced to sell j * Bank Financing or * Small Loan OEHNER AUTO SALES Alby St. Road at New Beltllne j HO 5-9435 Telegraph Want Ads "CLICK" AUtbMOTlVE You can save by buyint Uso3 tires i from Jerrys, Stop-iSee! 207 B. St. Louts Ave.. East Alton. 4-6013. REBUILT BATTERIES teed $4.50 exchanM. u* volts. Uted tire*. MA Auto Parti. 1109 BWli HO 2 4711. &,-• a: e DeSOTO • PLYMOUTH up; 8 * U AUL'S Uitd . Allen. Pit. IOET YOUR frorn the hell street. follow arrows _. TVs. _ 23-INCH Starting at TFIPOifABLE TELEVISION — 1__ Handle and antenna attached 1 87 " Open 7 davs week Bring containers for large amount __ ----$5.00 down, nr.r a» HO 5-2054 1 "ear warranty on picture tube. Payments only ............ $8.76 a mo. m EBBLER ELECTRIC 2606 State. N. AltOtt. Next to Trl-City WANTF.D . __™.7 '.Jr.ri WANTED TO BUY SUMMER CLEANING Cash Iron, copper Rubensteln. for; and, HO ! HO 5-7588 AUTOMOTIVE MERCEDES-BENZ Authorized Dealer 4 COMPLETE SERVICE ... Trained Mechanics Most Models Available for Immediate Dolivtry See— Call or Write . .. HAROLD CORDES Cordes Motor Co. 2350 State St., Alton, HI. Phone HOword 5-6651 ; —=—=======^=^ SPECIAL PRICE NEW 1960 RENAULTS 1445°° Pull Price 00 S Down Ww Month Paris Imports 1401 E. Broadway HO 5-5531 Across from Chuck Oiering FORD _ Sg=S-!=H5S=«!!H=H=!= Always Buy Certified USED CARS LATE MODEL TRADE-INS list LARK Regal 4-Dr. V*. Overdrtv* INI CHEVROLET '1595 Bel Air 4-Dr. V-8 ..... ltM * w IM7 DKW. 1IM FORD J.Door Hardtop... 1MI FORD Station Wagon ... MM MERCURY Monterey Hardtop. IIM FORD Falrlane 4-Door... IIM BUICK Super Hardtop TRUCKS ..'995 Ml 45 '1095 M095 .. '"B •096 IM7 CHEVROLET Utility B04V im STNPEBAKER JEEPi IN* WILLVS '1696 CM Unlvwiel Jeep IW » W NO DOWN PAYMENT SPECIALS IIM STUDEBAKfcB 110 K Hardtop ............ *•• FORD *|AS ............ "" IMI PACKARD IIU DODGE 1395 tM» PACKARD *f 26 4-Oeor^ ............... •*» M|R *•* ».peer CORDES MOTOR CO 1319 ftvte ft. HOMefl furniture, scrap brass. Gordon 2-5243. ___ A-i"""PRICES P"AID~ yoR~usRD1,1;r'"i/i"c < iKi r AlSii LAC INC HOUSEHOLD FURNISHINGS - i LEE KLEIN UAUILLA^, IIN^. HO 5-3024. : 1610 E. Bdwy. HO 5-3534 0-31K3. _ 57 Cadillac Coupe Deville Beautiful Olympic white with luxui ions Inttrior to match, low m leaae. Your opoortunlty to enjoy the famous Cadillac styling, fully ef|ulP-| ped with all Cadillac power equip-, ment. a luxury car we are truly, proud to offer af a fraction of orl-i Sinai price .$29951 «*'__"""" mMLP.RS'_ C'A'MPTNG ""TRAILER r- _.--.. trailer; win sleep 5. HO 2-45fi/. I9SS sfARCRAF'f — Trailer house j 3.VxR'. 2 bedrooms, good condi-, lion Reasonable jenns^CL 4-7638., ins?" AMERICAN 32''—"6iie bed room, one ton air conditioner, oil barrels storage box. After 5 CL 4-9937. tOSiTsPARTON—North Main street. ' 4-2609. "Monterey. HOj- ATTIC to BASEMENT—Anything of 1957 FORD—4 door Radio, heater. value. Honest and frlendlv dealing.! Pordomatic. Nice clean cnr. HO 2-5640. BftB MOTOR CO WANTED - Uged-tFuniruri^od!3202_E^^a_dway HOLW03? condition. HO 6-2247. j 1958 ISETTA one^cyllnder. Only WANTED — Housetfa¥e"r7~abouT33]. ? 0 ° 0 _-'211!?i_£^i'. 5 '.—— -—5, ft., any condition. HO 2-1998. ! 1946 J JEEP-4-wheel drive. Good I WANTEtTTOBUY - Utility orUT^ i .5«?.«!iy2!L *^"° 2 ' 6356 gage trailer, 1 or 2 wheels. Must 11955 MERCURY be In good condition. HO 5-6450' 2-75S4. : _. after 6 p.m. ^ . 1955" 6LDS~SUPER "88'' CONV. — WANTED—Your old 17 Inch tele- 1 Practically new top, tlrea and seat vision. Hall TV Service, 421 Sin-! covers. Red and white.J/ e ry.c] ean clalr. South Roxana. CL j4-6454. WEESl r S BUYS FURNITURE, dishes, tools or anything of value. One piece or houseful. CL 4-0857. 8 a.m.-10 p.m for free pick-up. _ _____ ______ 1?56 nfi'FT. 2 bedrooms, clean. $2,0»0. 1959 38 ft. 1 bedroom, like new. $2995. 1957 45x8, 2 bedrooms. N 2 ELSON COOK TRAILER SALES Bethalto __ _ ___ i95ir~55xK>, 2 bedrooms, front kitchen. colored appliances, washer, $4300 See after 2 p.m., 181 Lenora St.. Cottage Hills. ______ 2 VAGABONDS— 22' completely furnished, $400 and $600. Phone CL _ _ AUTOMOTIVE AUTOMOTIVE and sharp. WC'e'dfilec Coupe de Ville | The car with the most gorgeous Interior ever designed. Traded fromj original owner. Very low mileage ; Finished in Princess green with matching Interior, equipped with radio and heater, automatic transmission, power- steering, power brakes, power windows. 6-way power seats, perfect tubeless whitewall tires. Factory Installed air »1 AUTOS — PASSENGER CARS FOR SALE—1957 Bulck Special 2 „„,, ,,,„.,. . „ door hardtop. A real nice car. ra- u conditioning. Truly an outstanding dio, heater, Dynaflow. whltewalis. Duv TO be found only at our p>ace. CL 4-2252. , : Priced at $3695 1957 BUICK Century • convertible, i LEE KLEIN CADILLAC, Inc. New top, power^steering, brakes,; )H10 E Bdwy. HO 5-3534 seats, windows. 35,000 actual miles Cream puff, $1495. Can be financed. $250 or take cheaper car In trade. DU 4-9017. 1931 FORD convertible for sale. CL 4-8073. READ Telegraph WANT ADS __ ______ 3T~PLYMOUTH station wagon for AUTOMOTIVE AUTOMOTIVE Weekend Special 1956 OldsmobiU Super 88 Holiday 4-Dr. Hardtop Charcoal and white, power brakes and steering, hy- dramatic, whitewalls, tinted glass, radio, heater, local new car trade-in, runs and looks like new. 5 1195 A real special at 801 E. Broadway HO 5-8881 QUALITY PONTIAC SPECIAL 1956 PONTUC STIR CHIEF 4-OOOR SEDAN Power steering, radio and heater, hydramatic, whitewalls, beautiful condition. Don't miss this one . 1095 •01 E. Broadway HO 5-8881 YOU CAN BUY A NEW I960 JEEP with 4 WHEEL DRIVE for only . . . $ 1899°° Delivered in Alton CORDES MOTOR CO. 2350 State St.. Alton. 111. Phone HOward 5-6651 FELDEN-NEWMAN 4-Door Station Wagon, fi-cyl. standard transmit slon. one owner, locally owned. Nice and clean inside and out. If you're looking for Berv- ioeablllty and economy r: •"• 1958 CHEVROLET 4-Dr. Sedan. V-8, standard truns- nUssion. radio, heater, bring the family and see this nice $ I MR car IWW* 1088 CWEVROLET Bel Air 4-Dr. V-8. Powerglide. A beautiful silver blue that would make the family proud to own 1955 OLDS 2-Door Hardtop V-8. Hydramatlc, radio, heater, one owner and at a bargain *QAR price WiW 1545 FELDEN-NEWMAN YOU CAN'T Buy A New Car For Nothing . . . BUT - FOR THE LOWEST POSSIBLE "PAYMENTS, AND THE BEST ALLAROUND DEAL GET OUR PRICE On (he All New DODGE DART 931 EAST IIROAOWAY PbiM NOward 6.J575 Telegraph Want Ads "CLICK" " AUtdMbf JV1— Summertime Special 1987 OLDSMOIILE II 4-DOOR SEDAN Solid white, power brakes and steering, hydramatic, factory air-conditioned, whitewall tires, A-1 condition. Extra Special S 4)1 AC Price . Only 1499 801 E. Broadway HO 5-8881 FREE DINNER FOR TWO TARA SUPPER CLUB with purchase of any new or used car or boat during this sale June I-June 10. HARRY SMITH MOTORS PHONE 4 JERSEYVILLE, ILLINOIS SPRING INTRODUCTORY OFFER . . . •VALIANT •SIMCA BIQQEST SALE] USED CAR ROBERTS MOTORS) (HOUR INC. WOOD RIVFR SAVE On Reg. Price $350 SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE Monitor ^ Installed in Your Car Over 2000 Dea/ers in 48 States Quality "Chrysler" Dealer Plymouth Valiant International Trucks STUART Motors, Inc. 315 E. Ferguson Ave., Wood River Phone CL 4*4351 . Open Evenings HAVE CONFIDENCE IN A SOLID DEAL REILLEY BROS. 1958 Chevrolet Blscayne 4-Doer Sodan Heater and radio, 2-tone turquoise end ivory. An outstanding buy for l»56FordV.|4-DoorSedon Falrlane model, heater, and radio, automatic transmission. This cer $1AQC is exceptionally nice IVVV 1956 Chevrolet lei Air Sport Coupe Heater and radio, automatic transmission, powerful V-8 motor, 2.tone turquoise and $ 1AAC ivory, white sidewall tires, reduced to I VVV 1955 Chevrolet Hardtop Whitewall tires, 2-tone paint, radio and heater 1955 Chevrolet 110 4-Door V-1 Powerglide, radio end neater 1955 Chevrolet 4<Door lei Air Sedan V-8, powerglide, radio and heater '56 DeSoto 2-Dr. Hardtop And 4-DR. .Sedan Bo ill blue and white autoniullc ininsmlsslon. rndlo licato.r, white wnlls. Real clean at the hit ratlin price of '55 Olds "88" Radio, heater, hy dramatic. Beautiful green and white Looks und ru n5 *oud A real buy ai Custom. S cyl., 2-dr. sedan Standard transmit, aloii, radio, heater whitewall HISTORY ^ A NI) SAVK! ALL MODELS BRAND NEW 1860 FORD and Thi COMPACT ' INCLUDING w thi ^UNCOMPARABLE .3P5EL--.- ROBERTS MOTORS INC. WOOD RIVER, ILL. ii cylinder. M transmission healer. Reul my. A perfect 1545 '895 '795 '845 PLAN TO ATTEND THE SOAP BOX DERBY SUNDAY, JULY 10 OplB EvmiMfi Till 9 P.M, Monday Thru Friday 2 BIO LOTS Dial HOa-m7 1U45 t. Dial HO : REILLEY BROS, '55 Pontioe Starrion Wagon dramatic. Like new white wall lleijuilful white top with black body. Only Auto mutlc tran»ml£3lon Radio, heater .ill factory ace OBERTS MOTORS INC. WOOL* KIVtK III 200 W. FERGUSON AVI. WOOD RIVf R PN. 61 4.0161 OPEN EVENINGS Till 6 P.M. WRITE YOUR OWN ... MONEY-SAVING DEAL . . . Call or See: Clarence Tungett Bob Bellveall Claude Lindsey Paul Rexford Merv Stahlhut Art Lindsey, Sales Ma/, Carter WOOD RIVER FORD 316 N, WM4 Rivtr Avt. CL 4-4385 CLEARANCE '•• Uddit Leneer S-Deof Oteftmlnf fawn ell color, folly eluding oe and brakes. W0» miles ... '89 Chwrotot Bel Air V-8 Sedan. All white ttntoiV powwrteer- \ng and bralrta with all other equipment. Next thing to a new car • '88 Dbdg« Royal Lancer Hardtop. Bteeirlnt and brakes, Jet finish. Many other trai. One owner 9 bought new here '58 Ford Fail-lane BOO Sed»n. TW- quelM end white. Radio, heater, whltewalis and crulseomatto. 91 Exceptional ... '57 Dodgo Lancer 2-Door Hardtop. .Factory air conditioning plu« all other extra*. A one owner black beauty. Hold oriflnally S here '57 OlcUmoblle 88 Holiday 2-Dr. Olemm- Ing goW finlnh. Hydra- matic, exceptional. Loaded with option- $ al equipment .. '57 Plymouth Custom 4-Dr. V-8 Wagon. All eq »g*m •* Ben *"* \vliite «W1»W |] family utility 9 oar *S7 Plymouth Savoy V-8 Sedan. Green and white, radio, beater and automatic transmission. A one owner, low mileage $ car '59 Ford Galaxie 4-Door Hardtop. Ftee . ftft , B Power ste.e »Ue,U ,dmatlc, 7,000 actual miles. Perfect.. '59 Dodgo f& ton. L.WJ1. Pickup, 18,000 miles. Practically new. Green and white finish. SAVE— SlfiQB SAVE—«AVE .. 1WV '58 Chtvroltt Bel Air Hardtop, tur> quoise fift , B fUiish, Powei »Ufc» ther factory extras. 11 YAK Perfect 9 §99 '60 Thundtrblrd Hardtop, all white ftnUh, all equipment air conditlooliic and full power f S9 Plymouth *• ury 4-Dr. HiMlttop. wolte ftukb, ftA| M 4 mllee. •ill f» »Vfc eludiiig power •27 E. Br««dw»y NO S-W7i

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